Eva Longoria Baston
20:06 05/19/2017

You asked, we listened! Here is a list of cities and theaters that have added Lowriders to their screens!! And for those of you in Cannes, L'Oreal will be hosting an open air cinema on Monday evening where they will be screening Lowriders! Hope to see you there! #LowridersMovie

143 reactions 22 comments
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I appreciate rawness so much.
Raysha Brown Thank you🙂
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Joaquin Ramirez Benzor Add one to Greeley CO
Amparo Gonzalez Toledo ohio
Eva Longoria Baston
18:30 05/14/2017

Wow!! Another amazing event around the #LowridersMovie tonight! Go and check it out and watch an amazing movie along with some amazing cars! #Lowriders

385 reactions 20 comments
Eva Cisse Jeune la vie est belle, et profite de ta jeunesse
Hakima Jntr Je participe
Adam Ogaz #lowriders
Rivera-Garcia Jose Good movie👏🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Arturo Herrera Want to see the movie together
Eva Longoria Baston
18:30 05/14/2017

My family! Showing support for opening weekend of #LowridersMovie Thanks sister! Love you guys! ❤️🙏🏻

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Мельник Ирина Hello, dear Eva! My name is Irina Melnik, I'm the scriptwriter of the program "Everything Will Be Fine", the STB TV channel, Kiev, Ukraine. You are the most popular and discussed person in Ukraine! The whole of Ukraine talks about you and wants to know ...
Catherine Danielle Gallot 😁
Hosea Pitre Very beautiful blessed people always
George William Gockel Excellent.
Atacamaproject Ulises I wish I were there....Good luck....
Eva Longoria Baston
18:30 05/14/2017

Guys it's here! #LowridersMovie begins today!! Send me a pic of your ticket stub and I will pick a winner for a gift basket filled with goodies!!! #LowridersMovie #Lowriders

776 reactions 33 comments
George William Gockel I hope to see it tomorrow Eva.
Robert Garriott Goodies as in your underware
Marta Kenšová I do not want to win ... :-)
Johnny Anzaldua Llanes Ok
Eva Longoria Baston
04:06 05/07/2017

ONE WEEK until Lowriders Movie hits theaters! Can't wait!! #LowridersMovie #May12

443 reactions 12 comments
Tony Rossi Armando WhoDat Diaz Gio Hotrod Russ lets go
Greg George Watching for it... Looking forward to it.. (Y)
Arssalan Dabiri I can't wait to hold your soft hand in mine baby!!!!!!!!!
George William Gockel i WILL SEE IT EVA.
Robert Garriott I like happy movies will skip this
Snoop Dogg
05:42 04/16/2017

Young Hog king of the scene 👑 go see #LowridersMovie May 12 n support my homies #estevanoriol #mistercartoon

1.7k reactions 53 comments
Furkan Türk Nassrat Chaaban nice
Dylan Coakley Mitch Metcalf
Danny Heijt Ruud Heijt Jay Marshall Jackson
Mike Anthony Rain Crazyhorse Lashley, that shirt tho
Jérémy Coppet Mat Myers Low Riders Pour vous les mecs !!!
Snoop Dogg
23:12 03/26/2017

Support my Homies Estevan Oriol n Mister Cartoon #LowRidersMovie . must see 👊🏿 💯

2.6k reactions 66 comments
Tom Corner Alfredo!!!!
Israel Garza Gustavo Garcia
Francis Paradis Ben Ouais
Michael Jaramillo Herrera Rod Diaz Eddie Garcia Orale vatos!!
Natalita Guerrero Joseph Reuelu

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