Cesar Cielo
12:24 12/07/2017

Fim do primeiro dia do Open com pódio no 50 borbo. Ainda faltam 3 dias!!! Bora para as proximas provas! 💪🏊🏻‍♂️😀 foto Satiro Sodre @satirosodre #OpenCBDA #natacao #seimming #50borboleta #50fly

151 reactions 9 comments
Luiz Augusto De Mendonça Filho Meu fã
Enzo Enzo Proooppre
Elizabeth Castanheira Pitta Costa GO CESAR CIELO!!! 🏆🥇👏🏻👏🏻
Herbert Fraga Já fui nadador, sei o que é um piscina de 50m
Angela Furin Garcia Admiro muito vc !!! E o pior é que nem sei nadar kkk
14:30 03/19/2017

The purifying power of the wind... open your arms and let it take away everything that is not good for you! ⭐ El poder purificador del viento🌬Abre los brazos y permite que te limpie y se lleve todo lo que no te pertenece, que te aligere el alma. ;-) #vientoafavor #libertad #fly #light #free #clean #alive #happy

11.0k reactions 187 comments
Matias Silvestre Aspeti Bellisima, toda una diosa!
Patrice Pierre Roussin Thalia my Amor 👀💞👄🍀🗣🎶🎶🎶oceans kiss
Margarita Garza Que el viento se yeve todo menos el dinero,la libertad,y ese mendigo ego que lo hase a uno enloqueser
Frances Morales Thalía tus palabras son muy inspiradoras para mí. Gracias por existir.
Margarita Garza 😂😊🍺🗿🏄🚧🎑🎑🔨💰🎲🏃🏆🚞💎
Dwight Howard
22:48 03/15/2017

"A Man that has No Imagination-Has NO Wings" Muhammad Ali #BeGr8 #TrueToAltanta #FLY

1.7k reactions 52 comments
Krish Cross AppleSauce Aaron Mo Sele your next shoes
Lanee Safai Harley Parker he is perfect
Emre Hamatoglu Akant Es bu tr de olsa alirim
Ezbon Risper Lol
Lau Anson Bosco Ko this sounds cool
11:42 09/12/2016

Very very very very very sad watching and posting this! What it took to be present, focused, and trusting in this phase of my life was incredibly challenging. I learned so many beautiful lessons about myself and I deeply realized that I am made of #GodStuff Thank you all of my #BackBones off and on the stage with me!! @keenandeon #fave X @sonofabishop I love you guys both so much. My life has changed forever because of this experience. To all the fans around the world, Thank you for allowing me to be who I am, for seeing me, and continuing to take me as I am. I can only be myself and I finally can say with the deepest humility "I don't wanna be nobody BUT myself"..... This is a gift that everyone is meant to receive!!!! #OutTheseStreetsAndBackInTheSky #Fly

4.3k reactions 188 comments
Gregory Austin Brandy, you are doing the dam thing.......I've been waiting for a tour like this from you....
Nadia Williams Yeah...Aphrodisiac the album was slept on!!! I loved it! I read somewhere that Brandy didn't like it as well...I thought,"Girl, you are crazy!"
Adrienne Songbyrd Tucker You are my favorite artist... Always has been, always will be!
Nicole Douglas Go Brandy !! You still have it..You haven't missed a beat.. ... I still listen to all your music from back in the day( 90's music) Plus your so Talented..God bless u.??
Tasha Bell Please come back to Oklahoma you haven't been here for awhile see family love brandy

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