Dwight Howard
14:48 03/28/2017

#Blessed in this Journey. Never Possible without Teammates, Coaches, Family, Friends, My Fans, and Most Importantly God !! #TrulyGrateful #NBA #More2Come #BeGr8 4them

1.1k reactions 82 comments
Andrew Daniels Congrats Big D!!!
Oscar Garcia To bad you left Orlando
Adrine Marquetta Molette Congratulations 🎉 Dwight Howard blessings blessings blessings
Adam Jay Jaso You're missed in Houston!
Dwight Howard
13:12 03/23/2017

So, that’s the Picture they chose-Hmm? Anyway, Great Cause and I was Glad to Help the Children and the Arby’s Foundation. God Bless and #BeGr8 #NBACARES #ATLHAWKS #TruetoAtlanta D12 Foundation

161 reactions 7 comments
Rafael Teixeira Dwight funny!
Mary Prud'homme You are cute
Rachel Johnson Dwight love the kids!!! Good job Superman!
Yesenia Irua Guapisssssimo
Nilda R. Pacheco Keep up the good work; for our children... They will thank you later in their life! #BeGr8 #AlwaysAwesome
Dwight Howard
13:12 03/23/2017

These are Words to Live & Dream By,, God Bless Tim Tebow #BeGr8 #NBA

1.2k reactions 46 comments
Bobby Smith What's his baseball contract worth??? That's a good reason
John Knox Don't remember following dwight "not a HOF" Howard. #magicfan
Linda Harris-Boyd I really dislike Stephen asz!!!
Donte Jones Black Skip Bayless need to shut it.
Walker Hamer The Lord and savior Caleb
Dwight Howard
00:24 03/21/2017

#BLESSED, #Grateful But, I still feel like I have a lot more work to do. #BeGr8 4them "Journey Versus Destination

Dwight Howard moving into elite company
Dwight Howard moving into elite company

Dwight Howard is climbing two ladders.

268 reactions 16 comments
Daniel Burnison Quinton Mccloud Jonathan Naimi Kenny Mccants 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Kunle Alli Still can't set a pick Mohammed Ehimeakhe
Ernest Parham Congratulations Dwight!
Rafael Teixeira Keep up Dwight!!
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Go on. We are still together!!!!!!!
Dwight Howard
00:24 03/21/2017

Let's Go Boyz !! #GameUp Tonight !! #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

597 reactions 18 comments
Tommy Hoang Don Lizada
Adi Santoso Oh, my God.... TOOK ME HOURS TO FIND, FINALLY GOT THE LINK, ☛ Kong: Skull Island Full Movie Streaming Playnow ➡ #PLAYdonworiKongSkullisland3731562
Alvin Wilson #8 You're the Best big Homme!!!!!!
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen We are together!!!!!!!
Sena James Good luck
Dwight Howard
22:48 03/15/2017

"A Man that has No Imagination-Has NO Wings" Muhammad Ali #BeGr8 #TrueToAltanta #FLY

1.7k reactions 52 comments
Krish Cross AppleSauce Aaron Mo Sele your next shoes
Lanee Safai Harley Parker he is perfect
Emre Hamatoglu Akant Es bu tr de olsa alirim
Ezbon Risper Lol
Lau Anson Bosco Ko this sounds cool
Dwight Howard
22:48 03/15/2017

You may have seen my many efforts to eradicate Bullying. A Father's Wisdom can sometimes make all the difference. #BeGr8 4Them #NBACARES

Dad teaches 9-year-old son important lesson about bullying
Dad teaches 9-year-old son important lesson about bullying

When the boy’s dad heard what happened, he was furious — but he also used it as an opportunity to teach his son a important lesson. Now his message is going viral.

359 reactions 8 comments
Larry Wingfield Send me a $5,000 dollar check.
Louie Fuentes Dwights a bia bia
Gladys Aguilera yeap
Jared Grapes Nice video dwight
Brian Fitzpatrick 50 year old wearing plugs, thats a new one
Dwight Howard
21:12 03/10/2017

My Friend Tim Tebow is Everywhere Sharing God's Word. He is Truly #Example2LiveBy #Blessed #NBACARES #BeGr8 4 them Watch this clip with Harry Connick Jr

296 reactions 16 comments
James Hong I said all free 全免費
Judi Conway Please watch all these Their great
Joyce Webner I love Harry, watch him every day.
Susan Broughton For God so loved the world, yesterday, today and forever!
Shawn Hewitt Probably should take a few notes from him and apply it to yourself...
Dwight Howard
08:24 03/08/2017

Part of My #BeGr8 Motto & You Guys Seem to Really Dig These !!

486 reactions 15 comments
Joe Mallory Hunter Sanders
Clément Parra Romain Vionnet
Julian Jakubowski Giovani
Tim Owen Jackson Ranhart
Adam Sohns Skipper Jack Pakalski
Dwight Howard
08:24 03/08/2017

God Bless ,, Thank You For Your Service !! #BeGr8 #TruetoAtlanta #Veterans #USA

107 reactions 9 comments
Elder Collier 2108318895
Allan Cook Dwight... you've got to play better
Joanne E. Taylor That was great of them! Thanks for sharing
Jamila Humphrey We gotta win this game tonight!!!# praying
Dwight Howard
19:36 03/05/2017

Big Game Tonight , You with Us ? #GameUp #LetsGo !!! #TrueToAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

1.0k reactions 36 comments
Alvin Wilson Aye brugh go get em....
Evangeline Tsosie Superman!!!!
José Valdiviezo Cavs win
Evangeline Tsosie Good luck Dwight, have an awesome game!
Amir Willy <3 for you howard
Dwight Howard
06:48 03/03/2017

Workin-It #TruetoAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

181 reactions 10 comments
Brian Wallace hey what dhoword good a game boston keepup
Rafael Teixeira Superman!!!!
Constance Cole Great game! We're proud of you in Florida!
Joanne E. Taylor Good luck in the playoffs
Dan Griffith When he was in Houston he was in the fox hole like a scared little girl , # Dwight stole our money.
Dwight Howard
06:48 03/03/2017

Super Hero !! #BeGr8 #NCAA Hoops

Young fan saves the day by grabbing ball stuck behind the basket - ESPN Video
Young fan saves the day by grabbing ball stuck behind the basket - ESPN Video

After players from the Fresno State team attempt to grab a ball stuck behind the basket, one young fan climbs the board with help of another fan and dislodges the stuck ball and receives a standing ovation.

698 reactions 14 comments
Tom Powell Shiran Wang
Dewi Sinta "✔️🤳Watch Now THE GREATEST MOVIES_of_2017 AND The Academy Awards Oscar Winners. Enjoy!!! 🍊 ___GET OUT 2017 .Full_Movie___ ➥CLICK HERE: #wwwGetOutMoviesFreeHD201716035875 ☝ ___FIFTY_SHADES_DARKER 2017 Full_Movie___ ➥➥CLICK_HERE: ...
George Ben Pacqiao https://www.facebook.com/Basket-World-1490036757983452/?ref=ts&fref=ts
Kelly Hannon Austin Hannon - MVP! haha
Elder Collier 2108318895
Dwight Howard
05:12 02/26/2017

What a Champ, Remarkable Story. #BeGr8 #NBACARES #PGACARES

Watch 6-Year-old Golfer With One Arm Beat the Pros in Competition
Watch 6-Year-old Golfer With One Arm Beat the Pros in Competition

Tommy Morrissey is as cute as he is talented – and he just proved it by beating these pros in a competition.

198 reactions 5 comments
Kim Kc Calibay gaw musta sa atlanta hawks na d i ka ni dula run
Vanessa Howard Friedman Gr8 story! See you tonight! #BeGr8
Nicole Santos Way 2 B Tommy! Loving this kid! Tommy is one of many whom we should celebrate for their abilities regardless of their differentiation from our own... I can putt putt with the best of 'em but I have no problem admitting this kid would crush me on the ...
Dwight Howard
05:12 02/26/2017

Ready2Ball #NBA #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

365 reactions 14 comments
Quincy Spivey 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hector Mercedes 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aurel Yurag Inot Hi guys
Aaron Morris I mean heat are going pretty well but good luck howard
Jennifer Vasquez How about my Houston Rockets tho🤘🚀🤗🚀
Dwight Howard
05:12 02/26/2017

Smooth Shot for the Big Man, And his 1st in a NOLA Jersey. #BeGr8 #NBA

333 reactions 15 comments
Christian Gonzalez Nader Hatoum can you imagine that in a magic jersey???
Bell Ray superb
Sharon Richardson Dyer and yet they lost by about 30
Will Leffingwell Almost as smooth as your jumper Dwight! 😂😂😂
Valens Denion Go in New Orléans Dwight for The BIG 3😏
Dwight Howard
05:12 02/26/2017

Dope is Right ,, Wonder What My Portrait Would Look Like? #TrueToAltanta #HawksLegend #BeGr8

185 reactions 12 comments
نبينا محمد 80.00 pm evening ... 80,00 pm evening ... 80.00 pm Stay tuned for the eighth time in the evening ... We are pleased to invite you to follow the live broadcast: Lecture (20) and (21) of the search ... "Stops with .... unify Altimih physical ...
Ahmed Anssaien https://goo.gl/Um2gFa
Hannad Khan Fareha Khan
Hannad Khan Zain Amer
Hannad Khan Syed Sartajuddin
Dwight Howard
16:24 02/23/2017

Always #TrueToAltanta Grateful for the Honor to Grace Your Pages. Men's Book Atlanta #BeGr8 #NBA

851 reactions 47 comments
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Nice picture
Dee Lynn that is fine!! lookin fabulous darlin
Mechie Hight Congrats !!!
Denise Rodelo Very Handsome
Patricia Herrera 😍😚
Dwight Howard
16:24 02/23/2017

#TurnUpKids Made Me Smile 😀 Kids-Basketball-Music -Trifecta #BeGr8

211 reactions 5 comments
Rachel Johnson that was cute, but I like this one better :) https://www.facebook.com/alexaionocovers/videos/474898629347483/
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen We love you. God bless dwight
Aaron Morris Remember when you accidentally knocked Glen Davis out
Nikola Markovic Omg wth did i just watch....ty you for wasting time of my life
Angela Mitchell This was pretty cute! ☺ 10 years from now they'll look back on this and realize how much they've grown. What a wonderful moment created. #KidsAreAwesome
Dwight Howard
03:36 02/21/2017

Staying Focused #BeGr8 #NBA #TrueToAtlanta

2.2k reactions 63 comments
Elizabeth Antoniello Warner #8Howard fabulous
Shanece NeNe Jones 😍 nice picture
Dusty Farmer keep doin ya thing big guy.
Kim Moorehead Looking mean HOWARD
Andrew Stephen If I don't like my home can I just demand a trade?
Dwight Howard
14:48 02/18/2017

Must See If Your A Kid Lover, Like Me. Gotta get back on the Ellen Show !! #EllenDeGeneres #BeGr8

24 reactions 66 comments
Jenevieve Zoghbi Pascal Zoghbi WATCH the whole thing
Paulette Gordon I love her like cook food!!!
Vanessa Yengel Coe Selvaggio look how cute he is 😁😁
Rio Alejandro Buenaflor Kai still has no R.. adorable <3
Sonal Singh This is soooo cute omg😂😂 Anjana Divakar
Dwight Howard
14:48 02/18/2017

Luv to share these ! You all seem to enjoy them as much as I do. #BeGr8 What's your Favorite ? And How Many Film Takes You think ?

1.8k reactions 47 comments
Matt Magiera Jacob DemeloKyle HayterGeorge Sucuqui
Thomas Stein Danielle Veneziano
William Gagnon @Julia Vachon
Edou Gaks Christ Colorado
James Mckenzie Sophie Jackson
Dwight Howard
14:48 02/18/2017

Well Said, and Well Done !! #NBACARES #BeGr8 #BlackHistoryMonth

105 reactions 4 comments
Nicole Santos Thank You for using your voice to promote positivity!
Noemi Williams That is so on point and hence why I am in law enforcement. Definitely isn't because of the money. No one wants to do this job, especially with what's going on. I had a choice between nursing and this. At the time in my life, I took this road. I realized ...
Dwight Howard
02:00 02/16/2017

Happy Valentine's Day to the beautiful Woman that always taught me "Anything is Possible w/ Prayer" #BeGr8 #HappyValentinesDay #ThanxMOM

302 reactions 16 comments
Kay Kalenga Thanks and same
Hilaria Martinez Aw thank you. Jk
Robbie Blandford And to your 37 kids!
Frank Sepp Yes Happy Valentine's day
Adrianne Griffin Dwight, you are so sexy! Happy Valentine's Day. :-) <3
Dwight Howard
13:12 02/13/2017

A Fine Actor, and even a Better Person !! #DenzelWashington #BeGr8

2.5k reactions 42 comments
Luc Mikhail Loja Denzel Washington is the truth!
Michael Fitterer Wouldn't be surprised at all if Denzel becomes President sometime in the next 20-30 years.
Krista Adjagba Ulysse Adjagba Franky Folgado Adjagba Dalila Adjagba the beeeest
Nilda R. Pacheco He's Gr8!! <3
Kristi Pinkston Love love love denzel
Dwight Howard
00:18 02/11/2017

Fantastic Example of Paying-It-Forward, all while educating and Mentoring Youth, God Bless You- Fidell Woods !!! #NBACARES #BeGr8

This barber improves children
This barber improves children's reading skills while he cuts their hair

Fidell Woods gives kids a free haircut, with some class.

157 reactions 3 comments
Nii Lantey Badu This is awesome
Jacob Willingham Dwight, you've improved so much bro, your a better screener, better teammate better defensive player but most importantly bro your a better person than you used too be, sure, you may not have some of the abilities you once had but age catches up too all ...
Dwight Howard
00:18 02/11/2017

Now,, That's What I am Talking About !! #TrueToAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

232 reactions 23 comments
Klaus Wagemann Martin Wagemann
Facundo José Martín Alfredo Zárate
Ido Tati Omer Tati
Shirendra DeSilva Shivanta De Silva
Henry Tang Chun Hei Tang 葉璟誠 HoKwan Lam Dicky Au Yeung
Dwight Howard
11:30 02/08/2017

Maybe I should try that Technique at the Line ? LOL 😂 #NBA #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

676 reactions 48 comments
Inez Bottoson LOL
Alvin Wilson Don't worry about the haters bro.....#Txstillafan
Judi Conway Great shot
Connie Smith Yes you should Dwight you can do it.
Michael Forgét At least try it!!
Dwight Howard
22:42 02/05/2017

#SuperBowl Weekend Has Arrived !! Our Very Own ATLANTA FALCONS Representing the ATL at #SB51 #Inbrotherhood #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8 Julio Jones #NBA #NFL

737 reactions 16 comments
Alexander Belkot Marco Menne 😀😀
Miguel Hernandez Jay Tee
Philipp Stein Tobi Kröck
Rafael Teixeira TOPPP!
Bertrand Astora Dwight Jones?? or Julio Howard...
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