Georges St-Pierre
15:30 03/28/2017

Tonight at 9pm (9:30NT) #CanadaTheStoryOfUs premieres on CBC. Catch me in the first episode.

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Jesse Newhouse Yep but not in all cases sometimes doesn't matter how accurate or fast you are the opposition is just to strong.
Stephen Barbee So an 80 lb person will take a 200 lb person if they throw accurately even though they have no power, i think it is a combination of all aspects not just a select couple , you also have to be able to out think and stradegise.
Sean Dundas Strange how he s the only one who used to look like a body builder In cage?
Ronan Tourish Alex Murphy timing beats speed. Precision beats power. And that's why I beat you
DanielleAlex Travelling i love to watch CBC when we are traveling , sadly we don't get it here.
Georges St-Pierre
01:06 03/21/2017

Honoured to be included in the series #CanadaTheStoryOfUs on CBC. The 2hr premiere will air Sunday March 26 at 8pm (8:30NT)!

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BJJ Lifestyle woow I didn'know this ...
Joseph Leonard Vautour Unless your Native ...
Linda St-onge L'honneur est réciproque M. Georges St-Pierre!
Ryan Kevin IronEagle Looking forward to watching it Super GSP #CanadaTheStoryOfUs
Mrsuicidal Sheep GSP the greatest!!!!!! Love this video!

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