Dwight Howard
04:12 06/15/2017

Great Example of Bringing Communities Together -#BeGr8 #PayItForward #RespectALL

Strangers Join Police Officers to Buy 95-Year-old New Air Conditioner
Strangers Join Police Officers to Buy 95-Year-old New Air Conditioner

These police officers were heartbroken by an elderly veteran sitting in the heat all day – so they went straight to Home Depot for an air conditioner.

219 reactions 7 comments
Dime Wayne My local fire department just gave away 75 air conditioners
Peggy Valencia That is what life is all about!
Mike Hernandez Amen to all the police officer around the world.
Lorna Tracey Wonderful story!
Jude Michael B. Bisnar Work it all out Dwight. 2018 season will be tuffer . I hope ya bring back your Orlando magic gamestyle beast up Superman
Dwight Howard
04:12 06/15/2017

A Must See - ATL Brothers 🏈🏀 #InBrotherhood #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

84 reactions 1 comments
Joanne E. Taylor Ok Dwight! You have your team and I have mine
Dwight Howard
02:36 06/10/2017

Luv My Support Team-the Fans 🤗 #BeGr8 -4them #TruetoAtlanta #NBA

352 reactions 13 comments
Wendi Griffin
Braiian Ordooñez Sos muy malo en NBA Movile😠 Y eres Un Gran Jugador
Dario Magos Orgullo.com
Westbrook Williams D12 make ur return to ORLANDO
Adam Crest Very Nice & Friendly man "" Mr Dwight Howard .... 🏀🏀🇺🇸🇺🇸🤓😎
Dwight Howard
22:54 05/30/2017

Honor to All #MemorialDay #BeGr8 4them

289 reactions 6 comments
Shakeeya Sorrells 🇺🇸
Joanne E. Taylor Honor to all who served
Vanessa Friedman It's Gr8 how you always honor them! #MemorialDay #BeGr8 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Femi Anjorin Dwight that's really classy bro. I would loved it if you could join the OKC next season am sure you are going to fit in perfectly
Dwight Howard
10:06 05/28/2017

Home Court Advantage #BeGr8 -4them #TrueToAtlanta

522 reactions 22 comments
Zeke Jones for Heisman This nigga disappearing like Houdini in the playoffs smh
Brandon Shah Kavir Jaggernauth
Jastin Cotanda next season dwight howard move to golden state alright yeh..
Bay Alé Diattara Dtr My idole
Kay Kalenga home sweet home
Dwight Howard
21:18 05/25/2017

Very Cool Place to Visit -FB Friends #Australia #BeGr8 #DownTime #DownUnder

518 reactions 37 comments
Yambeu Doris When are you going to Cameroon?
Jake Allen Luke McGill we didn't get to see him 😢
Tim Tagle !!! Luis Colinares Yeah the boys
Siana Goros Alexander Enzo Kanellos i'm bout to go hunt him down
Patsy Carmon Crocodile Dundee Country
Dwight Howard
08:30 05/23/2017

"Nothing liberates our Gr8ness like the desire to help & the desire to serve those in need" #dailyBOUNCE🏀🏀 #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8 4them #NBACARES

101 reactions 7 comments
Andrew Watkins Dwight Howard " lets rock“
Byamukama Peter Citizen GOD bless you
Joanne E. Taylor You know that right! Gr8ness Thanks for giving
Vanessa Friedman You're Gr8, Dwight! #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8 #NBACARES
Spence Gatt Big fan Dwight but why you always spell greatness like a 12 year old??
Dwight Howard
18:06 05/15/2017

#BeGr8 -4them

67 reactions 6 comments
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Very nice
Chris Blake Fitting
Kay Kalenga so... proud of u man #DH
Aleeza Ulang Alyssa si Rodrick HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
Nicole Santos Thank YOU for promoting causes that better the world for our young people! This is one of the reasons why you're on my Top 5 list of professional athletes...
Dwight Howard
16:30 05/10/2017

#INDEED Continue 2 #BeGr8 🙏 Tim Tebow #SHAKEN

118 reactions 6 comments
Bryan PS Murallon Adrian
Aim Bryan Nierra Tabuldan Amen
Yug Milinic amen
Joanne E. Taylor Love Gods greatest gift! BeGr8
Vanessa Friedman #BeGr8 #TruetoAtlanta can't wait to see you dominate next season!! Maybe I'll make it to more than 1 game in the A!
Dwight Howard
16:30 05/10/2017

Where's Your Game Face ? #BeGr8 #NBA #TruetoAtlanta #ATLHAWKS

131 reactions 14 comments
Neill Patrick Deluao Mataranas hi dwight
Bronson Price It's just not that serious for you, is it?
Levon Avedissian Come to PHX bro
Vanessa Friedman Love the game faces!
Kim Moorehead Show Em HOWARD
Dwight Howard
02:06 05/03/2017

#BeGr8 in All You Do !! Ballin 🏀

357 reactions 31 comments
Jamel Ammiche Deka Dk
Jordan Jib Bird Slown Hellstrom
Daniel Lines Freezie Mayne
Khalil Khan Wasif Khan
Simen Rogstad Jenssen Haakon Christoffersen
Dwight Howard
02:06 05/03/2017

Great Action 2Hold You Over #NBA #BeGr8 #TruetoAtlanta

150 reactions 6 comments
Петър Ангелов Dwight Howard respect!!! BEST CENTER !
Adam Decosta come to phx
Anna Failla Michele Micheli Non ti alleni, eri un grande centro tanto tempo fa
Dan Griffith Its over
Vanessa Friedman Can't wait until next season! You had a Gr8 season!! Thanx for everything this season!! Can't wait to see you!
Dwight Howard
13:18 04/30/2017

Blessed 2b Apart of THIS TEAM- THIS CITY & THIS GAME Always #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8 #NBA #ThankYouATL #StandProud #LUVYA

807 reactions 51 comments
Vanita White You were AWESOME!!!! Always a fan!!!! Waiting for next season!!!!
Dylan Harrison Youre soft
Aaron Orr 9 points 8 boards
Go Eto Garbage
Timothy Marc Ilano What team are you playing for next season? 😂
Dwight Howard
00:30 04/28/2017

Don't Miss Out !! #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8

80 reactions 3 comments
Ishsheh Yodhhewawhe LEAVES OF THE TREE OF LIFE: MARIJUANA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl7Xbk6POiM
Jude Cui Superman!!
Vanessa Friedman You're awesome, Dwight! I'll be supporting you from Orlando...sorry I couldn't get there tonight! Good luck!!! Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard
11:42 04/25/2017

Something 2Get You 🔥Fired Up for Tonight's Game !! #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8

225 reactions 15 comments
Joshua Magtoto Sabile Jed Santos
Peggy Valencia Go Dwight.
Chad Schehin Get ready for another "L"
Rico Baltazar Bravo Atlanta Hawks ! DH 15 rbs !
Jamila Humphrey Congratulations on your win tonight!!!!!
Dwight Howard
11:42 04/25/2017

Atlanta Hawks Fought a Good Fight, 100% Team Effort. Now Comes Our Chance to Even The Series -MONDAY!! #BeGr8 #NBA #NBAPlayoffs

586 reactions 32 comments
Juan C Rivera Bacalao
Learell Faulk Dana Reliford
Ray Pun Pasu Mak #BeGr8
韩百翔 How many blocks of Mr. Gortat for Superman last game?
Junior Lewing Koo Go Superman.
Dwight Howard
22:54 04/22/2017

Still a lot of fight in this Team, and still a lot of Games in this Playoff Series. #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8 4them #NBA

428 reactions 54 comments
Adam Kuprianczyk Only 2 more games, idk what you're talking about.
Cathy Melinda White Still my team !!!
Alfred Rutiaga Lmao
Katina Robinson You're right Dwight Howard keep fighting.
Love Saintcyr A sweep ..#orlandomagicrememberyoubastard.
Dwight Howard
21:18 04/17/2017

Love to See Young Athletes #BeGr8

270 reactions 8 comments
NBA Debate and Discussion Hey everyone, I would really appreciate if you could have a look at my page and give it a like. It would mean a lot to me and i would really appreciate it. We give great insight, and give real fan interaction. Thanks
Dylan Bryant Aye this was at my school
Dustin Farmer go out and get em on Wednesday Dwight you got this
Peniel Mt Samy Bako Mdrr le bon temps serieux..
Joanne E. Taylor It's up to the team working together! It's good to see young teams making the buzzer beater
Dwight Howard
08:30 04/15/2017

Playoff Weekend & A Special Holiday Wish To ALL My FB FANS. #BeGr8

440 reactions 18 comments
Kay Kalenga God bless u more
Mark Lucas Mr. Gortat.. Lol
Judi Conway Holiday wishes to you!!
Rafael Rodriguez Good luck in the playoffs
Sheila Fingerhood Happy Easter Dwight! Good luck in the playoffs.
Dwight Howard
08:30 04/15/2017

Blessings #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

380 reactions 16 comments
Jasper Palomique Vhan Casas
Judi Conway Yea
Maria Eugenia Gonzalez Muñoz Nice.
Joanne E. Taylor Good Luck Dwight!
Elizabeth Antoniello Warner You bet
Dwight Howard
19:42 04/12/2017


136 reactions 22 comments
August Havsteen Oliver Butters
Stanley Robinson Need to talk to you
Stanley Robinson Need you to inbox me
Robbie Lee Waters-Simpson Yes indeed Mr. Dwight Howard sir
Hope Hayden darn dude you killing it. see you soon. momm
Dwight Howard
19:42 04/12/2017

Flying Like Superman #BeGr8 in All YOU DO !!

628 reactions 41 comments
Drees Ho Keno Dannenberg
Kamil Sitek Karolina Wójcik
Amar Arslanagić Josef Fayoumi
Mattheus De Moraes Raíssa Nunes
Filip Maravic Adam Topic Lachlan Fredericks
Dwight Howard
19:42 04/12/2017

Winning Attitude - That's Our Hawks !! #TrueToAtanta #ATLHawks Gotta #BeGr8 4them #NBA

993 reactions 34 comments
Erl Ferrer Edjić Neil Ferrer Edjic
Szentidai Richárd Lipcsey Levente
Martin Østgaard Marius😳😳
Mitchell Kendrick Skurnik Jonathan Simon
Riley Lewsaw Tyren Banman Tyson Lee Bryant
Dwight Howard
18:00 04/07/2017

Big Win !! #NBA Run 4 The Playoffs #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8 4them

148 reactions 9 comments
Jasper Palomique Vhan Casas
Ori Haliva Tomer Shokron שיא נקודות
Matt Donnelly Dwight you're soft
Vanessa Friedman Gr8 game last night
Janice McDonald Great Game!! Congrats! 🎊🎉😊
Dwight Howard
18:00 04/07/2017

#BeGr8 4them #NBA #ATLHAWKS #TrueToAtlanta #inBrotherhood

75 reactions 6 comments
Janice McDonald LOVE IT!! Gr8 😊❤
Joanne E. Taylor Dwight! Good luck in the playoff!
Chad Schehin Should've stayed in Houston and been great, Bro!
Vanessa Friedman You're Gr8! Glad to see you having an awesome season, back home! #BeGr8 #TRUETOATLANTA #NBA
Dwight Howard
05:12 04/05/2017

"Be Someone's Inspiration to #BeGr8" #D12Foundation #NBACares #LeadByExample

125 reactions 4 comments
Kechia Edmond Did you get your restraining order.
Mrz Canal's Great giveback. Luv it The Walkers
Vanessa Friedman You're a Gr8 inspiration, Dwight! You're a great role model to, lots of kids, and young adults! Keep up all your great, hard-work on and off the court! You're my role model! #BeGr8 #D12Foundation #NBACARES - I was so glad I was able to give your ...
Dwight Howard
14:48 03/28/2017

#Blessed in this Journey. Never Possible without Teammates, Coaches, Family, Friends, My Fans, and Most Importantly God !! #TrulyGrateful #NBA #More2Come #BeGr8 4them

1.1k reactions 82 comments
Andrew Daniels Congrats Big D!!!
Oscar Garcia To bad you left Orlando
Adrine Marquetta Molette Congratulations 🎉 Dwight Howard blessings blessings blessings
Adam Jay Jaso You're missed in Houston!
Dwight Howard
13:12 03/23/2017

So, that’s the Picture they chose-Hmm? Anyway, Great Cause and I was Glad to Help the Children and the Arby’s Foundation. God Bless and #BeGr8 #NBACARES #ATLHAWKS #TruetoAtlanta D12 Foundation

161 reactions 7 comments
Rafael Teixeira Dwight funny!
Mary Prud'homme You are cute
Rachel Johnson Dwight love the kids!!! Good job Superman!
Yesenia Irua Guapisssssimo
Nilda R. Pacheco Keep up the good work; for our children... They will thank you later in their life! #BeGr8 #AlwaysAwesome
Dwight Howard
13:12 03/23/2017

These are Words to Live & Dream By,, God Bless Tim Tebow #BeGr8 #NBA

1.2k reactions 46 comments
Bobby Smith What's his baseball contract worth??? That's a good reason
John Knox Don't remember following dwight "not a HOF" Howard. #magicfan
Linda Harris-Boyd I really dislike Stephen asz!!!
Donte Jones Black Skip Bayless need to shut it.
Walker Hamer The Lord and savior Caleb
Dwight Howard
00:24 03/21/2017

#BLESSED, #Grateful But, I still feel like I have a lot more work to do. #BeGr8 4them "Journey Versus Destination

Dwight Howard moving into elite company
Dwight Howard moving into elite company

Dwight Howard is climbing two ladders.

268 reactions 16 comments
Daniel Burnison Quinton Mccloud Jonathan Naimi Kenny Mccants 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Kunle Alli Still can't set a pick Mohammed Ehimeakhe
Ernest Parham Congratulations Dwight!
Rafael Teixeira Keep up Dwight!!
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Go on. We are still together!!!!!!!
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