System of a Down
10:54 01/07/2018

#FanArtFriday #artists #bestfans #systemofadown 🎨: 1 - Kattavandeheck 2 & 3 - @luzzy_sargabarack

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Kyle Poe Scars on Broadway is bad ass
Cody Nebeker Is that serj or sammy Hagar? Hahaha
Joannis Schaper Geile Band
Matt Brosz Album?
Kate Dharma so cool!!!!!
05:36 01/05/2018

#Repost @meeganhodges (@get_repost) ・・・ I WANT TO SAY THAT THIS BAND MAKES ME SO PROUD! To watch them on stage every night and to see Axl sing like NO OTHER and seriously belts it for over 3 hours. Hello! I can't even speak and scream that long without my voice hoarse for days after. Then Duff who freaking KILLS it on BASS as much as he charms the crowd. And then there is my other half who everyday impresses me how he can rock nit only my world but the audience moving tour would with his magic fingers and doing his thing night after night... GOBSMACKED IS ALL I CAN SAY. #friends #friendship #brothers #GnFnR #GNFNRFANSROCK #oneofthebestrickandrollbandsofthislofetime #thankyouallforrockingmyuniverse #slash #Slash #guitarbeast #myguitarhero #axlrose #axl #duff #duffMckagan #richard ##dizzy #frank #melissa #theentirecrewandmanagement #Repost @susanholmesmckagan ・・・ So proud of the whole #gunsnroses fam!! What a year! And we’re SO excited for the next #GNR European tour to start Jun 3 #TopTour #BestFans for sure!! See ya in #Europe #2018 🌹🎩☘️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🎉

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Bumblebee Is Here Congrats Slash. You guys haved earned your rightful place as the baddest band on the planet, thorough and thorough. We'll see you back in San Antonio soon hopefully.
Ajay Singh GN’R Singapore, one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Even tho logistics were a let down, but who cares. I was only there for music and you guys rocked the island like never before. Waited a lifetime to watch you guys live back together. I would only say, ...
Leo Nunes I love that band since my 4y old, thank you so much to make my music life so better and I hope to meet you and the band someday before we die, that's my dream, so than I'll can die in peace hahahahah
Ingrid Karlsson I went to Adelaide concert was my dream come true. You guys are still amazing. I missed out in the 90's due to having kids but seeing you all last year was one of the happiest nights of my life love ya down unda..ps i love Duff!!!!!
Dave Currie Wellington, NZ. In the howling wind and rain a fucking amazing night from start to finish. Bring it back down under. My one tip play appetite from jungle to rocket queen then carry on the set list (with right next door to hell somewhere)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:54 12/20/2017

Hi friends! Last week in Paris, Norman fait des vidéos let JHON RACHID's dream come true by arranging a meeting with me. Click the link below to see the full story and find out who else was there as well. It was a pleasure meeting you guys! https://youtu.be/vjY86_TFT1o (French, no subtitles). #JCVD #JCVJ #BestFans

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Kévinouche Pataprouf Jcvd je suis love de toi . Un véritable acteur !!
John Winston Salut Jean-Claude c'est quand que tu viens à Marseille ? 😁
Hanen Lilou Toujours en forme <3
Michelle Arens That was so great!! You made his day! Love this
Jason Severance yeah i asked to meet as well. is it all about money to meet him? JCVD i have great movie idea based on photo of you on facebook. please contact me. would love to bounce around ideas and film movie.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:54 11/25/2017

Hi friends! Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for all these years of support. Without you, I would not have been the man I am today. Thank you, I love you all! #JCVD #Thanksgiving #ThankYou #BestFans

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George Art Yes..the best always..my art from Bucharest 😃
Lisa Montano Happy Thanksgiving much love and peace
Jolyn Bajnok Happy thanksgiving to you from me in Ohio
Raquel Howard Happy Thanksgiving to you too sexy hope you eat good food and enjoy family 😘😘😘
Reyna van Damme Hi dear Jean cvd happy Thanksgiving you and your nice family 😃❤❤😘😘😘❤👏🍸🍷
System of a Down
07:42 11/20/2017

#FanArtFriday #bestfans #thankyou #artists 1 - @art.by.briann 2 - @kattavandeheck 3 - @nataliemxart 4 - @kattavandeheck

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Fernando Ismael Navarrete Ruiz Hello ✌️
Мишка Гамми Не замёрзни в России???)))
Xander Go System of a damned..
Joel Carberry Dig the art
Mateus Mt foda
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:36 10/20/2017

I'm really grateful for all the birthday wishes! Thank you so much! I love you! #JCVD #BestFans

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Denise Briand Well Well there is one more Happy birthday to you M. Van Damme wishing you love health and man years to comme with your great familyone of your fan Denise xx
Rose Kielski Happy birthday I wish you nothing but good things for you and your family it's not a good movie day if I'm not watching you
Tiffany O'Leary Happy Birthday to you sir! I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm lucky to share your birthday and it's one of my favorite things to tell people!
David VG Happy Birthday Champion!!!! I wish you to be very happy and I hope to see you soon. A Big hug for you my friend.
Doloresg Licea Happy Birthday to you many wishes for you to be strong always and have a good health. Our whole family's loves your movies you have made. May God Bless you always
Jean-Claude Van Damme
10:48 10/18/2017

Hi friends! Thank you so so much for your kind messages and birthday wishes! I just received this clip from some of my friends, wishing me a happy birthday from all around the world! Thank you! #JCVD #BestFans

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Beryl Selenati Oh happy birthday to you mister JCVD... all my family and i want to wish you love, peace and happiness. Big kisses from France. Franck Blanchon
Natalia Kuznetsova Happy Birthday!!! 😀 Wishing best of luck, love, happiness and inspiration today and always. Stay timeless! 🎂 Greetings from Russia! ❤️
Michael Cain Happy birthday best wishes to you love your films first one I seen you in was no retreat no surrender but you didn't say much
Tiina Leppänen Really Happy Birthday to wonderful, talented, awesome and the best actor JCVD ❤ I wish you best Birthday ever 😉 I love you my dear idol 💖 Happy Birthday Jean ❤ kisses and hugs ☺
Michael Thorne thats great stuff..I dont know if Mr Van Damme really looks at all this and controls his facebook but i sure hope he seen all these people sending love his way..happy bday sir!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
23:36 09/12/2017

Hi friends, this is Malavita, a very special 'Fan of the Day'! #JCVD #BestFans

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Nadine Toussaint bonsoir Jean Claude très belle animal toujours prêt à vieiller sur eux et à les aider bravo
John Chance ressemble a kiki de kickboxer un peu , heureusement tes la jean claude pour nous faire rire , hesite pas a faire le con sur ton facebook
Madeleine Persson What a cutie🐕 Malavita! Lovely picture🌞
Debb Parrish Nice Belgian Malinois! I have a Belgian Tervuren!
Nylreveb Oaima Hi sir JCVD,wow its a beautful phto,awesome and your nice dog!Blessed happy tuesday sir!
System of a Down
18:42 09/02/2017

#systemofadown #bestfans #systemtour2017 📷: Greg Watermann

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Desarea Mora 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Diego Dk Adk New álbum?
Killian Dieux Jimmy Jimmy y'a Vald qui s'est incruster a droite X)
Michael Torres Os melhores fãs são os brs porra.
Alex Monroe Cool Moment Of Bellez
System of a Down
13:54 08/18/2017

#systemofadown #fanlove #bestfans 📷: Greg Watermann

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Chris Camm Hypnosoad
Laucha Morales Anda a lavarte el orto
Jason Bayierl Best fans deserve new album.... Just sayin'
Maria Vera I'm your biggest fan :(
Syech Ollied Satriaji In your eyes forsakenme
System of a Down
01:06 08/16/2017

Love our fans. #systemtour2017 #systemofadown #bestfans #thankyou #fanlove 📷: Greg Watermann

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Ylva Sommer Jan was geht ab? :D
Travis Fisher Ricky Graves Dude, when did you grow your hair back out? Lol
Zach Beaulieu Why is that dude doing the Spider-Man hands at the camera?
Lauren Elisse Allen What about your U.S. fans though? And by U.S. I mean all over, not just LA. Come to Dallas!
Scott LaFerriere I guess you love your European fans I'm sure this is probably trumps fault too. Time to make system great again
System of a Down
12:18 08/13/2017

#FanArtFriday #systemofadown #bestfans 🎨: #1: Stéphane Lasfargues #2: Evelien Vangrieken - Tokiiolicious on Deviantart #3-6: Polina Odadzhyan #7: Paulo Perroni

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Mathias Falavigna o único defeito disso é ter exagerado na perfeição dos caras
Joyce Solorzano Cindy Elizabeth🖤
Clara Hoffart 😍❤
Austin Hobal Nicole Hobal !!!!
PegLeg Acab SSinc Well Dog Diggity. . . No Nigger was involved in those Masterpieces! Guess I can put my fEet up ??...
05:12 08/11/2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to the #serenityofsummer tour and the amazing bands that joined us on the road! We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. Stonesour Skillet Music YelaWolf Ded #korn #serenityofsummer #thankyou #amazing #bestfans #yourock

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Leila Marie Thank you to everyone that came out to NM. Love you guys. God bless.
Kimberly DeCarlo excellent tour. loved. every minute of my area show :) Hope you guys come around again soon!
Carl Cantrell Ah man I missed it. Wait, nope. Never had Florida dates.
Chris Dillander Thank you all for a great show !! Dont stop anytime soon. RIVERBEND WAS AWESOME !
Kimberly Trittipo You guys are the best!!!!!! Be safe on your next leg of your tour
System of a Down
09:06 08/03/2017

JUNE 28 | BRAVALLA FESTIVAL #systemofadown #systemtour2017 #thankyou #bestfans 📷: Greg Watermann

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Cassandra Ahlgren It.was.Amazing. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Helene Nyström I can see a half of me 😊😊
Jakob Hedman Edlén It was beautiful, thank you guys!
David Gonzalez Please come to Costa rica🔥🔥🔥🔥
Håkan Carling That was a fantastic gig! 😎
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:48 06/23/2017

Hi friends, happy National Selfie Day! Show me yours! #JCVD #NationalSelfieDay #BestFans

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Angela Maree Lemon Me and my little rabbit called "George" !
Adrian Cruz Del Mundo Happy Natioanl Selpy Day My Childhood hero Jean Claude Van Damme..Prepare for Maximum Van Dammage...Still Remains (STP)
Fares Sh Now with my bro Mohamed ..
Visar Ivana Ronaldo Jennifer A big greeting to you from Sweden Jean Claude van Damme you are the best
Lorraine Ridout Home made JCVD hat ....post it note fantastic! Love your hats so much ! HI jCVD x
Lewis Hamilton
14:24 06/07/2017

Want to meet me at Silverstone this year? Enter for a chance to win guys! 👉🏽 http://f1.mb4.me/ITEJftLv #TeamLH #BestFans Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

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Amanda Dunkley I would love to meet you and the team last year I was in hospital for 7 months with heart failure and sepsis on the brain so had all the ward watching the GP from my hospital bed with me x
Kerry Meldrum I would love to win this as I have been trying to go to Silverstone for 5 years but every year I have ended up giving someone the money to help them out with things and its my birthday the day after Silverstone I would make it soooo special
Paul Hutton Not interested in motor racing until Lewis came along his life story of local boy made good and he's kept his feet firmly on the ground. I have an elderly lady friend aged 85 it would absolutely make her day to meet Lewis.
Hayleigh Walker I'd love to win this it would be the perfect wedding present for my hubby to be as we get married on the 15th of July so having him meet you I know would be a dream come true he never misses a practice qualifying or race x
Di McBolt I want a chance to win and hang with my favorite driver! This is BS why isn't it available in the US? You know, Lewis, you have fans here too! Maybe I should stick with Indy only; at least they have an app for the US, lol!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
21:18 05/16/2017

Hi friends! Qanita Anjum replied with this beautiful fanart to my latest tweet, especially for Mother's Day! Thank you Qanita! https://twitter.com/JCVD #JCVD #HappyMothersDay #BestFans

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Raj Raj Where is my muscles from brussels.i knew ur teacher from chicago.bruce.karateka.let me drop a coconut on u.or frank.kick dolph for me.love to u all
Nick Motoc Happy Mother's Day 💖
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
David Adilkhanian Heyy howe are you?legend👊💪💪
Ziphora Van Der Law Its 22:30 here in south africa and am watching ur movie #TimeCop2ndWindow
Jean-Claude Van Damme
13:12 03/14/2017

Hi friends! I received some amazing fan artwork! Thank you so much! Please go to: https://www.jcvdworld.com/news_artworks.html to see them all! #JCVD #JCVDWorld #BestFans #ThankYou

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Patricia Christorapha Tsizafy Hi JCVD you are best Movie for me thanks you Good friend I hope you God lock nuer film Good bleuisse you fans anexo fammily
Victoria Ramon Hoó tan lindo como siempre talentoso sus películas todo un éxito saludos de machala ecuador
Claudia Nieto Tapia Greetings and affections from México, #JCVD. You are my hero.
Tudor Chirica Greetings from Republic of Moldova Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme you are on of my childhood heroes <3 by the way, great artwork!
Angela Neagu Eres maravilloso dios te bendiga y te cuida mucho todas tus películas me encantan verlas una y otra vez no me arto de mirar eres una leyenda un abrazo y un besito con todo mi cariño y respeto JCVD❤️😘❤️❤️❤️
Jean-Claude Van Damme
08:18 01/20/2017

Hi friends! Here's a smile for you, can you show me yours? #JCVD #Smile #BestFans

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Sofhy Urquilla This will be yours and mine? :*
Adolfo López Blas Greetings from Spain, your friend Adolfo aka Vandolf !!
Alexander Schlaumayr How about this: :) ... and that :D and wait for this :P
Angela Dominic Tankx for making my childhood fun!!!...and so full of adventures.... Love you dear!!
Rainah Joe Rediger Great background JC, My aunt lol cursing me out for taking a picture.
Andy Murray
11:12 12/27/2016

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has an amazing day. Thanks for all your support this year, it has been incredible. Here's some Christmas viewing for you all! Bring on 2017!! 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🎅🤶 🎄 #merrychristmas #bestfans

Andy Murray and 12 winners which helped him become new world No 1

As a Christmas treat, we've put all 12 of Andy Murray's best winners of 2016 together for you to enjoy. Click on the video and enjoy the showreel of shot-making...

44.2k reactions 1390 comments
Mandy Betts Happy Christmas Andy, Kim and Sophia. Thank you so much for giving us all a year of amazing and exhilarating tennis. One of the highlights of my 2016. All the very best for 2017 and another incredible year of tennis. xx
Alison Braid Merry Christmas Andy, Kim, Sophia and family! Thank you for an incredible year making us all so proud, and here's to staying at Number 1 in 2017! xx
Jennifer Wilson Merry Christmas to you & all the family. Magical times with baby Sophia. Thanks for all the great times over the year....could 2017 get any better? I have a feeling it could. We'll done on all you've achieved. Have a good time Andy you deserve it. ...
Charles Mcclure Andy, I am guessing you will not read this, however, we have followed you since you were 16. We have seen the little boy and shouting at the TV , show your talent not your mouth, to the man that has now reach No 1 and all the pain you have had. We have ...
Andrew Gamble Very special moments you and all your family and time have given the British public this 2016 enjoy yourself and getting ready for your 2017 season. Keep upthe great work from andy Debbie josh gamble.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
06:42 12/08/2016

My friends, I just want to thank all of you for supporting me in this amazing project for the animals. I'm touched by your kind words, messages and offers to help me. This project means the world to me. Thank you so much, I love you! #JCVD #TeamJCVD #BestFans

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Martha Camacho Fernandez Que bien yo tuve un a mascota mi perro bello me duro en mi familia 18 el estuvo presente en todas etapas de mis hijos felicidades poca gente de verdad toma con seriedad a los animalitos en especial los de la calle habla bien de tu persona saludos
Roxy Are Mac I love my dog Máx the only problem is so crazy and he never listen to me if that's a matter if I'm tired always have time for my for my crazy crazy dog Max
Andy Manuel Es un grande.JCVD como el no hay.por eso lo admiro.saludos de Peru espero que algundia nos visites para conocerte en vivo.tal vez logre que me dejes un ortografo.y a comer el Rico Sibechon
Joshua Emery Im dying for you to make a sequel to double impact now. The Twins need to be brought back one more time.
Ruben Hernandez Torrent We have always had dogs my family. I can not bear to see animals suffer. Already as an actor I admire you but as a person even more !! Always so jean claude
Jean-Claude Van Damme
14:42 11/25/2016

Hi friends, happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? #JCVD #Thanksgiving #BestFans

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Diana Rocio Neyoy Valenzuela Estoy agradecida de verte, y mi padre tambien lo estaria, le gustaban mucho tus actuaciones (demasiado diria yo), agradecida de ser una persona feliz y espero y que tu tambien lo seas!!! feliz dia de gracias a ti y a tus seres queridos!! saludos desde ...
Chris Eisert Happy Thanksgiving man! A hug to you and your family, hope you, friends and family have a great day. I am thankful for everyone that has been with me through the thick and thin and all the new people that come into my life :-)
Attila Lukacs I'm thankful for my beautiful daughter.the most beautiful little girl in the world.love u beyond words❤❤❤ happy thanksgiving to you and your family too van damme.I was fortunate enough to see you in Sydney this year.Thanks for a great show.you're an ...
Jonathan Ireland Happy thanks giving to you and your family. I'm thankful for my family and friends and through tai chi I can help others young or old whether they have dementia or special needs or those who have been bullied i can and have helped giving them a better ...
Mary Walker Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family , my home and my job. Most of all I am thankful for the love of my Lord and Savior. I am thankful for the time I had with my parents I just recently lost them both a year apart. Mama past this June. But ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:30 11/15/2016

18 million times thank you for 18 million fans on Facebook! Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your support, your loyalty and for making me the man I am today! I love you! #JCVD #BestFans #ThankYou

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Ilan Champion You are a great man and character Mr JCVD I like that you are aware this makes you the huge star that you are today Thank you for all your movies that I grew up on I still see your movies and one of the favorite movies of yours for me was when you were ...
Dunamis Espada Your welcome fan for life you are such amazing man with a Awsome heart amazing actor love your art work beautiful man and thank you Mr.van damme love you always for life God bless you and your family
Daut Zayni Hello Jean Claude Van Damme! it would be interesting if you Jean Claude Van Damme played a new role in new continuation of the movie "Point Break". It will be the new magnificent movie - the leader of new cinema. Though it will be also continuation, but ...
Jeanette Hundemer For many of us you're a idol. One of the few actors that don't think life is a game to play. You act in your movies and stay a good husband and father to your family. Thank for being a example for so many over the world. We love you and will look your ...
Ramathan Nsubuga I think you deserved more than that, #Van!... you are so, honest & polite actor than any other... that's why we like your movies sir, ever since I was young, I never liked to miss any movie below........#Lion heart, double impact, street fighter, sudden ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
22:42 11/12/2016

Hi friends! I received innumerable requests for a fan mail address, here it is: PB 1194 Knokke-Station 8300 Knokke-Heist Belgium Please don't write my name on the envelope, as it won't be received. When I'm back in Belgium I will read and answer as many letters as I can. I'm looking forward to reading your letters! Ps: Please supply a pre-paid envelope addressed to yourself with your letter if you want a chance for a reply. #JCVD #ThrowbackThursday #BestFans #tbt

111.8k reactions 3421 comments
Michelle Valencia I'm pretty sure that we own all of your movies. To this day I still think that Welcome to the Jungle is my favorite just because your sense of humor is fabulous and that's a side of you I LOVE to see!
Kim Williams Hi van damme I love all your movies my favourites are blood sport,kickboxer,universal solider when I I grew up watching all your movies when I first saw you I thought wow this guy is gorgeous and well talented!!!.I think your kick is amazing!!!.You look ...
Paul Cole JCVD how cold was it filming them Coors advertisements... TBH I found Kickboxer one of your best Movies along with Legionnaire. All your movies are great even the very early ones ie Monaco Forever or No Retreat No Surrender.. Bet remembering them brings ...
Alison Bell Hi Jean Claude when I was a teenager you was my idol I had lots of vhs videos of your films. My favourite is universal soldier me and my hubby still quote lines lol. I still love watching your films and love looking at you fb page. From alison uk x
Marceli Elic Do u have any other address I could use to write u. Don't want to wait your back in Belgium ;) Or this is just the only one possibility ?!? Thx in Advance :)
Andy Murray
08:00 11/09/2016

I'm going to be giving away some signed limited edition Under Armour t-shirts to celebrate reaching world number one! All you need to do is like and share this post! I'll be picking one person at random everyday this week! So keep an eye out on here! See you all at the ATP World Tour Finals! Thanks for your support! #BestFans #HereWeGo 🌍☝️☺️

128.3k reactions 10959 comments
Shirley Murdoch Congratulations on your wonderful achievement!! Would love to win a T-shirt to auction to raise funds for our local MS Therapy centre in Inverness!! Wishing you continued success as WORLD No. 1. Sophie should be very proud of her Daddy!😊🎾x
Rachael Simpson Congratulations on your incredible achievement but sadly there is not a chance I'll be sharing this - Under Armour offer massive support to trophy hunters and I cannot understand having them as sponsors as an animal lover. I hope you consider your ...
Himanshi Borah Liked and shared. Massive congratulations to you on becoming the new World No.1!👑👑 So proud of you on achieving this feat. You deserve it totally Andy, well done 👏👏👏 Now good luck for the ATP World Tour Final 👍. Sending you lots of love and good wishes ...
Joseph Jenkins Furious campaigners called for the new tennis world number one to ditch Under Armour because it has a range for hunting fans. The US firm sells camouflage gear in its Big Game collection, which it says is built for “running and gunning across the ...
Carol Norwood Many people who buy Under Armour UK products will be blissfully unaware of their commercial links with despicable trophy hunting :(
Nico Rosberg
18:20 10/24/2016

Selfie time!! #bestFans ??????

14.4k reactions 184 comments
Tracy Hill Keep bagging those points, no risks needed. Fingers crossed this is your year.
Lygia Elkins Babe! Your shoe is in the picture Eric Elkins!!!!! Thanks for signing it Nico!!!
Ann Jenkins Well done , Go for it Nico tomorrow. You can be 2016 champion.
Vicho San Martin Gomez César ahí esta el mismo! Me copio el gorro jajajajaja
Adam Deruiter Get the win tomorrow. Get championship. We believe in Nico!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
07:25 10/21/2016

I want to thank my family, friends and of course all my fans! Thank you for all the birthday wishes, you all made my birthday epic! I love you! #JCVD #ThankYou #BestFans

62.0k reactions 5741 comments
Shady Shabana Happy Birthday wish you all the best to you and your family coz you really deserve it you are a great man honestly we all love you in Egypt
Piroska Raczgypsy Wow I didn't know until now at 7 15pm when u looked on FB. All the best wishes of health happiness family puppies and doing all the things you love in life!!
Imee Daclan Happy birthday sir Jean-Claude Van Damme...I love you...??❤❤I wish you all the best...???Take care of yourself and stay safe...God bless u....
Heather Foster Happy birthday. I named one of my daughters after you. Her name is Bailee Vann I fell in love with you when you did your drunk dance and then kicked butt in Bloodsport
Adela Razo Martinez Happy birthday to an inspiration for many! May you continue receiving many blessings! Enjoy from Cottonwood AZ. .. where I got to meet you at the filming of Universal Soldier <3
Jean-Claude Van Damme
04:45 10/19/2016

Hi fans! Thank you so much for all your nice birthday messages, I'm touched and I feel loved. This clip was made by some of my biggest fans! Thank you, I love you! #JCVD #BestFans

13.6k reactions 2343 comments
Lawrence Mark HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU J-C! I hope you can get something that you really want and need today even if you have to go out and find it for yourself! HAHAHA! Please be careful when you are out having more fun later, okay? HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG MAN!
Tóth Nikolett Happy Birthday Jean-Claude!!!!!!!! <3 I grew up in movies this year, and to this day I look at them! When I watch the film, always yelling, rooting for you, as if I'd be there! This feeling will last forever! Thank you! I love what you do, you are ...
Ocara Guerreiro #Even though it's far the affection for you will always be the same. Congratulations, best wishes and that this date if repeat for many years. I wish you much happiness, peace, joy, and success. Recife...
Patricia Rodrigues Hj é um dia muito especial para o meu grande ídolo vam Dame que está completando ano hj meu rei do Egito Minha paixão Amo de mais E quero desejar todas as coisas boas do mundo ,que Deus o abençoe grandemente ,que ele sempre seja essa pessoa especial ...
Grace Anna Richardson My Dear Friend! You are such a special Friend who deserves a special birthday wishes. Let your every day will be filled with sunshine, smiles, love, good cheer and joy. Let happiness surround you forever. Always you love life and never stop dreaming! ...
Jean-Claude Van Damme
02:05 10/17/2016

Hi fans! Even when I'm training I have have to check in with my fans... #JCVD #BestFans

70.3k reactions 4330 comments
Anthony Ithaca Kanellos Man!!! I'm 37 now, and I watched followed your movies growing up til now. Such a great inspiration, I just wish I could of met you to take a picture. Or even get a autograph!! My kids love you too. God bless
Harold Fras Tu restera le meilleur. Et comme Bruce lee tu as marqué une époque. Reste le même la France t'aime moi je suis fan tu m'a fait rêver de part tes films et c'est magnifique. Je te souhaite de la réussite et de l'amour inconditionnel. Ps je connais un ...
Wiebe Willemsen Hello Jean Claude, Still in a perfect shape after all these years. Still watching your movies. I really like kickboxer and also like hard target, double team and wrong bet. But my alltime favorite has to be bloodsport. I still enjoy it after watching ...
Lashawnda Mitchell Ruffin Hi Jean Claude... I loved you in Assination! And for you to be in your 50's, your body is in awesome shape as well as you being very good looking! You are the older gentleman I would date?
Emre Can Bez #JCVD
Lewis Hamilton
20:30 10/09/2016

❤️ U guys. #TeamLH #BestFans

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Todd Mcneilly Biased goes to the hero Red white and blue Through and through This ain't no fable Can't keep him down This is true Speed of the track This talent becomes Long may it reign Living life too the full Our champion will remain Lewis Hamilton
Mark Antony Stevenson Man if anyone can get this job done massive fan and my days you make it easy not a spoilt brat, like some grab that bull by horns in Texas and smash it ?? he has to have a bit of bad luck at some point like toto wolf said one song and it's game on. ...
David James Im a bit surprised about all the talking down of Lewis Hamilton by by all the presenters on sky and talking up of Nico Rosberg. The British people and media should be grateful to and appreciate him for being the only British drive that flys the british ...
Abdul G Dangor Today, your only opponent in Japan is yourself, the rest are mere distractions. Beat Hamilton and Lewis wins. When you take the chequered flag celebrate tonight with the 2 women that feels your pain and joy even more than what you do and not the ...
Christine Dale Lewis - just take a deep breath; recognise that some people are ignorant and that the best thing to do is ignore them! You are a strong person so do not compromise your integrity and self composure - which earn huge respect. Life is sweet and is not ...
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