Melissa Joan Hart
21:54 11/20/2017

Back in heaven! Off to the slopes. #LakeTahoe

2.3k reactions 53 comments
Carla Schreckengost Beautiful family!
Marina Vaysman Enjoy ❤️
Mark Wegner Happy family 😘👍😁
Cheryl Hogan What a beautiful picture, blessed
Johnny Angel Skiing already? Nice. Happy Thanksgiving.
Lenny Kravitz
15:06 07/17/2017

Feeling the energy of the lake #LakeTahoe Photo: Mathieu Bitton

6.1k reactions 121 comments
Maggie A. Morris-Calderon Good picture Mathieu
Gail Branch Mathieu Bitton I want your job! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Janet Marie Petty So, WHAT song is he singing here Mathieu Bitton ?
Grace Green I love you Lenny, you are totally awesome!
Debbie Baldauskas Awesome show; Amazing man ❤️😍
Melissa Joan Hart
05:36 07/17/2017

Best view ever! #laketahoe

7.1k reactions 139 comments
Michelle Smith It's like a dream!
Heather Lozzi Yes Sabrina has been on all day!
David Eric Rothleutner Oh, my dear Melissa. You are right. This is an awesome view. The lake isn't a bad of a sight either.
Ryan Cooper It's a pretty good view. But for even better views come see Thailand and Cambodia.
Dan Behrens Agreed...and the scenery beyond you is pretty good too ;) lol
Melissa Joan Hart
04:00 07/12/2017

Brunch with boys @tunnelcreekcafe. #laketahoe

779 reactions 9 comments
Patricia Smirnoff Cute
Stephanie Bento Wave as you pass over sacramento!
Sarah Ashley Amari Have fun :)
Becky Coats Enjoy!
Amy Stanfield So sweet. Family vacations are so special.
Melissa Joan Hart
15:12 07/09/2017

Giant PAPER straw that actually says "wrap your lips around this" to help support #plasticfreejuly. #laketahoe #stopsucking

2.4k reactions 78 comments
Kaylene Viall Beside the point bit that drink looks yummy
Amy Nguyen Nice !😊
Stefani Colette love you Melissa ♡♡♡
Rodger Everritt have a great day
Robert Krawczyk Nice...
Melissa Joan Hart
00:48 07/02/2017

It's been a while, but I'm back in paradise!! #lakeTahoe

345 reactions 15 comments
Veronica Zalazar Monica Ceccone
Anthony Jones Richard Armatage Dip Tahoe
Peter Rodriguez Very nice.
Mike McDonald Yes!!!!
Susana Perez Rodriguez I love beautiful Lake Tahoe!!!
Melissa Joan Hart
11:32 09/12/2016

#LakeLife #LakeTahoe instagram.com/p/BHbO3H3hF0a/

1.6k reactions 25 comments
Raymond Conway Happy 4th of July, to your Family and you. ?
Zach Harold Man I miss Tahoe
Andrew Avitua Beautiful
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz
Alejandro Lorenzana Hernandez Like me
Melissa Joan Hart
11:32 09/12/2016

We've arrived! Back in our fav summer spot in #LakeTahoe! #paradise instagram.com/p/BHGLO6whZVB/

499 reactions 22 comments
Roberto Lucania Cool
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz
Frank Wilson Jr. big glasses
Kylie Keseling Have fun
Tina Clark enjoy your time
Moon Frye
11:34 09/12/2016

Heaven up here. Just love this place #laketahoe

235 reactions 25 comments
Fahad A Alteheeni really very nice place to be in
Bolt Mcbolt ??
Michael Rogue-Tee Zee Oh Such a beautiful view Soleil .
Elias Simon HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016?
Daniel Portugal How Beautiful i also...

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