Chris Paul
00:36 03/21/2017

The best way to show you care is by doing. I loved giving back to the community of New Orleans during All-Star Weekend. Go to NeighborhoodofGood.com to find volunteer opportunities and stay tuned for the story of my work in NOLA! #HereToHelp

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Matt Antetokk youre my fav pg ever!
Garbienne Em Moise Awww
Garbienne Em Moise Make room for American born US kids no difference
Streaming Live NBA <- Join us my friends :) !
SayHa Francisco 😁
Chris Paul
00:30 02/11/2017

NOLA! Donate your time this weekend and get access to an exclusive State Farm #NeighborhoodSessions performance featuring DJ Khaled and me! You don’t want to miss this! Sign up here: http://st8.fm/NOLA #HereToHelp

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Chris Gabourel We need to get rid of the GM's...not the players
Collin Duffy Always a class act when it comes to CP3
Loretta Tomplait Looks like Sean Payton as a youngster....To meeee anyway
Susan McCown So awesome CP3.
Amanda Torres Awesome ♡
08:36 11/30/2016

It was great to give back to Chattanooga with State Farm. Visit st8.fm/heretohelp to learn more and share this video to show support for music and arts education. #HereToHelp #GivingTuesday

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Aletha Lee-Lee Wartson Love it I watched the whole thing it touched heart
Casonta Bradley Monique Harper look at Melique ❤
QueensBornlady Davis Love you usher but I hate state farm
Jessica Thomas Christine Sopko Shumpert, is Usher teaching at Cameron's school now? 🤗
Tina Pegram I watched this...he truly is a wonderful role model...makes me love him even more!!!

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