Christina Milian
06:00 11/11/2017

Brought my Moscato to Morning News in Edmonton, Canada. Thanks for having me CTV Morning Live Vancouver glad you loved Viva Moscato & Viva Diva Wines 🍷♥️ #imakemoscatomove #girlboss #femaleowned #vivadivawines #wineshow #winetime #winewednesday #tgif #happyhour #holidayparty #girltime Available at 75 Sotheby's locations throughout 🇨🇦 vivadivawines.com

1.5k reactions 94 comments
Howard Williams gorgeous pic princess
Rodney Snick Harrington Beautiful
Meti Asani More power to ms. Milian make money money money.🌹
Luci LuCi Wallace Did you release your wine in Phila yet ?
Elias Duarte-Lopez Christina Milian have you been to Calgary? :)
Melissa Joan Hart
13:54 10/26/2017

#Repost @hartbreakfilms ・・・ Our dynamic duo killed it with #WatcherintheWoods this weekend. The ratings were awesome and we are over the moon here at #HartbreakFilms with the reactions from fans! Melissa’s commentary will play on the movie when it re-airs on #Halloween. #bosslady #girlboss

613 reactions 26 comments
Enrique Menendez Congrats Melissa Joan Hart and Paula Hart!
Stephanie Macci Love. Love. Love.
David William Pristupa Assume pair
Simon Thomas Williams How can we see it in the uk?
John Haferkamp Look good
Paris Hilton
11:06 03/17/2017

#GirlBoss 👑

14.3k reactions 279 comments
Robert McIntyre Gorgeous
José Juan Hiracheta Fatima Rdz us doing the laundry
Joyce K. Williams Girl you are beating my ass with these suits! #Ouch!! ❤❤❤❤
Milenko Babic Genius Paris Hilton
Terry Keller Wow sweetheart I love you so much as you are truly the most beautiful and talented professional entertainment artists in America sweetheart I'm so in love with your beauty and glamour as your professional modeling talents and creative professional ...
Paris Hilton
09:24 02/02/2017

#GirlBoss ✨✨👑✨✨

8.8k reactions 264 comments
Jacek Krzystof Fajnie I bede wy step owak w reality show w usa Co mam ze pokochalem moja przyszla zone jak sie do wiedzial em jak sie stara o mnie Nagrywa spiewa Podniecnieca mnie moja przyszla zona Paris Hilton przyszla numer 5 Wygrywasz pokaz mi sie Taka tez ...
Cheikh Kebe oups senegaliens foots yous.. yous will cams baks for ever killers ben armoirs..
Violeto Yubal Oh wow so beautiful sexy Paris Hilton I love you so much💋💚💞👙😘💜💝💋💐💟💓💐💓💋💟💓🌈💏👑
Hartley Pleshaw Paris, you are as brilliant a businessperson as you are beautiful!
Mark Vigario I thought you were extremely funny, and talented in The Simple Life. Always love hearing from you, honey.
Paris Hilton
09:24 02/02/2017

#GirlBoss 👊🏼

3.7k reactions 245 comments
Ian Minihan Alright huni how are you doing gorgeous love to you always
Peniame Kovulakimalea 'The Tangle'...cherio..Lol..Music ;'..then I saw her face..Now i am a Believed.."...
Gilbert Taylor III Go with the +++BOSSTRESS+++...GOD+BLESS...$BABAYMAMA...MRS+PARIS...$$$+CP+$$$
Melissa De Ruysscher If you do what you like, you'll become whatever you want.... Follow your dreams and ambitions....
Porfirio Cavallari Lauren Conrad responded this to an interviewer. https://youtu.be/DwdvRTOdx1w
Christina Milian
03:24 01/06/2017

Was def feeling my Look today for the #GoldenGlobes Ladies Luncheon 💋 #ootd #girlboss

7.4k reactions 125 comments
Damian Provost Pretty feet
Brad Bardy stunning ;)
Ivan Dublin 👌🚬Hot, beautiful
Clinton Wilcox BABY DOLL
King-kwesi Carter Gorgeous 😍
Paris Hilton
06:12 12/16/2016

‪Love the new interview I just did with Harper's Bazaar on my business & life. #GirlBoss ✨💛✨ http://bit.ly/2hipRn0‬

15.1k reactions 378 comments
Legacy Leilani Paris!!! Those heels! Awesome
Claude Andre Roy Goddess Diva !!!!!
Mario Lester Come on Yarr come to mumbai lets meet and have a ball ! i have a good pad in Bandra ,
Armen Dabbaghian Very impressive, and good luck to you, in whatever you do??!!
Barry N Roberts This article gave me serious deja vu. I could swear I read the same one several years ago, making all of the same claims about it being time for the public to take ms. hilton seriously, but then I saw pictures of a thirty five year old woman at a ...
Paris Hilton
06:28 09/15/2016

Watch my interview with CNBC Closing Bell from today discussing #GoldRush, my business & my DJ Residency #GirlBoss

Paris Hilton: From socialite to entrepreneur
Paris Hilton: From socialite to entrepreneur

American socialite and media personality Paris Hilton speaks to CNBC's Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth about her new perfume, technology, the election and her biggest money mistake.

3.1k reactions 91 comments
India Morrow Great career Paris.
Sara Capa Mwah Fave media personality Go the hilton sisters
Guss Tonitto You are such an inspiration how far you have come along!! ???????? #GirlBoss
Roger Misquitta Beauty
Doriann Cardiasmenos Paris Hilton works very hard everyday you go girl.?
Paris Hilton
11:29 09/12/2016

Amazing evening with the #QueenOfIbiza Cathy Guetta at #MertAndMarcus #ArmyOfLove Party! ??? #GirlBoss ??

19.6k reactions 487 comments
Mark Gilmore I do have one question for you would you help me if I needed you yes or no ?
Adolfo Turri GRAFFIANTE CLASSE. VITA, GIOIA E BELLEZZA, bravissime ciao.
Muhamad Sahyudi ? <3 10 time I play them but not bored bored Oh Yes!!! I hope your Day is always fun,with Full Movie special for you Sausage Party (2016) http://movimax-mf1.blogspot.com/2016/08/sausage-party-2016.html Suicide Squad (2016) http://movimax-mf1.blogspot....
Marissa Hilton ew i would look way better there!..sorry sweetcakes but its the truth!.
Vid Pyati Paris it isn't funny and I dont care.. Get the hell out of my life.. Vidyut
Tyra Banks
11:44 09/12/2016

I feel a #PowerTrip coming on! I’m all about being positive and supporting my fellow #girlboss. Catch me on Good Morning America with Marie Claire today and see what this fearless conference is all about!

664 reactions 45 comments
Teneya Chavers I wanna go!
Danielle Banks ???? exciting!
Victoria Coburn Get it, Tyra
Ihor Procak Beautiful.
Cheata Dallas Gettem...

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