George Lopez
09:42 01/10/2018

Uh @raiders #raidernation this is a #bigeffingdeal #markdavis #chingon #jongruden #repost @sportscenter

247 reactions 57 comments
George Avila Welcome home CHUCKY
Hector N Susie Cisneros clown nation
Christian Aztek Tamez Raiders suck
Iran Barrera Same barber!??
Jose Ortiz Dumb and dumber hair cuts 😂😂😂
George Lopez
08:06 01/05/2018

“ brown, black, white, black, white “ @realdlhughley @ronwhiteofficial @cedtheentertainer @bryankellen starting 2018 gangster golf @sandpipergolfclub #chingon #happynewyear2018 @comedygetdown #thewall tour

840 reactions 42 comments
Julie Morales U crazy George!!! Jajaja!
Marisela Martinez Comimos en tu restauran ayer. Muy bueno. 👌
Martha Ocampo-Ruiz Gracias george!
Rae Anastacia Eliopoulos Simple minded.
Pea Gtrz George you a negro guey
George Lopez
19:18 01/02/2018

Great / #chingon people @stubhubcenter @sandiegocharger and the first @raiders game in @losangeles_city area since early 90’s I was the 2nd person to know #hittheroadjack #gacho @nfl @nflnetwork bye 2017 #raidernation in 2018 #blackandsilver @iamrubenpaul

696 reactions 75 comments
Jose Tamayo No Valen Verga Los Raiders Jorge Lopez
Wendyland Perl You are loved George
Carlos Vega Go Chargers
Manny Miranda Los Angeles Rams! G-LO! Raiders are MAS PUTO!!!
Erick Gonzalez How'd that work out??😂😂😂 GO BOLTS!!!⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
George Lopez
06:30 12/31/2017

Leaving 2017 like this ‼️ #Raza #chingon #darkness @comedygetdown @savemartcenter thank you ! See me before June 4th 2019

673 reactions 50 comments
Jose Santos Jorge López se parece a mi de fregon.pepito.
Daisy Barrera LA tomorrow! 😁
Gustavo Landa George!George!George! No vayas a pistear! Happy new year!
Kimberly Chacon Great show!!
Liz Gen Urrutia Happy New Year's from kc..😘
George Lopez
04:54 12/26/2017

Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone , Have a great day , surround yourself with friends and family and people you can go a year without seeing again 🎁 the true gift is silence #chingon claus 2017

1.1k reactions 81 comments
Debra Ann Pereira Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
Deborah Beysthefield Wow, really
Greg Herrera Pelo pe pe pelo.....
Honesty IsReal I was like Santa...lol
Reymundo Thomas Navarro Oh my god its george lopez
George Lopez
04:54 12/26/2017

Alright , this is the next big thing , we need to make this happen in @losangeles_city Who’s In ! And burning calories too #GordosUnite 👍🏽 you’ll be dancing burping up #tamales till mid March #chingon #Repost @nytimes ・・・ Wheels on wood. That soothing sound is a giveaway — the gymnasium at the Salvation Army Bedford Day Care Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, isn’t a sad, decaying space cheered up with Christmas lights and a disco ball. This gleaming setting is home to Brooklyn Skate Club, a weekly tonic for the soul. What make this space come to life are the bodies: To the pulse of disco and rock, they swoop and swirl in time to the rhythm, some touring the perimeter with graceful arcing strokes, while others stationed in the center of the floor work out the intricacies of tighter footwork, longer spins. For the last 8 months, @jessierocks has been documenting the scene at Brooklyn Skate Club — a word-of-mouth oasis that convenes every Wednesday. Visit the link in our profile to watch #Brooklyn Skate Club regulars, like André Chin, dance their wheels off. #🎶

2.4k reactions 306 comments
Maria Bitterman Diana Cerda can you do that? Cuz if not, double up your training!
Xochi Ruiz D Silva Hey I'll bet he will really burn like thousands of calories dancing a quebradita song instead of a smooth song ..lmao .. Burn them tamales off in 10 minutes 😂😂
Luis Garcia Sebastian, Cuellar at the skating rink!
Shonda White Yea, I gota git my groove back!!!!😄😄😄
Tre Nella Bazil Reynold Obas Obas Cadet This is going to be otis showing out.
George Lopez
03:18 12/21/2017

The only time where I was more in #love at the end 20 years , then in the beginning @kobebryant #goat #carneasada Thank You for your tireless devotion to your craft and to the great city @losangeles_city #chingon @vanessabryant #respect #famalia #Repost @kobebryant ・・・ #8v24

714 reactions 60 comments
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Maryjane Buentiempo Kobeeeeee!!!
Denise Lanzer-Lerma Ha ha! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Pancho Hinojosa Mamalo
Eric Villegas Crank Yankers
George Lopez
01:42 12/16/2017

Can it be called " Intimacy" in a house full of people ? - overheard- somebody is crying in my Moms room #ayiiii @momorodriguez @roxarroyo58 @alyshadelvalle @missjoannz @bigboy @bigcitric @comedygetdown @mariolopezextra @benballer @bigstevenyc @tattoochick1383 @georgelopezstore #chingon

1.0k reactions 63 comments
Ruben Rodriguez Chales! 😂
Eric Fodge Where my comment go?
Brian Spencer George Lopez for president 2020. Jus sayin
Armando Solorzano Aye Wey 😂
Randy Bleess the other person works the stick
George Lopez
01:42 12/16/2017

Lets all take a moment and lets all wish MR @iamjamiefoxx a I#happybirthday 👌🏽 One of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to meet , must be because he was raised by his grandmother #godbless #itsbunz Birthday #Chingon

839 reactions 67 comments
Beverly J. Singleton Happy birthday mr. Jamie Foxx
Clarice Garza Happy Birthday.....
NormaNicolas Padilla Happy birthday!!
Sharon Charles Hinrichsen Happy Birthday, Jamie Fox.
Valerie Barela Leal Happy Birthday Jamie fox
George Lopez
12:54 12/13/2017

This is a beautiful thing #Chingon #Repost @theshaderoom ・・・ #PressPlay Aww #KevinDurant made this boy's day! Via: @sportscenter

1.7k reactions 96 comments
Shaggy Kamster He's going to be one of the greats of all time
Jeff Whitmore The shoes are bigger then his head just saying lol
Maria Garibay Awesome gift for that little boy. And awesome gesture of humanity. Thanks Mr Durant.
Kiran Lorick Kazi...just watching this...casually crying in my cubicle
Gilberto Waisman Be carful with the tenis bato because some can stole from you hand again 😁😁.!
George Lopez
06:30 11/23/2017

“ fuck Donald Trump today , tomorrow and 3 years from now , and if you voted for him .. fuck you today , tomorrow and 3 years from now - #thewall @hbo This isn’t about patriotism , it’s not about the flag , if you think it is , you probably thought voting for a guy with zero political experience was a good idea , we are more divided and we have less respect for each other than I can ever remember , you want to point fingers , go ahead it’s easy , but actions speak louder than words , so if you’re pissed over at @beastmode not standing or the national anthem yesterday , then maybe you’ve forgotten what its like to have freedom of expression . I was in that stadium yesterday the country of Mexico came out to support @raiders @patriots 77 thousand of them , they wore the hats and the jerseys of two great professional American football teams , the way this country turns its back on people , it’s own people , people who are abused and murdered and rounded up like animals everyday is frankly embarrassing . It’s embarrassing that the office of the president has been reduced to someone hiding behind social media tweets to get his point across , come out and speak to the American people . You seem to have more to say behind people’s backs , If you want to be a leader, than lead . If you don’t have the courage to do that then come out and take a knee, it beats hiding in the White House with your head up your ass ! I appreciate the post @snoopdogg #chingon

35.1k reactions 6625 comments
Jonathon Montano I think it's funny how all these people who hate Trump and his supporters say Trump and his supporters are stupid and are what is wrong with the world and causing the US to be divided but saying that only spreads hate and causes us to be divided as ...
Martin Olguin George you are an embarrassment to the latino comunidad. Don't call yourself a Mexican/American. Your choice of words are that of a 15 yr old boy, act your age and use your popularity and influences in a positive manner PENDEJO making feria taking ...
Geoffrey Campbell Maybe go back to Mexico then G Lo! You're really not that funny anyways Typical MEXICANT
Gilbert Valenzuela King trump is the best american prez ever,.,.,make ppl believe america 1st,.,.,.,this is the usa,.,.,not united states of the world,.,.,this aint the george Washington dayz anymore,.,.,..
Manuel Ramirez You talk about division yet your spewing hatred towards President Trump and those of us that support him, some of us which also happened to have been fans of your at one point. You’re constantly tearing down and undermining us Chicanos who voted for and ...
George Lopez
17:42 11/20/2017

Honored to be asked to light the touch today @estadioaztecaoficial @raiders @raiderettes #chingon #Repost @raiders ・・・ Our home away from home. En casa lejos de casa. #RaidersEnMexico #NEvsOAK

222 reactions 33 comments
Alberto Limon Tony Beltran-Arteaga
Tony Beltran-Arteaga Sergio Beltran Quintana
Judy Sedano Melissa Finch
Albert Chavarria The touch? Haha
Denise Lanzer-Lerma 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘
George Lopez
14:30 11/10/2017

Im in the middle of a #chingon vacation @kissonline #kisskruise @steelpantherkicksass @derekstholmes @genesimmons mamadas on the high seas @train @phillipbloch @roxarroyo58 #ericsinger #happybirthday #tommythayer 🙌🏽🙌🏽 @ Cozumel, Mexico

905 reactions 33 comments
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Rosie Beltran Cassius Morris
Elida M Garcia Steven Dick
Nicollette Jacobsen Carly Wasserman
Fermina Martinez Cozumel Mexico is beautiful.
George Lopez
00:06 11/03/2017

Damn , this fools voice is almost dead on #hilarious😂😂 #game7 #worldseries @dodgers and #happybirthday #fernandovalenzuela #eltoro #chingon @ Dodger Stadium

2.5k reactions 292 comments
Herman German The voice twin vato watcha 🤣🙃
Marisela Regalado George maybe it's so noticeable to you because he sounds just like you, lol!
Johnny Trevino George Lopez why you crying you want a happy meal dnt cry cabron
Rosendo De Los Santos AGAIN! WHAT DID I TELL YOU PINCHE POCHO!! Los Astros a la madré! #Tóma
George Lopez
11:18 10/31/2017

This is where the bandwagon fans can pull the string and get off , its the reason the #worldseries is SEVEN games , this World Series isn't going to be Lost , its going to be WON , Two great teams giving fans baseball like its never been scene ! Welcome Home @dodgers and lets see another #chingon game tomorrow night @astrosbaseball @alyshadelvalle @felipeesparzacomedian @arseniohall @benballer @hollyrpeete @roxarroyo58 @josecruzjr @bigboy @bigcitric @og_blur @carnojoe @boxerbray10

908 reactions 184 comments
Raul Reyes It's over homes. Lol. #BEATLA. You have the Kardashians rooting for u. 😂😂
Moses Garza Jr. Sorry Georgie.....but its OVER.....f#ck those LA PUTAS!!!!!
Peter Santisteban George Lopez For PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WE the PEOPLE need you 💯🇺🇸
Robert Carlos Resendez It will be over Tuesday!!!! GO STROS!!!!!!🤘🏻
John Hancock Sr. GO ASTROS!!!!! Verlander pitching Tuesday, he has yet to suffer back to back Sub Par games......
George Lopez
11:18 10/31/2017

Game 5 #worldseries @dodgers and @clayton_kershaw_22 is throwing #Chingon @hollyrpeete @felipeesparzacomedian @alyshadelvalle

2.0k reactions 225 comments
Paul Keiji Okazaki II SALMA😍 dodgers remember this is what you’re fighting for
Erin Duhr What I say. Let the crying begin. One more Astros.
Rocha Vanessa Astros all the way baby
German Cortes what does that mean? Nervous...? Clutch City!! One away...One
Joge Whitley Please show more of Salma Hayek dancing! #ASTROS
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