Hailee Steinfeld
06:30 07/17/2017

To every single one of you that came out and danced in the rain with me, thank you. For camping out, waking up insanely early, and singing SO loud. You made today unforgettable. #HaileeTODAY #MostGirls

Hailee Steinfeld sings ‘Most Girls’ live on the TODAY plaza
Hailee Steinfeld sings ‘Most Girls’ live on the TODAY plaza

Actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld confirms to TODAY that she will have a role in an upcoming film in the Transformers franchise and reveals the best career advice she ever got. Then she continues her Citi Concert performance, singing “Most Girls,” the lead single from her upcoming studio album.

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Allexis Fawx Love you love you love you
Allexis Fawx I'm your biggest fan
Allexis Fawx Wow 😂 😂 amazing
Jacob Welch You did amazing, and looked beautiful !(:
Shahjehan Khan Hailee Steinfeld you are the greatest.
Hailee Steinfeld
17:42 07/14/2017

New York in 2 days. I'm coming for you Today Show Citi Concert Series. You ready? #MostGirls #HaileeTODAY

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Sudhanshu Rai Please take my heart💜
Hailee Steinfeld México We love you
Jonathan Poore Reveal that album!!!!
Macey Straber I wish I could see you. I would really cry if I got to see you .You are my favorite singer.i have messaged you on messager but I don't think you got it .Please like my comment if you haven't got it
Mia Kristine 😍 so proud of you.
Hailee Steinfeld
03:18 07/07/2017

NEXT WEEK! I'm rockin the plaza for the Citi Concert Series on Today Show! You coming? See you there on Friday July 14th!#HaileeTODAY #MostGirls

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Kris Rodriguez I love you😚😚😗😗😙❤❤❤❤😅
Habiba Alsharkawy So much love 😻😻😘💜
Yeslin Sitohang Wohoy
Michael Smith Beautiful
Maddyo Onger Love this girl !!!

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