Black Eyed Peas
21:00 09/27/2017

Backstage with Tom Hanks. #handinhand

6.1k reactions 45 comments
Mehmet Baş Yeşil yol
Filomena de Cuba Ta dory sapo grenouile kikkers rana nan ta qui quen o quien amen=
Liz Ward loverly pic
Julie Blumer You mean Tom Hunks 👌
Mars Gabi Taboo ❤
Black Eyed Peas
05:00 09/15/2017

Together we can make a change. #HandInHand Justin Bieber Wilmer Valderrama

1.5k reactions 54 comments
Claire Fowell New What a party !
Francisco J Mora Martinez justien proximenet dead iluminati
Antonio Martinez 🙄
Gonçalo Silva João Zakatraz
Cris Jeday Abrego Noooooooo esa biber nooooo no mamen
Lil Wayne
04:30 09/15/2017

Nicki helped raise $15 million last night for #HandInHand 🤜🤛

7.6k reactions 110 comments
Arsernne Alfred salut lil wayne le pape du rap je valide si tu pouvais maidé je serai plus plus joyeuse car moi aussi jaime le rap .et je m'entraine u e tipeut je vie au benin je sui le 60181192
Michael Mattingly She looks like a contestant on RuPaul's drag race
Moseke Richardo Young money keep it that way I respect it and ja nikki a kizz for u
Richard Donati Yeah right all those celebrities anit talking to no one on those phones! I smell bullshit!
Nelson Thomas-bey Great, Allah will reward her for that😇
23:36 09/13/2017

When tragedy strikes it's up to all of us to do what we can!! #HandInHand #teamLOVE

584 reactions 39 comments
Darlene Glenn Love it much love
N Ian US Thats WAYN
Peter Kikuli Lushin' wit dem Cuzssss!✔️✔️
Beverly Lewis-Bell Amen Brother Combs!!
Michael Walker I need a deal Doc D. Checkout my page.
04:42 09/15/2017

#Friend4Life. Felt good to come together. #HandInHand handinhand2017.com

6.0k reactions 160 comments
Petunia Adams Hey Usher good morning you looks great
Ton Ton Jackson Was happy to see you guys do a duet together
Samual Jackson Yes Indeed that performance last night was truly awesome 💋💋💋
Danielle L. Atkins Marvelous Performance last nite 😉u both looked n sound great 2gether
Nicole Kidman
06:24 09/13/2017

Answering phones with Reese Witherspoon Luke Bryan. There are many ways you can support those affected by the hurricanes. Call 1-800-258-6000 to donate now or go to www.handinhand2017.com #HandInHand

1.4k reactions 110 comments
İbrahim Cenk Muhammet Çetin Merhaba,selam,hello evet çok güzel yes very beatiful nicole thanks!😃😃😃😘😘😘!
Salah Ahmed I wish i could . i love helping other im crazy to help other. Who need it. I wish i could help.
Mariano Jose Olaya Ovin a digitales es la mejor opcion y la cola es lo que entendieron el concepto
Rob Fisher All the very best with the new film.BOY ERASED.
Juan Araneda Tapia 2 Great actresses. I love them!!!!!!! Hugs and blessing
Gwen Stefani
19:24 09/13/2017

#handinhand #blessallwhotooktimetodonate #george ❤️ gx

5.0k reactions 54 comments
Anne McElvaine Omg? Gwen? You were sitting next to George!!
Christy McCaa Did you donate?
Cheri Petty im sure they all did
Judith Freels Wow!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Gwen Stefani
19:24 09/13/2017

#handinhand #prettywomaninandout❤️ #juliaroberts gx #cometogether

15.2k reactions 164 comments
Joanna Chick My two favorites together!!!
Ellen Inez Elizabeth Newman Great women and all the help for all and especially animals I love . Ellen from canada
Nazmiah El-Hajj Love you both! Awesome women coming together for a wonderful cause. ❤🙌
Anne Grethe Flem Say to Julia, she is fantastic
Natalie Tapia what does "gx" mean that she always puts on her comments?
Kelly Rowland
17:48 09/13/2017

Don't give up if the #HandInHand phone lines are busy! Visit handinhand2017.com to make your donation or text GIVE to 80077. We're in this together! ❤️🤝❤️

1.4k reactions 30 comments
Rebecca Singleton Anne Singleton
Eg Suade Silla Biutyfull kely
Tye Merricks In one trip.
Oladayo Alabi kisses. ----- Osollo.
Sissoko Falay Cool très bien
Kelly Rowland
17:48 09/13/2017

On standby now to take your #HandInHand calls! Dial 1-800-258-6000 to show your support for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma!

1.8k reactions 44 comments
Jose Geraldo Gomes beautefull KellyRowland
Lucas Souza My babeeees! <3
Antoinette Johnson Thank god
Nedline Oreste Read my page. Blocked sis
Emery Stewart Sharing
Serena Williams
09:18 09/14/2017

‪So proud of the #handinhand benefit for hurricane relief. everyone come together is amazing. Don't forget to donate.‬ https://handinhand2017.com/donate.html

HAND IN HAND: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon
HAND IN HAND: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon

Live from Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville on September 12th 2017 at 8PM EST.

2.2k reactions 37 comments
Randy Jeffries Did!! How's the Baby?
Dolph Dickson I did.
Kristin Howard Done!
Vincent Purnell S e r e n a
Sara Nesta It's awe😇me
Catherine Zeta-Jones
13:30 09/13/2017

Call us! 1 (800)258-6000. We're waiting to speak with you! Or text GIVE to 80077. Donate for a great cause! #HandInHand ❤️

1.5k reactions 43 comments
Joy Wallace God bless you!
Melania Rontino God bless
Dontenvill Theo Amazing Cool...<3
Alejandro Manzur Burgos Es una isla hay que esperar
Anourak Soumpholphakdy beautiful Catherine ^^b
02:48 09/15/2017

Natural disasters don't discriminate. Please give what you can for hurricane relief efforts across the country: https://handinhand2017.com #HandInHand

107.7k reactions 1406 comments
Τίνα Γρίφιζα Every celebrity that launched for this campaign make a lot more money than people do....why are they asking citizens for money when each one of them can donate a small -for them- amount , but an actually huge one ( comparing it with what people can make ...
Jhoanna Blcc Vann All i can do is to pray for all the affected areas and places cause by hurricane harvey and irma.im praying that may the people around the globe will help each others by any means.let us pray together for all the people who are in great need and may the ...
Jeff Jacob So I hear that during the telethon to raise funds for the hurricane victims that the brilliant, caring, all knowing Beyonce took the opportunity to lecture us all on the dangers of global warming. Well after pondering her concerns I realize she is right ...
Katherine D Stauffer I refuse to donate to the Red Cross!!! Or goodwill or united way!!! All 3 rip offs !!!! Becoming wealthy off of other people's distress & needs!!! They will all answer to the same God!! What then!?
LaVerne Arther What more has to be manifest, before mankind learns to look beyond the veil... These storms did not discriminate.... They brought people together... Helping each other.... Praying for each other.... We are all the color of God.... Until we all learn to ...
Kelly Rowland
17:48 09/13/2017

Let's make a difference together #HandInHand! Watch live on any major network and call 1-800-258-6000 to donate now or text GIVE to 80077.

452 reactions 15 comments
Rochelle Peni Tauke
Ronnie Samuel #
Rochelle Peni Peace✌
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. Let your light shine bright so that others can see their way out of the dark. - Timber Hawkeyes
Tye Merricks You know it.
Ellen DeGeneres
09:06 09/15/2017

This is kindness. Watch it here. Text “GIVE” to 80077 to donate $25. #HandinHand

10.9k reactions 202 comments
Lisa Romain-Ozbat I'm watching, donated and my husband is in Florida restoring power !! From michigan
Beatriz Palerm I truly hope that some of this $$ money goes to help the Islands of Barbuda, St. Johns, St. Marteen as they are fighting to stay alive after the passing of Irma.
Nilsa Gonzalez Thank you all for donating your time & cash. Was scary going through the hurricane. Thankfully me and family are fine. Call, text or go online to donate.
Ralph Loya Other than Hand in Hand A Benefit For Hurricane Relief helping with monetary contributions I hope we as a country realize how much we are all brothers and sisters...and need each forever.
Adam Hale Let us hope that this finally wakes up the worlds governments to ALL collectively DO SOMETHING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING!!! Well done to all those involved in helping and raising money to help those affected!!
Black Eyed Peas
05:00 09/15/2017

Spread the love and donate. #HandInHand is live NOW. Call 1 800 258 6000 to donate by credit card.

1.9k reactions 20 comments
Any S. Juan Y oaxaca México?
Connor Price Paul Tregear
Oscar Cáceres Salvioni Joy Franz Peters
Alexey Chernyy Irac and Ukraine восстановите сначала ублюдки 😇👆🏻👍🏻
Tita Esga ❤️
Matthew McConaughey
09:42 09/13/2017

the rebuild continues.. #handinhand

2.0k reactions 48 comments
Benjamin K Chao I don't know how you FBI like yourself leave no trace
Lesley Bliss Lets hope the money actually goes to the needy, not like the tussami victims
Catherine Bondil Matthew, we are a good man , Texas for Texas .. 😉👍from France 🇫🇷
Pattie Park Definitely donating....Amistad is on TV....great performance MM!
Gwen Jimenez What about the victims of the fires out west?
Rascal Flatts
20:24 09/13/2017

Join us this evening in supporting our brothers and sisters affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. #HandInHand

978 reactions 9 comments
Gloria Warthen https://www.facebook.com/wendyunderwood/posts/10155647879593498?pnref=story
Dean Plummer Thanks you guys
Daniel Melancon Just made the bartender place "it's yours if you want" video is a story of my issues!
Eileen Kellett Thanx much guys, love too all 🎹🎤🎼🇺🇸
Grace Heffner Sharpe Thank you all. I am amazed at how fast you put this telethon together. God bless you one and all
18:36 09/13/2017


305 reactions 5 comments
Maria Elena Sandoval Salcedo Te amo eres un excelente ser humano❤️
Rita Versluys Juanes je bent een heel lief mens
Sylvia Perez A beneficio de las Islas del Caribe o de Usa?
Cavazos Rosa No power, missed it 😞
Ray Senkiw God bless you Juanes , hope you make more albums
Leonardo DiCaprio
00:48 09/13/2017

Join us tonight for a special telethon to raise support for the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Tune in on Facebook Live at 8pm ET or on all major networks. Learn more: www.HandInHand2017.com #HandInHand

3.3k reactions 185 comments
Dottie Fornaro Thanks for answering phones tonight, I saw u on TV. The hurricane victims need all the help they can get 💕
Debbie Vandergriff What about Montana California the rest that are set on fire the animals the homes that people have y'all forgotten them
Rohan Agrawal Son: Dad, what is an idiot? Dad: An idiot is a person who tries to explain his ideas in such a strange and long way that another person who is listening to him can't understand him. Do you understand me? Son: No.
Eliza Baal Prove you care!!!! Jet on over to #RVA Dept of Environmental Quality to bring awareness to pipelines being rubber stamped here & across the country. Join People's Pipeline Protest Sept 13 & 14
Daut Zayni Hello Leonardo DiCaprio!The king of criminals keeps in awe all planet , if Leongardo DiCaprio plays a role in movies "The Adventures of Prince Florizel" or "The Suicide Club". according to R. L. Stephenson's novel. Excellent idea and a new image and a ...
Tim McGraw
18:54 09/13/2017

handinhand2017.com to donate now #HandInHand

749 reactions 29 comments
Miia Koskinen <3
Cindy LaChapelle like
Dennis Michael #TexasStrong
Kathy Feathers Yes
Carter Brandon Please how can I donate
Ellen DeGeneres
09:06 09/15/2017

We can all make a difference. Tonight. #HandinHand HandInHand2017.com

4.4k reactions 120 comments
Diana Thompson Ellen, you should feature the residents of Suncoast estates, such a tragedy. Hard working good people!
Susan Maas I misread. It WILL be televised in Chicago and looking forward to it. Everybody do your best to help in even a small way.
Carina Filbert We can all be someone's hero, a smile, a helping hand , a hug,a role model standing up for what is right , make a stand and raise your voice against injustice. We can all do our part to make this world a better place. Be someone's hero.... Make the days ...
Francine Szulczewski-Haezebrouck As I made my contribution tonight I should have known you where involved. You are my inspiration for giving and loving. No one can match how you feel with your heart. Please know even though I am older, I so admire your kindness towards others. You ...
Gulzaman Nazim So sorry for the hurricane victims but can someone explain why no one is saying anything for the innocent Burma Muslims? Please do not separate the Muslims from other victims.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
13:30 09/13/2017

Honored to be taking part in this amazing cause. Join me in supporting #HandInHand, a live benefit airing tonight from 8-9pm EST to help raise money for Hurricane relief.

HAND IN HAND: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon
HAND IN HAND: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon

Live from Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville on September 12th 2017 at 8PM EST.

223 reactions 11 comments
Jarvis C Lehmann https://www.facebook.com/TheLCMS/posts/10155368953843580
Antonio Oliva You are a generous testimonial.
Mozam Mir Ali Great cause!
Jay Gilmore Respect Catherine xx
Catherine Zeta-Jones Italian Fanclub you have a heart of gold and I'm proud of you! ❤️
Jeff Dunham
08:18 09/13/2017

Join us tonight at 8pm ET on just about every major broadcast TV network, for the “#HandInHand” benefit for hurricane relief!

462 reactions 24 comments
Dawn C Hipler Eldeftar looking forward to watching
Maurice Loco Pendejo Wesley Den Bree HAND JN HAND KAMERADEN NU OOK IN AMERIKA😂🔴⚪
Lovette Hall I'm watching it prayers to all affected from it
Rebecca Thomsen Koskey I will watch but the first person to make it political and I'm done.
Sam Zacofsky Jeff Dunham are you going to be in Florida? How long will you be there?
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03:36 09/15/2017

My family and I survived a devastating category 5 hurricane (Andrew). Wiped us out, but we and our community got back up on our feet and came back stronger. And so will you. Gotta hold onto faith and stay strong. Thank you everyone out there who's given a few bucks or even prayers and positive energy. It all adds up. Link below to donate. #HandInHand

55.6k reactions 939 comments
Martina Romero My familys and friends just survived fro hurricane Harvey here in Corpus Christi TX we got damaged too but we try to get our home back to order and fixing the damage we got from hurricane Harvey and cutting trees that cause damage too
Jen Hynes Dwayne Johnson run for president - not only does your country need you but so does the world!! Love from the UK!! The rock for world leader xx
Lauren Van Netta Thank you! As a 5th generation Floridian, we've seen and survived many hurricanes. Charley was the worse because it left 11 friends of mine homeless, it uprooted and destroyed the avocado tree my sister and I grew up climbing at our grandparents house ...
Aimee Udall I'm sorry that happened to you. You are such a strong person and so inspiring. Thanks for being "The Rock" that you are to us. I really would like to meet you and truly see what a wonderful person you are. Thank you so much for all your hard work ...
Arantxa Jimenez Perez I'm glad that you and your family are well and I want everything to be back to normal soon, if I could help with any bank account you opened, although I do not have much, but I know there are people who have lost everything, I send all my love from ...
Kelly Rowland
17:48 09/13/2017

Where there is unity, there is always victory. Join us as we stand #HandInHand tonight at 8PM EST!

237 reactions 5 comments
Josue Nunez I can't wait to see this show
Yerac Mitchell You did a wonderful thing Kelly
Erick Occansey Thanks Kelly , the matter was I and He until we are going together to prove the meaning of science knowledgement to them as moving also
Luis Fonsi
04:12 09/13/2017

Honored to be a part of this! Tune in tonight and donate. Honrado de cantar aquí esta noche. No se lo pierdan y ayudemos #HandInHand

929 reactions 27 comments
Sohel Shaikh https://youtu.be/j3ItlyOMwlc
Helediana Cambari Sacuca amo te es um grande cantor eu so de Angola
Hiba Nasom Shecksalem You are 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Marny Azambuja de Loreto Eres un gran hombre!!!
Paola Sanchez Fonsi sos lo más
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