Alessandro Del Piero
00:48 03/21/2017

Auguri a tutti i papà! #ADP10 #HappyFathersDay #festadelpapà

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Flora Pessot Tanti Auguri anche a te, superfantastico papà!
Emanuela Critesi Auguri a te splendido e meraviglioso papà ❤
Maria Gabriella Podrini Auguri capitano anche a te ❤❤❤
Simon Lavall Auguri anche a te Alessandro
Maria E. Giuseppe auguri anche a te papa piero sei grande
11:24 09/12/2016

Happy Fathers Day To The Coolest, Funniest, Bravest, and Most Loving Father! Daddy, I am so grateful for you. Truly grateful how you've always been there for me whenever I needed. Grateful for how you loved me growing up. Because of your love, it has given me the true understanding how to be loved. You are the best!! #HappyFathersDay

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Kandi J Cornell Happy Father's Day, Sir! ENJOY your day.
Tamala Taylor Happy father's day
Thea BasilaShvili Happy fathers day. Wish i could write the same on that day )))
Doris Cox Happy father day bless you
Leslie Livesay Happy Father's Day
Naomi Campbell
11:32 09/12/2016

#happyfathersday Quincy Jones #lloveyou #pape ❤️❤️❤️❤️????

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Eugene Doto Adri Dokita Un grand moment !
Doris Williams Cute photo
Auok Deng Happy Father's day
Onabanjo Dapo so tender, so close, guys
Inna Baranovski Love you Naomi ❤️???
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
11:14 09/12/2016

Rock your #DadBod! We come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Either way.. OWN IT! From myself, Jon Bass and our bad ass/dysfunctional Baywatch Movie family to yours.. #HappyFathersDay. ???

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Itty Bitty Greg Gonzales. Thought about you and your Dadbod comment. Lol. Own it!
Michele Jordan You got to try to work it if you got it!! And if you don't then get it! Work out eat right ! Like you do Dwayne ! It can pay off !❤️❤️❤️
Helen Clas Happy Father's Day Rock? your baby is so blessed to have a awesome, Strong Father, enjoy with beautiful celebration ?
Adam Holland Rock has two kids, and no "Dad Bod" in sight. So much for that!
Karan Singh Please rock i want that u should make 4 movies in a year like akshay kumar really miss u...
Rascal Flatts
11:39 09/12/2016

No greater blessing in the world than being called "Daddy" by these two... #lovesofmylife #happyfathersday - @DeMarcusFlatt

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Kay Bradshaw Love your music hope to see you live one day
Cheri Janson Beautiful children!!
Pam Blackley Leger Hope you enjoyed your day.
David Russell I can't agree more Jay, Happy Fathers Day!
Peggy Gibson Ramirez Beautiful kids Jay! Happy Father's Day!
Michael Phelps
11:47 09/12/2016

I'm a proud daddy! #happyfathersday

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William Webster And you should be... and may the Lord keep him and watch over him always!
Pamela S. Jones Burner He is so precious. Guard him so closely so he can enjoy and most of all love his mommy and daddy
Nadia Soto de la Rosa Mira que bello adorable el tritonsito durmiendo que hermoso felicidades papa bala saludos y un fuerte abrazo
Amanda Gann Gayler He is perfect! And kudos to you and Nicole for having the car seat positioning on lock! ??
Esperanza Ortuño Este bebé es un gran motivo de seguir adelante para Michael Phelps.
Bob Saget
11:44 09/12/2016

Me and my dad, Ben Saget, my incredible kind and hilarious father who I will always miss. And I am so fortunate to have the best three daughters a human can be blessed with. #HappyFathersDay everyone.

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Brenda Huff Fabulously fantastic photo of son and dad cooliest one
Amanda Coats Happy Father's Day! ?
Natan Kotlyar Happy Fathers Day!
Nikki King Happy Father's Day
Autumn Bender Happy Father's Day Bob
Trish Stratus
11:53 09/12/2016

Max whipped daddy up some French Toast, served with a side of homemade card and keepsake from school. It was the perfect brunch for daddy!! I'm so proud of the daddy Ron has become to Max, he really is killin it in the dad department I must say! We love you daddy! #happyfathersday ❤️#mydadismyworld? #montessoricrafts #frenchtoast #toddlersinthekitchen

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Melanie Lynn Trish you are one amazing mommy! Who would have thunk it that not too long ago you were spanked by Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Jacqueline, and by Chris Jericho a couple times, and a few others I can't remember at the moment lol to being an amazing ...
Roberto Crocitti It would be nice to see Ron every now and then.
Abigay Demic oh my gosh.
Sheri Burnside Looks good
Rose Ann Harbour adorable
Carmelo Anthony
11:49 09/12/2016

To all the fathers that strive to be role models out there #HappyFathersDay

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Bri Fullard Happy Father's Day
Marilyn Hudson Happy Father's Day
Angelina Davis Happy Father's day!
Omar Rodz Felicidades desde puerto rico.
Leslee Cee Fathers Day Blessingz Melo?
Russell Westbrook
11:49 09/12/2016


43.3k reactions 339 comments
Danilo Tiago Like a Father, like a Son.
Thomas Jabbar #Whynot fashionking
Luzia Dos Santos Faria de Oliveira Young
Moonfire Relitz Handsome men happy Father's Day
Anes Hebib He looks younger Than westbrook
Alicia Fox
11:58 09/12/2016

It's a great day to count my blessings for my parents... #happyfathersday dad! And my (and all) Single mommas working hard should be celebrated too happy #fathersday #mom ❤️?

4.4k reactions 66 comments
M Mitchell Taylor Walters Is she married
Golam Mostofa I wish u love & happy life.
Tuấn Anh Alvin Love you Foxy
Huntre Ivy She is beautiful sexy
Higelin Lukusa beautiful picture fox
Sarah Silverman
11:43 09/12/2016

To the man who came to every single game, I love you, Dad #happyfathersday @RantsFromBoca http://www.whosay.com/l/yOGbObS

17.0k reactions 203 comments
Keith Miller I hardly Recognized Sarah without the disguise- the Mustache and cigarette hanging. What a gorgeous gal.
Franklin K Phillips Damn! your cute - you, not your ahhhhh Dad - I mean - ok, he's cute too .
Martin Salzbacher i'm binge watching too much curb for a second there i thought it was larry :)
Ross Mann maybe its just a hat, maybe you were having a bad hair moment, but...is that product placement?
Seth Aldridge I just had this weird moment where I forgot I followed you and assumed I was friends with your dad on Facebook.
Stephanie McMahon - WWE
11:51 09/12/2016

To Paul "Triple H" Levesque who helps with school projects, gives great big hugs, and cracks Dad jokes.. We couldn't love you more. #HappyFathersDay!

80.8k reactions 1190 comments
Dave Peters Its really cool to see the guy that once was a "degenerate" and then like the biggest villain in wrestling turn out to be a really awesome person in real life.
Jennifer Dixon Thank u Stephanie for showing these amazing pictures & letting everyone know you all are down to earth people like everyone else! Happy Fathers Day Paul!
Brandy Leigh Thomas Absolutely love seeing this side of Paul. So far removed from the HHH persona on TV. He obviously loves his girls very much. Happy Father's Day Paul "Triple H" Levesque!
Keenan Hampton Tell Paul keenan hampton said happy Father's day. Love all you guys alot. But for goodness sake please bring sasha banks back pretty please. Have a great day you guys
Vann Powell Little Girls have the tendency to turn the biggest baddest guys into mushy hearted teddy bears. Mine certainly did.
The Royal Family
12:01 09/12/2016

#HappyFathersDay! Watch The Duke of Cambridge join a Heads Together Father’s Day breakfast with dads, mentors and the children they support. The Duke of Cambridge talked to dads and children of all ages along with mentors and the children they support, at a Heads Together Father’s Day breakfast earlier this week. The Duke also wrote an article for the Heads Together website about how the campaign, which he is spearheading with the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, wants to help dads and father figures have the confidence to talk to children and each other about their feelings. Read it here: https://www.headstogether.org.uk/fatherhood-and-mental-health/ Heads Together is encouraging people who are celebrating Father’s Day to take the ‘Heads Together Father’s Day Challenge’. The Duke compèred the light-hearted quiz challenge for some of the dads, father figures and children at the Father’s Day breakfast as well as hearing their personal experiences of parenthood and mentoring.

5.3k reactions 212 comments
شاهر خديدة الشركاني #اوقفوا_الابادة_الايزيدية #نحن_مع_الايزيديات #StopYazidiGenocide #StandForYazidiWomen
Basim Shingaly #اوقفو_الابادة_الايزيدية #نحن_مع_الايزيديات #stopYazidiGenociden #standforYazidiWomen
Anibal Hernandez Blanco Happy Fathers Day, Family. Feliz Dia de los Padres, Familia.
Mikdad Murad Ismail #اوقفوا_الابادة_الايزيدية #نحن_مع_الايزيديات #StopYazidiGenocide #StandforYazidiWomen
Naef Khudeda Tamo #اوقفوا_الابادة_الايزيدية #نحن_مع_الايزيديات #StopYazidiGenocide #StandforYazidiWomen
Shaquille O' Neal
11:48 09/12/2016

Happy Fathers Day To my Dad and all the fathers out there. Because of this man, I am who I am today !!! #happyfathersday

41.8k reactions 340 comments
Barry P Hall Shareef O'Neal your dad is one of the all time top 50 in NBA!
Nadieh Khoshamooz I am so proud of you and your family SHAQ-Have a Happy Fantastic Father's Day! Enjoy each other, I lost mine 25 years ago, It hurts:(
Nicole McAdam Happy Father's day Shaq!!!
John Page Shaq, when are you going to run for office. The Governor!
Dan Banga Well said big man. We are who are because of them. #happy_fathers_day_to_them_all
11:15 09/12/2016

To all the dads around the world #happyfathersday

23.5k reactions 149 comments
Aaron Neal Happy father day
Andreas Kuhnert Happy FATHERSDAY ☺
Terris Muhammad Happy Father's Day :)
Tracy Marie Babcock Hartley Happy Father's Day!
Valeh Jackson Happy Fathers day to you my bro, I love you AKON
Sachin Tendulkar
11:18 09/12/2016

The person I always looked upto and wanted to be like. #HappyFathersDay

422.7k reactions 1195 comments
Dinesh Reddi The proudest person in the world would be your father. ... having a god as his son...
Deepak Negi प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी द्वारा डिजिटल इण्डिया का पहला कदम अपने android मोबाईल का उपयोग अब घर बैठे online work करने में करे और 5000 से 50,000 रूपये हर महीने कमाये वो भी बिना कुछ खर्च किये बगैर। आपको क्या लगता है हम झुठ बोल रहे है या आपको बेवकूफ बना ...
Lipika Sharma Sachin is not only famous for the cricket but also as a good human being.
Lal Singh Mehta ?Part time job without investment "NO REGISTRATION FEES" #champcash. Earn 10000-15000/- monthly by working 2 hours per day. ?Its Government Registered company,contact me on WhatsApp i'll provide u all legal documents. ?For more information Type ...
G.k. Divakaran Nicr pic . Who knows that one day the small kid became the Little Master of cricket and proud India on top. Happy Fathers Day
11:21 09/12/2016

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty." - Author unknown #HappyFathersDay

34.2k reactions 238 comments
Lorraine Tomlinson That is what you call a blessed family ...in full function ....
Brent Sprague Missed you guys at The Gorge, hope to see you soon! Happy fathers day!
Missy Blair Happy Fathers Day guys.
Cat Curtis I love this!
Luis Salas Es tan cierto. It's true. My regart from Costarica.
Bill Cosby
11:33 09/12/2016

Today's reddit #AMA starts now. Come ask me anything: #HappyFathersDay

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Nancy Bowden #MMMExtra We need more people who love helping others and not be only into life for themselves! #MMMExtra
Chris Rouleau "We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." ~John F. Kennedy. Many thanks to the man who has given so much to so many, you're tops with us, Bill. We Support Bill Cosby.
Susan White we have the same birthday july 12th! <3
Bobby Bass Hi Bill, I am living in assisted living with a friend of yours who attended Temple
Bill Cosby
11:33 09/12/2016

What's your Dad's name? http://bit.ly/1xZNuS3 #HappyFathersDay

469 reactions 762 comments
Evan Rock Elvis
Mary Potter Taylor Tom Potter was my biological dad now he's my heavenly angel and Art Simons is my step dad!
Donna Gary Mcclenton Willie
Glenessa Taylor Glenn Taylor. I miss him every day. <3 #HappyFathersDay
Kathy Harwell Raymond. Most of his siblings called him by that name & not the nickname Ray.

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