Leonardo DiCaprio
04:06 12/08/2017

Proud to support the Palau Pledge, a new conservation initiative for visitors to this beautiful island. Written with the help of Palau’s children, every visitor must pledge to heal and secure the natural environment for future generations. Watch this clip from #BeforetheFlood and visit PalauPledge.com to learn more.

3.3k reactions 295 comments
Jenna Van Broekhoven why are you obsessed with me does the thorn HURT do you like Dancing ew no not that I don't know how too Dance I think it's easy too figure yeah if you want too we can Dance what I mean is no I can but I just never do Dance yeah your cute I know you ...
Helena Araújo Todos os dias Léo Dicaprio é atacado em sua página. Fãs revoltosos o chamam de hipócrita. Não sei qual concepção de hipocrisia esses que o acusam têm, mas uma personalidade que há 19 anos criou uma fundação em defesa ao meio ambiente e investe milhões ...
Christine Kurt I am constantly amazed by the tremendous effort and energy Leonardo puts into preserving our planet ❤️ thank you for your dedication. Basically it is quite simple, put good deeds and love above money and be kind to yourself and others ❤️
Lisa Mitchell It would be BEYOND AWESOME to meet you..because you really care.Leonardo.IM A L.A.CALUFORNIA NATIVE..HALF GYPSY BY BLOOD.I feel so sad that people hurt the planet..or we all are guilty in some form or fashion.If we could collectively stand up for ...
Alison Monks-Plackett I went to the Solomons in the 70's, staying in villages on Guadalcanal and Malaita, and was made welcome everywhere I went by the wonderful Melanesian people. . I have great. great memories.of these island communities and I'm sure it's the same for all ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
16:06 06/03/2017

Thank you National Geographic TV for airing #BeforetheFlood for free. We must continue to educate and move forward.

80.3k reactions 1523 comments
Steven EL President Obama is a compulsive liar. ....you will get to keep whatever healthcare plan your on.... now a lot of people go after president Trump for so called lies .... but between both. president Obama has lost my trust.... honesty is the only way
Melani Tankel Simply. We all need to be like former President Barack Obama. The high point of modern civilization was when we Americans nominated him to be our President and then again. Sadly, humanity is at an all time low. For the love of each and everyone of us, ...
Dev-Kush Geeta What I think..Trump is thinking..More about economy of United state...He only take step back from this Paris agreement...Because Country like US and other Developed country...They has to help economically to other small country ...Trump has to..Realise ...
Penny Cameron Here is a man who speaks with thought, understands the issues and talks with calmness and confidence. Sadly, I don't believe Leo could truly have the same kind of conversation with the new president. :(
Mechele Kelley I live in Texas, just south of Houston. We basically went from Autumn to Spring. We have had Summer-like weather for several months. I had no need for a coat, this Winter. I went to Galveston Beach in February.
Leonardo DiCaprio
14:30 04/21/2017

#BeforetheFlood is now available on DVD. Join the movement and get your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Before-Flood-Eddie-Albert/dp/B01LTI0B00/

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Alice Palmer Its only April and we have drought in Jersey Channel Islands...its scary...def not normal weather for this time of year...early potato crops being irrigated already...its so warm too...def feels like it has warmed up a lot already..not looking forward ...
Jay So Mr. DiCaprio such a great work, well done. Hope this will get the attention it needs.Right one, right one :)
Elsie Samson I showed parts of it to my students here on the coast in Colombia (we watched it in Spanish). So awesome. Thank you for creating this! :)
Alice Darby Beautiful film. Exquisite intro. Hard hitting and galvanizing. Only seen it online. Never good enough! Good news for some. Before the Flood screening at Earth Day TX compliments of EarthxFilms festival. At Fair Park, Dallas (1 of the largest ...
Camille Walters U need to listen to me here for i saw the video of north Korea. This concerns me. And i think there upset. I beleive from what i have seen the people get many goods from them..i have also had conversations about the damage that the productions has ...
Mark Ruffalo
10:00 11/13/2016

Happy birthday to Leonardo DiCaprio. A great friend and incredible activist. I highly recommend watching #BeforetheFlood if you haven't already.

38.2k reactions 499 comments
Samantha Templeton Live it but it made me so sad, I now fear to have any children lasting past 2050 is just but a possibility and may even won't last
Christina J-e It was amazing cried half way through it. Happy birthday Leo! I am a huge fan love your involvement with environmental issues💜
Stephanie Lou Tatum Happy Birthday Leo 🎂🍾 ... I watched "Before the Flood" and cried for the first 1/2 hour ... so devastating... thanks for spending your efforts and over two years and your money to let us see what us really going on in many parts of the world... 😢aloha ...
Georgia Title An eye opening doc. that everyone should see. I'm afraid for us. How can anyone doubt the veracity of climate change & the need for clean green energy now before it is too late?
Pia Gilsello I live in Alberta. Dicaprio has been invited several times by our provincial government and by the companies working in the oil sands to take a tour of it and see the reclamation efforts that are going on there and the good environmentally SAFE work ...
03:00 11/08/2016

If you havent seen this, you should; only a few days left to stream #BeforetheFlood for free! Tune in. Get informed. Take action. https://www.beforetheflood.com/screenings https://sunshinesachs.egnyte.com/dl/nhk1lbf3yE

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Dug Tul FUCKING bullshit!!!
Mathew D Husen Sorry, i dont watch movies based on BS
Stuart Anderson why would i watch that rubbish?
Pat Bateman https://transitionnetwork.org/blogs/rob-hopkins/2016-11/leonardo-dicaprio-s-flood-review while I think most of the concern over global warming from the celebrities and musicians shows their hearts are in the right place, a lot of it is misguided, ...
Lluc Casals Cerveró 13JULY is a rock band. This is a 30 second teaser where you can hear what their first album will be like. It is coming soon, so if you are interested you can contact them at [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayhXfJeZlFQ
Leonardo DiCaprio
22:18 11/07/2016

With the election only a few days away, we've made it FREE to watch #BeforeTheFlood for an additional two days. Watch. Get informed. Vote.

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Sue Iruge Awesome movie! :') But I have to say, we needed a tad more on animal agriculture since it is a huge cause of environmental destruction and global warming, and going vegan is something all of us can do to make a huge impact. And that bit on "its ok to ...
Rachel Kelley While I'm glad you took down oil and beef companies...your documentary screamed agenda! You destroyed Republicans , and asked our approval on a carbon tax that would tax the people up oil prices and do nothing for the companies violating the land by ...
MzSkye Stirling Thank you so much for sharing your compelling Doco #BeforeTheFlood I have shared this a few times on my page because here in NZ this issue of climate change and the terrible affects of fossil fuel & large companies are damaging our earth in every way ...
Debbie Shockley George this was an awesome, yet sad, movie. My husband and I watched it last night, we both cried at some parts. Yet I do have to wonder, especially with your relationship with President Obama, what steps are you taking to help with Standing Rock. This is the ...
Leeann Almanza Thank You for Allowing Us to watch it for free. I watched it last weekend and it is a wake up call, a calling to do what we can to protect Animal and Human life. Those Orangatans broke my heart, that they need to be protected bc their land is gone, and ...
Justin Timberlake
14:30 11/07/2016

If you haven't seen this yet, you must. #BeforeTheFlood https://www.beforetheflood.com/screenings/ Thanks for bringing this to our attention Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic Channel Spread the word folks.

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Bonnie Martin I have been encouraged in the last few days to see friends on facebook sharing videos, and post about enviromental issues. it would seem that people are paying attention to what is important to save our planet.
Flo Benally #WaterIsSacred#WaterIsLife#NoDAPL#WeCantDrinkOil#SaveOurPlanet#IStandWithStandingRock
Benedetta Terzaghi Paola, Justin che condivide il documentario di Leo, non so chi amo di più! 😂😍
Economy Decoded “Before The Flood” Review: Why Leonardo DiCaprio’s Documentary Is A Must Watch http://economydecoded.com/2016/11/before-the-flood-review-why-leonardo-dicaprios-documentary-is-a-must-watch/
Shawn Ireland Lost my respect JT. Hollywood hippies. The earth is fine
Nina Dobrev
18:12 11/05/2016

Only a few days left to stream Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary #BeforetheFlood for free! Tune in. Get informed. Take action. https://www.beforetheflood.com/screenings ·ASSET (optional): https://sunshinesachs.egnyte.com/dl/nhk1lbf3yE

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Lucielle Gallo Cristian Gallo tonight
Brenda Morais <3
Rashell Read Such a great documentary!
Élizabeth Lehoux Guillaume Dufour le documentaire que je te parlais 👍🏼
Hatter Mad Just watched and it was fantastic!
06:12 11/05/2016

#BeforeTheFlood Watch the trailer now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90CkXVF-Q8M Get informed now - https://www.beforetheflood.com/explore/ Take action now - https://www.beforetheflood.com/act/ Share the film now - https://www.beforetheflood.com Stream now - https://www.beforetheflood.com/screenings/ “We're really in a race against time" - Leonardo DiCaprio

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Dapo Ajayi bro JayZ, this poor proud moron don't really value this plan, if they do, they will embrace it and ask for it instead of me begging for it. Sir, i want a US version of this i am doing in Nigeria, i can start with a US job if necessary. regards
Dionisio Denis Lazani you just fucked yourself and the whole USA by supporting Clinton how did nothing for the black community but herself and the Clinton foundation you are fake like everyone else
Judith Cable Jay Z hates gays, Jay Z hates blacks, Jay Z hates women! Shame on you Jay Z. Shame on you. May your career hit the biggest nose dive for this! May you live in the gutter like the veterans currently do. Shame on you.
Alex Ramos We really need to create a carbon tax. I think that would help tremendously. It's a shame that the Paris Agreement didn't have that in the deal
Mike Ikeda Jay Z backing Clinton and the World Bank? I guess we know who signs your checks! You are a disgrace to your race. You have sold out your people for money and fame. Bow to your Zionist rulers.
Mark Ruffalo
19:36 11/05/2016

Only a few days left to stream #BeforetheFlood for free! Tune in. Get informed. Take action. beforetheflood.com/screenings

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Donna Littlewolfe Watched it. I'm well informed. Be making many changes and will encourage family friends to do so.
Karen Stanhope Meyer I watched about a quarter of it so far and I'm almost afraid to watch any more of it we have made such a mess of our beautiful world
Joyce Erickson Fantastic show, a must see for everyone. Thank you to Leonardo for doing his best to be part of the solution!!!
Kellen Boyle It's and inspiring/depressing documentary that will amaze/terrify you. It will galvanize you.
Michael Belgarde It's on NTGEO channel 186 for those of you who have dish network.
Leonardo DiCaprio
09:30 11/05/2016

Think combating #climatechange is an impossible task? Learn how you can make an impact. #BeforetheFlood

The Solutions
The Solutions

The good news is that climate change can be solved today with readily available technologies and sustainability measures. It will take significant investments on the part of governments and businesses, but that investment will be a small fraction of the price we would have to pay for increasing natu...

29.7k reactions 794 comments
Sandro Fortini We can find many different approaches, we just have to try ! these turbines are a start but remember the steam engine was once the best thing too, perhaps these can work stacked with attracted and opposed magnetic properties to increase vortex features ...
Zezette Lauratet am really happy you went beyond expectations in your role as UN ambassador for Climate change but now you need to stand for Standing Rock..its urgent
Heather Begley I saw the movie, it was very personal and well pieced together. The University near me did a great lecture series that piece by piece proves climate change, explains it's impacts, and offers solutions. I would again like to politely request that you get ...
Terri Bennett This documentary is important to watch, and I feel vital for waking us up! It's not just climate change anymore people...it's the real tipping point now, to do or die basically.
Richard Holmes Great documentary. It was very informative and at the time scary. The work Elon Musk is doing with regards to renewable electricity should be applauded.
Mark Ruffalo
07:55 11/03/2016

#BeforeTheFlood is now available on YouTube! This is an incredibly important film that I had the privilege to see and talk about. Highly recommend watching it.

Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic
Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic

For every use of #BeforeTheFlood across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram between October 24 – November 18, they’ll donate $1 to Pristine Seas and $1 to the Wildlife Conservation Society!

6.3k reactions 192 comments
Tahunga Taiwhati Dalleston I love the Obama family but my heart feels for our Native Brothers & Sisters of (SRD). Why won't you help the 1 people of America President Obama...WHY :(.
Kirk Norring Mark, Come to Climate Alert FB page and you can learn more about Global Warming and the dangers that are not being talked about. DiCaprio's movie does not explain the real dangers.
Dennis Dagnan Obama and Decaprio are hypocrites. They fly around the world using fossil fuels that they say are contributing to global warming and think that is ok. F ' em both.
Chris Knebel if you vote for a person who is under criminal investigation...and you turn a blind eye to all the corruption...what does it say about you? if you google pathological liar....see what happens..
Jurgen van Gestel Ice core drilling proved that in the far past. Over 10.000 years ago, the temperature on Earth was lower then now. But at the same time, carbon emmisions where due to vulcanic eruptions higher then now. Remember how we used to communicate a 100 years ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
23:30 11/02/2016

What's your climate impact? Find out on CarboTax.org & offset your impact to help protect precious forests and ocean ecosystems. #BeforetheFlood

CarboTax – It
CarboTax – It's Time for a Price on Carbon

CarboTax is a revolutionary new program that allows you to pay a voluntary 'carbon tax' to offset your climate impact and protect threatened forests.

12.4k reactions 451 comments
Stella Apostolidi It is something very good taxes! Here comes a big discussion because not to pay again monitor citizens! First people do not pollute the atmosphere too only with cars them! But here do not help governments in collaboration with major banking giants for a ...
Ashlea Soto Governments should definitely help to do more - especially here in Australia. Owning a small business I feel a responsibility to think about the environmental impacts, we donate to Greenfleet, you can calculate your carbon impact and donate and offset ...
Yoleitza MendezCrespo I just saw your documentary and I will make more change in my family life style. We already reduce red meet just one a week, reduce dairy, we don't buy our food from big brands we avoid preserving food, most our food are organic it cost more. But we ...
Ayoub Boudlal #LeonardoDiCaprio we dont need Cop the country suffers from many problems : The grimy reality of Morocco’s public hospitals With no spare beds, sick people are forced to lie on the dirty floor.All photos are published on the Facebook page 'Health sector ...
John D'Apollo II Pretty good movie Leo, but it's high time we start treating this as Armageddon. For starters, we need to start equating this dilemma as if God's creation has climate cancer, and it's up to God's other great creation, we humans to heal our dying planet. ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
21:05 10/31/2016

#BeforetheFlood is now streaming everywhere for free! You can watch it here, visit BeforetheFlood.com to find out where it’s streaming or watch it commercial free tonight at 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel.

65.1k reactions 4091 comments
Sue Farley Scholl I would give up everything to help you on this project in anyway. It's totally real. I lost my son last year as he turned 29…to testicular cancer and hr left 2 beautiful girls and Id give everything not that I have much,but to research and report,and ...
Mary Marek Holman Leonardo DiCaprio:THANK YOU. I am a biology instructor retired due to illness (cancer at 34, incurable now). Been fighting this for the past couple decades by teaching and protesting etc, now too sick too. Thank you for taking up this mantle, we need ...
Gina Lin You are such a great person, you stand out for the world to fight against those ridiculous political operations and take the audience to find out the truth, I respect and love you so much Leonardo DiCaprio.👍❤️
Beng Tuibuen I praise your work on this documentary. You're really a true environmentalist ....until now I had this chilling effect from your speech.and yes,we're gonna be history if people continue to denied the reality. Anyway take care of yourself always.
Mary Duden As sad as it is to see the destruction we have caused, we are the ones that will lose. Earth will find a way to survive and humans will be long gone. David Suzuki once made a comment that 99% of all species that have lived on earth are extinct. It is ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
20:35 10/29/2016

It was an incredible honor to meet the Pope during the filming of #BeforetheFlood. Watch a clip from the documentary below and make sure to tune into National Geographic Channel on October 30th.

21.0k reactions 1034 comments
Victor Banerjee De caprio .. u r not only a fabulous, fantabulous, indispensable actor but a generous , awesome, and a beautiful Human being from inside... I wish God give you a long life as we really cherish ur movies... moreover this world of today need guys like ...
Yasmina Karam We also honor us because of superstar art and cinema participate in a big job with the Champions others in the art and others in order to defend the only planet in which we live. I am a fan of what you are doing. This important things of interest to ...
Rocío Rinaldi Great! Keep up your work. Some people complains but you know, you'll never satisfy to everyone. "Sometimes we have different opinions but I'd give all to give you the chance and respect to express them" That's an old sentence that I love because means ...
David Hansen Leo I know you mean well, but president Obama is the devil, please don't deal with him, he has hurt our country so bad, if Americans would read a paper they too would know what he and miss Clinton have done, buts it's like nobody cares, mr dicaprio good ...
Charmaine Roth They say there is power in our thoughts and in the spoken word.. If we are to slow climate change to allow for the safe and effective relocation of billions of people, then the race will probably need all the prayer it can get. The logistical costs of ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
20:35 10/29/2016

With only 2 days left until #BeforetheFlood airs on National Geographic Channel and streams everywhere for free, watch a clip from my visit to the White House. It was an honor to speak with President Obama about climate change and potential solutions. Beforetheflood.com

31.1k reactions 675 comments
Dalton Rutledge Does it mention the fraudulent (fake) research from some of the leading climate change associations that are funded by taxpayers?hopefully leo still doesnt fly his private jet around the world for nonsense reasons, really good for your cause!
Audrey Leturgez Delamart it's good to talk with president obama. Twice elected by the Americans. We must find solutions to the climate. Species have disappeared and we will have more chance to see. And others that future generations will not see if all countries do nothing. In ...
Kev Cardinal It would be awesome if you are able to speak to the nation and support our brothers and sisters at standing rock..it's awesome that you are doing a video of the earth's climate changes. But now it's a huge fight to save the drinking water of the ...
陳勻浩 Thank you so much for everything you do to protect our planet, Leo!!! :) <3 (y) You're so amazing!!! :) <3 (y) You're doing great things!!! :) <3 (y) I admire you so much!!! :) <3 (y) I wish you all the best!!! :) <3 (y) Love you so much!!! :) <3 (y) ...
Audrey May Jolly Thank you and president Obama for the work you do to tell all the importance of saving our planet. This is vital for our survival. One big way to start in my opinion is to take advantage of solar energy just imagine how much poor countries would ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
17:55 10/27/2016

Watch a clip from Before the Flood as I sat down with environmentalist, Sunita Narain in India. Join the movement by texting FLOOD to 52886 & tune in on 10/30. 4 days left until #BeforetheFlood airs on National Geographic Channel.

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Jamie King Leonardo DiCaprio This: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/world-will-lose-two-thirds-of-wild-animals-by-2020-wwf-warns/article32542349/ I'm a partner/Creative Director at a marketing firm. I've worked on many campaigns in my time, all selling ...
Marielle Van Spronsen I saw Before the Flood during the national climate change conference in the Netherlands, held on October 26th in Rotterdam. I really believe this will help people to understand the situation and move them into action. #klimaattop2016
Gillian Stewart There are some compelling renewable technologies to replace fossil fuels. Before the Flood is a great piece to raise awareness; protecting our home at all costs should be what we're striving for. Climate change is one of the scariest threats we face. ...
Rocío Rinaldi My sweetheart, please we need to stop hunting as a sport... (I'd like to stop it at all) I know you're very busy and that we bother you as if you were our Superman who would save yourself the Planet, but I'm personally thankful to you that you help as ...
Julie Newman What's with all the bitching at least Leonardo di Caprio is doing something, and when you are going on your next holiday/ vacation how are you going to get there ? walk, swim, run, No, you going to take a car, train or a aeroplane like anybody would. ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
15:15 10/25/2016

Proud to announce that #BeforetheFlood will be available to stream for free on October 30th! Fisher Stevens and I set out to create a film that would educate people on the urgent issues of #climatechange and inspire them to be part of a solution. We applaud National Geographic Channel’s commitment to bringing this film to as many people as possible.

118.1k reactions 3556 comments
Baktash Karimi *** A VERY SHORT STORY *** Learning from how people badmouthed several other guys on their wedding ceremonies, one guy decided to arrange the best wedding ever. He booked the best venue, ordered the best food, music, drinks etc. And in order to keep the ...
Joao Filipe Campos Thanks for what you're doing, Leo!!... Carry on... please!!... Don't give up!... We... all... in this planet, need people like you. Desperately!!... The clock is tickin'!!...
Fernanda Nogueira Leonardo, Thanks for sharing this film. The solution to bring the balance to the earth, is to educated about the climate change, how to protect the earth, by using clean energy, for example. We are connected with the environment, and influences each ...
John Merchant Leo is promoting the big CARBON LIE and it is shameful that so many people are falling for this pseudoscience: Look at Al Gore's "scientific predictions;" every single one has failed to materialize.
Laura Coupe I really hope this will raise awareness around the globe. A change needs to happen or our beautiful world as we know it will be gone forever. I'll certainly be watching with my two boys #climatechange 🌎
Leonardo DiCaprio
08:25 10/21/2016

Thank you Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary John Kerry and Piers Sellers for joining us tonight and for all your work to help protect our planet. #BeforetheFlood

20.7k reactions 1343 comments
Varadharajan Karuppannan Many thanks to you for your wonderfull effort to save our planet. You did your job and the citizens of this planet must act now.
Toni Piscitello I hope while you were making your film & speeches you asked about the microwave installation in Alaska. I hope you asked what happened when they used it and opened the outer layer of our planet. I hope you asked what DAMAGE that did to our climate. That ...
Stella Apostolidi Now I will become evil unwittingly me, but I hope to stop us getting to the children's fairy tale where they put the wolf to protect sheep!
Morad Salih Unfortunately, I do not think that politicians are honest about the pollution of the environment, how can the world be unable to do something real concrete on the environment, while the United States is working to allocate billions of dollars on the ...
Tj Smithers Oh look at these wieners in their Taylored over priced suits nothing better then rich people telling poor/middle class to "Do More" lol.
Leonardo DiCaprio
08:25 10/21/2016

Thrilled to screen #BeforetheFlood today at the United Nations. Join the movement by texting FLOOD to 52886 and make sure to tune into National Geographic Channel on October 30th.

28.7k reactions 627 comments
Felix Chong Correa Leonardo DiCaprio para presidente ¿y porque no? Ronald Reagan tambien era actor, el liderazgo viene de cualquier lugar y Leo podria ser un buen candidato para el futuro
Freddie Quinn So Leo is worried about the environment ,yet I bet he flies around the world in his jets or company jets & probably fancy none eco friendly cars , spare me the bollix Leo ,
Sonya Galvin What a massive hypocrite, making these environmental movies whilst partying on yachts supplied by the worst environment destroyers and also flying out all his friends to join him that has a massive carbon footprint that he claims he is against. Yawn. ...
Марина Васић Ех Китановић Well,I wandered why #beforetheflood sounded familiar to me! :) :* https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e0/37/37/e037376cf33fc7d7bca26a0bc85a3e88.jpg
Daut Zayni Hello Leonardo DiCaprio! It would be interesting if the film actor Leonardo DiCaprio played a new role in the new fantastic movie "The Wildest Chase of the Century", 1979. The old movie "The Wildest Chase of the Century" about the young scientist ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
08:25 10/21/2016

During the filming of #BeforetheFlood, it was made clear that a price on carbon could be our best solution to combating climate change. Learn more.

What’s a Carbon Tax, and How Does it Reduce Emissions?
What’s a Carbon Tax, and How Does it Reduce Emissions?

Advocates say it’s the best way to address climate change, but the notion has a history of being politically dicey.

12.7k reactions 334 comments
Nancy Motten Thank you leo..people seems so cruel doesn't matter how hard you are doing for the envirment n for the betterment of future... stay away from this negativity and keep doing well
Marijose Garcia Garcia I think Obama is on track, he has had great ideas but that the opposition has always put her obstacles, many people think not has not fulfilled what he said, it is not they have one well tied opposition is so many things did not get, but we must ...
Ahumuza Isaac I think the tax can reduce carbon emissions as a tax levied on plastic bags in England has lead to a tremedous reduction in usage. Sometimes stringent measures acts as a wake up call for people who would otherwise pay little or no attention to issues ...
Michelle Larden They did that in Australia but they penalised low waged people, it ended up being squashed because small business also got penalised ! It needs to hit the big "Corporate Business" ! It caused businesses to close down, it caused unemployment rise, it ...
Brandon Leger A price on carbon would not only hurt the poor, literally could mean the difference between life and death for billions globally, but wouldn't have any significant impact on temperatures. It's the worst sort of authoritarian technocratic proposal.
Leonardo DiCaprio
13:55 10/06/2016

Looking forward to screening #BeforeTheFlood today at #SXSL. Watch the trailer below and tune into my Facebook Live later tonight as I sit down with President Obama and Katharine Hayhoe to discuss #climatechange. Until then, visit BeforetheFlood.com and sign up to learn more about how you can take action on climate change.

29.8k reactions 890 comments
Kyle Cameron Yager Where is the mention of animal agriculture?!? Dude Leo really dropped the ball. I want to know why he was so adamant of it's importance in conspiracy but in the film...nothing. I am so upset he investigates his way around it.
Tur Ch I heard Mr.Obama say he's leaving it up to the states to do what they can. He also just signed permits for offshore drilling in the Gulf. If he can make federal decisions to allow more destruction, pollution, why can't he commit to trying to fix it on a ...
Kim Barcelona This fight Leo is worth it! Great job!! Keep keeping on and the tide of support will become a tidal wave of change in time to make a significant difference towards saving our planet when it looks almost too late.
Arina Montag So thank you for getting the word out from my heart to yours. I may be on the opposite side of the finical spectrum but we at least share this in common. So thanks Mr. Leo the Lion.:) heehee I am a Leo too though I should have been a virgo. Danke
Michelle Zoka You never cease to amaze me! Looking forward to seeing this.. Thank you for using your fame to bring much needed attention to this issue... I just love you for so many reasons! Strange to say that to someone I don't know and will never meet but you make ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
14:30 09/28/2016

#Climatechange is the most critical and urgent problem facing our world today, and it must be a top issue for voters this election day. Proud to bring #BeforetheFlood to college campuses to engage young voters to hold their leaders accountable. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

30.2k reactions 1088 comments
Anastasia Ladopoulos I'm sure you already know that we've had the means to do a lot concerning climate change and global warming for years but things move so slowly. Thank you for using your persona and influence to push the issue out there Leonardo DiCaprio. We need to be ...
Shari Yarmina I'm a student in Germany and as we're not part of the vote, I hope that this material will be brought here as well soon :)
Lisa Louise My son just earned his BA in Natural Resources Conservation this past May. He's been invited back to his Alma Mata (UMass Amherst) which is hosting an annual Symposium for Student Educators, for several Universities throughout the Northeastern US, this ...
Majlis Westman I love when you have strenght and power to follow your owen steps and take care of nature that one day everyone can see what a wonderful world we have .Your work is so important .You are my hero .
Tugba Bozdere Had the chance to attend the premiere , it is such an impressive and will have a big impact this documentary on the voters ! Please watch it before you vote !! Thanks Leo again ;) Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
11:22 09/12/2016

Honored to share #BeforetheFlood at TIFF today as we continue to work together to act on #climatechange. Watch a clip from the documentary here and catch it on National Geographic Channel in October.

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Delmy Campo Me neither... I don't want to live an a world without those beautiful animals, the documentary is gonna be amazing, Leonardo and NG together is just a glorious combination, I hope other people could listen their voices.
Karen Measday Aren't they communicating and whistling..isn't it sonar/echolation not purring,..You are so emotional!! Your voice totally changed tone..cute you are trying not to cry...(some of these animals are probably smarter than most your friends! :) jk..it ...
Aude Mahe-kolbe I'll go to sleep in the white paradise Where nights are so long that we forget about time All alone with the wind Like a dance in my childhood dreams I'll go to run in the white paradise Far from hate and from bloody fights I'll find the whales I'll ...
Ashley Chaffin Thank you for all you are doing around the planet, including aiding the CEIBO Alliance in Ecuador that is expanding upon a project with the Siekopai community that I helped initiate. Have a really beautiful way you could increase international awareness ...
Carol Maestre Franco My dear Leo, humanitarian work you do is great, thanks for thinking, worrying and act on the environment. I hope the money laundering investigation is a lie, but I trust you fully. Blessings...

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