Jean-Claude Van Damme
Yesterday 06:06

Can you name all of my movies? Stream Jean-Claude Van Johnson now, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

9.6k reactions 398 comments
Muhamad Mhdawi Time cop to JCV Johnson.. You still the best actor, person and champ in what you do. Thank you Mr. Vandamme.
Jay Stone "Knock Off" is one of Van Damme's best and most insane action movies. Love every minute of it. That is all.
Bebs Achas Bloodsport is the first movie that I've watched when I was 13. From then on, I got hooked on you that whenever you had a movie, I was eager to watch it. I can name some of it. The one that I've had mentioned Bloodsport, Time Cop, Streetfighter, ...
Alberto Soriano Que puto fenómeno eres Marcos Hernández menuda rajada te pegaron en las ingles con la radial,no es normal que te abras así hermano!
Rhonda Bean Cyborg, Desert heat, Hard Target, BloodSport, Kickboxer and sequel, Double Impact, Universal Solider and sequels, Nowhere to Run, The Quest, Lionheart, Pound Of Flesh, Double Teamed , Time Cop and Legionaire are the ones I can remember at this time. I ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Yesterday 06:06

And now some breaking news! Stream Jean-Claude Van Johnson now, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

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Zabala Franklin Solo los grandes siempre siguen en la camino de la victoria y el dia q se retiran se retiran como reyes ..vos estas aun en el camino de la victoria!!!!
Daniela Martinez I always liked his movies. it's still spectacular in every way
Daniel de la Torre Only 6???!!! I want moooooooreeeee!!!!!! Very funny JCVJ!!!
Patricia Tsizafy I Love das you moviment JCVD greeting you from Patrícia In Germany fans super Movie
Megan Lamorna Hassell Jeanette Tredinnick I cant help but think the older he’s gone the more he looks like Tony 😂😂😂
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:18 12/15/2017

Visiting my statue in Brussels to promote my new series Jean-Claude Van Johnson! #JCVDLive #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

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Sonny Inan Because of my big legs and karate i can do the splits noooooooo problem
Diana de Angel Buenos días te hablo desde la ciudad ciudad de barranquilla eres espectacular
Abdul Rahim Jabare Hello sir rahim from Afghanistan 🇦🇫 hope your fine
Moises Claret awsome I wish I was there again !
Chris Davey Stanley Much Honor and respect brother
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:18 12/15/2017

Press conference for Jean-Claude Van Johnson in Munich, Germany, with Peter Atencio and Dave Callaham. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo #Germany

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Leon Jpvq Pierre Guten Tag in München JCVD schöne Zeit.
Victor Manuel Sanchez Cruz Jean Claude van Damme un verdadero chingon del cine de acción
Reyna van Damme I love you to my hero JCVD 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Maks Rogula Jean Claude van damme my champion👍👍
Samantha Van Damme Ritosa ❤ Jean-Claude Van Damme ❤ Sweet and beautiful my best actor! ❤😍😚
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:18 12/15/2017

Jean-Claude Van Johnson premieres in just ONE DAY. Damme. Stream it tomorrow, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

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Tracy Coleman Andrew Christmas comes early 😅😅😅
Cheryl Warner Looks like this will be brilliant to go and ser
Gaven Rupert Chinese sword in kenpo is the name of that technique
Thomas Breen Theo Thomas j'en peux plus d'attendre
Maritza Rivas ""::THE BEST OF THE BEST":::I LOVE YOU JCVD😙😙😙😙😙💪💪💪💪💪
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:18 12/15/2017

Jean-Claude Van Johnson is coming to Brussels! Tomorrow, 15th December at 3pm! #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo #Brussels #Belgium

6.0k reactions 214 comments
Wesley Vancauwenbergh Moet werken
Matt Capetillo JCVD is has and always been the best!!
Tosca Farris Per natale come regalo vorrei tanto una tua foto autografata!! Ti seguo da una vita!!! Buon natale guerriero bianco!!💛💛💛
Ahti Peensaar Are you good or bad this time?
Jeff Spare Mr. Jean they have no recordings or tapes against you I took ( crimespeak ) congratulations
Jean-Claude Van Damme
04:30 12/13/2017

Happy birthday to Bircan Çelik, my JCVD Fanbassador Turkey! İyi ki doğdun! #JCVD #HappyBirthday #JCVDFanbassadorTurkey

10.3k reactions 470 comments
Robert Matson Happy birthday and a marry Christmas too holidays
Ileana Peña Jean claude te admiro ; eres mi actor favorito me encantan tus peliculas , tus gestos . La repito una y otra vez
Morena Fuentes Necesito un soldado universal en las calles de Honduras que nos ayude 😞😞😞😞
Sharafuddin Nabizada Lucky Bircan Celik who gets birthday wishes from JCVD. Happy Birthday Bircan Celik 🍾🎂
Jean-Claude Van Damme
15:42 12/10/2017

Hi friends! I had a great time talking to Conan O’Brien again at Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco! Curious for more? Check: ➡️ www.instagram.com/jcvd ⬅️ ➡️ www.twitter.com/JCVD ⬅️ #JCVD #ConanOBrien #TeamCoco

8.3k reactions 173 comments
Lilia Ramirez Hola guapo muy dibertida la entrvista k tengas bonito fin de semana besos bay
Krzysztof Mazurek o.O STRANGE: 1512 Where Belgium? (Why Belgium is language German, Dutch and French - and there is no Belgian language)
Franco Aviud Ahuanari I Hahaha my great friend jcv.!! IS a wonderful actor!
Cecil SeMi Buena maestro jc.sigue demostrando que no import la edad para estar con buenos animos y en forma.
Akın Çelebi İt was funny show 😎😎 jcvd.. you are true legend
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:54 12/08/2017

Top secret footage is available for you... #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

2.4k reactions 184 comments
Minnie Minnie Hi Van Great posture stamina Good Night !!!
Abdelrahman Elshikh Your kick is fast and effective
Juan Carlos Dora, te veo con van damme como una quinceañera!
Antoni Carlos One champion Jean-Claude Van Damme
Frankie Sires I think i screamed yes at the same time As the director at The end.😄
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:54 12/08/2017

My kicks do more than just damage! Stream Jean-Claude Van Johnson 12/15, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

7.8k reactions 245 comments
Chris Parsons Do you know how to grapple Van damme? Do you know how to defend against the two legged take down?
Nylreveb Oaima Wow!Great and looks good,sir JCVD,,,Blessed Happy Wednesday and Have a nice day sir,godbless!😍👍💪👌👊💖💖
Regina Da Silva Oliveira ola Jcvj com certeza os seus chutes e ponta pés faz a diferença por isso voce é considerado um rei em artes marciais...
Markpaul Mmeli You will always be the best
Mirko Bud Good luck!! I want at least 10 seasons of this.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:54 12/08/2017

Hi friends! Do you remember this epic moment with Conan O’Brien? I’m really excited to be Conan’s guest again tonight at Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco! Don’t miss it! December 5, 2017 11/10c on TBS Network #JCVD #Conan #ConanOBrien #TBS

129.4k reactions 7013 comments
Tommy Bazzano Mahyar Van Damme reliving the moment that kickstarted his career before he went...balllllllls deeeeeeep.
Ed Aguirre JCVD I just saw u on Conan again tonight (12-5-17) and u said ur 80 year old mom runs ur Facebook page and then showed Coco some stretches hahahaha!! U are STILL the man!!
Linsey Waters Paula Spry-thank god it was JCVC funky dancing and not just any old celeb! Only JCVD can deal with audience baddies!
Ranjith Krishnan My dear super star I don't know what to express...u r really great... My name is ranjith from India tamilnadu... die hard fan of Jcvd
Abdel Halim Nice one Mr van damme always young and active u gonna be always my hero u Been hero when I was a boy and u still my hero Now After 34 years. Big respect from halimo,Morocco 🇲🇦
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:54 12/08/2017

You'll never look at my famous splits the same way again. Stream Jean-Claude Van Johnson 12/15, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

9.5k reactions 379 comments
Justin Conn But very few movies he's the bad guy
Cheryl Bradley That is a awesome split going on there. Love it.
Wouter van der Giessen For some reason I think JCVD was doubled during the split in JCVJ. It bugs me.
Tmobile Khatana Harrison He still got his moves but you can see that he's getting some age
Beezer Remmington Kilmer He can do splits and beyond like goldmember 😂😂😂
Jean-Claude Van Damme
01:18 12/03/2017

Jane is more than just my agent. She's a boss. Stream Jean-Claude Van Johnson 12/15, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

1.0k reactions 76 comments
Vega Angélica Vega I love you jean claude van damme 😍😍😍😍😍
Ramathan Nsubuga I'm the first to comment here:.. bravo JCVD.
Stewart Waller Looking forwald too seening the film
Kim Carr I would love to be JCVJ"s boss!
Marisol Cisneros 😱I want some pearl earring!!!💥💥💥💥 awesome clip🙌🏽 I need to get AMAZON😫😩😩😩😩😩😫😩😫
Jean-Claude Van Damme
01:18 12/03/2017

There's more to that Bloodsport scene than you realize. Jean-Claude Van Johnson 12/15, only on Prime Video. #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

6.0k reactions 218 comments
Valon Shala Ceco Muratovic Hahaha har aldrig tänkt på det men i varje film har han nått slag på dolmen antingen slår han eller så får han den paaaaang😂😂😂
Cristina Priscoveanu Congratulations,JCV! I can wait to see the film!You are the best actor I've ever known!
ניר מסיקה יהודה תפסיק הוא שחקן שגדלנו עליו והיה הכי טוב ואין מה לעשות אנשים מתבגרים והגוף הולך אז הוא מראה את עצמו עם בגדים מה לעשות . אבל הוא תמיד אחלה
Georgios Tentsoglidis you´re the best we want to see you in Tekken 8 ;)
Dalia Diaz Sigues siendo muy guapo, y talentoso, wuaoo qué gusto verte.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
01:18 12/03/2017

Hi friends! Read here my interview with The New York Times! I said to my mother: "Before you go mama, I'm gonna make sure I'm back in the theaters and we'll have a big premiere in Paris!" Now it's happening. She's 83, and everything I told my mama is happening now. The world premiere of Jean-Claude Van Johnson will be December 12 in Paris and JCVJ will be available to stream at Amazon Video on December 15! #JCVD #JCVJ #NewYorkTimes #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

Jean-Claude Van Damme Plays Jean-Claude Van Damme, for Kicks
Jean-Claude Van Damme Plays Jean-Claude Van Damme, for Kicks

In the new Amazon show “Jean-Claude Van Johnson,” the seemingly washed-up Muscles from Brussels gleefully sends up his action star image.

18.7k reactions 598 comments
Paulina Castaneda That is great news! You kept your promise to your mom. I know she is very proud of you. Wish I can attend. Many blessings to you and your family.
Jason Millard can't wait to watch this series.. looks fantastic. keep up the fab work JCVD and best wishes to your mum.. she must be proud 👍
George Chibanda Go for it bra great words that is wisdom owner your parents first and all blessings shall follow you to be who are today its your parents you rock my World.
David William Rose i keep watching the trailer for the show on Amazon Prime...It's going to be so good!!! Waiting =, keep checking for the first epi and now I know!
Rob Lloyd Welcome back Jean Claude, and congratulations for beating your demons and turning your life around. Onwards and upwards 😃👍
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:42 11/27/2017

‪If only I had met Bruce Lee, the man himself. How amazing would that have been? Age may be timed, but legends are timeless.‬ ‪#JCVD #BruceLee #Legend‬

92.9k reactions 1921 comments
Ron Overholt Jcvd, I wish you could have to , My brother I think did when he was training for his 8th degree Black Belt 🥋, in Karate ?? Back before his untimely Death !!
Aida Liz Madarnaz Hermosa foto...Saludos famoso y bello actor Jean Claude Van Damme...admiro mucho al maravilloso rey de las Artes Marciales Bruce Lee...es un foto muy hermosa..se la comparto...
Raquel Howard Love it love Bruce Lee and loved his movies I think you 2 would of been best of friends and would of made a great movies together love both you guys JCVD Bruce Lee both rock😍😍😍😍
Sheena Keating Did Bruce Lee inspire you to take Martial arts? Because I started watching Bruce Lee movies and wanted to do it, and I did. I learned the nunchucks because I loved watching Bruce use them
Shaun Anglo Celt Daly Jean-Claude Van Damme I have the same wish also but hopefully one day I get to meet you! Even my friends and wife call you my second father Haha guess you did teach me alot. Thank you for giving me inspiration I need to keep dreams alive.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:42 11/27/2017

Hi friends! Don’t forget to download the ‘Train With Van Damme’ app at www.jcvdworld.com! Happy Sunday! #JCVD #JCVJ #TrainWithVanDamme

16.1k reactions 566 comments
Simon Lee Fair play to you Jean-Claude Van Damme for signing every poster yourself
Kevin Jackson I can’t train van damme Drunken 🍹 🍸🍺with power Kickboxer! 💪🏻
Samantha Van Damme Ritosa I'm download app the Train with Van Damme app! Happy Sunday! I love you very much!!!!!! Jean-Claude Van Damme
Tiina Leppänen Hello handsome, I also want a poster ;) Happy sunday you too :)
Avi Voycik Love you and all your movies happy Sunday and have a nice day💪💪😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:54 11/25/2017

Watch out! It’s Black Eye Friday! #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #PrimeVideo

2.3k reactions 129 comments
Silvia Barbu Siii....Black Friday...!!
Linda Nouar Goossens HI.. MY DEAR J.C.V.D. YOUR'E THE BEST.....
Van David Lefebvre Trop hâte !!!!
Petruta Popescu Helou! Happy week-end, #Jean-Claude Van Damme! 😍😍❤❤💪💪💪
Encarnação Duarte Hello! Fantástic and have a nice weekend Kisses. From Portugal.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:54 11/25/2017

Hi friends! Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for all these years of support. Without you, I would not have been the man I am today. Thank you, I love you all! #JCVD #Thanksgiving #ThankYou #BestFans

15.2k reactions 1006 comments
George Art Yes..the best always..my art from Bucharest 😃
Lisa Montano Happy Thanksgiving much love and peace
Jolyn Bajnok Happy thanksgiving to you from me in Ohio
Raquel Howard Happy Thanksgiving to you too sexy hope you eat good food and enjoy family 😘😘😘
Reyna van Damme Hi dear Jean cvd happy Thanksgiving you and your nice family 😃❤❤😘😘😘❤👏🍸🍷
Jean-Claude Van Damme
22:06 11/22/2017

Shall I move in, Arnold Schwarzenegger? #JCVD

8.8k reactions 385 comments
Evonne Persley Both of you can come to my house for dinner I have a lots of food .
Tiina Leppänen Go ahead :) Arnold says "I'll be back" :D
Robert Ives JCVD would win most elections in any US state. Move right in!
Maritza Rivas I LOVE YOU""JCVD""THE BEST OF THE BEST"""😙😙😙😙💪💪💪💪💪💪
Mickey Mike Michael Yeees mooove in ...hahaha
Jean-Claude Van Damme
09:18 11/20/2017

Happy Birthday Van David Lefebvre, my JCVD Fanbassador France! Joyeux anniversaire ! #JCVD #JCVDFanbassadorFrance #HappyBirthday

1.9k reactions 422 comments
Larry Brian Happy birthday .best wishes from Australia.
Billy Babarino mein Sohn Elias hat heute auch Geburtstag wird 18 Halleluja
Rosa Fuentes Hello helo van damme..i lovee..argentine..salta😘
Zulya Mamadjanova Hello JCVD!❤ 🎈H🎈a🎈p🎈p🎈y🎈 Birthday🎂Van David Lefebvre!🎁
Jean-Claude Van Damme
09:18 11/20/2017

Hi friends! Ladies, gentlemen, let's train together! Lose weight, improve your flexibility, become stronger and feel better! Train With Van Damme -the basics- is now available at: WEBSITE https://www.jcvdworld.com APPLE STORE https://goo.gl/Wy4Eb5 ANDROID https://goo.gl/UzuaWQ #JCVD #TrainWithVanDamme #Fitness #Training #Flexibility #Balance #Posture #WeightLoss

15.6k reactions 657 comments
Dollar Jam's Zulu Hi good 👍 morning Wish you a blessed day
Nicholas Davos Chris Drossos haha the guy is an online training instructor. He's just unstoppable re 😂
Kaka Rott AymenAttig ach soo muss man trainieren um so krass wie JCVD zu werden 😂
Simon Olsen Her Sebastian Larsen så kan du komme til at træne med legenden selveste van damme :D
Tiina Leppänen Really great :) It's wonderful to see you in good condition :) Have a nice Saturday Jean <3
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:30 11/17/2017

Hi friends! I did an interview for the December issue of @redbulletin, talking about @jcvanjohnson and more! Click this link ⏩ http://win.gs/Jean-Claude-Van-Damme to read the full interview. The magazine will come out November 21. Enjoy! #JCVD #JCVJ #JeanClaudeVanJohnson #TheRedBulletin

29.8k reactions 950 comments
Gardwn Ahmad Kak van Damme gyan brwa bka majalman nya agina mutaba3aman akrd axr kara gyan ema xoman bwmalarza ley dawin mashxwlin mashxwl
Omary Daba Jean cloude.the king of the jungle. Woyooooooooooo.
Madeleintje Krullebol Hello jcvd Have a great day Greatings from belgium
İlker Macun Some things never get old, best wishes.
Valeria Costa Isso sim é um amigo que estar aqui diante de mim que me defendendo de qualquer um que Bia no caminho e meter porrada em qualquer um isso que é um amigo de verdade que estende a mão para ajudar sua amiga distante que gosta muito dos filhos dele Obrigado ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:30 11/17/2017

Hi friends! Here’s an exclusive photo with my makeup artist Gino Zamprioli, behind the scenes of my latest movie “We Die Young”. #JCVD #WeDieYoung

29.1k reactions 673 comments
Otis O Efetobore When will the movie be out?
Najibullah Torakai In Afghanistan you have lots of ....if you ask me I will tel you Jan CVD
Karen Mcentee Superhero well done So proud of you everyday Loved bye the world JCVD <3. :* :D (Y)
Regina Da Silva Oliveira hello my angel, you're beautiful as it used to be, I love you forever ...
Aida Liz Madarnaz Hermosa foto...le deseo muchos éxitos famoso Jean Claude Van Damme...admirable y bello actor...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:54 11/12/2017

Happy Sunday! #JCVD

12.5k reactions 1538 comments
Paul Landry HAPPY SUNDAY, Jean-Claude from Edmonton Alberta, CANADA.
Katina Mitropoulos Happy Sunday JCVD. Hope you enjoy your day. Love the picture 🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💋💋💋
Claudio Cima Siempre pensando en su fans! Gracias por ese detalle de la bandera de mexicana! #JCVD
Margarita Moreno Igualmente mi !! Amor !!! Viva mexico viva méxico bienvenido a méxico que sera tu casa por siempre gracias por estar junto a mi bandera Méxicana te amo mi Amor viva méxico viva
Alfredo Sepúlveda JCVD showing love for other then his own race its awesome, love for people no matter who you are its what matters
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:54 11/12/2017

Hi friends! Which movie do you prefer? Hard Target or Timecop? Click the one you prefer and find out if the public agrees with you! #JCVD #HardTarget #Timecop

8.4k reactions 1613 comments
Griselda Quevedo I love Hard Target! John Woo is one of the best director's in the world! JCVD love your originality in that movie!
Conejito Larios Torres I choose time cop but hard target is a great movie too ,this movie was film in new Orleans ,mister jean Claude the best ever 😎my hero
Kathryn Dash I'm a fan of both but I'm sure I've seen Timecop the most. I can say that because I watched it last week lol
Jason Lee I've watched both of them plenty of times, and they are both great movies! If I'd have to choose, I choose Hard Target. I love watching your movies Jean-Claude Van Damme!
J'mar Tarafa I can't choose, I love both theses movies equally. Just saw Universal Soldier: Regeneration, gotta say Mr. Van Damme, this one is really good.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
06:06 11/10/2017

Train With Van Damme - NOW AVAILABLE -By and with JCVD -24 instructional videos in 8 weeks -Now $19,99 -Less than $1,- per video -Lose weight -Improve balance, flexibility and posture -Train wherever and whenever you want -No special equipment needed Let's do this together! WEBSITE https://www.jcvdworld.com APPLE STORE https://goo.gl/Wy4Eb5 ANDROID https://goo.gl/UzuaWQ #JCVD #TrainWithVanDamme #Fitness #Training #Flexibility #Balance #Posture #WeightLoss

9.2k reactions 505 comments
Ani Bazikyan I'll buy the CD if muscles come with it 😢💪 LOL
Niles Gramson In what video do we train to jump up onto two chairs to do the splits? I'm just gunna skip to that one.
André Braun Thank you very much Jean-Claude Van Damme, but I get every morning to bodybuilding.
Miles Novena Dimension mr Jean-Claude Van Damme do you think your training would suit for a disabled person?
Junior Edison Cambry Great work of body movement.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
06:06 11/10/2017

Hi friends! Here’s a compilation of some small clips I made, travelling from Bulgaria to Mexico. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and turn on notifications if you don’t want to miss a thing! Enjoy! #JCVD #Bulgaria #Germany #Mexico

4.4k reactions 160 comments
Marisol Cisneros I'll definitely take a look at those clips🙌🏽😘♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️💋♥️
Borbála Simkóné Thank you, my dear favourite JC!! Welcome from Budapest!!❤❤
Dollar Jam's Zulu Hi jean-claude Take shaft travelling See you then
Cvetan Ivanov Have a great trip and you are always Welcome in BG !
Carl Monroe what about Belgique? You are their best export.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
17:18 11/07/2017

Hi friends! I challenge you, ladies and gentlemen, to train with me! Do you want to lose weight, feel better and more balanced? Download my app and train with me the JCVD-way! My body is your best proof! Let's do this together! WEBSITE https://www.jcvdworld.com APPLE STORE https://goo.gl/Wy4Eb5 ANDROID https://goo.gl/UzuaWQ #JCVD #TrainWithVanDamme #Fitness #Training #Flexibility #Balance #Posture #WeightLoss

18.8k reactions 928 comments
Cynthia Nunez I joined! Will you be discussing what to eat?
Alana Forbes Ryan I'm seriously considering signing up
Paul Berson Hi Jean-Claude Van Damme Awesomeness Wonderful Wow 🏄🥇🏋️🤸‍♂️🚴🎊🥇❤️
Rob Lubinski Tom Chance Matt Lubinski Chris Lubinski I'm going to combine this with DDP Yoga. My life is about to change....
Tyler Bevars Bryson Magnino. Be sure to download this. Heard it’s just the final fight scene from bloodsport over and over again.
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