16:18 04/26/2017

Turn the freeway to a speed race skkrt #bitchimtheshit2 #100s

22.6k reactions 163 comments
Marc Maruca Fucking love it :)
Brian Pancho Orozco Repo men got your car lmao
Bert De Kort Siebe die rijde ook me hun deur open 😉
Leja Lebohang Y'all should stop hating..they living lavish..admit it
Eric Belciña Dope
14:42 04/21/2017

100s video on @vevo #100s #bitchimtheshit2 http://vevo.ly/W6V0Kz

5.6k reactions 115 comments
Chris Beck dube life style 4 real
Jefferson Sousa Pezadâo
Jacob Gamboa Cool video
Zeldon Ramos srrrtttt
Kitti Jánvári Életem😍
01:54 04/19/2017

Unleash the 🐉🐉 #bitchimtheshit2

2.7k reactions 144 comments
Anne Ngina Tiger look
Chris Tripping Stoner T RAW Looking Good Bro more Bicths bro!!!!
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 1313🔥👌
Alefh Júnior Ninho de rato.
Ilyas Mirza Lovely
01:54 04/19/2017

100 100 100s #bitchimtheshit2

19.9k reactions 93 comments
Gucci Frank Manon Lastking bado unaedelea boss
Ras Alex New shoot there
Muller Volkert Flashing money 😍😘😍😘but money is the key 🔑
Koné Mouhamed Super
فات جو خميس aloveTyga
13:06 04/16/2017

100s video out now🔥🔥 youtu.be/tMi71guDoBs #100s #bitchimtheshit2

21.1k reactions 364 comments
Larize Oliveira DOPE. 🔥🔥💸
Evelyn Veliz Good song!
Tom Sharpe Fucking shite
Josh Klein Is this song a gee up or what lol sounds terrible
Alexander Reijerse Andrew Thompson now we know ho was shooting the video there 😂
13:06 04/16/2017

ATLA #Culture #bitchimtheshit2

21.5k reactions 125 comments
Wawikasiboy Wawi for beats hala at your boy lil wawi 🎶🎵🎸🎹🎤🎧🔥🔥🔥💯
Wilfried Kra Kingggg And thuger thuger and huncho
Fared Van Bahtar Hideous.
Austin Trîllzx awesome Pic ▶ Tyga Bot By ➡ Austin Trîllzx -=[ Onlybot .Top - Server 4 ]=-
Tyler Burrow These niggas look retarded
19:24 03/29/2017

#Bits2 #bitchimtheshit2 #Bits2

6.8k reactions 84 comments
Aman Sekhon Is that the same guy on insta shouting Weak Weak Weak Weak !! 😂😂😂
Juan David Zapata esa es
Alberto Canario activo en lo aparato klk
Jessica Snyder ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
Rafael Sib I dint know that
22:36 03/01/2017


23.8k reactions 77 comments
Denisse Carrillo Gpe-l Prz el Tyga Rifando 👌🏻😎😏
Tyga Cool Big star hero
Jey Estevez Pero mmg y cuando es que vas a tirar el maldito album
Ommy Ahmad Salute neqa
Avics De McGum Daxh Jr. Drop dat niggro
21:00 02/24/2017


26.7k reactions 92 comments
Grachen Fysch Yawww😍😍
Stacy Thompson I could cry I'm not there 😢😢😢😢
Alex Ortis Mwambazi freshiest and dopest tyga
Alex Ortis Mwambazi freshiest and dopest tyga
Carlita María DG Mi amorrrrr❤❤❤
01:42 02/02/2017

ATLA #Culture #bitchimtheshit2

25.3k reactions 219 comments
Kay Love Tyga 😍😘❤️
Tomar Princxess Scotrey Fuckin Yassssss ysl ....#Bitchimtheshit2
Briana Mandat thugger thugger ❤
Jack Burchette Lol they are celebrating Tyga coming out the closet.
David Christman Hmmm cozy
08:06 12/08/2016


16.0k reactions 107 comments
Danny Tyga Y'all taking abt him to pay debt, why can't u pay 4 him haterz😕
Juju Valid Hurd the rapper
Brandon Garcia Kyga😍👌
Shannon Nicole 💕Love him
Grissel Gonzalez Ortiz Te amo mi amor casate conmigo
11:22 09/12/2016

Cash money never paid me but ya boy did his thang an still made cash money ??? #BitchImTheShit2??????

115.9k reactions 960 comments
Mhlengie Innoc Msomi Stimulated is my favourite song,you make a great job to hit this song King Tyga...thanx
Senile A-Rod Fox Broke ass n*ggerz be acting like money ain't everything, got mad love and respect for you dawg...#BitchImTheShit2
Intel Lee how was your time in jamaica its all over the news that you go look for the real GAZA BOSS just keep the link up and runing mad! link am INTEL LEE from kingston jamaica {{{{{GAZA MI SAY FI LIFE }}}}}}}
Tristin Kayla Crawford Story . Read a quote once that said the people who control the upper most of the world's works only make certain people a certain way every 20 years. If everything is controlled and regulated and happens for a reason. Stay blessed.
April Winfrey I'm not mad at you do your thing I'm never a hater get your money
11:22 09/12/2016

New #CashMoney on iTunes #BitchImTheShit2 on the way

8.3k reactions 279 comments
Sa Ni Gang!
George Wilemski Cash money?
Terence Tms Mdrrr j'ai cru que c'était un sons de rap de 2005 ??? Joe Alpha
Jamal Berg Daniel Hewer Kaya Spencer dis lil nigga bish don stole our label name
Kevin Jistar Enfin du bon vieux son comme il en faisait avant ? Je t'avais dit quoi Benjamin quand il est pas avec Kylie, il sort du lourd mdr
11:22 09/12/2016


66.6k reactions 418 comments
Vitor Camilo Ate o tyga torce pro Santa Cruz haushauhs
Angelina Mangual Nice pic TYGA LIVE LIFE HAPPY GBU
Stoudenir Alkouna Coulibaly c est bien tyga tu merite ma confience love pour toi
Charly Cds Nuevo Album? *o* <3 Lo Haces Bien Tyga Eres Mi Rrapero Favorito! <3

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