Paris Hilton
08:00 05/22/2017

Feeling like a Princess at my Debutante Ball when I was 18 in Paris. ✨✨👸🏼✨✨ #FBF 👑 #TeenParis

4.4k reactions 155 comments
Ahmed Ali you are my princess 👑😍
Mauro AndradeWenk * Oh My #ParisHilton<3. ...! *
Miranda Kay Paris Hilton "What Queenie Wants👑Queenie Gets"🏓👑
Marites Aesquivel Beautiful! Princess dress, Paris
Armondo Guzman Very pretty beautiful Paris
Alessandra Ambrosio
12:36 05/20/2017


7.1k reactions 132 comments
Jose Ignacio Palacio González Beautiful, so cute😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋💋
Rodney Russell Just too beautiful for words! !!
Leung Wing Kit pretty forever
Joey Bonsignore The most beautiful woman in the world
Ever el 3men2 Si alguien Leyera éste comentario😦 Soy un joven Dominicano con el sueño de ser reconocido por todos lados con mi música, pero no tengo el suficiente recurso para los anuncios, y me ayudarías Muchisisiimo siguiendome en mi página, para poder cumplirlo, ...
Ozzy Osbourne
03:48 05/22/2017

with Randy in Rochester,NY April 29, 1981 #fbf

5.7k reactions 59 comments
Bianca Rais The greatest best friends ever!!!♥♥
Jim Anderson Saw that show in Springfield Ma
Frank Pannone Long live Randy Rhodes
Mark Tucker Fuckin great pic!
Brian Beaven Let's never forget Randy
Paris Hilton
19:12 05/19/2017

Back when I was 13 in #Vegas & decided to go an to exotic pet store to buy a ferret & name her #FerretFawcett. 👱🏼‍♀️❤ #FBF

5.2k reactions 335 comments
Jacob Kimaryo You look almost the same today!!!!..Incredible natural beauty!!!!!
John Hendry Oh Ferret so lovely with you and were shi's now still with you <3 ? I loved and likes.
Robert Fouch Were r is u bike trainer rob ride an daily pict exersize or gym im sure looking good
Amy Lyóns Justice for Chelsey .com protesting 10thJune Sunderland THIS GIRL DESERVES A COURT TRIAL !
06:48 05/14/2017

#daddysgirls #fbf #readingtime

19.6k reactions 169 comments
Dorothea Flowers Adorable
Erica Richins Oh how precious! Your darling girls are adorable!
Beverly Dillon This is so cute
Miranda Bailey Yeeeessssss!!! Llama llama time!!!💗💗💗
Krissy Coulombe #llamallama
Don Omar
06:18 05/14/2017

"Vive la vida minuto a minuto y encontraras en cada uno de ellos un motivo por el cual conducirte en la forma correcta" W. Landrón #FBF muchos me dijeron que esta parte era especial para ustedes así que aquí se las dejo para que la compartan...

19.3k reactions 263 comments
N-fi Vargas Así es Don Omar recuerdo mi época de mi escuela cuando me conseguí un MP3 para tener todo esos temas :)
Mayra Montilla me encantas cuando vienes a republica dominicana?ven pronto porfa!para ir. a escucharte....
Mónica Villegas Así es mi querido Don Omar para mí seguirás siendo el Rey toda la vida!!! Amé esa canción en su momento y hoy en día la sigo Amando ♡
Lorena Hiday Medina Exacto esa parte me encanta no de envalde Angelito es la canción que más me gusta de ti, eres el mejor!!!
Daniel F. Cabrales A mas d uno les escribo esta frase gracias a ti dice mucho son palabras q si las acogen bn da mucha enseñanza
Paris Hilton
17:36 05/14/2017

That time I was on #TheOC & predicted that #Selfies would be the autograph of the 21st century. 😉 #SelfieQueen 👑 #FBF

5.8k reactions 310 comments
Jacek Krzystof Zona Paris Hilton numer 5 Przyszla Rozmawialem wlasnie z bylym swagrem od 4 byla zona ewe maciasz Tak wytlumaczylem ze nie chce juz takich zon z polski nie umie ja sie zachowac Bija mnie po po wrocie z pracy bo sie kokaine przy stole na ja dla jak jej ...
Jacek Krzystof Zona Paris Hilton numer 5 Przyszla oczy musze zrobic obowiazkowo I te zylki usunac w usa Scen4714170181 Muszisz mi to dograc na miejscu klinika taka zebym znow w sadach nie wylodowal bo plastyke oczu musze zrobic dla ciebie I dziecka Przynajmniej bede ...
Chris Primo Martinez yeah kinda true to an extent depending on who gets your selfies make al the difference
Jean Godicheau c'est un milieu très centrer et concentrer par la drogue , dûe à l'inutilité de leur vie privée et publique (du bétail à drogue)
Lau Suet Ching I think that is very special expression.I could not think of how old I were probaly I were just twenty something.
Queen Latifah
17:42 05/14/2017

This GIRLS TRIP trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjx8eBH9tjE has me flashing back to #SetItOff with Jada Pinkett Smith! #FBF #reunited

15.2k reactions 373 comments
Mila Santiago The Night My Life Changed #SetItOff #QueenLatifah #Queen #DanaOwens😍😍👑👑💋💋 #GirlsTrip Can't Wait
Marybell Ortiz Just watched this movie last at my favorite gay bar in nyc...
Tasha Said I loved that movie AND the soundtrack. Well done Queen 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼❤
Joyce Bisong It's a movie I can watch everyday I just watched it again today.
Branco Neves Gosto muito de vc ate hj, vc faz parte da minha vida !!!! EU TE AMO MUITO OBRIGADO !!!
Don Omar
06:18 05/14/2017

#FBF quien recuerda esta presentación? Fue toda una aventura poder llegar a tiempo, pero lo logramos y armamos una gran fiesta! En que país fue? 🇦🇷🇧🇷🇧🇴🇨🇴🇨🇱🇪🇨🇺🇾🇻🇪🇵🇾??

2.9k reactions 135 comments
Marthina Lourdes Marmaduke EN VIÑA 2016 PAPI 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 ERES LO MAXIMO TE RRE ADORO ...💋💋💋
Simon Ramon No estuve pero lo vi por tv hermano fue en viña 🌊🌊🌊 Me parece tuvo duro 🔥🔥🔥
Daylin Navarro elegante que la pases super eso me alegra por que tu eres un amigo muy activo la buena Dios te bendiga wuilian omar 😎😎
Xicana Morales Kong te'quiero siempre.. mua :* te'extrano.. desde Waterbury,CT :* :* :*
Yaneris Tamara Bueno yo no estube pero me fuera encantado ir y poder disfrutar de ese talento q dios le regalo te amo negro bello 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alessandra Ambrosio
22:12 05/12/2017


2.5k reactions 167 comments
Tony Hernandez Hermosa
Eduardo Abreu She's very beautiful!! <3
Tim Adams Absolute beautiful woman, inside and out
Frank Gallardo As beautiful as it gets!
06:48 05/14/2017

Over 10 years strong! Same Luda Plane, Different Luda Cars. And of course my favorite car is in the lower right hand corner! #fbf #loyalty #thisshitisdisrespectful Ha! #hardworkpayoff

2.8k reactions 67 comments
Tiara Sunshine Lee Luda got jokes 😂😂😂😂😂
Sya King Str8 bow wow diss
Tony Barah Still balling
Bryan Jenkins How comfortable is that Falcon
Ivan Rangel The Ac Legend playa !!!
Ozzy Osbourne
13:24 05/14/2017

on the Sabotage Tour in 1975 #fbf

17.1k reactions 184 comments
Rick Medeiros amazing....i don t no much of ozzy early career..i just have the 2013 collection..
TE Strowbridge Great album! Love me some Black Sabbath to help brighten up my day!!! 😊
Hilda Sanchez Well Gabriel that was in 1975 but now he looks and acts like a zombie
Shirley Maynard I love ya OZZY! Paranoid Man, I kick a**** on banjo with that one... Keep ROCKIN'.....
Debbie Krodel I saw him a couple years before this. Still my all time favorite artist🤘
Alessandra Ambrosio
20:36 05/07/2017


14.1k reactions 130 comments
Kenneth Musillo What a body
Hans Friz Asi mismo te veias en mis sueños ;)
Rodney Russell Just Gourgous! ! !
Luis Horna Beautiful.
Jose Ignacio Palacio González An Angel of love, wonderful beauty💞💞💞😍😍😍
Rio Ferdinand
02:54 05/08/2017

Friday night chill with the kids... West Ham on the TV! Hoping for 3 points for Slav ⚒ #WHUFC #FBF

5.2k reactions 46 comments
Carol Beth Bright Best way to spend a Friday night ❤️
Ahmed Yahaya Jibrin From westham united to man united.united family
Raymond Katungo They've done it⚽⚽⚽💪💪
Kathleen Riley That's lovely. X
Miriam Oxley I should have joined you ❤❤
The Rolling Stones
16:36 05/06/2017

#FBF 2014 tour rehearsals

4.8k reactions 86 comments
Gabriela Martínez Quevedo Son lo mejor que hay!!!
Kstro Andrs Simplemente fabulosos..👍
Maria Maria Subidón !!! Ahí ahí ,viva el Rock &Roll!!! 🙃
Daniel Bellomo NEW YORK"S READY AND WAITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis Novillo Andrade GENIAL...!!!! POR FAVOR VENGAN A ECUADOR......!!!!!
Thirty Seconds to Mars
01:54 05/07/2017

#FBF / The Making of HURRICANE.

9.1k reactions 111 comments
Cindy M. Marcum That man is just amazing.
Kasia Bocheńska Love IT!!
Nani Miranda I love this music and vídeo! 😍😍😍😍😍
Roger Ch It's The Joker!
Helen Byrnes Awesome vid my favourite
23:42 05/05/2017

#FBF That escalated quickly!

VIDEO | Friendly sparring session with Wanderlei Silva and kid quickly escalates | BJPenn.com
VIDEO | Friendly sparring session with Wanderlei Silva and kid quickly escalates | BJPenn.com

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva manhandles a student during a sparring session that quickly escalates when the boy throws a spinning back kick.

386 reactions 132 comments
Frank Robbins Wand could have destroyed that kid with elbows if he wanted to its all good lol
Josiah Burney Will Strickland I heard ufc fighters hated to spar him because he always went full out haha
Jo'shua John-son Foh w this clickbate. People biting hard. The kid wanted to test himself and Silva let him try. Slow news day.
James Toller Hey look more proof of what everyone in Vegas already knows. You come to spar at Wands you soon learn there is no light sparring! Lol 😂
Terrence T Kelly Those were only 20% shots from Wanderlei, cool sparring match
Ozzy Osbourne
23:00 05/06/2017

The weekend is here, don't chicken out! #FBF

5.3k reactions 110 comments
Anthony Lloyd That's just fowl!
Annette Love Hello Ozzy Naked are you wow
Todd Harmon lol never! :-D
W.D. Purcell SHARON!!....look what I found floating in the jacuzzi
Betty Leonard Nice hot tub!
Paris Hilton
01:36 05/02/2017

Just found this pic of me when I was 13, trying to be sexy doing a Valentine's shoot with my sis. 😹 #TeenParis ❣️👱🏼‍♀️❣️ #FBF

9.4k reactions 399 comments
Jerome Tate I would have been that little boy throwing pebble at the window
Nisha Patel At thirteen no were think like that. Ofcourse you were smart sexy since youe childhood. Actualy Paris Hilton you born to become noor of our eyes.
Ismintsev Arsen So if anyone goes at her. It will be all slow motion like and visually confusing.
Jeffrey Thomas you look a little like this amazing girl in my 7th grade class, Chrissy she could easily have become a supermodel like yourself
Paris Hilton
12:48 04/29/2017

#DiorBaby 🔥 📸by #DavisFactor #FBF

3.0k reactions 174 comments
Mark Greg Meeks That's hot...
Javier Delgado Alvaro Espectacular
Bea Wilson Beautiful 💖
Mauro AndradeWenk * Paris. < 3 ...! *
Adolfo Ramos Valverde I love Paris... And Berlin too
Enrique Iglesias
08:24 05/01/2017

#fbf with Mad Max

204.4k reactions 2635 comments
Gina Marquez Valezzi 😘😍❤️❤️❤️Meet my new edition to my family...5 month male German Shepard.... ROCKY....love him and your pup is adorable 😍❤️
Jo Phelps Omg so adorable I absolutely love German shepherds, Enrique is hot too!
Duqmi Bress Oye si, no es mala idea que hicieras una campaña en contra del maltrato animal, tú eres un verdadero ejemplo de amor y respeto hacia estos seres que carecen de derechos en todo el mundo, besos 😘😘😘👍👍👍
Vasja Pisnik Too adorable. But I really wish you spoke up. Someone has to. There are millions of us suffering in silence and we are never going to beat this unless we as a society start talking about it and break the taboo.
Kully Nijjar Boring exciting trivial pressure heart but this man is so clever!His eyes are beautyful and warm just like him
Carrie Underwood
09:24 04/29/2017

#FBF to 2008, 2011, and 2016 when Carrie performed at Stagecoach Festival!

4.3k reactions 69 comments
Bo Griffith Smoking hotttt
Jerry Wiley Hey like
Levi Ravenswood Sexy as usual
Ian Gordon Gorgeous...
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Jordin Sparks
01:12 04/30/2017

#FBF 1997 When I was the flower girl at my Uncle & Aunt's wedding. I got lipstick on the over-sized sleeve of my dress right before we were supposed to walk down...I was so sad. Made for a good picture though. 😄 #20years

1.9k reactions 51 comments
Hediya Djigo Sweet
Onyema Nwokoro Pretty damsel!
Kennedy Shifotoka That was a beautiful little girl
Stephen Ruvengo Ummmmm cute girl
Ann Marianne Gitta You look different
Ryan Sheckler
15:06 04/30/2017

#FBF with Miss Luzila Skye. Looking forward to watching her in this year’s #WCMX demo at #SkateForACause May 6th.

2.4k reactions 12 comments
Samantha Foxx Great pic the smiles say it all❤️
Jerrod Pressnell Rad!
Jordan Eliart 👌
WrEck Tanedo ROque This is wonderful! Keep it up Shecks!👊👊💪💪☝☝🙌🙌
Luke Mccool Keep up the big heart and and the giving back my brother
Alessandra Ambrosio
06:12 04/30/2017


9.8k reactions 118 comments
Arthur Paredez So beautiful, super sexy
Philippe Lamarthee 😱MG ! ✨ Very beautiful angel ✨😘✨😋✨
Aristóteles Júnior 💋♥♥🎈
Federica Verdecchia Federica Ciampini non mi assomiglia troppo?
Sergio Gimenez Good night Alessandra Ambrosio
Britney Spears
20:54 04/28/2017

#fbf when Mary J. Blige and I were on the cover of Rolling Stone 💙 Congrats on your new album #StrengthofaWoman!!!

22.4k reactions 1525 comments
Sara Gonzalez Everything doesn't have to be about JLo, Beyoncé or Rhianna, Sharika can sing English or any other language, she know a lot of languages, they don't. so what a u talking about & she was giving congrat to Mary's album anyway, Sharika don't feel left out ...
Stephen Lance Byron Jr What about the other good looking blonde and then who was on the foldout I forget?! Those heels 👠 though, Sasha Fierce who?
Leo Garfii Perez Rivera Es lo q quiere q pregunten mas x shakira para q le hagan mas caso a su publicación ...ya saben como es britney de envidiosa ....haber xq no recorto a Shakira ..... Pero al fin de cuenta Shakira sale ganando x que todos ...preguntaran x ella y no x lo q ...
Jose Feliciano I won't doubt this will be trending on Facebook and Britney will have to apologize when it's common sense to know she probably didn't even write this.
Emah Okoro Honestly leaving Shakira out feels unfair tho Mary J Blige was the one being congratulated.However Britney is one of my best of all tym
Rio Ferdinand
12:30 04/30/2017

That Friday Feeling when ya leave the office & it's a bank holiday... enjoy people!! ✌🏽#FBF

8.1k reactions 43 comments
Barbara Berkmann 👊🏻
Donna Marie Lyda-w :)
Al Yaya Fatty I miss u all
Willkistor Kerubo Have fun
Rosie Kitchen Have a lovely weekend rio
Paris Hilton
11:12 04/24/2017

At 18 when I got my first headshots taken by #TheoAndJuliet.👱🏼‍♀️📸 #TeenParis #FBF

9.7k reactions 337 comments
Neto Martins Uh LÁ- LÁ... !!!
Love Eriksson You look so mutch better today! I love You for Who You are... It sucks that You have a boyfriend. :P
Douglas Dunn Haven't changed a bit!
Elliot Michael Holland Hanbury Thanks for the add on snapchat! Send me a naked selfie 🤳 & check it! Mrz Hiltun Xxxx 💚🌈😋😍 #StarzAreBline 🐅 rawwr! Haha xxx
Ertan Eroğlu you build a new Hotel in balikesir Turkey. when do you came visit 50 miles south of Troja.
Three Days Grace
08:48 04/22/2017

#fbf 14 years ago. Time flies!

3.0k reactions 149 comments
Tony Nix we all recall when you had a good singer, no need to remind us.
Brandon Traynor Dick move. Reminiscing on the past without the guy who helped make your future. Give him some credit.
George Rotaru 14 years ago when Adam was still a member of 3DG.
William Johnston To quote the phrase, "there is something missing from this picture"!!
Justin Michael Come on, guys. Don't act like Adam hasn't been part of the band ... I try to keep quiet about this topic but this was just stupid to do.
Alessandra Ambrosio
15:48 04/22/2017


10.5k reactions 166 comments
Franco Esposito Wow 👍👍
Bahattin Duran She is beautiful and sensual..👙🔥
George Pregitzer Very Beautiful.
Elias Duarte-Lopez So Beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio, you were in my dream :)
Titus Maxim Impresionantemente bella
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