Guns N' Roses
20:24 05/18/2017

Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

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Antonio Zeky
No me gusta
Virginia Ruckert
this is for you mary scott
Shawn Sharpe
Wish NASCAR was in the jungle these days !
Steffen Kastrup
NASCAR=racing for retards.
Mike Hayslett
Iva Pincharrata
sha na na na na knees knees!!!!
Regiane De Souza Claro Claro
Minha trilha sonora de vida. ..
Claudia Abraham
Excelente video
Ruan Mckay
Seriously, no respect paid to Chris? Bad form assholes.
Gareth William Dennis White
Buzzin to hear this live next week in Slane :D
Fernando Guerra
welcometo the jungle (October in Argentina) ;)
Chris Belzer
James Finney back when they raced for a living
Ton Haakman
Bas voor mij de perfecte combi😂😂😂
Jakub Trudnowski
Jakub Tkaczyk
welcome to jungle reminds me of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.. epic Song, Epic Game <3

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I have a dream... #MLKDay

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Jan Menezes I nave a dream! One day to get close to you. I have a dream!! To Live near you!! I Love you.
Alexandre Audesse William Blais Roy , tu vois Axl c'est un progressiste. Falloir tu lache ton côté raciste hahah
Crystal Lockert I was waiting for you to post this. Thank u
James Welsh Love that song My Michelle

#SweetChildSaturday 📷: Mindy Lee

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Veronica Gallardo I can’t wait to dress my baby like this.
Angy Ari Jordy J Daza Villegas jajaja mira!!! Bueno, si es que te gustan los Guns.... Me encantó la vestimenta de la nena :3
Kiera Alissa Tiffany Kester you should do this to the little beauty!!! 😍
Alana Calixto Fernanda, já sabe as roupinhas que vai dar pro meu bebê hahahaha o chá de bebê vai ser tema Rock n Roll hahaha
Amy West That is the most adorable little baby! LOVE IT thank you for sharing

Repost from Jackie Jones on Instagram. Comment on this post with photos of your Guns N' Roses tattoos and we'll share some of our favorites!

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Joe Labadie It’s awesome to get tattoos of bands you’re not a member of. 😂😂😂
Peggy Rupf Guns n Roses is in my fucking veins, Axl in my damn heart 😉
Freek Bins Owh it’s about the tattoo 😂😂😂
Jay Warner Your tattoo is awesome I love it!!! Here a pic of mine it’s an ambigram of life/ death
Ligiane Carvalho I don't have tattoos, I don't like it. But, I respect the choose whose it has. No problem.

‪This cover of Sweet Child O' Mine comes to us from Isa on Instagram!‬ ‪Submit your version of any Guns N' Roses song using #GNRcoversong and we’ll share some of our favorites…‬

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Graeme Clayton I would be better if it were recorded properly or D.I'ed into a DAW, and that looks like a really awkward way to hold a guitar but other than that shes a good guitarist, you guys are just mad that someone with tits can play guitar better than you. God ...
Carter Maxfield I can play the whole song up until where the solo begins to get really fast. I'm not that good. GNR has a lot of very challenging material. Slash is definitely an all time great
Lyndsay Traxx Really impressive... Because she's beautiful you find excuses to say that she's not that good... It's a cover, not a copy/past from the cd... I think she's great, good job girl!
Jacob Adams Of course GnR would be the band to post a butchering cover of one of their songs just because it was a girl playing it.
Matias Monastirsky Is she trying to play welcome to the jungle? she nailed it. Jk, she is ok. She is kinda off tempo sometimes and no has no feeling at all.

The Official Guns N' Roses 2018 Calendar. Head over to the #GnFnR merch store and get yours today!

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Emma McAndrews Astrid Bell- have you got a calendar yet???
Jody Buczynski Teresa Buczynski... you need a new calendar 😂
Norma Bretton Please make it available in music stores or bookstores in Mexico City( my special interest) and internationally ...if i order it from the website im gonna get this calendar until september ,international delivery takes ages :(
Nena-Frances Ketley Samuel Vincent Caprani really good birthday present idea for me for next week 🤣😜
Gun Alal Ardhi Hauna I really want to have it😢😢


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Lisa Wustholz Happy New Year to the band, roadies, and families! :)
Josh Lewin Happy new Year! Thank you for making the shows in London & Tel Aviv last summer the greatest two nights of my life.
Elle Maiden Yeah come back to London xx
Rich Tolin Happy New Year!!! It was great to see you in St Louis again
Anette Leidhagen Same to you.... See you Soon.... Welcome back to Europe 🤘😘

What a great year. Biggest tour of 2017 hands down. #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour

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Rebecca Jaques 4 great shows Ireland, London, Vegas and forum, thanks for the most amazing memories, see you at download uk in June and wishing you all the best for 2018, lots of love xxxx
Maarit Rusanen You are doing a Great job, You are amazing. You make the lights shining bright 💖! I'm so happy for you, you deserve it! I Love You, Axl 🌹💖😘 Duff, Slash and ... GN'R!
Andrew Garemyn My teen idol dream was to see you guys live and that opportunity came about in Brisbane. Drove 1000km and wasnt disappointed. Definitely a concert i will never forget
Anders Johansson Didnt see you this year because you played the same day as Linkin park in Sweden and after all i did the right choice see you in 2018 instead in Sweden , Gothenburg 🎶
David Johnson Pittsburgh, Jersey, Hershey, and Cleveland. ...and the first show was a last second decision. Wasn't even sure this was going to be worth seeing. Two weeks later 7hr drive to Jersey. Now a new cd please!!

‪Merry #Christmas and Happy Holidays!‬

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Nayan Sthanakiya Welcome to the Jingle Bells 🍺
Louise Heslin Happy Christmas. Thanks for Slane highlight of the year.
Bethan Maguire One of my Christmas presents from my other half
Karin Schmid I got this present from my Son (11)! He knows hes Mom! Merry Christmas from 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🤘🏻🤘🏻
Danny Fryer While everyone is enjoying the Xmas spirit! If you have bitcoin sell now. It’s about to hit zero

Holiday Guns N’ Roses gift cards are now available! Surprise that special someone with something they’ll really want. Head over to the official online merch store to purchase one today.

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Cricket M Faust Meeee
Marcos Flores pistolas y rasas...
Renante Luayon Hilo idol.
Mary Hilgi A bit Late...
Diana VM I want 100 please ! 🙏😅😛


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RJ Nicolas I see him being humble now, with all the bowing after a song, axl changed a lot!
Mick Gill Looking good Axl.😃time to start on the next Guns album 🤘🤘🤘
Marcelo de Andrade Great to see him happy. I want to be glad too with a new studio album. 😀😀
Thomas Dürsti Dürsteler Please come back to switzerland 🇨🇭 next year!!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢 60'000 are waiting for you... 😞
Argentina Setaro Axl, f***n' genius, we're waiting for a new album! 😍


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Daiana Damasceno Heim Rodrigo Oliveira tem alguém que vou querer vestir assim 👶😍
Marieke Boekhoven Indra Cassel machen wir auch wenn wir mal kinder haben 😂💪👍
James Legawa I saw something like this for 2 YO ... and it was $300 ... @@ ... damn ...
Fabby Freitas MarcosSanttos olha amor,Lohann' daqui uns tempos 👶💙😍
Brian Krzyzowski Welcome to the jungle gym

Get exclusive limited edition #GnFnR merch items now! Spend $50 or more and get a FREE official Guns N' Roses hat. Offer valid while supplies last!

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Rose Burgon I could lol x
Brian Fothergill Reminds me of you and I in 1988 Lawrence!
Pamela Ryan I love the green jacket!
Elisabete Ramos My perfect band <3
Georges Mallouhi I have this for my phone

‪Repost from Lachie on Instagram.‬.. ‪Show us your Guns N' Roses tattoos using #GNRink in your photos and we'll share some of our favorites!‬

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André Oliveira Alguém conhece uma loja online que venda papel arroz personalizado do guns n roses?
Nick Hart 🔫 & 🌹#GNRink
Kinipela Jenn Ohana #GNRink
Soraya Caramanna #gnrink
Vincent Gillet #GNRink


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Jake Long Raising kids the right way
Sheila Marie Rankin Why is that baby wearing makeup
Anna Tetro Grr is Girl of Anastasia. Thought I'd clarify her being the Source of the Energy Baby Girls of Axl and maybe others. When we r born and raised by our leaders. we end up their children too. xo Thank you.
Ugo Hantonio Father and and daughter listening "you could be mine" lml T2
Benoit Bomberger She looks far too young to be mother of twin babies ! 😨

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Kevin Roberts Maybe they should stick to music!
James Hatter Jr. And with that said my Guns N' Roses coll getting a lot of dust time for a new lp
Jenny Jobbins Laura Gould even Axl has one!!!!!
Gatuno Tuno Great fight for the wolf..thank you from Spain🐺🐺🐺🐺🤘🤘🤘🤘
Clara Zimmer Thank you Gun's N Roses ... You are the beautiful person for me ... God bless you and and bless for us


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Michael Karrenbauer Families have issues. You need to learn how to deal with it and put it to rest. They are older, wiser, sober, and do not allow others to fill their head with bullshit.
Sue Haynes Axl, Slash, Duff and company….I spent months watching you on youtube prior your concert on August 2nd. I would get chills thinking how your artistry, not to mention your chemistry touched every fiber of my soul. I have never experienced more fascination ...
Chris Welsh Meanwhile back stage things get heated when slash and axl discuss who they thought was a better band out of oasis and blur while duff watches on awkwardly and tries to work out a way to defuse the situation Axl: "the fuck you mean blur" Slash: "all im ...
Gail R. Gabel Axl: you do not bake cookies at 250. Slash: yes you do, I looked it up on the web. Duff: you both should be eating fruits & veggies!
Jason Ramage Saw them on New Year's Eve, 1991 at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami. Saw them again (3 of the original 5 members) in 2016 at FedEx Field in Washington, DC. Absolutely loved it. Appetite for Destruction - hands down best rock album ever. Anyone who says ...

What a ride... Thank you North America! ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

26.8k reactions 383 comments
Bill Huseth Thanks for blowing the roof off US Bank Stadium in MSP, guys! I'd definitely like to see you back in 2018, only at either Xcel Energy Center or Target Center.
Adam Tadevich Awesome show in Sacramento...listened to G’n’F’R’s since I was 12. I’m 37 and they still can rock it live and one of the best 3 hour shows I have ever seen in person!
Julia Kovtun Axl looks amazing, but who wouldn't after such a rigorous world tour)))) Had an opportunity to see and enjoy them in Poland. Hope that I'll see them again next year!!!!!
Vicky Goulding We saw you in London, and then flew from England just to watch your last show in LA (flew home again the next day) Best band in the world. Hope we get to see you again.
Tazmin Taylor Seriously, I don’t know how you are all still alive! You have been epic around the world, now go home, sleep and hug your families and tell your crew to do the same!! REST, rest, rest!!

That's a f'n wrap! Thank you to everyone for an incredible World Tour. See you next time... ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

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Kyle Ross Please, please, please come back and don't end your career yet Axl. You have so much time left with this band. This is just me worrying since Axl is almost 60.
Ana Paula Reis Best three concerts of my life! Waited 25 years to see you guys and it was incredible! And I raised a little monster who loves you, too. We listen to you on way to school everyday! Now, we are ready for the next tour! ❤️🎸🤘🏼
Derek Lehman Saw the Nashville, TN show last summer at the Titans stadium with Steven Adler guest appearing on a couple songs and Chris Stapleton opening....amazing show!! Then saw the Louisville, KY show last month with no opening act and just 3 1/2 hours of pure R ...
Autumn Marie Sacramento!! Thank you!! This concert meant more to me then I could ever put into words. Growing up GnR wasn't just my Mom's favorite band you guys were her life! I used to beg her to take me to every concert and she would always tell me next time honey ...
Mariana Warrak Please tell me there is another world tour coming soon (best year). I'm feeling some kind of farewell mood in these posts and I'm afraid you're going to break up again. So please stay together <3<3<3

One last song! Paradise City LIVE from Los Angeles. Thank you for an amazing World Tour! See you next time... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

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Dane McMillen I was towards the very top and the sound quality was noticeably poor. I'm wondering if others who were lower had this experience also or if it was just my seat location.
Laura Godoy Amoooooo .... esa bandaaaaa!!!!! Jaime Riveros, me hiciste acordar cuando fuimos con Carlos al recital en la cancha de River... 😗😗😗😗
Sarah June Lucky to have seem them 3 times in 3 different cities in the last year. 3rd time was definitely the charm 😍 Nothing will top that night! 🙌🏼
Timothy Jenkins If this is how the concert sounded at the show I am glad I didn't go. It sounds horrible. . .The sound board buy doesn't know what he is doing, way too much bass.
Kiva Lyell Please come back to the States after you rest. We saw you twice and would go again. Come to Oregon!!! We had to travel out of state both times.

Los Angeles! Post your photos from the show tonight in the comments section and we'll like our favorites...

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Marco Contreras Terible sound on the staple center concert
Elijah Clayton I was in San Diego last year I had medium range seats and some nice woman gave me floor seats with wristbands, it was so great!!
John Rian Radan Why can't they make a new album? It is high time for rock to go back on todays music. Just like how guns revived rock back then when pop was conquering music in the 90's.
Senior Chimi Changa The solos Slash has been playing show just how great a guit-man he is. If not the best rock guitarist of all time, tell me who is? He makes GnR the band they were and still are. FUCKin A wish I was there
Dawn LaBrozzi Wow, I held up a banner that said, “Fought Cancer to See Guns N Roses,” and it was confiscated in Milwaukee. At the end, it was thrown, not handed, back at me. But GN’R Forever is allowed?!? Also, I didn’t block the view of anyone either.

‪Los Angeles‬ ‪Nov 29th, 2017‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour‬

15.0k reactions 171 comments
Patrick Haynes Jr. That's a cool pic. You guys should rotate members with this.
Gabriel Sarmiento One of the best concerts !!!
Mike Baker I saw them when they were guns and roses
Cin Pinheiro It is always better to be positive than negative!❤️
Robert van der Velde since the beginning Still the best band ever 🤘🏻

Thanks for having us, San Diego! ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

5.5k reactions 65 comments
Andrew Cronin Guns n’ roses through great party’s
Mary Condurso Beautiful
Alejandro Valenzuela Poteito, Potato ... San Diego, Santiago 😉 🇨🇱 🇨🇱 🇨🇱
Anitra Ellis Glad the show was good GNR
Karina Linda I love guns... I love Axl

San Diego! Comment your photos from the show tonight on this post and we'll like our favorites...

4.0k reactions 97 comments
Olli-Pekka Pajala Second time in this lifetime, Rock 'N Roll never dies \,,/
Harri Kantoluoto Finnish Flag! Yeah! And our 100-years of independence is soon. The 6th of November. Thanx GNR!!
Leanne Thiltgen You guys killed it last night. Our 3rd time seeing you live! 🎤🎸🎼🌹🍻🤘
Larry Saaler Second time seeing the Not In This Lifetime tour...amazing show each time!
Dui Lio See you in Europe next summer, mthfks 🤘🏼

Remembering those lost a year ago today #ForçaChape

25.4k reactions 303 comments
Emmanuel Jensen Why everyone gotta die on my birthday srsly tho pls wait till tomorrow
Bruna Carla Bezerra I still don't believe this tragedy happened. Thank you. 😢
Enila Gouveia This is why I do Love you guys. You're amazing!!!
Danilo Rocha Thank you for that guys. It means a lot. Brazil loves you very much.
Davi Freire Fala ai se não é altas musicas,uma homenagem do Guns N Roses pra Chape. Lucas Silva

San Diego #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

9.7k reactions 110 comments
Debbie Groom so what happened to Axl's poster ??
Nancy Sajama Surfeando con un demonio que genio 😙👏👏💋💋❤
Donald Tidwell Slash for President Duff for Vice President Axel Secretary of State Dizzy Defense Secretary HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
Diego Santos 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 san Diego my city
Holger Jester the fastest way to Hell - wellcome ---

Europe! We're coming back for more in 2018... Get your tickets to see #GnFnR while you can! Visit for more information

23.2k reactions 1790 comments
Brian Cavanagh Be worn out and knackered by time they get here. Lol. I'd much prefer to see them in the states. They perform 1000 times better by looks of it.
Gail R. Gabel ‪Come back to D.C. & MSG! I'm so gonna miss you ❤️Axl🌹, Slash, Duff❤️. UR the BEST and have shown that together, you can conquer and rock the world. Do it again & please don't settle for 2nd best!‬
Andre Calazans Amanda Calazans Debora Janoth, vocês podem me dar de presente de aniversário, uma ida ao show do Guns em Madrid no dia 29 de Junho, hahahahahahahahaha.
Jeffrey Guyberson Is Izzy gonna be there? Im from/live in Lafayette. You ever gonna play a show here for us Bill? Maybe get Isbell back for that show? Tall order-I know.
Talia Lacroix It’s so great to see that the tour is going so well for you guys. You really rocked us here in Ottawa this summer & seemed to be enjoying the show along with us.

Alright LA! The first 20 people to head over to The Troubadour right now will get a used signed #GnFnR drum head... Good luck

4.0k reactions 112 comments
Cindy Evelyn Pope Make it to Huntington Beach and I’ll see you soon 😁
John Swan Sen Not chance of me making it over In Glasgow (Scotland) not a time traveller lol .Keep up the good work.Get back in the Studio.
Moritz Mark Who has tuned these brand new heads without leaving any scars on them? 😲
Gypsy Ann Benavides No fair I'm in El Paso. Would love to add it to my collection! !!
Robert van der Velde Guns N’ Roses Black Sunday You pay my speeding ticket

‪Another SOLD OUT night in Los Angeles!‬ ‪See you back at The Forum next week...‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬

4.7k reactions 84 comments
Jürgen Schevenels See you at graspop Metal fest belgium
Lorena Pacheco Esa frace me cala el alma en este mes despedí la persona más hermosa, mi madre, este tema me la va a recordar sienpre...
Francisco Sd Any tickets laying around somewhere for San Diego
Juana Pabla Gonzalez Gunsnroses is the best bands
Tammie Butler Hope to see y’all touring the States next year.

Los Angeles! Post your photos from the show tonight in the comments and we'll like our favorites...

8.2k reactions 161 comments
Scott Christopher Brown He couldn't pay bills to keep arena football in AFL what joke you are 1 season Los Vegas outlaws foled
Syd Klein I seen them in Regina Saskatchewan awesome concert
Chris Pires Love this pic!!! look at the girl in the rear left..she's!
Grace D Mc Donald This is from louisville ky at the yum lovved every min u guys will always rock gnfr
Barry Mitchell Is that an old Nokia brick in his pocket!! 😝😝😝

‪Los Angeles‬ ‪Nov 25th, 2017‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour‬

13.0k reactions 146 comments
Champaign Laos I wish I could go back in time this show.
Tama Lero Anyone with an extra litho from last nights show willing to trade for tonights?
Lolha Carvajal Fight when down inside staple center 😀😀
Gabriel Fernandez Is there a high resolution download of this picture ? It is great !
Terri Estrella On our way right now, but first Randy's Doughnuts
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