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« Airport Bathroom Moment...........,,✈️✈️✈️ Trying to come to terms with the Air freshener 😂! #airports #escalators #bagofnuts #mdnaskintravelkit #ideserveit #yassssssssssssss #bish #love 💙 » -Madonna

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שרון מירו Is it time for tslking? So went out that night with a cab, were did u go to? I bett tgst u dudnt went out , u webt to sonone house tgat u know and then csme bake to the hotele
שרון מירו Who do u think u are? U gona catch a cold from the aice insude ur soul,collecting ur jor of art ,runing around breaking hurts😧
שרון מירו Why did u simed to me one of the turning lights that were on the stage? Csuse u saw me befote gettibg engry becsude the flash light of a foyograf?
Luis Collazo You use a bathroom? I didn't think gods needed to go!
Robert Linares And they say ya can’t love someone you’ve never met... 30+ years later that feeling has yet to fade 😉
Robert Griffin III
23:48 12/09/2017

There is a right and a left with every shoe-Every King needs his queen and that's so true-She ain't the rubber or the Logo she is the glue-When your shoes don't match and hair is a fool-She still holds it down and stays so cool-Every woman wants the title it is preferred-A true queen is ready to help her king lead the herd A picture worth a thousand words #ArtBasel #Poetry #Love

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Desean Prince When people on the outside of the relationship trying to judge this man over his pass y'all wasn't in the relationship with him so stfu
Mike Gurski Omg shut up already. You and Johnny Manziel should start a band. Jesus
Shantel Ambriniquette Brooks-Ruth Dude what the hell did you just say. Too much rambling.
John Shaw I love RG3. But the new hairdo, not so much. Ok, not at all.
Antoine Witherspoon Boy still love you for the life you brought to the Redskins. Enjoy your beautiful family.
14:42 12/10/2017

« Thank you Kelly and Ryan I had so much FUN!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉! Love you Both! 💕💕💕🌸👚🌸👚🌸🌸💕💕💕🌸👚💕Kelly Ripa Jeremy SCOTT MOSCHINO - the official page #fun #family #holidays #friends #mdnaskin #glow #givegoodface #love♥️ » -Madonna

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Pavlina Bisheimer I enter the temple of holy LOVE and shout your name to God above, l tell myself this is no game, l only hope you feel the same... Living for Love in Europe and the whole world 💞
Dione Griffith My Mother was beautiful like you... Beautiful green eyes, olive skin, and long black flowing locks. I miss her. She suffered so much. Well, you know, we only know what we see of people ya know? I'm trying to get over this sadness I'm in. It will ...
Ann Sallinger Great show.beautiful pic of the three of you,but I guess you won't be seeing Kelly next year.She said she definitely died and went to Madonna heaven.I would die too if I was that close to you.Still beautiful no matter what you do to your body.That is ...
Louise Rodrigues I am Madonna fan over 30 years and saw her in Toronto in early 1990's. Madonna looks great for her age.
Luiskk Nobrega Madonna : - She has everything and everything recognizes her as The Best Ever. The only thing she has to know is MY LOVE FOR HER---Madonna I Just LoveYou ! ( Luiskk Nobrega2017)💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞
01:54 12/08/2017

“Do Not Despair Kelly...........👑👑👑 Your Queen is coming to visit very soon! 🎁♥️🤶🏻♥️🤶🏻🎁♥️ Kelly Ripa #fun #holiday #games #realtalk #mdnaskin #awesome #love ♥️” -Madonna

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Dilma Araujo ILOVE YOU Always and forever Madonna
Lillian Luna Sanchez Yes you are the Queen 👸🏻👑⭐️🌟✨Everyone else☝️sucks we are the same age you are so talented and Beautiful ❤️😍👑
Scott Newman Borderline, what show was she at... I do not even know her.
Lisa Lyons When? When are you going to Kelly and Ryan?
Christine Daniel I can not even express how excited I am. Love you Madonna.
Christina Milian
02:48 12/09/2017

Even if it’s been done, do it better 😉 @fashionnova 📸: @raiamarialaura #backstage #mywaytour #travel #photooftheday #love #photography

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Mael Oreinak Moanda Moran Célestin frere je suis amoureux
Shahzad Raza Lovley dear💋💋💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Charles Brown So fine princess
Eugene Maresjr Beautiful pic
Michael Harris Beautiful.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
16:48 12/08/2017

💋 #Love

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Jaqueline Dana Me2😉👄
Jon Martinez I like it! GOOD EVENIGHT.
Rachel Gale and me ]
Jarvis C Lehmann I believe in you!
June Loos That’s the spirit! 💋
Alicia Fox
10:18 12/07/2017

🦊✨ #reallife don’t care about my #socialgame ✌🏾✨ #love #familyphotography

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James Welch NICE
Tim Williams Fantastic pic
Ivan Soto Who's the Sailor?
Joshua MCcarthy notice me alicia fox im from the philippines😊😊
Irshad Hussain Rathi Pti So sweet
Alicia Fox
10:18 12/07/2017

This moment literally puts a tear in my eye.... at #troops15 I met a distant cousin for the first time EVER... she’s #undefined!! A beauty that fights for my #freedom... and I stand #speechless 😘#family #happytomeetyou #love

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Baxter Chance I'm a big fan of you Alicia Fox...but I hate to admit that you Americans are the villains in the Afghanistan issue...What are you doing in other people's country????
Jesse Herrera *cries happy tears*
Irshad Hussain Rathi Pti Fantastic
01:54 12/08/2017

« ‪ MDNA SKIN 🌹 We like to be creative with our products! 🌺 Try The Chrome Clay Mask on your Derriere! 😂! Available online at www.Mdnaskin.com Erica Simone Photography Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank #tarinskillets Edyta, Esthetician ♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺#chromeclaymask #glow #mask #butt #hydrate #beauty #luxury #youdeserveit #love♥️ » -Madonna

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Luiskk Nobrega Madonna I love this wonderful Ass, but I prefer your Most Wonderful Tongue That Exists In This World And In All The Galaxies ! ( All Photo Copyrights belong to Madonna ) . "https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215381788164040&set=rpd....
Jannean Arkinstall I'm going to share MDNA skin to my people for Christmas gift suggestion! <3
Andrew Mark Foster Just once i wish that was my handprint lol
Vy Do Does not look like my hand.....that is too bad!!
Dayl Culpepper Girl that ass!! I'm saving up for the entire line.. that's how ya so it peeps......
01:54 12/08/2017

« You’d have to be Blind 😎not to see the amazing effects on your skin 🎉🎉🎉 MDNA SKIN Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank #tarinskillets Edyta, Esthetician #MertAlas Stephen James #AldoDiaz #beauty #skin #glow #hydrate #mdnaskin #radiate #luxury #youdeserveit #love ♥️ » -Madonna

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Jeremy Smith Okay, I’m thinking david lynch to produce all of your new music videos.
Stuart Vauvert Babe we all saw u flying economy. Ur not fooling anyone 💅🏻
Mathias Antunes Neto I know about the good efects !! What I need its an efect to increase my money!! Its só expensive!!
Thomas Andersson That are moore things ho are importen [email protected]
Sylvana de Groot Damn...I check out...You are the ame bitch, MOVE !!!
Gisele Bündchen
16:24 12/06/2017

Today is her day! 5 years ago our family was blessed with a little sunshine that made my heart complete. #love #forevergrateful #mygilrygirl ❤☀🎈Hoje é o dia dela! Há cinco anos nossa família foi abençoada com um pequeno raio de sol que completou meu coração. #amor #gratidão #minhapequena

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Carolina Carvalho Parabéns pela princesa linda que DEUS te confiou para cuidar ! Parabéns , muitas Felicidades ! Beijos 😘
Scott Dierking Incredible clouds and water, perfect
Nik Reece Awwww... She might grow up to be a supermodel just like her mother...X
Alison Le Flem Aww, she looks just like you! Adorable ❤ Happy Birthday little one 🎂
Lela Ferreira Lima Parabéns e felicidades! Deus abençoe hoje e sempre você.
Keyshia Cole
09:12 12/06/2017

#Dallas #Alaska #LilSlimThicke will be in YO CITY this Thursday Friday and Saturday!!!! #AreYouDownToRide #Love #YallSing it!!!!! Going DOWN FOR REAL!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see y’all!!!! I love u!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😩😩😩

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Christopher Laprade Dempsey Jones
Nkoo Mathias 💪💪💪💪
Drew Mula Ms gorgeous 💐😍💐😘😉
Chichi Chichi .
Susan Fuda Vilche Will you come to Toronto again??
00:18 12/03/2017

« Sometimes Life feels life a scary Movie...........you can close your eyes or you can stick your tongue out at it! 😂😂😂💙🙏🏻 #family #movies #life #love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ » -Madonna

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Shawn Banks "Hey, my tongue sticking out made that picture so much better." Said no one ever.
Pavlina Bisheimer Where life begins and love never ends is family...Thank you LORD for protect all of us ❤
Jannean Arkinstall Bahahahaha the one to the right has got you in this challenge Rebs! ⚡️
Marlon Nava Keep People Together, Together Forever and Ever!
Stacy Switzer <3 <3 <3 I know the perfect place here for shows and we found the perfect House Honey :)~ <3 I Love You ALWAYS and Forever Madonna :)~ <3 Kisses My Love :)~ <3 <3 <3
00:18 12/03/2017

« In 1991 i took out a full page ad and published this letter. In Billboard magazine. So many lives have been lost since then!!! (And before!) we need to continue to make people aware of this disease, to do what we can to facilitate research and above all to practice safe sex!! 🌍🌏🌎🙏🏻💙 #loss #life #love » -Madonna

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Carolyn Moore Stertz beautiful words Madonna ..wish things could be different...<3 U
Duilio Carrieri You were very brave long, long before it was hip to fight for AIDS and gay rights. Thank you.
Ben Trebilcock Is it wrong that I could pick this handwriting out of a crowd?
Stacy Switzer <3 <3 <3 Im gonna go have a smoke outside Honey :)~ My phone is still charging Sweetheart :)~ <3 I Love You ALWAYS and Forever Madonna :)~ <3 Kisses My Love :)~ <3 <3 <3
Pamela Anderson
01:54 12/01/2017

Regardez « La Chienne » sur #Vimeo https://t.co/i998MiVVlP #everydayisvalentinesday #withtheoneyoulove #norules #love

La Chienne
La Chienne

Every Day is Valentines Day With the One You Love www.pamelaandersonfoundation.org

521 reactions 32 comments
Reuben Binyamin Killer sexy woman
Anas Chakir ..
Pedro Manuel Guerrero Waouuuuu
George William Gockel Perfect Pamelan.
Ivan De Jesús Parra García Pamela, I Love You ❤
Catherine Zeta-Jones
02:24 12/01/2017

A stream of light for musical inspiration. #Love

585 reactions 37 comments
Gloria Holland Beautiful!
Erin Huria U play jazz! nice .
Antonio Oliva The light help.
Nishant Neopani love❤
Rudolf Speer Great
11:30 11/30/2017

« Embrace the Future MDNA SKIN ! 🌷 Where Technology + Quality ingredients = Radiant skin!!! 😍🎅🏻Glowing From Within! #nunoxico Erica Simone Photography Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank #tarinskillets Edyta, Esthetician Stephen James #lauramorgan 🌎🌏🌍💙 #mdnaskin #glow #beauty #hydrate #radiate #holidays #thefuture #skin #luxury #youdeserveit #love♥️ » -Madonna

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Jesse Aotearoa My response to Morrissey's media troll rubbish against Madonna...MIND REPORT: Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey is but another koo koo immigrant from Lancashire who sounds like he's jealous of diva Madonna's success in comparison to his; envy. EDUCATION: ...
Ginga Paul Gladman Lost in the materialism of their body they lost sight of the fact that the price was their soul.... I radiate from within...
Albert Youkhana Are you actually selling product or are the Kardashians keeping you exhausted?
Mad Clau Esse futuro tem que ser bem abraçado. Porque me motiva a querer encontrar a beleza da vida. O MDNA Skin realmente é o único produto que faz eu sentir isso. Aleluia a esse poder !!! Embrace the future MDNA Skin # Always # Yeah!!!
Robert Schooner You should call your new product Scarface.
22:42 11/27/2017

« Love♥️ Yourself Sunday is even more Impressive with the New Finishing Creme MDNA SKIN 😍😍😍. Perfect for dry Winters! 🤶🏻🤶🏻 Erica Simone Photography Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank #tarinskillets Barneys New York Edyta, Esthetician 🎉🎉🎉#thefinishingcreme #skin #mdnaskin #face #beauty #glow #hydrate #holidays #radiate #luxury #youdeserveit #love♥️ » -Madonna

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Lider Negativo Madonna I love you... but don`t lie to people!!! crema!!! dejate de joder!!! :D
Stacy Switzer <3 <3 <3 The Raiders are winning 7-0 now they scored a Touchdown Honey :)~ Marc is still working on my phone Sweetheart :)~ <3 I Love You ALWAYS and Forever Madonna :)~ <3 Kisses My Love :)~ <3 <3 <3
Jill Winn Dear Madge: You're doing top shelf. Did my boys get some Ciccone vineyard style refreshments? Merry Season.
שרון מירו That zombie state last month they ambus me in a luctur her girle was sitting behind me and another girke from art and criasion was sitting next to me alltrue the lectur shr moved her chair table herself and i tried to ignor her we had a reses for half ...
שרון מירו I feel bad o.k? U or not i dont care if die scam of die earth eherent die earth i will take the first spaceship to another planet but if die anticrieses will win then i stay my
Keyshia Cole
06:00 11/26/2017

#Repost @queenkeyshiacole (@get_repost) ・・・ Tune in tonight to see @keyshiacole boogie on @spikelsb ‼️‼️‼️#lipsyncbattle #keyshiacole #love #soultrainawards #soultrain

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Richard A. Nino Beautiful woman
Peter Brown 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎
Marilyn Edwards Happy Birthday
Vashaun Judie Just turned it on
Teresa Mountain Okay Keyshia
09:54 11/25/2017

« I Give Thanks!! 💕🌸💕🌸💕💕🌸💕🌷🌸🌸💕🌷🌸💕🌷🌸🌷💕🌸🌷🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Louis Vuitton #DaVinci #monalisa #fineart #everything #luxury #love ♥️ » -Madonna

20.2k reactions 1111 comments
Georgélaine Milot I give thanks too.... and to you for giving me music to drum to. Wish you were my neighbour. Yeah--- me and half the planet. I know.
Beverly Woodle Call ur cousin . bitch ur Madonna haha! Crazy im Binker. Christina--- Buffys twin in Charleston SC. 803 201 3485. My phone will get cut off at noon on the 26th but ill get it cut back on asap. Love my peps!
Lori Venezio Happy Thanksgiving Madonna to you and your family. Many blessings to all we have so much to be thankful for.
Stacy Switzer <3 <3 <3 Good Morning Gorgeous :)~ Are you awake yet Honey :)~ Did you get enough sleep darlin? :)~ Ive been drinking coffee and playing Star Wars darlin :)~ Happy Black Friday Sweetheart :)~ TGIF Honey :)~ <3 I Love You ALWAYS and Forever Madonna :)~ <...
Roldan Abel Medina-Nazario Hi Madonna!!! Let me tell you that your song "Like a prayer" was real with me two years ago!!! God bless you!!!
Robert Griffin III
19:00 11/24/2017

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I'm thankful for my daughters, parents, sisters, niece, family, friends, former teammates, mentors, the fans, and so much more. But most of all I'm thankful for you @gretesadeiko Not because you are smart, funny and down to earth. Not because you are a great mother and lover. Not even because you are beautiful, athletic and love me right. You are all of those things for sure. It's because you are the best person I know. I'm honored to live each day with my best friend, my soulmate and better half. Im honored that you are all mine. I'm honored because I know God has blessed me in a way only you will ever understand. I'm grateful God blessed me with you as my person to give back to others with. I pray we all get the opportunity to find real love in this life and give back to others. God is a great God!!! It's just that simple!!! He is continually blessing us every day through all the people he has placed in our life to help us along the way. Have a great day and spread the love!!! #HappyThanksGiving #KnowYourWhy #Love #Happiness #ThankFul

2.7k reactions 209 comments
Tom Dunn Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones...miss seeing you on the field.
Michael Mattingly My question is... How are you paying that child support with no job??
Austin Bailey Hi there RGIII my name is Austin and my dad is a die hard redskins fan and is just awesome to be texting you
Donna Wyatt Moore Today is our 39th wedding anniversary, we were married on Thanksgiving day and as we celebrate this day for many reasons we know God blessed us for it was He that brought us together. I pray you and your wife will celebrate many holidays together and ...
Ron Catron This man posts how thankful he is and shows what a class act he is and people dump on him anyway. That says everything about those posting the moronic comments.
21:48 11/22/2017

¡Feliz #DiaMundialDeLosNiños! Hoy, mis hijos Sabrina y Matthew lo celebran ¡¡tomando el control de mis #instastories desde las 4pm hasta las 6pm hora del este!!! ¡Los niños y niñas hoy alzan la voz para luchar por los derechos de la infancia en todo el mundo! #KidsTakeOver 💙💙💙 INSTAGRAM.COM/THALIA Happy #WorldChildrensDay! To celebrate, my children, Sabrina and Matthew, will be taking over my insta stories from 4pm to 6pm EST! Kids all over the world raise their voices today to fight for all children's rights! #KidsTakeOver . . . UNICEF México UNICEF #Unicef #UnicefMexico #niños #children #love #kids #infancia #derechos #childhood #rights

29.6k reactions 448 comments
Rodolfo Cruz Chiquitibun emperatriz reina y niños artistas súper fantásticos porque todos somos niños por nuestro día internacional soy un fan te adoro y admiro cada vez mas
Julio Diaz Feliz día mundial de los niños!!! Thalía sos hermosa besos desde Argentina julio
Realfsen Melinda Your still very young face, still the same since you go to Philippines i’ve seen you in personal😘😘
Doris Briceida Arias Esquen Hermosos hijos tienes Thalia se paresen mucho a ti muchas bendiciones para ustedes
Maria Jose Canche Tienes unos bellos hijos💟💙❤😍😘😘😊Que díos los bendiga siempre😇#SabrinaSakae es muy hermosa son como 2 💦de agua igual que bellas😘😘😊
Catherine Zeta-Jones
23:12 11/20/2017

17 years ago today, I said ‘I do’ to my best friend and father of our two and a half month old son. Thought it could never get better than that day, but it did. Happy anniversary darling, Michael. With you, in my life, and Dylan and Carys, every day could be a twelve hour fantastic party at the Plaza in New York. Love you. #love #lovestrong

8.6k reactions 289 comments
CinDee Paladino So VERY HAPPY for you both. Happy Anniversary, here’s to many more wonderful years together. 🥂🌹
Twinkle Suhasini Marak Wishing you both a very happy anniversary...
Hih Arianna Romanov Oh how beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary!!! God bless!
Doina Zegers Happy Anniversary , Catherine and Michael! Blessing to you both!
Gemma Ruby Hernandez Happy Anniversary! Today is my grandparents anniversary too.
Alicia Fox
16:42 11/19/2017

‘Oh child....’ #doingwhatgirlsdobest #hair and #makeup #love @dolledbydoxa 💕 @laidbynish 🦊

455 reactions 20 comments
Tony Kelley Too Fine!!
Mariofiveaces Villarreal Beautiful
Nitin Rajput Nitin I love you
Arturo Pastrana Pas Mi morena te amo y eres una gran mujer
Matthew Herrera 💕💕💕
Alicia Fox
16:42 11/19/2017

‘Oh child....’ #doingwhatgirlsdobest #hair and #makeup #love @dolledbydoxa 💕 @laidbynish 🦊

299 reactions 12 comments
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Craig Kieselmann You guys are so Beautiful.
Luis Alberto Gutierrez R u sisters both very very pretty
LeBron Jenkins 🔥🔥❤❤😍😍😘😘💋💋
Dorathy William You look beautiful my big fan I love you
19:30 11/17/2017

« MDNA SKIN makes me go Up🖤. And Down! 🖤 about the New Finishing Creme!! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💕💕 #love #music #life #skin #gratitude #fans #dance #neverforget #facts 💃🏿💃🏿♥️ » -Madonna

8.5k reactions 287 comments
Berno Juchniewicz I LOOOVE YOU WITH DARK HAIR !!!
Salvatore Cozzella You are the best of the world ....no you are the world
Marvin Bradford I've always loved that remix
Juergen Arnold Frank, jetzt denken wieder alle, es gibt ein neues Lied. 😂
Gian Carlo This is a remix of "Goodbye to inoccence" a non include song from Erotica álbum ... look in Youtube
Alicia Fox
03:54 11/17/2017

‘Her laugh was #love at first sight to the blind man in a dark cave’ - @atticuspoetry 🌟I️ #love #truth in motion.... 🦊✨ #wisdom #daily #brainfood #crazytrain #fox

597 reactions 19 comments
Hosea Vann Iike your picture
Belinda Mug Do?you speak???a little ???french ?☺🌻✌☺💋💋
Shannon Parks U r beautiful
Hakeem LaBlance Cute and nice
Ronnie Raymond back at you.....
Miesha Tate
10:06 11/14/2017

Today marks 1 year of retirement for me. I can honestly say I am happy. Life is good and I am grateful to the ufc, Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta for the opportunity to do what I loved on the greatest platform. There are too many others to list but you know who you are THANK YOU!! Thank you to everyone who helped me along my journey including my fans and foes, you all had a part in shaping the woman & I am proud of who I am 😘 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #mma #wmma #ufc #retiredyoung #happy #smile #ontobetterthings #love #alwaysandforever #strongisthenewskinny #alwaysmoveforward

14.7k reactions 354 comments
Chamberlain Chris Every time I see the fight with Holly, I'm just so happy for you it brings tears to my eyes. Continued happiness in your life...
Rob Marsh You were the best all around in the octagon. Enjoy your retirement. Thanks for all you have to us, your fans, for so long.
Dan Behrens I loved watching you fight, but am amazed even more of the person you are and what you have become since retirement...amazing woman both inside and out
Jerry Billington Already been a year dang !! I miss seeing you in the cage your were my favorite female fighter of all time!! #teamtate
Renee Jackson You will always be my favorite fighter of all time. Miss seeing you in there for sure but glad your happy and still in prime shape. ☮️❤️
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