Larry Fitzgerald
02:36 11/12/2017

‪Here’s a #tbt to last years #MyCauseMyCleats initiative that supported my #FirstDownFund!‬

447 reactions 19 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Elizabeth Santos 👍👍😍
Fausto Gaxiola Serrano Awesome!!!
Virginia Niskala Block for AP tonight
Nancy Marquez Ramirez Nice 😍
Larry Fitzgerald
02:36 11/12/2017

‪Here’s a #tbt to last years #MyCauseMyCleats initiative that supported my #FirstDownFund!‬

186 reactions 2 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Jennifer Aguilar Hinojosa How about giving out some tickets ? 😁🤷‍♀️
Larry Fitzgerald
18:30 10/17/2017

Congrats to our winner, Kathryn Lowenstein from Dallas, TX! These are her 3 boys, her son Caden turns 14 on the day of our London game! To everyone that entered, thank you. Together you helped raise over $27,000 for my London giveaway w/ @cauzeo! Thank you #BirdGang for supporting #FirstDownFund! #BestFansEver

1.9k reactions 61 comments
Michele Beasley Vicky Goguen is this your co worker?...
Cecelia Rutherford Congrats from Cedar Hill. Larry is awesome!!!!
Doris Martinez Hey Fitz... I wore your forever loyal shirt today!!! You did a great job.
Shari Forsythe Congrats and happy birthday this is awesome ❤️
Brenda Hoffmann Yay! Have a great birthday Caden, cheer us to a win!
Larry Fitzgerald
18:30 10/17/2017

How someone is going to feel when they get that call today!! Final hours to enter my London giveaway! Winner announced after today’s game. Thanks for supporting #FirstDownFund! Enter now @ http://go.cauzeo.com/London

1.3k reactions 26 comments
Dustin Weed Jennifer Weed
Natasha Burroughs Spencer Harris
Gaby Arizona
Patricia Sanchez So excited 😁😁🏈🏈
Linda Thorp Great job, Larry!
Larry Fitzgerald
05:42 10/15/2017

Can't wait to have one of you join myself and the Arizona Cardinals in London! Thank you to everyone that has entered and supported the #FirstDownFund! There's still time to donate $10 for your chance to win! Visit http://go.cauzeo.com/London to enter now! #BirdGang #BritishBirdGang

1.3k reactions 55 comments
Monica Valenzuela Good I'm your big fan
Jan McMurren Cutie Patootie 😊
Melissa Lopez Your amazing Larry
Jodi Edge Brocki So pumped!!!!!!!
Marianne Keane Cohen Larry, you are such a fine gentleman 🏈🏈
Larry Fitzgerald
16:54 10/12/2017

Someone will win a trip to London, but I think the real winners are the kids and families of The #FirstDownFund you're supporting. Thank you for being the best fans, together we make a difference! Donate today, winner will be announced Sunday! Enter: https://go.cauzeo.com/London

82 reactions 8 comments
Danny Vanderlee Hey Larry, help out a friend's son from Pittsburgh? https://www.gofundme.com/omari2dallas
Amy Elizabeth Howard ❤️
Claudia Galloway ❤️❤️ Donated!
Krista Keeton We all win!! 👏👌
Nancy Marquez Ramirez It's exciting to form part of both the donation and the chance for a trip to London.. What would be even better is to win!! LOL my Birthday 🎉 is on the 23rd.. Larry could you give me a birthday gift by replying to me
Larry Fitzgerald
15:12 08/30/2017

Huge thanks to my friends at Bridgestone Tires for supporting #FirstDownFund at my annual #FitzsSupperClub event!

243 reactions 7 comments
Andrea Zemel So much fun!
Arredondo Paulina Larry,Larry, Larry💋💋💋💖💖💖
Larry Fitzgerald
15:12 08/30/2017

Thank you to The Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale for once again supporting #FitzsSupperClub and #FirstDownFund. I am really looking forward to seeing the resort’s renovations this fall!

519 reactions 16 comments
Francisco Gomez Love you Larry Fitzgerald 😍😘
Greg Tolentino Class act.#birdgang
George Samuels Ditch Have stayed there many times. Love it.
April Cline Thank you for all you do Larry! You're a true gentleman.
Maria Broadfoot My husband works there!! He's the handsome electrician!!!
Larry Fitzgerald
23:12 08/17/2017

‪If you haven't yet donated to help my #FirstDownFund and get a chance to join me at Dominick's Steakhouse for #FitzsSupperClub then lets go! Click here now for more info - give.mobi/fitz‬

177 reactions 8 comments
Abel Luna The link doesn't work
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Arredondo Paulina Link doesn't work
Rory Monaghan Here's the working link: http://www.give.mobi/fitz
Andres Garcia Links broken
Larry Fitzgerald
12:48 12/02/2016

In support of the #FirstDownFund get a Fitz Big Head & get an Ornament for Free Build-A-Head http://bit.ly/2eSQ3k0 #GivingBack

1.6k reactions 41 comments
Lynn Kolb Pat Russo!
Sally Nuccio Miller Shannon Sellmeyer!!!
Kelly Kunsman Dewey Cherety, now I just feel kinda cool. #honored! Love you girl!
Brianna Mekeel Kayla there are lots of Fitzgerald faces 😂
Sammy Frank Houston Bauer Casey Swain
Larry Fitzgerald
07:26 09/19/2016

Nothing beats a #BirdGang victory except helping my #FirstDownFund. Get your shirt before they're gone in just 2 days.

2.7k reactions 85 comments
Johanna L. Vasquez Ordered mine today! ?
Larry Garcia Nice game Larry.
Edward Johnson Ordered mine
Jordan Lee Kirkland Congrats on passing the great Steve Largent and Tim Brown.
Mark Boyce Good game thank you
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

Go donate to the #FirstDownFund to help a great cause and take your shot at winning tickets to the home opener and a signed jersey.

497 reactions 9 comments
Linda Wehmueller Does it include plane fare because I moved back to MI.
Lesley Castillo Josh Williams
Jamie George I need tickets, representing the big red bird! In seahawk nation. CARDINAL FOR LIFE. Let's get this! Bubba out .
Sara Roberge Yea
Cruz Soto ?
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

My Dominick's Steakhouse family here at #FitzsSupperClub supporting The #FirstDownFund!

1.7k reactions 16 comments
Sandra Dominguez Vivian Ware
Eric Nau You're as classy off the field as you are on. I can't wait to see you in buffalo!
Doug Carlozzi Looking Good boys!!
JoshnStacy Loso Fitz is the man
Mnm Jallo Love FITZ!!???
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

I appreciate my friends at Westin Kierland Resort & Spa for taking care of my friends and family for #FitzsSupperClub! #FirstDownFund

713 reactions 16 comments
Armelia Sweetie Russ Check out my grandson. He loves the game.
Carrie Glinberg I know you'll have a very successful event tonight! Thank you for your service work Larry! #FitzsSupperClub ??
Sally Tapia Renaud Love all that you represent. You make AZ proud! You are a class act.
Robin Cain Berseth Bob Cisco, :)
Michael Hildebrandt 1st
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

I hope Penske Auto Mall brings a solid Rolls Royce tonight to #FitzsSupperClub. #FirstDownFund loves seeing the new rides.

291 reactions 12 comments
Christine Kopp My husband can bring his pump truck.?
Achol Majok I want to go there
Maine Degrasse Sweet!
Ricky Debbie Dehoyoz I wish I could take my Lowrider ?
Lakisha Rabb Nice to look at not into cars
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

I can't wait for #FitzsSupperClub tonight at Dominick's Steakhouse!! #FirstDownFund

586 reactions 18 comments
Mark Mitzel Sr. Great charity. Wish we could be there!
Ij Munn Wishing You Another Successful Event & Thank You For Every Kind Thing You Do! Enjoy!
Linda Mazarella We'll see you there!
Gayla Flemister Awesome I want some. Steak. Haha.
David Morris Fitz you are the truth....A Goon, The Goat lol....
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

Don't miss your chance to win tix to #FitzsSupperClub to support #FirstDownFund, a signed jersey or a signed photo!! lockerdo.me/dGOmJ

Fitzs Supper Club 2016
Fitzs Supper Club 2016

Larry Fitzgerald Jr. and Dominick’s Steakhouse present the 8th annual Fitz’s Supper Club, Celebrities at YOUR Service on Monday August 29, 2016. While enjoyi...

87 reactions 2 comments
TheCoach Guerrero I need this victory Larry!lol https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1734570873478454&id=100007766737027&ref=bookmarks
Savanna Cruz I wanna be there ;) how do I get on the guest list
Larry Fitzgerald
11:58 09/12/2016

Go enter for your chance to win the Grand Prize to attend #FitzsSupperClub to support #FirstDownFund!! lockerdo.me/dGOmJ

Fitzs Supper Club 2016
Fitzs Supper Club 2016

Larry Fitzgerald Jr. and Dominick’s Steakhouse present the 8th annual Fitz’s Supper Club, Celebrities at YOUR Service on Monday August 29, 2016. While enjoyi...

103 reactions 2 comments
Savanna Cruz How much are the tickets
Savanna Cruz I wanna be there ;)

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