Leonardo DiCaprio
14:30 04/21/2017

“Change is possible. It starts with us.” Proud that my production company, Appian Way Productions, was behind #APlasticOcean, a documentary that brings to light the shocking impact plastic is having on our oceans. Watch it now on Netflix. Learn more: http://plasticoceans.org/ cc: Plastic Oceans

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Julie Beth White We teach our kids to be responsible about their choices. We drink a lot of milk which is packaged in cartons not plastic bags or bottles and we drink tap water in a glass or mug, we use the water fountains in public places or they refill their water ...
Amy Victoria Bagley Thank you for highlighting this particular documentary, Leo, as a recommendation to watch. I do hope it provides practical solutions in how we can help prevent and change this problem! 👍
Mikaila Zocco "I am only one person" is the absolute worst attitude someone can have toward effecting change. You have no idea what one human is capable of. Be that change, research what you can do. 💚
Denise Moore Phelps Leonardo, I love all the work you have done towards saving this planet. I'm very proud of you that you are wealthy and famous and still you care. I think you're amazing person and I love your continued work.
Heather Pinckney Aquila People interested: Consider supporting the GLOBAL SCIENCE MARCH on April 22, this Saturday, Earth Day! Marching for Evidence Based Policies! Keep politics out of science to save the world...

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