Alicia Fox
15:06 11/14/2017

Oh you’re cute @itsmebayley #baby!! #photobomb 🦊✨😳#teamraw 🤡 #crazytrain #surviorseries #houston

467 reactions 43 comments
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Johnny Glover My Favorite People
Michael Bales You both are the bomb.com....Baby
Bo Howard Dude really
LeBron Jenkins 🔥🔥❤❤😍😍😘😘
Alicia Fox
15:06 11/14/2017

We’re ready NOW!!! Welcome to #teamraw @itsbayleywwe 🎪✨#captain #fox 🦊🌟#crazytrain headed to #surviorseries #houston 🙌🏾✨

376 reactions 53 comments
Ferch Aleman Pues son las unicas del roser a quien mas podia meter? A brooks?
Mbuyisazwe Return Mbotho Love you fox show great leadership
Tee Hardy Why Bayley?
Felix De Reginald Finally you included Bayley i hope you guys win am always team Sasha Banks
Quinton Holland I hope bayley hugger freaking get hurt at survivor series
Larry King
09:06 11/01/2017

Back in LA after a fun weekend in #Houston watching the #WorldSeries! (well, except for last night. That was not fun.)

23 reactions 3 comments
Thomas Joyce No joke.
Lynn Lobliner The end wasn't but the rest of the game had to be.
Alan Ana Kennedy ... See you in Dodger stadium behind the plate again ! LA will rally ! ...
Pau Gasol
19:06 10/14/2017

‪🏀 ¡IT'S GAME DAY! 👉 Pre-Season San Antonio Spurs 🆚 Houston Rockets #Houston ‪#GoSpursGo‬

1.9k reactions 24 comments
Bryll Iting idol✌✌✌✌✌✌
Saleem Zafar Ayy
Remi Pla Martorell 👍👍
Aim Arayaskul Gasol Gasol
Marie Dugan Mucha suerte Pau!
George Lopez
17:30 09/05/2017

#Repost @theinsidedrop ・・・ POTUS visiting a shelter in Houston. #DonaldTrump × #Houston × #Texas

6.0k reactions 1288 comments
Brenda Guzman-Miranda I just don't buy it.....of course he went, he would've never lived it down if he hadn't....but I'm glad they are receiving the help they need, the cameras are not too much, I'm sure. If I had just lost my house, car, the last thing I would want is a 📷 ...
Nikki Marie Shedd For everybody saying he should've done this the first time. It was probably because he had an itinerary aimed at avoiding the worst-hit areas so as not to pull emergency responder resources from ongoing search-and-rescue operations.
Ruth Vela Fakefakefake only doing it to so he can get reelected again...and morons who vote him in will defenitely will be the cause of America going down the drain...
Em Vee Not a fan but when someone is doing a good thing, give creds. He is socially unconscious. Being around children is good for the soul and understanding the plight of those in need is a positive thing. Enough of these experiences might wake him up. ...
Sheila Daniel Wow is that all it takes to forgive someone for all the Vile, Disgusting things he has said and done. Well why ya'll are clapping he signed into a effective where police don't need a warrant to enter your home. It is in 3 states but plan on expanding to ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
23:12 09/02/2017

We want to invite you and your family to our special “Hope for Houston” weekend services. We believe there is power in community coming together to celebrate the goodness of God. Everyone is welcome! Invite a friend, bring your family. Please note that childcare will be provided only up to age 2. #hoUSton #HoustonStrong #LakewoodChurch

17.2k reactions 1246 comments
Elaine Jordan-Tinajero I want to say thank you to the Osteen's and Lakewood Church for being the example of what you teach in your sermons. We are asked to love each other. I believe that you cared about the safety of everyone and making sure that you had everything you ...
Bob Krantz Joel God bless you for all that you do as his faithful servant and he only knows how much we need your positive uplifting messages on a weekly basis
Enrrique Fuen Mayor Hello ! By the way I'm not a hater but a person that understand this man is no a honest man , this man is getting richer on behalf of his lunatic fanatic followers on the name of Jesus . He figured Church becomes a shelter =no income Bad person ...
Valentín Zamora Don't let the haters get you down. Thank you for your work!
Lala Covarrubias We love Joel! God knows your heart so keep positive. We wrestle not against flesh but of principalities in high places. Father God has you!
15:06 08/31/2017

Help Support #Houston! ALL proceeds of this "Houston Relief Tee" will go directly to American Red Cross. blink182merch.com

1.7k reactions 98 comments
Yoshio Martinez Abel Esquivel
Denise Herrera Daniela Sanchez MIRA WEYYY
Justin Reyes I want it !!! :-0
Kelsea Marie Eitel Kyle Segura
Dave Mac Nice shirt!
Alicia Fox
03:42 09/02/2017

#prayingfortexas #houston #hurricaneharvey 🙌🏾🦊✨

128 reactions 11 comments
Michael Brant Am also praying and i donate
Dante Mayes Amen!
Belinda Mug 🕊🕊❣❣🙂🙂💐💐💐💐🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏yes ♥🌹🌹🌹
Silas J Campbell Jr AMEN!
Jordin Sparks
05:00 09/01/2017

‼️www..gohomeharvey.com ‼️ We are The M.A.D. Girls, Inc. ...our mission is to HELP. Period. My mom, Jodi Jackson, is experiencing Hurricane Harvey right now with millions of others. Right now, she's one of the few lucky ones who is dry. In February, me, Nichet and my mom were in Houston for the annual Jordin Sparks Experience, during Super Bowl week, where we partnered with local organizations to make a difference in the community. And we did. We forged relationships with some amazing local people and other charities and want to do it again. We want to help and will help. If we don't raise a dime, we will still help. We are on the ground and have others on the ground who are willing to get their hands dirty with us. We are tiny but MIGHTY and we WILL make an impact on behalf of all of YOU. Your donations will go directly to help as many as we can during this catastrophic event and we will show you exactly what we are doing with it. We are already identifying families that we can help right now. We are also preparing to get a crew together to help cleanup and rebuild in the aftermath. If you want to help this is how: ❤️ Pray for this city and the millions affected. ❤️ Donate to help us purchase supplies and help those with immediate needs now. ❤️ Donate regularly to help cleanup and rebuild after. We're in it for the long haul. Our initial goal is only $20,000, but we hope to raise much more! Please share, share, share! You can follow my mom's Harvey Experience on Facebook www.facebook.com/jodibsparks #GOHOMEHARVEY #hoUSton Thank you! All donations are tax deductible.

710 reactions 16 comments
James A Harris Jtscars Get it!
Nickson Machange nice phot
Darnell Ballard wow is your mom the white one? she's hot lol
Marie Johnson Prayer's
George Lopez
15:54 08/31/2017

#Repost @americanredcross ・・・ "The rains keep falling, but help is here - and more is on the way." Catch our latest update on #HurricaneHarvey from the George R. Brown Convention Center in #Houston. #RedCross

398 reactions 38 comments
Cyndi Soriano https://www.youcaring.com/portaransasvictimsofhurricaneharvey-915410
Hector Granados I'm willing to go down there and help
Christian Mathes Red Cross does keep most the money
Macey Jacob Y'all didn't do this good at hurricane Katrina
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Alicia Fox
11:36 07/13/2017

#aboutlastnight thank u #houston #ootdstyle #raw #fashionfox #foxyladies #foxygentleman 👗🎩👑

1.2k reactions 25 comments
Johny Good Sweet heart
Bobby Comer We love your sexy outfit and you honey
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Nathaniel Freeman Johnfe My crush
Alicia Fox
11:36 07/13/2017

Oh ladies of @wweglamsquad you da best.... how would I've known about all the #lipstick in my teeth 😁💄💋 #houston #ootdstyle #raw #foxyladies #foxygentleman #iphone #selfie 🤠 #texasborn

1.2k reactions 42 comments
Nathaniel Freeman Johnfe My crush
Craig Kieselmann Beautiful Foxy.
Donny Zint Very Pretty
James Kitchak Very beautiful
J'Moul Montell Love you
Alicia Fox
22:48 07/10/2017

Ey #Monday #youthinkyourefancyhuh 🎠✨✨🤸🏾‍♂️💨🌪😳✨#sneekattack #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun #foxyboys #foxyboys #photojunky #selfie #houston

779 reactions 14 comments
Michael Brant Hope to see u. tonight on monday night raw.
Tee Hardy 😍🌹
Luis Robledo Very sexy
Keith Schiebel You are sexy af
Peter Hayes Love you 😘 boo
Enrique Iglesias
00:54 06/21/2017

thank you #Houston!!!

36.3k reactions 448 comments
Natasha Orlova McArthur Why not San Antonio? It was a good concert! Lol. My ruski ass dance my heart off . Love Enrique!!!!
Mary Guerrero Loved every minute ❤️
Emily Lara Love u Enrique! Cant believe i was so close to touching u hope to get VIP next time!
Emilia Iglesias Mi quique te extraño necesito fechas para argentina, tAqui te espero con tu nuevo admirador #jack #miguel#iglesias. Saludos Tkm
Flor Garcia Increible tu consierto enriquie inolvidable me encato tu forma de tratar atu publico tienes un gran corazon que de fasinada
00:30 03/13/2017

Hung up on you!!! Never seen anyone like her EVER! The Greatest of All Now and Forever!!! #Houston #Repost @Whitney_has_swagg

3.5k reactions 61 comments
LaTiska Clark-Kirkwood There will never be another ✨✨✨🙋🏾
Monroe Bates Stage presence ,voice ,beauty ,and full of soul .
Simon Schenk So true... the one and only... ✌🏼
Atiya White #truth
Arlene Cuadra Go Whitney she was good Lucky I saw her live she was good awesome singer
Jimi Hendrix
19:06 03/12/2017

Just a few visual reasons why Alex Kluft from Loudwire called the Experience Hendrix Tour "... THE guitar tour of the year to see and keeps the spirit and music of Jimi Hendrix alive and well." Don't miss "the guitar tour of the year," TONIGHT in #Houston at Revention Music Center. #HendrixTour presented by Fender (Photos by Leslii Stevens)

1.5k reactions 16 comments
Lee Mather Come to Scotland and see
David Gordon A must see !! Awesome concert !!!
Micah Gummel Great show not to be missed!!!!
Clara Clark Hey Joe! Where you going with.
Clara Clark One day! I will play like that! Practice.practice!
Jimi Hendrix
17:30 03/07/2017

JUST ANNOUNCED! Eric Johnson will make a special guest appearance on the 2017 Experience Hendrix Tour. Don't miss these special engagements in #Dallas, #Jackson, #Houston, and #SanAntonio later this week. Learn more and get your tickets now at https://goo.gl/bejoqG #HendrixTour presented by Fender

1.2k reactions 17 comments
Rob Williamson Wow, that gig is going to be huge.
Dave Hoffman OK. That put it over the top. Tickets purchased!!
Tha Ropers Anything Hendrix!!!.Yes indeed Eric Johnson.
Caro Otten Perry Quici
David R Guinther Have you guys heard of the east coast? Guitars work there also.
Dita Von Teese
00:18 03/03/2017

By request, a picture of #chickentittle after the show. #burlesquestar #showbizchicken ✨🐓✨See you tonight, #houston! (🐔glamorized by @itshollywoodbabe)

833 reactions 29 comments
Courtney Taylor Piton Sanchez
Natasha Mcaulay Craig McKenzie
Nada Simijonović Darija Pavlovic 🎀
Elizabeth Castellanos Marijane Gray
Ricco Sales Andressa
Dita Von Teese
00:18 03/03/2017

Thanks for a great first night, #Houston! I hope you liked the #Texas shaped confetti I had cut just for you and #Dallas! 💗

2.3k reactions 35 comments
Murray Oi Oi Wattam Enya Horton
Milena Bielczyk Roger Budzynowski chcę go.
Abbie Mata-Castillo Kenisha Williams IM ECSTATIC!!!
Veronica Montelongo Te amo
Sarah Natale Julia Cobrinha bem hétero
Dita Von Teese
11:30 02/28/2017

We've arrived in #Houston #adventurecat @aleistervonteese loves cruising through the airport like this. He's never been a normal cat, he's traveled all over the world with me since he was a little kitty. #burlesquecat #catsofinstagram #devonrex

41.7k reactions 1895 comments
Josh Faust I actually love this. That cat is the real winner.
Jess Keddie Bec omg i want that cat <3 or the hairless one soo pweeetyyy
Luke McGrail you shouldn't be pushing your own luggage. if you are interested, I'd be happy to be your body man.
Liz Kelly Hmmm. Quarantine in Europe and a LOT of other countries is 6 weeks to 3 months. In a cage. Altho you can visit daily.
Clare Donlon See that John?! The cat travels quite happily with her at the airport 😀
Dita Von Teese
11:30 02/28/2017

Snapshots from last night's #artoftheteese meet & greet in Atlanta! I love this part of the night, love seeing your outfits and getting hugs and letters to read later 💌 We are off to #Houston now for raucous Wednesday and Thursday night @hobhouston artoftheteese.com for tix, [email protected] for meet & greet info 💋

6.7k reactions 70 comments
Tracey Auld That dress tho 😍
Arely Peñuñuri who is the gir in pink hair? <3
Jo Bear Awesome outfit Dita😻💖🎼🌹🎶🌈🎹💝🎸💜🎃🎶
Mike Tracy Love Dita
Lisa Romero ❤️❤️❤️ the Faux Bettie Bangs
17:12 02/25/2017

Goodnight #Houston. Thank you!

6.1k reactions 65 comments
Donald G Hill Great show. Loved every minute. :-)
Mark Wilson Why are you not coming to Glasgow very sad at this
Barbara Ankiel Can't wait for Warszawa in Poland
Igor Seredkin Спокойной ночи мне недостаточно. Я поэт России-Игорек. Позор ему живущему сладким перцем.
Gabriel Iglesias
18:36 02/20/2017

Houston, thank u for 20 years of love and support. Time for Taco Palenque 😃 #gabrieliglesias #fluffymania #FluffyGuy #Houston

10.3k reactions 267 comments
Tony Aranda Hey Gabriel, why haven't you ever hosted Saturday Night Live? I would love it if you would. What do we have to do to get you on? Let us know.
Christina Renee Rayburn Me & my hubby had a awesome time !!! Tickets were a night mare to find because we found out you were in town Sunday at noon but had tickets in our hands within the hour !!! Loved everyone on tour with you could not stop laughing ❤️
Amelia Nesseth So disappointed I received an email that the Knoxville TN show was cancelled 😔 was taking my sister for our 30th birthday celebration 😔
Teresa Barbara Simkins I want to see him so bad at the Delaware State Fair, if I can get the tickets when they go up for purchase before being sold out cause I have a feeling they will be
Garrett Scarborough Loved the show tonight. My first ever comedian to see live and you and the crew made it the best. Something amazing to come from our dark times here in Houston.
Jordin Sparks
21:48 02/02/2017

10 years already & I've loved every minute of it! Goodness! Ready to make a difference, this Super Bowl week, in Houston! Want to know more about The M.A.D. Girls, my foundation and what we do? Head on over to themadgirls.com! Link in my bio. #imay #SBLI #houston #JSE2017

230 reactions 7 comments
El Hadji Alioune Diop Thank you ,
Walter Brown your!!..a!!..blezzing!!..of!!..courze!!..iZee!!...and!!..hear!!..you..luv1 #shadowangelz..shadow....shadowtribe
Nikkie Weaver Congrats on 10, successful year. And no reason not to believe the next 10, want be successful or as successful as the last 10. Keep up the good work.
Gerard Piqué
23:12 02/01/2017

A big friend Manu Seuge brought me the Falcons shirt! Great present! I'm ready for the Superbowl this Sunday! #houston #superbowl #ryan

25.2k reactions 225 comments
Maurice Capusan Matt Ryan isnt better than Tom Brady😏
Rebeca Gonzalez Padilla Grande pique no cambies nunca xk personas k digan las cosas a la cara ya no quedan visca el barca
Jonathan Youngs That famous team: The Houston Falcons
Dita Von Teese
13:00 01/26/2017

Hello? Do you have your tickets for The Art of the Teese yet?? #Chicago #Detroit #GrandRapids #Toronto #NewYork #Boston #DC #Atlanta #Houston and #Dallas Visit artoftheteese.com (link in bio) for ticket information. #ArtoftheTeese #striptease #stripteese #glamour #burlesque #Swarovski #ditavonteese (crystallized by @itshollywoodbabe, Special thanks to @swarovski)

1.7k reactions 77 comments
Byianca Vasquez When are you coming back to San Francisco 😭😭😭
Jennifer Schlick I thought tickets were like $30-$60?
Jess Gerbutovich wish you were coming to colorado! 🖤
Deidra Karch No I don't, but I want that phone! Lovely! 😍
Jessica Ann Boggs Kaputa Yes, I do! Gonna make quite the evening of it, too!
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