Naomi Campbell
08:42 11/18/2017

‪Amazing Concert Janet Jackson you are a force to be reckoned with #theoriginal #royality👑 #legend #icon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾‬

1.7k reactions 40 comments
Jeremiah Sinnah-Yovonie Rythym Nation 😎
Felix Llamog NAOMI FOREVER!!!!
Arjan Arjan Regjepi Ciao Bella
Azul HerZog Loooove the look
Patrick Weinberger Nice Look
08:00 11/02/2017

It’s Rick James B*tch! #Legend #RickJames

5.6k reactions 212 comments
Bomb Chili lovin,my raymond so hot looking no matter how,u appear
Tammy Wynn Wow omg usher have a bless an happy Halloween an you did that lovely .
Titanan Pompey Seems like you trying to get into my curiosity
Tanya Welch I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing! You nailed it...😂😂😂😂
Mo Farah
11:06 10/30/2017

@lewishamilton Legend!!!!! Well done bro...!! #lewishamilton #legend

2.2k reactions 30 comments
Król Julian - prawdziwy Król Człowieków Well done Lewis!! 🙏
Fred Bowyer Spoilers!!!
Chris Binf Love you broo
Judy Lloyd Well done Lewis congratulations
Stephen Snow Well done Lewis what a legend
Lucas Moura
23:36 10/24/2017

Nice to meet you #legend Kobe Bryant.

9.4k reactions 121 comments
Ivan Figueiredo Eu achava que era o Anelka kkk
Nancy Sampaio Lucassssss!
Helton Mesquita Soares E muito mito juntos
Débora Veloso Bom treino 😍😍😍
Edson Gonçalves torço por voçe irmão siga seu rumo que vai crescer bastannte
Kevin Hart
04:36 10/08/2017

Happy Birthday, Bernie Mac! #RIP #Legend #SaluteTheGreats 🙏

58.3k reactions 3040 comments
Kimberly Maier He was so funny rip 🎂🙏
Brandon Nicholas Ross Jon Butler pumpkin pie lol 🤣🤣
Mike Parham Chelsea V Parham Hammond Crawford Harry Heap
Jordan Kaila Lewis Jeff Lewis
Ijah Luo Chris Hartfield Justin YungRose Taylor
Paris Hilton
02:18 10/01/2017

Love you Hef 💋 #Legend #RIPHef

6.4k reactions 220 comments
Shaw Fateman You're the hottest chick ever It makes me sad I love u
Shaw Fateman Do u want me to punish u ur the girl I'm really in love with tho
Shaw Fateman I can't show nobody that's Mine
Mark Dagger Unfortunately nobody does it better but I is byst😒..x
Adam Melia Have u slept with the old man?? Of course many times.
Paris Hilton
13:30 09/28/2017

So sad to hear the news about Hugh Hefner. 😢 He was a #Legend, innovator & one of a kind. We had so many fun & incredible memories together. I will miss him dearly. Rest In Peace my friend. 🙏🏼 #RIPHEF

11.9k reactions 431 comments
Salía Kaba Good happy days for you my dear friend p hiton
David Charlton Followed him for over 60 years so sad he has passed on rip
Ab Samir AB Youssef لعما هاد اش عم ياكول مزربات 😂😂😂😂 اخوي هاد بحوض سعير هاد تحت الشي 😂😂😂😂
Ryan Ellis Im saving this photo may he rest in peace
Scott Leazott He got lucky to hold such a beautiful Specimen of a woman Paris .
Kevin Hart
01:24 09/28/2017

It’s been 25 years since Russell Simmons premiered his influential and groundbreaking standup series “Def Comedy Jam” on HBO. In honor of the anniversary, Netflix has stepped in with the special “Def Comedy Jam 25,” Check out the original Def Comedy Jam episode featuring Bernie Mac #Legend

Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey
Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey tells the legend of Mitch Green’s big mouth, and Bernie Mac teaches you a new move to try on your lady - “Stirring The Coffee”. They’re THE Original Kings of Comedy, so of course it’s all funny, all legendary, and all def.

463 reactions 215 comments
J'ne Powell I ain't scared of you mutha fuckers!!!!
Kal El I ain't scared of you mothafuckas!
Ieshia Hudson Great special
Skooter Carman Greatest comedian ever ,Bernie Mac
Jason Sly Man I watched it today and that was an awesome once in a life time reunion
Reggie Bush
06:00 09/27/2017


158 reactions 7 comments
Milos Skoric Sorienio Kabba
Austin Lamb 💆🏾‍♂️💼☔️
Brian McElroy Yes Sir!
Wyatt Finzel but he who takes to many risks will also never accomplish anything
Debbie Dore' After Ali retired I quit watching boxing. Just wasn't the same😢
23:06 09/13/2017

Rest in peace. 21 years ago today, we lost #TupacShakur. #Legend 🙏🏽

1.4k reactions 67 comments
Fay Nagia-Luddy Remembering the Legend...
Thomas Jason Taylor It goes by.
Romi MoriNaga GRIDLOCK 'd My favorite movie.😢💕
Fabricio Petser Pereira Aaliyahlove
Michel Shakur Rest in peace legend
Rey Mysterio
02:36 09/13/2017

This is gonna be #Legend If your in the Bay Area November 10th come check it out @ the Cow Palace! #Booyaka #FromDa619To415 #LuchaBrothers #JuicyBaby

289 reactions 18 comments
Abzduhri S 619 the best
Víctor Arrollo Victorarroyo
Angelito Villalta Vargaz Saludos 619
Luis Rey Rey Mysterio el mejor
Ajay Kumar Grewal Awesome pic sir g
Shaquille O' Neal
15:00 08/27/2017

Congrats to my good friend Floyd Mayweather on the KO win against Conor McGregor and on an amazing career. #legend

1.2k reactions 280 comments
Lasako Ladnabas ths fight was a big joke in the first place..bring back the good old glory days of boxing..were true blood fighters never backs down and cherry picks his opponent just for money and entertainment..but for the true satisfaction of millions fight fans ...
Charton Casura It was a very short time for conor.. While floyd is a boxer.. It is not conor's field... But congratulations to both of you... .
Omaru Shakur it was a Tko hommy! most high peoples like you watched a fight but sober peoples watched just two very smart businessmen doing their business.
Rodney Cortez The fight was set up from the beginning...you fools! Buying this fight PPV it's like watching WWE Raw but it's more expensive lol! ;) )
Rojay Jefferson Congrats to. Floyd Mayweather jr. He put on one hell of a show like I thought he would I'm just glad I burnt the fight on the internet for free
Mo Farah
01:18 08/23/2017

Happy birthday..!! Legend..! @usainbolt #legend #Bolt

15.0k reactions 187 comments
Annette Elizabeth Taylor Just watched them both in London recently - on TV though, not live. Special men.
Doz Hämzë Süfyään Kaly orodkii ugu dameyay mid Ethiopian Ah Baa ka qadee maxaa kugu dhcay sota ina lipax sanktapte Ahayd
Tim Clarke Two legends right there. Humble, respectful and yet brilliant!
Elaine Grosvenor two fantastic amabassadors for sports and excellent role models for kids will miss you both xx
Diar Alazawi Mike us ? Not at all but also... if you squint... totally us
Pee-wee Herman
05:30 08/22/2017

RIP, Jerry Lewis. #loveyou #love #genius #icon #legend #laughter #unique #oneandonly #restinpeace

1.3k reactions 35 comments
Jeannine Acanfora Leopold RIP Such a funny man.
Kelley Schmitt Rice waaahhhhh
Fritz Richter PW, got any French fans?
Matt Tucci He deserves to.
Thunder Paw My love for Jerry led me to P.W.
Naomi Campbell
14:54 08/16/2017

‪#we miss you #HerbRitts. Herb Ritts #gonebutnotforgotten #legend #family #unconditionallove❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾 ‬

4.0k reactions 45 comments
Solomon Girmay Original super model .not like this time models easy come easy go❤️💜💙💚💕💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿.
Reggy Winata My Favorite pic
Flodrowski Michał Piotr I love it☺
Blake Davis God Bless and Keep You Sir. Sharon and Blake
Carlton Gardner Such an man and photographer
Rey Mysterio
05:42 08/16/2017

Ya Tienes la Tuya?!? Disponible para Hombres,Mujeres y Adolescentes! Leyendas De la Lucha Libre ....Rey Mysterio ! Get yours!!!! Legends of Lucha Libre Rey Mysterio T-Shirts Available in mens, Womens and Youth Fits!! #ReyMysterio #Amazon #Legend

338 reactions 17 comments
Sandra Kühnemund https://youtu.be/NoM0AT8fBvs
Kevin Kleinrock They are all at bit.ly/MaskedRepublic on Amazon
Jonny Alvarado Ruíz Vervideosdereimisterio
Omar Galindo Donde las compro
Natália Bernardes Quero
Naomi Campbell
11:42 08/06/2017

‪#TBT #babyOmi walking with the Maestro #the One&Only a #YvesSaintLaurent #happybirthday ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾#Jazz #legend #king #YSL‬

1.6k reactions 33 comments
Subhasis Das
Kahoul Sofiane Abdelhakim 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cameron Adams Milligan Guinness 😙
Giuseppe Mazza jazz it's true ...❤️🌙😁😂😘🍄🥕🌽🍓🍒🌰🌛🌜
Ruth Mabiala Lot
Kevin Hart
17:18 07/26/2017

Bernie Mac one of the best of all time! The entire Def Comedy Jam series will be streaming on my new Laugh Out Loud Network, launching 8/3 #KingofComedy #Legend #SaluteTheGreats RIP

13.7k reactions 700 comments
Hannah Legg New Jessica Legg
Terri Hawkins R.I.P
Abe Garcia Jennifer summmamama
Robert Daly RIP
Cody Bethan Karl Llewellyn
03:36 07/20/2017


500 reactions 4 comments
Julia Sousa Come and get a entire year of Netflix content! ➜ #NetflixFreeYear
Brittanie LaNae 🙌🏽👌🏽
Tealia Milan Yes baby 😎🍻
Salys Henderson Joooe
Trish Stratus
21:18 07/20/2017

That time I made Eugene Levy laugh.... . . . . . #canadaswalkoffame #host #openingact #eugenelevy #legend #sctv #secondcity #pie #americanpie

2.3k reactions 67 comments
Arthur Rembert That is so cool
Ryan Quiambao You will always be a Golden Era Woman. TRISH STRATUS.
Leilani Sheryl Robinson Wtf she sings now
Stacey Newton She is a pretty lady and one my favorite divas and i miss watching her wrestling.
Praveen Kumar Supper
Naomi Campbell
05:12 07/17/2017

‪#repost #donatellaversace #GianniVersace #tribute #electricsmile I miss you so ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾#no other #legend‬

4.9k reactions 66 comments
Deborah Reese Naomi his spirit is with you. RIP Gianno Versace
Tiffany Diamond Loving you 4ever❤
Richard Arthur Painting a Versace tribute in Amsterdam right now
Charly Schumacher My Nao, I thinked that you had me forgotten... Kisses.
George Gay Versace the Legend
Rodrigo [Minotauro] Nogueira
20:30 07/15/2017

Não são muitos que deixo me finalizar! Hahaha Mito bom reencontrar os amigos da época do Pride!! #sakuraba #japan #japao #friend #amigo #respeito #respect #ufc213 #prideneverdies #halloffame #ufchalloffame #legend #lenda #pride

5.4k reactions 117 comments
Wendel Piton The best Japa
Marcel Tyello Duas lendas
Rodrigo Arlovski Duas lendas do MMA! O esporte agradece! 👊
Anderson Tomé Lendas!!!!! Oss!!!
Edenise Cristina Souza de Freitas Sakuraba, maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Rodrigo [Minotauro] Nogueira
07:42 07/13/2017

Sexta-feira no Hall da Fama do UFC, Sakuraba entrou de quimono e falou de suas lutas épicas no MMA!! Respeito máximo!! #ufchalloffame #halloffame #prideneverdies #pride #japan #japao #brazil #brasil #usa #mma #legend #friends #sakuraba

1.5k reactions 36 comments
Fernandes Dos Santos Costa Oss
Cid Fernando Ribeiro Borges Ossss
Frank Spfc Sempre Esse é fera!
Moses Rivers Maestro.
Alberto Serrano Oliva Saku guerrero legendario
Naomi Campbell
02:00 07/07/2017

#congratulations #papa #azzedinealaia it's always an honor to walk for you #1986 -2017 # Alaia Haute Couture AW 2018. #I Love You #unique #master #legend #unconditionallove❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

167 reactions 66 comments
Lara Antoniazzi Divina lei😘😘😘
Zoran Djordjevic Nina ti si riba prava sve ostalo je sala
Minh Thien Hua Forever ... 👍❤️
Cullen Jones Stunning..
Deborah Beysthefield FABULOUSLY WALKED
Naomi Campbell
02:00 07/07/2017

‪#ALAIA TIME #azzedinealaia TO #PAPA WITH LOVE ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾 #legend #beyondlegend #icon #unconditionallove❤️❤️❤️🙏‬

5.5k reactions 73 comments
Lincoln Jacobs Yaaassss!!🔥🔥🔥
Fall Moustapha Vieni con me in,africa naomi
Dena Maria Neri Slay girl slay
Malu Reis Espetáculo de mulher ❤❤❤
Josiney Kleber Trevizan adoro essa vidaaa
Rick Ross
17:54 06/24/2017

I'm late as fuk to this Game of Thrones shit but I'm on season 2 episode 2.. I'm finna catch up while I'm eatin this Big Buford. #legend

1.1k reactions 52 comments
Salys Henderson Do yo thang Bo$$, enjoy
Tremaine Moore Watch the Throne homie #Boss
Chris T Fly BOSS
Nwosu Uche WTF!?
Tim Eyitayor Never late than never #1 series #1 Boss
Eva Longoria Baston
07:48 06/24/2017

Check out my brother Jamie Foxx on his new show Beat Shazam tonight at 8/7c on Fox. Not only is it my favorite show but it's the number one show! Can't miss. #Legend #Icon #BeatShazam

179 reactions 8 comments
George William Gockel Wonderfful Eva.
Robert Garriott Mine tv broke
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes You Always with yours friends God person Eva
Johnny Anzaldua Llanes I shared it. I'm watching.
Rio Ferdinand
20:30 05/25/2017

Good to catch up with my man Edwin van der Saar pitch side! The Best... not only world class shot stopper... but right footed or left... sprayed it for fun! PS... thanks for Moscow once again 😂🏆 #MUFC #EuropaLeague #Final #Legend

64.9k reactions 476 comments
Carlvon Ramsingh Big names in the pantheon of great stars of United. Thank you guys!
Amine Larbi Nemanja Vidić + rRio Ferdinand + Edwin van der Saar = i love you
Sidhant Patnaik Lucky charm.... U need such gys in D crowd to win finals.. Nothing just added motivation Sanjay Dash
Margaret Bosworth Happy happy memories 2008 even though I couldnt watch pens Lol .....c'mon UTD do it for the City xx
Bev Collins Let's hope the trophy comes home to Manchester tonight - would lift the spirit of the city after Mondays atrocity 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Paris Hilton
20:48 05/24/2017

Getting ready for the #PhilippPlein runway show in #Cannes with the #QueenOfFashion @CarineRoitfeld. ✨👸🏻✨ #Legend 👑

1.3k reactions 90 comments
Evewin Lakra Thats a Classic Pic Paris Hilton :) Too Good......!!!!!
James Grimoldby Very gorgeous picture here. Love you Paris. <3
Brando Taz Carine is beautiful❤
Brian Blaschek Luminatti Gals....!!!
Paul Louiseize Two sexy young lady's. 💖
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