Alessandra Ambrosio
Yesterday 23:00


7.3k reactions 103 comments
Sergio Gimenez Encantadora 😱💞❤
Alberto Gallucci Je suis fou de toi
Antonis Keramidarns Αngel!!
Mauricio Santiago Santiago Mi ángel adorado!!
Hendrik van Bakel Wow the most beautyfull angel 😘💗💋
Thirty Seconds to Mars
04:18 11/18/2017

#FBF to HURRICANE. What's your favorite MARS Acoustic Performance?

2.5k reactions 185 comments
Diane Gates The Kill or Bad Romance
Pernilla Larsson The kill 💞
Sabrina Mittelstaedt Bad romance ❤️
Anita Mars A beautiful lie, The Kill, A modern myth, Revenge ❤ Alibi, Bad Romance, Stronger
Andrew Woodson Mary Kay Zgoda
Josie Maran Cosmetics
Yesterday 00:42

I started my company from the ground up and put every penny I had into the business. There were some scary times at the beginning where my business manager would call and basically tell me that I had two more weeks before going bankrupt and losing my house. Fast forward 10 years, and now here I am! I had a dream to create a beauty company that would be whole-heartedly committed to being a force for good in every way. I wanted to create products that were good for you, good for the planet, and made you feel like the best version of yourself. I remind myself of that purpose and dream every single day. We’ve been learning and growing as a company for 10 years and now for the next 10 years, I’m ready for Josie Maran Cosmetics to become social change leaders in the business community through the platform of beauty. #FBF #ArganDreams #10YearsofArgan #ArganLove Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin @Sakara Life

392 reactions 38 comments
Selina Mooneyham Congratulations Josie I love your products and have supported you from the begging on qvc !
Regino Adkins Wow what is with the left knee being exposed, she must be hard up for attention thank you enjoy your Friday
Jennifer Paul So grateful this business took off! I never thought I’d find products I was in love with! I have quite the stockpile too!!😂😉💖🎉
Diana Kennedy And now she has a mansion . With the people that buy her oil that some elderly lady had in some foreign country the same story a thousand times and greases herself up ever presentation. Just enjoy your mansion. Cause we people just live in normal ...
Michelle Sevens Gorgeous products 👌
Ozzy Osbourne
01:24 11/18/2017

I had a vision, l saw the world burn And the seas had turned red The sun had fallen, the final curtain In the land of the dead Mother, please show the children Before it's too late To fight each other, there's no one winning We must fight all the hate #fbf

3.0k reactions 126 comments
Bill Taylor Another Song that I have been singing wrong 😀😜
Mike Warren This is my favorite song of all time, a true masterpiece.
Rob Morris Did bob daisley write that? Sharon is the Hillary Clinton of rock
Andri Zandrigo ola ozzy ou moderador o link do youtube brasil "Este vídeo não está disponível." obrigado. ... ola ozzy or moderator youtube link brazil "This video is not available." thank you
Jj McGuckin Ross Louis Jon This title reminds me of something...
Brie Bella
7 hours ago

#FBF to one of many amazing memories in the ring!

5.8k reactions 70 comments
Aamy Sonia Mohamed I love endings like that
Nyamet Khan Nice job
Tahir Shaheen Wow very Nice bella group
Adnan Alothman That good
Kathleen Janvrin Nice job
Don Omar
18:18 11/17/2017

#FBF No se enamore de mi Mi corazón se congeló La voy a hacer llorar...

935 reactions 59 comments
Lidia Raquel Sánchez Rivero Yo no se lo que tu piensas ni lo que te imaginas ....
Mariam Montosa Y el mio 😌
Sara Hernandez de Valencia Mi canción favorita. Yo no soy lo que tu piensas ni lo que imajinas.
Wydalys Vega Sánchez Marisol M. Rivera que tu crees de esa frase?
Yenisley Nodarse Que cancion mas bella junto al chacal
Katy Perry
10:42 11/17/2017

Can't skip the steps, gotta pay your dues... Warped Tour 2008 #fbf

5.3k reactions 404 comments
Jessalyn U'ilani Alvarez Katy Perry I was at the Pasadena Warped Tour this year and then met you on Catalina Island in 2012. So cool!!
RA Alvarez You always been the princess of the Visigoths :) blessings Katy! Rue xx
Marcial Iracheta Jeniffer soy yo o también pensaste que era Nohemi a primera vista 😝😝😝
Sandara Alamares I promise to myself😂 that im gonna do rock n roll when i grew up and create my own songs at the right time and year
Tez Mulheron My two daughters and I can’t wait for the Sydney tour next year!!!🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Don Omar
16:42 11/12/2017

#FBF La unión de 2 de mis pasiones... la velocidad y la música...

2.4k reactions 66 comments
Marleny Estefany Monegro Johnson hola mi amor saludame
Israel Gomez el rey
Kelly Prada Hermoso😍😍😍😍
Yormaly Martinez Te amo negro eres lo más bello
Reimond Klan Morales El mejor
Alessandra Ambrosio
08:36 11/11/2017


2.9k reactions 79 comments
Sławomir Grodzki Beautiful
Joziane Santos Que Bella mulher, lindíssima
Antonio Antoniello Super eccentrica
Luciano Ferrucci Divina Bellezza da spezzare il fiato! Magnifica Ale.
Oscar Domingos Rovai Rovai Parabéns!!!Princesa Linda!!!Amei. *Uma mulher:Atraente,Linda,Sensual e Sexy* Beijos!!!
13:24 11/12/2017

Flashback 5 years to the “Try” performance on the 2012 American Music Awards #FBF

14.9k reactions 302 comments
Peter Stockill Pink As amazing now as it was then. Simply amazing voice and fabulous lyricist
Nicole Hirt I saw P!nk live 8 years ago and I still remember the awesome show. Such a fantastic performer 💕
Stefanie Bruce I just had to watch it again. Sooo amazing!
Daniella Mc Dermott I adore this tune! You have never had a bad song they are all fabulous. X
Shirley Dwyer Live that song, love the choreography the interpretation of the song!!! 💞💞💞
George Lopez
03:18 11/13/2017

We never say congratulations! #fbf https://youtu.be/FuDDgY3QRS8

92 reactions 19 comments
Sidney O Medina Chris Medina, Naohmi Escalante, Grace Escalante, Marissa Medina, Jackson Medina Manzano, JunJun Rodarte, JoAnn Barrios, Shanna Medina
Denise Lanzer-Lerma 😂😂😂😂😂
David Martinez Pelos getting ready for Putin. Más Puto!
Dianne Prado Lol
Mel Childs 😂
John Cena
11:48 11/12/2017

In that Survivor Series state of mind... #FBF

42.0k reactions 228 comments
Septimiu Pinca Bravo John Sena! Sunt un mare fan al tau si ma uit la fiecare videoclip postat de tine pe facebook si ma uit si pe youtube!Imi place si de Big show!
Harry RJ Aashish Yadavally sorry bro tumhe tag krna bhul gya tha
Jeevith Demello I respect johncena I never give up abt ur hopes
Joseph Kamel John Cena without the big show ur team couldn't win with all the respect.
Syed Imran Shah John please become 20 times WWE Cham please....Please.
The Doors
19:42 11/12/2017

Two bands, one venue, and six amazing nights. Tag the friends you’d have brought to this show. #FBF

3.4k reactions 113 comments
El Hicks the Byros!
Adriano Torquete The, the , the!!... The 60's and the 70's!...👂✌👌
Arturo Rambo Enrìquez A mí compi ese con quién las escuchaba Gerardo Hernandez
Greg Boren Dave Huff this is all you cat
Martin Estrada Gerardo Rodriguez I guess we need to start working on that time machine
Rob Dyrdek
13:54 11/11/2017

#FBF A few weeks ago we had the privilege of witnessing a beautiful marriage in a beautiful setting. Wishing @nikkicox1021 and Tim Cox a lifetime of happiness. We love you both !🌴🌴❤️👰🏻🤵🏼💍❤️🌴🌴🌴

2.2k reactions 18 comments
Vinnie Brugess Richard O'Connell Jr.
Joshua Trejo wow dude congrats
Jasun Henley lucky life
David Matthew Sherwood Rob wheres the Slippa's brah. Shoobie!
Mino Hafsi Amazingness
Mark Henry
04:12 11/04/2017

Just in case you had any doubts who the World's STRONGEST Man really is... #FBF

676 reactions 32 comments
Sai Charan Bhiravs Babbulu Babbi Almawar Abhinesh Reddy
Kathrin Kösters Kristin Notz Anna Lewicki Christin Reinke
Muyingo Edris Röbert Øffset
James Highfield Kajal Modhwadia
Conor Szecko Zac Szecko Drew Elliott Gabby Thoms Casey Woodford
Backstreet Boys
11:00 11/05/2017

Old school days in the lab! 🎙 #FBF

11.3k reactions 103 comments
Edilene Cardoso Brian littrell love you ❤😘💋
Chantel Hart Howie is my baby always have been 😍❤
Karen Nicholls Aw babies legends in the making
Matthew Santiago Cuyugan 1993, 1994 or 1995? Hahaha. Nick is so very young here. 😂
Jody N Hans Ambro Hello there BSBs you are the best ever !!I love you very much and I love all your music and songs and music videos!!! You're SUPER AWESOME!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!
Chris Jericho
03:42 11/04/2017

Things have changed since last year's Survivor Series... #FBF

2.1k reactions 72 comments
Jimmy Jibi Müller Didi war ein megateam
Anthony Saxton Last year is way better
Joe LordSavage Addie I miss Kevin as universal
Chintu Naik Last Survivor series raw team was good
Axel Barrientos I want see Roman as WWE Universal Champion.
Alessandra Ambrosio
07:00 11/06/2017


8.1k reactions 156 comments
Antonio Antoniello Sensuale e dolce
Joel Ayala Cute as a bug's ear!
Eddy Eng ❤️sweet sexy hot delicious tight A🍑🍑
Stephen Ray I didn'nt know you were 'inked". Sigh :(
Timothy Arnwine The most beautiful woman on earth
Randy Orton
08:24 11/05/2017

Survivor Series is The Viper's playground. #FBF

63.8k reactions 535 comments
April Williams That right there is just pure deliciousness
Rehan Shaik No , Randy ur wrong despite iam a big fan of u but in the survivor series raw gonna win
Simon Twobob Wow RANDY ORTON i am your fan from now and forever
Nadia Fazul Randy your the best wrestler of all time
Binod Punk Yes but we want to see you to WWE Champion I love your finishing move both RKO & Running Knee
Christina Milian
15:36 11/03/2017

This #FBF goes out my fans #I❤️u 📸👯🇦🇺

232 reactions 33 comments
Jonathan Peterkin Damn
Nazrul Islam Nice
Sydney Zona Okeke 😀
Arnulfo Chavez Hermosaaaaaaaaaaa
Tommy Davis Yes
Daddy Yankee
23:54 11/04/2017

#FBF #Mundial . Este álbum fue mi 5to álbum de estudio. ¿Recuerdas dónde lo escuchaste? https://open.spotify.com/album/3g09ln1DeyjtPhlITh8DzT

14.9k reactions 293 comments
Khriiss DY Como no recordado Boss!⚡😌 Fuerte este Disco como todo lo que haces😍🔥mi Daddy! Lo tengo en formato CD y lo amo!⚡⚡❤ Saludos de México Belleza,activos!😍💜
Thanwar Chantravichit Love All Songs This Album <3
Brandy Rey cuando valia la pena escuchar al genero ! ahora no sirve de nada.. puras mamadas que cantan
Rosa Sánchez Guauu!!!!un buen tiempo ese álbum si no me equivoco salio el 27 de abril del 2010 de hecho el grito mundial era la propuesta para la fifa en ese tiempo❤❤❤❤ pero quedo waka waka de Shakira . Daddy Yankee sigue dando de qué hablar dejando huella con el ...
Miichy DY Un grandioso album boss!👌 Aun lo tengo y todas las mañana me levanto escuchando tus exitos de la vieja escuela!!💪💜💜 Como olvidar un verdadero Reggaeton: "El Mejor de Todos los Tiempos", "La Despedida", "Descontrol", "Daria"🎶❤❤👌 TE AMOOOOOOOOOO ...
Thirty Seconds to Mars
12:18 11/05/2017


9.5k reactions 143 comments
Liesbeth Kleter Nathalie Kleter
ConcertQueen Cuevas My ANTHEM!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶
Karine Cecilie I absolutly love this song and the video. I can watch this for hours 😍 I CANT WAAAAAAAAAITIRIIAIRI TO SING IT WITH YOU IN APRIL!!!!!! Fuuuuuuucjjkkkkkk
สุนทรียา ประไพทรัพย์ I love this song and I always sing it😍😍❤
Tini Puttlitz City of Angels <3
01:12 10/31/2017

#fbf when you tell your wife to keep the Halloween outfit on for while. 😋 #sheesh

5.0k reactions 91 comments
Brett McConahay She's like your twin Cassy McKinney
Deborah Beysthefield Lol, I see YOU, LUDA....BEAUTIFUL1,lol
Julien Puck Jessica Addai würde dir sehr gut stehen Babe 😘
Blaine Vincent Perry Luda thats you bro? Good fuckin job man. Nice work
Shawn Michaels
21:36 10/29/2017

Halloween is approaching! #FBF

9.0k reactions 163 comments
Shaun Doherty Emma Doherty two of your favourites HBK and S.Mouse 😂😂😂😂
Scott Lister Jamie Wigby look at me dad I'm dancing lol
Shahil Satendra Does anyone else think that Shawn Michaels and Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar looks alike? Maybe brother from another mother 😂😂😂
Aiden Field Cameron Reilly here comes the MONEY
Andy Lixx Robert Puglisi i dont care what your plans are...change them
Alessandra Ambrosio
16:36 10/29/2017


7.8k reactions 111 comments
Antonio Antoniello La ballerina del lago del cigno
Larry Moore Pirouette into my arms Ballarina !
Gary Beverly Absolutely Breathtakingly gorgeous
Emil Alexandru Constantinescu Happy weekend,Alessandra! Much love!
Donald Lawrence Beautiful
18:24 10/28/2017

#FBF #TommyThayer & #PaulStanley rockin' in Ft. Wayne, Indiana during #KISS' #FreedomToRock Tour.

3.8k reactions 58 comments
Rolo Gutierrez KISS¡¡¡
Melanie Crick Good photo of you Paul.
Fuzz Robinson I've loved Kiss sence 1973. Keep on rockin
Mick Watkins New KISS album please
Kevin Sunderland Carter Sunderland .. this is from the Kiss concert we went to!
John Cena
07:00 10/28/2017

Halloween is almost here... #FBF

21.7k reactions 407 comments
Aastik Adityam Rai Bahahahhaha Hey John Cena You look horrible and terrible party well for #Halloween 🎃 🎊
Ashraf Chowdhury Jinder is better then cena.
Jorge Orduño Jonh cena you white return?
Lepadusi Alexandru That is not impresive caus i can't see the costume😂
Mamie Milligan Hello mr Cena just wanted to tell you that you have a fan in my special needs grandson he gets excited every time someone one mention your name and has every doll of you he can't speak but he cries when you get hurt he loves you and it would make his ...
18:00 10/22/2017

#FBF Must be nice, Dana.

VIDEO | Dana White banned from casino gambling after winning too much money | BJPenn.com
VIDEO | Dana White banned from casino gambling after winning too much money | BJPenn.com

You have probably heard that “the rich just keep getting richer” and UFC President Dana White seems to fit that saying to a tee.

1.2k reactions 108 comments
Ian Mercenarymn McCaffrey That's casinos for ya. If you get the best of them, you're either "cheating" and/or get banned.
Aaron Cox Garrath Baihn watch the video . This is what I tell telling you last night
Stephen King How about paying the Fighters a little better.
Clifton Black Kaylee Toner Dana white is a BOSSSS
Mark Kadubec Well I guess he would be the guy to know who’s gonna win the fights 😉
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