Guns N' Roses
20:24 05/18/2017

Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

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Antonio Zeky
No me gusta
Virginia Ruckert
this is for you mary scott
Shawn Sharpe
Wish NASCAR was in the jungle these days !
Steffen Kastrup
NASCAR=racing for retards.
Mike Hayslett
Iva Pincharrata
sha na na na na knees knees!!!!
Regiane De Souza Claro Claro
Minha trilha sonora de vida. ..
Claudia Abraham
Excelente video
Ruan Mckay
Seriously, no respect paid to Chris? Bad form assholes.
Gareth William Dennis White
Buzzin to hear this live next week in Slane :D
Fernando Guerra
welcometo the jungle (October in Argentina) ;)
Chris Belzer
James Finney back when they raced for a living
Ton Haakman
Bas voor mij de perfecte combi😂😂😂
Jakub Trudnowski
Jakub Tkaczyk
welcome to jungle reminds me of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.. epic Song, Epic Game <3

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#GnFnR have added new dates and only Nightrain members get access to tickets first! Join or renew and get your pre-sale code TODAY.

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Sameer Hyalinge I would love to see GnR performing in India..its the most awaited band here.
Fer Dinand I have 4 tickets for sale! $90 each!!! I got me other spots and dont need these anymore!
Jorge Herrera Where's Izzy?
Jerod Daley Do we know who's opening on the North American tour yet?!
Fernando Medina No more tickets to buy in june 3!!! Always the same sh....

Ready for more? New #GnFnR dates now announced... For info visit

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Fernando Marrero Hello I'm fernando marrero fan of argentina wanted to tell them That the product that sells its etradas in Argentina fullticket is a disaster and is abusive tremendously with the prices and its bad organization unfortunately thousands of real fans are ...
Caro Rmz Para norteamerica una buena noticia... pero esperaba q el gran anuncio sea Steven & Izzy otra vez , para escucharlos juntos :(
Francesco Marano awesome! here's all the ticket info fans need to know!
Kate Thompson Danielle Dunlop this is the announcement... fuck ya. So sad other people still have their guns concert to look forward to:(
Julie Schallau Wait, so I'm already a member of the Night Train fan club and you're going to make me buy my membership again in order to get presale tickets? Way to just milk the fans dry.

We're just getting started... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour

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James Walsh Will see you Saturday ALEX, hope you have the sound turned up.
James Tadd Let's hope Axl turns up on time for their London dates.
Nguyen Trong Nghia i was in SCG stadium Bangkok on Feb, i wish i could join the show one more time 🤘🤘
Nicolas Rousseau Olivier, soon soon soon !! Je crois que je les attends autant, voir plus encore que Metallica 🤘 #pelouseor ;-)
Moises Gonzalez Arroyo Juan...and now we have to wait one more day. hahaha


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Matt Hancock Don't you dare cancel my two nights in London. And yes I have waited a lifetime for these two shows.
Allan Maxwell Great song was also done for dumblane so much of a memory still. Thoughts with all that were at venue and lost love ones family friends.
Caitlin Hall its so sad what happened no one should have to lose their life at a place where they are supposed to feel happy and safe
Nash Jet Harrison Pray for Manchester hash tag! Ffs woohoo!! It's all over now guys! Duff and GNR made a social media "hash tag" post everything is sorted! FUCK OFF!
Itamar Teixeira de Oliveira A raça humana fere, mata, maltrata...Sem uma real necessidade. Por pura maldade...atos de crueldade ! Querem saber de verdade... Acho que estão dando a vacina contra a "raiva" na raça errada !

We're just getting started... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour

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David Moore I don't usually hold people's politics against them but G n R can kiss my ass. And a word of advice: don't be bashing up any Trump piñatas in Israel you pieces of garbage
Daniel R. Hilton Come back to NYC/NJ! I've seen the current lineup twice and the previous one twice too. Can never get enough GNR!! New album too pls and bring Izzy and Adler too :P
Phil Sables Does anyone know if security will be tougher cos of the horrific event that took place in Manchester last night. So will we need allow more time to get in. ( this is for The London uk shows I'm thinking about)
Kat Red Are you coming back to Australia 🇦🇺 😮 We were there in the 90s and Feb 17 . If so getting the best tickets VIP back stage pass ! Keep Rocking Gunners !! ❤️ Now if you only liked my post that would make my Day!
Ryan Riggleman Chicago was awesome last year, looking forward to St. Louis this year. Any word on who will be opening? I'd gladly take Alice In Chains again!

It doesn't end here... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour

12.6k reactions 439 comments
Rickie Baker Could it be the Rumored August 5th show at the place Bonnaroo is at ?
Savannah Wotton I wish you were coming back to New England! Last year's show at Gillette was fucking amazing!
Shereen Kajouee Alyse Allain Joey Redmond if they drop a new album for me to listen to on my flight to Dublin, I'm not gonna be mad.
André Concer Eduardo Furlani Rodrigo Felipe Muller lá vem!!!! Eles tavam meio quietos demais ultimamente
Leo Hilzendeger It has to be a new album. Has to be. Can't wait to see you guys again, this time in Winston Salem.

Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine

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Tony Superior Where's the Terminator?
Jim Nall this is such bullshit axl
Janey E. Davenport Jr...But retiring 😞
Mayra Tebai aguante la F1 y el moto GP!
Wayne Baxter Sr. they all suck

Attention European Nightrain Members! Are you going to an upcoming show or wish you were? Follow this link and let us know: Not a Member? Join or renew your membership now!

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Annette Cimo See you in Munich 💜
Clewlow Si I rember sex lies video tape!# album!!
Christian Fuhrmann Come to Berlin PLEASE
Sonia De Castro See u in London! Can't wait😱🙌😂
Lou Taite Hitting the show in Lisbon with Philip Parziale!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

The beginning... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour

37.5k reactions 1148 comments
Lids Sansom I love you guys so much . I know you probably hear it all the time but I grew up with you and I really never thought I would ever have the pleasure of seeing you preform . I am so thankful all of you gave me that chance . You were on my bucket list . I ...
Andy Seddon Use your illusion tour was immense. I'll never forget seeing them at the old Maine Road in Manchester with Faith No More and L7. Probably the best concert I have ever been to! Such a shame the new tour is so bloody expensive.
Mauri Medina ?
Kevin Sousa Anyone from Buffalo here? I'm going there in August and need to be shown around the area after. I'll buy you a drink or six!
Kay Summerton Evinrude Reid, it's going to be 32 years and 10 days after they first played at the Troubadour when we see them play in London! 😮

Guns N' Roses - Paradise City

2.1k reactions 24 comments
Mohul Kumar Helia Moghaddam
Sara Ashley Jeremy
Stephane Seradin Eric Looping
Patrick Chevigny Jocelyn De La Sablonniere
Carolina Bert Guada Albornoz

Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

764 reactions 41 comments
王巴丹 nice story
张轲 cool story
Murphy Joel good stuff
Florencia Lucia looking good
Jack Rogers nice story

Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

3.3k reactions 90 comments
Antonio Zeky No me gusta
Virginia Ruckert this is for you mary scott
Shawn Sharpe Wish NASCAR was in the jungle these days !
Steffen Kastrup NASCAR=racing for retards.

Happy Mother's Day!

42.3k reactions 382 comments
Silvana Dassetto Happy Mother's Day also to your wives.
Kemilly Martin Happy Mother's Day Lilian Martin ❤
Marvin R. Diaz Love it, happy Mother's Day,
Rose Di Carlo Happy mother's day <3

North America! Get your tickets for the #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour while you can… Visit for dates and ticket information

11.8k reactions 227 comments
Roberta Hornberg I've had mine since xmas can't wait till July to see them
Gabriel F. Gennari Victor Zamberlan viu pau no cu, eu consigo te marcar
Pauline Salden Mariëlle Salden ik hoop zo dat we dit in juli horen.
Catherine Rogers Why did you wear your dad's favorite hat....Hang on! I do have a memory...Nice hah!... Impressed??????????xx
Scott Weaver Will be seeing them in Hershey this year on my bday

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Peter Alderman Georgina Yarranton, you have a nightrain membership!
Donald Nichols Jr. How about sending me my stuff from last time?
Andrew Vizcayno Rock!!!can i join?
Manuel Alejandro Ayala Carbajal El mio seis cuerdas thu diras lo se todo antesde irme acktivbho natural no esporsar power ni lucir con carpa mexic estilo bva.easy.
Manuel Alejandro Ayala Carbajal Tu voca pscho lebve hee te explicara vs yo x ty seis cuerdas mmm. Somos y mi suegro con la contra ha mi movbil cimientho touch paisano ni me la see bva follo paso del canguro notas musicales y vivi extrictamethe presion frio y clon de saludos eso es el ...

‪🇦🇷ARGENTINA🇦🇷‬ ‪#GnFnR y The Who ‪Juntos por única vez este 1 de octubre‬ ‪Visita para más información

31.7k reactions 1999 comments
Mariana Roman Hay tiempo!!!! Di que si, di que si!!!! vamos porfis!! Ariel Car
María José Triana Andrés vaya ahorrando para la gira final, porque estoy dispuesta a gastar lo que sea por estar en primera fila.
Sebastian Vega Como es el tema van a tocar los 2 el mismo dia?cada uno va hacer su show ?o ya veo q cada uno toca una hora nomas.q onda?
Matheus Toledo Aí Guilherme Toledo, te disse que eles fariam mais shows juntos! Só não vai rolar em SP né
Brad Wilson Tyler Eddy I don't understand but it just looks too good should we go

Guns N' Roses: Rock In Rio

11.0k reactions 259 comments
Layla Jardim Vinicius Souza
Elaine Alcarde O meu está garantido 😎
Layla Jardim Elton Augusto
Layla Jardim Elton Augusto
Máximo Pino Ehehehhe3h

Get the #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour VIP Experience! Backstage tours, exclusive lounges, best seats in the house and more... Visit for more information

15.8k reactions 228 comments
Dalia Ortiz Guns N Roses
Matthew Budd Chris Bryant have you seen the welcome to the jungle package if not click the link
Jennifer Sathler Se a gente conseguir ir no show já é um grande passo para a humanidade.
Zunkiflee Waesani เทค มี เดาน ทู เดอะ แพระไดส ซีทอิ ฮแว เดอะ กราซ ซิส กรีน แอ็นด เดอะ เกิล แซร์ พรีททิ เทค มี โฮม
Jose Barrionuevo Alvarez regresen a lima - peru -2017, welcome to the jungle lima2017.


111.2k reactions 1236 comments
Tammy Sutton Sarah Hibbs Williams this reminds me of a Saylor outfit!! Coolest cutie pie around 💗
Tegan Hillstead Awwwwwwh Daria Ritchelle my kid will wear stuff like this😂😂😂😂
Robert Ouellette Anytime my 2 year old gets a hold of my phone, fk You tube, fk Kids games, straight to GnR and Civil war, every time <3
Liam Paul Hanlon-Blocksage Brooklyn Rupapera Kororia Harmony ha ha haaaa ha, ha ha haaa ha. It's still in my head m8
Bronwyn Morgan Alice Mitchell ill be very disappointed if i dont see a pic of Zeph like this soon

Only 1 month away 🇮🇪🇪🇸🇵🇹🇨🇭🇮🇹🇩🇪🇬🇧🇵🇱🇧🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪🇫🇮🇨🇿🇫🇷🇦🇹🇳🇱🇮🇱 #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

13.4k reactions 623 comments
Jennifer Schild Fdz Been waiting 25 years for this....🤘 I can't wait!!! #switzwerland
Marion Sevette They were in Wellington when we were there, Melbourne the day we arrived and now Europe in June! Are they following us? Adam Smyth
Barry Doe Watched them in Wellington New Zealand 🇳🇿 fucking awesome!!!!!!!
Bo Bertel Saw them in Vegas last year in April... And Axl with AC'DC last summer in Denmark... And now I'm reday for The Golden Circle in Copenhagen in June 🤘
Barry Doe Come back you were the best thing here for years!!!


17.6k reactions 232 comments
Sandy Ayars Herr My favorite
Rubí De Radcliffe Duff 😍😍😍😍😍
Sol Quintana Esta foto es todo lo que esta bien en él mundo 💗
Csilla Ember Old McKagan had a farm eeya eeya ooooh... 😂
Ryan Thomas Duff!!!

Repost from Roope on Instagram Show us your #GnFnR tattoos by commenting with them on this photo below!

14.8k reactions 311 comments
Gavman Porter tattoo done in 1994, Australia.
Jesse NFelicia Lewis huge fans! mine and my husband's tattoos (:
Chucho Mafud Pretty tied up...
Gail Daetwiler Got this one right side up this time An old penitentiary tattoo I still love it
Tommy Knutsen Work in progress 😎

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This is: Guns N
This is: Guns N' Roses, a playlist by Spotify

This is the essential Guns N' Roses.

8.1k reactions 100 comments
Alan Cross Need a new guns album
Ewelina Soś I love. Guns. N. Roses❤❤❤❤
Yuri Mendiola no dead horse?
Omar Frescas New album coming soon?
Mireyya Valenzuela COME BACK TO PERU PLEASE!!!🇵🇪🖤


7.9k reactions 249 comments
Steffany Mucha Carrasco Come back to Perú please <3
Sebastian Salinas Avila Fue el mejor concierto de mi vida, ir con toda la familia y amigos en grupo, la mejor noche en la jungla 🌹🔫 #ComeBackToPeru
Nerida Rose I miss you baby, come back to Argentina soon!!! <3 <3 W.A.R <3 <3
Nayeli Pf Come back to Peru please!🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
Diego Rivera Perú<3


77.2k reactions 1264 comments
Marty Robbins Patty Robbins, you are lucky I don't have all of the shit for this
Richie Adams Tripp McCoy this is how i really looked on halloween, wasn't it?
Ky SG Eduardo R Saloj mire 😍😍😍 Asi vestiremos a sus hijos en un futuro... O al mio! 🌹😍😍🌹🌹
Cristiano Almeida Pereira Olha aí Aroldo Carvalho Jr, fica a dica pro próximo ensaio fotográfico de vcs!!! 🙈
Benjamin Lind Jensen Anne Knudsen sådan et billede må jeg lave af vores dreng 🤘🏼😜

One more time tonight! This cover of Nightrain comes to us from Jayden on Instagram Submit your version of any #GnFnR song using #GNRcoversong and we’ll share some of our favorites…

51.6k reactions 2930 comments
Chris Watson He's better than some of the Guitarists I've played with :O
Alício Wagner Vieira João Alfredo e Paulo Lima se eu fosse vcs não aceitava não, vcs trocaram o treino pela cachaça...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Joseph Fiest As the old ones die off new ones emerge ! Keep rocking little dude your the future
Alessio Cimmino Frongillo, cerca di capire Ennio e Paola dove hanno nascosto il piccolo Dizzifacchin da qualche anno
Mark Arthurson Robert Hayes keep practising and you could be like this 6 year old

How’s this for a view? #GnFnR with Angus Young in Sydney #TBT

34.1k reactions 635 comments
Lisa Duff Freakin awesome view.... now....CAN YOU COME BACK TO AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND....Please???
Edward Sperl great view but the sound sucks, standing that close to the drummer
Alexandre Moreira Fds nunca na vida vou ver estes gajos, nem tocarem sabem Hugo Ferraz
Yaçanã Canuto Axl não sabe mais dançar como antigamente 😣 Mas tem problema não... É lindo mesmo assim! 😍
Pekka Heusala Yeah! Welcome to the jungl... sorry to Finland 1st of july!

We’re out to get ya... Get your tickets for the #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017 while you can! Visit for more information

29.0k reactions 343 comments
Martin Pennie MAGIC!! Does that mean you've announced a Scottish gig?! 😁
M Jeane Samosir slash,Axl,Duff,izzy And Matt or Steven on drum. No other players
Carlos Rosillo I still can't believe they are actually playing together. I hope they can make a new record.
Brian Connolly How about you swap one of your London dates and play in one of the worlds best stadiums The Hydro? Just a suggestion 😉
Sabine Winter Hi, everybody. Could anybody tell me please, how long they stood on stage this tour? ? Cause I ' ve to plan my return journey. Thanks, have a great time 🔫⚘

#GnFnR a year ago at Coachella

20.9k reactions 203 comments
Chris Budd Tom Keamy you were there! 😀
Ivan Cedano I love Axl in this photo
Julie Landrum Jamie ... we are facetiming here. Lol
Kim Abrahão Lara waiting for Rock in Rio!


52.3k reactions 808 comments
Ashley Garcia My son's 6th birthday theme was Guns n Roses!🤘🤘🤘
Mia Whitehouse Kaiya Arika Browning, I pray to the metal overlords on this most special Easter Sunday that you are dressing your child like this. Specifically in Guns N' Roses attire.
Karoline Francisco Parece que tô vendo o João Antônio 😍 SStefani Ribeiro Moreno
Camila Motta Juliana Souza e Brutus Fernando temos que comprar uma roupa dessas pra Pietra.
Liz Robinson Nadine Clark Darragh we need to get geared up for June 😊
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