Jean-Claude Van Damme
10 hours ago

Hi friends! Twenty-nine years ago 'Bloodsport' was released in 1988. #JCVD #Bloodsport

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Ilmo Kaltiokumpu All time favorite movie. I watch it sometimes two or more times in a row when i get the urge. This and kickboxer. Cant beat them. Love the movies. Knowing the lines pretty much when watching it sums it up.
Johan Heinrich Von Jylk A movie what was cut over 20 minutes shorter in Finland, because violence. It was very hard to get the uncut version. Fortunately, those days are long gone.
New Nk Wow..i remember this movie vividly when i was growing..remember always looking for all this Chapters or parts.I fill in loved with it and always wanted to watch over and over.i miss it and will see if i get to watch again.Kudos Van
Salvador Xerinda I used to follow movie by movie since "No retreat no surrender" but Bloodsport and Cyborg were the big ones that made me love your work
Biswajit Deb 29 years ago I was also born in 1988... and as a kid this was the first hollywood movie I ever watched... and among all the Martial art movies I watched so far... I feel nothing can ever beat this...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10 hours ago

Hi friends, do you remember The Quest? It's been 21 years today The Quest was released in 1996. #JCVD #TheQuest

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Mette Wentzlau Tim Seitzberg se hans sidste slag, jeg er sikker på at det er et Nakadaka Ippon Ken og meget tæt på ganga. Hvad siger du Kathrine Kroeyer har jeg ret? 😂
Justin Crow I wore out my vhs copy of this in the 90s! I was thinking about ordering this movie the other day! After seeing this clip now I have to! Van Damage all the way!!!
Abraham Zermeno Think I'm going to go watch, What ever happened to the little kid in the beginning of the movie? I thought he was going to return in the tournament.
John Isetroc I own a copy. I haven't been able to find it on blue ray yet, but I'd love to see it in that quality. One of your best movies. Not that I have disliked any of them..
Cássio Matos Hi ... I'm a fan of your work ... I just think that the fight choreographies, they fail to deserve, regardless of the acceptance of your audience. If a fighter carries a round heel kick to the head, do not lift it any further. I would like to see an ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
14:54 04/26/2017

Happy Birthday to my sister Veronique! #JCVD #HappyBirthday

34.1k reactions 1252 comments
Luis Carbone Happy birthday to your sister.I think she is so proud of you Jean C.
Walter Cherry happy birthday to your sis, my broth, your puppy is so cute cute by the way.
Julie Smith Happy birthday to your sister. Hope she have a blessed and great day. 🎂
Bruny Lecaros Orostica Feliz Cumpleaños para tu hermana que este día este lleno de bendiciones y alegrías ....un abrazo desde Chile
Vanuza Sousa Happy birthday to your sister! 👏👏🌹🎂 Brothers are blessings in our lives. ❤️
Jean-Claude Van Damme
14:54 04/26/2017

Hi friends! I picked the winner of the Kill 'Em All poster contest! Congratulations to Joey Potargent! Go to ► https://www.jcvdworld.com/fanzone.html ◄ to see the winning poster! #JCVD #KillEmAll

9.0k reactions 183 comments
Chi Beni i didnt know when they contest was on, i could do better than that, I am one of the best in the world
Samantha Van Damme Ritosa Congratulations to winner 😊
Keith Bacchus Nice good choice
Stewart Waller Great picture looking forward to seeing both new films
Wilson Wairimu I saw this guy in #doubleimpact and #bloodsport, who s he?
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:06 04/24/2017

With my good friend Tsui Hark behind the scenes of Double Team! #JCVD #DoubleTeam #BehindTheScenes

13.7k reactions 379 comments
Wilson Wairimu U had to deal wid "starfroo" (Mickey Rourkey) responsibl y
Jorge Sandoval Por tu culpa me gustan las artes marciales animo de MEXICO
Jorge Luis Martinez #JCVD#DoubleTeam Denis Rodman and mr Rourke is a good movie of actions #BehindTheScenes hi jean claude!!!!!🏋🎬
Gideon David I love your doings, and believe me, am one of your faithful fans here in Nigeria
Maria Alexandra Palarie Hi! You are a great actor,is not gonna be another like you! A fan from Romania
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:06 04/24/2017

Hi friends, I support Télévie! #JCVD #Televie

16.0k reactions 606 comments
Anastasiy Burbini que guapito!!!!-какой красивенький маленький песик,а хозяин тоже не плох!!!
Manar King Hello How are you? I posted pictures and videos and you don't active with my posts, why ? I'm angry and you are wrong so please active with my posts and make likes and comments And thank you. I'm 😠😠
Anapao Garcia Hello guapo hasta ahorita veo tus peliculas me encantan y tu eres lo maximo :-*
Ilona Leavalone Varga I start to go right now. Let's see....sculpture. Library.. Maybe I go back. But, I start right now. Let's to support!!!!!!
Alex Garcia Que tenga lindo fin de semana,mi amor por siempre Dios lo bendiga...Desde Guadalajara Jalisco México.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:18 04/21/2017

LOOKALIKE CONTEST: Here's an old picture of me with my good friend and movie lookalike Todd Senofonte. Do you think you look like me as well? Send in your pictures to [email protected] and I'll hand pick the best one. #JCVD #NationalLookALikeDay

26.9k reactions 756 comments
Sharon Yarmovski Looks like your brother, but not like the real one from "Double Impact" 😉
Didier Vega Bon dees is tog te toevallig Stijn De Clercq ???? En we moete ne foto sturen van Joachim Peters in zijne jongen tijd. Als 2 druppels waters op jc
Theresa Lee Amanze Hello JCVD, yes he resembles a little of your features but never going to be JCVD!
Obaid Harress Samir Nooryar don't you think Sultan Qurishi should send some of his pictures to Van Damme.
James Cammarata Robert - You used to inform us of people telling you two looked alike, now you can enter a contest to prove it!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
00:30 04/19/2017

Thank you to those who protect us and keep us safe. #JCVD #ThankYou

18.6k reactions 582 comments
Hlamu Gogu JCVD need no human being to protect him but himself #Team #JCVD
Jennifer Boyd Thank you to all our front line emergency everywhere!!!
Nergiz Eliyeva I love JCVD 💝
Kip Mk Thankyou for that recognition sir. We'r trying hard despite terrorists threats here in east africa
Jose Esquivel I thought it was a pic of my boys Alfred Gonzalez and Andy Flores and me at first.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:42 04/16/2017

Happy Easter my friends! #JCVD #HappyEaster

17.7k reactions 2895 comments
Madeleine Persson Wow lot's of yummy candy in there😋👌Don't eat too much of those goodies.Happy Easter to you too 🐣🐇🐥🐓🐰🐔
Barbara Mills-Montoya Happy Easter JC...Hope you and your family have a great day
Ron Albright Happy Easter!!! Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme, have a Joyous and Blessed day!
Theresa Lee Amanze Happy Easter JCVD to you and your family! Wishing you a wonderful day
Alfredo Tavares Happy Easter Jean Claude, your family and the all people that you love!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:42 04/16/2017

Happy weekend my friends! #JCVD #HappyWeekend

34.8k reactions 1131 comments
Stephen Stefanou Happy weekend JCVD. Stay strong positive and always smile. Greetings from Greece.
Rayman Norris I would love to see a pic of you and the guy that played your brother in kickboxer you both were great in that film
Das Right Happy weekend to you as well..Have Fun!!!..😜...#JCVD #MotivatedByYou
Ana Diaz Feliz viernes santo para ti Jean Claude que lo pases super lindo con toda tu linda familia y amigos
Hanan Haddad Thanks same to you enjoy your weekend, happy Easter to you and your family
Jean-Claude Van Damme
22:54 04/13/2017

Hello to the world! How are you doing today? Please take a look at my Offcial JCVD World YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/2oDek5x ◄ #JCVD #Hello

28.3k reactions 1703 comments
Abigail Martinez Hello. Have a blessed day. At work here in Bakersfield California. Waiting for weekend. Have a great day
Matthias Solz Helge Schäfer guck ihn dir an. In dem alter so durchtrainiert!
Kale Daniels-Brown Nicole why haven't they brought JCVD to the FF franchise yet
Claude Michael Jean-Claude Van Damme, one of the best motivators in the world :)
Angelica Rojas Alfaro Hello, Jean-Claude Van Damme, mi ídolo desde que era una niña, me encantan tus películas.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
22:54 04/13/2017

Just lending a hand to change the tire... #JCVD

30.3k reactions 891 comments
Joanne Wormald You are very healthy guy. And. I do love your movies . I am from Australia 🇦🇺
Thelma De Valence Now now Jean Claude really looks can deceiving n you sure look great god bless n love to all your family .....
Martha Talero Romero Gracias por la foto sorprendente tienes un equipo portátil y servicial..
Izabela Kulig This is not a problem for you Jean-Claude- you will definitely do it- I believe in you 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Nadia Soto de la Rosa jajajaja muy buena foto colega jajaja ahora si q me hiciste reir jaja el pantaloon se le rompio jaja
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:06 04/11/2017

My sister Véronique and me spending some quality time in Belgium last month. #JCVD #NationalSiblingsDay

64.7k reactions 1477 comments
Stéphane Van Rode ce que j'apprécie le plus en vous, Monsieur Jean-Claude Van Damme, c'est que, même si vous êtes une star planétaire, vous continuer à montrer votre fierté d'être Belge ! Là où tant d'autres aurait changé de nationalité "pour la carrière". AUSSI pour ça, ...
Helena Mooresuyom Me enkantaria q este bello actor me apoyara ya q soy una afectada x las fuertes lluvias del norte del peru .pero eso es inposible ya q ni leera mi comentario
Jacky Otilia Siempre es bueno compartir con la familia , en este caso con tu hermana, es bueno reforzar los lazos familiares, bendiciones para todos ....👍👍👍
Claudia B. Macarie Que bonito,parecidos a dos ciquillos :),tienes que averlo hechado ya de menos por ensenarlonos un mes mas tarde,..asi me pasa a mi con mi hermanito :)
Etanyobere O. Adegbe Solomon -Thank you my friend, is me solomon thy great one. Thank you for your pic and your comment. See at now i live in Nigeria and i cant be able to pay for airfare to come to you, but i am hoping to meet you one day, to have and hand shake with you and to ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:12 04/08/2017

Studying my lines... #JCVD #JCVJ

39.0k reactions 1094 comments
Dioneysi Varela Desde que tengo 14 años siempre me gustastes siempre fuistes mi amor platonico hoy en dia estoy mayor y te sigo biendo y siempre te beo como el primer dia que bi tu foto y sigo sintiendo ese amor platonico he estado serca de ti y nunca he tenido el gran ...
Lucero Hatsune Garcia Mi amor platonicooo!! Mecenamkra verte cada día mejor que nunca y que sigas asi de luchador por tu family besos desde Perú 😀 Se te Adora demasiadoooooooooo😘😘😘😘
Anthony Floyd Finally. I thought the first episode was great. Best thing you have been in since Expendables 2. Stick with this writer they got skills.
Shihab Aldeen If you are a real hero, I think no one will ever be able to embody the role of a hero like you in my belief that you are not going to be repeated. We hope that we do not produce the bloody games movie 2, but you are in the best of luck.
Liliana Candiano Hola !! jean claude van damme... Ídolo me encantaría conocerte personalmente, siempre miro tus películas una y mil veces y no me cansaría de verlas, sos muy especial y tu flia estará orgullosa de tenerte , sigue así no cambies nunca eterno x siempre , ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:12 04/08/2017

Hi friends! Here's an exclusive throwback! #JCVD #ThrowBackThursday #TBT

36.9k reactions 933 comments
Lumbi Mbereki You were young in this picture and exercising is keeping you healthy and younger.
Encarnação Duarte Hello how are You! I'm very happy to day. And i see 4 movies your i like so muche have a nice day thank You Kiss from Portugal.
Dora Cosgrove When I look at you in this pic I can see that you had your path layed in front of you and you knew what your gift Was ! That give me my inspiration anything is possible !!! Dream do come true !!#
Marisol Neyra Retamozo wooooouuu, que churrísimo, where are you? I want to be whit you...:)
Tiina Leppänen Hey Jean! a wonderful picture of you :) still you look young <3
Jean-Claude Van Damme
08:24 04/06/2017

KILL 'EM ALL POSTER CONTEST: WIN AN AMAZING PRIZE!!! Click this link for instructions: ►►► https://jcvdworld.com/Kill_Em_All.html ◄◄◄ #JCVD #Contest #KillEmAll

JCVD World - Official Website - Jean Claude Van Damme
JCVD World - Official Website - Jean Claude Van Damme

Choose from the following images to create your very own movie poster and the winning designer will receive a personal video message from JCVD himself!

4.2k reactions 127 comments
Danilo Henriques Where is the trailer?
Iulia Ely 💪💪
Valérie Chevalier La 2 et la 7
Toni Dioni Dorini Going to be the greates movie ever can't wait
Stewart Waller Great picture looking forward to seeing the new film
Jean-Claude Van Damme
19:36 04/03/2017

Hi friends, I would like to thank my son Kris van Damme, Alex Martino and Moto Chop Shop with their solid team to make my motorcycle build, "The Spirit of Scar" come to life! Check my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jcvd/ for more info! #JCVD #FernMechanixDesign #FernMechanixDesignBuild #SpiritOfScar #MotoChopShop

17.4k reactions 426 comments
Ilona Leavalone Varga Sweet serenad coming up every 3 am, I love it. Just wait, if I back!: D
Nadine Toussaint Bonsoir Jean Claude bien le bonjour d Alsace et toujours un réelle plaisir à te regarder tout ce que tu entreprends surtout sur les animaux
Ronnie Eubanks I think that dude on the left wants you to play some Bloodsport in his anus
David Kelly Love all your pictures! Wish I could train with you!!!!👍👍👍
Tóthné Bán Erzsébet Nagyon jók vagytok! Szép fiad van. Jó egészséget kívánok nektek . Puszi!!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
06:48 04/01/2017

Happy weekend friends! #JCVD #Weekend

61.4k reactions 1951 comments
Suzannah Price Any guys out there that look as good give me a call lol
File Sopjani Edhe ti Kalosh pushimin E kandshem Van Damme ziti ju Ruajt ty dhe familjen Tane Je shum i bumur 🌹💝👍👍👍👍👍
Natalia Yaroslavtceva Вам и вашим близким также хороших выходных и всем прекрасного настроения...
James Tsin I just watched 'No Retreat, No Surrender'...an 80s cult classic
Patrick Ngendandumwe I wish happy weekend to all your fans including you in self.👍
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:00 03/29/2017

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela #JCVD #Education

12.0k reactions 1340 comments
Bro Tyzmac Mr.nice man....As we all know dat education is the only thing that change the life of many individuals all over the world, so keep on learning all that u always wanted and none stop,because education has no end......... Chai
Jiri Jiranek Hello Chris. On your films I grew up with a lot of films you were very good but what fascinates me how you're doing it still look so good even though we run for years. I have to write another amazing how you treat your family to one where you can envy. ...
Sandra Elizabeth Villavicencio Granados I agree with you. I am Professor of Mathematics and Physical Sciences and it is well that education changes people and therefore also changes the World.
Ellen Reza Yes is it ! Brother!! Its very important for an Education life to everyone. I won't never give up my walking to open the pass to the new door, and it's never not too late . There are more powerful I can do it . It's never know about me can be ...
Daniela Irimies Da educatia ... , educatia primita acasa, la scoala apoi educatia acumulata in decursul vietii ca sa devenim ceea ce suntem .Prin educatie poti sa demonstrezi ce esti .
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:00 03/29/2017

Have an amazing week friends! #JCVD

114.3k reactions 2626 comments
Isabel Larrea Me encantan todas sus películas ,anoche en la cadena de la Paramunt Channel pusieron " En la ciudad perdida " genial !! Saludos desde Córdoba ( España)
Nadia Musel Eres uno de mis actores favoritos, desde que era niña hasta hoy que soy una mujer. Veo tus películas que me llenan de muchos recuerdos. Mi película preferida es la de Soldado Universal. 😙
Evgeni Vasilev Sir, you are one of the legendary persons of our time! You have made much more for spreading the ancient ideal for healthy spirit in healthy body than any one else! Thank you!
Liliane Michel I have a sister in a retirement home,she has always been in a wheelchair she had polio as a baby. She loves your action Dvd .The family purchased her a tv and DVDs player for her 65 th birthday but she cannot afford cable so all she does is watch ...
Joe Booker Jcvd im unsure if you read these but i just want you to know that you are one of my martial arts inspirations lion heart and time cop are 2 of my favorite movies of all time! I enjoy Jcv Johnson its funny 😜! Thanks for all the entertainment!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
05:12 03/27/2017

I'm still wondering who did Dennis Rodman's hair... #JCVD #DoubleTeam #HappyWeekend

19.1k reactions 434 comments
Madeleine Persson Wow maybe it was a swede that made the hair!🤗😅 Love the colors👌
Eddie OC Kim Jong-UN and his old man bedazzled his head, then gave him some hostages
Shiela Alberto jcvd..i mis to see ur movie again...mahal ka ng mga pinoy...hope 2 see u here on manila soon.
Airam Anele Lopez C M gusta muchisimo todas tu pelikula soy tu fans m gusta tener tu foto en mi perfil d face y WatsAp JCVD
Ifeanyi Ojukwu One of my favourite movie ,,, good guys , nice team perfect delivered ,,,pure,,,
Jean-Claude Van Damme
16:24 03/24/2017

Happy #NationalPuppyDay friends! #JCVD #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

12.3k reactions 400 comments
Lucero Hatsune Garcia Mi belloooooooooooo eres you😘 Como tu no ay dos eres demasiado hermosoooooo apesar de los años sigues siendo mi actor favoritooo😘😍😍😍😍Dios te bendiga forever 😍
Maria Alexandra Palarie When we see pictures from our childhood we see how fast the times fly.It's a beautiful memory.All the best! Ramona from Romania
Marie Havok This is chappie he's only 8 weeks old and he's a Dachshund. He's my mom's and she's in love with him. She spoils him like a new born baby. I can't believe myself with him being that I'm a cat person. I love chappie too. 🐶❤
Seifou Bassem A beautiful dog and a loyal friend
Nathalie Bruneel My puppy's
Jean-Claude Van Damme
16:24 03/24/2017

Workout time! 💪👊 #JCVD #Training

30.2k reactions 677 comments
Samantha Maughan Looking good JC beautiful man alway have been and always will be 😘
James Ormand Does Jean-Claude Van Damme listen to the Bloodsport soundtrack while training?
Karin Halberg For me not to day Jean-Claude the first sun come my day in Denmark but anyway Freiday and Saterday remach 😂🌹🌞
Karin Halberg Lost 4-5 kilo in 11 days so I Go for it for the rest of my life You only live once somebody say's the why not " Never regret anything that make you Smile " 😉🌹
Prince Istifanus Ayuba Bakoshi Iam right here in Nigeria and I love u.......my best actor ever
Jean-Claude Van Damme
03:36 03/22/2017

Hi friends, here's an exclusive behind the scenes clip from "Black Water"! Check http://www.jcvdworld.com and http://www.instagram.com/jcvd for more Black Water news! #JCVD #BlackWater

5.0k reactions 294 comments
Daniela Irimies Un nou film? Super, abia astept sa-l vad, succes la filmari !!!Sa ai o zi minunata .
Aqil Nuruzade i suppose the film was shot in New Orleans where lots of of Van Dammes filmes take place
Sylvia Sivoplas Muy buena toma como siempre el mejor señor jean clon van dame mucha suerte ya quuero ver la película un saludo desde Uruguay(paysandu)💪👌👊👍😍
David Kelly Thank you for the awesome sneak peek! I will definitely be going!🌝
Ricardo Emmanuel Brisgarza Como admiró su trabajó! Usted siempre superándose. Saludos y espero con ansías sus películas :D
Jean-Claude Van Damme
03:36 03/22/2017

Help! Find out what's happening to me! Go to https://www.jcvdworld.com! #JCVD #Torture

15.0k reactions 760 comments
Theresa Lee Amanze Hello JCVD, sorry your sore but I'm sure it will be worth it! Take care
Serge Grandry ha tien vous aussi ce sorcier a utiliser des outils comment dire pas très catholiques sur vos articulations !!! fais confiance qu'il disait ,ben oui ca vas mieux après merci Frederic Aerts
Gustavo Garcia Risquez Doctor, be carefull!!! Greetings to you and your mama. :)
Daniel Bontems Du crochetage afin d avoir un effet sur les adhérences des fascias qui sont les enveloppes des muscles ici Ça va permettre un relâchement important des tissus
Noemi Perez Arellano O dios que te paso o es un masaje relajante y como siempre tu mami a un lado cuidandote
Jean-Claude Van Damme
14:48 03/19/2017

Hi friends, happy weekend! #JCVD

22.4k reactions 929 comments
Beny Conde Palomino I like that you share a lot with your mother you are an extraordinary son. that's why I love you
Diana A. Rivera Beautiful Moments, Happy Weekend To You And Your Love One's. Thanks for sharing. So Cute.
Stephane Levy Une maman c'est la seul qui comprend et qui toujours la quoi qui arrive en tout cas merci m. Varenberg de nous avoir donner c est être exceptionnel qui et Jean Claude il reste le Best dans mon coeur
Armen Ohanessian From time to time you should go out too and meet your loyal fans.
Tanja Arzdorf Nice pic. Mother and son - great duo. Happy weekend with everything that belongs to it to you and your famiy.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:00 03/17/2017

Hi friends, here's a throwback to 1992! #JCVD #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

31.5k reactions 969 comments
Thelma De Valence Looking so good as always was wondering y you weren't on f book like the photo xx
Ingrid Ramos Martinez q hombre tan guapo me encanta si es todo un bombom es mi amor platónico!!!
Diana A. Rivera Nice pic, From 1992, You Are Always Looking Lovely Van Damme.
Alison Wood You was the man of my dreams and fantasies!! Loved all of your films!! ❤ 😍 you've aged well!! 😉
Valerie Cook Your know Mr van rammed you have a twin my boyfriend passed away in August he had struggled with diabetes and it took him 😭 God bless you for all you do . His name was Martin
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:00 03/17/2017

Hi friends, I paid a visit to the beautiful North Sea coast to enjoy the nice weather and the fresh air. #JCVD #Belgium

73.6k reactions 1673 comments
Karl Kurtz JCVD at least you found nice weather. Some place are like "Glacier Pass" ( Chaotic reference).
Shane Buntinckx Hello Mr Van Damme ! I live in Belgium and my dream is to meet you !
Jason Ray Wurtsbaugh Sometimes it is really good to just sit back and enjoy life and the very natural nature God has make. God bless you always. Have a great day!!!
Geneviève Fumal Bienvenue en Belgique 😊 La dernière fois que je vous y ai Vu c'était à l'inauguration de la statue à Bruxelles 😊👌🏼
Kiprotich Soweto Mutai Hi Van Damme, welcome to Kenya, natural suitable environment,where also you can find different species of wild animals​ in our national Parks
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:00 03/17/2017

Enjoying a beautiful day in Belgium with my wife Gladys! #JCVD #Belgium #Love

120.5k reactions 2616 comments
Rosa Maria Marquez Hi Jean, gusto saludarte , lindo matrimonio, que Dios los bendiga desde Los Angeles California , una fan que no se perdía tus movies 🎥.
Suhrob Abdulloev I love you Mr. Jean Claude, you are my hero from my childhood. When I was 6 years old, I saw your movie Bloodsport. I like all your movies. It's my dream to take a picture with you.
Luz E. Hernández Que hermosa pareja!! Me imagino, la lucha espiritual, que la tenido esa bella dama, por mantener la estabilidad matrimonial, con un ejemplar tan amado y perseguido por muchas mujeres. Dios los bendiga. Te amo JCVD
Wolf Tucker Jean-Claude Van Damme all the way from the East Coast of Canada in Southern New Brunswick. I love you and have been your biggest fan even before Bloodsport came out when i was 14 in '88 and i'll be 43 next month. You have been my Inspiration and ...
Julita Suarez Wonderfool travel enjoy I like see your together for ever KEEP WALKING DONT STOP BECAUSE THE LIFE IS ONLY ONE que sean muy felices es mi deseo Dios Les Bendiga Julia
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:12 03/14/2017

Hi friends! I received some amazing fan artwork! Thank you so much! Please go to: https://www.jcvdworld.com/news_artworks.html to see them all! #JCVD #JCVDWorld #BestFans #ThankYou

31.7k reactions 785 comments
Patricia Christorapha Tsizafy Hi JCVD you are best Movie for me thanks you Good friend I hope you God lock nuer film Good bleuisse you fans anexo fammily
Victoria Ramon Hoó tan lindo como siempre talentoso sus películas todo un éxito saludos de machala ecuador
Claudia Nieto Tapia Greetings and affections from México, #JCVD. You are my hero.
Tudor Chirica Greetings from Republic of Moldova Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme you are on of my childhood heroes <3 by the way, great artwork!
Angela Neagu Eres maravilloso dios te bendiga y te cuida mucho todas tus películas me encantan verlas una y otra vez no me arto de mirar eres una leyenda un abrazo y un besito con todo mi cariño y respeto JCVD❤️😘❤️❤️❤️
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