Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:48 06/23/2017

I love to be with my best friends whenever I can and if it's possible I love to take them to work as well! Happy weekend from Snowy and me! #JCVD #TakeYourDogToWorkDay #Snowy

3.6k reactions 413 comments
Marie Havok Well I'm not working today but this is a pic of Baby Boy when I had him with me at work. He thinks he's batman under my dress
Guillermo Godoy mi perrito no lo tengo mas el murio de viejito .. desde ese dia mi alma se fue con el y mi corazon se lo llevo tambien .yo amo a los animalitos es un regalo de dios que nos da saludos besos a todos cuidensen desde argentina ....
Michelle Henry I have a cat but I love mine to most people have a weakness for animals because they don't have the bad inclinations that people do they don't know how to lie cheat and steal and people have gotten so good at that not me in particular but so many people ...
Adriana Flores Hello JC and Snowy I wish I could take my BFF Joe Cool to my work,but I'm a teacher and we don't have a pet day at our school. #JCVD
Sonia Galeano Sabe? Una cosa mi gran actor hermoso me alegra que es un buen hombre porque le gustan los animales y me encantan sus peliculas no me importa verlas las veces que me las pasen por la tv un gran besos soy de colombia Dios te siga bendiciendo tqm
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:48 06/23/2017

Hi friends, happy National Selfie Day! Show me yours! #JCVD #NationalSelfieDay #BestFans

23.2k reactions 1000 comments
Angela Maree Lemon Me and my little rabbit called "George" !
Adrian Cruz Del Mundo Happy Natioanl Selpy Day My Childhood hero Jean Claude Van Damme..Prepare for Maximum Van Dammage...Still Remains (STP)
Fares Sh Now with my bro Mohamed ..
Visar Ivana Ronaldo Jennifer A big greeting to you from Sweden Jean Claude van Damme you are the best
Lorraine Ridout Home made JCVD hat ....post it note fantastic! Love your hats so much ! HI jCVD x
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:12 06/18/2017

Thank you Kris van Damme! I love you and I'm proud of you! #JCVD #ThankYou

14.2k reactions 465 comments
Nora Comas Feliz día para mi ídolo y su papá q pasen lindo se los quiere bessssoossss.desde Argentina!!!!!
Criss Criss Feliz dia bendiciones en este dia. JCVD y para tu padre eres un gran ejemplo como padre como hijo una gran estrella felicidades
Fanny Espin Que Dios les siga bendiciendo como asta ahora les amo a los tres y Happy Fathers day
Karen Ambrosine Happy Fathers Day to the Dads in your family, especially you JCVD
Jose Ramon Carnevale Happy Father Day Sifu JCVD for you and you father!!!!! Excelents Day! !!!!!!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:12 06/18/2017

Happy Birthday, Eddy Merckx! #JCVD #HappyBirthday

24.2k reactions 542 comments
Annj Carina Annj carina sei figo mi piaci tanto come attore e tutto sei il mio ido preferito fino al fine piaci kissssss ciaooooo
Piotr Karakiewicz Nie znam angielskiego ale wszystkiego najlepszego jesteście wspaniali
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you 'The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.' - Jordan Belfort
Shawna Kimberly Goode Happy birthday eddy enjoying your day with your family and friends celebrating your special day on your birthday and also happy father s day enjoying the rest of your day have a great wonderful weekend have a great ...
Andres Montoro Notre Champion de vélo et bien sur le Champion des Arts Martiaux ! Have a Happy weekend my Friends 😇😍
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:12 06/18/2017

Behind the scenes of Jean-Claude van Johnson with Makeup Artist Gino Zamprioli! #JCVD #JCVJ

8.5k reactions 241 comments
Angelo Granata Go Van Johnson!!!!!
Stèphan Høx The best actor ever Am proud for you Jean Claude van damme
Rockpo Patir Van damme ,van damme,van damme van damme,my favorite since childhood till now love you boss
Tiina Leppänen Nice, can't wait to see Van Johnson 😉
Philippe Reims A QUAND VOTRE RETOUR SUR UN PLATEAU TÉLÉ SUR RTL? Genre l'émission de quoi je me mêle...vous manqué à la Belgique...in vous aime.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:36 06/13/2017

Hi friends, you had to wait a long time for it, but it will be worth the wait. Proudly I present to you the teaser for 'Full Love'. Soon there will be more updates about the release. Enjoy! #JCVD #FullLove

1.1k reactions 590 comments
Thomas Connaughton Excellent.... been waiting for an update for ages. Can't wait any longer for the film, ha. But of course I will. JCVD!!!!
Maranda Gonzalez JCVD i cant wait to see ur movie.... ur awesome in all your movies.#loveJCVD#
Amerra Jean Varenberg wow!!at last!!!another pride of the decade..i love to watch u in an emotional role... more power idol..you're always the best
Olanrewaju Aderinokun with millions of fans in Africa the film title "Awol" was the only movie you made in Africa, we need one more from West Africa, especially Nigeria
John Balmas Gutierrez Wow!!! I have long waited for this movie! 😅 now.. they released! 😲 I can't wait to watch this movie of master Jean Claude 😉👍
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:36 06/13/2017

Happy Father's Day Papa, I love you! #JCVD #FathersDayBelgium

37.5k reactions 1453 comments
Giovanni Martinez Happy Fathers day to your dad and you JCVD! You are, and will always be, the man!
Tina Kirkland Williams Hope you and your dad have a awesome Father's Day !!!!!! 💖💖💖💖
Kinfolks Djops ton Film KILL 'EM ALL ;;;; After a massive shootout, a mysterious stranger (Van Damme) arrives at a local hospital on the brink of death. Then, a foreign gang brazenly comes to the hospital to hunt him down. His nurse, the sole surviving witness to the ...
Sylvia Sivoplas Feliz dia para tu papa y que pase un dia muy feliz junto a su famila que tenga mucha salud y amor un gran saludo desde Uruguay (paysandu)👍👍👍👏👏👊💪✋❤😍😁
Gérard Ledgé For all the world "Bonne fête papa under ground"but i'am a father alors bonne fête à tous les papas sur Terre s'ils sont Humains...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
05:48 06/11/2017

Hi Friends, I am excited to announce that the Destination Films, Sony Pictures production of Kill ‘Em All has been well received, with great responses from around the world. I am particularly proud and grateful that this movie has given the opportunity for first time director Peter Malota to showcase his talents, both in direction and production achievements. As you all know I have always been and will continue to be very supportive of new talent and I will try to help wherever I can. It is important to acknowledge that first time movie makers deserve the opportunities that can and will shape their career and Peter... I hope and am confident that this movie, this creation you directed, will be a great success. To the entire cast: it was a pleasure working with everyone and I know that all our fans around the world will enjoy this movie. Peter, again congratulations on your directorial debut. #JCVD #KillEmAll #SonyPictures

16.2k reactions 836 comments
Lisa Christie Congratz to u all.. and to be acting with your son again is on point..yous rock🤘🤘💙💙
Familia Saenz SONY PICTURES NICARAGUA,? No entiendo señor van damme yo soy de Nicaragua de que trata esto?.
Daniel Borrer I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I will be getting the DVD and blu-ray.
Peter Kipro I will catch up this movie, I cnt miss it.Van Damme movies rily thrills, congrats Jean, u are one of the greatest actors in the planet! God bless u.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
16:30 06/08/2017

Happy Birthday, Papa! #JCVD #HappyBirthday

6.8k reactions 722 comments
Edgar Villasenor Happy birthday to your father I can almost imagine how he feels to have a successful son like you.
Naty Arciniega Happy birthday to your Daddy all my best wishes, and cheers🍸🎂🍾
Marta Menéndez Caballero Happy Birthday to your Father, JCVD!!! You're so amazing!! Best wishes from Madrid!
Angie Ann Aww well said ... happy birthday to your dear father all the best stay healthy🎂🙏🏻💐🍷🥇🎁🎈🎉🎊🇨🇦🐸
Abigail Martinez Happy birthday to ur papa. Hope he has a blessed day
Jean-Claude Van Damme
16:30 06/08/2017

Joyeux anniversaire Papa ! Happy Birthday, Papa! #JCVD #BonAnniversaire #HappyBirthday

8.9k reactions 546 comments
Clem Yariah Lucie plus besoin de chercher notre discours JCVD est là
Georgia Kissas Joyeux anniversaire à ton papa et félicitations pour cette magnifique famille!
Joelle Henry joyeux anniversaire à votre papa en lui souhaitant plein de belles choses!!!
Roy Tappenden Happy birthday🎂 Papa Van- Damme....he has a very kind loving son in you Jean-Claude 😊 👍
Hani Mereih Happy birthday to the Father of the best warrior jvcd, we wish it the best birthday anniversary ever to you Mr Eugene ,😊
Jean-Claude Van Damme
16:30 06/08/2017

Hi friends! Training and in shape on the set of Jean-Claude van Johnson! #JCVD #JCVJ

55.0k reactions 1408 comments
Jamie Dever I can't wait! So excited! The first episode was spectacular 😊
Pauljr Gonzales Woah man! Put them guns down, JCVD, your scaring the women and children! #MusclesFromBrussels
Sam Santos #JCVD #MegaPositive💯 Hello and good day My brother Mr Jean Claude Van Damme Hope your having a blessed day #FiveMinuteFitness 👟⚡⌚💪 Never give up on life 🇺🇸🌍 Only you know your limits ⚡ #Pushing50👴 #UnderDogs🐕 Let's get with the program ...
Doris Temme Looking forward to watching new episodes of "Jean Claude Van Johnson" on Amazon Prime.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
03:42 06/06/2017

I'm back in action in my latest film Kill ‘Em All! Available on Blu-ray & Digital June 6th! http://sonypictures.us/KillEmAll #JCVD #KillEmAll

17.7k reactions 658 comments
Russell Tucker I'll be buying that one mr van dame , you are a true legend my friend , I was only watching awol yesterday You are one of my heroes 👍
Maria Mikayla I will watch it ! I watch all your movies idol !
Matt Barker if you don't kill em all, i want my money back. lol kidding
Alejandro Wernikov Of course all your movies are great great actor and this new is extra good
Jean-Claude Van Damme
03:42 06/06/2017

When you don’t know who to trust… Kill. 'Em. All. On Blu-ray & Digital 6/6! http://sonypictures.us/KillEmAll #JCVD #KillEmAll

8.1k reactions 305 comments
Jagoda Nowacka Matko następny wspaniały aktor...Lwie serce....super film kiedy bym nie oglądała zawsze płacze. Pozdrawiam :)
Lorenzo Hernandez De Regreso A Patear Traseros! Quiero Verla! JCVD Felicidades,Hombre!👍👍👍👍
Kevin Nicely I'm a big fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme I like to use his character on Street fighter it's the Flash Kik
Michele Padilha Olá meu amor, tenha um excelente dia, felicidades e sucesso. Beijos no peito e até hoje.
Mushi Shah Great movie van damme ur the best my hero of all time...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
14:54 06/03/2017

Happy weekend friends! #JCVD #HappyWeekend

55.1k reactions 2346 comments
Stewart Waller Great picture have a great evening and a cool weekend too you and your family
Marianne Humke Thx alot, wishing you the same my champ!🙆❤ Can't wait for JCVJ ❤❤👍
Reinsch Benjamin Audrey Reinsch il a un petit air du papy armand loool en plus jeune lool
Manda Lopes A nós, e a idade chegou mesmo...Um dos melhores atores que já vi e continua fazendo história <3
Moses Ngomane Yes in did, happy weekend too Mr JCVD and enjoy with all Friends and Family.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:06 06/01/2017

Hi friends, just having a quick bite before going back to work! #JCVD

36.5k reactions 1338 comments
Marcelo Gordillo Hola un abrazo desde Argentina, Dios te bendiga siempre
Nozizwe Maseko I cant wait to c what u cooking now but I know its good I like your movies
Gumamela Flower Relax JCVD...health is precious ever....one of my best actor, idol....god bless
Raquel Howard Hi to you JCVD hope you enjoy your work day and your lunch im your number 1 fan😌😍😍😍😍
Stewart Waller Great picture great films looking forward to seeing the new film
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:06 06/01/2017

I'd like to take a moment and remember those who fought in the military and sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Thank you for your service, courage and bravery. #JCVD #MemorialDay #Respect

43.0k reactions 673 comments
Sam Santos Amen👼 #Salute #NeverForgotten Never give up on life 🇺🇸🌍 We are all in this together 👪 #FamilyBondedByFateNotBlood🇺🇸
Kristian Zhelev Maybe you should stop invading other countries , that would help people not losing their lives , i will never praise days like that not cause im not sad for the people who lost their lives but because they lost their lives with the wrong way . Your ...
Grissol Garcia que bello deberias venir a Venezuela asi como en tus personajes a ver si nos ayudas a salir de todo esto
Siki Telema Only the loving and caring heart remembers a moment like this. Love u Jcvd
Tom Stafford Salute! To our fallen heroes. And to the endless inspiration they give us daily!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
00:30 05/27/2017

Happy weekend! #JCVD

16.2k reactions 1189 comments
Toni Dioni Dorini Man if I could just get a poster singed by you I would be the happiest guy on earth I know it would never happen but still wanted to say that . BIG FAN OF YOURS JCVD
Guilherme Silva Santos Está em um set de filmagens é isso? Vem um novo filme por aí? #niceweekend
Ivanilda Gomes Sempre alegre e de bem com a vida! Feliz final de semana. Um beijo! 👄
Conan McGrath I hope this is a Jean-Claude Van Johnson set. The pilot was killer and hanging to see more
Justo Pérez Basanta Feliz fin de semana a ti también Jean- Claude Van Damme un abrazo desde España
Jean-Claude Van Damme
22:54 05/21/2017

Happy 30th birthday to my son Kris van Damme! I love you! #JCVD #HappyBirthday #KVD

34.7k reactions 1553 comments
Dawn Drews Happy Birthday Kris,may your day be filled with blessing's. Have a spectacular day 😊🌹
Alejandria Hernandez Happy birthday... I had my 30 4 months ago it's a blessing enjoy kris
Rodrigo Nicolás Feliz cumpleaños JVCD, gracias por ofrecer a tu público películas tan magníficas como bloodsport ( contacto sangriento), León: peleador sin ley, entre otras.
Oona Carbonie Happy Birthday Kris, today is also my 30th dbay!!! Yay for May 20th!!
Kathleen Canavan Koslow Happy birthday Kris!! Hope you enjoy it!! Good luck on your new movie Jean-Claude!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:18 05/16/2017

Here's the new trailer of my new movie "Kill 'Em All"! Kill 'Em All will be released June 6th 2017! #JCVD #KillEmAll

9.0k reactions 1314 comments
Nikki Adams Love the trailer! Can't wait to see this movie, and add it to my JCVD collection.
Mike Pengue Jcvd bro I love you but pls for the love off God stop making these stupid low budget film.
Adrian Martinez Looks like old school Jean Claude, good stuff. Should of got a track from Metallics Kill em all album.
Eva Brooks Looks amazing which it will be because after all you are Jean Claude van damme 😀
Paula Dale Of fantastic!! Looks amazing I will definitely be watching this ❤️
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:18 05/16/2017

Hi friends! Qanita Anjum replied with this beautiful fanart to my latest tweet, especially for Mother's Day! Thank you Qanita! https://twitter.com/JCVD #JCVD #HappyMothersDay #BestFans

5.5k reactions 200 comments
Raj Raj Where is my muscles from brussels.i knew ur teacher from chicago.bruce.karateka.let me drop a coconut on u.or frank.kick dolph for me.love to u all
Nick Motoc Happy Mother's Day 💖
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
David Adilkhanian Heyy howe are you?legend👊💪💪
Ziphora Van Der Law Its 22:30 here in south africa and am watching ur movie #TimeCop2ndWindow
Jean-Claude Van Damme
08:30 05/14/2017

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mama and to all the mothers in the world! #JCVD #HappyMothersDay

6.0k reactions 1302 comments
Danny Daniel Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! Also can't wait for JCVJ!
Hanan Haddad Thanks that's nice of you, and happy mother's day to your mom
Martha Elizabeth Jacome Alvarez Muchas gracias Jean Claude x tus grandes deseos Y para tu madresita de igual manera felicidades de todo corazon .Mis saludos desde ECUADOR ciudad Guayaquil ..
Raj Raj I am jet li's mother.he makes me feel like one.u can hug me too jcvd.u are my lil kickboxer.lil universal soldier.i mean i am an actor.so i see jet i start acting likehis mama.why? Do u know how cute jet in the movie with a child.he and his child go ...
Sylvia Sivoplas Muchas gracias jean clon. Y también mandarle un gran saludo a tu esposa y madre. un beso y un abrazo de tu amiga incondicional desde Uruguay (paysandu)👍👊💪❤❤❤❤🙋🙌😀
Jean-Claude Van Damme
19:42 05/11/2017

Hi friends, do you remember 'The Torch'? Today it's been 16 years since 'Replicant' has been released in 2001! #JCVD #Replicant #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

3.0k reactions 604 comments
Cédric Lamour J'avais passez un bon moment au cinéma !!! Beau film 😉👍
Michele Padilha Olá estuposto meu nobre, um grande abraço e muitos beijos. Felicidades e sucesso. Até breve.
Adriana Siqueira Impossível eu lembrar. Eu ainda não assisti rsrs. Valeu pela dica :)
Bernice Whitfield 16 years wow i remembers all of your movies i seem them so many times over and over again ..
Matt Cook I never saw Replicant!!!! Omg! I need to see it right now!!!! How!?
Jean-Claude Van Damme
06:54 05/09/2017

Throwback to 1992 on the set of 'Universal Soldier' with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moeller! #JCVD #UniversalSoldier

87.5k reactions 1611 comments
Johan de Heer Universal Soldier was a huge part of my childhood! ❤
Daniel Fischer Hard to believe that Schwarzenegger was in his Mid 40's when this photo was taken...
Nozy Chebase I love universal soldier where is Dolph Lungren he is crazy there.....
Luz Marian Hurtado Jean Claude van Damme desde niña me pareces tan lindo no me perdía ninguna de tus películas waoo eras un súper héroe para mí te amo
Roy Tappenden I think you could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in an Arm Wrestle Jean-Claude 💪
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:06 05/06/2017

Hi friends! Take a look at my website ►►► https://jcvdworld.com/fanzone.html ◄◄◄ to find out who the winner is of the 'Lookalike Contest'! #JCVD #JCVDWorld

3.8k reactions 183 comments
Tiina Leppänen Much your looking for that guy :) happy weekend Jean <3
Alfredo Tavares Happy Saturday Jean Claude!
Manuel Mascali Hi Jean-Claude!!! You're great!!!💪🏻👊🏻
Jean-Claude Van Damme
05:18 05/04/2017

Friends, this is Indy! #JCVD #SpeciallyAbledPetsDay #Indy

4.1k reactions 312 comments
Vaula Saarenoja Awe! Thank you Jean-Claude. Poor thing and so precious. :*
Nikola Kuttner Ahoj indy pro mě si moc nádherná a vždy budu říkat že zvířátka jsou nejlepší věrní kamarádi buh ti žehnej
Nathalie Heuninckx thank you for giving this sweet soul so mutch love GOD bless you Mr JCVD
Sylvia Sivoplas Hola jean clon al perrito le faltaran las patitas pero le sobra ternura se le ve en la carita un saludo desde Uruguay 👍👍👍❤❤❤❤
Ann Gonzalez A beautiful dog and Special one your a sweetheart JCVD you have the biggiest heart and god bless you
Jean-Claude Van Damme
05:18 05/04/2017

Hi friends! Today is National Specially-abled Pets Day and I would like you to meet Indy. Later today I will post a clip so you can learn more about my little friend. #JCVD #SpeciallyAbledPetsDay #Indy

25.5k reactions 681 comments
Evelyn Salazar Galit Towart Wow beautiful puppy. I love dog but sometimes I'm scared. lol
Rocksan Ketenci Lovely picture of you John Claude Van Damme and your doggy bless you
Rejane M. Lehugeur Olá Jean Claude C'est Elvis, l'un de mes cinq chiens ... est sourd, mais comprend tout.
Karina Rojas El es Titan mi perrito discapacitado,lo encontré chocado,está operado pero no a logrado volver a caminar..Lo amo,es muy noble y cariñoso...❤❤❤
Steph Brown My staffy luna i rescued her 5 years ago and ehat a happy dog she has become
Jean-Claude Van Damme
05:18 05/04/2017

Hi friends! Do you remember 'Ivan'? Today is the 31st anniversary of 'Karate Tiger', also known as 'No Retreat, No Surrender'! #JCVD #KarateTiger #NoRetreatNoSurrender

36.6k reactions 1015 comments
Stefano Bagnato Mr vandamme You are a my Legend as Actor as man knowing your past from Internet you had always and still got Now a great will of work master of martial art making so Proud the moments when watch your movie
Youcef Ferah Bassim El Kaouid Psss azo ne film wjw wete nog fwa, kwou mensen vollenbak taggen maar die film is zo oud, iedereen me wie dak die gezien heeft geen meer 😂
Christophe Essertier . .. remembrance of things past! Yet so present today in each of our minds; thanks for being the icon you were during years and still are, Jean-Claude!
Jay Singh Yes I remember it very well. Specially you kicking the stuffing out of everything. The ending wasn't the best. You would have won easily 🙂
Brian O'Mahony Yep no retreat no surrender can't think of a movie u made that I haven't seen.....great movies great collection I have thanks to you keep up the good work
Jean-Claude Van Damme
16:30 05/01/2017

Hi friends! Welcome to my official Facebook! How are you doing? #JCVD #Facebook

29.8k reactions 1703 comments
Gennifer Kelly Hi jean-claude, how are you doing this weekend, I'm doing good, had to work tho, but my weekend was good, hope you and your family have a great and blessed day today 💙💙
Jacira Oliveira Hello Jean... well may de ar idol, thank your very munch , ir os a gret pleassure to follow you on the social networks, strong hug, Tight , muito beautiful l adore you kisses 👊
Valerio Repetto The Galápagos Islands, in Ecuador, offer wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth. But before you swim with the sea lions and marvel at dramatic evidence of the area’s volcanic provenance, you’ve got some planning to do. Our guide to the ...
Lawrence Mark I am in Chicago now waiting for a rainstorm to pass on. I have to ride my bicycle another 185 miles from Chicago to Grand Haven, Michigan to fix the roof on my Auntie Em's house. I already rode from Alexandria, Louisiana to Key West and back up the ...
Jason Severance good to see you! cant wait to watch blackwater. i can relate and or identify with many of your struggles and would love to work with you. i have movie ideas that maybe you could help me with? like chuck helped you. i love the rare training session with ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
03:42 04/29/2017

Hi friends! Twenty-nine years ago 'Bloodsport' was released in 1988. #JCVD #Bloodsport

70.4k reactions 2800 comments
Ilmo Kaltiokumpu All time favorite movie. I watch it sometimes two or more times in a row when i get the urge. This and kickboxer. Cant beat them. Love the movies. Knowing the lines pretty much when watching it sums it up.
Johan Heinrich Von Jylk A movie what was cut over 20 minutes shorter in Finland, because violence. It was very hard to get the uncut version. Fortunately, those days are long gone.
New Nk Wow..i remember this movie vividly when i was growing..remember always looking for all this Chapters or parts.I fill in loved with it and always wanted to watch over and over.i miss it and will see if i get to watch again.Kudos Van
Salvador Xerinda I used to follow movie by movie since "No retreat no surrender" but Bloodsport and Cyborg were the big ones that made me love your work
Biswajit Deb 29 years ago I was also born in 1988... and as a kid this was the first hollywood movie I ever watched... and among all the Martial art movies I watched so far... I feel nothing can ever beat this...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
03:42 04/29/2017

Hi friends, do you remember The Quest? It's been 21 years today The Quest was released in 1996. #JCVD #TheQuest

101.8k reactions 3074 comments
Mette Wentzlau Tim Seitzberg se hans sidste slag, jeg er sikker på at det er et Nakadaka Ippon Ken og meget tæt på ganga. Hvad siger du Kathrine Kroeyer har jeg ret? 😂
Justin Crow I wore out my vhs copy of this in the 90s! I was thinking about ordering this movie the other day! After seeing this clip now I have to! Van Damage all the way!!!
Abraham Zermeno Think I'm going to go watch, What ever happened to the little kid in the beginning of the movie? I thought he was going to return in the tournament.
John Isetroc I own a copy. I haven't been able to find it on blue ray yet, but I'd love to see it in that quality. One of your best movies. Not that I have disliked any of them..
Cássio Matos Hi ... I'm a fan of your work ... I just think that the fight choreographies, they fail to deserve, regardless of the acceptance of your audience. If a fighter carries a round heel kick to the head, do not lift it any further. I would like to see an ...
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