Ricky Gervais
Yesterday 03:48

Extra Amsterdam date added! Friday 16th February. Tickets on sale here: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/artist/ricky-gervais-tickets/30988 #Humanity

294 reactions 74 comments
William Santos I can smell the coffee already..
Michael Nyvang Is there a need to pray. are you so disparate?
Karel Beer how come I cant get you to come to Paris?
Pamela Backus Happy Holidays to you and Jane Fallon
Abigail Koopmans Yes
Ricky Gervais
02:12 12/11/2017

Can't get over the amazing Berlin arena crowd last night. And the Hitler stuff went down better than anywhere else. My world tour was definitely more fun than his. #Humanity Coming to Netflix 2018

2.9k reactions 90 comments
Terry Flowers Fuk sake ....youve got some front.....by the way .I've caught your cold ...
Jean Jacques Gelee I can't remember the last time i laughed that hard for such a long time. Thanks a lot for your show.
Joann Schnupf 😭 didn't know you were coming to germany
Mina Moo Bozic It's not a 'world' tour if you don't come to South Africa! Please!!!
Matt Bingley I'll remember the Leeds night fondlyπŸ‘
Ricky Gervais
10:12 11/28/2017

I've played to millions of people in arenas around the world, including LA, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. But this week I play the big one...Leicester! Haven't been this excited since Watford. #Humanity

1.5k reactions 127 comments
Christine Kelly Holy shit! That is a fuckton of people to see one dude try to be funny! Good luck to ya πŸ˜’
Theresa Valenti Ciarmatori Hey, choke on THIS, trumpie!! Makes your "crowds" look pathetic.
Emma Lee You have the Midas touch!
Steve Blackwell The biggest crowds ever...yuge...
Paul J Bentley What about Jersey! Thanks for making it over. Awesome.
Ricky Gervais
07:00 11/18/2017

Bristol! Tickets for #Humanity go on sale at 10am. http://bit.ly/RickyGTickets Good luck!

152 reactions 36 comments
David Selwyn Rhodri Martin
Elise Watson Australia - why are we not on the β€˜world’ tour? πŸ˜”
Amanda Burke When are you coming to Australia?!
Joshua Wilkins James Evans
Nathan Packer Keep me in the loop Ricky Gervais πŸ™
Ricky Gervais
03:48 11/08/2017

120 gigs down, a few more to go. Leeds, Berlin, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver #Humanity 'THE defining stand up tour of this generation'

730 reactions 128 comments
Andrew O'Brien But, just not that funny.
Marty Stewart If only we could see this tour in nz or even Sydney or Melbourne Australia.
John Firth See you in leeds 😁😁😁
Tony Dear Australia too far for Rick...Duncan from Dragons Den worth 350 million...that should annoy him..
Chris Ferguson The word tour continues :)
Ricky Gervais
10:06 10/21/2017

Thanks for all the love for my #Humanity show. it's been an amazing ride all year and I've never had a reaction like it.

1.2k reactions 73 comments
Rodion Murtazin http://i.amz.mshcdn.com/q0OFNlnYUO2AHJdXTGzdLA65jLg=/fit-in/1440x1440/uploads%2F2016%2F9%2F12%2Fnazinightrallies_10.jpg
Michelle La Velle Haven't seen it yet, but I know its good
Dan Castle Saw you in Birmingham, world class!!!
KimBo Fowler That’s an awesome lot of people
Nancy Sorenson Can't wait to see Ricky Gervais in San Francisco in January.
Ricky Gervais
21:18 10/18/2017

Thanks for all the love for my #Humanity show. it's been an amazing ride all year and I've never had a reaction like it.

1.1k reactions 112 comments
Jem Hughes Brilliant show Ricky , had an amazing time on Saturday. Hope you have a good long rest.
Scott Brokenshire When is the DVD being released? So I can wait a few months and buy it for $3 at a car boot sale?
Simon Khan I've never laughed so hard before Gervais! The Oxford show was just amazing πŸ˜‚
Deanne Walsh Puhleeeeeeease come to Australia!!! We love you too πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž
Mark Munn An animal loving atheist, kudos, and a great comedian.
Ricky Gervais
19:42 10/13/2017

Leicester sold out immediately. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and everyone who tried. I'm sorry I can't do more dates. #Humanity

382 reactions 95 comments
Daniel Paul Watts Load of shite, sold em all to touts. No tickets for real fans shame on u
Kelly Russell Thank you for playing the smaller venues - love you for this!!
Ross Arbogast Will there be a tv or Netflix special
Lee Mark England Excellent show in London on Tuesday night.
Ricky Gervais
19:42 10/13/2017

Leicester! I'm bringing #Humanity to De Montfort Hall on 29th November! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am. Good Luck!

Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais

Find Ricky Gervais tickets in the UK | Videos, biography, tour dates, performance times. Book online, view seating plans. VIP packages available.

221 reactions 54 comments
Jon Ganley Stand ups shit mate
Sharon Bellchambers Lynne Roberts
Catherine Middleton A U S T R A L I A plz x
Joakim Sandor Will. Is that near you!?
Melissa Kelly Come back to Toronto πŸ’—
Ricky Gervais
19:42 10/13/2017

Absolutely loving my month in London and can't wait to bring #Humanity back to North America soon: https://www.livenation.com/artists/56364/ricky-gervais

448 reactions 47 comments
John Masters I could use that 50...
David Gutierrez Rojas 'That's not real money... Do you know why?'
Catherine Middleton A U S T R A L I A plz
Jennifer Baker Coming to πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί?.......please
Ken Smith Please come to American Music Theatre in Lancaster, Pa. The national leader in Puppy mills. Draw attention to these shameless, heartless assholes.
Ricky Gervais
06:54 10/11/2017

Big #Humanity Interview in Event Magazine: http://dailym.ai/2fZVIe6

1.5k reactions 106 comments
Jane Wright Ricky Gervais I'm sure you've been a vampire in your past life πŸ˜‚
Josh Rimokh The man is a comedy genius.
Rachel Mackinnon You have a great smile. PS my mum lives round the corner from you, she tried to nick your builders.
Irina Bandrabur is this coming to a dvd at some point?
Phillip Tullio I dare you to say you are Mohammad you weak prick.
Ricky Gervais
05:18 10/06/2017

I'm here, London! #Humanity

1.9k reactions 84 comments
Matt Sarah The black ones suit you better!
Mags Meredith great pic Ricky luv'n'hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Glen Swain Oh, have you been watching Lucifer too? Great, isn’t it!
Doug Delveau You look different somehow... new hairstyle? no that is not it...
Ilaria Loria And I'm there on Monday for my birthday!! Straight from Rome, can't wait!!!
Ricky Gervais
16:30 10/03/2017

San Francisco! Get your #Humanity tickets here: https://www.livenation.com/artists/56364/ricky-gervais

634 reactions 54 comments
John Hughes Can you go to Vegas?...
Kristoff Broon I want more Rockbusters
Chandra Petrzelka can't wait!
Rob Barlow Ridiculous prices..no way
Elizabeth Hi Watch out for yellow dicks!
Ricky Gervais
03:42 10/01/2017

What better way to commemorate my record breaking #Humanity tour than with a life size silver skull?

682 reactions 78 comments
Mitchell Highnam Damien Hirst didn't think it warranted a diamond encrusted one, eh?
Andy Chilvers With all the cash you have,it should be gold
Simon Livings A stuffed hunter or two on your wall would luck good mate
Lorena Morales Aparicio Why do I think of the film "Closer?"
Ghislaine Anderton Well, it'd be better if you added a pink...oh.
Ricky Gervais
03:42 10/01/2017

To the 13,000 people who just made my night in Copenhagen, I fucking love you! #Humanity Cheers!

4.5k reactions 223 comments
David Banks What an amazing show! Thank you Ricky! You had us in stiches🀣🀣🀣
Suzan Avus Thank you for the best evening! My throat is sore from all the laughing πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Rikke Γ…kesson And you made my friday night, Bobo. Please come back to Denmark, better soon than laterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†
Camilla Øhrberg Fog Amazing evening! Thank you for being so NOT politically correct. 😊
Katrin Gaardbo Kuhn You were fab; thanks for the best laugh in ages! Bobo....
Ricky Gervais
14:54 09/28/2017

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! Really looking forward to playing your humungous indoor stadium this weekend. See you there. #Humanity

3.9k reactions 192 comments
Lara Louise Hamilton How did a naked lady get on the rock?
Lara Louise Hamilton Sick of it! So jelly! Dan Medzy He needs to come to Australia.
Alex SjΓΈrslev Come to Aarhus next time πŸ™‚
Mark Holland You look more elegant than I remember you Ricky
Robin Howell Now I'm hearing Danny Kaye singing this from "Hans Christian Andersen"!
Ricky Gervais
14:54 09/28/2017

San Francisco! Get your #Humanity tickets here

Ricky Gervais Upcoming Shows
Ricky Gervais Upcoming Shows

Find all tickets for all Ricky Gervais upcoming shows. Discover Ricky Gervais concert details and information. Explore Ricky Gervais photos, videos, and more from past shows.

220 reactions 43 comments
Ryan Devine Lizzie Clitheroe this is for you!
Meg Rittenhouse Murphy Cassie Murphy, you should go!
Katherine Song Declan Robb? Yes? No?
Anny Holmstedt Is that you? Cute! Got ya!
Brendan James O'Molony How about a Cape Town tour?
Ricky Gervais
13:18 09/23/2017

Good Luck getting #Humanity tickets tomorrow. Have a peaceful night.

1.4k reactions 65 comments
Jay Jackson Do you mean that in a nice way?
Sadi Richards I'm not sleeping how can you say good sleep bye Ricky Gervais
Alex Higueras A trailer to soften the blow of another delay.
Megan D Montague Have a peaceful night Ricky πŸ’œ Thank you 😊
Francesca Milone I got my tickets for SF,CA.!!! See you in January!😽❀️
Ricky Gervais
00:30 09/21/2017

#Humanity tickets for Leeds, Berlin & San Francisco go on sale Friday 22nd September at 10am local times.

450 reactions 121 comments
Nick Farrington God when you mock the Church yeah?
Carri Mallard Dame Edna, check. Billy Connolly, check. And now Ricky Gervais is coming to San Francisco. My life is complete!!
Austin Wellman A fifty? Really? You can do much better than that.... It isn't even $100!
Lisa Schnaubelt Berlin!!!!! I never thought you'd come there. "Only" about 550 km away. I'm gonna try my luck.
Shaun Hodgkins You aren't funny without Merchant.
Ricky Gervais
22:54 09/15/2017

Off to Oslo for the weekend to play this monster arena. No pressure. #Humanity

994 reactions 93 comments
Lia Kinsley Make sure you take Jane so she can meet up with her friends!
Paul J Bentley Its the next logical step up after our sports hall in Jersey!
Col Clay Just be funny and they'll love you.
Suzanne Webb You can't be nervous, there's hardly any seats there lol
Tim Ramsey You'll be fine, it's empty.
Ricky Gervais
22:54 09/15/2017

Exclusive: I'm bringing my #Humanity show to Leeds in December. Tickets go on sale next week. Good luck!

275 reactions 111 comments
Mark Reid Suck my cock, it's Blackpool rock
Alex Leslie Not much of an exclusive when you announce your own tour you twat
Hannah Geddes Richard Munro gunna try for these!!
Andrew Hornsby Christopher we should go mate!
Zaza Giorgadze Ricky Gervais Any more European cities on next year? I mean outside UK?
Ricky Gervais
22:54 09/15/2017

New York! I'm bringing #Humanity back to The Garden in October. Tickets here: http://livenation.com/artists/56364/

264 reactions 39 comments
Hayley Mottram Are we getting the tour in Australia?
Ofelia NuΓ±o This is what I get??πŸ€”
Michael Featherston Come to Adelaide
Robert Webber You get around Ricky
Eldar VΓ₯ge First Oslo on saturday πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚
Ricky Gervais
21:18 09/10/2017

Thanks Amsterdam. You are fucking amazing. See you next time. #Humanity

1.6k reactions 131 comments
Bibiana Waldorp Had a great time, thanx!
Angela van der Schilden Thanks, you were great!
Maurice Du la Thuliphe You were amazing Ricky Gervais! You Hampstead c u next Tuesday . xx
Michael Giling It was an awesome show Ricky Gervais !! see you next time bobo the chimp!
Claudia van der Wijk I had a great time, thank you.
Ricky Gervais
19:36 09/05/2017

Seattle! I'm bringing #Humanity to The Moore Theatre on January 27th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.

262 reactions 79 comments
Jess Mackey I knew you'd listen to me ricky!
Melissa Quinn Is humanity going to be released on DVD??
Angela Hergstrom When will you come to Australia Ricky?
Tom Pullin Please bring fish and chips instead...even if they are a bit soggy
Kim Shoard Billy Millest we will see it before this one!
Ricky Gervais
19:36 09/05/2017

San Francisco! I'm bringing #Humanity to The Masonic on January 24th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.

332 reactions 64 comments
Eve Vuillemainroy πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Rosanne Wood Is that 10am West Coast time?
Kristen Flowers-Steele HELL YES! So excited!
Kelly Keeton Ohhhhhh I wanna go!!
Joe Murphy Were you in Ipswich the other day?
Ricky Gervais
19:36 09/05/2017

I will be bringing #Humanity to San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. Tickets go on sale next Friday. Stay tuned for more details.

1.4k reactions 255 comments
Martha Deere Ricky - Come to Portland! We always get skipped over for Seattle.
Nancy Hoffman When you're in San Francisco you ought to go visit Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. They rescue senior dogs from high kills shelters. But they like cats too...
Jenna Hamilton Yes!!!! Woot woot now I just better get tix for vancouver
Andrew J Winston There's zero benefit to seeing a comedian live.
Corey Elkins Kendra! How awesome if he's here when you can be
Ricky Gervais
18:00 08/31/2017

Canada! If I promise to play Vancouver, do you promise to be as amazing as Toronto? #Humanity

3.8k reactions 422 comments
Jason Ducharme Toronto has nothing on Vancouver. Just make sure to save me two seats!!
Andy Cross You should only come to Vancouver if you want the best crowd you've ever performed in front of! Your move Gervais...
Eileen Moriarty Johnson When are you coming to Vancouver πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ You will love Vancouverites. Brits love Victoria too hint hint.
Sarah JT Haha, as a Torontonian and having been to your show, them's fightin' words for the rest of Canada. Haha
Suzanne Vardy Yes!
Ricky Gervais
05:12 08/29/2017

Thank you Jersey. You are amazing. Au revoir! #Humanity

485 reactions 66 comments
Sean Tandy You were incredible, thanks for a great evening
Victor Shkolnik Why don't you help flood victims in Texas instead??????????
Christian Badsted At least use a 100'ed you poor bastard.... ;-)
Peter Barnes Burning money....
Melissa Dootson Should of used a Jersey pound note!
George Lopez
03:06 08/29/2017

So @realdonaldtrump pardons #sherrifjoearpaio Interferes with the judicial system , goes above the law . By doing this #pelosmelapela #45melapela has divided this country in half , its not okay to racial profile or believe you are above the law ! So if this is how it is 8 months in #sad no good will come from this #boom #Repost @ileana_palmieri ・・・ @Regrann from @sirpennypacker - "I'am America first!"β€”Ana Navarro --- 🎀πŸ’₯#educate #idiots #bigots #racists #ignorance #trump #hypocrite #healthcare #empathy #crooks #civility #corruption #humanity #investigate #collusion #trump #injustice #justice #education #dumptrump #impeachtrump #donaldtrump #equalrights #lies #lgbt #transgender #repost @actdottv @meraulll - #regrann

7.5k reactions 739 comments
Marisa James Everyone already knows weather they like it or not Mexicans are indigenous here with Natives...no such thing as a "Mexican" illegal or immigrant. They are Migrants...going to & fro between homelands.
Robert Miller Soo were gonna forget about chelsea manning who leaked sensitive info and was put in jail to also get surgery to become a female all while the tax payers payed for it? πŸ€”
J.c. Romo What happened to ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL?, isn't ILLEGAL to break decisions a court has been made to a crime? Or the "President" pardons because the US court doesn't know how to judge? If the clowns of Trump and Arpaio hate latinos so much why they don't ban ...
Levi Littlefair I think its funny how the Mexican family's cry about splitting apart but don't use the money to save the family but send it back to Mexico so explain that to me please because as I am Spanish and Indian and white and an a proud American! Do it right ...
Anthony Potwin He is sending the message that our Immigration laws will be followed and if you want to come here do it the right way,and if you don't then you will be dealt with,and had these laws been followed decades ago we wouldn't have this illegal immigration ...
Ricky Gervais
03:36 08/24/2017

I'm bringing #Humanity to the lovely little Island of Jersey next week. Please prepare the finest veggie cuisine and chill the champagne.

2.2k reactions 161 comments
Joanne Anand I hope they make you a plant based lasagne as good as mine RG! with lashings of champagne! <3
Simon Feldheim Has Ricky ever replied to anyones post? What an egotistical dick, fuck him deleting now!
Geoff Walton Keep it to yourself, but I hear they have some pretty decent potatoes πŸ₯”
Dave Hageman vegetarians are racist. Whose to say a lettuce's life isnt worth as much as a flounder's?
Jennifer Havill Say hi to Mont Orgueil castle for me. Jealous, haven't been back since 08.
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