Pamela Anderson
13:00 09/13/2017

#billclinton did not wish to meet me understandably #hillaryclinton unraveling due to true… https://t.co/8lkxRuayZk

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Simone Coccia Colaiuta Pamela Anderson
Cynthia Nina Olivas-Tafoya His bad
Jack Hall lovley video clip pamela
Ivana Kloubec The truth will set us free.
Lance Wells ☂️🤔😎💋✌️
Keri Hilson
10:48 04/27/2017

What an awesome night. Special thanks to @StarkeyCares!! #BillClinton #CGI2014

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Taylor Gang OH WORD!
Fatiah Lithwan Nice to meet Mr Bill
Keri Hilson
10:48 04/27/2017

cool story bro 😝 #ClintonGlobal #CGI2014 #BillClinton

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Hari Gopal Found Wonterful
Nkosenye Prince Hey
Momade Issufo Ja.
Fisiwe May Darly lv u keri.......ur dress drive me cryz
Pauline Willy Lovely Keri visit kenya

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