LL Cool J
20:30 05/19/2017

It's ON tonight!!! Rumer Willis goes all out on TONIGHT'S Lip Sync Battle!!!! Make sure you're watching 10/9c on Spike!!! 💥 #LipSyncBattle

2.2k reactions 34 comments
Cassy Wilson Hi
Pamela Graham Hi LL
Thomas Groza have fun
L.S. Jones Love you always, L.L. Cool J!
Deborah Beysthefield NiCe, brighten up the room
LL Cool J
20:30 05/19/2017

That feeling when #LipSyncBattle is back with a new episode 😎 Don't miss Rumer Willis VS. Bryshere Y. Gray tonight at 10/9c on Lip Sync Battle!!!!

1.1k reactions 25 comments
Nous Deux Elodie Haninouche
Rik van Berlo Dennis Langewouters
Valentina María Cardona Reyes Laura Robayo Bermúdez
Beth Rios-Ayers Alexandria Suarez
Ashley NiCole Miller Angie Aiple tonight!
LL Cool J
07:42 05/17/2017

Special appearance by my man Cameron Mathison during a #LipSyncBattle break!!! He's bringin’ back the 90s!!! Stay tuned to Lip Sync Battle & Entertainment Tonight to see!!

127 reactions 9 comments
Ibk Quadri Battle ended
Hailey Comet No Snakes!
Ivan van Faassen SEXY DUDES!!!!!
Melissa Reynaud Cool
Charmaine Bonneville Should be pretty good.
LL Cool J
07:42 05/17/2017

It's crazy in the house this week on #LIPSYNCBATTLE!! Rumer Willis & Bryshere Gray go all out!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lip Sync Battle

762 reactions 8 comments
Kerinha Skr Malvi Na
Kevin Rivera Laura Buzo
Ibk Quadri Lol
Charmaine Bonneville I am gonna be tuned in.
Melissa Reynaud Your face 😁
LL Cool J
17:18 05/09/2017

It's gonna be absolutely bananas tonight!!!! On Lip Sync Battle 😂😂😂 Watch TONIGHT @ 7:30pm before the MTV Movie & TV Awards!!! 🎤📺 #Spiderman #LipSyncBattle #MTVAwards

3.4k reactions 38 comments
Mona Johansen Signe Lai Clausen
João Da Costa Lança Maria Inês Rodrigues
Luiz Cunha Ariane Correia
Oscar Smith Debra Momoiseā
Ianina Audrey Corvil Stephh Telfort #goals 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
LL Cool J
04:30 05/07/2017

Lip Sync Battle is gonna be crazy on MTV tomorrow !!! Tune in!! Tom Holland vs. Zendaya #MTVAwards #LipSyncBattle ‬

452 reactions 8 comments
Willie Jones Lol
Atu Louaki Lasitani Lol hahahaha 😂
James Williams My artist name is Lil James check out my song ghetto child support me on sound cloud rapping
Jackie Colson Lanier LL always look like he has so much fun on this show 😄😄😄
05:06 05/04/2017

On the set of #LipSyncBattle w. Chrissy Teigen

2.6k reactions 49 comments
Antipov Paul 2puttane😫
Antipov Paul 2puttane🤗
Antipov Paul 2puttane🤣
Antipov Paul 2puttane🙃
Antipov Paul 2puttane👁
LL Cool J
01:18 04/27/2017

Will NE-YO or Taye Diggs be 👑ed winner on this week’s #LipSyncBattle?! Tune in to this crazy episode Thursday only on Lip Sync Battle!!! #StraightBananas😂😂😂😂

2.0k reactions 74 comments
Maxine Fountain Naw!! Yeah!!
Maria Henry Hold up was that noxema from #toowungfoo
Linda P. Pajoow Daaaamnnn😲! Dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kim Ravenell Lol
Minerva Cruz Omg! With the look alone he better win😂😂
14:42 04/26/2017

Your turn. #LipSyncBattle

1.9k reactions 46 comments
Lissette Valenzuela Rojas 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤
Thokozani Ndlovu respected man ne-yo
Afran Love 👍
Natalhia Mendes Amo vc
Ilda Manjate Manjate Serio?lindo
14:42 04/26/2017

#LipSyncBattle Thursday at 10/9c. You ready?! 💪🏾💥

1.7k reactions 26 comments
Angelica Cristobal https://www.facebook.com/icacristobal/posts/1503482546331298
Fira Fitriana #Cempepoel_moviestream
Maia Swann Amber Wiseman
Ugochukwu Jude NE-YO My Man, My Hands Is On The Air For You.
RiiPong http://mix-movies-stream.gq
Ricky Martin
21:54 04/26/2017

#LipsyncBattle Footlose

86.7k reactions 3644 comments
Ara De Villarreal Me inyectó 💉 energía con esos movimientos uff!!!....andaba muy decaìda 😁😂😍 😘
Ana Mendoza Me encanto footloose,porque era mi pelicula favorita..pero quien pensaria que saldria en puros chones haciendo la de Tom cruise en Risky Business...WOWW
Ivonne Larrañaga claro que no ken bacon es un gran actor si el no hubiera hechho footlose otra persona lo hibiera hecho la pelicula esta muy bien hecha es una cosa representativa de los 80 so no sabes no opines grandiosa pelicula y bien por Ricky MARTIN hasta ahi
Toni Nason Do you have your dancing shoes ready for Saturday night Karine Tweedie get those pointers ready Erin Lillie Natasha Glennie xx
RMarcia RM Hoy tengo por cierto Kiki ,que hay un conección muy fuerte en universo ,que nadie es casual,no! Tu lo sabes tambiem Kiki ,,,no hay como no dicer lo,no, Thank you this video s a gift , a prove ! i love u <3
Ricky Martin
20:18 04/21/2017

Amazing night!! #LIPSYNCBATTLE Ricky Martin vs. Kate Upton

66.7k reactions 2208 comments
Līz Bth TE AMOOOOO... No hay ninguno como Tú , derretida de amor mi Ricky 💪💪💪 Boricua así somos , la música por dentro 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Melody Heart Sexy as hell. What makes him sexy is his self confidence and how confidently he dances. Even his facial expression. A person can be really handsome but that will never make them that attractive.
Ada Imelda Matos Egues Lo maximo, eres grande hermoso, artista completo en todo los aspectos, fantástico, inigualable en fin eres GRANDE....I LOVE YOU..... :) :) :)
Patricia Carrillo You were amazing Ricky! Would love to see you in concert some day.
Samanta Barcia Por dios...nos vas a matar en cámara lenta. No podes ser más espectacular. Me encantas sos un Profesional!!!. Saludos desde Bs As Argentina👄👄👄👄
Ricky Martin
20:18 04/21/2017


73.2k reactions 3714 comments
Jeanette Estrella I totally love this clip... you are too cute SOULBrother Ricky Martin 😊😎😉
Lidia Paola Muñoz Villalobos Hola corazón como estas?esta bueno el vídeo no te había visto nunca en calzoncillo no te ves tan mal todavía te conservas bien.oye y como se llama la canción que imitaste.porque no entendí de que se trata para buscar la traducción del tema.chao cuidate ...
Delia US Por todos los cielos ! 🙈🙉🙊 tu quieres que nos de un infarto, con esos movimientos 😄😄
Dino Galdamez Ricky need to add that number in Las Vegas show ! Ricky, Tienes que incluir ese numero en tu show en Las Vegas !
Analia Cortez Cada día me dejas mas asombrada 😱😱😱 cuando vengas a Córdoba Argentina podés cantar así la mitad del show ?
LL Cool J
23:36 03/14/2017

Back to business at Lip Sync Battle!!! BTS shots from #LipSyncBattle up on my insta story 📸 ‬http://instagram.com/llcoolj

4.4k reactions 84 comments
Darlene Click Get it babes!!!
Cindy Miller LL Cool J. Is 👌
Ashcon Hassanpour 🙏🙏
Teri Kiyotee Stop it. Just stop 🚏 looking so darn cute
Ronald Bradford BEAUTIFUL PIC LL!
LL Cool J
20:24 03/04/2017

Excited to give the world a kids version of Lip Sync Battle shout out to Matador, Casey Patterson & Nickelodeon let's do this !!😊 #lipsyncshorties #lipsyncbattle

387 reactions 4 comments
Tisha Johnson Richard Johnson
Cheryl Bonner Who Cares''#
Lee Harvey Complete. Tat
Tresie Johnson This Lip Sync Battle was The Best if All!!! Mr & Mrs Tatum
LL Cool J
20:24 03/04/2017

Let's go !! This one is for the kids!!! ・・・cc: Casey Patterson OUR BABY HAD A BABY! #LipSyncBattle Shorties picked up to series by Nickelodeon 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

330 reactions 8 comments
Marcus Dunn Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Fay Harris God Bless you and your Family sweetie...
Shirley Larson wow that is a lot of kids
LL Cool J
07:36 03/02/2017

My man John is crushing these battles on Spike app! 🏆🎤 Download it and show me what you would do on #LipSyncBattle http://apple.co/2e4rSzd

100 reactions 4 comments
Angela Davis WELLS-FARGO CHASE, BANK OF AMERICA , USAA , CITI BANK , USBANK, ANYBANK OR CREDIT UNION ...With The Balance Of $0 DM ME Make $6,500 - 12,000 In 24 Hours
Sheila Spencer Awesome ~ Baby★ ❥ ★ ❥ ★ ~ ☺
Melissa Reynaud I'd love to when it comes out on Android 😊 llcoolj 😊
Rebecca Lück C'mon now, make it available for for Android. 😊
LL Cool J
06:00 02/25/2017

Go Noel!! She's got the whole family joining in on Lip Sync Battle app!! 🎤 Love that filter & song you chose! 😎 #LipSyncBattle Download the app and share your videos + tag me: apple.co/2e4rSzd

286 reactions 12 comments
Marcus Dunn Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Waquilla Sealey Can we plese get this for Android users!
Keith Kramer Very cool app. 🎤
Sam Santos Never give up on life 🌍
Tabetha Smith 👏👏👏👏👏I LOVE IT!!!
LL Cool J
14:00 02/12/2017

‪#LipSyncBattle squad on 💯!!!! Watch the latest episode on spike.com!! #panda spke.co/2dwXoFm ‬

1.1k reactions 27 comments
Andrew Davis Have an Usaa 🇱🇷Account and want to make up 8,000 in 24HRS Dm me ASAP
Νίκος Νασιόπουλος Aris
Вячеслав Акулин Остывать Люди
Marquan M Sutton I want coming on the show lol 😄
Larry Carroll :)
LL Cool J
01:06 02/10/2017

This weeks #LipSyncBattle is out of control 😂!!!! Sarah Hyland Deandre Jordan Lip Sync Battle

1.6k reactions 31 comments
Thomas Glenn Juarez Checkout the videos and subscribe to the channel YouTube.com/thetgunzshow
Jason Vos https://www.facebook.com/alissanicolekoblentz/videos/t.100004268947130/10151376360463724/?type=2&theater
Shesny Dns Wouter Winkelmans
Amber Myá Ricks Andrea Ricks
Jessica Logan-Melsness Logan Melsness
LL Cool J
01:06 02/10/2017

Sarah Hyland & Deandre Jordan battle it out on this week’s #LIPSYNCBATTLE!!! 💪🎤 Lip Sync Battle Thurs 10/9c on Spike

203 reactions 9 comments
Stacey No Nonsense Jones Uncle L😎
Syahrul (Y) Oh, my God.... TOOK ME HOURS TO FIND, FINALLY GOT THE LINK, Fifty Shades Darker http://stream-zd.net/filem/full.php?movie=4465564&sub=streamzdDarker4465564
Fábio Gaspar Must watch this one, one of my favorite players vs an actor from a show me and my fiancé love, hell yes. Also, don't forget to congratulate Dre on the All Star game uncle L !
LL Cool J
18:42 01/20/2017

Get ready for an all new epic #LipSyncBattle!! Don’t miss Jay Leno vs. Craig Ferguson on Lip Sync Battle tomorrow night at 10/9C, only on Spike!! 📺🎤

2.9k reactions 56 comments
Stefanie Michl You are sooooo cool
MsLo Lewis LL you are sooooo, sexy! 😘
Beverly Darius Parrilla I luv me some Jay!!!
Ancuta Ciuc The most inspiring moment
Diane Wiltshire Mr cool LL fab actor
LL Cool J
05:54 01/18/2017

It’s a #LipSyncBattle of the late night superstars with Craig Ferguson vs. Jay Leno on an all new Lip Sync Battle this Thursday night on Spike, 10/9C!!!📺🎤

320 reactions 14 comments
Nikesh Lal Singh Deo They are belong in museum 😂👎👎......
Janine Hooley "Cool" !!!!!!!!!!
May Mapp I dont have a tv so I guess Ill miss that.
Amethyst Bailey-Burris That's gonna be funny!
Melissa Reynaud Lol this is going to be so cool 😂
LL Cool J
04:18 01/13/2017

Ready for battle!! Catch Don Cheadle vs. Wanda Sykes in an all new Lip Sync Battle TONIGHT on Spike, 10/9C!!! 📺🎤#LipSyncBattle

4.6k reactions 65 comments
Karen Spence Looking at it now
Rodney Jordan I'm ready for tonight
Riah Sabury A legend
Nethra Reed It was good to see mase
Terri Howard Oh babe LL
LL Cool J
04:18 01/13/2017

Real #LipSyncBattle talk with Wanda Sykes! 💯🎤 New Lip Sync Battle tomorrow night at 10/9C on Spike!! #UNITY Queen Latifah

1.4k reactions 28 comments
Adam Jordan Jessica Jordan
Janice Williams Jerome Williams
Marcus Dunn Wooooooooooooooooooooooo! Yeah
Cate Gasses place this while she's talkin' . . . Clandestino by Manu Chao
LL Cool J
15:30 01/10/2017

Mo #LipSyncBattle, No Problems...watch Don Cheadle and Wanda Sykes go to LSB war!!! on this week’s new Lip Sync Battle, Thursday, 10/9C on Spike!! 😃📺🎤

2.5k reactions 39 comments
Pat Brown Stéphanie Brown Groulx
Marino G Abola 😂😂😂😂😂
Thomas Glenn Juarez Checkout the video 🔥 🔥 🔥 and subscribe to the channel https://youtu.be/aPAMRSIvXc0
Karnilse Brittany 👌 awesome
Maryanne Rundle its gonna nbe off the hook.. .
LL Cool J
09:06 12/21/2016

We couldn’t go through the holidays without givin’ y’all a brand new Lip Sync Battle!! Don’t miss Cassadee Pope vs. Dustin Lynch tomorrow on Spike, 9/8C!! 📺🎤🎄 #LipSyncBattle

264 reactions 8 comments
Lumière Martha Offiong http://MyCashTable.com/?ref=56572
Takanawa Teipei I gonna swatch that teipei say that
Sylvia Mookey Who are they ???
Andrew Micheal Ide Who indeed beat me to it Blake Sherman
Tina Heather Nadeau Who are these people?
LL Cool J
07:30 12/16/2016

Thank you for making Lip Sync Battle one of Google's Top Trending TV Shows of 2016! Bring on 2017!!!💯📺🎤😀 #YearinSearch #LipSyncBattle Spike

3.0k reactions 49 comments
Manuelito Byt Yeah....
Tena Marie Love it!!!
Mandy Lovejoy Hell Yes. Cool is like GOLD ;)
Lisa MrsWebb Congrats to u G.O.A.T. Great show
Jay Olack Don't call it a comeback, he's been here for years..!
LL Cool J
05:54 12/11/2016

Always make sure to invite Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the holiday party... 🎄💯#FBF #LipSyncBattle

13.6k reactions 331 comments
Clairey-Bells Edwards Richard Apperley 😳 a little bit wrong but massively entertaining! 😝
Tracy Holt He is #1 LSB winner on my list!! Best ever....
Alexis Spier This is perfection.
Latisha White He did that. I watch a few times. good job.this may be my favorite episode.
DeAnn Rossetti AWESOME! Where can I see the whole thing? Never mind, got it on YouTube...JGL is amazing!
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