Nick Jonas
14:12 12/18/2017

Thank you Tampa! As always you were amazing. See you tomorrow Miami... Let’s finish this #JingleBall tour out strong! #flzjingleball iHeartRadio 93.3 FLZ

4.0k reactions 42 comments
Ralph Alvarez 😎🤩😎
Lexi Abbott 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Baby!
Kacey Lea Fittt
Paloma Mariana ❤️😍
Valeria Gutierrez Ramos Love you😉😉😍😍😮😌😭💝
13:36 12/20/2016

Tampa! It's time to party 93.3 FLZ #FLZJingleBall #SaturdayNight

26.7k reactions 203 comments
Brea Ndaula Love you! Pitbull totally killed it of course
Jordan Brown ya had a good time cool. not time to party just yet for me
MarilyneRose Mari I was there
Tonny Sipa Wow big BOSS juat say DALE so that everybody can feeling bleased tonight and get on the floor and close their eye till tomorrow.
Gloria Rimoldi My name is Jenny . I am 16 years old and have dark blond hair. NOW THAT YOU HAVE STARTED READING YOU MAY NOT STOP!! I was murdered July 14th with my fathers shotgun and butcher knife. If you don't post this on 20 other pages i will come to your house ...

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