18:24 05/19/2017

I went from skeptic to believer! See my transformation on #HollywoodMedium TONIGHT on E!

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Amanda Henry Yeah he seems amazing..., he'd probably freak me out. Looking great jenny. Love the glasses...
Ann Tanasi she decided she is a Republican !
Nicole Gallagher Danielle Gallagher
Michael Debecker 2night on E aaaayyyy
Michael Debecker Want 2 know more Just ask. Asking is a privilege
Eva Longoria Baston
20:06 05/19/2017

So excited to share that I got to experience Tyler's gift. Don't miss me on the return of #HollywoodMedium TOMORROW on E!

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Emma Noa Noavera 💐💐💐💐
Jenni Oune Matt 😍😍😍😍😍
Raysha Brown Cool, The Medium have a tremendous morning. 🙂♊
Eva Cisse Une amitié sincère, c'est l'amour
George William Gockel I will see your new moive Eva.

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