Avenged Sevenfold
14:42 10/28/2017

2017 Loudwire Awards: Metal Album of the Year, #TheStage & Metal Artist of the Year, #AvengedSevenfold. All thanks to you, our fans! #LoudwireAwards 📷: Rafa Alcantara

13.9k reactions 152 comments
Shahrul Ridzwan Tahniah a7x..angpa memang terbaik...jiran aku kirim salam kat angpa..dia habaq utang makan kerang reboih bila nak bayaq..5 bulan x bayaq da dia kata
Shahrul Ridzwan Satu lagi synyster gates...buah cermai yang ang kirim 3 minggu lepas ada kat umah aku..nnti bila2 waktu cuti mai amek takot lama2 lebam buah tu..
Jeremy Lee Parker You know what. I’ll let you go this time. But it’s a war in the next post.
Alex Silady Well deserved, the Stage is their best work. 👍🤘
Alfred Pride Awesome. Great group. Great music. And getting a pat on the back as well. Way to go guys!
20:30 10/26/2017

Hangin' at last night's #LoudwireAwards 🤘🤘

11.8k reactions 123 comments
Bob Moore I love how rockstars smile when getting their pics done with rocksrars
Martin Copes Megadeth album with Halford singing..oh yeah..!
Andrés Darío Murillo nothing but legends :o
Brahm Tancredi Joel
James Reyome I bet even Dave was starstruck and went into fan-boy mode :o
Avenged Sevenfold
01:54 10/26/2017

What a great evening. Thank you to the Loudwire Awards and to all of our amazing fans all around the World for the ongoing support. 🤘🏻#LoudwireAwards #avengedsevenfold #a7x 📷: Rafa Alcantara

7.2k reactions 83 comments
Sylvie Guenette Can't wait to see you in Ottawa in January
Peggy Riitano Riri Rto, cadeau de noël ? On l’a met derrière le meuble comme ta première ?
JoAnne Nie Good job! 🎉 you are clearly the best of all. Love you 🖤
Anna Terra Congratulations from 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷! We are waiting for you!
Patrick Alex DeBartolis Love you guys! Or else I wouldn't have you on my arm 🤷🏻‍♂️❤️😂
20:30 10/26/2017

Ice-T Body Count, Megadeth, Jamey Jasta and Jose Mangin on the black carpet at #LoudwireAwards! 📷: Grizzlee Martin

3.4k reactions 45 comments
Matthew Begaye Mutha yeah
Mardi-Bol Terekia Ice t album be number one 4 2017 for me...dats how we ride
Norman Harper megadeth
Piotr Pawlak Krystian Ciesielski Dominik Sikora
Luca Marelli Mega Dave!!!!
Avenged Sevenfold
01:54 10/26/2017

Kicking the night off with Jamey Jasta on the "Black Carpet" at the 2017 #LoudwireAwards #avengedsevenfold #a7x 📷: Rafa Alcantara

5.5k reactions 37 comments
Monique Mata Fink johnnyyyyyy
かがみ ほしかわ Omg it's live ;-;
Ana Oliveira lindos amo voces
Rtb Ramtiam Ngak Bawm Love from Bangladesh guys....❤❤
Charmaine Xiao Min Anatole Congrats guys!! So happy for you all. ❤❤
Avenged Sevenfold
01:54 10/26/2017

TONIGHT. Are you ready? 🤘🏻#LoudwireAwards #avengedsevenfold #a7x

2.9k reactions 52 comments
Uchiwa Maradona \m/ yeah
Shannon Vrooman Is this on tv??
Lindsay Mulberry Good luck guys!!!! A7X foREVer💀🤘💛💚💜💙
Kristina Franklin ❤️
Kyle Bower What time?!
20:30 10/26/2017

TONIGHT! Watch Dave Mustaine performing with Body Count and David Ellefson presents an award with Rex Brown. #LoudwireAwards

975 reactions 23 comments
Matthew R. Adams I'd like to beat the fuck out of whoever put Metallicax7 over all of those true metal legends. They are one of the worst acts around.
Nathan Dean Wilder Sam Richardson
Coty Zoso Borst .
Tammi Griffith Dave Mustaine best part of the song hehe
Sanna Raatikainen Jarkko Kemppainen 😀
Avenged Sevenfold
16:06 08/18/2017

We're nominated for three 2017 Loudwire Music Awards! Vote for Metal Artist of the Year, Best Guitarist(s) and Metal Album of the Year once per hour now through Oct. 2nd at 11:59PM ET at the links below. #LoudwireAwards Metal Artist of the Year: http://loudwire.com/vote-metal-artist-of-the-year-2017-loudwire-music-awards Best Guitarist(s): http://loudwire.com/vote-best-guitarists-2017-loudwire-music-awards Metal Album of the Year: http://loudwire.com/vote-metal-album-of-the-year-2017-loudwire-music-awards

11.0k reactions 147 comments
Megan Link Love you guys you totally deserve this The Stage is a masterpiece just ignore the haters they don't know what vreat music is
Sebastian Axelsson I hope you take those trophies home cause you deserve it 🔥🤘
JoAnne Nie Firts votes made! I'll continue until oct 2nd! 💜 so proud of you guys 🔥
Racheal Marshall Im sorry but i just had to pick Metallica on this one hardwired is just too damn good and of course i still love a7x.
Dominic Adam Frazzoni How is this possible when they aren't and never have been a metal band

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