Kevin Hart
11:06 01/12/2018

Holy bubble shit.... #1 movie in America people!!!! This is unbelievable .....I swear your support means the world to us all. Thank you guys so much!!!!! I loves ya #Jumanji #NowPlaying

5.1k reactions 242 comments
Jimmy Santiago Meh. Good for children
Terri Cooper Lira Saw it yesterday for my birthday loved it!
Karen Bradley I saw it in 3D it was great
MeriAless Musheghyan Ibi Arabat Umut Tecimer Astnmv AlessMeri Na de examenssssss!!!!
Djoume Tana Nice one
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
05:18 01/12/2018

It’s bananas level surreal. This #JUMANJI phenomenon around the world 🌎 is beyond my wildest dreams. My goal was to make a holiday movie that three generations of your family could enjoy - together. Love that you’re having FUN. Thank you so much for making us #1 ‘round the world and L’Chaim! 🍻 #JUMANJI 🌎

23.5k reactions 791 comments
Donna Lane Loved it!!! At the end, when the stone was placed but nothing happened, most people in the audience yelled Say the Word. :)
Jamie Johnson Already saw it in the theatre twice and have it on my list to preorder when it comes out on blueray!
Rebecca Ittenbach I have to admit I had zero expectations when I went to watch it, just very much nostalgia and my friend and I joked that you would make anything worth watching, so we went to see it the day it came out and it is SO good 😳👍🏻
Marcella Chaisson-Purinton Well you definitely did just that Dwayne Johnson, I went to a special viewing with my daughter and my grandaughter and we all loved it. Great job.
Tanja Arzdorf Dreams come true. Not without reason # 1 despite many hater and negative comments. And your hard work, passion and commitment have paid off. You, Kevin and Jack, just a super ingenious and hilarious combination. Jumanji - welcome to the jungle is in no ...
Kevin Hart
09:30 01/07/2018

Hollllllyyyyy Shhhhiiiiittttttt burgers.....Wooooooooow!!!!!! This is unbelievable....Thank you all for your amazing support!!!!! #Jumanji #NowPlaying #ActionComedyAndAdventureAtitsBest

3.4k reactions 292 comments
Michael Cameron Riding the nostalgia train with The Rock doing the driving.
Bri Smith-Funchess Who else read the caption in his voice 😂😂
Shaun Hanson Silly! You should have known the 90s babies would show up to Jumanji! Who showed them the first one? Our parents! We drug them with us. Great movie!
Joumana Abdou Alright Alright Alright Jumaaaaanjiii World
Raven Johnson My new favorite movie of all time . Very well done!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03:42 01/07/2018

Beijing 🇨🇳 Our big Jumanji CHINA premiere. It’s nice to be considered an industry leader, but if I’m going to continue to grow my business and our Seven Bucks enterprise on a global scale, then the way that works best for me is meeting face to face, shaking hands and looking people in the eyes. It’s just how I am. We live in a rapidly growing digital age where social media posts are fun and effective to a point, but the real work and success always gets done when you do it face to face. Thank you CHINA press and fans for your time. And thank you for the never ending adrenaline rush. 😉 #JUMANJI #WorldPressTour #Beijing

13.4k reactions 306 comments
Ef Castill I knew you when you was just Dwayne! Will we ever meet again! Come back home, you have your biggest fans in this entire world here!
Brian Hinkel In a lot of Asian cultures, direct eye contact is a form of disrespect... You should probably take cultural differences into consideration.
Chris Yao I like this movie so much,it’s funny and exciting 👍.Look forward to seeing you again soon in Taiwan 🇹🇼
Tezz Terri Robinson Congratulatios. Dwayne I thought you'd still get a bit nervous or get butterflies in your stomach. I 'm not in the acting industry so I can noly take a guess. I'd be nervous.
Rose Burns Can't wait to see your movie ..always a pleasure watching u and Kevin Hart on film Together..too funny
Nick Jonas
07:48 01/05/2018

#TBT from the Berlin Jumanji premiere with Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart. Can’t thank you guys enough for all the amazing reaction to the movie. We had the best time making it, and it means so much to see you guys having so much fun watching it. #JUMANJI is in theaters now!

6.5k reactions 118 comments
Carol Misoni Just got done watching it, love it!
ريفيرا لوبيز دايرا Me encanto.... Fue divertida y con el toque de romance ideal... Sencilla mente me encanto
Austin Mcconnell Everyone look for the cameo of my friend Morgan Gardner
Amanda Goodwin I saw it and it was so hilarious!
Izy Hernnan Hey baby it's great movie, te perfomances are amazon! 💙
Kevin Hart
20:42 01/04/2018

Holllllyyyyyy Shhhiiiitttttt......Hooooollllyyyyy Shhhhiiiitttttt!!!!! Woooooooooowwwww.....Hoooollllyyyyy Shhhhiiiittttt..... #Jumanji #NowPlaying

2.4k reactions 451 comments
Andreas Dalgaard Dani Kalsbøl
Vanessa Beto Bezerra Nossa contando as horas pra ir ao cinema assistir, tenho certeza que o filme está ótimo com vocês dois nele uhhuulll #kevin #jumanji #therock😍
Dejaun Dre Johnson I knew it would! It’s a great movie and hilarious! #GreatJob Kevin hart!
Ahsan Javed Ahmad Fayyaz Raza
Kasia Ozimek Amanda Novellino
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
14:54 01/04/2018

After 14hrs of flying, we landed in Beijing. Team wants to sleep, but I always have other plans. Let’s get the blood flowing. The one thing we can always control in this unpredictable life, is our effort. Effort creates action, action creates momentum, momentum creates success. And when in doubt just grab the heaviest shit possible. 😉 That’s a wrap on the am training. Now we can go to work. #BeijingBeast #BloodSweatRespect #JUMANJI #WorldTour #CHINA 🇨🇳

25.6k reactions 807 comments
Wei Cheung Rock always has good stuff to say. It’s true gym gives good endorphins . I know I could transform my 1 pack into 12 packs if I watch you nahhhh I’m still gonnna be too lazy to do it. I have my membership but I only go there for the steam room
Marquita Waters Okay, my man "The Rock!" I've got the answer for you: 1 Kilo computes to 2.20462 pounds. So, the camera panned on weights that reflected 42.5 kilos each. If you picked up two, I would guess that each one was approximately 100 lbs. U DA MAN!! By the ...
Mardöll Brísingamen YES! This! When I get stressed or know I'm getting into a situation that is going to be taxing, I relax with iron.
Trinity River I wish I felt in control of effort... the last three years I was in a job that I controlled everything and I never stopped and I put forth 300% effort and did great and unfortunately that job ended for no reason and now I'm in a job that I really think ...
Victor Garcia Nobody works harder then Dwayne, i have a saying, everytime i dont hit the snooze button im on the rock mode, i just motivated im going to lift some iron
Kevin Hart
07:54 01/02/2018

Get out and go see JUMANJI this weekend damn it!!!!!! The people have spoken and they love it!!!! Our movie is a global hit because of all of your support. I love all of you.... #Jumanji #NowPlaying

8.3k reactions 711 comments
Jake Gray No
Jill Jarrett DelVecchio Loved it!!
Hamza AbdulQadir I went first show biggest fan of the rock
Caroline Omondi Ohonde You were hilarious! Loved the movie!
Sugga Jones It was hilarious. My family and I went yesterday!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
13:18 12/30/2017

Anytime I can bring my ace OMGitsfirefoxx into my video game to hand out ass kickins and chew bubble gum, it’s a good day. Click in the comments below for a taste! #RealityQuest #JUMANJI Enjoy...

7.8k reactions 159 comments
Patrick Wilson Hi big guy I'm Patrick Wilson from south Africa Im a big fan of yours I'm a script writer I like you to help me shoot my movie is been a years I've trying this no Buddy helps me my I need your help my brother
Brian N Sela Misinale #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata
Arnaud Grégor Hey dwayne, it's jumanji's time right now with my son's. 😎😎😎
Robert Allan Meh if i wanted to find the rock i would just play ww2k18
Barbara Jones Mr. Dwayne The Rock Johnson....Awesome!,,,,Happy New Year...#yumyumbadass
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
00:30 12/28/2017

Huge news, Jumanji has captured the #1 spot in countries all over the world. As always, my goal is for you to have the best time and most fun at the movies so this news is a direct reflection of just that. Awesome feeling. It’s why I happily put in the work. Merry Christmas, have FUN with the movie and THANK YOU. Merry Christmas! #Jumanji #1 🌎🎅🏾

46.7k reactions 1274 comments
Mike Moreno Dwayne- I will be honest I was not looking forward to this movie originally, but after reading Flixster reviews I watched it today and though it isn't any way near an oscar performance, it was enjoyable, had a good update on it without trying to remake ...
Dunamis Espada Merry Christmas and happy new years rock have a safe one god bless you yes I will see the movie I can't wait yeah baby lol lol
Sherry Fowler Congratulations, seen Jumanji on Cristmas Eve with the family, it was a great Movie!! Everyone enjoyed!! Merry Christmas!
Molly Collins Like to say thank you dwayne johnson for a movie jumanji Christopher Threlfall Anthony Leo Conyngham my great nephew mhedi and I we watch here in uk on Christmas eve laughed from start to finish need to rewatch it was sooo brilliant hope you and your ...
Taimoor S. Murtaza You Rock (pun intended). Wife and I took my kids to watch it yesterday. Great laugh, kids appropriate and yet good humor. Well done! Taimoor and Zahra from Dubai, UAE.
Nick Jonas
04:36 12/26/2017

#JUMANJI is in theaters now!! Who’s heading out to see it tonight?

10.2k reactions 126 comments
Kristy McKee The movie was fantastic!!!!
Katherine Whited Me. I gonna go see it and buy it I have loved nick JONAS ever since I heard JONAS Brothers and I am 33
Jennifer Moreira Eu não vou sair hj pra ver o.filme pq moro no.Brasil e nem sair para comemorar o natal é deprimente.
Kim McNiel Lol, it depends if the nearby theatre has it
Ashley Jeffers Haha I'm too poor! I'll have to wait till it hits the dollar theater.
Kevin Hart
17:30 12/25/2017

😂😂😂😂😂 Go see Jumanji so you can see what all of the hype is about....Action,Comedy and adventure at its BEST!!!!! #Jumanji #NowPlaying

8.2k reactions 437 comments
Tammy Shearer Andrew Shearer Scott Glazbrook
Rasty Jabar Sirwan 😁
Andrea Randy Watson Great movie! Watched it last night at the movies with the kids.
Renee Russo Kelter Saw it yesterday!! Hilarious!!! Gonna buy it DVD when available!
Robin Pusateri Smith My family and I loved the movie! Laughed the whole time. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again.
Kevin Hart
17:30 12/25/2017

Get up & go run to the movies and go see "Jumanji" Damn it!!!!! #Jumanji #NowPlaying

8.7k reactions 350 comments
Hossam Taha From Egypt 🇪🇬 with love you’ve got woooow crowed right her we love u
Beverley Ross Booked me tickets for Christmas Eve ... hi from Scotland
Michael Carmer Kev, I already got my tickets for tonight. Seen you at 3 different live shows before. You might even know i was I was one of the few white dudes in there laughing historically and pissing off all the people because i was loud.
Felix A Tapia On my way!
Zakaria Lafkih Sonia quand ?
Kevin Hart
04:42 12/23/2017

Major thank you to everybody that has went out and supported our movie “Jumanji” .....The response has been unbelievable from you guys!!! I love and appreciate you all. Get up and get out and go see what all of the hype is about damn it!!! #Jumanji #NowPlaying

1.1k reactions 117 comments
Zander Seymour Great
Sharon Steinkuehler Merry Christmas to your and yours what a great movie
Vera Cervenakova I bet you $ 13456324567 dollars that you didn’t read that number. You skipped right over it. You didn’t even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn’t, but you went back and looked. I want my like 😉
Melissa Cardenes I really enjoyed the movie!!!
Kimberly Anderson Loved it!!! Took my daughter to see it last night. ❤️❤️❤️
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
22:54 12/22/2017

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages.. enjoy the ride. #JUMANJI opens TODAY.

21.8k reactions 693 comments
Lacey Warr Great great movie i just watched it. I loved it never a dull moment. Loved the Smoldering intensity!!! Lol
Slater LuciEliza When they say 3D or HD Real 3D? Is that mean only for that format? No regular or standard? Can’t watch in 3D’s
Sakuntala Layla Della Jovan Watched Jumanji today. You "smouldered" so well😁 Brilliant comedy by all the cast. The cinema was in stitches
Ruth Miazgiewicz A disappointment for me saying that I should have saved my money on ticket,and time spent seeing this one.....
Amir Rock Wwe people champion Hollywood biggest action hero Dwayne The Rock Johnson jumanji2 coming soon in cinema December 29 Telugu Hindi Tamil
Nick Jonas
03:00 12/21/2017

#JUMANJI is officially in theaters people 🙌🏻 This guy’s in the movie and he’s alright. Take the family and go see it this week! Jumanji

27.0k reactions 659 comments
Nestor Eswin Niño Mondragon That great! friend Nick Jonas I from Perú Jonas
Ibeth Rodriguez Julia Wong now I want to go see it tia, nick jonas is in the movie😍😍
Krystiana Drougas I Love You Nick Jonas, I so can't wait To See It!! 😘❤❤❤the best part is your in it
Mikaela Murdoch Amy Leigh asap please! He’s so cute hehe xo
Brandy Fader I saw you at Jingle Ball Atlanta and seeing you in Jumanji tomorrow with my daughter
Kevin Hart
15:54 12/20/2017

Let’s gooooooo people.....Jumanji is hitting theaters everywhere tomorrow damn it. I want you all to get up and get out and go see it because it does not disappoint!!!! This movie delivers on all levels. ACTION/COMEDY/ADVENTURE AT ITS BEST....Let’s gooooooooo #Jumanji #HittingTheatersTomorrow

987 reactions 74 comments
Alai Delgado how about here in the philippines?
Larry Jason Manning David, This a grandbaby of yours? lol
Cass Perry I'm Jumanji burned out from all these ads on your page. I feel like I've already seen the movie!
Stefanie Offord Looking forward to it.
Lauren Moujalli Daniel Salameh
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
10:06 12/20/2017

Some pretty good results are in. Early #JUMANJI screenings have been outstandingly positive and successful. Thank you so much for having as much fun watching the movie as we did making it. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoy the movie. Welcome to our jungle baby.. #JUMANJI THIS WEDNESDAY!

18.3k reactions 374 comments
Daisy Cardona I will be there this week "promise"❣️🎄🌟😘😎.
Heidi Kerns Please keep in mind people this is not a kids' movie.
Franco Di Leva Feliz navidad! Dwayne Sos el mejor y una gran persona. Mis saludos y todo lo mejor desde Argentina 💪🏻👏🏻
Cindy Bachicha Remember folks this is not a remake, it's a sequel.
Amy K Phillips I will stand in line for this movie before I stand in line for another SW :)
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
10:06 12/20/2017

Many call it the “the greatest Bromance of all time” which I respectfully don’t agree with because that title goes to Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder or Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. I call it “Just two dudes doing manly shit” all over the globe. But Kevin Hart calls it “Two dark cowboys on a mountain called Brokeback”.. which I’m not sure what he’s even referencing but I do know he’s an asshole. Always the best of times with my brother Kev. 🤙🏾 That’s a wrap! #GlobalPressTour #JUMANJI

25.9k reactions 511 comments
Teacy Shelly Somebody said you're Easy like Sunday Morning...but Lionel is sometimy! 💯👀👂Besides ..he has a cat name! But my Japanese Jazzy first name says that ..well..Sunshine exist! 💯
Kristina Earwood Love you guys together! Hope you do many more movies with each other! Maybe a remake of twins! Lol 😜❤️😃
Tish Noble Guys so we've not heard from the two fellas yet ...mmmmm I wounder 🤔🤔🤔🤔 lol 😅😅😉😉😘xxx Tish love yahs
Scott DonScottfather Lunsford I heard & said Kevin's joke when I was 5. And I'm 10 years older than him. And I know that joke's been around longer than me.
Howe Leofo These two are the more famous and rich version of those two weird guys on laughing Samoans Tj Ikitau Steven Tagaloa 😂😭😆
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
10:06 12/20/2017

Important to keep in mind that my character is a nerdy, terrified 16yr old teenager trapped in this superhero video game adult body. That’s why I’m trying not to cry. Context is important here people 😂😭. #JUMANJI Welcome to our jungle baby... THIS WEDNESDAY

17.1k reactions 343 comments
Gray Johnny You were a wrestler. You sure you understand context?
Cassie Batson Autumn Dudley Bible this will be you trying to hold back tears of happiness when you see Jumanji
Antonin Fulbert Tlhingan Jih quelle honte. Quand je pense que des gens vont voir ca
Víctor Ramírez Men can cry too, the rock
Penny Du Gosh im dying to see it with u after the holidays when your free Jasmine Kaur :)
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
10:06 12/20/2017

Why arrive to the most frenzied and electric Hollywood premiere of 2017 in a fancy, no fun limo when you can arrive in true style. An old beat to shit #JumanjiLandRover right down Hollywood Blvd while Guns N' Roses WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is blaring thru the speakers. Perfect. I’ll drive. #WorldPremiere #Hollywood #JUMANJI

17.9k reactions 229 comments
Laurie Tomlinson The ROCK and Kevin Hart, Hell yeah!!! You guys are Awesome
Anthony Barratt They turn jumanji, a board game, into a video game..that's insulting
Leslie Ann Now this is why I love you Dwayne. Down to earth honest , cool and fun.
Pat Brown Yes! I love it!! Teach them how it's done, Dwayne! #BestRideEver
Lani Kai Yeah baby that is the way to do it!
Nick Jonas
03:00 12/21/2017

Jack Black and I have been telling you guys we created a new theme song for #JUMANJI while we were shooting... Well now we have a music video. Feels really special 😜 Jumanji is in theaters this Wednesday! nickjonas.co/jumanjivideo

9.4k reactions 499 comments
Desarae Barber Olson Can’t wait to see this movie!
Marc Velez Can't wait for this movie!!!
Kasi Dotterer Emily Jeanne Dubovi Cait Lin I can’t with Nick 😂😂 trying so hard to be funny haha
Nathalie Essah Romina Sassano ich werde ihn wahrscheinlich nie wieder ernst nehmen können 👀😬
Kristina Sakoulas Zoe Sakoulas i didn't know it was possible to love two men this much ❤️
Kevin Hart
15:54 12/20/2017

We are getting close to the release of “Jumanji” people.... We are 3 Days away damn it. Let’s gooooooooo #jumanji #HittingTheatersDec20TH

4.3k reactions 463 comments
Morgan Carroll Mitch Carroll biiiiiatch stop going to the movies without me
Kevin Yarnall Jumanji was not a comedy. Should not be a comedy. You have probably made the worst movie of 2017 and you want to release it on Christmas Eve? Another terrible idea. I don’t mind a reboot but this is wrong. Just wrong.
Jay Howard Hey Kev....this movie has made my Christmas shopping a hell of alot easier I'm taking a bunch of friends to the nicest theater here...recliners and the biggest screen the newest emagine theater we have....thanks I'm really looking forward to it we just ...
Marie Godbehere Rachelle Edwards look
Natasha Johnson Kiara Taylor we going to see this when come out
Kevin Hart
03:06 12/18/2017

I keep telling this jackass to stop playing around with these wild animals....I don't trust them....I never have and I never will....They can all kiss my ass. P.S I think my big bald friend is letting this bravestone character to get to his head. He really won't stop this "Smoulder" shit. 😂😂😂 #Jumanji #HittingTheatersDec20TH

5.2k reactions 311 comments
Lauren Hunt Patrick O'Neal Hunt
Paul Calvay Michael Alton
Sally Abdelilah Is there a tribute for Robin Williams in this movie? That movie still makes my day
Terry Giannios Lmfao Jackass!!! Kevin Hart you're a frikin trip!!!!
Nick Jonas
14:12 12/18/2017

Had the chance to surprise a few awesome kids from Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC at their #JUMANJI screening earlier this week! Thank you guys for letting me stop by and hope you enjoyed the movie 👍🏻 Dave & Buster's

2.7k reactions 26 comments
Ketlyn Geovana
Emily Reyes Soñé contigo Nick Jonas
Louise Clarke 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍xo
Tonianns - ToniAnn <333
Lenore Moreland Wow
Kevin Hart
03:06 12/18/2017

Caption this 😂😂😂😂😂 #jumanji #hittingtheatersdec20th

6.2k reactions 635 comments
Jo'el Torres Kevin:"Y did I wear this black suit with this black background!! Thanks for the memo u ass!!" Rock: "u welcome shorty!!" Lmao!!
Lee Roy Longoria "I'm thinking of taking my comedy show to South Texas! "
Luke Morrissey Speak up i can't hear you down there
Muhumuza Ernest Jr. What? I can't hear you
Tiffany R Stallworth I don't give a damn about your star on Hollywood walk of Fame, I'm not carrying your damn luggage!
Kevin Hart
14:18 12/15/2017

Such an amazing group of people...I am enjoying every last moment of this experience with all of you. We are almost there people...Dec 20th is right around corner!!!! Mark your calendars #Jumanji

7.3k reactions 110 comments
Armando Villaseñor For a quick second, I thought Jack Black was a chubby Leonardo DiCaprio
Rachel Loftus Alyssa Contreras...I thought the actress in the middle was you at a quick glance!!
Mandy Jones Can't wait to see it!!
Maxine Samantha Mealey Love Jack Black!!! Great pic x
David Gunn Kevin Hart got on his black Officer Poncherello suit though!! Looking like a tiny Zorro!
Kevin Hart
14:18 12/15/2017

Always a good time on @theellenshow ....Love and appreciate ya!!!! Peep the picture in the background that they snuck me with on live TV....😂😂😂😂😂 #Jumanji #hittingtheatersdec20th

6.7k reactions 84 comments
Jeff Gorecki Looks good but Ellen show no bueno
Brian Rodriquez Kevin always laughin
Antonette Young Awww!
Katrina Brown Damn the rock aging
Yolanda Rodriguez Oh no i missed this!!
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