Jeff Dunham
04:54 06/19/2017

Here's the guy I miss most today; Lost him in February. I learned life's most important lessons from him... Except how to pick out shirts. Love you, Pop. Hope you're watching your grandkids grow. We all miss you. #happyfathersday

2.6k reactions 227 comments
Dan Cohen Jeff, Sorry to see about your dad passing! Today was a difficult day for me. This was the first fathers day with out my dad as well. My dad passed away March 3rd.
John Hinds Hey Fast Guy! He was a great Dad....But you were a Great son and a Great Dad times 2......plus a car guy! Does not get much better than that......As one who had to hit the Reset button in life.....You have done it too and very well....Enjoy and ...
Michelle R Rice Good picture of you guys 😊 I'm sorry for your loss but even though I never met him or you.. I'm sure your father is watching over all of you and is proud of you and your family 💕
Misty Duncan I can't get over the rainbow shirts that your mom picked out for you guys. lol. I love this picture of the two of you and bless you and your family. Sending love and hugs. ❤️
Greg Flowers Yep... Been there, got the T-shirt... Lost my POP in 1989... Father's Day is a tough one for me.... Make us giggle.. healing comes from from that, even if it at ourselves!
Jeff Dunham
04:54 06/19/2017

Yep... The end of a great day. Miss you, Pop. #happyfathersday to all the dads. #mostimportantjobever

267 reactions 35 comments
Karisha Forbord Cute
Teresa Bolyard Such a sweet picture!!!
Bruce Luck such a cute pic!!
Maria DiStefano Johnson how cute r your. kids adorable
Jan Greene Great picture!
Naomi Campbell
08:24 06/19/2017

#happyfathersday Quincy Jones #Pape #iloveyou blessed your in my life ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾💕💕🙌🏾

905 reactions 47 comments
Kwasi Adjei Lovely
Deborah Reese Good morning Naomi Great picture.
Jose Genis Montoya Buitrago happy fathers Day
Deborah Beysthefield Truly
Dee Russell Lefrak Beautiful to see how lucky you both are!
Naomi Campbell
08:24 06/19/2017

‪#happyfathersday #azzedinealaia #IloveYou #papa always and forever ❤️❤️🙏🏾💕‬

714 reactions 28 comments
Diego Colombatto ❤ ❤ ❤
Macpherson Donald Iz Dat Hw Tu Celebrate Fada's Day?
Daniel Salié Aomi je ta dor
Ro Fik I..love. ione..you
Paul Pierce
07:00 06/20/2017


4.6k reactions 75 comments
Anjali Sundaram You are such a fine man!
Kate Oneil Beautiful family Paul. Happy Fathers Day.
Donna Randel Hi Paul.
Yah Boutte Michael My boy happy father's day
Kathleen Krikorian Happy Father's Day, Captain!
08:42 06/21/2017

Celebrating #FathersDay surrounded by nature and love! 🌟 ¡Celebrando el día del padre en libertad y amor! ¡Gracias Dios por este día! #happyfathersday #felizdiadelpadre 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕💖🤗

105.1k reactions 968 comments
Nancy Cerda Vilches Adoro a thalia los años no pasan por ella .muchas felicidades abrazos desde chile 💞
Yuner Vladimir Cruz BELLA FAMILIA. FELICIDADES por tanto trabajo juntos...
Elizabeth Trocellier Felicidades a Sr Motola. . linda familia Thalia Dios te siga bendiciendo tu corazon y sepas guiar a tu familia siempre en union felicidades...
Luis Villan Honorio Felicidades reyna tienes una hermosa familia dios bendiga tu vida mi familia y tu servidor estamos pendientes de todo lo que haces con la bonita música y hermosa voz que tienes muchos mas éxitos....
Kendra Pallares Muchas felicidades a Don Tommy por el dia del padre. Dios bendiga siempre a tu hermosa familia Thalía. Saludos Reina Bella. Tienes una Hermosa familia.
Don Omar
06:48 06/21/2017

Gracias! Por llenarme de energía y por todas las felicitaciones en este día! #HappyFathersDay!

2.4k reactions 63 comments
Hey Bandera Felicidades guapotote
Eileen Cintron Happy Father's Day
Guichita Marquez Si duda el hombre más hermoso del universo Don Omar.
Jessica Weeks Happy Father's Day Don Omar💙
Enlay Mijares Feliz día PAPASOTE! 😗
Gwen Stefani
16:00 06/19/2017

#happyfathersday ❤️❤️ gx

9.6k reactions 86 comments
Anthony Christopher Wayne Thats so awesome Blake!
Winn Dart Love that picture !!! Your Dad looks happy too.....
Shannon Higginbotham Gibbs Happy father's day Papa Stefani. #happyfathersday #happybirthdayblakeshelton
Cindy Smith Oneal 😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀. Blake is an awesome Guy!! Ahhhhhh
Cheryl Modeen Paden Aweeee a mush kiss!!!! The best kind!!!!
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
01:48 06/20/2017

Wishing our favorite TV dad a #HappyFathersDay ❤️ Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us

341 reactions 11 comments
Alisha Mahtani Chahat Chadha !!!
David Shepherd Tia Howard
Ashley Handy Natalie Anne
Naomi Hoffner Bethany Gabi Madison
Chelsea Bree Luevano Melanie😭
Carrie Underwood
01:54 06/19/2017

And to Mike, Isaiah is so blessed to have you as his dad. He wants to do everything you do and go where you go. You are an incredible example of what a father should be...patient, kind, loving and so much more. You are never afraid to hug and kiss him or be silly with him. He knows he is loved beyond measure and that you will always be there for him...I always knew that you would be an amazing father and you prove me right every day. We love you!!! #HappyFathersDay

59.5k reactions 484 comments
Nancy Joinville God bless you Carrie and your sweet family. You have an amazing family. Happy Father's Day Mike!
Susan Little Hunt Such a sweet picture. You both are so inspiring. Isaiah couldn't have better role models.
Jack Schroeder I am a Penguin fan, but have so much respect for your husband Mike, both as a hockey player and father.
Christina Suk Caviness Like one of my fav songs, "hey there dad I've been watching you I wanna be your buckaroo!"
Kimberly Brock Wright Precious. Hang on to what is important and keep growing that family.
Carrie Underwood
01:54 06/19/2017

#HappyFathersDay to this handsome guy! I am so thankful to have him as a father! He is one of the very few people in my life that treats me the same now as he did before my world got crazy! I am his daughter and so much like him in so many ways...I hope I make him proud! "I wanna be the girl you think I am..." ❤️ you, Daddy!

57.7k reactions 373 comments
Hollie Davison Olson That's a very sweet picture of you in your wedding dress! And what an awesome picture of you and your dad! You sing and play the harmonica very beautifully! 😊❤️#YLconvention
Matthews Luma Omg Carrie my dad was probally much like yours he never seen anyone that was famous he only seen everyone equal in his eyes he was a great man i miss him now gone for 23 years 😢
Jeanne Miozza LeClair Of course hes proud, you are an exceptional woman, mother and artist. We still love you since your world got crazy too. Keep up the great music 😁
Martha Vice You're a beautiful woman Carrie! I'm sure your dad is so very proud of you. Thanks for sharing this photo! Beautiful inside and out! God bless y'all!
Robert Gardell Everybody wonders why Carrie doesn't buy her parents a new house. A very simple reason for that. Her dad doesn't want her to do that. So, she is going along with his wish.
Daddy Yankee
04:24 06/21/2017

Feliz Día Del Padre al tipo con más swing y sandunga de Puerto Nuevo Norte, Ramón L. Ayala Class "El Negro Triby". Gracias por la herencia musical que infundiste en mi, estoy orgulloso de mi herencia afroantillana. Tus hijos celebramos el cambio que has dado, nos llena de felicidad verte completamente rehabilitado. Sigue curándote con lo más que disfrutas hacer, tocar percusión y cantar salsa. Mis respetos viejo! 👏🏼 #happyfathersday

8.7k reactions 216 comments
Donna Taylor Feliz Dia del Padre Daddy Yankee and Ramon saludos😍😍😙
Miriam Lezcano Feliz días para ti Daddy Yankee que dios te bendiga a ti y a toda tu familia
JC Quiñones Grande Yankee. Bendiciones para tu padre y que siga con lo que mas le gusta, la música.
Bianca Matei Que lindo no todos tenemos la suerte de tener un padre alado y de disfrutar de el feliz día 😘😘eres el mejor daddy yankee
Olga Urra Mm padre hay uno sólo y demostrarlo es lo más lindo..aprobecharlo al máximo.bendiciones daddy.
Lady Antebellum
02:36 06/19/2017

Been a real long week with the release of #HeartBreak. Thankful for a little family time today. #HappyFathersDay

Lady Antebellum Eager to Celebrate Father
Lady Antebellum Eager to Celebrate Father's Day 2017 at Home

Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood discuss their Father's Day 2017 plans.

821 reactions 9 comments
Annie Prendergast Roll on Oct x
Jackie Packard Our family loves you guys! Obsessed with You Look Good!
Gerri Nye Rodgers God bless you, enjoy your time at home.
David T Parker We were impressed iwth your Raleigh show! Great to see you all again. Thanks for sharing!
Sandy Falkenstein The show was so great last night. So good to see you again.
Tyra Banks
22:18 06/19/2017

I was too cool to look into the camera back then but I'm not too cool to tell you how much I love you today. #HappyFathersDay, Daddy! I 💛U soooooo much! -Ty

4.7k reactions 44 comments
Jazmine D Henderson 🌈🌈🌈 TyTy
Larry Staples Forgive me about anything Tyra enjoy today
Love Aranas 😮😮
Tim Brown Aww
Eric Johnson Happy fathers day.
Michael Phelps
03:06 06/20/2017

The greatest piece of advice I’ll ever give is to hug your baby! #HappyFathersDay #TrainingFor2032 #ThanksHuggiesForThePartnership

44.7k reactions 375 comments
Abby Clark Potts Blow this up and frame it! What an incredible moment in time.
Abha Cole Happy Father's Day Michael Phelps!! Enjoy every moment with your child!
Darlene F. Pidskalny Almost no words needed for this picture. A father and his son. Happy Father's Day Michael Phelps!😊❤🌹
Joan Hydes Happy Father's day 😎 ❤ Michael Phelps enjoy your day and your family always ❤
Marlene I. Beaulieu This makes me wanna have another baby, but I already have two, should I? 😍
Jason Aldean
13:54 06/19/2017

Happy Fathers day to this guy. Couldnt ask for a better dad. 🤜🏼🤛🏼#dad #happyfathersday

10.3k reactions 190 comments
Lois Kophazy-Kraiss Marie Froehlich McNally Dang.... Who does Jason's dad look like? I saw it right away. Did you?
Lois Heichberger Did he like his tool gift, with everything from a screwdriver to knife to a file, etc??
Penny Davis Happy Fathers Day to you both. Thanks for having an Amazing Son. I Love listening and watching him perform.
Manda Lou Too bad he didn't teach you how to be a real man and be faithful and honor your commitments.
Rhonda Block Wait if Jason is 40, how old is his papa because he sure looks great for his age!! Happy fathers day to you both!
Russell Westbrook
06:24 06/20/2017


25.8k reactions 339 comments
Denise Montoya happy fatherday mvp and happy father day to your dad thank him for have the best mvp never who everyone can look up
Baba Drammeh I hope you send congratulations to KD.
Rohan Kanani Aaisha Mapkar same
Phyllis Hunter Happy Father's Day to you, Russell & you are blessed to have your dad as a role model. 😊
23:18 06/18/2017

Since Day 1, you have always been there with open arms! You have always given your all! I'm so grateful for the Man and Father you are to our family. You are truly The Best Dad In The World. We love you soooo much! #HappyFathersDay @DangeRussWilson ❤️

13.5k reactions 157 comments
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Trini Early-Ware True words spoken from the outside looking in!!!!
Virginia Williams Happy Father Day lord bless you and your family.
Sabrena Jones Happy Father's Day Mr Wilson ❤️
Afia Amoah Still pregnant?
Robert Griffin III
17:06 06/20/2017

Happy Father's Day Pops!!!! You sacrificed for your family and your country #ThatsLove #HappyFathersDay #Grateful

1.1k reactions 29 comments
Kari Rayburn Happy Father's day to you and your dad !
Mike Sterkel Tacoma Dome!
Churnet Winborne Nice!
Mary Ferdowsijah Happy Father day to all of you
Yolanda Evans Wooden Happy Fatherd Day
00:30 06/19/2017

#HappyFathersDay2017! Wishing all the #KISS dads out there a wonderful Father's Day! Enjoy these great photos of next generation #KISSARMY!

1.3k reactions 30 comments
Ivan Muñoz Que siga el legado
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Elizabeth Raymond So glad to see a new generation rocking the makeup
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Maria Gal Happy father's day from Germany!
Paul Ryan
18:54 06/20/2017

Having a family is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. It's a huge responsibility, but it's really, really fun. #HappyFathersDay

18.1k reactions 1342 comments
Jeff Pritchard I'm glad you're blessed with a good family as am I. What I don't get is why aren't you pedal to the metal on helping @POTUS with his promised agenda. Also, do you think for a minute had the Virginia shooter been a republican that the democrats would ...
Paul Goudberg Brought to you by some soldier somewhere fighting for your freedom, who may have died before he had a chance to be a dad or became one and got a devorce because know one figured out the was a war inside he could never shake. Happy Father's Day to you ...
Nick Motto Resign Paul Ryan, you're performance is disgraceful in letting Chuck U Shumer run the house when you are supposed to be in charge, your lack of support of Donald Trump is not going unnoticed, as a conservative I have as much disdain for your kind of ...
John Clark Family first as it should be, but starting tomorrow we the people of the United States would appreciate it if you'd start doing your job as we intend when we voted you into office. I'm a resident of the state of Wisconsin and suggest you start ...
Cindy King Paul Ryan, you need to stand up to the Trump Haters in the GOP and pass the health care bill. Lead the Republican Party in backing up the leader of our nation. We voted for Donald Trump because we are sick and tired of watching our nation go down the ...
Heidi Klum
22:36 06/19/2017

I love you Papa ❤️ #happyfathersday

4.9k reactions 53 comments
Norlida Bakti So sweet....anyway happy fathers day....
Karl Zitterkopf Very Pretty Picture Heidi Klum.
Shpetim Lezi Father in law?
Joe Barbaro so cute <3
Tianne Cordero You have a beautiful family Heidi💓💓💓💓
李连杰 Jet Li
17:48 06/18/2017

As you all know, my daughter Jada has dedicated herself in charity work with hearing impaired children. Once again she surprised me with a Happy Father’s Day message this year. The message captures the past two years since she starts getting involved in this cause. It reads: In 2015, I met you all for the first time. Our communication through sign language made me smiled from the bottom of my heart. In 2016, with me by your side, we heard the cheers from our fathers together for the first time on this important day. In 2017, I have a wish that we will say it out loud “Father, I Love You, Always and Forever”. Together with me, our fathers, and all the hearing impaired children out there. Jada, this is a wonderful Father’s Day gift. I am so proud of you. #happyfathersday #Fathersday2017 #Fathersday #Jetli #Charity #HearingImpaired #Love #BestoftheDay

15.2k reactions 457 comments
Terry Giannios What a sweetheart!😉 Happy Father's day Jet Li!
Bernice Whitfield Happy father's day jet il mr.il you have a beautiful daughter she also have a good heart in side and out enjoy your evening mr. Jet li
Chan N. Sue Yes! I feel proud for you too, Jet Li! You must be an awesome dad..Happy Father's Day!
Bundha Althaf Happy father's day Jet Li... miss u so much...Bodyguard from Beijing...
Audsanee Ganlai Happy Father's day Jet Li . I'm your fan since I first saw your movie. And when I see your picture any where it always remind me of my father because you look similar to him.😘😘
18:06 06/14/2017

Tencel is the softest underwear I’ve ever owned and the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any day! Use my promo code TIMBO to get 25% off and free shipping. IWearFrigo.com #HappyFathersDay #ALWAYS 100% money back guarantee.

381 reactions 18 comments
Sam Eugenie Braune b´caus breathe slowly breathe slowlier man it´s only underwear...
Christopher Lyons Like 2 bee UR soft underwear(; O!!
Jhonny Walker Instagram Jhonjhonny jj
Adrian Rawling For a badass, this is pretty fucking lame
Fazila Saber yeah i also think that underwear are the most comfortable and good to wear, the beste underwear evar (ever)
Alessandro Del Piero
00:48 03/21/2017

Auguri a tutti i papà! #ADP10 #HappyFathersDay #festadelpapà

9.7k reactions 133 comments
Flora Pessot Tanti Auguri anche a te, superfantastico papà!
Emanuela Critesi Auguri a te splendido e meraviglioso papà ❤
Maria Gabriella Podrini Auguri capitano anche a te ❤❤❤
Simon Lavall Auguri anche a te Alessandro
Maria E. Giuseppe auguri anche a te papa piero sei grande
11:24 09/12/2016

Happy Fathers Day To The Coolest, Funniest, Bravest, and Most Loving Father! Daddy, I am so grateful for you. Truly grateful how you've always been there for me whenever I needed. Grateful for how you loved me growing up. Because of your love, it has given me the true understanding how to be loved. You are the best!! #HappyFathersDay

39.6k reactions 205 comments
Kandi J Cornell Happy Father's Day, Sir! ENJOY your day.
Tamala Taylor Happy father's day
Thea BasilaShvili Happy fathers day. Wish i could write the same on that day )))
Doris Cox Happy father day bless you
Leslie Livesay Happy Father's Day
Naomi Campbell
11:32 09/12/2016

#happyfathersday Quincy Jones #lloveyou #pape ❤️❤️❤️❤️????

9.2k reactions 88 comments
Eugene Doto Adri Dokita Un grand moment !
Doris Williams Cute photo
Auok Deng Happy Father's day
Onabanjo Dapo so tender, so close, guys
Inna Baranovski Love you Naomi ❤️???
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
11:14 09/12/2016

Rock your #DadBod! We come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Either way.. OWN IT! From myself, Jon Bass and our bad ass/dysfunctional Baywatch Movie family to yours.. #HappyFathersDay. ???

134.8k reactions 738 comments
Itty Bitty Greg Gonzales. Thought about you and your Dadbod comment. Lol. Own it!
Michele Jordan You got to try to work it if you got it!! And if you don't then get it! Work out eat right ! Like you do Dwayne ! It can pay off !❤️❤️❤️
Helen Clas Happy Father's Day Rock? your baby is so blessed to have a awesome, Strong Father, enjoy with beautiful celebration ?
Adam Holland Rock has two kids, and no "Dad Bod" in sight. So much for that!
Karan Singh Please rock i want that u should make 4 movies in a year like akshay kumar really miss u...
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