Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 01:06

Good news → With a unanimous vote, we are making progress on fixing longstanding problems with the VA’s claims backlog. Our veterans have bills to pay and families to support. The last thing they should have to deal with is endless bureaucracy at the VA.

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Mark Balson Watching the news is like watching Watergate in fast forward but with a big treason cherry on top. Invoke Article 4 of the 25th amendment. Your president is delusional and dangerous. Today would be a propitious day to do it in honor of all the ...
Roger Lamb Balancing the VA budget by ripping off aging veterans is abominable. If a vet gets his, 100%pay by being unemployable because of the disabilities, they should keep that rating, not lose it when they are elderly.
Denise Costello Swonk Republicans in 2017 the party of the confederacy. The party of racism, hatred bigotry. The party of us not them. The party of southern racist white christians only. The party of sexual assault. The party where you must be a southern religous Begay to ...
Kimberly Thomas PBS is airing a tribute to our military...featuring President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama! I guess it is too much to ask the current Liar in Chief with his model wife to honor our military.
Wendy L. Joines All the Republican enablers in Congress who are standing by and letting this Russian spy-President undermine our NATO alliance should eventually face Nuremberg-style trials, only less lenient.
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 01:06

Most of the legislation we pass in Congress is actually bipartisan, like S.419, which helps support the families of fallen officers.

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Cheryl Kantor Goodman Where's your outrage and distress at the astonishing reports about Jared kushner, who still has security clearance and who feloniously LIED on his sf86 forms?!
Gene Graney President Trump May 27, 2017 I just reviewed the 2018 budget, not enough spending cuts You must have $100 billion surplus by end of the fiscal year. I have written before, do not go with a ten year plan. That is a politicians dream, Congress does not ...
Betty Miller How about making Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) a bipartisan effort? Why is it necessary to pull the rug out on all working class Americans who have a right to single payer Medicare for All? Health care should be a right, not a partisan effort to ...
Dianne Layne Parker Your party is a disgrace to the world. These attempts of yours to act as if everything is just dandy in our government is pathetic. You could change how history will portray you if you did something, anything to stop this administration from destroying ...
Sherry N Karl Ditzler I am deeply sorry for so many hate filled brainwashed people by the lying liberal media Mr. Speaker I pray the media is brought to justice for doing this. Thank you for all you r hard work!!!! We can only pray they awake from their hypnotic state!!!
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 01:06

Awful attack on Coptic Christians driving to their place of worship in Egypt. Praying for them. We must bring those responsible to justice.

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Rob Trammell When was the last time you actually did something to help others? When was the last time your prayers actually helped people in need? Doing nothing is Paul Ryan's job. Unless it's lining Paul Ryan's pockets.
Laura Potts Where's your outrage over the white supremacist who brutally murdered two innocent men when they came to another person's aid? Oh, that's right. He's white and supposedly Christian, no comment needed apparently.
Marguerite Drogo Carroll How about we decry the fact that Muslims are tormented in this country. And the fact that those who dare to defend them are murdered. Still waiting for you and Putin's puppet to make a statement.
Justin Allen Sr. Were they Americans? If not, then as an American Christian, I must say let Egypt handle their own. We have our own problems to worry about.
Frances Lefkow You comment on Christians being attached in Egypt yet you have not one word of condemnation against the actions against Ben Jacobs by Gianforte. Shame on you. You are unfit to serve.
John McCain
11:42 05/26/2017

Army Chief of Staff General Milley agrees: President Trump's defense budget request for the would only stop the bleeding when it comes to harmful budget cuts to the military. Without a defense budget that truly rebuilds the military, the Army will continue to sacrifice much-needed modernization for troop readiness

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Rick Englebrecht The hundreds of people that wrote the budget for 2018 should be ashamed of themselves. They all should give back the money they where pay and apologize to the American people. Unbelievable! Lazy Americans. You people did nothing. Maybe use some common ...
Cassie Pena Senator McCain I hope that this spending will include funding for troops when they get back and programs for jobs so that they aren't forced into homelessness and sickness. If you make it bigger take care of them when they get home.
Eric DeBellis Serious question: Are there any concrete proposals as to what the additional funding specifically would go to? I'm not trying to parrot or criticize either side of the debate. I've just honestly yet to hear much detail on the matter.
Mark Steven Saari Our mortgages are upside down, we have no retirements, and your party wants to cut Social Security and healthcare. How can you look at us and ask us to pay more taxes to defend the wealthy's assets? I have a slingshot in the closet that is adequate ...
Steve Haberski Why don't you get the military to be accountable for the money they do have. We're paying foreign "generals" millions of dollars in payroll for soldiers that don't exist. Curb the runaway costs of defense contractors. Just throwing money at this is not ...
John McCain
11:42 05/26/2017

A “hollow Army.” That's what Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley says will result if we continue slashing funding for our military under mindless sequestration. Unless and until we lift the caps on defense spending under the Budget Control Act, the lives of our men and women serving in uniform will be put at greater risk.

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Donn Colby Sequestration is not the problem. Spending like a drunkard and expecting our children and grandchildren to pay for it is not the way to run the country. If you can convince the citizens of the country that the military budget is justified then they will ...
Dave Carpenter At 54% of the total budget, and surpassing the next 12 largest countries in the world, you can't figure how to eliminate waste and inefficiency and make do?
Donovan Pullen $125 billion is wasted annually according to a recent report which has been hidden from congress. Why increase the DOD when there is more money available by cutting waste.
Patricia Clark Watkins That my friend is why you don't need to be listening to McCain, bc he sided with Obama and let the military get to this weak state.
Matthew Victor Maybe we should quit wasting money sending women to ranger school, and pay for transexuals to have surgeries? Why isn't that being brought up now that you're a majority?
Speaker Paul Ryan
12:18 05/26/2017

Remember when President Obama promised that his health care law would lower a typical family's premiums by up to $2,500? A new analysis shows that premiums have gone UP by nearly $3,000 on average. Between premiums going up and choices going away, Obamacare is on an unsustainable path.

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Dawn Benefiel So instead of battling the Insurance companies that are bucking against a great plan, despite record profits, you have spent the better part of 9 years bashing a plan because it was not yours. Now you want to take away care from millions. That does ...
Victoria Lamb Hatch When CANDIDATE Obama made the statement about saving $2,500, he was talking about his original plan, which included a public option that would compete with private insurers, keeping premium costs down. However, PRESIDENT Obama had to face the reality ...
Leslie Zee Premiums under the deathtrap of a plan you pushed through will be zero $. No one can afford to buy it or will be unable to purchase due to pre-existing conditions. You are still part of the problem, Paul Ryan. I'm still waiting for the solution. Talk to ...
Sussanne Smith Make this go VIRAL! A Message to Liberals: 1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad. 2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated. 3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s ...
Adam Gantner Speaker. When will you be truthful in the hand your party played in sabotaging the ACA? The CBO also stated that the ACA would stabilize, but the GOP made sure that would never happen. #GOPterrorist
John McCain
11:42 05/26/2017

It's been a busy week in our nation's capital, and there's a lot to discuss on this week's Facebook Live Town Hall. Join me today at 12:00PM EST/9:00AM PST, and be sure to submit your questions in the comments section below.

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Jeffrey Prettyman What is your opinion about the budget cuts to medicaid, science and disease research. $1 billion slashed from cancer research alone.
Luciano J. Aimar Reyes Good information is key. Secure borders are necessary to stop guns and dollars flow into Mexico as well as the drugs flow into the US. A WIN WIN strategy is urgent in this matter for both nations.
Stacey Nicholson When are you and the rest of Congress going to hold the President accountable for Obstruction of Justice? He has as much as admitted it and none of you are doing anything about it!
Heather Jean Drug addiction is fueling drugs across the boarder but there is almost no treatment programs in the U.S. Fix that & it goes a long way to solve your other problem.
Jonathan Womack How will you fight against the new budget that guts funding for schools, programs for low-income children, and science research?
John McCain
11:42 05/26/2017

President Trump submitted a budget request this week that is focused on restoring readiness to our armed forces, however it is increasingly clear that the Army will never truly restore readiness until it begins to grow. Due to reckless budget cuts under sequestration, the Army is woefully behind on modernization, and our soldiers are increasingly unprepared to confront the harsh realities of 21st century warfare. Unless and until we end these meat-axe cuts to military funding, the lives of brave Americans serving in uniform will be put at greater risk.

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Cole Robertson I don't know about this guy. I think he made it up. Budget cuts aren't hard if they would pay less for the stuff they buy. It seems like the government pays a lot of money for everything. A lot of the stuff is so simple and doesn't have anything to do ...
Jay Mccarthy I'm disappointed senator. You only mention armed forces as if you have tunnel vision, and that is the only part you care about. There are too many problems with this bill including the $25M in security being added to trump tower. Not to mention him ...
Dennis Kruse Congress and the House need to learn to live and operate within a reasonable budget. At least Pres. Trump is trying to maintain the deficit instead of growing it like Obama did. You need to learn that the American people are not made of money and the ...
Eugene Sherman Greeley In my opinion: Fear based funding of the military-industrial complex is not a solution to the security of our nation. I served my country, I own guns; however I don't believe home and national security are best served by ignoring rampant social issues ...
Pam Kettle Was that a typo? Did you mean, "Unless and until we end these meat-axe cuts to healthcare, education, environmental protection, scientific research and safety network funding, the lives of all Americans will be put at greater risk."
Speaker Paul Ryan
12:18 05/26/2017

Democrats don’t want you to see this new report showing that Obamacare mandates, taxes, and regulations have caused premiums to MORE THAN DOUBLE since 2013.

ObamaCare On Federal Exchanges Increased By Average 105% Since
ObamaCare On Federal Exchanges Increased By Average 105% Since '13: Report

The average monthly premiums increased from $224 in 2013 to $476 in 2017, according to the report. The HHS official said the cost doubled in 20 of the states and tripled in three of them.

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ACatherine Noon Seriously? The CBO score just came out and showed that your plan throws an additional 1 MILLION off their healthcare, for a whopping $24 million, and you're still chewing old soup about Obama? Get over it and come up with some decent policy proposals, ...
Vicki Reed Harrison do your job and stop lieing.This is not a full repeal.Its a crap show,just doctored Obama care.Pass the Trump budget and tax cut.You were elected to go these jobs.Keep your beliefs out of it.You were not elected Potus.So glad your state has had enough ...
Kathleen Pepi Southern This CBO report: 23M lose coverage, $119B saved. Last CBO report: 24M lose coverage, $150B saved. A 64-year-old making $26,500 would pay $1,700 in premiums under Obamacare. Under the Republican bill, that number skyrockets to $16,100. BUT oh the tax ...
Naomi DC Ha ha very funny he CBO scored your death panel healthcare bill just as bad as before who are you kidding! President Eisenhower would be ashamed
Tink MacDonald I had company healthcare until January 2017 when I got laid off. Paid nothing each month and had a $5300 deductible. My state (WA) Obamacare exchange wanted $350/mo plus a $5300 deductible. That means I would have paid $10,000 a year before the ...
John McCain
11:42 05/26/2017

Montenegro may be a small country, but its desire for freedom and democracy is strong. That’s why the United States’ recent ratification of Montenegro’s accession to NATO was so important. It sent a message that our commitment to the NATO alliance and to the defense of a Europe whole, free, and at peace is unwavering. Most importantly, it sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that we will not stand for its brazen attempt to overthrow the Montenegrin government, nor its attempts to undermine the democratic aspirations of free people. Check out my interview with The Cipher Brief where I discuss more about why Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic integration matters to all of us.

Montenegro Needs U.S., NATO Help to Fend off Russians
Montenegro Needs U.S., NATO Help to Fend off Russians

The U.S. Senate last month overwhelmingly voted for Montenegro’s accession into NATO.

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Clare Anne Probert when you stop arming terrorists as you did with mossad and we ask nato un to leave england we all know peace and try not to harm another nation people we know peace until then please we do not need a un nato terrorist with military outfit in any country
Elizabeth Day The investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is ongoing, but what we already know is rather breathtaking. A foreign adversary attacked our election and helped elect its favored candidate. The president’s claims that no one from his team was in ...
Kriss Murphy Senator McCain, you seem to be all talk and no action. You seem to be enjoying your time in the limelight, but you are taking no steps to save our Democracy or save the millions of Americans who may lose their health care. Please do not let the ...
Joson Bourne And the Russians are feeling like we get closer to Moscow everyday. Look at the admissions map of NATO and you'll see we get closer to them
John Barnard Maybe with a legitimate President who isn't a Russian suck-up and who actually supports NATO, the US could help. But not now, not with this clown in the Oval Office. Geez get a clue.
Speaker Paul Ryan
12:18 05/26/2017

People are beginning to realize that Obamacare is in a tailspin. Insurers are pulling out, and patients are left with really expensive options—or worse, no options at all. We have got to make the market more competitive and bring prices down so that people can actually get the insurance they need and want.

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Kathleen Pepi Southern Go back to your college beer keg--come 2018 you will need all the alcohol you can get even with gerrymandering: This CBO report: 23M lose coverage, $119B saved. Last CBO report: 24M lose coverage, $150B saved. A 64-year-old making $26,500 would pay ...
Tony Lester Williams You cut Medicare and social security and social security disability you'll have a,major problem. Rebellion. You only think of the rich and not the poor who rely on these programs. Pull your head out of your you know what and think of your responsibility ...
Pamela Dietz Mr. Ryan, how can you in good conscience take health care away from 23 million Americans so that you can give a tax break to the richest citizens? You cannot spin this into a failure of Obamacare. The shame of catering to the wealthy at the expense of ...
Tony Lester Williams Also Paul Ryan. You call these entitlements. These things social security and Medicare I paid into for 50 years. I tell you what you live on what I make with owing lots of medical bills and trying to live and I'll take your salary and free medical and ...
Hope Turner People are beginning to realize that the current administration will not keep their promise -- to make America Great. We see that the recent proposed legislation benefits the wealthiest Americans at the cost of the working class. The tax welfare offered ...
John McCain
11:42 05/26/2017

I had a great time on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about my fondness for Twitter, the President's budget requests, and the importance of fighting human trafficking.

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Lorraine Pieren A prime example that we need term limits, and this "so called" republican candidate be history. He's a disgrace, don't know who keeps voting him back. He accomplishes nothing.
Gene Miale I was a true supporter of you but you need to resign you can,t even support your own party I guess Trump was right when he said you are no hero
Karen McFadden I missed it unfortunately but I did read that you trashed people for sending you nasty tweets. Perhaps if you were honest with your constituents and did what they wanted instead of siding with Trump almost 100% of the time, you would get more polite ...
Bonnie Norwood We've got to have a budget that doesn't take away from the most needy in our society, poor children, disabled people, the elderly.
Sherry Leedy Newcum Great! Too bad you couldn't have been this aggressive when you ran for president and might have saved us from 8 years of destruction!
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:30 05/23/2017

The House of Representatives just held a moment of silence in memory of the innocent lives lost in Manchester last night.

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Pamela Harding Porter I could care less about your moments of silence that won't protect Americans or others in the world... grow a pair and do the hard things NOT the political thing
James Silverstone Didn't the GOP start a war with Iraq killing thousands? I feel bad for Manchester but do not for phonies like Ryan who are selectively compassionate.
Suzy Davey Peers Did I miss your outrage about this: " Richard Collins III was about to graduate from Bowie State University on Tuesday. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army. He was airborne certified. He was a son, a friend, and active in his ...
Elizabeth Dayton Yarber I think you need to get on your knees and pray to God what you have done up there in Washington lieing to ppl all you Republican you think you are a Christian don't thing so.
Connie Bucksot They should spend time making a law that stops all this evil migration of un civilized people. At the rate they breed, we will have a serious problem here soon.
John McCain
22:54 05/23/2017

Join me this Thursday at 12:00PM EST/9:00AM PST for another Facebook Live Town Hall. There's lots to discuss this week, so please leave any questions you might have in the comments below. I look forward to answering your questions on Thursday!

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Nancy Roulston Warner Our government is us. Oh that everyone could read the constitution once a year and understand how it works for us. It is a messy business, this democracy of ours, always has been and with any luck, it will continue to be. Let's all pull in the same ...
Tina Frye Flores Thank you for your service Senator McCain. My question is how do you and your colleagues believe we can work to try to unite Americans? There will always be differences of opinion and policy of course, but the hatred from both sides is so very damaging ...
Corinne Baburi Please, please. please. Don't let them change the pre existing clause. Do not let them put restrictions on this. Everyone should be able to get coverage and not be charged a higher rate if they have a medical issue. From personal experience, the ...
Tom Osborne Sr. Why don't you get the heck out of Dodge? President Trump will never get anything done with back-stabbers in congress like you. I think you have actually slipped a cog in your brain somewhere. I just can't understand why you're doing everything in ...
Tia Sharon How can we get an independent commission to investigate trump - not only the Russia issue, but all of his conflicts of interest and improper profiteering of the honored Office of the Presidency? Please help us right this terrible wrong - for the sake ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:30 05/23/2017

To deliberately target innocent children is cowardice in its most heinous form. Our prayers are with those still searching for their kids. The United States stands ready to help in Manchester in any way we can.

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Jean Sitte As heinous as the bombing in England was, so is the attack on American kids and their education in the Trump budget. Not only the cuts outlined for K-12 but Student loan changes that will make it harder for the lower income students to go to school. It ...
Sally Somes Laird Ah but your POTUS is targeting children here in the US with the SNAP and Medicare/Medicaid proposed budget cuts. And you yourself have targeted them with the AHCA. Hypocrites all.
Gary Lee Charles Birdswill Wessler and Tom Kelleher ... Excuse me for repeating this but it fits your situation: "Sometimes it is better for people to wonder if someone is an idiot than for that person to open their mouth and remove all doubt." Mark Twain.
Vicki Yoder A terrorist or anyone who says "my way or I'll kill you" is a COWARD. Do not be confused. This is about Radical Islamic Terrorism. Period. Trying to control people by saying Do as I say, look how I say, behave as I say, Believe as i believe, Think ...
Charles Schreiber You target brown people across the globe and in your own back yard. That makes you the ultimate hypocrite. You will kill thousands more with your cruel health careless bill. Both of those make you a murderer.
John McCain
22:54 05/23/2017

Last night's horrific attack in Manchester was a gruesome reminder that the world is on fire. Yet when it comes to the great national security challenges we face, U.S. policy and strategy are consistently lacking. Whether it’s China, Russia, North Korea, Iran or radical Islamist terrorism, I have heard few compelling answers about how the United States intends to use its alliances, its trade, its diplomacy, its values, but most of all, its military to protect and defend our national interests and the rules-based order that supports them. This is still a young administration. Cogent, coherent policy and strategy take time to develop. But we should be ever mindful that our adversaries are not waiting for us to get our act together. Time is of the essence.

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Marc André But how can you expect to fight wahhabism-salafism when our western leaders mingles with the terrorists in chief ? Its ridiculous, thw saudi's are wahhabi, just like isis, boko haram, al-qaida, al-nosra and the talibans, THEY are the propagator of ...
Kenyon Moon I'm neither a Republican nor an Arizonian (is that a word?) but I appreciate your tempered language here all the same. I agree that use of terror and fear as means to an end are unacceptable, and it troubles me when language threatens the sum of any ...
CJ Schroder If we dropped cash money instead of bombs it would cost way less and deliver better results. Stop thinking of killing and destruction as a solution to anything (except protecting profits).
Gail Conner I am totally disgusted with you.... any time that you can bad mouth Trump... you take it. You are such a little man and are more democrat than republican. Why was there no investigation against Obama and Hillary???/ But, you politicians jump at the ...
Charlotte James Keep up the divisiveness. Keep being spiteful that you lost to a Democrat. That is really helping our country. Shame on you. You are not leaders.
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:30 05/23/2017

Young and innocent lives were lost tonight in Manchester. Praying for the victims and their families.

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Paul Allison Same, Im watching hate to see this...prayers with performers, victims, and all families, sure the President is up hearing of this tragic news. Prayers be with you all....
Jeffery Clark It is time to wipe these animals from the face of the planet. Give President Trump the authority to do so and protect all of us!
Layla Fanucci "McCarthy: The Russians hacked the DNC and got the opp research that they had on Trump. Ryan: The Russian’s hacked the DNC… McHenry: …to get oppo… Ryan: …on Trump and like delivered it to…to who? McCarthy: There’s…there’s two people, I think, Putin ...
Pearce Adewale Pray for the innocent women and children Who are about to lose their health Carr because of you unreasonable bill you are working hard to pass
Keith A Colonna Sr. Too many times now we have found ourselves 'praying for the victims' while western society does nothing to obliterate this cancer. Until the west grows a spine, we better pray for those still living.
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:30 05/23/2017

Not one, not two, but 14 harmful Obama-era regulations have been overturned—delivering on our promise to scale back the size of government. Obama's big-government policies made it difficult for businesses to grow. We're delivering on our promise to create jobs and get the economy moving again.

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Seth Tyler Robinson That's awesome, cut all the regulations. But you're not cutting spending. Why? Obama and Hillary would be proud of your budget.
Bonnie Jene The American people are very much aware of the crap you Republicans are trying to pull. We will remember at the polls for 2018 and 2020. Trickle down economics has never worked!
Leslie Drewel Paul Ryan, you are a sad man! Government regulation is for protection of its people not its corporations. Top CEO salaries have gone up 600% or more while poor people's have gone down 5% and middle class has only risen by 10%. How are these business ...
Steve Thimmesch Donald Trump reportedly asked intelligence officials to intervene in the Russia scandal investigation. When Nixon was caught doing this, he was forced to resign. It is time to stop this man for his abuse of power and obstruction of justice. No man is ...
Sheryl DiFormato Dear Silent Republicans, There is an existential threat in our midst, and patriotic Americans, coupled with our Constitutionally protected free press is fighting harder to keep that threat at bay than our Republican elected officials. It should no ...
John McCain
22:54 05/23/2017

Last week, I was honored to receive a port hole from the USS Oriskany – the aircraft carrier I served on during the Vietnam War, and on which my father was commissioned as Commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet and Vietnam Theatre. Thank you to the Resolve Marine Group for this incredible memento.

Resolve Marine Group: A Tribute to Senator John McCain
Resolve Marine Group: A Tribute to Senator John McCain

In May of 2006, Resolve Marine in the conjunction with the US Navy sank the ex USNS Oriskany aircraft carrier to become the world largest artificial reef. The vessel was sunk off the coast of Pensacola, Florida.

947 reactions 170 comments
Lori Battiste Keyser Shame on you Mr. McCain. Must be nice to have all the support now from those who would have never voted for you for President.
John Thompson I think a more fitting memorial given to john McCain ought to be a few old shares of the Keating Savings & Loan bank .!!!...
Julie Davis-Guest Please do not approve cuts in disablity, SSI, Medicaid, Senior assistance these people need all the help they can get. The very rich need to pay more taxes not the poor to middle class. This is just wrong.
Betsy Sentz I am hearing from many people that George Soros has you on his pay role, and is this true!!! If so, guess that explains your actions and behavior. This is sad.
Brian Wolfe McCain should explain to us why he won't declassify his POW records. He should explain to us why Col Ted Guy had him up on two counts of treason . Songbird should explain to us what intel he gave to the North Vietnamese that resulted in many deaths of ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:30 05/23/2017

The New York Times and Washington Democrats are now trying to blame the fact that Obamacare is failing on Republicans. This is disingenuous nonsense. The New York Times' own reporting shows that the insurance markets started collapsing long before President Trump assumed office. Obamacare was doomed from the start, and Republicans are on a rescue mission for the American health care system.

2.4k reactions 748 comments
Brenda Phillips OMG. You are going to try to blame the Democrats when Republican governors refused to extend Medicaid and when the Republicans in congress refused to adequately fund the necessary programs?! It most certainly is the fault of the GOP!! Well read and ...
Joe McFall LOL keep deluding yourself, Speaker Ryan. Obstructionist Republicans have been doing their best to undermine the ACA for nearly a decade. Trump's election and Republicans' unwillingness to support the law of the land just emboldened corrupt insurance ...
Shari Smith Whenever Democrats want to start a new program, they steal money from the people's social security, money that came out of the people's pockets. Then they are so unknowing about business principles that they craft flimsy programs that are bound to fail. ...
Karen Bartosiak Exhuse me but it is not Republicans fault, but it is YOUR fault. You should have worked on this YEARS ago, but you, Republicans and Democrats continue to sit on the sidelines and point fingers hust like u are doing now!! You work for the American ...
Debbie Rensing Thomas “The ACA (Obamacare) is far from collapsing. There is no question that the markets created under the ACA need to be stabilized but there are lots of ways to do that. Both the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Standard and Poors (American Financial ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
23:30 05/23/2017

Opportunities to reform our tax code only come around once in a generation. It is time to seize this moment and get this done.

1.2k reactions 475 comments
John Dixon "Once in a generation" is another way of observing acute spinelessness. This will end up much like "repealing" Obamacare!!! The GOP had opportunity under Reagan and George Bush. So, like "repeal", this is just another D.C. Insider lie
Christine Bakos Freiberg You have been a great disappointment as Speaker and also as a leader. You guys had 8 years to come up with a plan to turn over and replace Obamacare, tax reform, entitlements. I have come to only one conclusion: YOU DO NOT CARE at all for us ...
George Tinker This would be a good time to take a look at multi-millionaires and billionaires and force them to pony up. Middle Class & the poor should keep more of their paychecks (from multiple jobs), and we should tax 90% of the Waltons personal incomes back into ...
Steve Thimmesch Just keep your word and reduce taxes for the middle/lower income folks. Don't even cut taxes on corporations or billionaires. It didn't work for Regan and trickle- down won't work now. It is a fact that the wealthy do not flow down their wealth to us ...
Tiffany Norris Blah blah blah I need to give rich people tax cuts so I say it makes jobs because that's what they pay me to say... oh and I'm taking away cancer patient's healthcare but they'll still technically have access just it won't be affordable.
Speaker Paul Ryan
10:42 05/21/2017

Thank you to all the men and women who serve and protect our country on this Armed Forces Day.

895 reactions 140 comments
Brenda Gayle Tucker I can't believe after trump bashing and bashing the Muslims and their religion in our country trump went and gave $110 Billion arms deal to the people responsible for 911 !!
Cindy McDonald Yes thank you to our Armed Forces for protecting our Country. Ryan you are hurting our Country and are colluding with a POTUS who is dangerous to our Democracy. Why?
Kathy Jean Robneck I don't trust you at all. We elected Trumps agenda not yours. Republicans are spineless, it's time for a new party that represents the views of Trump supporter.
Christine Hughes Thanks for your Conservative Party Loyalty even if it means Loyalty to Russia.True Integrity is being loyal to America and The Constitution. Are you loyal to U.S. OR Trump&Russia? I am so glad that I didn't sell my soul. Good luck to you.
Stacy Burke You know about the Russian menace. Are you banking that your career will benefit enough to balance out the destruction of our government? We see you, Paul Ryan. You are a menace.
Speaker Paul Ryan
10:42 05/21/2017

Most of the bills we pass in Congress are actually bipartisan, like S.583, which prioritizes jobs for veterans in law enforcement careers. Our veterans have our backs, so we should have theirs.

772 reactions 177 comments
Lorraine Muller Fence, I care about people.Politics care about money and power. I choose sides but for whatever is best for Americans. These days trustworthy, is a fading word...
Mike Leighly Stfu Paul...you might fool some people but you don't fool me...you work for rich special interests not the American people . You are a dispicable person Paul...the worst of the worst.
Jeannie Marshall Get the tax bill passed and the healthcare bill through to get this country moving! Congress Republicans dont let the country down Under your leadership Speaker Paul Ryan!
Pam Miller It's too bad you don't have the President's back? You're surely not waiting for him and Pence both to be impeached! Everybody knows what that means 👑
John Fredrick Why do some people think,other people should pay for what is their own responsibility? The divide and conquer strategy by our politicians, both republicans and democrats has succeeded. It is not the government's job to take from some and give to others. ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
10:42 05/21/2017

In just 4 months, Congress overturned not 1, not 2, but 14 harmful Obama-era regulations that they tried to rush through in the 11th hour of his presidency.

Obama's regulatory tailspin has been repealed

Opinion | "Republicans campaigned on a promise to deliver relief and scale back the size of government. ... Now, we are delivering on that promise."

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Myreve Chambers What about supporting the Presidents the lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Republicans don't deserve to be in power you have no loyalty and many of you are there because of him and without his votes and carrying blue states many of you would ...
Moozhan Toofan Oh yeah all those harmful regulations, protecting humans, other animals, and the environment. Any one who's willing to do 5 minutes of research our actually read the regulations, can see you're just lying to the people
Ronda Turlington Mcintire Republicans, in particular the Trump administration, are approaching a historic decision that will shape America for generations to come. The endless hostility of the Left, exemplified by violent fascists on college campuses, thugs in the streets, ...
Jean Regenwether Oh yeah sure, go back to hurting the environment, the water, the air we breath. So you must support shooting bears and wolves in their dens. You must not worry about oil leaks on our land or in our water. You are just about taking away anything the ...
Laurel Anderson Regulations keep our food safe and protect our air and water. Rolling them back makes the country less safe for everyone. Nice legacy to leave behind. I'm pretty sure you have children, so what are you thinking?
Speaker Paul Ryan
10:42 05/21/2017

BREAKING NEWS → the House just passed a bill that would make the killing or targeting of law enforcement officers and other first responders a crime subject to the death penalty.

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Mona Arnold Just so you people know, sites are trolled! While you may not be anti, to disagree, may be construed as anti! My point in the injustice of this bill is murder is murder! A death penalty should be applicable to any murderer of anyone not just the ...
Sara Townsend This is silly, since when does violence against the police need MORE policing. Plus, if we're going to throw around the death penalty, then a police officer that kills unarmed 14 year olds should also get the death penalty. Except.... I don't believe in ...
Mona Arnold Than likewise, law whom murders should also be applicable to the death penalty! House, you have just passed a biased law! You have stated that the worth and value of lives relevant to specific careers to be above that of all! Disgusting!
Nancy Piotrowski Yes! And to Chris Watkins and all of the other haters: if you DON'T participate in criminal activity and DO what you're told by an officer, the likelihood of getting shot is reduced to an infinitesimal percentage. An unjustified stop, taken up in the ...
Tricia Sprague Sounds like limited circumstances: "The legislation is meant to cover all levels of first responders, at the local, state and federal level. The only requirement is that the homicide must involve federal jurisdiction. That means the murder must take ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
21:54 05/18/2017

From new sanctions against the Syrian regime to hearings on major tax reform, here are 9 things that you may not have seen on your TV that Congress has done this week to make progress for America.

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Stephanie Bevis I am SO disgusted with the politicians in Washington...SUPPORT Donald J. Trump! Stand up to those that are creating crisis! Surely you can do better. BE A LEADER!!!
Judy Kay I demand they build the wall, defund sanctuary cities, pass Kate’s Law, and kill this backdoor amnesty bill! Why don't you report on these things, Paul? Could it be that you want to ram-rod this through, so the American people won't have a say????
Sharon Angelloz White This is amazing. Why can't the media share the good things our government is doing for our country. It would be nice to watch good news instead of panels of peeps discussing only negative.
Mary Wedgbury You and the Republican do not care about the American people. President Trump has plans on improving our country and you all are making him powerless. Millions of people voted for Trump and going to turn against you and the other Republicans in ...
Bobbi Fotsch On June 21, 2017, the dog meat eating festival begins in Yulin, China. Over ten thousand dogs will end up on the chopping block during the festival which lasts for 10 days. The Yulin festival, which has no religious or cultural value, has become ...
John McCain
21:18 05/18/2017

Robert Mueller is an excellent choice to serve as special counsel. I am confident that he will lead a full and thorough investigation of all aspects surrounding Russia’s interference in our election. However, I still believe that Congress must move forward with its own investigation into Russia’s attempts to undermine our democratic process. According to testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee from our nation’s intelligence and military officials, Russia’s attacks in cyberspace are only growing. A select congressional committee would bring together members from both sides of the aisle and across committee jurisdictions to get to the bottom of Russia’s blatant attack on our election and all of the events surrounding it so we can defend, deter, and respond to future cyberattacks.

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Frank Dipalo Sen Maccain you need to ask Clinton’s team were the Russian information came from and why did Obama give Flynn the highest security clearance in the country.
Jose Arturo Mayaudon I just hope that it doesn't stop at Flynn and Trump, and if he's found to be guilty and others, that he and them don't get pardoned by whichever republican replacement takes over for the remainder of the presidency. We need to make sure too hold all ...
Ingrid Gula Did you have any concerns about YOUR GOVERNMENTS interference in the election in ISRAEL? Or were you hoping it would be successful in getting rid of Netenyahu? How about how you helped put Trudeau into Canada? How about y'all stop being so ...
Joyce Whitney Let us put to bed once and for all, Russia did not attack our election and the President not share classified information with Putin. We have already, put this to rest .. Let us do it again. For the Rino Sen. McCain, who thinks that he knows better ...
John Zona Got news for you and all of you other never trumpers. Russia is always going to attempt to interfere with the US. Hey John, get off your a$$ and go after Clinton
John McCain
21:18 05/18/2017

Due to last minute votes scheduled in the Senate, I will be moving this week's Facebook Live Town Hall to tomorrow, Friday, May 19th at 12:15PM EST/9:15AM PST. I'm looking forward to hearing and answering your questions, so please submit them below.

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Char Sangick 1. Is this Town Hall for your constituents in Arizona or is this open to anyone anywhere? 2. If it is geared to your constituents in Arizona, how will you determine if that person is actually one of your constituents from Arizona? 3. Is this Town ...
Julie Mason Two questions, Senator, from my 90- year old mother Dorothy in Queen Creek: 1- why didn't we elect Robert Mueller as President? 2-what happens to our country esp. national security issues,now that Trump is firmly under investigation?
Sandy Cervantes The comments on here make it very clear that many voting Republicans absolutely put party over country even when their representatives are clearly mentally challenged and unqualified. Would you support legislation requiring that all candidates for ...
Casey O'Bannon For years, President Obama bent and sometimes broke immigration laws and you did nothing about it other than propose a mass amnesty that would have made things worse. Why aren't you doing what the majority of Arizonans want -- helping Trump to build the ...
Loretta Whitt Davis Way to go to avoid any confrontation! Most people will be at work and can't join! What are you voting on? TrumpCare....after all the secret meetings of Republican senators working on it? And not a single woman on the committee? This is not standing up ...
John McCain
21:18 05/18/2017

Join me Friday, May 19th at 12:15PM EST/9:15AM PST for another Facebook Live Town Hall. Submit your questions in the comments section below!

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Kathleen Sheetz Are you going to vote against millions of Americans and take away their decent health care?
Sarah Parrish I recently read about your service and the things you went through in the war. I admire all of it. It's unbelievable. But how does the same person who did all that not stand up and get 45, who is DANGEROUS to all of us, out of office? Lead the charge.
Michael Richards I would like to see SWIFT and HARSH reaction to the Turkish Ambassador and his thugs- THROW THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and shut down the Embassy
Douglas Sumner Tell us why you have abandoned the Republican party and are not acting as just another obstructionist. We will see to it that you do not get another term!
John Stelmack Come out of the closet and admit you are a progressive. While you're at it, have your good buddy U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham come out of both his.
John McCain
21:18 05/18/2017

Too often in this dangerous world, the United States confronts adversaries considered to be threats to our freedoms. But there is no more literal threat to our constitutional liberties than a nation that would send its government personnel to the United States and proceed to attack peaceful protesters – and without shame. That is exactly what the Turkish government did this week in the middle of our nation’s capital in a despicable display of thuggery and repression, the likes of which has become all too common in Turkey over the last several years. This is the United States of America. We do not do this here. This kind of violent behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Unless and until the Turkish government understands this, I believe Turkey’s ambassador to the United States should take up residence elsewhere.

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Paul Bradley Anders Actually, Senator McCain, beating peaceful protesters is EXACTLY what we do here and is condoned and encouraged by President Trump, who represents your party. You have shown courage in some cases standing up to Trump, but too many times your tough talk ...
Elizabeth Yerian I agree hundred percent with Senator McCain. Those people who attacked the protesters? They can burn in hell! They are thugs and bullies-everything we Americans strive not to be. At least that was until Trump came on the scene. That behavior is not ...
Stephen Talbott Thank you Senator McCain. This type of behavior absolutely should not be tolerated. Thank you also for your efforts to get to the truth of Russian interference in our elections.
Tammy Nestor King YOUR nutcase President(not mine) has opened up the door for this kind of uproar and violence. Throw the ambassador and his cronies out of OUR country..
Aram Abdulkader This was a disrespect for American law and people, but I do not blame the Turkish government, because they think they can do everything in everywhere. They support IS openly and in return President Trump congradulate the devil Erdogan in his false ...
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