Green Day
19:59 05/18/2017

Green Day to open "Good Morning America

Green Day to open "Good Morning America's" 2017 Summer Concert Series Friday - Green Day Official Blog

Instructions for VIP Guests for Summer Concerts in Central Park VIP guests should arrive at Rumsey Playfield in New York City's Central Park by 5:30 a.m. on the concert date. The best way to enter Rumsey Playfield, also known as Central Park Summerstage, is at 5th Avenue and 72nd Street. As you en...

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Jalessa Diaz
Bįllï Pērkins Jøë Årmstrõńg Gønzâlęz
I love you Green Day
Lauren Hudson
Amy Hudson I could have still been there 😩
Yerr Cklowny
Cecilia Garcia
8:30-9:00?? NOOOOOO I'll be in school by that time :'(
Erica Schwaninger
See you there! 😄
Adam N Muldoon
Who better 🎸🎤
Gabe Carson Tochterman
Brooke look who were in Cental Park
Allaura Barrett
Ofc im gonna miss the free gd show in my state 😖 see you on youtube ❤
Martha Fiander
can't wait to watch this tonight
Ayla Tierney
Oi Luke Rabius wanna take a quick trip to new York?
Matt Fiedler
I'll be there!!!
Nick Burchard
I'll be there!
Rick Armes
I think Longview would be a good song for that.
Deborah Connell
Wish we were in NYC Mitchell??

Other newsfeed from Green Day

Last night of the RevRad Tour! Come get it Los Angeles

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Lindsay Nicole Bryant It's so bittersweet! I saw you guys in Little Rock, Arkansas and in Buffalo, NY! The best two concerts I've ever been too and my mind was blown both times! I'll see you next tour 😊
Amy Pawlowski My first Green Day concert was in 1996. I was 15yrs old and they remain one of my faves. I've seen them several times and they are always great. I got to enjoy seeing them at Wrigley field this year and again they never dissapoint. Till next time♡
Nancy Tom Incredible show! Green Day = UNITY! They need to run our country. I've never seen so many people enjoying in unison. Great music, great show, great message.....full of energy and fun! Thank you Green Day!
Dana Marie Muir Love you guys. Thanks for the fun times I have spent, singing to your songs with my children. We often play Guitar Hero and use your music. (It's my favorite!)
Ron Hamilton Been a fan since kerplunk(dating myself) took family to see you guys in orange beach AL. An amazing show and the music took me on a beautiful trip... felt really good. Thanks guys you're the best!!!!!

23.4k reactions 157 comments
Joann Perry My daughter and I really enjoyed your the show in Raleigh NC.🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻you nailed that jump Mike. 😎
Ally Todd How does he get that far up with a heavy bass weighing him down?
Lena Granlund Oh my god! Mike is that you? what did you eat for dinner, dynamite pills? 👌🏼😜🤘🏼👍🏼
Nadia Oates Saw Green Day at Hyde Park in July. I caught Mike's guitat pick xxx
Jacob de Sailles when are you guys coming to sydney, australia next

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Abigail Hernandez Thank you for such an amazing concert 😍 best band on earth!
Heather Janes Hi, Aha awesome all of that
Heather Janes Aha . Yah the one on Sat. Aha that ialso awesome ha. Aha . yah want all to sing also ha.
Lane Kaufman My sister and her husband were there. She said it was awesome!!
Rye Mark Salem I hope i can watch Green Day Concert before I die

Despite all my rage I am still just a 🐰in a cage

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Gary Herstein Where's the wheel, though?
Ian Keys Green Day doesn't deserve to breath the same breath of Billy.
Mark Webber The Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour is coming in 2018!
Amanda Caboor See you tonight in Chula Vista drunk bunny!!!!!
Michele Murphy Somebunny's in the drunk tank!

The stars at night are big and bright 👏👏👏👏 thanks Texas!

9.9k reactions 80 comments
Erynn Baxmeyer I love you Green Day your my world 😀😄🤗❤️
April Anselmo Rocco.... Remember??? 😍😍😍😍
Esther Payne-Johnson Love from Dallas Texas ❤
Kurt Kloborg Give us more sax..... Pleace..
James Dobbs Deep in your eyes Miss Vincent

Have you watched the “Too Dumb To Die” video yet?

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Åbï Wëbstér Green Day never dies ❤️
Hannah Nadine Hi all persons.. Add my facebook as your facebook friend !!!.
Soe Wunna yeah nice video waiting for the official video of u guys starring
Brandon Heckler I can't wait!!!! Green Day concert is tonite at the Amphitheater!!!!!!
Michele Sgambelluri Yes!!! Is one of my favorite Rev Rad songs!!!

There's still time left to watch our Facebook Live and donate to Americares. The money raised from our performance will be used to help the Houston community + surrounding areas recover from Hurricane Harvey and those affected by Hurricane Irma. Facebook Live Set List: Paper Lanterns 2000 Light Years Away Only of You Christie Road J.A.R. Burnout One of My Lies Coming Clean When I Come Around She

18.9k reactions 190 comments
Frank Gallagher I'm in Tampa and wished I was somewhere else
Justin Eslick Jason Eslick gonna do a live set on fb!
Peter Neuleib Amazing set. Some of my absolute favorites. Thanks guys!
Mandy Luna Peters-Esquivel Hope u play some of these great songs next saturday at the rosebowl!!
Justin Kovach Love you guys! You are forever my favourite band :)

Take your kid to work day

10.2k reactions 58 comments
Nieto Peñia Lord Saludos mike billie y tré :D
Suzanne Petrovic-Brennan I want the pink bunny doll
Patti Dunbar 😄
Maya Pinck Please come back home!!!
Karolina Gołaś Haha cute 😂❤

Oh hey look, we turned "Too Dumb To Die" into a video, and it rules! Thanks to Joseba Elorza AKA MiraRuido for creating this masterpiece. Now stop what you're doing, and go watch it:

16.8k reactions 257 comments
Aggressive Abs what is the name of that song?
Max Stephens What the fuck does I feel like a cello mean
Sarah Runnie Too dumb to die is one of my favourites off revolution radio. But that whole album is so damn good
Adam Brechner Kind of happy that not every Sunday is Easter.
Adam Andhika Remembering me to this song (Dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to die, dumb ways to die a a a aaaaaa,, so many dumb ways, so many dumb ways to die)


5.3k reactions 99 comments
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Best band with Green Day
Stine H. Tarp That's awesome... 😉 My fave lyrics of the new album
Bruce Haney My favorite song on this record!!
Gyöngyi Jung One of my favorite songs off RevRad, I'm so excited!😍😍😍
Mélisande Larguèze Too scared to dream, but too dumb to die! Dimitri Weiss

New episodes of the Jeff Matika Show featuring Against Me!, Dog Party, and Matt Skiba up now on our YouTube channel

774 reactions 9 comments
Angela Bentley Melissa Ann
Dan Figac Steve Figac
Jennifer Girard Magalie Boisvert
Jérémy Chiron Jordan Martinez Romain Marestin Jonathan Kopp Matt Skiba dans le Jeff Matika Show ! 😮
Arun Kumar This was amazing 😂

Can always count on Florida to turn the heat up

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Aurora Century Armstrong Feliçia qualche giorno fa ho sognato la Florida e ho sempre voglia di andarci.
Fernando Anzoategui Why couldn't you come to Miami?
Shay White So grateful that my week started seeing Green Day in WPB. Sucks that it's ending with this bitch Irma! #gothefuckawayirma
Adrianna Lebron Awesome shows in WPB and Tampa! I Was There, I Was Theree. 🎶
Anissa M Pratte Best concert ever. I made my son's night by taking him. Thank you for the W Palm show. It was amazing..

Thanks to everyone who watched our Facebook live performance earlier to support Americares. The money raised will go towards the relief of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you missed out, you can still watch it for the next week Donations can still be made via the button below the video, or by visiting

25.5k reactions 240 comments
Steve Morrow Too cool they start playing around 20 minutes in but check it out and do what you can
Vern Lightwine This 60 YO thinks you guys rock in music and mission for humanity.
Brenda Buenrostro Thank you for playing one of my lies!!!
Adrienne Searle Thank you Green Day for your generosity and motivation to donate. Thank you Americares for your actions.
Sandra Yadira Hernandez Brenda Michelle have you watched this yet ??

It's time to band together & help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Watch us on Facebook Live & help us raise money for Americares to support their Harvey relief efforts. Donate now using the button below.

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Barry Gordon Have patience people, it's the greatest band in the world ❕❕❕❕❕
Arasele Rivera This is awesome! One of the many reasons why I love you guys!
Morgan Strange @Green Day , you helped raise me up from a depressed teenager to a rocking woman who knows how to fight the world head on and not give a damn. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do. ❤️
Ana Tinajero-Colmenero 4:15 has come and past, my phone's battery just can't last... Wake me up when the wait ends....
Sams Life WOOOOOOO!! 🙌

Raleigh!! 🇺🇸

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Jimi Artinian Martinez Julien Bln ca se passait du côté de Raleigh hier pour les plus punky d'entre nous
Lara Tate Wright Waited 25 years to see this show and it so did not disappoint! Well worth the wait and the rain!
Jason Nazaire Man, that black Gibson is hot
Cheries Ejaw Espiritu WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS 😇😁😊💕 ok
Rick Armes Sieg heil to the president gasman Bombs away is your punishment Pulverize the eiffel towers Who criticize your government

Camden, thanks for rocking!!! See you next time.

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Graham Dumke Dylan Baxter... They're furries Nathan Tesmer I have absolutely no regrets in not going
Pedro Mendez See u soon guys in few hours road to west palm beach !!!
Bamby Enriquez Bergeron It was simply an amazing show. No words!!!
Samantha Thompson Incredible show, thank you! Took the whole family and we all loved it and had the best time!!
Ann GD Kakhidze Please Green Day come in my country Georgia :(

Flashback Woodstock 94' @mikedirnt

16.0k reactions 195 comments
Hallie Collins Shane Cullen They weren't kidding😂😂
Brendan Taylor Raut Uzan we had lots of rain
Camila Baltazar Jocelynne Tayanna Brooo, te acuerdas de nuestro fail??? JAJAJAJA
Jonathan Lee Calan Pillow loved how expensive the water bottles were
Frem Bos To be a good revival. Mike should breaks his teeth... :)


16.5k reactions 163 comments
Alycia Mc lol The Drunken Bunnys ready for some more hops (on stage).
Ray Ouellette Sean Spicer or just his alter ego?
Max Alward Jack Connolly Courtney Jacobson guys I told you the guy in the bunny suit was Tre hahaha
Daniel Chatham The bunny was hilarious and got everyone super hyped for the show😆
Niklas Guth Hey ho, let's go :D #blitzkriegbop #revrad

We need your help to call on Congress to #StopTheCuts on foreign aid! Call your rep + you could join us for soundcheck in Central Park before the Global Citizen Festival. See you soon NYC!

4.7k reactions 69 comments
Amanda Cechini Foreign aid??? How about we help ourselves 1st. I'm sure it's just some PR person running this page. But come on!!!!
John King People here are criticizing Green Day for speaking what they feel, but look at Trump.
Lisa Wall Resistbot is but one convenient service to notify your representatives and give them hell. Keep up the pressure and make your voice heard--it's working: #Resist
Matt Rumsby This is getting too Bono(ish) 😏
Nick Popper US Direct foreign aid is less than 1% of the budget. We spend $22,000 a second on national defense. #OurPrioritiesAreF**ked.

Hats off to Hartford!!! Thanks for partying with us last night.

4.6k reactions 88 comments
Darren David Wood That guitar of Billie Jeans is so cool.
Cathy Castle Looking forward to Orange Beach❤❤❤❤
Sean Malaney Seen you in Darien Lake you guys where amazing
Susan Elizabeth Thanks for hanging out in "New England"! Safe travels.
Mari Doldan Jesús Rotela

Rule #1 - Never fall asleep with your shoes on backstage at a Green Day concert. @anthonybourdain learns the hard way Last night at Great Woods Mass. #rudeawakening #balvenie - Follow trecool (Instagram).

2.5k reactions 27 comments
Matthew Lee Moore
Melissa Platero see you in Raleigh on Friday!! Rebel mom -
Camille Robinson Rodney
SJ Clark Raleigh
Ellen Jones this is way too cool


7.3k reactions 107 comments
Jarrod Stegenga Time to step up and do a relief gig for victims of Harvey!
Eli Ramirez Billie you're a spring jumping !! Hahaha, Greetings from Argentina, see you soon
Christa Carter You guys are amazing live! If you guys come back to New York, I'm definitely going to see you again!
Karen Janeth The best band EVER :)
Aaron Mullins I was at the show. Amazing!

🤘🏽🎶 Bass n stuff. #BassnStuff! - Follow mikedirnt (Instagram).

2.0k reactions 12 comments
Araceli Gonzalez Tengo esa pua me la trajeron de usa.
Taylor Hood Gabriel John Venema that pick
Maria Benazic I love it!!
Máximo Andrés Picallo Heyn Felipe le da toda la cuerda jajja
Kathy Karlovich Billie Joe FOR PRESIDENT


3.9k reactions 59 comments
Cynthia Scott Pascual Can't wait to see GD at the Rose Bowl!😍
Jennifer Annalee Sulek Come play the Rose Bowl now!!! 😍
Cindy Huston Amazing show! Thank you for giving so much! 💖
Mayra Lopez Monterroso Thank you for an AMAZING show!!!! You killed it!!! 💚
Sandy Shuman-Stricker Neither can was AWESOME!!


23.1k reactions 140 comments
Sagar Rana She is holding on your heart like a hand grenade!! #Riff #Riff
Djanyre Ochoa This is love motherfuckers! <3
Theja Savino one life one band one genre one love greenday
Alissa Wojciechowski This could be us but you're broke lol Matthew Cohn
Corey Lyn Nester Mary Trier omg adorable 😍

When you get that drunk bunny upgrade...

4.3k reactions 85 comments
Susan Huston Seiler Very cool; have never seen that done. Enough to make you wet your pants. Well, I would anyhow............
Jessica Hellger Francis Lauzon comme nous!
Lynnie Murdock The show tonight was fucking amazing!!!!!! I love you Billie Joe!!!!!!
Amy Reitz Gahala Fantastic show tonight...thanks for a great show!! Loved the grand finale at the end!!
Jan Beavan Pritchard It's the love and quirkiness that Green Day show that makes you love them that much more! #LoveDrunkBunny 💕💖

Reissuing Nimrod on limited edition yellow vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary! Pre-order yours, available October 13th

13.8k reactions 741 comments
Olivia Carl Katelyn Cassel I don't have a record player otherwise but you do! Lol
Barbara Zeller Jenna Cassidy omg are u gonna get it
Andrew Michael Bate Thanx for that Dorian, might treat me sen.
Mark DeAmelio I remember waking up at 5:30am just to see the video premiere of Hitchin' A Ride.
Luis Alberto Castañeda Urias Angeles Martinez compramelo porfaaaas 😇👏👏

Nap time backstage #revrad #greendayatwrigleyfield - Follow trecool (Instagram).

1.5k reactions 15 comments
RJ Takeshita Haha
Karen Janeth TREEEEE!! XD
John Domianus Tonight is going to be awesome
Nguyễn Trần Vũ Lâm Cool Muppet, Cool!
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