Jean-Claude Van Damme
6 hours ago

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Bianca Brigitte VanDamme! #JCVD #HappyBirthday

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Neto Fonseca Muchas felicidades a su hija jean-Claude espero se la pasé de lo mejor en compañía de sus seres queridos un saludo y un fuerte abrazo ...saludos desde Hermosillo sonora México 🇲🇽
Gloria Maria Trigos Felicitaciones hermosa, q dios te colme d dicha y salud para q sigas disfrutando al lado de tus seres queridos y más aún al lado de mi hermoso y amado jean. Mi duro.. feliz cumpleaños. Disfruta tu día..muakkk.
Travis Phillips One of the only girls that prob said "My Dad can beat up your Dad" and people were like "Yup" Happy B-Day
Disma Sheshan Wish you very best birthday to your daughter.she is so gergious.when I see her side of her face it's look like innocent love you Both.
Gabriel Roșu Ce sa zic?esti fan ..ul meu de cand eram adolescent..Respect..si..mult mai mult ..am placerea cu asjutorul tau sa-i urez frumoasei NBIANCA un frumos traditional :La multi ani:"!!!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
22:00 10/15/2017

Hi friends! Happy weekend! #JCVD

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Diana Amaya Waooooooo que hombre tan hermoso, tan guapo, interesante, siempre me a gustado, esa cuerpo, esa cara, esos ojos tan bellos que tiene, siempre a sido mi amor platónico, es y siempre será el actor más hermoso de Hollywood
Marika Haapanen Good evening from Finland! I loved your movies as a kid, knew all the lines by heart. And still you are great! So thank you 😊
Paulette Guyah Back at you. Need to see some more movies with you .these young guys can't fight and kick like you .you are the best
Ronald Romero Saludos desde Venezuela amigo aqui se te admira y quiere mucho por tu talento, pasion , y destresas con las artes marciales y todas tus peliculas, tambien se destaca tu humildad y humanidad, te deseo larga vida y salud
Eliana Raies Buen fin de semana.... Jean claude por favor manda un saludo de cumpleaños a mi mamá que hoy está festejando sus añitos y siempre te admiramos!! Besos desde Argentina
Jean-Claude Van Damme
09:12 10/13/2017

Hi friends! Last night was the mini premiere of Jean-Claude Van Johnson! It was amazing, thank you all! Coming soon to Amazon Video! #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

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Stewart Waller Congratulations great picture great man
Jan Di That are great news. I am looking forward to the series Jean-Claud van Johnson. The pilot sequence was already great. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo #JeanClaudeVanDamme
Enis Yücel This is the difference that separates us from women they are a fan of interest we men are quite out of place
Michał Pawłowski Jean Claude Van Damme legend proffesional actor mister karate films"Death Warrant"😉,sensational shot😉
Regina Da Silva Oliveira ... congratulations, my dear Jcvd, for this achievement, you deserve to be the best in everything you do ... I love you my angel.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:24 10/10/2017

Hi friends! Check out the new teaser for my Amazon Video series Jean-Claude Van Johnson! All I’m going to say is… Damme. Coming soon to Prime Video! Are you ready? #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

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Abadid Portalanza Zambrano éxito en todo lo que se proponga abrazo fuerte señor jcvd bendiciones
Muzi Nsibande Can you still do the split and the spinning kick?
Tyson Sisco JCVD doing his thing. He has a great family and I wish him the best
Patrick Jones The pilot was brilliant. Looking forward to this.
Israel Jimenez Alvarez Jean-Claude Van Damme great! You're the best !!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:24 10/10/2017

Arriving at the airport! See you later, my friends! #JCVD

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Regina Da Silva Oliveira Hello dear Jean Claude follow your path in peace and security and may God accompany you to your right destination ... ...voce é o meu tudo de maravilhoso que existe,eu amo voce lindo...
Dylan Fish Dani Kate catches the airport express like the common man
Miras Movassi When are you back in HK? 😁 Ill sit and wait at the MTR station!! ✌
Eslam Skylark Have a safe and good flight jcvd I consider you as my daddy lol
Carrie Rivera Where will you be when you arrive in the US? Chicago hopefully...that's where I am. Hehe.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:24 10/10/2017

Almost there! #JCVD

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Muzi Nsibande Next time come and visit South Africa.
Ana Mahmoud Praise be to Allaah for your safety. I wish you success
Ssoniya Rawat Hey John,how are you?Lots of love from India:)..
Ygnacio Cervio Hi JC! Ygnacio Cervio from New Zealand! Hope you visit us one day!
Carlos Fransisco Garcia Hernandez Q onda Jean claude van damme un saludo para tu cuate paco no se cotize soy su amigo de México
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:24 10/10/2017

Hi friends, I'm on my way to the airport! #JCVD

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Tiina Leppänen Hey Jean 😊 have a safe trip 💖 Happy new week ❤
Suki Walker Be safe travels and have wonderful weekend and my God love you
Carmen Ortiz Que lindo yo te admiro mucho por tu historia real de tu vida eres un gran ser humano y un gran actor desde hace años sigo tus películas Jean Claude
Michał Pawłowski Jean Claude Van Damme revelations actor,mister karate films"Timecop"😉
Gabriela Slivečková Hello Jean-Claude .. I wish happy flight :-) from Slovakia :-)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:24 10/10/2017

Hi friends! Having a quick bite in Hong Kong before traveling again... #JCVD #HongKong

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Kofi Eshun In fact ,growing old is not good at all but there is nothing to do to cheat the nature,,,, #LOVE u bunch
Collette Aiken That doesn't look like you from here..I love your movies..I watched as many as I could in one day...I fell in love..Awww..
Rodica Radu What else I can say everyone is loving you and leave so many comments well be well my friend and God bless you Where ever you go we really miss you
Rahman Deen I trust you very much Jean Claude. 😜 you & I travel to HK together, big brother. ok, talk soon My friend. Got to watch your balls over there cause it's no mans land. 👍😝
Jaime Hryciuk Wishing you very safe travels! 🛫Happy "Canadian" Thanksgiving! 🍗🥙🍞😋 I appreciate your posts and pictures Jean! 😊
Jean-Claude Van Damme
07:36 10/08/2017

Happy weekend! #JCVD

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יפעת לוי Happy weekend to you and if you visit Israel I would be very happy to have dinmer with you and my child. Love you
Yasmani Chambi Conza Saludos desde Peru puno haber si algún día bienes a bisitar al Perú .. El majestuoso lago titicaca le esperamos con los brasos abiertos
Andre Maldo Negre Me encantas siempre as sido mi actor preferido de pequeña de hecho tenía mi pieza llena de póster tuyo y e visto todas tus películas, love.
Isla Del Carmen Ruíz Hola buenas tardes soy tu fans me gustan todas sus peliculas precisamente hoy sabado pasaron algunas. Qie Dios lo cuide y le de salud, vida para que todos sus fans sigamos viendo sus peliculas, bendicones que la pase muy bien en compañia de sus ...
Bonnie Alamo You too,every time I see your post it makes me want to work harder to get in shape much love to u so glad I'm able to let u know how important you are for the works you have given us over the years and even though your son and daughter are good at what ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:48 10/05/2017

'I'm still kicking. I must be on Broadway!' #JCVD #HongKong #MovieQuote #GuessTheMovie

17.8k reactions 1976 comments
Stefan Zahn It s Better when you kicked in Movie , but in last Movies like kill Em all where Kicking the Body Doubles !!!
Linda Leach looking good ,love the Coors adverts been life long uk fan have nearly all ur dvds still a few missing from my list THATS WHAT I CALL FLEXABLE
אורי קנוש I tell you what. Life is short. Do another blood sport with the same cast. It's going to be amazing
Sid Ahmed Belarbi he still got it. I remember how exited we used to be when we hear that we were going to watch a Van Damme film
Norbert Kolano Amazing, sp many years, jean is so good, hugs from Tarnobrzeg,south of Poland....when You will come?)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:48 10/05/2017

My friends, happy October 4th, World Animal Day! Remember, it's not the animals messing up the world, but us humans! Let's always be kind to animals, not only today, but always! I alone can't change the world and I alone can't save them, but together we might be able to make a change and succeed! I support Kevin Richardson, Painted Dog Conservation Inc, Dr. Jane Goodall, GAIA - Global Action in the Interest of Animals and many more organizations, which have dedicated their lives to saving the animals! Check my website to see the page dedicated to them! https://www.jcvdworld.com/species.html #JCVD #WorldAnimalDay #October4th

JCVD World - Official Website - Jean Claude Van Damme
JCVD World - Official Website - Jean Claude Van Damme

The world is a magnificent place, teeming with life. However, the human race is pushing our planet to the brink of extinction and is solely responsible for the dire straits many animal species find themselves in. Animals have come to depend on dedicated and compassionate humans to safeguard their fu...

3.1k reactions 116 comments
Lynne Becker Fab Jean Claude
Iyke Mitch Neife Please someone help me with $1000 to pay for hospital bills, I am begging please. Thanks.
Joshua Johanssen Khonje Yes let us all preserve the vegitation ,imagine what the could be without this vegitation ,a void mass of solid earth without life too ,right!! Life exist owing to vegitation. And thats for real!!
Éric Depoot Bonjour à tous voilà mon bébé il s'appelle Mickey et je suis tout coeur avec les animaux
Embrace Lem That's touching,,,congrats from Africa I represent Kenya big one deepest love jean Claude vandamme technology at our parks has been applied,,,,
Jean-Claude Van Damme
06:00 10/03/2017

Hi friends! As proud Ambassador of GAIA - Global Action in the Interest of Animals I would like to congratulate GAIA on their 25th anniversary and I'm asking you to please help them to continue their amazing work by sharing this clip! For 25 years they have been 'the voice of the voiceless', fighting against animal cruelty and fighting for animal welfare and animal rights. Thank you! #JCVD #GAIA #GAIA25Years

3.0k reactions 96 comments
Raul Balvidares We have to ask through the Change.Org page, to vote harder laws against poaching and animal abuse, we support Jean Claude ...
Akhanani Zwivhuya Mashau JCVD pliz tell them in DStv to kindly play Double Impact and The Quest plis
Alfredo Tavares We must protect animals. They are our friends
Miwa Gabliela Kano Thank u that all I can say!💭 PAPAPA pa!
Mili Dubois Je trouve que c est honteux cette vidéo car moi j'ai élevé un bébé canard c est triste et sa se dit gaia
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:12 09/30/2017

Happy Birthday, Gladys! I love you! #JCVD #HappyBirthday

11.5k reactions 1047 comments
Jim Kompanik Happy Birthday to a bodybuilding legend
Angela Austin A very happy birthday to you Gladys! Hope you have a lovely day 💝
Dawn Drews Happy Happy Happy birthday Gladys, have a blessed and beautiful day...
Ztrawberry Hdez Hdez Muchas felicidades señora , que por este medio podemos saber de personas que también admiramos felicidades que Dios la bendiga y a su familia, que cumpla muchos mas.
Jessi Escudero Feliz feliz cumple para ella!!! Yo también deseo un saludito desde Perú 🇵🇪. I LOVE YOU FROM ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! Order me regards please. 😘
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:12 09/30/2017

Hi friends! 'Desert Heat', also known as 'Inferno' was released exactly 18 years ago in 1999! Do you remember Eddie Lomax? #JCVD #Inferno #DesertHeat

23.8k reactions 829 comments
Alexander Ambrosio Cigareeeettes and whiskey.. and wild wild women, they'll driiiiive you crazy they'll drive you insane 👌
Angelo Fraga Cigarettes whiskey & wild wild wild women theyll drive u crazy they'll drive u insane never forget that song u & Johnny sing Jean-Claude Van Damme
Maggie McGurty I just watched some of your new show Johnson. ????
Waleed Khaled Of course dear JCVD this is my best movie i always watch it so i remmber Eddie lomax and Coyote
Verónica García I love this movie. so as not to remember ... I see her very often. Have a great day! #JCVD #Inferno #DesertHeat
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:36 09/25/2017

Almost time to go... #JCVD #Airport

3.3k reactions 221 comments
Michael Wollschleger Miss watching all the van dam movies as a kid...loved em!!! Haven't watched one In a while though
Encarnação Duarte Hello have a nice trip and a happy day Kisses.
Nanes Vee Safe Trip Sunshine(greatman)
Maritza Rivas Soy de nicaragua.nice you are the best.l love you😙😙😙😙💪💪💪💪💪
Silvia Barbu Good trip and do not run so much.....
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:36 09/25/2017

This hero helped us a lot! #ad #JCVD #Airport

961 reactions 62 comments
Théo Vanhoutte He must be "aware" lol
Paul Mckeever He's from South Korea , van dammed 🙈
Danielle Monteiro Oliveira Quem me dera encontrar com vc num corredor...
Gisela Benjamin Gustavo Sciasci Saludos desde argentina jean besos 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Madeleine Persson Thank god for those airport heros👌🌞
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:36 09/25/2017

Time to travel again! In a hurry! #JCVD #Airport

1.4k reactions 101 comments
Verónica García good trip! #JCVD
Piotr Sałapatek Love van Damme 👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘❤️❤️💓
Argie Catubig Where you headin' JCVD?
Khalid Zaalouki Have a Safe flight Sir😊
David Desy hola van damme, te escribo de argentina, queria saber si queres venir a argentina a filmar un cortometraje con nosotros, te pagamos el pasaje. avisame cualquier cosa y arreglamos. te paso un link para que veas nuestro primer cortometraje. https:...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:36 09/25/2017

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee #JCVD #HelicopterKick #BruceLee

33.5k reactions 1016 comments
Diego Bermúdez León Todas las películas de Van Damme me encantan...Es un Crack! Saludos desde España!
Bertrand Bertrand Schmidely Il y a plus de 20 ans, un ami m'a demandé: quelle est la star de cinéma que tu aimerais rencontrer. Ma réponse est toujours la même aujourd'hui..JCVD.. T'es le meilleur car ton coeur est authentique et énorme ! Amitiés de Suisse 🇨🇭️
Josh Isaacs Jcvd I know you are older now but I wish so much that you could make movies like you use to.... Forever a fan.
Daniel Freire you're amazing at what you do. talent and dedication have always made me admire you. Brazil thinks you're angry
Happy Ati On a tous essayé ce fameux retourné jusqu'au jour où la réalité nous rappelle qu'en combat de rue ça ne marche pas aussi bien 😒
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:48 09/23/2017

Hi friends! This photo shows how I trained my legs, being unable to use my arms! Happy weekend! #JCVD

22.5k reactions 789 comments
Ortolan Bunting Same. My Dr gave me the jacket Alexandra de Winter
Siddhartha Kakati You were simply unstoppable! You lierally kicked the badasses out of their comfort zones👊👊👊
Verónica García Nice photo! #JCVD for when the premiere of the much-anticipated #BLACKWATER movie?.. 🤔 I want to see her already! have a great weekend 👊😏
Rosalia Quintero 😜😜😜👍👍👍así es muy tenaz un abrazo igualmente para ti y todos los tuyos feliz fin de semana
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:48 09/23/2017

Hi friends! This is an old photo taken in Belgium. It was even made before I went to the United States. #JCVD

50.0k reactions 1448 comments
Jolene TheQueen Weller ~It's a Bird, It's a plane ....no WAIT! IT'S JEAN-Claude Van Damme!!
Raymond Latham Yo soy de bolivia y soy secretaria en un banco LCL en Francia y ofrecemos un préstamo de dinero para aquellos que necesitan para llevar a cabo su proyecto.Si usted está realmente interesado, por favor deje su número de whatsapp en el comentario para ...
Clement Augustine I don't understand one thing,that how Sir JCVD jump so high with this kind of helicopter kick...truely Awesome
Steven Moore so what was your motivation to go state side? I know you were Norris's stunt double, so how did all that go down?
Baci Lakatos Wow Great Phic,nice Flying Kick. Your'e a Great Belgian Actor... I love Very much the'Bloodsport. Respect to the Graat Actor JCVD!!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
14:00 09/20/2017

Hi friends! Are you ready for a new week? Happy Monday! #JCVD

69.9k reactions 2644 comments
Jason Severance good to see you jcvd. im ready for another week of being homeless ganged up on made fun of and put down. i guess no one can relate or identify.
Ann Maharaj hey babe I've been waiting for your call im not holding on better things to do im with sharukh khan later
Etanyobere O. Adegbe Solomon -Thank you my friend, is me solomon thy great one. Thank you for your pic and your comment. See at now i live in Nigeria and i cant be able to pay for airfare to come to you, but i am hoping to meet you one day, to have and hand shake with you and to ...
Sanna Myller Hey Jean, happy monday and enjoy your for begin week 😉😘💋❤ In here Finland is beautiful autumn weather just right now, wow 😊😉 Youre handsome and very good actor 😊
Mantegaftot Girmaye There is someone on my way this week. Can you lend me your leg to teach him some lesson. When you do this, rather than wishing, you make a little bit contribution to make my week bright. Wish you the best week bro.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
01:12 09/18/2017

"There is never enough time..." Today is the 23rd anniversary of Timecop! #JCVD #Timecop

28.9k reactions 1018 comments
Katina Mitropoulos Congratulations on the anniversary!!!! I love this movie it is one of my favorite movies. You are a great and amazing actor. Keep up the great work. 💪💪👊👊💖💖💖💖
Madalyn Rain Literally my favorite movie ever. The first time I watched it was last year in the middle of the night. The next day I watched it twice. It's so good!
Benjamin Mohsen Timecop the best move hit for you van damme will done mate should be happy. For yourself. From Benjamin Mohsen
Nicholas Ibis You signed a pictures of the scene where you kick the guy over the towel from this movie when I met you. Still one of my top 5 favorite movies and your best.
Veronica Ochoa Felicitaciones por el aniversario.. Por una de tus películas primeras.. De hecho muy linda.. Saludos mi actor faborito bendiciones para usted y su familia.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
12:24 09/15/2017

Hi friends! Today is the 27th anniversary of 'Death Warrant'! Is 'The Sandman' on your list of favourite bad guys? #JCVD #DeathWarrant

29.6k reactions 787 comments
Sherwan Barzani My biggest inspiration since i was 8-9 years old. I will one way or the other have my dream come true by one day meeting you and to have my selfie taken 😂❤ I love you...
Riho Raidväli I am Big fan Jean-Claude. I am from Estonia. I see your first movie, when i was 7. I hope to meet you one day.
Valentina Vale Eres mi favorito como tú ninguno mi yanclon andan el rrey del cine y de todas las películas más buenísimas que puedan existir mil y mil bendiciones para tu y tu familia
Joshua Anglin I just got that on dvd, to add to my Van Dammage collection. VHS to DVD i have my collection updated. Much love Jean Claude 😀
Francis Mahenge It's the best scare video Sandiman he was inside the oven and my all thinking was game is over then i was Wonder how he come out with power like that!? Is he Robot!?
Jean-Claude Van Damme
12:24 09/15/2017

Thank you so much, Kris van Damme! This is one of the best compliments parents can receive from their child! I love this photo with Gladys, taken on our wedding day in June, 1999! #JCVD

24.4k reactions 363 comments
Margarita Moreno Felicidades a esta hermosa pareja que Dios los bendiga abundantemente un abrazo y besos felicidades🎂🎂🎂🍷🍷🍷💓💓💓
Felix Alejandro Reyes Que belleza, te felicito Jean-Claude, que familia más linda, saludos desde Costa Rica.
Saban Fehima Halkic Fantastic man and actor you are a great💪💪 Much love to you and your good family 😘😘
Marianne Humke Best couple ever, may God bless you both and the whole family!💜💜
Muzi Nsibande Another remake of Double Impact would be fun don't you think Mr?
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:36 09/12/2017

Hi friends, this is Malavita, a very special 'Fan of the Day'! #JCVD #BestFans

37.8k reactions 965 comments
Nadine Toussaint bonsoir Jean Claude très belle animal toujours prêt à vieiller sur eux et à les aider bravo
John Chance ressemble a kiki de kickboxer un peu , heureusement tes la jean claude pour nous faire rire , hesite pas a faire le con sur ton facebook
Madeleine Persson What a cutie🐕 Malavita! Lovely picture🌞
Debb Parrish Nice Belgian Malinois! I have a Belgian Tervuren!
Nylreveb Oaima Hi sir JCVD,wow its a beautful phto,awesome and your nice dog!Blessed happy tuesday sir!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:48 09/10/2017

Hi friends! Exactly 28 years after the first premiere of Kickboxer (1989), I'm wishing you a happy weekend! Do you remember the 'Kick the tree'-scene? #JCVD #Kickboxer #HappyWeekend

165.3k reactions 9832 comments
Michael Shirley Still one of my favorite martial arts movies. You have always been one of my martial arts heroes! Thank you for the inspiration Jean-Claude Van Damme, some of that helped me get through tough times
Ot Otm Hey JCVD my friend Ghazi Ramin and Samir Aissa are a big fan of you. Their walls in their houses are full with posters of you. I'm trying to fix a date with you for them. Cuz they always talking about you. But my other friend Nordin Buduh thinks he's ...
Woody Johnson A Jean-Claude Van Damme favorite along with Hard Target, personally though, my favorite part of that portion of the film was the two pieces of meat strapped to his legs and having to outrun the dogs. Let's face it, that doesn't end well haha, but it was ...
Ignacio Lopez I'm from the coast of Chiapas Mexico and my cousins ​​and I watched your movies and especially this, then we kicked the banana trees and also imitated your dance steps at parties and that served me to conquer several girls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Karla Martinez Correa You are the one main reason my Twins are in TKD. Seeing your movies when I was a kid was some of my favorite memories. Now the are Black Belts at 9 years old. They will keep learning and hope one day they will have the knowledge and agility you have. ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:54 09/07/2017

A big thank you to Bircan for becoming my official JCVD Fanbassador Turkey! I'm honoured you joined #TeamJCVD! #JCVD #JCVDFanbassador

7.8k reactions 259 comments
Eslam Skylark Good Jean-Claude when will you build up a club in Egypt?
Wijdéne Hammami There is a fanbassador from tunisia ??
Yuri Mendoza Card I would like to be your fanbassador en Mexico!
Cecila Winn How do I become a Fanbassador
Stacey Haviv I am your biggest fanambassdor from Cif
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:54 09/07/2017

Hi friends, as promised I will announce our new official JCVD Fanbassador UK! Thank you Daniel for your help, support and becoming my Fanbassador for the United Kingdom! #JCVD #JCVDFanbassadorUK

8.5k reactions 325 comments
Sherwan Barzani I wanna be the Jcvd fanbassador in Sweden!! ❤
Norma Rosana Castro X ARGENTINA ,tu fans dsd la infancia,veo cada una de tus películas como si fuera la primera vez!!hazme el honor de ser tu fanbassadora xa ARGENTINA!
Yasmin Oudkerk You are a great person I liked very much log you and your movies
Tiina Leppänen So wonderful these pages :) and you are lovely Jean <3
Stewart Waller Great video great man looking forward to seeing your new films
Jean-Claude Van Damme
09:06 09/05/2017

Hi friends, today is National Wildlife Day! As you might know, I love all animals and I'm proud and honoured to be supporting amazing heroes, who are trying all they can to save the wildlife. Their work is very important and I would like to introduce them to you. On my website you can find a new tab, where you can learn more about them and what they do. >>> https://jcvdworld.com/species.html <<< #JCVD #NationalWildlifeDay

JCVD World - Official Website - Jean Claude Van Damme
JCVD World - Official Website - Jean Claude Van Damme

The world is a magnificent place, teeming with life. However, the human race is pushing our planet to the brink of extinction and is solely responsible for the dire straits many animal species find themselves in. Animals have come to depend on dedicated and compassionate humans to safeguard their fu...

4.6k reactions 235 comments
Nadia Mampaey That's the main reason I have an enormous respect for you! This is Pixie. A kitten I found roaming the street a month ago. Hind legs strangled with a wire. She lost 1 foot and a toe from the other foot. Now she lives a queen's life with me and my ...
Bec Knight There is an imposter going by the name of jean-Claud messaging people with the same profile pic, there is no profile or group attached to it somehow, DON'T BE FOOLED
Linda Fort Happy National Wildlife Day...Great that you do the best you can for wildlife! Blessings to you..for your kindness..
Guillam Claase yeah thx that you care about ouer animals we try to proteck them in my country but the pothers just kill them for the horns
Cheyanne Bush Hello - have you or anyone in your family been to Mabula Game Lodge in South Africa, coz I heard you had. They also have lovely wildlife there.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:18 09/02/2017

Hi friends! This is a behind the scenes photo of Kickboxer from my private collection! Soon I'll share more exclusive Kickboxer photos in the gallery of my website https://www.jcvdworld.com! #JCVD #Kickboxer

29.3k reactions 1025 comments
Lai Hm Uauuuuu.....que recuerdos....fue en esa escena donde llega ..se acerca y le.pide agua....luego juega con los niños..y por último llegaaron los matones de Fredy Lee
Karsten van der Velden Een inspiratie bron. How you sought and found a life in a big and unknown world. Thanks for doing what you do.
Neal Avendaño Que guapo eras de joven, bueno ahorita igual pero en la juventud me imagino un rompe corazones 💕, saludos dios te bendiga jcvd
Symon Karanja Cant wait for more of them...and also ones frm#nowhere to escape and desert heat...you are a living legend van damme...
Ten Shu Ohhh look a this awesome fell... oh wait a second!!! There a weird looking dog with googly eyes behind jcvd.. wtf?! 🤣😂
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