14:24 04/21/2017

#FanTrivia Finish this lyric. #Aerosmith #WhatItTakes #Pump #TrueFan #BlueArmy

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Dave Edwards your love made me a prisoner, yeah my heart's been doin' time
Ursula Castillo Cebreros Your love made me a prisioner 🎶🎶🎶
Doug Poland your love made me a prisoner yeah my hearts been doing time. you spent me up like money then you hung me out to dry is it easy to keep all your lies in disguies
Jonathan Davies You're love made me a prisoner. My hearts been doing time.
Carol Ana Lov u ❤ Bruna Breternitz
11:22 09/12/2016

True Fan Trivia! Do YOU know who sings ‘Bright Light Fright’? #Aerosmith #FanTrivia #BrightLightFright #DoYouKnow

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Cesar Zuñiga so long xd
Cesar Zuñiga yeah
David Hope Mr Perry
Jeremy Deane Joe perry
Misa Djordjevic It's easy! An Admiral!
11:22 09/12/2016

Fan trivia: Do you know who originally recorded Remember (Walking in the Sand)? #TBT #FanTrivia #Aerosmith #ThrowbackThursday

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David Hall Shagri las
Darlene Jones Cobb Shangrilas
Candace Leigh Pierce Holy cow I forgot all about this one!
Shelley Rea No it is Shangri-las
Judy Brantley House Shangri-Las was the first group I remember singing it when I was a young girl. Loved it.

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