Speaker Paul Ryan
6 hours ago

The Rio Grande Valley Border Security has about 40 horses they adopted from the wild and trained for the field, and despite advances in technology, they are still essential to getting the job done.

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Victoria Ford Okay, so you got on a horse for a photo op. You are working against the horse by holding your body so rigid and at an angle. Watch the real cowboys around you. Their bodies are loose and fluid. Now get back to Washingotn D, C, and actually work for ...
Billijo M. Beck It's so neat that we are showing a value to our Mustangs. Lets hope we can figure out jobs for more of them, and we can figure out our Over abundance of them in the most humane way possible. Still confused why our USFS and Actual BLM agencies aren't ...
Rich Fleetwood As part of a DOC dept that has a wild mustang gentling program in Wyoming, I need to say THANK YOU to letting others know that adopted and gentled mustangs are some of the greatest work horses you could find. Kudos to the group, and you too, for ...
Gene Mayer You know the illeagals who work here still pays taxes even if they work under table there's a fee to pay for them. Did you ever stop to think of all the monies America will be loosing. And don't try oh they are in welfare, that's not true. What your ...
Tom Kumashiro I may sign up with Border Security for my next job if I can ride a horse. Wonder if Paul would put in a good word for me. lol.
Speaker Paul Ryan
6 hours ago

I visited the border this week to listen and learn from those who know best about border security. Here's what I saw:

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Benjamin Zupan After you hijacked me to your cute little website, the photos don't load. You're clearly targeting 2020/2024 with every one of your look-at-me FB posts. I've been on to you since the Mitt days. So plastic. Career politician. Not for me. I keep you ...
Laurie Herling 2017 and we are building a wall to keep the bad guys out. Just how absurd that is. Ryan is nothing but one of Trumps poster boys out spending our money to learn how to ride a horse.
Sharon C. Corley It appears to me that we have a whole bunch of criminal accomplices posting here about how mean our government is for dealing with illegal activity.. either you are part of the problem or part of the solution..We are the ONLY country in the world who ...
Shawn Michael We need real Immigration Reform. For far too long illegal immigration has been used by the Democrats and their Media as an election issue...serving to confuse the difference between legal and illegal immigration and thus dividing the country with cries ...
Evie Webb-Swope Have you considered that drugs are brought over via tunnels for the most part. How is a wall going to counter that? Do we really want to spend $22 billion on something that will not work and is not necessary? I am 12 miles from the border, it often ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
6 hours ago

House Republicans will reform the IRS so it is focused on serving the people and not overzealous bureaucrats.

A Simpler and More Competitive Tax Code
A Simpler and More Competitive Tax Code

Our plan would level the playing field for American businesses.

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Leo Bricker Bzzzzt. Wrong answer. Correct answer is eliminate the IRS and all current taxes. Impose a 10% national sales tax on everything except food and prescriptions. Budget based on a percentage of income received not on dollar amounts, the total equaling 98% ...
Tony le Batteur Dear Mr. Speaker, Today, in a fit of childish anger, President Trump by proxy, denied access to the daily presidential briefing to a number of our nation's most respected news organizations. This has never happened in my 60+ years. I ask that you ...
Shane Miller How about your worry about the fascist in the White House who is also probably, at a minimum, an unwitting Russian agent? How about you worry about his continued attacks on what makes America, America? How about you worry about the White House working ...
Sue Babler You can change the top rate to whatever you want. Those who aren't paying now won't be paying then either. You would have to raise it quite a bit before they would actually have to pay tax.
Brian Nitz Did you know that the U.S. and the war-torn dictatorship of Eritrea are the only countries in the world which tax their citizens abroad? Many ordinary Americans working for multinationals, peacekeeping, volunteer organizations and military are crushed ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
6 hours ago

America has the worst tax code in the industrialized world. It is killing economic growth. More and more U.S. companies are going to leave this country because of our tax laws. We now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix it.

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Mark R. Heath So stop talking about it RINO and get tax reform and tax cuts done!!! We out here in fly over country are tired of your non stop talking and inaction, and we sent you a clear message last November. We can fire you people in 18'.
Susannah Evans No companies leave, like Donald Trump's, because their owners are greedy and they don't want to pay what workers deserve OR their taxes. I know technically you have a brain and a heart. I suggest using both.
Cindy Cisneros Your boss likes it. He hasnt paid taxes in how many years??? Maybe showing his taxes would be a start. I'm sure the billionaire cabinet will find a way to pay even less. What a joke! You are a FAKE!
Joanne Diem-Clyde This is NOT new news Paul Ryan! Why now? Please remember you are a civil servant. Why do you all live so lavishly? Serious social, civic, economical, financial issues (etc), yet you all appear very well to do with little work being done FOR THE PEOPLE ...
Jerome Barth Dear Speaker Ryan: Thank you for working to simplify our tax code. Please take your inspiration from the Regan tax cuts which reduced rates, consolidated classes, removed deductions. Please, do not fall into the protectionist trap of a border tax system ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
07:24 02/24/2017

Higher premiums, lost coverage, less choice. This is not what the country was promised when Obamacare was being jammed into law. Far from it.

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Brenda Shinabarger-Howe Oh quit whining Paul Ryan. The GOP decided to be obstructionists instead of working out a better solution to the healthcare crisis. Now you need to come up with something better which you have been promising for years. The solution is easy. Give the ...
Mike Coronella the GOP did its best to ruin ACA. and now you're stuck because the ACA is based on conservative ideas. you've got one choice: SINGLE PAYER. or you could keep lying about our nation's health care access.
Jennifer Sears So give us universal health care instead you fukwit! You have no problem figuring out how to come up with $800,000,000,000.00 a year on defense but you can't figure out how to give Americans affordable health care and a quality education. Ithank you ...
Mary Walter Americans are scared of ever increasing health care cost and loss of coverage. Please make sure the new proposal helps ease fears. Doesn't really matter what you call the program, call it revised Obama Care if that will help get bipartisan support. ...
Pamela Harding Porter Please study the complete lives theory by Ezekiel Emmanuel and how this program was the basis for Obamacare and how it expressly requires rationing and specifically established the independent payment advisory board which decides who gets what... it is ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
07:24 02/24/2017

The Republican tax plan will level the playing field for American businesses and increase our competitiveness.

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Paul Woods Reagan talked about trickle down 37 years ago. It didn't work then and it didn't work when Bush gave us tax cuts and War. Level The Playing field? Really? what a JOKE! Back when America was Great lets pick the 1950's the top tax rate was 95% and a CEO ...
Alexandra Straus No it won't. Especially not if you're continuing to drop out of multilateral agreements. But that's actually no problem for the rest of the world. We will continue to form the 21st century. Only without the US.
Maria Whitehead We could ALREADY have passed 3 simple things, corporate tax reduction, (remove some deductions that keep some big ones from paying tax), personal income tax reduction, remove tax penalty for bringing off seas money back home.
John Whipple You boob. Leveling the playing field implies that someone has an unfair advantage over American business. Please, who is this? American business is supreme. I am supposed to feel sorry for them. No.
Henya Friedman Your Trump is destroying this country. No more tourist the economy and jobs will be gone. I talk to my family and friends overseas. Thay are saying no one at thids point wonts to come to America anymore.
Speaker Paul Ryan
07:24 02/24/2017

I toured the Rio Grande Valley today to see with my own eyes the many challenges facing our law enforcement professionals along the border, and I now have even greater respect for the work that they do day-in and day-out. But more tools and more support are needed for them to do their jobs effectively. Congress is committed to securing the border and enforcing our laws, and together with the Trump administration, we will get this done.

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Will Tilbury The first time ever in the how many years you've been Speaker you just now visit the border? Pathetic. This country is built by immigrants, your hatred for them and attempts to keep them out saddens and sickens me. Shame on you.
Gerrick Wilkins Mr Speaker-we don't need you taking tours we need you back in Washington repealing the ACA and reforming the tax code! It's unbelievable congress is already on recess and you've haven't done anything!!
Charles E Johnson Speaker Paul Ryan Stay on course Sir. If you see this also repeal Obamcare now but it gets enforced when it is replaced, may seem odd but will assure people it will get done.
Craig Viknx Under FairTax HR 25 illegals, criminal, tourist pay full 23 % tax Americans get a Prebate with S 155 & end up paying a lot less. Plus it is a pro growth tax system , pro people, tax system, pro transparent government,,, ALL the things Republicans ...
Marco Antonio Cabrera I don't know about others, but I lived in a border town and it was what I considered to be the safest and most laid back lifestyle I could imagine. Most of the proponents of the wall from this post seem to live in the north..yes I looked at your ...
John McCain
06:48 02/24/2017

Must-read article in today's Wall Street Journal →

How the President Can Reassure Europe
How the President Can Reassure Europe

Politics & Ideas columnist William A. Galston writes that Trump should repeat after Mattis: Defending NATO allies from attack is “a bedrock commitment.”

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Caleb Patrick Orth Stop talking and take action! If you don't help us rid ourselves of this tyranny, you will end up being exactly what Trump said you are. A coward.
Gloria Austin Yes, a statesman-like speech from 45 on ANY topic would be welcomed by many. But really, isn't that bar a little high for this president? Seriously.
Carla Murphy For the love of God you fool, McCain, Please retire and get out of My President's way. You are a shameful individual and you cannot be considered a republican or even a conservative by any standard!
David Jackson What is the matter with you McCain! How can you be more critical of President Trump that even the media! Are you suffering from some illness? He is trying to save the county after Obama's attempt to wreck it and all you can do is cause him flack! Maybe ...
Ross Younger By begging Russia for contributions? Wait, that's you Senator. I respect your service to our country, but at this point, we are better WITHOUT YOU. Go away
Speaker Paul Ryan
07:24 02/24/2017

Obamacare is failing. We need to reverse the damage that has been done.

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Terri Mento You had years to come up with something, and wouldn't. So what is the plan now? Trust you now? I don't think so.
Connor Anthony Mr. Ryan. I want you to be honest about things. Is it that you believe that Obamacare has caused damage? Or are you bought off by health insurance companies, and don't really care about the American people? Because if we merely repeal Obamacare and ...
John Broadis My premiums went from a pre Obamacare $178 to $852 (more than my mortgage and car payment on a POS 2005 Ford combined). I no longer have insurance. It's more important for me to have a roof over my head, food on the table and the ability to get to work.
Cyndy Letsinger La Puma 1/2 paid democrats at Town Halls 1/2 pissed off voters who elected the Senate and House to REPEAL Obamacare. JUST DO IT! Then work on each line item. Paul Ryan is dragging his feet...hold them all to the coals
Anna Giannini Raimondo I pay just for me 900.00 a month. This Obama care is killing me. Paying for the people who can't afford it is fine, but, as usually, people know how to work the system. My husband had 3men at work who turned down a2 dollar an hour raise because they ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
07:24 02/24/2017

We need to replace our outdated tax code with a more competitive and fair system, and that's what our plan would do.

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Mary Whitted I really hope that this plan will give some relief to lower/middle class single people with out children. :-/ There's zero help in this tax-pool.
Cathy Peebles So many people behind you and praying for you and our sweet country America, Paul Ryan. Thank you and please continue with a strong resolve. Cathy Peebles
Randy Dossett What about me? I pay for you. What about me? I'm suffering. What about me? If everyone decided not to pay. Then the government can't pay its bills and y'all are out of a job. I can hunt too!!
Jim Harber FAIR TAX! NOT FLAT TAX or any other make believe tax system. FAIR TAX eliminates the IRS and all payroll taxes. No more corporate taxes which eliminates the embedded taxes we pay for products. Plus a monthly rebate check (equivalent to the current ...
Kim Fulton Wendel Ha ha ha! Momentum builds for a tax plan that will benefit the 1%?! Give me a break. You are ridiculous! Momentum for the Resistance is building. Momentum to vote you out is building. Think you misheard the momentum.
Speaker Paul Ryan
07:24 02/24/2017

Anti-Semitism in any form is abhorrent, and I encourage authorities nationwide to take these threats seriously.

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Dan Sweatt Yo your boy had a question about this posed to him by a Jewish reporter and he called it an 'insulting question' so maybe you should at least tag him in this?
Michelle Kesterman Bargo If you thing that bigotry is abhorrent, then you need to take on D.T. His rhetoric is dangerous and designed to instill anger in his supporters and chaos/ fear in his detractors.
Kristen Dean-Grossmann Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, blasted Trump in a Facebook post: “His statement today is a pathetic asterisk of condescension after weeks in which he and his staff have committed grotesque acts and ...
Alex Brooks You all realize this is just about Revelation and the apocalypse. Most American christians just want Christ to evaporate the non-christ people. It will happen now that His stubby finger is probing his little red button.
Julia Mertz Paul Ryan, your failure to act from the very beginning of 45's presidency and your cowardice has given rise to these hateful people. This weak statement does not make up for your lack of fortitude when it really counted. Shame on you!!!!
Speaker Paul Ryan
18:36 02/21/2017

→ We are taking bold action. → We will deliver relief from Obamacare. → And we'll keep our promise to you.

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Marc Matthews Ryan..... nice language shift... "relief from Obamacare" ... that isn't why we elected you..... REPEAL IT NOW. It's the first year of the presidency, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT. Any fallout will dissipate.
Rebecca Bauer Most Americans do NOT want the ACA repealed. And you know that. You are undermining people's health and making it a cost center. We see through this, and we will make sure we vote you and your cronies out.
Jana Muhlenkamp Holy moly, quit talking about it and just DO IT!!! I'm being milked enough with premiums that have nearly tripled since this crap started...less coverage, extremely large deductions, and outright garbage...
Karen Meals REPEAL already! This ordinary American is being fleeced by Health Insurance costs! $2008/mo before $4500 deductible/person and $7500 OOP costs/person is an outrageous sum to pay just to be covered. I shouldn't have to pay for others. I can't f-ing ...
Lou Lombardo Please stop with the "repeal" language...just do your job. Find a solution that addresses the shortcomings in the law - and stop fanning the flames. Most Americans who are benefactors of the Affordable Care Act are just happy to have insurance. You're ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
18:36 02/21/2017

The special relationship between Israel and the United States must remain a cornerstone of American leadership today. Thank you, The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו for your unwavering friendship and support. 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

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Alan A. Abdo Israel is a terrorist state built on my parents land. Anyone who supports Israel is a terrorist.
Shanin Trivanovic Exactly what benefit do we get from backing Israel? It truly seems like more trouble than it is worth.
Anthony J Cartner You want to have a real conversation about crimes Isreal is committing, here this is one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_land_and_property_laws ... Israel does not flat sell the land to its' own people, it is all on 99 year leases. That should be ...
William Von Wickham Pop quiz. What is our Israel / Palestine policy? Oh yeah, I have no idea either.
Samuel Hayworth Should it be a cornerstone of American leadership to have a special relationship with a nation that consistently ignore international law and systematically oppresses people based on non-Christian religious justifications?
Speaker Paul Ryan
18:36 02/21/2017

We are going to rescue people from this collapsing law and replace it with something better for patients and families.

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Shannon McCallister If you need proof of why service industries do not work in mass production models, then look at the apparel market. Garment manufacturing is one of the few industries left that still require a large amount of human interaction in the production process. ...
Neil Padover Cool!!! Small thing? Can you try to make sure that the impoverished who you claim to serve aren't disproportionately affected by your new supergreat plan?! I know you want what's best for the American people Pauly! We're rooting for you! Please look ...
Mary Ann Tierno-Langelle You can fool some of the people some of the time, Mr. Speaker, but you can not fool us all! You are a quisling, corrupt, hypocritical liar who lacks a moral backbone. I unequivocally reject the corrupt Republican agenda. I unequivocally reject ...
Naomi Rider Paul, work to protect our constitution....freedom of press and and freedom for our judiciary to work separately from executive branch. Much more important than your rant about ACA. While you're at it, rein in 45's spending on golf vacations, his ...
Paula Jayne White Mr. Speaker, I just don't understand your rhetoric. You have this incredible opportunity to do right by Americans, and instead you stand around pontificating about a "collapsing law" to make yourself look good. Stop blaming President Obama for actually ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
18:36 02/21/2017

For the first time in many years, the Congress and the Presidency are united in defense of the unborn.

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David Heironimus Yep, and then you cut all the aid these poor people need to survive! You are an idiot Mr. Speaker along with all most all the other republicans. Yep, keep trying to cut birth control from Planned Parenthood that will keep reducing abortions. In fact, ...
Paul J. Ericksen Homophobic xenophobic misogynistic bigot... nice name calling. You obviously have no clue why the Democrats have lost almost 1000 seats in federal and state elections in the last 8 years.
Marguerite Drogo Carroll Yes you care right up until the moment they are born. Then you do whatever you can to deprive people of the most fundamental care.
Kim Ray Zogby If it weren't so amusing, I would be appalled at all the people who act as those who are pro-life are vile, as though they have committed murder....oh, wait -- abortion is murder! And as far as "healthcare" goes....First, do no harm. And why in God's ...
David M. Jacobi And Congress and the Presidency are also united in screwing the elderly, refugees, women, children, anyone in need of health care, education, a clean environment. 'Protecting the unborn' is a cheap, sanctimonious trick. Providing for those already ...
John McCain
18:00 02/21/2017

I joined Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this morning from the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany to make the case for preserving the world order that was established following World War II. I also discussed how Russia is challenging this world order, and defended the need for a free press in our democratic society. Watch my full interview below.

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Christina Hitz Thank you Senator John McCain. I want you to know that there are Republicans who are proud that you are trying to uphold the values that the Republican party once had. Too bad so many others have jumped to the Trump bandwagon. Thank you for showing that ...
DeeandLisa Augustine Atkin We don't have a free press now sir, please don't feed us your old school, donor class rhetoric - it shows a lack of willingness to address the real and serious problems facing journalism today. They're lying and cheating for their party of choice and ...
Libby Ostrowski I used to support you but not anymore. You don't like it when the press says untrue things about you. Now you are calling Trump a dictator because he is defending himself against a biased media. Shame on you, McCain, shame on you!
Jim Stevenson Thank you Senator McCain. As an independent, I don't care who does it, but somebody needs to save our democracy. Please help us.
Ron Robertson This guy is something else. The only time you get access to the "Free Press" is when you trash talk Trump. You know this, and will continue make negative comments to get your airtime.
Speaker Paul Ryan
18:36 02/21/2017

The Obamacare status quo isn't staying put. It is collapsing and must be repealed.

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Naomi DC Blah blah blah the EO was a poison pill now we wait while the GOP diddles by November the healthcare system will be crushing on itself and the GOP will be still be blaming Obama WRONG you built this $hit $torm you OWN it
Alida Fernandez Chacon It's not collapsing, you are eroding it. This to the detriment of your Constituents. You know the ones, those that are in dire need of care but don't have an extra penny to donate to your coffers.
Toni Duncan When thousands of people die because of this Republican Corporate Greed - will your conscience be bothered at all? Apparently not. Here are a few stories of real people and their struggles. For the moment some are alive thanks to ACA/Obamacare - not ...
Dorice Miranda Please Please Please don't pass an Obamacare light. You are in the driver seat now, complete repeal and replace is what the American people and businesses want. Get rid of this bad law and give us a free market alternative. Pass Senator Rand Paul's ...
Marilyn McVey Burton Many people in California are getting excellent, affordable care through the ACA. Tax credits and health savings accounts are of no help to people who are struggling to provide for themselves and their families. "Universal access" is a joke if they ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

By instituting a hiring freeze, President Donald J. Trump has taken a critical first step toward reining in Washington bureaucracy.

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Bettie Hall Harrison Nothing to do with this BUT I can't believe you reversed the ban on KILLING BEARS AND EVEN BABY BEARS IN HIBERNATION. what's wrong with you all? Please reverse your letting NRA have its way and continue the ban. Please...you have angered many ...
Christine A Morgan “You know what uranium is, right? It’s this thing called nuclear weapons. And other things. Like lots of things are done with uranium. Including some bad things. But nobody talks about that.” - President Trump
Leslie Sawan ...and destroying America. BTW, how do you justify the dollars we have spent in just 3 weeks protecting 45 and his family? Asking for a friend.
Dawn Hoyt And one of the side effects is that it is impacting child care for our military families. And making the lives of our wildland firefighters more difficult because they can't count on seasonal help, which is how this horrendous system is set up. Ya'll ...
Lyle Pitt Paul Ryan, the hiring freeze is hurting United states military veterans. The VA has a staffing shortage and military veterans get preference when applying for government jobs. About 1/3 of of federal employees are veterans. Paul Ryan you are working ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

We need to act before things get even worse. We need to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Sue Lawrik We have to remind you of something: Those Republicans who stand by watching all of this, silently, in the hope that in return for their obeisance they will get away with forcing a right-wing agenda of privatization, deregulation and inequality upon the ...
Kim Fulton Wendel I've just had it with Republicans' complicity in allowing an authoritarian to take over our democracy. You are not representing the people. I can't wait for the lot of you to be evicted from these offices you hold. You care about wasteful spending?! Ha! ...
Matthew Hitchens I hope the President has a nice, multi-million dollar weekend in Florida while I figure out how to convince United HealthCare to pay our claims. Meanwhile, Americans are wondering why there's still this obsession with "repeal and replace." Just fix it. ...
Chris Lagemann Why don't you take that 3 million bucks were spending every weekend for shitgibbon to go to Florida or the half million we spend every day Melanoma and the snotty kid to stay in Drumpf tower and put it towards healthcare you hypocritical douche
Stephanie Murdock Your party is not campaigning anymore. The floor is yours, yet you continue to post threats. Why don't you just do it? Oh yeah, there's no plan.
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

After the House returns following President's Day, we intend to introduce legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Charise Nesbitt Thank you Sir, for your courage and dedication to integrity and common sense! How refreshing and exciting it is to look forward to rebuilding a strong and good country with you as Speaker of the House of Representatives! Keep up the good work Mr. ...
Jay Michael Rainville-Squier I am a 36 year old teacher. I have an adoptive son who is 17. I have a chronic illness. I adopted my son knowing he had a chronic illness - he would have aged out of the system and not had anyone. Instead, I took him in. How will your/the ...
James R Duckworth It is a failed program. voted on only by democrats who lied on so many things about it to the American people. Democrats are no longer in control the program is a failure and Trump has directed that a replacement be put in place that will be fair to all.
Paul Woods GOP seems to think health savings plans are a solution. What a joke! Why don't you deal with out of control big Pharma prices and insurance plan out of control costs for administration and profits for their boards of directors. I'm glad Pharma stocks ...
Mimi Spencer Christensen ACA Obama care is not health care it is a health insurance scam on we citizens who have been forced to pay for it. With our taxes and our own deductibles and premiums. It cost we tax payers billions of dollars just to get it started. The insurance ...
John McCain
05:12 02/19/2017

Today I spoke at the annual Munich Security Conference on the future of the West and liberal world order that was forged out of the ashes of WWII. Make no mistake, my friends: These are dangerous times, but you should not count America out and we should not count each other out. I am a proud, unapologetic believer in the West and I believe we must always, always stand up for it — for if we do not, who will? #MSC2017

4.0k reactions 2772 comments
Heather Marsten I find your speech shameful, nothing to be proud of. It's about time you begin to support our country and cooperate with President Trump instead of working at cross purposes. Very disappointed in you.
Gordon Myers Senator McCain, the majority of the country voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. And now the majority of the country is waiting for Donald Trump to be impeached. We were mostly silent as partisans endlessly grilled Clinton on her emails, ...
Melissa Chaika Sobel Thank you for serving our country so well. Please continue to choose country over party. What is happening right now, and the total lack of any willingness to investigate Trump's Russian ties, is terrifying and endangers us all. We need your courage and ...
HabyandCristina Ramirez Trump got conflict of interest issues with deutsche bank, he owes Russia after the elections, and maybe he sold his country. It is time to start an independent investigation on this issue.
Donna Swartwout What is wrong with you Mr. McCain? I am trusting you to unite the party behind Pres. Trump..we voted for you and now you act jealous and spiteful..I thought you were a grownup?
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

This is the next step in a step-by-step approach to repealing and replacing Obamacare with an affordable, patient-centered system.

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Rachel Rawson Aren't you disturbed by Donald Trump's claim that the media is the enemy of the American people? That is a truly alarming comment and one that is counter to our American way of life. Our country was founded on the ideals of free speech, free press and ...
Michelle Thye Paul Ryan, I am so tired of Republicans, yourself included, endlessly saying they are for morals & the people... I have watched your party for more than 30 years - You are for power & lining your pocketbooks. If you want to refute this, don't do it in ...
Tito Balducci Impressive!! Some things to think about: A Trump supporting Facebook friend told Scott Mednick, "We suffered for eight years. Now it’s your turn.” Scott wrote a brilliant response asking how exactly his friend had suffered under Obama: "I am surprised ...
Carole Scrimager This is a bit off-topic, but do you really intend to privatize the Medicare system and give vouchers to people over 65 ? Why would profit-maximizing insurance corporations choose to insure the elderly, who very often need expensive care for chronic ...
Johnathan Raypole PR, has a agenda: to turn the middle class against everyone else. 1. He do not like the wealth or the would be better friends with DT. 2. He does nothing for the poor, open enrollment to Medicare all Americans below the poverty line, or he could pay ...
John McCain
05:12 02/19/2017

Today, I addressed the Munich Security Conference on the many challenges facing the United States and Europe: We come to Munich, year in and year out — to revitalize our common moral purpose, our belief that our values are worth the fighting for. Because in the final analysis, the survival of the West is not just a material struggle; it is now, and has always been, a moral struggle. Even now, when the temptation to despair is greatest, I refuse to accept the end of the West. I refuse to accept the demise of our world order. I refuse to accept that our greatest triumphs cannot once again spring from our moments of greatest peril, as they have so many times before. I refuse to accept that our values are morally equivalent to those of our adversaries. I am a proud, unapologetic believer in the West, and I believe we must always, always stand up for it — for if we do not, who will?

Don’t Count America Out
Don’t Count America Out

My friends: In the four decades I have attended the Munich Security Conference, I cannot recall a year where its purpose was more necessary…

5.4k reactions 896 comments
Mike Moser Your comments (apology) are reminesant of Pres. Obama's middle east apology tour. You don't speak for me. Let's have these debates in Congress, not in what remains of democratic Europe.
Teresita Hardin I've lost respect for Mcain. He's a Republican rhino, who wants to implement his own agenda. A globalist. Really a communist. Get out of the whitehouse. You don't deserve to be theire.
Jihan Kim Go John go!! You can rebuild your legacy after Palin w/ a dogged fight against Trump! The country can only count on sensible Republicans to check this national debacle.
Phillip J Elliott mccain is one of the biggest threats along with hi/shr bed buddy graham. they promote war and fighting in closed door deals to enrich their bank accounts with soros blood money, this creep is and always has been a traitor..............
Rita Deaton Bridges John McCain is an angry, obstructionist, old Washington establishment Traitor. He is fighting Trump because he's dismantling the power McCain and all his Washington establishment cronies, on both sides of the aisle, have in Washington. Trump has ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

For too long, the American people suffered under an executive branch that acted like the rules and regulations it created didn’t affect real people. That world has now changed. Thankfully, we now have a president who understands that regulations often hurt more than help. President Donald J. Trump recently signed an executive order that will retire two regulations for every new regulation created. Congress looks forward to working with this president to uphold sensible regulations and eliminate regulations that hurt Americans.

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Mark Eckersdorff That is absolute BS. here is a list of things where people have been or will be hurt: 1. Muslim ban 2. Dumping coal waste in streams 3. Repealing tax credit for PMI for low earners 4. Repealing Obamacare 5. Repealing environmental protections... The ...
Colleen Cox-Sax Do the American people get a say in the retired regulations. For far to long we've had a congress that works for themselves and their "party" and not the people. Just because a regulation hurts some bottom line profit margin does not mean it's not a ...
Shanin Trivanovic Seriously!?!?!? How about the real people you are affecting now tearing families apart sending people back to countries they haven't lived in since they were children. Do those people not matter because they are brown???? How about the regulations that ...
Lyle Pitt Paul Ryan I heard that in your high school year book you were voted and I quote "elected biggest brown-noser". I thought it was a joke until read the August 11, 2012 article in which you were interviewed. It is clear to many people you will sell out ...
Fran Rand get use to it trolls. too many regulations make Companies close down and people lose jobs. OVER reach of Gov't regulations is not going to happen under Trump. you can still have regulations and be safe without causing people to lose their jobs
John McCain
05:12 02/19/2017

Today I had an excellent meeting with Judge Neil Gorsuch - a great choice for Supreme Court Justice. Based on our conversation, and as demonstrated by his impressive legal record, it is clear that Judge Gorsuch has deep respect for the limited role of the federal judiciary and its obligation to uphold our Constitution. Judge Gorsuch has my full support & I look forward to the Senate’s timely consideration of his nomination.

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Julie Hill-Johnson You sicken me...You are just trying to pay trump back for a comment he made to you. I would protest you and I do...you do not LOVE Our Party and you are no longer invited...The Dems Invite you for the next inauguration in the year 2090
Nancy Werner Thank you Senator McCain of standing up to Trump on freedom of the press: Here is what McCain said: "If you want to preserve -- I'm very serious now -- if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial ...
Monique Bogle Fullmer I know this is off topic, but please, please do whatever you can to keep Steve Bannon off of the National Security Council!
Nancy Harris It's good your meeting went well. But Merrick Garland deserved the same courtesy. Meanwhile, the president disgraced himself in an unbelievable press conference performance. I know you recognize the problem with the chaos and incoherence in the White ...
Amy Latimer Rice Merrick Garland should be a Supreme Court Justice now. It's time for you to decide that being a patriot should be your legacy. You have a choice about how you're going to be remembered.
John McCain
05:12 02/19/2017

“U.S. forces could fair poorly in the next war they are called upon to fight…” David Ochmanek, Senior Defense Research Analyst at the RAND Corporation, delivered sobering remarks at today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, warning the risk is growing that our nation’s military could lose the next war it is called upon to fight. In order to sustain and advance America’s military advantage for the 21st century, we must not only rebuild our military, we must rethink, reimagine, and reshape it. This will entail tough choices, but these are the choices we must make to ensure that our military will be ready to deter and, if necessary, fight and win our future wars.

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Vicki Lightner Retire McCain, you're nothing but a closet Democrat. You are certainly NOT a conservative Republican and it's way past time for you to go to a retirement home. Another example of why term limits are needed.
Gilda M Sanchez I wish you could be POTUS 45, John McCain. Today's news conference with the incumbent is freaking me out. (I voted for Hillary, of course) And now we have the worst executive in command of our troops. Please tell Mattis to care for everything, I'm just ...
Kate Bucco Especially considering the current lack of competent leadership and embarrassingly antagonist foreign diplomacy. Maybe we should do something about that first?
Judy Elmore Way to go big John McCain, while likely true, just go ahead and broadcast our weaknesses to the enemies. Probably didn't need to, cause the "leakers" probably already did.
Luis Sanabria Jr. You imagine how much money$$$ America been saved we NEVER INVADED Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria....... Takes little common sense figure out America hasn't been making good decisions......
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

Coal country will finally receive relief from the Obama administration’s eight-year war on affordable energy. The Department of Interior’s stream protection rule—which is now repealed—could have wiped out one-third of American coal mining jobs. This is just the beginning. Congress will continue to stand up for American workers by abolishing harmful regulations and revitalizing our economy.

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Nick Waterloo Did you not know that solar for the first time produced a MW of electricity for cheaper than coal. Think about the health and safety of those coal miners and put them to work in the sustainable energy sector instead. Don't give them jobs that increase ...
Shenoa Tara Speaker Paul Ryan, the only voice you are listening to is the one of dirty polluters. For what do we defend this country if it shall be destroyed by the reckless, irresponsible, short-sighted actions you make upon it? Our land is precious. We want clean ...
Zach Matusinec This just in! Speaker Paul Ryan decides to be on the wrong side of history! Is it that crazy to ask mining companies to keep their operations at least 100 ft away from streams and to clean up their sites when finished? Regulation isn't killing coal. ...
Lynne Blazer Oh for heaven's sake. Are you monitoring and removing negative responses now, too, just like Trump?? What a coward you are, Rep. Ryan. And the Trump supporters say liberals need safe spaces... 🙄🙄🙄
Marion Miller Harmful for businesses not making billions of the sweat and health of the people. How about invest in the old coal states with new creative energy to employ people.
John McCain
05:12 02/19/2017

Today, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its biennial high risk list that highlights 32 mismanaged government programs that are wasting taxpayer money. Some of the federal agencies at-risk of waste, fraud and abuse on this year’s list include: 1. The Bureau of Indian Education, which continually fails to conduct annual safety inspections of its schools while making people face long wait-times for appointments at its hospitals. 2. The Department of Veterans Affairs, which continues to offer substandard care to veterans despite its budget nearly tripling over the last decade. 3. The Department of Defense, which badly needs implement the reforms advanced by the Senate Armed Services Committee that reform the way it acquires and modernizes its business and weapons systems. With our country drowning in $20 trillion in debt and growing at a rate of over half-a-trillion dollars a year, Congress must review each one of the federal programs that are designated high risk by GAO. It’s an essential step in restoring the public’s trust in government and to our long-term economic future.

Making Government Work Must Start With Cutting Federal Waste
Making Government Work Must Start With Cutting Federal Waste

Today, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its biennial high risk list, an essential Congressional oversight tool that…

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Debbie Hood Songer Thank God for President Trump to actually get this all done. No more all talk/no action corrupt career politicians sitting back on their laurels getting wealthy from government kick backs, lobbyists and special interest groups. Our workaholic president ...
David Joel Exactly. Not building a wall, getting idiotic about banning people. Where are the jobs, infrastructure and terming welfare at in the first 100 days? Yesterday was an embarrassment for the United States and for us true conservative republicans to see ...
Cindy Pace-Kennedy my husband, who is a disabled vet has received quality care from the VA in Madison,WI. the voucher to allow him treatment locally for cancer related to agent orange was life saving without disrupting his life.. the Doctors have been great and the care ...
Susan Pool I voted for you . Many of these people writing here obviously did NOT . I want you to support this President. Stop fighting him and his agenda right now. Take a stand later if need be but right now, I wish you to help him .
Rob Sarno Privatize the VA. It's the Republican theory that everything will be better privatize and get government out of our business except abortion, because old white men know better.
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:48 02/19/2017

It is a fact. → Obamacare is collapsing, and things are only getting worse. We will repeal and replace this terrible law.

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Amanda A Marvin You really don't know what you're doing! Step aside and let people who really care handle the situation. Stop focusing on Obama he is gone, start focusing on Trump and his corruption!
Albert Stroberg "Aetna Inc. Chief Executive Mark T. Bertolini’s compensation was valued at $17.3 million last year, up from $15.1 million in 2014, reflecting higher stock and option awards. WSJ" seems the insurance companies are doing fine -- maybe they can not make ...
Richrd Neal Obamacare was designed by the Democrats to implode. They just thought #Hillary would be in office and could then pick up the pieces and go straight to single-payer socialistic healthcare...#Trump blew that game plan up :)
Ginger Pierce Funny how the GOP backed the same idea for years when it was Nixon's idea back in the '70s. Up to Romney even introducing it for a vote in 2008. 2010 comes and the Dems finally back it and the GOP loses its collective mind.
Carole Scrimager I repeat my question from above . . . if "Obamacare" markets are in a "death spiral," why on earth would there be a private market to provide health insurance to the sick and elderly. Still waiting for answer . . .
John McCain
16:24 02/16/2017

Great story today on the Grand Canyon University Antelopes, the most spirited fans in college basketball! #LopesRising

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Pam Fulgham Today, I woke up and now I know Russia has taken over. Trumps attack on Media, the Courts, Intelligence. The list goes on, I do not think we will be allowed to vote anymore.
Jorge A Caraballo Sen. McCain, you need to step down already. You are another example of term limits and God willing next election the good people of Arizona will vote you out. You are a vindictive, old blowhard who is stirring the muck to undermine this present ...
Alstro Marie I always thought you were a republican, but i can see from these comments that you serve those on the left. At least be honest as to what side of the aisle you are really on.
Dee Dee Csorba You are nothing than a hack for the democrats. Your lawlessness will be discovered and we the people will do everything to expose you and see that you don't get elected again. You care nothing for the American people. Your nothing more than an Obama ...
Randy Holden Senator McCain, you are a RINO of the highest caliber. Drop the General Flynn thing and stop fighting against the Americans you once defended - you've switched sides. Either be a conservative, be a Republican, and stand up to the anarchists screaming ...
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