Pamela Anderson
13:06 11/28/2017

Within Weeks 127,000 Saiga Have Lost Their Lives. What Could Be Killing These Beautiful Creatures? | #climatechange

Within Weeks 127,000 Saiga Have Lost Their Lives. What Could Be Killing These Beautiful Creatures?
Within Weeks 127,000 Saiga Have Lost Their Lives. What Could Be Killing These Beautiful Creatures?

These critically endangered and unique-looking antelope have long had to fight to avoid extinction. If poaching and habitat loss weren't enough, they must now deal with a new threat to their survival.

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Luce Wattrelot Help https://www.facebook.com/events/1100629476706829/?ti=cl
Henrik Mikkelstrup :/
Jessica Prideaux very sad and pointless
Djido Brahim All the best...
Lori Stoker Prayers,so sad
Barbara Boxer
20:18 10/07/2017

First Harvey, then Irma and Maria. Trump's response to historic hurricanes? Rip up #climatechange regulations. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/04/climate/trump-climate-change.html?emc=edit_nn_20171005&nl=morning-briefing&nlid=61031850&te=1&_r=0

Trump Takes a First Step Toward Scrapping Obama’s Global Warming Policy
Trump Takes a First Step Toward Scrapping Obama’s Global Warming Policy

The White House will repeal the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s effort to fight global warming, but will keep the door open to a replacement, according to an E.P.A. memo.

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Kerry Anne #HurryMuellerHurry
Donna Hall mORON
Sharon Bristol Wow! That really helped :(
Robert R Ramos Climate HOAX
Mike Singer BHO was (and still is) a community organizer, not a global climate change expert. (Any and all BHO climate change plans should be repealed.)
Leonardo DiCaprio
15:12 09/20/2017

Thank you John Kerry for hosting today's #YaleClimateConference. We must all work together to combat #climatechange. Watch our discussion on climate change here: https://youtu.be/ujuFg71GT1E Photo credit: John Hassett

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Sandra Dunne Nice show, nice showman but our supermarkets are being flooded with palm oil products, their even putting it in bread. Aspartame is being put in drinks. Other disgusting products pantolene, linolool in our conditioners. Milk is for calves not ...
Dayang Megawati-Putri S. Jaafar Keep it up Mr.Leo..prayers to all the victims n affected by natural calamities..God listen,God cares,hope n pray ul be safe n protected by d help and guidance of GOD THE ALMIGHTY 💚
Dennis Herron Follow the money. Do you really think Retardo Duhcaprio knows anything about this lie called "Climate Change"???? Really? He only knows that money is available to be made and political gains. There are scientists on both sides of the fence. Ask yourself ...
Tahda Alexandra Ahtone Great speech. JackRabbit Homes is taking action by developing a holistic solution through building sustainable homes that promote healthy lifestyles. We want to empower you to literally be part of the solution through our homes. Our homes are energy ...
Scott Dunn In terms of wind speed, Allen from 1980 was the strongest Atlantic tropical cyclone on record, with maximum sustained winds of 190 mph (310 km/h). For many years, it was thought that Hurricane Camille also attained this intensity, but this conclusion ...
Eva Longoria Baston
20:48 09/10/2017

Very alarming and yet he doesn't think #GlobalWarming or #ClimateChange exist. #Repost ATTN: Video ・・・ When we have two biblical hurricanes in one week, it's time to worry about the planet. https://instagram.com/p/BYzR0Acg78T/

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Loleni Iakopo It is true
Sophia Bittner Global warming is not a new thing
Marco Antonio Scotto Tessin Algunos solo cuidan sus intereses "
Adolfo Turri AMEN.
Greg George Sure Seems Like it.. <3 U BOSS..
Peter Facinelli
01:00 09/11/2017

#ClimateChange is not just a bunch of hot air. This is #Irma. We can't ignore this anymore. 🙏

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Ngọc Phương Nhi Danh hiển
Anna Laureen Montes Edward Montes look at this
Muriel Peck 🤤😢
Evelyn Deam Wow :)
Bella Atkinson You are right
Mark Ruffalo
05:54 07/22/2017

Bernie Sanders leads on opposing #DirtyEnergyBill that increases #Fracking & #ClimateChange! Call your Senator today!

Bernie Sanders announces opposition to bipartisan bill that could increase fracking
Bernie Sanders announces opposition to bipartisan bill that could increase fracking

Sanders argues the bill does not move toward "sustainable energy and energy efficiency."

1.2k reactions 25 comments
Susan Boyar Protect our water and people
David Nola That fossil is still here???????
Jennifer Lopez lol i have no idea what this mean fracking 😀
Richard Conner Sanders is a FUCKIN fraud
Patricia Jones TY for the info. Mni Wiconi
George Lopez
14:12 07/19/2017

Toma Jr ! 39 years old and your father refers to you as a boy , those are tiny shoes to fill and you fucked that up #45melapela #Repost @thatsnotrightpolitics ・・・ Go off on this treasonous pos! 🇺🇸 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK 🇺🇸 @thatsnotrightpolitics #notmypresident #corruptAF #WatergateEveryday #liarinchief #russiagate #fucktrump #fuckthegop #ivankatrump #jamescomey #paulryan #climatechange #healthcare #treason #putin #obamacare #womensrights

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Frances Martinez Ha! You people write to your little heart's content thinking he or any politician will eventually read what you post and respond. Neither care about us, the little people. Celebrities and politicians are all alike. They don't think about us until they ...
Andrew Raines You people are really stupid.. Lets get this out in the air right now.. Russia and The United States are not enemies. Do some research it's true it's been true since the 90s. We arent on the best terms but we are not enemies our enemies right now sit in ...
DL Paulin Wow let's get this straight he had a meeting but nothing was said in the meeting that he walked out of the meeting last approximately 20 minutes. Now let's talk about the ukrainians Hillary Clinton sent one of her staff members to the Ukraine to meet ...
J Runco To think I watched his shows as a kid and loved his acting yet now all he does is bash the country and instead of helping it. blames everything but himself or the ones that are actually hurting it. Hate to say this but even I must unfollow bad president ...
Carlos Coronado Wait didn't Clinton give 20% of our uranium to Russia, uhhh yeah sthu u hypocritical morons, this B got a known hit list n u sweating jr 🤦‍♂️ special kinda a stupid
06:36 06/03/2017

SMH 😡#climatechange should be a priority

The Weather Channel Offered A Brutal Rebuke To Trump
The Weather Channel Offered A Brutal Rebuke To Trump's Decision On Climate Change

Unless you’ve been living under a boulder or some other type of sedimentary object (read: rock), you probably know the news by now. It’s been all over social media and has inspired hundreds of jokes, tweets, and memes. The United States is officially one of only three countries who have opted out of...

492 reactions 58 comments
Nicholas Jeremy Taking your crazy meds should be your priority because your mental!
Michael Salazar Trump is dumb why the hell did they all vote for him
Bradley Wintz You r all stupid libtards!!!
Wardiola Bd Every things wrong in this time, every body knows but ...... all time just who have money win's in the end
Amadou Sow It is very important to do that. That will change our life. Chairman please accept that
Leonardo DiCaprio
08:06 05/09/2017

Protect America from #climatechange. Learn more from Partnership for Responsible Growth: pricecarbon.org

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Danny Rivera They are spraying chemicals in the sky there are creating climate change
Urs Bergamotte Bitte teilen, ich mag langsam nicht mehr allzu viel schreiben. https://christiantruther.com/exclusive/club-of-rome-part-10-the-hidden-hands-behind-the-united-nations-climate-change-hoax-and-fourth-industrial-revolution/
Gina Marie Seaboyer Climate change is inevitable, everything has a life cycle. Nothing lives forever.
Matthew Harvey Protect America from global climate change? You mean protect the world from climate change...
Kranti Prabhu Climate change is real! Sometimes we need to fight in different way for protection.
Leonardo DiCaprio
16:06 04/26/2017

As a small community in Kivalina, Alaska faces displacement from #climatechange at an accelerated rate, the time to take action is now. Learn more from Global Citizen.

Climate Change Refugees
Climate Change Refugees

How a Tiny Alaska Town Is Leading the Way on Climate Change

2.4k reactions 182 comments
Divine Flores Thank you for coming by. In case you read me earlier- YES the DEevil will not own the world for a period of 50 years. It remains mine to keep. He left and hand me over back to my hand -PEACE.
Kimberly Winters Thank you for sharing this. Alaskans know climate change is real cause we see it everyday. Poor kivalina will be the first climate change refugees.
Alena Melnichenko As much as we'd wish it's pass us, it'n not. We are heading in to dangerous waters. The part of the challenge: there are no answers.
Raul Garcia I think it's a little too late already. Big chunks of ice are breaking off the ICE Feilds already and are forming Icebergs on our ocean waters.
Kris Paranto Sad, the ocean floors are also eroding, sinking from severe bleaching and decline in coral reefs in Hawaii, Florida Keys, US, Virgin Islands. Alaska has been in a dire situation for some time, now it's accelerated to a point we're now it's just ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
09:36 04/06/2017

Watch and get informed. #ClimateChange

The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change
The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change

"Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace grilled the controversial new head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

11.0k reactions 330 comments
Elizabeth Brown Burton What must be done...MUST BE DONE ! Profit and greed are stopping up the rescue effort ! Violence,will be eminent...the masses may be pushed,but we outnumber the arrogant few ! Government is a good thing ! Too much freedom to the greedy MUST BE CHECKED !
Peggy Aeschlimann 'Pruitt ... noted that the Clean Power Plan was subject to a stay by the Supreme Court; he did not mention that he, as former Oklahoma attorney general, was one of several Republicans who had originally filed the lawsuit against Obama's regulations.' >:(
Jon Krizman This is something all you left wing libs should ponder as you leave your well lit heated homes and jump into your fossil fuel eating auto and drive off to your carbon fitted footprint of an office. If you believe it all practice what you preach.
Charlie Grego The news is trying to present a stance that takes aim at Pruitt. Methane gas is worse than carbon dioxide for global warming and the budget cuts are to put the state parks control back into the states. Also, the Paris Agreement doesnt begin until 2030 ...
Antoinette Hart Can't believe this guy is even in charge he has his head so far up the gas and oil industries ass . This nightmare of assault on the environment has to end, maybe a person with an environmental science background should have been put in charge. But then ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
19:12 03/29/2017

Some of the world's top scientists just released a bold new approach to tackle #climatechange. It's called the "Carbon Law" and it shows that if governments, businesses and individuals cut our carbon emissions in half every decade, we can stay under the climate danger zone of 2 degrees C in global temperature rise. Learn more.

Scientists made a detailed "roadmap" for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s staggering.
Scientists made a detailed "roadmap" for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s staggering.

Few people appreciate what it’d mean to take our climate goals seriously. (Think: no new gasoline-powered cars by 2030.)

46.9k reactions 860 comments
Gulf Chuck While there has been about a 1deg rise there is no proof that shows our carbon emissions have had any effect on this rise. Rather that it has been on a gradual increase since the Ice Age
Ian Roy As long as our population continues to grow our carbon consumption will continue to grow. We can support a larger population with better technology, but the fact remains that humanity is collectively unwilling to address this problem at it's root ...
Erin Miller Your bloody dreamin.., no chance of that as there is no money in that but I love all your hard work. You need to get ride of Trump and put Bernie Saunders in.. he's the only person fit for the job :(
Sudhir Gadh We are asphyxiating Earth. Choking it by burning up all that has ever lived. The planet will survive, it's our species that is in danger. To avoid that we can stop being parasites and start behaving symbiotically. Be better guests. Tax carbon, ride a ...
Morgan Landin Hypocrisy at its worst. Don't f-n tell poor people to cut back, while you do the opposite. And read up on some facts, not the propaganda. There have barely been any warming since the late nineties. Don't panic!
20:06 03/26/2017

Don't let this party stop! Get #ClimateChange featuring #Options at Barnes & Noble. http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEbn

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Joel Jacobson Nice 👍
Edo Prasojo Masih dengan gaya cabulnya.. Salute!
Armelle Hue Super belle la chanson
Mayan Sista O wow 😲 Pitt bull 4 real...
Lori Rodriguez My new favorite song!! Make a stop in Lubbock again.🎼❤
18:30 03/21/2017

From Alaska to the 305, #ClimateChange is out now at Walmart http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEw

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Abhi Kurapati Gianni I actually thought this was some anti climate change video for a second
Anthony Mares Love the new record!! It's off the chain!! Keep doing great things Hermano!! FROM THE 505 TO THE 305 DALE!!!😎
Michał Goczewski Co o tym myślicie panowie ? Michał, Marcin, Sebastian
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Pitbull
Camille Walters You got options for sure. Gardening? Fixing up the ghettos ?? Making things right. I wish u all the best on your new album. I really hope u help the planet with . treea.ca
05:42 03/19/2017

Get #ClimateChange now on Amazon Music http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEaz

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Purnendu Nath Y3ha see does
Arefin Shuvo plzzzz add friendlist........ plzzzz add friendlist....
Abdelwahab Abbie Radouan DJ ABI - Hot Party Mix #5 =ELECTRO -LATINO/DANCE-HOUSE Peter Brown- Palenque Scott Mendez- Bambole Hiisak & Djerem-La Paz Kid Massive & Sevag-Caliente Tom Staar ft.Martina Camargo-Me Sueno Mafikizolo ft.Uhuru-Khona DJ Aymoune-Quero Dancar (Renato’s ...
Emil Christensen nice story
Mohamed Naseem cool story
05:42 03/19/2017

Keep Messin' Around with "This is: Pitbull" playlist. #ClimateChange now on Spotify! http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEprs

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Luciana Glenda Helloooo 😘😘😘😘
Donaly Perez MrWorldwide
Kimberly Hatch Who don't know that.
Jennifer L Radich McCann Love you 😍😘😍😘😍😘
Kai Rabus I love Dale, but I don't like Climate Change!
05:42 03/19/2017

Feel free to party! Listen to #ClimateChange now http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEi

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Wan Yan superb
Mike DiBerardino Josh huge day
Rama Rama Amazing album
Ariel Martìn Cattai de Arango Daaaaaaleee
Deep Rai #dale👙👙
16:54 03/16/2017

What collab will you vibe with on March 17? #ClimateChange

5.2k reactions 137 comments
Tamás Teigler Is sexy body the Zara Larsson song lol?
Raya Kity 🎬 Watch Get Out 2017 Play:==>> 🎬 #getoutuniversalpituris2017fre
Deep Rai omg😜😜😜👙👙💋💋👆
Bruno Aires Feat Leona Lewis! Yeaaaah 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Dorothy Murray Have already download 2 songs from the album,Messin' Around n Greenlight ,can't wait to hear the others.Love you n your music.
15:18 03/11/2017

Who's excited? #ClimateChange drops one week from today! Pre-order it now on Apple Music http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEa

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Yasue Akaishizawa me❣
Florent Jungmann Great but what about drop it with Will.I.Am?
Sahara Devi Come to Bozeman!
Amanda Mcdonald Can't wait!
Wallison Souza JLo 😍
15:18 03/11/2017

#TBT LunchMoney Lewis #Greenlight #ClimateChange

22.8k reactions 137 comments
Ana Chirteș Have a beautiful spring,Mari! Best wishes! :*
Nelly Montiel-Hernandez 😍😍😍
Jack Harper Hey ma is fire!!
Deep Rai #greenlight #wrestlemania song💋💋💋💋💋👆👌
Rahul Xavier Bullshit it is
02:30 03/09/2017

Let's continue the party with our new track "Options" featuring Stephen Marley. Get it instantly when you pre-order #ClimateChange on Amazon Music. http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEaz

5.1k reactions 68 comments
Rama Rama Amazing song
نوران المشاكسة Amazing 😍
Melissa Ruthven Best performer on the planet!
Diane Digiacomo Hey yes
02:30 03/09/2017

Take the chance #MotivationMonday #Options #ClimateChange #Dale

25.1k reactions 171 comments
Natjarawee Peyre (Y)
Izaskun Gómez That's right,Pitbull.Nice motivation.¡Dale! <3
Essien Essien Emana Uh we
Tolotea Tia Petersen Motivation Tuesday for me lol😁✌️
Maritza Sanchez Torres I love u Pitbull. Mister 305
13:42 03/06/2017

Don't forget to pre-save #ClimateChange on Spotify for it to be instantly added to your playlists on March 17 http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEprs #Dale

5.3k reactions 81 comments
Emil Christensen cool story
Rehan Tahir cool story
Tjahjo Tjahjo Wobowo cool story
Ramkumar Shankar superb
Dulce Estrella Teruel Este personaje y la persona
00:54 03/04/2017

#TBT Jennifer Lopez #SexyBody #ClimateChange #March17 #ThrowbackThursday #Dale

50.3k reactions 441 comments
Yuliana SchMi Oooohhhh... Nooooo.... Mi más grande rival JL, ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja. Guapos los dos!!!
Mandy Lovejoy had a dream you designed the interior of a RR.... in yellow/blue leather....
Jens Højbøge Mosegaard Jeppe Heltboe Gustav Frøhlich Mister Worldwide smider de helt gode hashtags
Laura Dolan Omg, JLo's fab face 😍
Michelle Paiz Al Tawil Love them both but hope she don't go after him too..
00:54 03/04/2017

Make the move and pre-order #ClimateChange now on Apple Music and get #Options, #Greenlight and 4 other tracks instantly #Dale http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEi

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Mandy Lovejoy yayyyyyippie
Dave Rothberg done ✅ #Dale
Dane Dumalagan Dale
Aldo Pineiro Dale
Rhonda Nitchie Yippee 😄Can't wait...
Kevin Rudd
09:42 03/01/2017

Singapore is bringing in carbon pricing. It's time for Australia to return to the most effective way to fight #ClimateChange. #ETS Full article: https://www.nccs.gov.sg/climate-change-and-singapore/domestic-actions/reducing-emissions/carbon-pricing

132 reactions 26 comments
Tony Clarke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aUdRTobAOc
Georgia De'Ambrosis Ambrose
Roberta Hillier Tell that to those losers in Canberra.
Carwyn Church What a great moral dilemma they must have faced!
Tony Cosentino Malcolm has become a clean coal convert!!!!!!
12:06 03/01/2017

Pre-Save Climate Change now on Spotify and get ready to party 3/17 #ClimateChange http://smarturl.it/CLIMATECHANGEprs

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Russell Owen Et tu, Pitbull?
Donna Thacher oh cant wait
Masako Taguchi I can't wait!
Kyle Radtke Parker Butler you've waited so long
Jye Holden Can't wait buddy
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