Jean-Claude Van Damme
3 hours ago

Hi friends! It's been five years since The Expendables 2 came out! Do you remember the final fight between Sylvester Stallone and me? #JCVD #Expendables2

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Madeleine Persson Oooh yes that was an awesome one👌👊🤗 Hoping for a new one with you resurrected or as a brother. Sorry spoiler alert for you whom haven't seen it yet😶 Wishing you a happy wednesday🌞
Prince Bane Yes I do but Stallone was given too much leverage over you and that's one part I always fast forward whenever I watch that movie, Steven Spielberg and Mel Gibson had a good fight with him than you did but I always take pride in that scene where they all ...
Benjamin Zarate Silva Quieres morir como hombre, como una oveja ? asi preguntaba el personaje del Sr. Van Damme. Y lo dejaron sin cabeza eso si fue lo que no me gusto, y que la hiciera de malo, siempre ha sido el heroe Sr. Van Damme, pero yo lo sigo admirando y respetando, ...
Daniel Borrer I was at the London premier for Expendables 2. This is how close I got to meeting you. I'm the one in the JCVD hat and holding the photos.
Cj Rentz You shouldve whooped stallone. He can barely move now. You still got it. It was too fake for my taste. I know youd whoop him in real life. No problem (jcvd voice)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:42 08/16/2017

Hi friends! To find out what it is I'm posing with, check my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/jcvd #JCVD #Instagram

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Dominick BC Te admiro m encanta lo k ases es un honor saludarte dios t bendice soy tu fan
Maria Del Carmen Rivas Mayo Hermoso, guapísimo y mi amor imposible con todo respeto
Marian Anderson I would love you to be posing with me looks like something from Thunderbirds though love you Jean Claude Van Dame 💋💋👍💪
Gineza Domingo I miss the blockbuster films of the other 2buddies i love them too. I watched many films of them before.
ميلاد شتات I love you so much and I love sports I have seen more of your films👍💪💪😍😍😍❤
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:54 08/13/2017

Hi friends! I love to workout with my son Kris van Damme! Happy weekend! #JCVD #KVD

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Smartwell Tugubee Happy weekend Sir, it would've been a dream come true if I had an opportunity to do a day workout with you .... I wish
Raja Roy First time I saw your son .. a chip of the old block ...But you were more handsome at his age ... Lol ... God Bless your son as well and may he become as famous as u ..
Linda Cordova You and Kris look very good. I have joined a fitness center where I live. This encourages me to be more active in going there more often!
Waleed Khaled Happy working out together but JCVD but plz take it easy with him cuz you are serious hard teacher
Kiara Cardona ¡¡Hermosos!!soy tu fan numero 1 crecí viendo tus películas en mi niñez eras mi amor platónico tenia 10 años cuando e veía tus películas y mi corazón latía de felicidad de verte Dios te bendiga siempre a ti y tu familis
Jean-Claude Van Damme
01:06 08/11/2017

Hi friends! Let's hope in the future there will still be real lions instead of only statues! Right now, there are about 15,000 - 20,000 lions in Africa. They are being threatened by trophy hunters, poachers, habitat loss and more. There's a big chance in 20 years there will be no more lions left in the wildlife! My friend Kevin Richardson's mission with his Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary is fighting for the lions and other species like hyenas and leopards, through education and raising awareness to try to prevent habitat loss, minimize the amount of lions kept in captivity, ban the petting industry and 'canned' hunting industry. Check his website: https://www.lionwhisperer.co.za #JCVD #KevinRichardson #WorldLionDay

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Raquel Rezende É triste que essas coisas existem, caçar e matar para satisfazer o ego e por ambição... Diga não a qualquer objetivo que custou uma vida. Parabéns pelo santuário Kevin Richardson's
Alan Pacheco Chaparro Ojala no pase eso, y no solo los leones ; muchos animales mas en extinción todo por hacer plata en fin lo que dice jean claude van Damme tiene razón. Felicitaciones .....
Aba Baker Baker Watch out for John Claude from the lion You have to be between the lion and the distance of respect I call it a distance of respect and not a safe distance and hurt in his eyes until the lion tells the rest of the animal that John Claude is a man ...
Alicia Ayala Hermoso mensaje, al sentido común de los seres humanos, que bien leer y meditar, en estas hermosas rreflecciones y consientisarnos que todos cabemos en este planeta 🌏 llamado, tierra 🌏, o globo 🎈 terráqueo, ect, ect ect, pon la mano en él corazón ♥
Dawn Smithey JCVD this is really awesome of you. We need more celebrities like yourself bringing wildlife conservation to light. I grew up watching your movies and it makes me happy to see you doing good things like this.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
01:06 08/11/2017

Hi friends! 26 years ago 'Double Impact' was released in theatres! It was the first time I played twins (Chad and Alex)! It was a great learning experience for more double roles in 'Timecop', 'Maximum Risk', 'Replicant' and recently in 'Jean-Claude van Johnson'! #JCVD #DoubleImpact

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AC Vuagniaux Already 26.... Damn !
Jimmy Johansson Hi mr Jean-Claude Van Damme.I am a big fan from sweden sins i was a kid.It was thanks to you i learned the jump spinning hook kick and the splits.Jean Claude van Johnson was amazing and i am looking forward to more episodes.I am also a big Bruce Lee fan ...
Susan Vickers I love this film Jean-Claude Van Damme 😃 every film you made was awesome! Action packed and kept you on the edge of your seat...Your such a brilliant Actor!! Love you my number 1 Hero!! 😘 xxx
Consuelo Diana Laura Briceño Jean-claude Van damme tus pelis me inspiraron mucho de niña y gracias a ti me enamore de mi ahora esposo, el tiene un aire a ti y tambien lo admiro. cuando vimos esta peli en nuestra juventud eramos solo amigos y gracias a nuestra admiracion a ti ...
Juliana Sposito Fulan I watched Double Impact in the theaters,it was the first movie of yours that I saw there. I love this movie. Hugs, Jean.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
12:18 08/08/2017

Hi friends! It's a good day to start a great week! This video was shot a few months ago on my way to a Jennifer Lopez concert in Las Vegas! Happy Monday! #JCVD #GoodVibes

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Saber Salama Abdallh Slame اقبظ صديقي عبد الله فاندام كميتو بتولدن مكبرش!قللو يجمد
Illu Mim Hich BP 😂😂 purée il me vend du rêve ce belkhé
René Seidl Babsi nimm dir ein Beispiel - so startet ein Montag ☝🏼👌🏼
Du Lac Issam Le meilleur 👍🏽💪🏽
Lucas Oberhausser Baptiste Hubert David Holzhammer
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:30 08/05/2017

Hi friends, this statue is very important, it is unforgettable and it's engraved in my memory. It brings me great happiness but it is also a great honour! It is important to come back here and visit it to pay respect to my fans who dedicated this statue to me, but also for all the merchants of the Westland Shopping Center in Anderlecht who made my fans' dream come true, it's my way of saying thank you. #JCVD #Brussels

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Alemtaye Belachew I realy like him I grew up with watching jean Claude van damme movies all of his movies so interesting on one will never be like him nobody couldn't replace him. He is real hollywood hero
Alison Santos Hum! I notice Masters want to play as well. Let's solve this fan comments 😏 As i could analise most of the people here travel using airplanes and even cars. I will respond qith a beautiful question. Master did you ever notice the amount of fans inside ...
Katy Venero mi querido Jean-Claude Van Damme tienes una muy hermoza familia, siempre unidos siempre juntos, siempre alegres, eres el mejor actor, me paso viendo tus películas, bien merecida la estatua😘😊
Christian Anyaegbunam Jean is a movie legend, your skillful kicks are amazing, especially your flying back kick, I wish you were still younger now,you had such a unique appearance which is needed in action movies' actor. Hard target,the cyborg, universal soldiers, kick boxer ...
Александр Кулешов 👍
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:30 08/05/2017

Hi friends, it was a nice surprise to run into Céline Dion when we were having dinner at the same restaurant in Paris! Céline and I met for the first time at the World Music Awards in 1996, it was amazing to see her again! #JCVD #CelineDion #Paris

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Tarja Laitinen Oi ihanaa Onnea on hyvä muisto hetki. Komea kuva. jos on punainen sana teklikkaa säteilee Sinulle. Tarjalta terveisiä Nilsiästä.
Antoine Ferand Salut jean Claude tu mon acteur préféré
Yolanda Daniels WOW!!!That's great hey.I so wish to meet her one day and you also
Sara Nieto I love your performances in the movies. I'm your fan number one. God bless you always Jean - Claude Van Damme ....!! =)
Nanes Vee i like her also greatman.extend my love to her.happy weekend.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:42 08/03/2017

***CONTEST*** Hi friends, I'd like to say a big thank you to my good friend Peter Organ for his amazing paintings of me with my beautiful animals! So fans, im going to run a contest for you to show me your own paintings/drawings/illustrations of me with animals. Please check my website https://www.jcvdworld.com and go to the tab 'Fan Zone' for more information! Good luck! #JCVD #JCVDWORLD

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Waleed Khaled Dear if you gonna replay me i gonna start learning the drawing espically for ,Thank you JCVD
Hussien El Sherif You're awesome in this painting with your animals :)
Margarita Moreno Lo malo que no se pintar saludos que Dios te bendiga siempre te amo
Setara Omid It is really a great drawing Mr JCVD ! And also I make your name drawing too because i want to create a gift for U<3
Gineza Domingo Don't know how to paint. Happy to see those paintings on fb. Please....!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:54 07/31/2017

I would like to wish my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger a very happy birthday! Here we are together in 1991, when he visited the set of 'Universal Soldier'! #JCVD #HappyBirthday #Schwarzenegger

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Teshome Mengistu Both you guys you are my best and greatest actors in the world I am happy to see both you guys and I would like to say happy birthday to Arnoldschwarzenegger and long time with health
Or Or R Señor Fortaleza un gran inmenso abrazo de oso en este bendecido día que EL,universo conspire siempre atu favor para que sean realidad cada uno de tus proyectos!! feliz cumpleaños mi querido señor Arnold
Natusinguza King Isimahil You know that my firstborn name is schwerzenegger becouse your my good actor Happy birthday to you!!!!!!
Jeanny Muaka Kobo You guys make me crazy, for our movie, that time i whas young, i have to Steel money in my Mother bag, to go to cinéma, to wach, your movie, waouuhh it whas fantastique, love you
Paul Bodikian The 1st Universal Soldier (1992) was the best of all Universal Soldier movies gotta love JCVD old 90's movies was sooo good to watch
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:54 07/31/2017

Hi friends, do you remember this amazing 2003 music video of Bob Sinclar's 'Kiss my Eyes'? There was a lot of 'Van Dammage' in this clip! #JCVD #BobSinclar #NationalDanceDay

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Estelle Cano I guess you brought down the house 🏡 lol you two broke a lot of things . With your Sexy dancing 💃 . Have a good weekend JCVD ❤️❤️💕
Rino Bottino Hi Jean! you are very dancer in this videoclip, great, strong and good man happy weekend my Brother <3
Mirlaine Dash This is the first time I see this video but feel like dancing too good song Love it! Van Damme dance very well 👏
Jackeline Rodriguez Jean-Claude, I would like to invite you to my home one day. What do you think, could be? I wish to have my dreams come true.
Rose Bencivenga WOW U GO Jean Claude I luv it I thought the one in true lies was great but u did it better of course
Jean-Claude Van Damme
09:06 07/29/2017

I just wanted to make a nice family selfie... #JCVD #FamilyTime

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Felix Cruz This is beautiful here, have a very blessful safe day with your family JCVD 😎👊✌🇧🇪
Ben Elhamir Love to you A great family, by the way..excellent the film "kill them all" .. a hug from chile
Baci Lakatos Wow Great Family P😊 Your'e Geat JCVD The Greets From Belgium. Have a Nice day.😊 From the Big Fan.💪👍
Criss Criss Muy linda familia te lo mereces eres un gran ser humano y un gran actor JCVD el grande el heroe
Ge Juan Buenos días lkmlkmlkm fuerte abrazoooo dios los bendiga siempre
Jean-Claude Van Damme
07:24 07/24/2017

Without these wonderful people I wouldn't have been half the man I am today. I love you Mama and Papa! ❤️ #JCVD #NationalParentsDay

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Pia Fotel Good you tell you mom and dad that😊❤ they are remember what you tall them😊 ❤ 😊 ❤ they love you and you love them 😊❤ I have so much respect for you because you do what you do😊❤ you will always be the best ❤❤❤
Baloga Maria Congratulation u are so fortunate to still have both ur parents God bless Look at you beauty smile of happy moment of your proud to be together.really you made my day Love my prefer actour JCVD Floress for you beauty.momm
Begoña Mato Rama Amalos todo lo que puedas y mas uno no sabe lo que tiene realmente sino cuando ya es demasiado tarde tu que los tienes con tigo dales mucho amor no desperdicies ni un momento con ellos ellos son lo mejor son unicos
Fabrice Traoré Right, these are the most important People in one person life after the Amighty God . Wonderful pic , may God protect you and them for long
Graciela Serrano HERMOSO....!! Tenerlos juntos es una gran bendición...!! Lindo poder disfrutar de la compañía de tus padres...!! DIOS los bendiga y proteja siempre de todo a tus bellos padres...!! DIOS bendiga a toda tu linda familia...!! Bendiciones para todos...!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:36 07/21/2017

Happy Belgian National Day! 🇧🇪 #JCVD #BelgianNationalDay

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Sokha Bournak Héloïse Noah Sophie bonne journée les coupines 8D
Madeleintje Krullebol Thank you..wishing the same for you and everybody else..have a great day 😉
Nieves Veiga Bodelon Tu siempre tan mono y tan fotogenico...te comes la cámara y enamoras a kien te ve...muxus
Patricia van Keymeulen Merci et joyeuse fête à toi Jean Claude! Quand tu passes sur le marché de jette tu es le bienvenu pour une pâtisserie ! Échoppe jaune! Place astrid
Juan Enrique Gonzalez If I could be from Belgium... My biggest proud... Would be Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:36 07/21/2017

I had a great time catching up with my old friend from Paris! #JCVD #Paris

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Olick Jhon Yes Jean Claude
Daniel Quiroga Jean Claude Van Damme #THEEXPENDABLES4
Catalina Moise Beautiful... Have a nice day, my life
Jacob Vinterberg Nice my friend...
Felipe Nuñez Oooh La lá from Paris...a wanderful Day friend Jean-Claude
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:36 07/21/2017

Hi friends! My website https://www.jcvdworld.com has had a huge makeover! Please check it and let me know your thoughts! #JCVD #JCVDWorld

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Debra Rinehart That's the photo on the cover of my DVD,"Time Cop"of Jean Claude Vandamme.
Terenia Terenia Hello Jean-Claude Van Damme Beautiful photos,very awesome website... I do not know a better website Greetings <3
Patrick Robinson TIMECOP!!! Such a great movie. Wasn't it supposed to get remade though? Whatever happened with that?
Connor Jemison Great Website. But is it really possible that we'll get Black Water, Kill 'em All AND Full Love this year? :O
Raj Here Cute Kill Em All, But where is Punter J: I want a movie where you change colors like Chameleon, twenty roles in one, cable guy like Bruce Lee in a movie where he laughs so innocently gathering intel, then the beggar kick boxes the spy double agent, ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
05:48 07/19/2017

Hi friends! This guy is a little out of shape, but I'll be giving some diet and nutrition tips on Twitter very soon! Don't miss it! #JCVD #Nutrition

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Nour Fleur You are best for me and your films its good
Pedro M Rodriguez Con muchísimas ganas de escuchar a mi ídolo, love you my idol
Jamie J Jude He looks stiff lol.. Great time for relaxing those muscles.:)
Laurita Luevano Aguirre Please post then here on facebook as well so I can see them. Thanks 💓😘
Raquel Rezende Kkkkkk he really needs it, and so do l. A hug!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
04:12 07/14/2017

Hi friends! No matter how busy I am, there's always time to train! #JCVD

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Maria Celia The important fact here is that you feel proud of whom you are with that positive attitide I've always admired in you. You're physical condition is wonderful!
Jaasiel Loukai Your the reason I try to do the helicopter kick when I can haha your great martial art legend with seeing the movies like BLOODSPORT, DOUBLE IMPACT, and KICKBOXER were from my childhood .I'm a little kid here I'm wanting to watch Frank Dux and Chong -li ...
Luc Despontin Ma très grande Idole JCVD, grâce à internet je vois tous vos films en boucle et j'aime vraiment ma nostalgie du cinéma des années 90. Ceci dit et vous adorant dans les derniers et notamment independables 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 LOL je vous implore à genoux : ...
محمود محفوظ always u are super star becase u spend all your time in tranning so i love all your movies u are the best champions at my opinion (J C V)
Colette Cascino I love you you are the best I have all your movies my son Thomas he took karate watching your movies his name was Thomas Pimentel he was a firefighter he pass 3 years ago now I still watch them. My son loved all of your movies his name was Thomas ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:24 07/11/2017

Back to 1984! Visit my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/jcvd/ and Twitter account https://www.twitter.com/JCVD to see other exclusive photos. #JCVD

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Florica Flory Mai frumusete de barbat !Esti cel mai frumos actor ai fost si vei fi mereu indiferent de varsta !
Samantha Van Damme Ritosa #JCVD, Have you been my years here? Is that right 24 years or 33 you have on this picture? 😊😉😉😉😉
Aina Artinah Rasa Trop beau ♥♥♥
Santiago Villacis my fav actor...greetings from Ecuador...you are a legend #JCVD
Viviane Morais Olha ai Bruna Fernandes de Brito esse é o tal Van Dame q eu t disse...fala ai se ele ñ era bonitao kkkk
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:24 07/11/2017

Hi friends! It's been 25 years since Universal Soldier was released! Do you remember Luc Devereaux? #JCVD #UniversalSoldier

153.5k reactions 5059 comments
Dalen McMillon Absolutely! Poor Luc. But putting Dolph into those spikes at the end, oh man! I get chills just thinking about it. That fight scene was legit sir. You're my hero.
Ashton Spencer Still 1 of my favorites! Used to watch this cyborg, bloodsport, nowhere to run, kickboxer, double impact and lionheart, all the time when i was a kid dam 25 years? Makes me feel old AF 😔
Danny Stewart Jean-Claude Van Damme Universal Soldier’ is now 25 years old, and its legacy is far greater than many will realize. Van Damme is the lost, misunderstood soul, while Lundgren plays a sort of Frankenstein Monster, who eventually turns on his creators.
Oscar Mayorga Jean-Claude Van Damme I always wanted to star in one of your movies 🎥 when the director makes the re-make of this classic Universal Soldier film
Amy Burgland I have enjoyed so many of your films and I definitely enjoyed Universal Soldier. Recently, my son bought me the BLU-RAY version and we watched it together, he loved it! Thank you for sharing your gift of acting with us, you are amazing! May you ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:36 07/09/2017

‘UNE RENCONTRE AVEC JCVD’ – Montpellier, France Hi friends! I will be in Montpellier, France on Friday October 27th 2017! Sph'events will host ‘Une Rencontre Avec JCVD’ at Pasino Grande Motte! Don’t miss it, get your ticket and I’ll see you there! ►Tickets: https://www.billetweb.fr/une-rencontre-avec-jcvd ◄ More info: https://www.sphevents.fr/ #JCVD #SPHEvents #Montpellier #France #UneRencontreAvecJCVD

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Tony Hadden FYI, just in case you swing past after LA, Italy and HK Liz Carlson
Mehdi Naimi Léopold Delattre Ouais mais dans 20 30 ans y'en a plus
Alexandre Verdure Vous allez que a Montpellier ???
Guilhèm Ayral Jean Drumbag Ferry Aymeric Ayral Manu Molinier impossible de louper ça !? :)
Benoit Lépinay Marion L'epine Lourd ! Tu ne peux pas manquer ça !
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:36 07/09/2017

Happy Birthday to my friend Sylvester Stallone! #JCVD #SylvesterStallone #HappyBirthday

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Abelardo Lacosta Happy birthaday Mr. Stallone! I'm a big fan and always idolized your movies. Wish you good health and a great many things! Take care and God bless.
Vicky Gomez Martinez Feliz cumpleaños amigo rambo me gustan tus pelicula Dios te vendiga mucho a ti y a todos tus seres queridos te mando un abrazo y un beso de parte de vicky desde palenque chiapas mexico me saludas a vandam ustedes son mis actores favorito les mando ...
Luna Morena Soy una gran admiradora de los dos papasitos mas papaditos chulos hermosos los dos me encantan son tan guapotes chulos y me encanta tu pelicula stallone la de el especialista luces tan bien pero tan bien un abrazo
Myrna Manduriao Wishing you good health, success and never ending happiness. More birthday's to come! Godbless u and safe not only today but all through life that coming your way!
Kleant Kledi Leo Eeh I paska zhduk nja dy viza Sylvester Stallone ktu, damull fare 😂😂😂😂 Bledi Elis
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

Taking off to Rome after a stop in Frankfurt! #JCVD

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Javier Reyes Ciempre juntos padre e hijo justo hoy dan una peli de usted señor van damme soldado universal soy su fanfs
Ma Le hay jean me hiciste que me dieran cosquillas en el estomago jijijijiji
Sandrine Ibo Roussel Aïe aïe aïe toujours aussi beau j'adore depuis toujours gros gros bissss
Oscar Cervantes Muy bien vam ,juntos por siempre padre e hijo ,por siempre y para siempre así sera,bendiciones diviertanse mucho,los quiero .my máster.
Veronique Lemarie J'aime quand j'allume mon tel le matin et que je vois la photo de mon jcvd ça me boost pour la journée merci 💗
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

A big thank you to these amazing pilots! #JCVD #ThankYou

16.6k reactions 347 comments
Pierre Bonin Pierre Tricotti un kebab à emporter mais sans salade sans viande et sans pain, j'aime la vie
Sonia O Solomon Nice one JCVD and have a nice trip with yr awesome pilots
Rodrigo Perea Henao Solo los que tienen dinero pueden darce el lujo de conocer a una estrella
Marisa Greco hola jean claude van damme esta serio en esta foto quisira mucha sonrisa te ase ver mas bonito con esa mirada sensual te mando un besoooo
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

Europe, here we come! #JCVD #Episode9

15.7k reactions 529 comments
Miriam Lucero Hi, #JCVD the Guy with you, is in the movie Six Bullets, is correcto? Excelente film!! I love you
Jarno Bos Hello J.C.V.D and Kris are you comming to Netherland and België? I hope so😉👍💪💪 I wish you a good trip✈ Greatz Jarno
Taša Jergić Štajduhar I have today birthday and you are make me happy even more... big kiss from Vukovar Croatia, from your's big fan...
Nancy Machado tus movies, las veo, y las veo y las veo, y no me canso, que dios te cuide y los angeles te acompanen.
Bolinga Rubalcava I just saw ur Movie last night ur son has ur fittings style same moves I like it
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

On board of the plane saying goodbye to Gladys and the dogs. #JCVD #Episode8

1.2k reactions 73 comments
Lift Weights cute dogs, I like the name Lola.
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start happening.
Rejane M. Lehugeur I love this famili!!!😍😍😍😍
Rachel Hayward Awww that's so cute <3
Dee Adamson love the dogs and Chris you look like you mom be safe
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

Kris van Damme is even training on his way to the gate! #JCVD #Episode7

3.2k reactions 118 comments
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you The more you are thankful, the more you attract things to be thankful for.
John Oren Eviota I love van damme.Your are only the best!!!!!!
Erick Occansey Jean Claude , je te fais savoir que je suis un esprit essoufflé par cette observation scientifique dans son devoir d' acquisition
Kyle Brown I have an apple darts degree. I have served in two wars. I need your help. PLEASE HELP ME.
Buzea Raul Will you arrive in Romania as well ? Would like to meet you. Safe journey.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

Father and son... #JCVD #Episode3

2.2k reactions 135 comments
Miguel Héctor Osuna La Kika te admira y esta igual de rucoo que tu w
Cleiton Junior Hey man, im from Brazil....Im big Fan!!! Great Van Damme!!
Rachel Hayward To handsome guys! =D ;)
Roni J Korakas-Vaught 2 very handsome men
Pao March REALLY ? Woww
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

On our way to Europe... Don't forget to check Instagram as well to see more of our journey! https://www.instagram.com/jcvd/ #JCVD #Episode1

5.2k reactions 314 comments
Zsolt Kiss Hi, my name is Zsolt Budapest, I live very hard as you are karate. When are you going to budapest? I'm trying to pass your account.
Silvia Garcia Feliz viaje que se la pasen súper bien gracias por compartirnos esos momentos te amo JCVD
Peter Cheng Tilly Barbados as a child I thirsted for him now I thirst for his son
Chris Domin Be careful Jean Claude.. remember the New World Order wants to quiet you
Arsen Tovmasian Jean-Claude I still RESPECT You and You are my BIG BROTHER FOREVER!!!!!!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:48 07/06/2017

Hi friends, follow Kris van Damme and me on our way to Europe... #JCVD

22.1k reactions 583 comments
Susana Techera Bellos Los dos Padre e hijo sos El mejor jcvd sos tu fans desde ke vi tu primer pelicula te amo hermoso ke simpatico sos no te LA crees y podrias pero sos umildad y Eso te hace Un grande yapo para Vos jcvd 💖❤️😍😊☺️😘🙋
Maribel Villachica Saludos desde Peru, ojala puedas venir algun dia, son BIENVENIDOS
Oscar Cervantes Diviertete amigo con tu bebe ,cuidense y sean felices lo merecen dice dios en su palabra que dos hilos juntos son mas difícil de romper que uno solo, me da gusto verlos felices juntos .los quiero my máster ejemplo.para la humanidad. Gracias van damne.
Cristian Beltran Saludos sos uno de mis favoritos de los actores grandes bendiciones para tu familia y tu vida saludos de Argentina
Marianne Humke Hey you both, are you both filming here ? Just curious 😃 Love you!❤❤
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