Kenny Chesney
11:00 09/21/2017

So proud of my team down in the islands. Thank you all for supporting the #LoveForLoveCity Foundation. #hurricaneirma #hurricanemaria #noshoesnation #usvi #bvi #virginislands Donate: http://bit.ly/LoveforLoveCity

10.9k reactions 270 comments
Rosalie DePina Mccoy If i c ould keyy give in a heart beat im in the keys doing a gofund me prayets to all were praying maria dont hit us in the keys devastated here. So many have lost si much but continue to smile a f offer help. Thats the conch for you love ur music ...
Patty Freeborn Thank you Kenny! With people like you our beautiful islands will rebuild! And we'll all toast to you at Ivan's and the Quiet Mon in the near future!
Regina Polzin Justice I really want to help medically. I am a pediatrician that does medical mission trips through OM. I have a passion for the islands and yearly go to St John and St Croix. I am trying to find a way to take a team with medicines and medical help for the ...
Marion Knowlton McArthur Thank You Kenny Chesney. You are truly helping the world. Other performers are too involved in politics and running their mouths, while you are truly helping the human race. Actions speak louder than words. We need more like you and yours.
Jacquie Janco Kenny, I am from Philly and I heard how you sent your private plane to bring those two teenagers home to their mom here in Philly, you truly are an angel!!!!!
Alicia Fox
19:48 09/14/2017

Dear #904 🙌🏾 I'm #finally #otw #hurricaneirma #volunteer #help here 🖐🏾!! cya soon 🌈✨🙌🏾 #homesweethome

248 reactions 13 comments
Kevin Perelman LAPD setup - For speaking out - #cnnireport #FoxNews #cnnbrk #NBCNews - at KevinPerelmanTarget Wordpress com
Michael Donalds Alicia fox-WWE
Michael Brant U will make it foxy
Courtney Spacekowboy Rooks OMG. You from jville?
Kenny Chesney
09:24 09/16/2017

We’ve launched a line of limited edition merch to support the #loveforlovecity foundation. All proceeds will go toward helping the islands recover from the devastation caused by #hurricaneirma. THANK YOU for spreading the love, No Shoes Nation. http://bit.ly/loveforlovemerch

5.4k reactions 378 comments
Lisa Schnepel Mordes Our family loves St. John and we love some Kenny Chesney so we are definitely going to support them both!
Jo Caron Thank you Kenny for all you do for St John, did for Boston, do for the reefs, and especially thankful for your music 🎶 We love your heart
Caroline Roth Epstein The next shirts should definitely say… A little messed up, but we're all all right 😜 Tanks greatly appreciated here in FL!
Lori Crank Love St. John and St Thomas. We were there last year. This is such a tragedy and we really need to help these folks out. I'm ordering mine
Billie Rohde Toland Ordered ours and donated...Thank you Kenny for organizing! Continued prayers, hugs and much love for you and all our island friends! ❤️
Kenny Chesney
20:36 09/13/2017

Help here: http://bit.ly/LoveforLoveCity #loveforlovecity #hurricaneirma #relief

7.1k reactions 344 comments
Kathleen Alves Kenny, Thank you for the glemises of the island. Family friends run VIERS, some of my mother's ashes are their. My heart is broken knowing the horror that the people of the island faced. I just barely get by yet when my mom pasted, We took some of ...
Julie Sheffield just watched, and saw cruz bay near ferry dock and the spice shop...no more, made me cry, Making a donation now, i encourage all my friends who love St John to do the same.
Pamela Neville Kenny - God Bless you and everyone in the Islands, our love and prayers are with you. It will take time, but all of us will help you to rebuild what was lost in this horrendous storm. Love you! <3
Shelley Ryan Koch Andrew, Cheryl - heartbreaking. And yet incredible the voice Kenny Chesney is giving to the tragedy so people can see and hopefully, help them!
Wende Welch Goncz The USVI/BVIs are so amazingly special -- and so sad how devastating this storm was to the islands -- all the help is desperately needed -- and it's truly a time for all hands on deck - thanks Kenny for getting the word out - and helping to start the ...
Kenny Chesney
20:36 09/13/2017

Talking to Anderson Cooper 360 tonight about the islands and the #LoveForLoveCity Foundation. #hurricaneirma #ac360

2.5k reactions 170 comments
Mark Homiak First MSNBC, now CNN??? Ugh!!! Well, at least you're getting the word out in person, because otherwise they won't tell the truth!
Bill Mc Good man Kenny sad to see what happened to St John , St Thomas and Jost #loveforlovecity #skinnylegs #coralbay #ivansstressfree #soggydolar I will return
Christina Akel Williams I watched so sad 😭. You are my fav, and I bet my kids $5 if one of them could guess who you were, they know the music but wasn't sure they knew you. Anywho I lost $5 to my teenager. Lol $ well spent
Wendy Boyce Schramm All that really matters is that someone does something to help others! Do what you can...small $$ , big $$ goes a LONG way to those who have lost everything!!!!!
Corissa Isenhour I think it is amazing what you are doing to give back to a place you love and spread the word most importantly. I donated and bought shirts to help also. We love the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. Not even a storm can take away the magic of paradise. ...
03:54 09/13/2017

We ARE With You! Text “IRMA” to 90999 to give $10 to the #RedCross. #HurricaneIrma Thanks to Steve Arik for sharing his photo with us.

1.1k reactions 13 comments
Chase Marcott Thom Clark
Antonio Aguilar Mendoza Angel Abod Gonzalez
Lex Wargo Michael
James Finelli Ken Finelli Al Picazio Bruce Batten
Jillian Gibson Lol Hayley Gibson show dad
Alicia Fox
19:48 09/14/2017

I'm #blessed that #Florida stayed on the map... when I can finally return to #904 I'm here for volunteering!!! I'll find you... #help is on the way!! 🙌🏾🦊 #hurricaneirma #mylot 😘

288 reactions 13 comments
Michael Brant God bless foxy
Czarina Lorein Bayot oh No...
Robert Dobler Are you ok?
Ben Lazones Glad you're ok Alicia. Keep safe girl. <3
Becky Comer Glad your ok
Kenny Chesney
20:36 09/13/2017

In the studio recording music to help the Virgin Islands. For those able to help now, here's how: Donate: http://bit.ly/LoveforLoveCity #LoveForLoveCity merch: https://kennychesney.com/store #hurricaneirma

20.5k reactions 621 comments
Terry Jordan Thank you Kenny for being there for our beautiful little island and the beautiful people. I had no doubt that you would step up and do what you can. It certainly will be a long healing and rebuilding process but it will happen. St. John Strong!
Colleen Peppers Phillips We have been going to the BVI's for 20 years, we love the people of these islands. They are very kind, honest, hard working people. We would love to go help them clean up and rebuild. All we can do right now is donate what we can. Thank you for helping.
Nicole Goodyear Just spent time this summer w/ my best friend & family who moved to St Thomas one year ago.....Finally spoke to her Saturday morning! She told me the island is destroyed! I hope to help in any way w/ the rebuild of this truly amazing place!
Richard Worthy How about you host a concert at the Soggy Dollar, or Trunk Bay Beach etc.. in a few months? People will have to buy tickets, rent hotels, rent cars, rent boats buy food. This would be a great way to stimulate the economy once they get back on their ...
Amy MacDonald Consolatti My sister was able to call via satellite phone from coral bay which I her words everything is gone. I know our boat Breath is one of the boats gone. The coral bay community (a lot of boaters) is in desperate need of the following supplies bug spray ...
Ricky Gervais
10:06 09/13/2017

So many lives being devastated by #HurricaneIrma. Help ShelterBox provide relief to families.

Hurricane Irma sweeps through the Caribbean
Hurricane Irma sweeps through the Caribbean

ShelterBox is on red alert and prepared to respond, as Hurricane Irma sweeps through the Caribbean towards Florida.

707 reactions 53 comments
Craig Macdonald Well Ricky Gervais give your millions away
Jack Martin Ahhhh they will just breeze through it
Shelby Coleman But...people are sending their prayers. That should be enough shouldn't it?! 😂
Jeni Braeger Don't forget the wildfires!!!
SupremeLord Cheezus When do we pray and light some candles, should sort everything out like usual
Petra Nemcova - Official
15:06 09/11/2017

Spending time with angels in #Rome and asking them for their support for everyone impacted by #HurricaneIrma. Sending strength, love & #Prayers 😇🙏😇

190 reactions 7 comments
Aaron Kaggie ❤️cute dress❤️
Jan Doseděl
Christopher Robson love the dress,look wonderful
Andre Scott Hi Mss Nemcova do some or sum or few worship humans as " angles " a second generation lead out of Deuteronomy to be sexless an living Atonement ?
Andrea Konizhay Кохана Петра!Вони нас чують і помагають!Скоро все внормуеться! Я попереджав всіх про катастрофи і вони сталися!Я приіду до Праги і почнем працювати разом по програмах! Кохаю Тебе і всіх благ для Тебе і всесвіта!
Teddy Riner
08:24 09/12/2017

#hurricaneirma #irma

3.1k reactions 77 comments
Charline Genton Martinez Bien de le dire. Mais les aider par rapport aux degats, y a bcp a Faire.
Tavi Ro-fra Ce n'est pas normal. Emmanuel Macron le président de la République française savait depuis une semaine avant du parcours de l'ouragan et ils n'ont rien prévu il pensait que l'ouragan passe et ne détruit rien ce n'est pas normal. Il devait déjà des ...
David Lemaire Méfie toi de ce que tu entends ou lis, l' état et Infos racontent ce qu'ils veulent, et c'est loin d' être la réalité des choses, j' ai contact depuis hier avec mon ami d' enfance qui vit lâ-bas depuis pret de 20ans, et c'est pas du tout ce qu' on ...
Anne-Marie Benoit Verepla Nous savons que tu es un bon gwada , tu feras tout pour aider ton peuple
Antonio Toni En dénonçant la fausse presse qui minimise le nombre de morts et l'irresponsabilité de l'état face à la situation peut-être ??!
Kenny Chesney
07:48 09/11/2017

To everyone in No Shoes Nation who has reached out asking how you can help... from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. We've created the Love For Love City Foundation to help provide support for the US and British Virgin Islands which were just devastated by #HurricaneIrma. These people and these islands have meant so much to me throughout my life. All proceeds will immediately be directed toward supporting those affected. Please donate what you can and share. #loveforlovecity DONATE HERE: http://bit.ly/LoveforLoveCity


As daylight is hitting the islands, and we’re really getting a sense of how bad this all is&helli...

16.9k reactions 517 comments
Samantha Daye Morrissey Thank you for all you are doing to help them rebuild. My aunt lived there and goes back at least once a year. I'm looking forward to going next year for my first time. May God bless you and everything that they lost.
Jeannie Gale Borders Kenny. You are truly amazing. Thank God for.people like you. Maybe you can start a hurricane aid. There was a farm aid.
Natalie Hokanson My heart just breaks for the islands. Kenny - you are the one who sparked this love with your old blue chair album. I think a No Shoes Radio benefit concert would do Love City (and No Shoes Nation) a world of good - especially if it had a live stream ...
Tiffany Kidd Wormuth Former St Thomas USVI resident here...Once an islander always an islander💜...My heart breaks for everyone living through this devastation...Thank you KC for your constant love for the island communities...you, no doubt, will have a significant impact on ...
Jayson Rice Thank you so much for setting up this fund! My brother Elden Murray Rice Jr has been living on St. John for the past 10 years. I have had the opportunity to vacation there with my family a couple times now and know the beauty the island has to offer. ...
David Ortiz
13:54 09/09/2017

‪Prayers up for everyone affected by #HurricaneIrma ... 🙏🏿 if you want to help, donate here -------> www.iamaction.com/irma

555 reactions 21 comments
Morenito Sincero Como
Sharon Ziegler 🙏
Cristian Santana Coronado Amén
Kathleen O'Neil Sarkisian 🙏😢
Diane Adams Prayers sent!
Alicia Fox
18:12 09/09/2017

🦊🙌🏾✨ stay away 🌪✨#hurricaneirma 🙄

605 reactions 20 comments
Michael Donalds Alicia fox-WWE THAT'S MY GIRL!
Levita Benjamin Maldonado Beautiful
Jesús Armando Cool Ramírez Hermosa
Jeff Rawlins TGIF FOXY ♡
Anthony Strossi Jr U need to stay safe foxy
Alicia Fox
18:12 09/09/2017

Waiting for #hurricaneirma like... #Chong @freshprintsofct

83 reactions 9 comments
Mahamat Ali Ibrahim Béchir Alicia vs Nia
Jon Paul #420 foxy
Elias Rivero Smoke this
Michael Brant Not a great 💡 i hope everyone make it through the 🔥ok.
Michael Brant When we was friends on Facebook i enjoyed leaving u messages backand forth.
Donald J. Trump
18:00 09/10/2017

A message to my fellow Americans. #HurricaneIrma

164.8k reactions 11347 comments
Carleen Alcorn Nunes I love that he speaks directly to the American people through social media. Kind of like FDR's fireside chats. Thank you President Trump for your positive and encouraging words for those affected by the hurricanes.
Anne Marie Peterson Thank you for taking so much crap from everybody all the time. Stay strong and focus on the positive messages Mr. President. You are appreciated by many. I hope we can all come together through your term and become A united nation.
Jamie Brantley Swope I have nothing but love and great respect for the President. He's not perfect, but he's doing everything he can to fight for every American even in the face of insurmountable criticism and backslash. He's always got our backs❤MAGA
Fred-Theresa Moschiano It's amazing to have a President that actually loves this country again and it's people, after 8 years of a traitor. It's a breath of fresh air.
Chris Chickeral As a Democrat, I sincerely wish we could speak intelligently with each other and truly understand that despite our vote for Trump's opponent we do not want Trump to fail! We want our country to be governed with a good hand, keep us safe & protected and ...
Robert Griffin III
18:54 09/09/2017

Don't play around with this storm people get out now. The material things can be replaced. Your life can not. #HurricaneIrma

974 reactions 35 comments
Kenneth Davis Great advice, thanks
Billy Land Wish we could
Gene Jefferson Some ppl want to play the wrong game
Steven Williams Come on back home httr
Delores Pinkney Thank You!
Donald J. Trump
05:06 09/08/2017

I encourage EVERYONE in the path of #HurricaneIrma to heed the advice and orders of local & state officials!


A compilation of informative tweets from Florida re: Hurricane Irma. I encourage EVERYONE in the path of Irma to heed the advice and orders of local and state officials. As Governor Rick Scott said, "We can rebuild our homes, we can get our possessions again, we can't rebuild our families."

27.5k reactions 2757 comments
David Bradly Charlton Praises to Gov.Scott... Made tolls free, told hotels to allow pets and closed all schools in the state friday and monday.
Anthony Conrod As a Lithuanian watching it baffles me how Democrats can be so cruel to this 78year old man that's done more for his country in 5 months than has been done by the previous POTUS after 8 years in office! Mind boggling how brainwashed you liberals are! ...
Jenise Brennan Unfortunately many that would like to get out of it's path in Miami can't. They were dumped by their cruise ship with no resources (no food, no water, no transportation out). The cruse ship left for safe calm water and dumped it's travelers in harms ...
Ed Swanson no offense Mr. President, however I am a disabled United States Marine, living on $1500/mth income who does not drive, n though yes I was paid a week ago however after paying my bills child support and the rest am now broke. I have ptsd anxiety ...
Sandra Keith Thank you President Trump. You did great with Harvey, now we in Florida need your help too. Thank you for being there for us, please keep us in your prayers. God Bless America!!
01:42 09/10/2017

Florida residents and visitors, please be diligent. Evacuate where needed. Stay safe. We will be back bigger, better, stronger. #HurricaneIrma

6.9k reactions 226 comments
Tolotea Tia Petersen Stay safe and prays to all
Joanne Oneill Prayers to everyone there . Stay strong stay safe!!
Kim Haddock Prayers hugs and love from Georgia!!
Jonathan George Zehdar-Gazdecki Thanks for making Miami chill.
Kenny Chesney
19:00 09/08/2017

As daylight is hitting the islands, and we’re really getting a sense of how bad this all is… I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been in war, but the devastation, the people’s faces in a place I know by heart have left me feeling helpless. It’s total devastation. These are people who live off the sea, who depend on it. They live right there and it’s gone. Most everyone’s displaced. They are frightened, confused, and they don’t know where help is going to come from. Those lives have changed, and will never be the same. Those small islands are hard to get to and they rely on each other to get through what life hands them. For all of them though they’ve been where I’ve leaned for emotional and creative support for fifteen years because they are so generous. I don’t know right now how we’re going to do this. But I want to help. I want to enlist my friends to figure out the best ways to make a difference, to help in whatever ways, small or larger, that we can. I’m blessed with so many great people… We’re already talking, trying to figure out how to get in there. And I know the No Shoes Nation is mighty. They’ve dug in before and made a difference. I have a feeling once we have our plans in the place, they’ll be there again. Give us a few days to figure this out. Pray/send good thoughts to everyone who’s been effected or is in the path of #hurricaneirma. This is unlike anything they’ve ever seen from St Maartens to St Barths to Puerto Rico then the Caribbean and onto Key West. Be safe. Tell someone how much you care. Remember to Spread the Love. More Soon. https://fsdirect.link/b/3irX

76.5k reactions 3991 comments
Jim Terkelsen Kenny. My wife and I met you in Anegada not long ago while we were sailing the islands and shared our story with you. We are anxiously waiting for words from friends on the islands, but so far the devestation is staggering. Most people in the States ...
Heather Chesney Prayers Kenny I know how much the islands mean to you!! This is such a terrible tragedy 💔 I'm heartbroken to see these pictures you are such an amazing human being you will never know how much u mean to us 💜💙 yes we will help in anyway we can we are no ...
Wendy Brown Messick Thank you Kenny!! Showing once again what an incredible, thoughtful & creative person you are. As a proud member of your "No Shoes Nation, we will follow your lead! Take care, God Bless☀️🙏🏻❤️😘
Alice Mcnamara God will make a way Kenny ; praying the right people , ideas and money come the way for these good hearted people. Miracles happen daily . Love for all human beings should be our collective goal. Where's the love at. Happy to donate when you make ...
Suzanne Moulton Molina You're the Captain we are your swabbies. Figure out what, how, and where you want to deploy and Nation will be there. I work for Nasa and most of my friends are in Southern Florida. We just got through helping Texas. But I'm here for you. Hugs and love. ...
Kenny Chesney
19:00 09/08/2017

No Shoes Nation, please pray for all my friends in the islands. #hurricaneirma

77.4k reactions 4429 comments
Doug Beckman No shoes nation has got your back bro. Been watching closely I have friends down there and in Soflo too.that storm, what a shame.🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
Madeline Vasquez Fort pierce Florida is battening down the hatches right now. Saying its going over us Sunday night. Praying for a hard right. In Jesus precious name. Amen.
Nancy Piorkowski Lord, I ask that you calm the mighty waters & douse the roaring fires. Please spare all Your children of this earth. Bring them peace & joy. Do not let them perish in these times of disaster. Keep them safe & well cared for as I know You can do. You are ...
Donna Lynnette Coleman Praying... now you'd know what I'd do for a year off go and help everyone to recover.. not to be mean cause I love everyone however, I am so glad your not there and got out of there.. thank you so much..I couldn't sleep all night thinking and wondering ...
Cynthia Lass Praying for everyone affected by this hurricane Irma God bless all of yous pls take care of yourselves and get out now before too late once it gets to florida
Alicia Fox
05:18 09/07/2017

#hurricaneIrma #chillpill 🕺🏽✨🌪

317 reactions 13 comments
Kevin Perelman World wide groups STUCK in their mental illness lies - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/world-wide-groups-stuck-in-their-mental-illness-lies/
Pierre Cantin Indian Princess -...
Serhan Kaplan <3
Fowler Standre Hol
Quinton Holland Please leave WWE soon
Alicia Fox
05:18 09/07/2017

I'm praying #hurricaneIrma takes a #chillpill 🌪👀 ✨

334 reactions 6 comments
Michael Brant We will be safe
Van Mccall You look beautiful I love you alicia fox
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Anthony Strossi Jr Hope your somewhere safe foxy
Robert F. Caffrey Stay safe Alicia Fox.
Melissa Joan Hart
21:42 09/05/2017

#HurricaneIrma #Repost

1.3k reactions 72 comments
Thomas Ortiz Looks like the weatherman sneezed as he was projecting the path.
Michelle Fillon-Payoux Oh crikey....stay safe xxx
Svend Nilsen Can't say they don't know. Afraid to look stupid🤔
Matthew Weinstein We are in the crosshairs at the moment.
John Francis Jr Koziol Joshua Tuhy I am in the path of any of them cuz i live in central Florida

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