Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:54 07/17/2017

Lady Liberty has never looked better 😘 #FamilyDayOut #nyceprix

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Jonathan Smith You should take a trip to Philadelphia to watch the Swans? 😁
Jarvis C Lehmann Who's looking at lady liberty!?
Pat Forest well, i think lady liberty is in a panic at the moment - cries at night hoping someone will save her.
Brian John Morris Looking cool there guys in the sun from a wet South Wales.
Débora Benguer Always looking gorgeous.the two of you. Hello from Peru.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:54 07/17/2017

Going to Formula E today with the whole family. Keep you posted. #FamilyDayOut

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Arturo Valdovinos It's marvelous to have a great time with your family; enjoy yourself and your family.!!!
Gelan Mohamed Sara M Elhariri she looks like you
Христофор Бонев To you so beauty i am love to you yes ing the i am yes of to you one please no int the problem roman of facebook!Ok my love!
Susan Elsigian I want to see Zoro 3!!!!!! I miss you and Antonio Banderas together.
Bear Brown Thanks for sharing! Day is better when reading your posts!

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