Avenged Sevenfold
04:18 04/29/2017

Thanks to everyone that asked us #GodDamn Anything on Youtube today. Here are a few of the responses. More to come...

2.3k reactions 102 comments
Matthijs van Wees Alexander van Wees TRASHED AND SCATTEERRREEDDD
Dustin C Scott The odds for "Trashed and Scattered" are good. 😦😦😦 *fanboys*
Derrick W Walden Wow, so you all collaborated with Dr. Tyson. That's simply awesome. One of my favorite bands working with one of my favorite scientists.
Jaiden Shaw Are you guys coming to Australia? If so I'd buy front row seats!!
Anthony Lawrence Will you be playing at next year's edition of the wildly successful #fyrefestival?
Avenged Sevenfold
04:18 04/29/2017

The ‘God Damn’ music video featured you – now here’s your chance to ask us any questions you need answered. Write your questions in the comment section of the official God Damn music video here (http://smarturl.it/GDVideo) and we’ll be answering them tomorrow, Fri 4/28, at 10 AM PST. Ask us #GodDamn anything…

5.3k reactions 165 comments
Glen Balfour Synyster Gates, can I please buy your guitar for $50 when you play in New Zealand?
Ivi Afxenti Hey. I am studying Physics so for me "The Stage" album is a masterpiece both because its subject and its music too. I wanted to ask you guys if you have always been interested in this kind of stuff because while i was listening songs from previous ...
Melodie Clarke Are you looking forward to playing in BC again? Can't wait to see you guys!! 🤘🤘
Emma Roberts What was it like to Make the God dam music video? And I lLove your guys music 🎶
Matthew Lee Moore When will you tour the UK again I so wanna see you guys again very badly
Avenged Sevenfold
04:18 04/29/2017

Press the magic button and behold... the #GodDamn music video: http://smarturl.it/GDVideo

26.4k reactions 724 comments
Alexis Nebel Sean Comerford i'm sure youve seen it but tagging you cause it popped up lol
Stacy Berlin Excellent fucking #GodDamn video!!!!! #A7X #GodDamn #AvengedSevenfold #HoustonConcert #JuneEleventh
Ryan Chan Why use the Zildjian L80s in place of the real cymbals. C'mon man!
Tina Thorne Wot a Great Video 😍 Well worth the long Wait 😜 Jimmy 'The Rev' Would be Very Proud of U Guys ❤ A7x foREVer ❤
Kirstin Elodie Summerlin The only complaint I have is that Zacky V doesn't have enough screen time in the video. 😂😂
Avenged Sevenfold
15:30 04/26/2017

Only one more #GodDamn day until release.

25.0k reactions 308 comments
Sam Lira God Damn syn is blocking me out again with his leg again 😂
Steven Johnston A7X- come to camp AJ in kuwait. We need a prescription of metal and awesome that only you can provide.
Rocco Cogliati Hey, don't forget about the Italian fans, please! We are and will be waiting for the backup concert! ;)
Ethan Olson "when I know what I want and my want will be considered tonight, considered tonight."
Kristen Harvey Beyond psyched for the Jersey show in a couple weeks. Road tripping it from Rhode Island/Massachusetts!
Avenged Sevenfold
15:30 04/26/2017

"Louder on Set!" Only 2 #GodDamn days away from the premiere of the official music video.

11.9k reactions 109 comments
Antonella Rega Milan is waiting for you guys,don't forget it!!!!!
Wai Yan Myint Thu Can't fuckin wait
Johnathon Camp When does it release?
Ronnie Anderson It better not be average after all this hype.
Christopher Hornbuckle Taylor Lance Toineeta Dammmmm peep Shadows kicks haha
Avenged Sevenfold
13:54 04/21/2017

The countdown begins as the #GodDamn music video is released in 1 week. Pledge allegiance, no flag!

24.1k reactions 926 comments
Alexandra Cannucci Can't wait for this video and to see you guys again this summer! <3
Jonathan Gutierrez Diego Juan J esto se va a descontrolar.
Jake Juan a week...? not all of us even have a week left to live.. please send me the file now so that my Make a Wish can come true
Matt Leahy M Shadows rockin the bandana and aviators like a beast again Adam
Courtney Elizabeth Cavalier Aaron Woods they so old now... but I still ❤️ them lol
Avenged Sevenfold
23:30 04/13/2017

We asked our fans to help stir up a frenzy for the #GodDamn music video. On a rainy day in LA hundreds of you showed up. Come behind the scenes with us now to see how it all went down: http://A7X.lnk.to/MakingofGDFp Vevo

7.1k reactions 147 comments
Rochelle LaRae Robbins we'd do anything for you guys ;) <3
Bill Johnson Yes! This song kicks so much ass.
Diana Saheli Bon c'est quand que vous la sortez cette vidéo ? Vous nous faites chier là avec vos making of
Julia Forsberg When is it going to be out though???
Jasmine Gould Wilson Isabel Martins will never forgive us for not living in fucking america
Avenged Sevenfold
23:30 04/13/2017

You rallied together to make the #GodDamn music video so we want YOU to get the first look behind the scenes. Head over to Deathbat Nation for this one day exclusive to watch before it's available to everyone else: http://bit.ly/GDamnBTS

8.5k reactions 56 comments
Zaenal Muttaqin I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dunk Kers damnation_godamn
Matias Silva Acevedo sabia k iba a salir esta cancion
Birgit Kirschke Release date?
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osass We love you....A7X
Avenged Sevenfold
23:30 04/13/2017

The #GodDamn music video was charged with energy from our fans. Come with us behind the scenes now - Available for only ONE DAY on Deathbat Nation - because it’s your f#cking fan club! http://bit.ly/GDamnBTS

10.0k reactions 102 comments
Christopher Slickfifty Mcatee Pledge allegiance No flag !!! God nation god damn !!!
Michael McGinley A handle is only as good as the person giving it
Aristotelis Chatoupis Best god damn band in the god damn world🤘🏽🎸🥁
Shannon Vrooman Tried to join several times and it won't let me :(
George Ramos Why don't release the video today?!
Avenged Sevenfold
10:42 04/11/2017

Before the #GodDamn music video arrives, we're taking you on set to see how it was made. Look out for the "Making Of" on Wed.

11.1k reactions 243 comments
Kimberly L Kelly Unfortunately, I was not chosen for the video.... But I still love them 😐
Jackie Garza I wish I was there 😞😞😞😞
Anyssa Nicole Ortega Cesar Roque they are going back to unholy confession music video status 😭❤️
Marikae Keller This was the video I was too old to be in 😂😂😂
Terry MacBride I have never been this hyped about a music video release ever! SOO EXCITED!!! 😆😫👍🔥💯💯
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 04/08/2017

The #GodDamn music video is coming! Stay tuned to get a look behind-the-scenes.

27.0k reactions 371 comments
Brian Ray-Ray Baker Can't wait, I was lucky enough to be there!!!
Jimmy Charbeneau Looks like Afterlife but with a crowd and well...yeah... Rock on A7X!
Joshua Guddo My favorite song from the album i knew it would be a matter of time before it hit the radio and got a video
Sam Lesbrises I heard the song in luxembourg and i swear it's one of the most agressive song from the stage exist would be amazing in video ^_^
Raghu Rajan Punuswamy Can't wait for new video it will be do Awesome hail yea A7x

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