John McCain
49 minutes ago

I'm proud today that the Senate overwhelmingly voted 89-8 to pass the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA). The NDAA is the culmination of months of bipartisan work, and it is legislation in which all Senators, and all Americans, can take great pride. The fundamental purpose of this legislation is to provide our Armed Forces what they need to do the jobs we ask of them. Congress has no higher duty than to do everything we can to support our fellow Americans who serve and sacrifice every day to keep us safe. The recent fatalities during military training exercises are evidence of an overworked, strained force. Congress can no longer delay in delivering our men and women in uniform the resources and equipment they need and deserve. The NDAA is the first step, but now we must get to work on appropriating the vital, additional funding we have just authorized. That will take the hard work of negotiating a bipartisan budget agreement. We owe it to our service members to do just that.

On Final Passage Of The National Defense Authorization Act
On Final Passage Of The National Defense Authorization Act

Today, the Senate will vote on final passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018. This is the culmination of…

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Anna Margot Sen McCain, Regular Order is not a rushed bill nor is it a bill that rules out bipartisanship. Please do not support the new repeal ACA bill and replace with healthcare that eliminates so many American citizens. You know how critical healthcare is to ...
Ginny Harris And now we want you to vote no on the new, I'll conceived healthcare bill. Support your constituents. This is about people, not politics.
Jill Scherer Vote NO. Again, this bill tosses MILLIONS off healthcare. They are trying to rush it due to the time constraint. Taking your lead from Governor Doug Ducey isn't the right answer. Read the bill, listen to your constituents, and vote NO.
Barbara Goldberg Senator McCain, there are many people suffering from glioblastoma. If the Senate passes their healthcare bill, these people will no longer be covered because of a pre-existing condition. These people already have bills to pay. Do you really think these ...
Mary Beth Vote no on this healthcare bill, senator! Have your military, but give us our healthcare!! Give us DACA! You benefit from the besthealthcare that taxpayers can give you. What a relief that must be for your family! Give us that same benefit!
Speaker Paul Ryan
13 minutes ago

Happy 70th birthday to the United States Air Force—the best in the world. ✈️ 🇺🇸

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David Ahearn Stop killing Americans with your regressive policies, Paul Lyin. Deplorable.
Shar Paris Too bad you never saw fit to serve. Stop using these brave people as political props.
President Donald J. Trump Happy birthday Air Force! I would have served but my bone spurs
Joseph McCoy Defund Planned Parenthood!!!
Jesse Carpenter How far along are you on TAX REFORM????? Seriously, I want an answer.
Speaker Paul Ryan
13:00 09/17/2017

On this day, 230 years ago, America's founders signed the Constitution and forever changed the course of history.

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Herbe Smith And there are millions of so-called Americans, that want to destroy our constitution and tear our country apart. Congress and President Trump had better be getting busy on making America great AGAIN!!
Susan Dougherty I wonder how many citizens have actually taken a government many have had the opportunity to take a field trip to study our government...we must be lacking in education or parents have missed the chance to share the history of the U.S. with ...
Shannon Mathers Wow Speaker Ryan... seems that you are not very popular with most "people"... Maybe, just maybe, you and the rest of the traitors you serve with should start listening to us before it's to late for you and your puppet master's. In case you haven't seen, ...
Barbara Holliday So grateful for the men who signed the Constitution. It has afforded us over 200 years of freedom & a stable society. We cannot honor these signers enough. They held our fate in their hands & prayerfully (understand they had a day of prayer) put ...
Linda Yokel McKowen We are not a democracy! A democracy means everyone in the country would vote on every law....on everything. We are a constitutional republic. Which means we elect representatives to go and represent us to vote in our place. Keep that in mind Mr. ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
13:00 09/17/2017

This week the House voted to ↓ ✔ Raise the pay of servicemen and women. ✔ Strengthen our border protections. ✔ Defund Planned Parenthood.

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Gaye Perera You have had years to increase pay, the border threats are a diversion and Planned Parenthood provides health care and reproductive services to millions of women. Using your ant-PP twisted logic whereby every woman that walks into a PP IS THERE FOR AN ...
Linda Hill Shame on you for defunding planned parenthood. These funds offer services to our poorest most needful women. I am sick about this and your lack of understanding how this organization works. I didn't think I could dislike this administration more.
Jackie Triche I wouldn't be "bragging" about defunding Planned Parenthood. I would be hiding. You know, after all, you took from those in most need: Woman! Woman...unlike your own mother?????
Debbie Simms If you defund planned parenthood, make sure you provide healthcare, food and safe housing for the children until they are old enough to work. We do not need more double standards of a right to life. Medical care, food and safe housing is included in a ...
Helen Bullingham You defund Planned Parenthood and at the same time denounce universal healthcare and minimum wage rights - both of which are often required for young mothers. Truly draconian and hypocritical. An absolute disgrace in the year 2017. What kind of oath ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
13:00 09/17/2017

Today is a day of remembrance for those men and women who stepped up to serve and never came home. We salute all our MIA/POWs.

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Karl Bellstedt Say hi to the draft dodger
Cammie Magnolia Yet you support that old fat Draft Dodger in Chief and his THIRD wife the First Stripper
Geraldine Downing Trump couldn't go to war cause of his bone spurs, but this weekend he is going to play golf in NJ on yet another MULTI MILLION DOLLAR VACATION!
Roy McCarthy MEMBER OF THE: Ways and Means Committee TOM REED has protected Trump instead of the truth 10 TIMES Tom Reed has sided against the following: H.Res.186 Would force the Secretary of the Treasury to release Trump's full tax returns for tax years 2006–2015....
John McCain
23:36 09/14/2017

Today an overwhelming majority of Senators voted 84-9 to invoke cloture and advance the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 (NDAA) toward final passage. The NDAA is the result of months of bipartisan work, and it is a product in which all Senators—and the American people—can take great pride. While there are many important aspects to this legislation, at its core, this is a bill that will provide our Armed Forces the resources, equipment, and support they need to do their jobs, fulfill their missions, and keep our nation safe. This week, as the bill has been on the floor, I have worked together with my colleague Senator Jack Reed to incorporate over 100 amendments from Senators on both sides of the aisle, and I am proud that we continued the strong tradition of moving the NDAA through the Senate in a bipartisan fashion and look forward to its final passage on Monday.


Sep 14 2017 STATEMENT BY SASC CHAIRMAN JOHN McCAIN ON SENATE VOTE TO ADVANCE THE NDAA Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement today on the Senate’s overwhelming 84-9 vote to advance the National Defense Au...

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Markus Schellenberg I heard, John, Russia will start its military exercises at the Poland and Balticum borders soon.... is the Nato (U.S.Army and Rpoyal British Army...) ready for combat...?
Pat Eaton Today an American died at Ft. Bragg. Yesterday an amphibious vehicle burned 12 soldiers. Defense funding is the definition of insanity.
Maggie McKiernan Ridiculous waste of money! The biggest military in the world, does not need to get bigger. Start using our tax dollars for the people, not wars.
Barbara L Loving Bring our troops home. Endless war will never end. We need that money for so many things here. Waste of taxpayer money and lives.
Leonor Botal Good job Senator McCain. I am one of the few Democrats who voted for you twice when you ran for the Oval Office. Keep fighting in behalf of the American people especially Health Care for all. God bless and guide you in your decision making...
Speaker Paul Ryan
00:12 09/15/2017

Big news → The House just voted to: ✔ Fully fund President Donald J. Trump's request to build a wall along our southern border. ✔ Beef up enforcement against illegal immigration. ✔ Secure our national defense.

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Linda Magley Hogan Ryan you need to stand behind this president because that is who the people voted for. I hope your state votes you out on your next election, you are a traitor to the Republican party.
Silvia Marelli House voted to fully fund the southern wall. Wasn't this something that was going to NOT be funded by taxpayer dollars? We now 1) will fund the wall 2) will fund the bankruptcies of the contractors that will build it (very possibly) 3) will not get ...
Joyce Russell You are such a spineless, lying piece of crap. All you want to do is libe the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of low and middle income Americans. You are are a disgrace Paul Ryan
Nancy Ruggeri Catania What is he doing about switching to clean energy? America will be totally destroyed if we continue to burn fossil fuels.
Robert Frank Naatz You think $1.6 billion will pay for this stupid wall? Think bigger, much much more taxpayer dollars will be wasted
Speaker Paul Ryan
00:12 09/15/2017

Breaking News → the House just voted to make membership in a criminal gang a deportable offense. Violent gangs, like MS-13, are spreading across the country committing brutal crimes against our neighbors—young people who have actively avoided gang life. Congress is joining President Donald J. Trump in the fight to protect our youth.

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Anthony R. Rodas Deport the criminals. Yes. Preserve families and give the law-abiding people a pathway to legal residency status (not necessarily citizenship)
Tina Fuller Makes absolutely no sense because criminals already get deported but what your basically wanting is for WHO to determine gang affiliation and start deportation! Hmmmm. Your scare tactics are slowly but surely coming to an end. It's so disappointing ...
Gaye Perera So Americans in gangs committing crimes get a pass? What data supports the majority of gangs are made up of illegals? You do know the factors that increase gang membership, correct??It's already a crime to be an illegal, and already a crime to sell ...
John J. Mercieca wow, Trump and Sessions have been kicking MS-13 out for the last few months. I guess you needed to consider what pork to fill your bill with before doing the same
Alex Sykes You can pass this but not border wall funding. You can pass this but not tax reform. You can pass this but can't pass a real repeal and replace of Obamacare. This should have already been a deportable offense, but hey let's make it look like we're ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
00:12 09/15/2017

Your phone is getting an update. Your tax code should, too.

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Phyllis H Early Well you better get something done you didn't get healthcare which we still want we elected Trump (the long shot) for a reason and gave him both the house and senate DO SOMETHING!!!!! oh and let the illegals that are here stay and start letting them go ...
Lisa Woodruff Phelps Gonzalez yeah, and that new iphone is $1000, which most of us can't afford and completely absurd. why is it I suspect your plan is pretty much the same thing?
Shawn Graham I am all for a flat tax on all income from all entities.. But don't you think we should have a real budget in place before we start cutting taxes???... This will end the same way it always does... we cut taxes like everyone wants but nobody wants to ...
Chris Ramacciotti Even Ronald Reagan, who was president at the time of the old tax plan and how republicans admire and praise so widely, would be appalled at your current tax plan, you soulless twit.
Geraldine Sanchez Paul Ryan, DACA was the biggest Fraud put upon the American People, and we the American People don't want anyone to get Amnesty. They are illegally in our Country. It sends the wrong message to people that it's OK to break our Immigration Laws. Laws ...
John McCain
23:36 09/14/2017

The threats to our great nation could not be more severe and our job is to ensure that we have a military capable of meeting those threats. The National Defense Authorization Act ensures that we can meet these threats by providing our hard-working troops with the support that they need to succeed. This legislation is the product of an open, bipartisan process that represents the best of the U.S. Senate, and it could not come at a more important time.

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Charles Kimmel Americans vociferously demand that no Amnesty be given to illegal alien DACA Dreamer invaders. No, No, No! Americans now call for the impeachment and deporation of John if he stabs us in the back again.
William Lane I support you, but we need to find a way be more efficient in our military spending. The machine is too big and it is destroying our ability to provide for our own society
David Dahlgren That is the biggest shout out to the Militarized Industrial Complex and the non-stop war mongering, wanton killing and chaos making this country has been doing for the last 16 years. Your misleading misinformation really could be put to good use. Maybe ...
Linda Marchiony Francis Socialist policies, eh? So which socialist program are you willing to do without? Air travel, police, radio and TV, the military, federal disaster relief, cell phones, driving, the Internet...shall I continue?
Beth Wills We already spend more on our military than the entire rest of the world. If we don't spend more on things like infrastructure and healthcare, there won't be anything left to protect.
Speaker Paul Ryan
00:12 09/15/2017

If the anniversary of 9/11 and the human response to the hurricanes have reminded us of anything, it is that—no matter the tragedy—Americans are resilient.

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Susie Q Francart Yeah Lyin Ryan.....Ameicans are resilient all right. And if you dare go against WeThePeople and fail to fund the wall, you will be voted right out of office and us "resilient" americans will be better off to be done with you. for good.
President Donald J. Trump If it was reminded us of anything, it's reminded us that a large number of republican senators will refuse to fund aid to those in distress. Including yourself, Speaker Paul Ryan.
Anita Geismar Resilient, yes. But despite the underhanded wrongdoings of our current administration to take away every human right , Americans will continue to fight the tyranny coming out of your mouth,Speaker Ryan, and that of your colleagues in crime.
Paulina Trefault Flynn is in deep sh*t.... Lock him up! Lock him up! "Democrats sought information from three American companies in June after Newsweek reported that Flynn traveled to the Middle East in the summer of 2015 to broker a $100 billion deal between the ...
Michael Duane Setzer II Yes, But we need out Politicians to actually do what they said they were going to do. Not give use political BS on why they can't get anything done that they promised. Get behind the President and get the job done, or just get out of the way and let ...
John McCain
23:36 09/14/2017

Tune-in live as I speak from the Senate floor on the importance of the National Defense Authorization Act. America often asks our service members to sacrifice so much, and we must pass this legislation to rebuild the military and provide them the support they deserve. This must-pass legislation gives our troops the support they need to succeed.

US Senate Debates Defense Authorization Bill, Sep 13 2017 |
US Senate Debates Defense Authorization Bill, Sep 13 2017 |

The Senate continues work on the $692 billion Defense Authorization bill for fiscal year 2018. Senators also plan to debate an amendment offered by Senator Rand Paul that would sunset current war…

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Robert Layden Rebuild it for what? You have the great military people plus the Private military(mercenariness) fighting along the side of ISIS and Al-Qeade committing genocide in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Why do you enjoy killing some many humans. For Profits and your ...
Nephi Kemper Support the troops by first obeying your oath to follow the Constitution they're charged to defend; meaning GTFO of undeclared and unconstitutional wars, stop funding and arming terrorists, and use our military for defense instead of overthrowing ...
Julie Walther Would this bill protect, innocent Americans, who filed a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, from harmful acts by those who serve AF or any other may know who I am talking about!
Maria Fernandez Theil Mr President, Congress etc. Please do what you can to stop the destruction of our historical monuments. So many Americans are livid that this is allowed to happen! Please direct us on what to do before it's too late. Thank you! 🗽👏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼
Christy K Robinson Is Congressman Trent Franks's PORK, the new Star Wars boondoggle, in this NDAA? Ronald Ray-gun spent $250 BILLION and got nothing out of it, until Bush 41 stopped it. Don't start up that crap again while you're making moves on "entitlements" and can't ...
John McCain
23:36 09/14/2017

Join me live in a discussion with Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel on the premiere of the new documentary The Vietnam War PBS!

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Tom Fincher Discussion with John Kerry?? No thanks.
George Ronald Reuter Sr. Good grief, what a group of biased democraps!
Brent Robinson You're not a republican any longer. You have always been a traitor.
Steven Bugden PLEASE SHARE GENEROUSLY: Need health insurance? You can enroll in or change plans if you have certain life changes (like loss of job and health insurance after a natural disaster), or qualify for Medicaid or CHIP
Tom Brown Why is a traitor and John Kerry there.
John McCain
23:36 09/14/2017

Looking forward to speaking tonight at The Vietnam War PBS premiere. Join me live on this page to hear my remarks!

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Trent Steel Well the top row is full of turds. A traitor, a fake "hero," and a worthless Ahole who did his best to ruin the military. Probably won't be too many Vets there signing their praises, since they have done nothing but stab them in the back.
Diana Casalino He's an amazing human being. I'm not sure about his politics, but I don't believe the man means to do any harm & I have the utmost respect for his courage as a soldier, and as a human being fighting the battle of his life.
Billy Albert You are part of the problem with this nation, not a solution. You need to retire, effective immediately
Jack H Liberty Pax Romano dies with you McCain, Traitor in Nam, Traitor now, Pardoned by Richard M. Nixon of 12 sentences, & you still appear to think his pardon was for your lifetime, as you continue to aid and abet our enemies, ISIS in repeated photographs, year ...
Linda Brenneman Seriously? You signed NO to every bill put out to help our vets. Don't act like you care about any of them. You only cared about yourself.
Speaker Paul Ryan
00:12 09/15/2017

Great meeting with Vice President Mike Pence today. Congress is working side-by-side with The White House to level the playing field for American workers.

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Helen Bynum Speaker Ryan, you really are two faced. You say one thing and actually mean something else. Your comment at your private dinner that there is no way a wall will be built is one example. That wall WILL get built one way or another. If We The People have ...
Randy Erickson If you're not going to raise the minimum wage it's all a cruel joke for the workers. When the lowest paid employees get a raise everyone does. We need money. Greedy companies that paid for your re-election won't hear of a pay raise. Stagnant wages are a ...
Mary Matthews give us a break.....the country's mess is because of things congress has done...period!! we're draining the swamp and getting new blood in there - people who have actually worked out here under your ridiculous laws - who understand the changes that need ...
Barbara Hubble Rumor is that you and your cohorts don't plan on voting for a wall. The people want a wall! All 63 million Republican's and independents! Trump promised a wall and it is your job to get it done. You really don't want to lose 63 million Republican ...
Col George M Lind All of August was thrown away! Now more legislative days pass day by day! You will kick it all down the road again! Campaigning begins in November! You've left it all hanging, again, and again! You can't get it done ✅
John McCain
23:36 09/14/2017

Congress’s highest constitutional duty is to provide for the common defense. For the last 55 consecutive years, Congress has met that obligation by passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This legislation provides America’s service members with the resources, capabilities, and pay and benefits that they need to perform their missions and keep our country safe. The NDAA ensures our military is prepared to achieve the missions of today and rise to the challenges of tomorrow. I was proud to open debate on the #FY18NDAA, a bipartisan bill that gives our brave troops the training and resources that they need.

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Rudy Contreras NO it is NOT. Their duty is make sure people have a Good Enrironment, Good job, Good health plan, a place to live, food to eat, roads to walk, etc etc etc and make sure you protect everyone regardless of color, sex, religion, and on and on. Blessings to ...
Bea Burk M Our highest constitutional duty is NOT to go around the world starting wars and selling weapons or aiding and abetting countries like Israel with their apartheid and the Saudis with their genocide. It also is not to spend so much money on bullying that ...
Alex Al-Zaid kickbacks to contractors. did we really need to spend $500 billion on the f35? give that money to nasa and we'd have our own star trek style federation by now
Dale Bottrell Congress' highest duty is to serve the people of this nation as is the duty of the military. To subjugate the people to the will and needs of the military is a tyranny. The proper focus must be kept and Sen. McCain does not. The needs of the military ...
Joe Moran Oh, and why haven't you retired? You should have long ago. As far as bipartisanship...screw it, doesn't work. It only destroys traditional values at a slower rate...but still accomplishes the same end.
Speaker Paul Ryan
00:12 09/15/2017

America has the best workers in the world. They deserve a tax code that no longer puts them at a disadvantage.

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Raùl De La Rosa Ogni paese al mondo dovrebbe produrre e vendere la sua propria merce all'interno, in modo da tenere occupati e concentrati il proprio cittadino sovrano, nel proprio territorio. Oggi la economia globale " MADE IN " ha creato troppa disuguaglianza tra ...
Phillip Zezulak Tax reform is needed but shouldn't be the sole national priority. You will alienate many people and start loosing seats. Try to think of ways to actually help the average working class person and the financially insecure, people who can't find full ...
Patricia W Buhrman They need strong union representation to make sure bosses don't take advantage of them. They need a larger minimum wage.
Myk Hranicka In order to figure out how hard it is to make an "average" living in this country, you should first show every politician what it's like. Give yourselves a middle class salary. Give yourselves the average health care plan. Give yourselves only 2 weeks ...
Kurt Geissel Then have the rich pay as much as the middle class does and end corporate welfare. ONLY that gets more money into workers pockets thus producing more demand.
Speaker Paul Ryan
11:24 09/12/2017

9/11 is a sacred day. A day for the innocents we lost. A day for the heroes we gained. They saved lives. And, in a larger sense, they saved us all. The years pass, but the shock does not. It never will. We will never forget. God bless America.

1.2k reactions 170 comments
June Macklin There are either a lot of trolls taking advantage of 9/11 with their ridiculous rants, or a lot of Trump supporters using their faux nostalgia to further divide our country. Trump lied thru his teeth about everything he saw and did in regards to the ...
David J. Ingraham I just listened to Rep. Stephanie Murphy express comments of national importance as a litany of her disrespect for our nation and the president of the United \States. That she is expressing her own stupidity of the issue with out any real input other ...
Judi Anne Hood I want to know if you're going to be calling for a vote of censure against congressman Gutierrez? Where exactly do you stand Congressman Ryan? What kind of American are you? What kind of a leader are you?
Milda Gustafson Yes, we will never forget that day. I can still remember where I was when I first heard the bad news. May God continue to bless America.
Christine Watson And yet, your an open boarders believer! You and your ilk are flooding this great Country with every muslim you can get here. You must be lining your pockets with middle east money.
John McCain
10:48 09/12/2017

9/11 is a day for somber remembrance... remembrance of the brave Americans who gave their lives on that dark day and remembrance of our men and women in the armed service who have continued to sacrifice to keep America safe.

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Saundra Brake Pandering to your constituents? Please resign and let someone who truly represents us go to Washington. You have failed us.
Suzanna Rosanna Danna Oh and remember that the government let 19 terrorist free to kill 3,000 Americans. I remember that well
Jeff Roze Yes, I will always remember those who were killed by terrorism in and out of this Country, however this is the real John McCain: John McCain was pardoned once for war crimes by Richard Nixon, however seems to think he ...
Tempest Ogg Reres you are a disgrace to your party and the American People. Retire, go away.. You are nothing but a RINO Swamp Monster. Shame on you, you traitor
Connie Perry Senator, I voted for you , but when you voted no to repeal and Replace, I lost ALL interest and respect for your opinions. Will listen to others tributes about this devastating day.
John McCain
10:48 09/12/2017

Your weekend must-read from the Washington Post Editorial Board:

Opinion | Another cyberattack alarm is going off. We need to start paying attention.
Opinion | Another cyberattack alarm is going off. We need to start paying attention.

Electric and industrial operators need to prepare for a new cyberthreat that could take aim at the U.S. power grid.

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Alan Sprague You need to pack your crap and get ready for retirement. You'll never get re-elected after the last two months.
Emily Runs If survival has come down to "cyber strength" then I'd say we are much more robotic than human. How sad......
Robert Wood Why do you care? You care obviously more about money, than any American's life! You do not deserve to call yourself an American. You deserve to call yourself Greedy.
Janice Johnston If we started paying attention to Science, in general, we would have a better platform for informed, realistic decision making for all threats. Sen. McCain, as your constituent, I emphatically request you consider expanding budgets for our sciences and ...
James Parks Jr. Can our electric grid be on a system that is not connected to the world wide web? I think it is time to sever the connection of these assets to the general internet. They need to have their own entirely separate internet from the community at large. Why ...
John McCain
22:00 09/09/2017

Important read from House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry:

Opinion | Congress keeps holding military funding hostage. That’s a recipe for disaster.
Opinion | Congress keeps holding military funding hostage. That’s a recipe for disaster.

The military branches are all struggling with funding and personnel shortages. It’s Congress’s duty to fix that.

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Kaye Baker Another Obamacare bill for vote Monday . They hope you are distracted by your personal battle and vote with them and destroy ACA without a replacement. Hope you stick to your guns - and get dialogue about single provider in serious conversations! I ...
Joe Woodman The John McCain Story McCain graduated 894th in his class of 899 students from the Naval Academy! He was known for being wild and it usually revolved around women. He was a member of a group of students who called themselves "The Bad Bunch". He married ...
Richard Moorhead Still haven't answered my question. For someone who calls Trump a dictator it seems you fear criticism. Why do you shill against an Independent Syria? Why are you carrying water for terrorist-aligned and Gulf state-controlled goons who are increasingly ...
Sandra Duncan I have a problem this. First, make it a separate stand alone bill. Second #REPUBLICANS own Congress. Third, work it out. Money for soldiers not contractors. I do not ever want to see another Socks for Soldiers campaign., nor another commercial for ...
Mitchell Horton How much money does the DoD Need? When I was doing the Marine Corps books there was millions being wasted. Audit the DoD then ask for more money.
Speaker Paul Ryan
22:36 09/09/2017

Our tax code is currently trapping trillions of dollars in American profits overseas. That's crazy. We need to reform our tax system so that these American companies can reinvest this money back into our economy.

499 reactions 489 comments
Judith Felsten Parked overseas, yes. Trapped? Only in the sense that greed is a moral trap. These execs could use the $ for reinvestment if they weren't ethically comprised and reinforcing each others' greed.
Amichai Ben Leah Speaker Ryan is doing a fine job, just as Boehner did before him (Pelosi, not so much). The Speaker, whoever it is, is 3rd-in-line to the Presidency of the United States. Their sole job is to coordinate matters in the House of Representatives, trying to ...
Lisa Gerhart Will you all pray with me, Dear Heavenly Father I pray that you continue to give your clear guidance, wisdom and protection to our President, I Am asking you God to reveal those that are against America and expose their evil intent, bind them and remove ...
Peggy Munson Now you are funny! All the blither and blather and you did not even know what the minimum wage is in your own home state of Wisconsin. And you think you can revise the tax code? You are a fraud!
Uomi S. Brog Meaning, continue to burden individuals with tax, but get big corporations off the hook so the 1% can get richer and US workers can work for slave wages.
Speaker Paul Ryan
22:36 09/09/2017

Good news for all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This bill is off to President Donald J. Trump's desk.

577 reactions 438 comments
Michele Montagano Everson So you did one good thing and 20 bad things, stop patting yourself on the back
Yvonne L Alexa I think its becaue we have so much trade and businesses in Texas. Florida, and the Islands need help too. One little Island is barely havitable. I don't hear anything about htat.
Rodney Hancock The woman in the blue suit coat is still hunting for the American flag the Astronauts left on the planet Mars!
Kevin Kangas Let NO CRISES go to waste. In this case you get to kick the spending and deficit problem down the road under the cover of hurricane relief. Spineless cowards.
Richard B. Winefeldt Speaker of the House, power of the like he carries a purse. Such a spineless two-face back stabber.
Speaker Paul Ryan
22:36 09/09/2017

Our goal with tax reform is to help families. This means giving middle income families a tax cut and simplifying the tax code so much that people can fill out their taxes on a postcard.

1.3k reactions 937 comments
Janie Sagmoe and what will we lose in the process? mortgage interest deduction? medical? child care? exemptions? that's what's going to determine whether this 'tax cut' lowers or raises our taxes! Forget trying to fit our returns onto a "postcard"... that's ...
David Williams Everything you say sounds like it is going to help us. In the end, those that benefit are the super wealthy. You personally have no perspective in working hard, smartly and long hours while your wages fall year over year. I wish on you a 10 year ...
Floris Heukensfeldt Jansen Middle income families tax cut - cool. Business tax cut - mmmOK. More money for the military - wasted. Money for "the wall" - snort. I see less income and more spending. How does this not lead to massive increases in debt. And don't tell me "the economy ...
Phil Louridas Hurricanes, floods, fires, Nazis marching in the streets, a president under investigation for collusion with a foreign power. Unsurprisingly, Speaker Paul Ryan feels this is an excellent time to talk about taxes.
Irving Mcelroy Ryan isn't telling the whole story. He's left out some ustated truths. He says the goal in tax reform is to help families. This means giving the middle finger to them while he's makes promises they have no plans on delivering.
John McCain
22:00 09/09/2017

Today, Senator Dick Durbin and I introduced a resolution condemning the horrific acts of violence being committed against the Rohingya ethnic minority in Burma, and calling on Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi to take action to stop this humanitarian tragedy and use her remarkable voice to condemn the atrocities being committed against the Rohingya.


Sep 07 2017 McCAIN & DURBIN RESOLUTION CONDEMNS VIOLENCE AGAINST BURMESE ROHINGYA, CALLS ON AUNG SAN SUU KYI TO ACT Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) today introduced a resolution condemning the horrific acts of violence being committed against the Rohingya e...

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Catherine McGuire Needham It's nice you care about people so far away, really it is. However, I would hope you would be more concerned with the people who voted for you. I hope you would be more concerned with the destruction hurricanes have caused this year (and the category 5 ...
Marina Coblentz "Her remarkable voice": you must be kidding, a while back when asked about the condition of the Rohingyas she stated that she is not a human rights activist but a politician and recently that the Rohingyas are terrorists. She was a hope for Myanmar, ...
Ilmi Krasniqi You are right sir John McCain. There is ethnic cleansing and genocide against rohinga people going on there. There is not much done in that direction. You are doing everything you can. Like you always have fought the right and feared no man.
Sergey Kondrashov It seems that the issue of the Rohingya/Rakhain intercommumal conflict is now a object of significant moral panic. What would be more reasonable, is not to judge immediately, but insist on international expertise of both sides evidences.
Jack Moore I sure wish you cared about the American taxpayer and less about everything else, especially illegal aliens, regardless of the age. You campaigned under false pretenses and since the election have done everything in your power to go against what you ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
22:36 09/09/2017

We want America to wake up on New Year's Day 2018 with a new tax system. It would be a game changer for our country—increased wages, economic growth, and more American jobs.

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Dale Pelletier The first Ryan budget was written by the Heritage Foundation (ALEC). It was based on projections from the first Bush tax cuts. The second Ryan Budget was written by the Heritage Foundation (ALEC). It is based on projections from the first Bush tax cuts....
David Heironimus To hell with the tax system, why the hell aren't you activating the US Air Force C-17s and C-5s to help evacuate Florida and the Islands? Come on man, use your brain. I am a retired US Air Force C-141 Loadmaster and we evacuated people from all over ...
Heather Calvert Nobody thinks you're smart enough to pull this off plus trickle down economics don't work. If you want to do something big and important for our country by the new year, impeach Trump.
Billie Lobraico Please remember who ryan really works for and it's not the taxpayers. Look at his contributors. Koch bro, Diana Hendricks, Wall Street , big pharm, etc. But not us taxpayers.
Keith Pearcy Any new tax plan that Speaker Paul Ryan and company comes up with will only cost the working people of this country more money out of their pockets !!
John McCain
22:00 09/09/2017

Attaching emergency funding for hurricane relief to a must-pass continuing resolution and debit limit increase is irresponsible and a dereliction of our most routine duties. It is a result of yet another self-inflicted crisis. Instead of returning to regular order by moving individual spending bills to fund our government and our national security priorities, with ample time for debate and amendment, we are shirking our responsibilities and kicking the can down the road. All of this to the detriment of the men and women serving in our military during a time of incredible global uncertainty. As much as I want to vote to provide assistance to the people of Texas and Louisiana, I simply cannot vote for another continuing resolution that will harm our men and women in uniform.

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Matthew Velonis I'm calling BS on your righteous indignation. You just wanted a harder kick of that can further down the road. You weren't happy with 3 months because you and your buddies didn't want to argue budgets during the election season.
Teresa Chandler Alexander NO one hears you anymore McCain... You speak out both ends these days.... Just rambling on and appeasing your leftists liberal followers.... You are irrelevant now
Marie DeMayo Winters You are a disgrace. The only thing you stand up for is disagreeing with anything our President wants to accomplish. If he'd done what you say, you would still disagree with him. He could find a cure for brain cancer and you'd still not support ...
Marion Holtzmann You RINOS are the only ones kicking the can down the road. Unfathomable how you keep pointing the finger at everyone else but yourselves. You are unable to get anything done.
Beth Holick thank you John McCain I for one am tired of the sneaky bills that get passed in the name of one that matters this should just be about Texas right now and then Florida if needed. each bill should be passed on it's own merit!
John McCain
09:06 09/07/2017

Burma stands at a critical juncture in its transition to a free and democratic state. Peace and stability will only be achieved when the rights of all peoples in Burma are respected. The Rohingya community has a long history in Burma and they have contributed significantly to the country's unique social fabric. They deserve the same rights and protection as Burmese citizens. To move forward, I hope you will work towards a cooperative relationship with the Rohingya and facilitate a path of genuine reconciliation and reform.

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Nevile Stocken Senator Mc Cain. It seems you have to wade through a lot of trolls to get to rational opinions f,or you to read. Thank you for your statesmanlike letter on the Burmese situation. I may not always agree with your positions, but I know that they are ...
Trish Ellis Horejsi Thank you, Senator John McCain, from a constituent who realizes we are all on the same planet. I think the haters that continually 'follow' you just like to hear themselves talk, without any knowledge or concern for humanity.
Elaine Small Morgan Really John McCain? Time to leave public service, why don't you care about OUR President and the people who elected him. Time to drain the are a Traitor to good Conservative Republicans😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🇺🇸
Patty Powell Mckinney McCain, stand up for the vets in this country getting poor health care at the VA Oh, also stand behind your president
Roy Carter Jr. What about the rights of all Americans? The GOP blocked three dozen federal judges from being appointed by democratically elected President Obama, now the fascist acting Trump administration will, no doubt with the support of the GOP, lean federal ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
09:42 09/07/2017

In this country, when citizens see each other in need, they step up, and they answer the call. America will emerge from the storm stronger than ever before.

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Tom Smalley It’s easily one of the most horrific crimes of the year in the Atlanta area, and now WND has found that the lead suspect is an illegal alien from Latin America. On June 15, police arrested three Hispanic teenagers accused of raping a 23-year-old ...
Jeanne Crenshaw Don't forget our Neighbors to the south who, at great risk and peril, voulnteered to help, risking life and limb, Speaker Ryan
Linda Furlong Up chuck & nutty nancy out did you & mitch. Why the h*ll can't you Republicans stick together & support President Trump. When it comes to DACA no Republican did a da*n thing to stop it for fear of looking to be racists, going against obozo. I'm sick & ...
Carol Bellah Dillingham My Letter to Congress Dear Congress, The American people are angry & furious with every one of you; both parties. •Democrats have become socialists which does not help Americans. Look carefully at the Civil war in Venezuela! The poor baby in ...
Sharon Kerns Many of the comments I have read here are way off the point of the video. Tragedies can and often do unite us, and we would do well to look at that aspect of the tragedies going on right now. I do feel sad, though that many in Washington just do not ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
09:42 09/07/2017

Breaking news → the House just passed an initial aid package to help the families and communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Joyce Davis Yes, that's true...and...true to his vengeful nature, our president found a way to embarrass Republicans while doing so. You and your Republican colleagues, in supporting Trump, got the short end of the stick. Please get rid of him. He's a disaster, ...
Woody J Hinkle Mr Ryan,, Aren't you tired of this? The people that pes,,no,, forced you to the front of the line, now refuse to follow your lead. The same people that forced John Boehner out. Mr Boehner is now out cruising the country, kickin' back, no longer having ...
Jenny Stiles It better have been a totally clean bill. Those people don't need any of your bait and switch crap. And if Irma hits the US that relief bill better be totally clean.
Xiaofei Zhao Wow, today you really look like the buffoon and corporate puppet that you really are. The dims worked out a deal with Trump while our worthless Speaker poo-pooed it! lMAO!
Tommy Sawyer Speaker Paul Ryan: If you need to raise the debt limit, this is just another sign that you and the congress are very, very poor managers of the Citizens hard earned tax money that you take from us. There are over 900 federal government programs, most ...
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