Rob Riggle
10:54 11/13/2017

Thank you to all those men & women who volunteer to serve our nation. #grateful

594 reactions 54 comments
Christine Flick Flack Thank you for your service😊
Blake Morgan Martin And thank you for your service Sir!
Patty Schneider Kelso Thank you for your service, too! 😊
Jonathan Castillo Rahh!!
Jonathan Shockley POW! POW-POW!
Layla - WWE Universe
18:06 10/27/2017

some times doors are closed for us for a reason we may not understand but in time we will see the bigger picture in store for US! #Trust #faith #grateful

32 reactions 5 comments
Serhan Fahrettin <3
Martin Braun 😍😍😍
James Carroll Wow beautiful lady
Mark Sherrill That's true
Simon Langdale God isn't real
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
05:18 10/28/2017

Family prayer of gratitude 🙏🏾 (and laughs) in celebrating my mom’s 69th Birthday! My fav part of this moment is our baby daughter Jasmine, thinks we’re playing the game where daddy pretends to be be asleep so that’s why she screams, “WAKE.. AWAKE!” then a few seconds later after I kiss her head and place my hand over hers, she starts biting my hand to get my attention (just like her mama Lauren Hashian Official 😂❤️). Thank you Chef Evelyn for leading a beautiful and uplifting prayer in strong mana. We almost lost my mom to cancer 10yrs ago - she survived. Every day we’re a grateful family to have her and all our loved ones around us. Amen. #WakeAwake #Grateful #HappyBirthdayMom #Aiga

32.3k reactions 686 comments
Terry Giannios Amen! God bless the Johnson family and friends! May they their homes be filled with unconditional love, happiness with perfect health! 🙏 Happy Birthday Mama Johnson! 🎂
Anna Polisena Un post bellissimo e dolcissimo. Dietro al sorriso dell’attore si nasconde il sorriso di un uomo comune, di un padre,marito,figlio. Una persona umile e un attore talentuoso in grado di farci sorridere e ridere grazie ai suoi film. Bravissimo the rock. ...
Kelly Costa I don't know if you read these but my family knew your grandfather and grandmother Pita and Lia. Heard so many stories of them while growing up. My dad was the only man in Hayward that could calm Pita down.
Nancy Gruber Happy Birthday to your mom & may God bless here with many more. Your a wonderful son to show her such love & appreciation. I lost my mom 17yrs ago to breast cancer she was only 49. Thank you for sharing💖
Donna Kraus-Isaacson Life is so good! Thank you for sharing one of your most precious Gifts! We all are blessed with the Gift of One Another. Happy Birthday to your mama! Much Love to you All💙🙏
Rey Mysterio
04:18 10/26/2017

God is Great & has Blessed me with more than I can ever ImaginE! #LV #Paris #MaskedUp #EiffelT #Grateful #Thankful

7.7k reactions 118 comments
Kévin Charlier Welcome to Paris😉😉😉
Vikrant Sharma Vicky Wow paris tower.......nice picture
Chris Rey Qu'est-ce que tu fous à Paris mon pote et oui je suis français
Aurore Pailler Buen viaje a París, Rey. Saludos de Francia.
Brian Rosen Rey you are right about god. he is great more than a 100percent love you god
19:48 10/25/2017

THANKYOU for this ❤️ #uknumber1club #grateful #love#fullhappyhart

30.6k reactions 240 comments
Gaz Baz I know a couple more shows where added to Melbourne in Australia but I still didnt manage to get a ticket! Any chance some more might get added? Me and my bestie love your music been to your last 3 concerts here hate to miss this one!
Abby Nancarrow Grimshaw No, THANK YOU Pink for the wonderful music that you create! I am going to a Melbourne concert next July with a bunch of girlfriends and CANNOT wait very excited!
Paige Coleman Thank u for ur awesome music P!NK, every song rocks, I have all ur albums n concert DVDs n 2 movies. We love u in Australia n need to see more of u down here plz xxx
Wayne Rodgers “OMG” I am sooo sick of People complaining about ticket prices if you read and understand its NOT Pink but the Promotion Group and she is worth every cent!!! It’s been known for ages that she would be Touring so should of saved up like you do for other ...
Olivia Kimberly Lopez Hello P!nk! I just want to tell you that your music has touched my life in many ways. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!💖💜💙💚💛
Russell Wilson
03:30 10/25/2017

When he says, “Papa Russ, Good Win! You played a good game!” #FamilyLove #Grateful

93.0k reactions 1333 comments
Jamie Schroeder He's doing perfectly fine just the way he is so let him protect his daughter the way he might like! Comparing him to a rapper/thug is irrational and as far as mama her life was different then from what it is now. Social media should Let them be happy ...
Tom Corey Big win Russell, Congrats. Hopefully soon Pete will have some Tom Corey drawn up plays to depend on in all the biggest moments. But every year we always gain tons of momentum, if the running game can protect you like in our Super Bowl winning year this ...
Bill Whiting You had some Dynamite plays today Russ, keep up the good work. You got a good looking family there lucky man.
Rosie Williams There is nothing in the world more precious than when a child cups your face in their hands and speaks to you from the heart! 💙💚
Lisa Thompson So adorable!!!! I am confused, why are people so negative? This is a stepfather who is only doing what a stepdad should do. Be a loving man and take care of the child as his own. Why are people concerned about him not knowing his real dad? Where is ...
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
14:48 10/20/2017

How’n the hell is a man expected to get any work done on his job site. Ok, one “hi” and then I’m out. This disturbing me while I work is a bunch of horseshit! Truth is it’s 2am, they’ve been waiting for hours and I’m a lucky SOB to have the greatest fans in the 🌎#SkyscraperMovie #grateful

47.5k reactions 723 comments
Marian Gagliardi 2am, That is so humbling . To see how many people love you Dwayne, you are really a wonderful man you are a truly an amazing human being. God Bless!! 😀😀😀😍😍😎😎
Christine Crage Love this man and how he’s always thanking his fans such a humble grateful human being appreciating everything life brings 😍
Elizabeth Lopez Omg ROCK your such an awesome person with your fans keep going we need a lot of laughs right now on how this world is with all the craziness love it !!!!
Patti Mike Marceaux We know you are tired but what a stand-up guy to still say Hi to those adoring fans. That's why YOU ROCK, "THE ROCK" Thank you for always putting smiles on many faces
Jonalyn Hamett I love these videos when you mess with your fans lol You are such a humble and kind man and you truly appreciate your fans. You work hard and even though you have a tiring day you still make time for your fans.
Carrie Ann Inaba
02:48 10/12/2017

Here at #TheTalk getting ready for the show! I’m so excited to be here! @thetalkcbs #grateful

359 reactions 36 comments
Richard Terwilliger Go get 'em!
Colette Hyer It’s showtime 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Mario Moreno Enjoy the show
Barbara Andrzejewski I'll be watching!
Russell Wilson
22:36 10/09/2017

Winning & having you... I can never lose. #Grateful

19.8k reactions 327 comments
Steve Wehnes Wilson u don't deserve to win. Anyone who has a bad attitude towards our flag is a loser. U r still losing fans and more of us r burning Seahawks garb. The only difference between u and Onigger face is where u live. U r both a waste of human ...
Sidney Henry Free Little Sierra I'm glad that you found love and got your two kids because you see when your husband come out and he see you his face light up that's what love is all about and it took God to let you and him see that so God bless
Brianne Peterson That is smile of a man in love.
Fono Tee Woot!woot! Yayy my Team Hawks definitely kick the Lambs a**ess,..bwahahah enjoy your bye Wk Boyz,HAWKS the Way baby..
Alex Kirsch I know how he feels when he sees his wife. I feel the same when I see my wife when I go to the field for long periods of time. My wife is the best thing to have ever happened to me. So yes, I know exactly how Russell Wilson feels.
Rob Riggle
18:48 09/23/2017

Been performing improv w/ this crew for a while! #ucbtheater #lovetheseguys #Facebookshow #lucky #happy #grateful

195 reactions 7 comments
Adam Johnson Wow
Evelyn Krug Good looking bunch!
Chris Boyle Pow!
Mike Licht That guy on the right is hilarious
Mike Pritchett When are you coming to Portland... Go Chiefs! Go Seahawks! Go USAF! Go USMC!
Carrie Ann Inaba
06:00 09/14/2017

I am rich in friendships. And I am #grateful @rajmkapoor

335 reactions 17 comments
Brandon Scales Nice outfit Carrie Ann. Nice smile.
Linda Matice Beautiful
Charlotte Smith Wonderful!
Margaret Sletten-Behrens Great friends are priceless.
Keith Vena Cute couple!!!
Rick Ross
16:24 09/03/2017

perfect day to spend with your loved ones! #grateful #BOSS💯

3.6k reactions 90 comments
Oliver Sancess Rozay Biggest Boss
Vanisa Campbell Damn!❤❤❤💋
Blac Jayden I'm joining u soon boss
Dalton Warfield Amen to the flesh of Jesus....
Julius Jamel Ray unsigned artist need promotion help a dude out
Russell Wilson
09:36 07/23/2017

The Streets of China! #Grateful

1.5k reactions 21 comments
Alex Kaachewwee Nikki Atwood
David Cristalli Can you please stop for a minute
Lori Peterson I ask For Prayers for my Mommy Please.....
Wayne Shelton Go Hawks!
Priyanka Chopra
03:18 07/19/2017

Island girl... feeling very blessed and loved. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful wishes... it means the world to me to know so much love.. needed it! . #grateful ❤️💋🎉🙏🏼🥂😍

33.4k reactions 718 comments
Diamondbatra Batra Hay beautiful girl love you so much
Manisha Majhi Happy birthday PC.... you are my favourite... lots of love :-)
Ninu Perry Happy birthday..you are the only girl I love.... how sweet you are priyanka chopra
Shaddy Karios Size Yako Live long Chopra.. Much love.. Stunning beauty. You are an inspiration..
Wilds Cat Wao lovely romantic p, c love , great celebrate ur bdy, a. Amazing, u r greatttttttttt, love u, i like it
Carrie Ann Inaba
10:36 07/15/2017

We are hanging with the #honu #turtles today. :) She's napping and that's seems to be an incredible idea. #nothingbeatsnaturesbeauty #grateful #magical #sometimeswehavetoslowdown #timetogetoffthephone

353 reactions 11 comments
ToriLife Goto Hi, Carrie Ann! It's Tori. I ran across this today. Thought you might like it. https://www.facebook.com/ScientificAmerican/posts/10158950419720246
Palmer Stewart 🤙🏽
Joyce Goode So cute, I remember the BIG snails on Maui
Stacy Moniz Beautiful..I miss home
Kenneth Hawes No u cannot take it home
Carrie Ann Inaba
10:36 07/15/2017

PhaseTwo of our #hawaiianislands vacay! #grateful #relaxing #rainmakesitevenmorespecial #aloha #adventuresinlove

365 reactions 7 comments
Palmer Stewart ❤️🤙🏽
Janette Paguyo Life is a beach 😘🏊‍♀️🌈🌞
Anne Gillie Hester Aloha love-birds!
Joanne Johnson Have Fun beautiful lady
Gladys Chin Love Hawaii...wake up to another beautiful day. PARADISE
00:24 07/10/2017

7/9 ❤️God In Everything keeps the heart smiling ..... #Grateful #LivingAndLearning #GladMyDressStillFit LOL Dress: @stephanerolland_paris Makeup: @mlatricemua Hair: @deedeemetzger Photo: @dogvisionpictures

19.9k reactions 288 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in
Tinatenise Baptiste My vow renew gown
Anquita Calloway Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!!
Nena Valles Beautiful
Tena Green Absolutely #STUNNING... #BEAUTIFUL
Carrie Ann Inaba
09:00 07/10/2017

Today is a good day. #aloha #adventuresinlove #grateful #hawaii #beachhairdontcare💁 :) happy weekend everyone!

1.4k reactions 33 comments
Joe Alessi Its a good hair day looking great
Joyce Goode Have fun beautiful couple!
Megan Atwood Shepard Cute pic..
Judith Kresge You are perfect together!
Theresa Mizenko Beautiful scenery
Rick Ross
22:42 07/09/2017

For my fans,who I consider my family, and everyone supporting the movement since Port of Miami,..y'all helped me get here and I couldn’t do this without you. #GRATEFUL #boss _________ Friday 7/7/17 Crown Coliseum Fayetteville, North Carolina 📸 via IG @digitalbydash

4.6k reactions 171 comments
Tephanie Sullivan Love!
Mustapha Baba Suleman Am one very loyal fan...Ricky. Push it to the limit
Liz Gould U welcome baby💋💋💋💋
Alphonsus Ishaya Skelly Micheal Ricky boss you are the best for appreciating your fans.. #rick_ross
Alfred Jones Jr. I want RG3 and colin kampernick and tim tebow all three with me as I be ceo and player and head coach and president of all teams in Philadelphia.
Russell Wilson
16:00 07/05/2017

Late Night Fun before the 4th! #Grateful

1.8k reactions 47 comments
Sean Peless Please don't get hurt!
Stephen Weatherford #SuperbowlLII
Jason Bray Can you throw it down Russell Wilson?
Monique Simmons Happy 4th!
Ascencion Avalos Young Iverson!!
Rick Ross
06:42 06/27/2017

New video "On Everything" with DJ Khaled BIG SEAN Travis Scott 🔥🔥🔥 #grateful #BIGGEST

3.8k reactions 71 comments
Simon Ngulube They must be only 1 Boss #ROSS
Dopeman Soulby Yeahhhh
Kandy B Song MMG/WE THE BEST MUSIC 100%√
Melwyn Progin Rozay
Jb Adigreat Musau that is great tune. my ringtone asap. maad love
Rick Ross
17:54 06/24/2017


3.8k reactions 500 comments
Willy Kayembe Rick Ross stealer,robber,gang,criminal don't acting so stop such a behaviour
Al Toure Damn what a Nice papers niggaz holdin'in theirs hands u deserve it guys
Justine Inikori Biggest boss, it can't get no realer, dats like me staring at my future Boss
Magda Sanon All of us should get $1 thousand please and thanks in advance😃😄💖❤❤
Onemic Akele I see broke people hating and posting that money doesn't bring happiness, please transfer your own into my account. Money doesn't bring happiness but if I want to cry let me cry in a range. Fools
Rick Ross
17:54 06/24/2017

MIDNIGHT.. lets all support my brother DJ Khaled album #grateful Khaled album #10... #BIGGEST Grateful by DJ Khaled https://itun.es/us/Ohxkkb

13.6k reactions 204 comments
Shiru Ronald Grateful
Mark Villa Rich forever vs dj Khaled world 🌍 number 1 dj
Gana Emmanuel Boss and DJ khaled we best
Ralph Jones keep doing it big DJ khaled
Jennifer Sim Lynzee McDougall tbt to rick ross and dj khaled 😂😂
Robert Griffin III
17:06 06/20/2017

Happy Father's Day Pops!!!! You sacrificed for your family and your country #ThatsLove #HappyFathersDay #Grateful

1.1k reactions 29 comments
Kari Rayburn Happy Father's day to you and your dad !
Mike Sterkel Tacoma Dome!
Churnet Winborne Nice!
Mary Ferdowsijah Happy Father day to all of you
Yolanda Evans Wooden Happy Fatherd Day
Rob Riggle
12:12 06/19/2017

Happy Father's Day! Thanks to all the Dad's that lead, guide and provide...thanks 2 my Dad! #grateful #blessed

693 reactions 6 comments
Adam Hill Clones
Lisa Carson Looks like he could be your brother!
Nicholas A. Breton Glad you are such a genuine person Rob!
Karim Delgado I don't get the two laughs on this post.
Renie DiGrazia Your Dad must have an amazing sense of humor <3 ya, Rob Riggle
Rick Ross
16:18 06/19/2017

Big tune DJ Khaled #grateful

Fuck Up the Club
Fuck Up the Club

Fuck Up the Club, a song by DJ Khaled, Future, Rick Ross, YG, Yo Gotti on Spotify

2.6k reactions 26 comments
Jaime Trill Haynes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/thot-breaker/id1240543814?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Lakmal Jayasuriya https://youtu.be/Kt4z8HM7kW0
Patrik Neuzil Rich Homie Quan - Type of Way https://youtu.be/-KKbdErJkiY via YouTube
Charvi Boss club
Nkosinathi Nicholus Simelane I WNT DWNLD DAT KILLER TUNE NW
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