Speaker Paul Ryan
3 hours ago

I strongly support President Donald J. Trump's decision to once again designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terror. It is an important step in holding them accountable for their wide range of destabilizing activities.

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Laurie Jarosz Berger Paul, this crap whereby the taxpayers are paying for lewd and obnoxious behavior among Congress members has to end NOW! And don't pull this Sgt. Schultz "what? I didn't know about this" crap either. Do your job. Clean up this cesspool called Congress.
Linda Greco Swank Workman Just the fact that you support anything the Toddler in Chief does or says proves you sold your soul to the devil. But, you also support allowing hibernating bears and wolf pups to be shot in their dens. You support gutting the ACA and hiding it your tax ...
Thomas Hazzard Former Republican economists are saying Ryan is the driving force to starve the government of cash through his policies in order to end all social programs and put the money in the pockets of the rich. Social security Medicare Medicaid welfare and so on ...
Ted Barnes If you people can't except the pervert from Alabama then throw the perverts out of congress. And do away with the slush fund that pays off sexual harassment claims. Don't use our money for their sins.
Will Davenport Well I mean you support it! It must be good then! Just like your health care and taxes going no where. These schmucks should been on terror list for a long time!
John McCain
4 hours ago

Thanks to The Economist for featuring me in this year's feature: The World in 2018. We have the opportunity to define the political trends of 2018. For those who will defend the liberal world order, we must be persistent and vigilant. We must revitalize our common moral purpose. We must believe that our values are worth fighting for… Together, we can meet the challenges of today’s world, overcome the many threats we face and secure the blessings of liberty for future generations.

Defending the liberal world order
Defending the liberal world order

Seventy years ago, when announcing the Marshall Plan to deliver American assistance in rebuilding after the second world war, George Marshall began by stating simply: “The world situation is very serious.” That maxim rings more true as we head into 2018 than at any time since 1947. The world faces t...

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Jenny Kendall While we seldom agree, Senator, I do appreciate your service and wish you health. And not just becuse I shudder at those who wait in the wings... Thank you.
Mark-Stacie Hamblen Defending "the liberal world order"?!?!? F÷×K YOU McCain !!!!!!!!!!!! Traitor.
Tim Prosser McCain is a treasonous, traitorous, liberal, piece of lying crap! He should just go ahead and leave office now, the Republican party will be much better off without this benedict arnold, hopefully a real republican will replace him!
Azirish Mulcahy PC Thank you, John McCain, for giving a lifetime of service to our country. Yes, there were many mistakes where you got off the track following your fellow senators which were less than honorable! But, you have redeemed yourself and now you truly are ...
Greg Nelson Thank you for your accurate assessment of the troubles we face in the world, and especially the U.S. People have become blind to this reality because they confuse conservative and liberal values as being all or none. Americans seem to be forgetting the ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
3 hours ago

Millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. A tax cut of $1,182 for the typical American household can go a long way towards providing peace of mind and financial stability.

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Rebecca Faulconbridge Except for grad and doctoral students. It's about to force them out of programs they have worked so hard to get in and stay in.
Margie O'Donnell Averell How are we going to get this tax cut, if you take away our deductions for student loan interest, state and local taxes, and cap 401k contributions at 2400. I'm a registered Republican and can't believe how evil the party has become. I'm disgusted with ...
Amy Rood Please give reality a call. It says you haven't been in touch in months and months and it's so worried about you.
Robert J Trunco Sr. This is not true for most of us. The elimination of the $4050 personal exemption per person wipes out the $12000 increase in the standard deduction for a family of 3 and with the cuts in allowable deductions like state taxes, cap on property taxes and ...
Tim Kazee “...can go a long way.” $1182.00 PER YEAR does NOT go a long way. It especially doesn’t provide “peace of mind.” This tax savings is an absolute joke! Less than $100/month is what the “typical American family” will save. This goes to show how ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
21:06 11/19/2017

Americans know how to invest their hard-earned paychecks better than the federal government.

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Margo Ameling If you care about the middle class truly give them a tax break and keep the current tax rate for corporations and no tax breaks for the wealthy and no loop holes for them. Trickle down doesn’t work as shown by the ones done by Reagan in the 80s. It only ...
Stephen Taylor The only think you believe in is a tax break for the rich and Corp and screw the middle class. Such a disgrace as Speaker of the House. Enjoy it while you can because 2018 you will be gone.
John Whipple What does that even mean, we know how to invest? You say it as if it were sone great wisdom, instead of a meanigless platitude. First off, most of us don’t have the money to invest. We live from one month to the next. Having to buy a new tire, or ...
Billy Wuestenhoefer Totally wrong. Most people in this country are horrible with managing money. Look at how much the average 401k retirement plan has saved in it....not enough to get the future retiree through a few years.......this country is doomed with your plan...
Ike Cantos The Tax Cut (for the wealthy) and Jobs Act (the title contradicts itself) is a big lie! This is a loser for the Republicans whether it passes or not! 2/3 of the population don't want this bill, the only ones that do are your billionaire backers!
Speaker Paul Ryan
21:06 11/19/2017

Here's what tax reform means for middle-income families: ✔ $600 more in child tax credit ✔ First $24,000 in income is tax-free ✔ Lower tax rates across the board

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Jared Axen Thank you for working so hard on this. I hope it does what you say it does, and I hope that people are content with their share. It doesn’t matter to me what a millionaire or billionaire has to contribute. As far as I’m concerned, it costs the same ...
Tony Greeson This Republican tax reform bill is a tax increase for this old retired guy on a fixed income. Medicare will be going up and insurance premiums too. What’s all the poor elderly supposed to do when they can not afford food, prescriptions, healthcare and ...
Donna Kolojeskie Speaker Ryan, you are trying to put positive spin on a tax bill that really only benefits the rich. Do you notice that most of the people who respond to your feed know you are not being honest! Why don’t you consider being creative and developing a ...
Tom Oxford What about keeping the medical deduction. This will be devastating to those with high out of pocket expenses. Particularly the elderly. Don't punish the most vulnerable.
Janie Russell McPhail Speaker Ryan, please respond to the American people whether or not tax dollars have been used to "pay off" anyone who complained about a member of Congress's sexual assault/harassment, etc. If this is true who are the members of Congress and why are ...
John McCain
20:30 11/19/2017

As Congress continues negotiations for a budget deal to increase the defense spending caps, House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry and I released the following statement: Large majorities on both sides of Congress have voted multiple times to support a $700 billion defense budget, including overwhelming, bipartisan votes in the House and Senate this week in support of the Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act. In addition, the President himself has endorsed a defense budget at this level. Through the National Defense Authorization Act, we believe that Congress has done its due diligence to authorize the appropriate level of funding based on threats, requirements, and missions. This was done following months of deliberative bipartisan oversight, hearings, and negotiations. We expect that any budget agreement will reflect the hard work that Congress has just completed and the reality of today’s dangerous world. We cannot ignore the warnings of Secretary Mattis and our uniformed commanders. This era of forcing our troops to do more with less must come to end. We call on the negotiators to meet Congress’s constitutional obligation to give our troops the resources they need. We must not only set the conditions to pass an appropriations bill at the FY18 NDAA level, we must also ensure the necessary growth in FY19. Without that, President Trump’s promise to rebuild our military will be impossible.

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Robert Warrington We let Eisenhower's warning about the Military Industrial Complex go in one ear and out the other. Now our economy is dependent on the hundreds of billions the government pumps into the defense industry every year.
Emil Donofrio since Germany is now number 1 can we sell them our military bases and take care of the United States.
Nikki Anam Cara Our military budget is reportedly larger than the next seven nations’ largest military budgets - combined. When is it enough?
Cindy Severson-Davis Vote no on the tax bill. How will defense budget be increased without tax revenues? Read the analysis. Lower and middle class will pay more in taxes.
Spencer Scott Eisenhower warn us about the military machine. Instead of expanding our military presence across the world, we should be the sleeping giant they fear awakening. Our military should not be our greatest cost. Our children should be the best educated.
Speaker Paul Ryan
21:06 11/19/2017

FACT → For current mortgage borrowers, absolutely nothing is changing with your mortgage-interest deduction.

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Don Wilson Balderdash. Totally false. Does he really think middle class people live in a home worth as much as $500,000? If one lived in large enough home and had property taxes of greater than $10,000. Give me a break. We have a house that we have lived in since ...
Noreen Roubian You are going to drop home values by 10%. For most middle class people their homes are their primary asset. The housing market was in a depression and is just finally stabilizing. Not a good proposal.
Michael Weida So why change anything at all? This is one of the best benefits to being a homeowner. Clearly you just want to benefit the 1% cronies donating to your campaign and punish middle class Americans.
Octavia Howell Thuss From my sister in California: “You lie, Mr. Ryan! Mine will go up roughly $10,000, and my charitable deductions will be worthless. I have always been a big fan of yours, but this billionaire bill disgusts me. Change it in reconciliation, or you will ...
Kathi Shreve Bagby For all you liberals who hate the idea of keeping more of your own money, feel free to send YOUR savings to the U.S. Treasury. I’ll keep mine! My autistic son who works his butt off will keep his! But you just send the government your entire paycheck. ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

Passing the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, we delivered on our promise to cut taxes and create jobs.

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Yolanda Privado Why is this in Spanish? ENGLISH for all. No wonder people feel segregated. If everyone spoke English, we'd be one step closer to being unified.
Joey Estrada rep. Ryan you children will have to try and live down your congressional career and perhaps this devious tax plan during their lifetimes.
Hahnsel Jay you are such a prick and a phony. Fiscal conservatism my @$$. This reform blows up the deficit at the expense of everyday americans and you are an abhorrent, dishonest individual. I hope randy Bryce destroys you 2018
Kimberly Rutherford Cheering like it,s a win before the game is over is never a good thing. Might be fun. Might make you feel better. Fact is game isn,t over yet. Not law yet.
Dorne Pentes Lies and B.S. Keep screwing the middle class and poor in favor of the rich. 2018 can't come soon enough. You guys stink.
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

BREAKING NEWS → The House of Representatives just passed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

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John Tucker You're an awful human, Paul Ryan. A liar, a cheat and scoundrel. History will remember you, McConnell and 45 well, and it will not be pretty. #electrandybryce #firepaulryan
Paul Smithson Phillips Ryan is a fraud. He knows full well this bill won't pass the Senate. The depth of Ryan's fraud and corruption is way out of control. Don't believe a word coming out of this psychopaths foul mouth.
Rebecca W. Craft Great job, Paul. You just gave billions to big business and screwed the average American! Reaganomics didn't work then and won't work now.
Clare Tay Happy for the victory on the tax,But I want you Republicans to get a back bone and demand pervert AL Franken to step down there are pictures of him grouping a young women.
Ryan Noble Well you likely wouldn’t have gotten my vote again anyways but when you vote to raise my taxes for tax cuts for the rich while increasing the deficit (something you cared about pre-2016) you fully lost another vote.
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

The day has finally come. This afternoon, the House will vote to cut taxes for hardworking Americans and reform our outdated tax code. Let's get it done.

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Richard Bouge I read this post earlier and thought it worthy of reposting. To all the people that say this is gonna screw the middle class I’m pretty sure we are already getting screwed. I pay 300 to 400 a week in taxes to help pay for the lazy and irresponsible ...
Ginger Keaton We Americans just do not trust you and the rest of the GOP congress. None of you appear to care for the majority of hard-working Americans. You are all for the rich! That's not how it's supposed to be. If it's true that this bill will benefit the ...
Margaret Boecklin O'Hara Students can’t go to school and get jobs that will pay their loans...the student cuts will kill them. Employers will stop paying for employees Masters Degree!
Vickie Erickson Mr Ryan, I am pretty sure you will not read this and if you do it will mean nothing to you. But I just have to say this President is a lying, racist, sexual predator and you and all the followers are just as bad and guilty as he is; covering up for him ...
Susan Young You are getting rid of middle class deductions like medical, state/local taxes and college. This plan raises my taxes.
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

Washington Democrats have been using the same old line of attack to defend the current tax system, which is rigged against low and middle-income families. Our reforms will close the loopholes and put more of your own money back in your pocket.

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Henya Friedman Realtors are worried about Trump's tax plan. California homeowners. You and Trump will take us to ANOTHER big recession. You pigs dont know how to govern it happens every time. #BlueWave #Resist #RyanRussia #TrumpRussia
Paula Jayne White Which Democrats are those, Mr. Speaker? I haven't seen any Democrats "defending the current tax system." What I DO see is a number of folks on both sides of the aisles pointing out the massive flaws of your plan.
Kevin Schmidt This bill won’t put any extra money in my pocket. The true beneficiaries of the current bill are actually not upper income professionals like me, but rather a very select group of billionaires and companies operating at a whole other level in the world ...
Daniel First Tax cuts are a good thing for everyone except for politicians. Of course richer people will save more when percentages go down, because they are already paying way more, and they still will be. The problem with this tax plan is that it doesnt go far ...
Eric England Speaker Paul Ryan If this is not geared towards hard working Americans, like truck drivers and construction workers, you guys will lose bigly in 2018. Don't think in terms of giving more to people that already pay no federal income taxes, that will not ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

The American people deserve to know—and to understand—exactly what data the government is collecting. ← LIKE if you agree

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Roy McCarthy This is what Lyin' Ryan won't call a Red Herring. We're supposed to believe him but he doesn't realize that we're not all as stupid as he thinks we are.
Michael Quinn Then if the American people should know what's going on,then stop having secret millionaire funded CPAC retreats. Because all those organizations are millionaire funded. CPAC,Citizens United,Freedom Caucus. The media is not allowed to attend,unless it ...
Les Moore "Jail-birds sing such a sad song..." The Church Band Robert Mueller is gonna get you, paul ryan, and put you where you belong for betraying the U.S.A. You cannot run from your destiny. You committed the crime, now you will serve your time. Your wife ...
David Duda .So let me get this straight ...All the changes in the bill related to individual tax cuts would disappear after 2025, including the proposed doubling of the standard deduction. But The Trump families corporate Tax Cuts would continue?
Leopold Weill III Please tell me one time in American History when lowering taxes on the wealthy and corporations at the expense of people of ordinary means has brought about anything resembling permanent prosperity for all?
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

Our current tax code is shipping jobs overseas. Getting tax rates down helps us keep those jobs where they belong—right here in America.

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Aaron Bush Honestly no American can trust what any politician has to say. Lifetime politicians only care about getting re-elected and gathering credentials and “wins” to continue to build their own personal legacy and gain more power. Nothing done is to really ...
Tammy Wilson You know that is an outright lie. What about the WSJ CEO Council meeting where most of the CEOs said they would not increase investment regardless of a huge tax cut. Start representing the majority of citizens and not just the top GOP donors.
Cindy McDonald This is not a tax bill!! This is a healthcare repeal bill!! You are going to put an additional 13 million people off their healthcare. You are going to cut Medicaid by billions. You are going to add 1.5 trillion dollars to our children’s country’s ...
Vicki Reed Harrison Happy to see ACA mandates going.This savings would not even cocer the increase,each month on ACA costs.About time the people were heard
Cathryn Lea I will never understand why you would cut ACA, medicare, medicaid, and social securit? Do you hate Wisconsin and USA seniors? It will be really be hard for us to vote for republicans ever again. You are trying to give a huge tax cut only for rich ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

By doubling the standard deduction, 9 out of 10 Americans will be able to file their taxes on a form the size of a postcard.

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Tarona Stanfield How about ending the “Widow’s Tax” on Military and Veteran’s widows and widowers! We’re not getting a death benefit that our spouses were offered and paid for in monthly premiums only for DoD to offset it! Then we’re discriminated against too...you ...
Brian VB Question: do we pay more? Yes or No. Simple question. The platform is making it seem as though we will reap the benefits. Will my taxes go down? So far, I pay more. Real estate values go down. Nothing gets better unless you own a corporation....
Nancy Smith It doesn't work and it never has! Did you skip history in school? This is nothing but a gift to the rich and royally screwing the middle class. I am middle class and I will have a larger tax increase. Thanks for the retirement present. We see ...
Mary Lou Deane-Toolan Corporations will not pass the savings to employees. They never have and never will. Shareholders will get the savings. Management will get bonuses. Hourly workers will get minimum wage
George Goforth I like the House's version. Don't mess it up trying to appease a few high tax states who everyone knows in the end will vehemently oppose anything that you try to do! If it is good for the majority of the middle class, make it a law and stop wasting ...
John McCain
07:42 11/17/2017

I'm deeply humbled to be honored tonight by Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley & the U.S. Army with a special "Salute to the Chief" Twilight Tattoo performance. Watch the full performance via the livestream below!

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Denny Thompson So now that it’s been proven that Democrat Senator Franken is a Sexual predator, are you going to demand he resign like you did with Judge Moore, or are you going to remain silent and look like a fool…
Ann Riggs Hinton Casiano McCain---You have certainly disappointed us with all your "no" votes and your constant criticism of our new businessman-President. And,I might add, I am disgusted that you are making any comments about President Trump not being qualified!!! He has ...
Michael Power Senator McCain. Many of our veterans suffer greatly upon returning from combat. The emotional issues create myriad ripple effects to their health--all of which can require substantial medical treatment. Furthermore, many of our veterans also are ...
Vanessa Lee I am not pleased at all by the time that has been wasted trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act instead of systematically evaluating it and fixing the parts that don't work without harming people. Tacking a repeal of the individual mandate on to a tax ...
Sandy Oleson I honor you for your service. I ask you to now stand up for this country again and vote against the tax reform. Tax reform is PAY TO PLAY. That is illegal. If this bill passes it will prove to the people who our politicians stand for. This is about ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
08:18 11/17/2017

BREAKING NEWS → Congress just voted to give our troops their largest pay raise in 8 years. Soon it goes to President Donald J. Trump to be signed into law.

We’re giving the troops a pay raise
We’re giving the troops a pay raise

It’s the primary duty of the federal government to provide for the national defense. This bill will do exactly that. It supports our military and their families, and it equips, trains, and supplies our troops.

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Sarah Potts Breaking news, another mass shooting at an elementary school. Why don't you put the vets to work and station them outside our children's schools since you can't find a solution to crazies with assault rifles.
Fred Martin What a surprise, the gutless Paul Ryno has joined his establishment buddy Mitch McConnell in asking Roy Moore to drop out of the race. Based on that alone, i will send my donation to Moore's campaign...
Charissa Hild so if you have to pay for it,,, cut welfare drastically,,, time for them to go find a job and help make America great again !
Shirley Hering Larrick There used to be a time, that if you needed a lot of dental work, the armed forces wouldn't accept you, looks like things are changing, and it's scary. Train someone mentally unstable to use a gun, and kill as many people as possible. How many civilians ...
Marietta Hanley Did you slide that in with the vote to repeal a piece of Obamacare, hiding it in the Taxcut for the rich plan, Republicans are trying to JAM THROUGH, that will kick 13 million people off their Healthcare plan and destabilizize the market for everyone ...
John McCain
07:42 11/17/2017

I was humbled to be honored by the U.S. Army and Army Chief of Staff GEN Mark A. Milley at a special "Salute from the Chief" Twilight Tattoo where I was awarded the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, the highest award the Army Chief of Staff can bestow upon a civilian.

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Timothy Bowen List of all of McCains actual "Accomplishments" after 30 years in the Senate: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Josh Packer Well Deserved.... Now announce your retirement please!
Cheryl Markuson Allander His reputation is so tarnished...what a shame...
Eugene Ortiz Congratulations are in order. Now please help us again by voting NO on that ridiculous and most unfair tax plan and ACA inpeachment plan imposed by the other Republicans in the senate.
Speaker Paul Ryan
19:30 11/14/2017

In the 31 years since we last overhauled our tax code, it has swelled to 7 tax brackets and more than 70,000 pages. That is about to end—big time.

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Anna Klocek Tidwell You Republicans better get off your butts, stop fighting against our President, and do something to benefit the hard working Americans... I have heard nothing but crying from each and everyone of you. I left the Democratic Party because of these ...
Kathleen Coxe D'Ambra do not delay the corporate tax cut--please educate everyone--including Congress--corporations do not pay taxes. They are figured in as a cost of doing business, and we the people PAY THE TAXES!! Cutting corp taxes in half should bolster research, ...
Rick Steeby The tax code needs to go away. Fair Tax is a real change all the stuff pushed off the table goes back on the shelf and in 12 months coo=uld be law again. Change, real change abolishes the Income Tax.
Bill Becker #taxreform increases the deficit by more than $1.5T over next 10 years. This will be used to justify cutting Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, job training, scientific research and many more programs....
Nick Koszegi The current tax code is the definition of "insanity". This is exactly why people in general hate gov't. Always there to create complexity and do what's best for special interests. We are almost 1-year into this administration and all we hear is more ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
19:30 11/14/2017

Meet Cindy: a single mom, making $30,000 per year, who hopes to one day get beyond living paycheck to paycheck. With a $700 increase in her tax refund each year under our tax bill, Cindy can start saving for her future. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was crafted with families like Cindy's in mind.

Delivering Real Tax Relief: Cindy’s Story
Delivering Real Tax Relief: Cindy’s Story

The alarm clock on her cell phone goes off at 6:30 a.m., and instead of hitting snooze, Cindy crawls out of bed and makes her way into the kitchen. She has thirty minutes before she has to get her daughter Emily up for school. In that time, she makes sure Emily’s lunch and backpack are packed, and g...

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Amy Rood You think Cindy is going to save $700 for her future as a single mom making $30k ... Gosh, I just can't figure out why anyone thinks you're out of touch.
Randy Drake Sir, if you think a single mother making 30gs before taxes receiving a $700 increase in tax refund will allow her to save money you sir are terribly out of touch with what it cost to live in this country. Yes, she needs the tax refund which will ...
Diane Bertolino Procopio What a joke..Since when will a lousy $700 make anyone's life better. Don't insult the people who are intelligent enough to see through your bs. Do the math, it's approximately $13 per week. Are you serious.
Debbie Rensing Thomas $700 more a year?!?!? Hell, break out the champagne! You really think people are as stupid as you wish they were. Stop it
Debbie Buick And when it all goes away in 5 years? Then what? You seem to think these crumbs you are throwing to the middle class are meaningful. They are not. We know that to give over a trillion in tax cuts to the rich, the money has to come from somewhere. ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
19:30 11/14/2017

Good news → We are now one step closer to cutting taxes for you and your family. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have an up or down vote in the House this week.

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Tina Sabin Or you could cut spending first with congress pay cut, cut your benefits, eliminate your overseas travel then give us back the SALT deductions! I believe the career congress politicians will be replaced in the next election.
Valerie Ford Sandstrom Corporations are making more money then they ever have for at least 8yr now and not one cent has trickled down !!Why would given 1 1/2 trillion dollars to these same corporations make a difference?? Wake up America ,it will be the heart (middle ...
Patty Tobin Please make sure that your tax plan doesn't hurt people like myself. State and local taxes can't get deducted from Fed'l tax; medical costs and cost of insurance can't be deducted in your current iteration. Too much accrues to the top: corporation ...
Tarona Stanfield Please end the military “widow’s tax”! It is a death benefit that our spouses were offered at retirement and paid for in premiums every month! The DoD offsets it! We’re being discriminated against because the offset goes away if we remarry! How very ...
Shannon Cipriano Bergeron It would be nice if you were not going to screw it up. From all the people over the weekend on the news no body could give a straight answer about delaying part of it. Do and you are all screwed sick of your group not able to do anything on time or ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:42 11/12/2017

This empty chair at the United States Capitol serves as a memorial to those who served in the military of our great nation, but have not returned home to us. They are Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. America will forever be grateful for your bravery and sacrifice to our nation.

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Wade Novin There is also an empty chair in the Oval Office, or should be, right behind the Resolute Desk, because this nation is without a competent president and lacking in leadership.
Shira L Baker You and other Republicans have a lot of false patriotism. You slash the budget that actually helps military families.
Jordan Jahn There is an opening for a fry cook at the local Burger King. Might want to give that a look. Just saying.
Faith Paulele HE SHUTTERED THE OFFICE THAT DEALS WITH SANCTIONS POLICY, i.e. there won't be any sanctions against Russia, as set forth in a BIPARTISAN bill that HE signed in August? What nerve to praise Putin and describe the heads of the CIA, FBI, National Security ...
Dan Spears Shameful that many use this symbol of respect for America's missing and dead warriors as a platform to insult and ridicule the President for political purpose!
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:42 11/12/2017

God bless our veterans, and God bless America. 🇺🇸

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Joe Livingston Speaker Ryan why don't you try being honest about the tax plan. This proposal as I have seen it is going to bury the working middle class - you are taking some deductions and not allowing the the state and local tax credit. Do you and your cronies ...
Jes Vettere Stop acting like a Raegan conservative- traegan had across the board tax cuts- your another Progressive RINO who cares more about the poor illegal alien and rich lobbirests then you do the working Legal americans middle class- you need to resin as ...
Daryl Smith Let's see... did YOU do anything for our country, Speaker Ryan? Not as far as I can tell. NOTHING! I DO believe this guy is going to lose his next election...
Jacquelyn Carl A Vietnam Nam bet on OPB said. “I was drafted so thanking me for my service is like thanking a slave for serving his master”
Eric Boehm Your words are falling on the deaf ears of this veteran....your tax bill is a disgrace. Country before Party, Country before big donors, and while you're at it, Country before the NRA.
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:42 11/12/2017

Happy 242nd birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps! To all Marines and your families: Thank you and Semper Fi!

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Tarona Stanfield Repeal the “Widows Tax”! NOW!!! Please help us deceased Veteran’s widows and widowers get our SBP that was a Military benefit promised and paid for. Our SPB is offset! This is very unfair because there is NO OFFSET IF WE REMARRY AGE AT AGE 57 or older!...
Will Shaeffer About about honoring the Marines by not forcing them to go into arbitrary wars for political reasons, like Iraq?
Shawn Marie Remember when Speaker Ryan was caught on tape with House Republicans joking about how Rohrabacher and Trump were on Putin’s payroll? And then he and nearly all other Republican politicians endorsed Trump for President! I hope you’re all proud of ...
KJ Traynor Bridie Vail: thought you and your dad would like to see this! #semperfi #marinesarethebest #HappyBirthday
Lowell McGee You sir, can't and for sone reason will not help Trump make America Great you have done more for Dems than your own. You , Mitch , John , Lyndsey need to step down.
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:42 11/12/2017

Our goals with tax reform are, first and foremost, to give middle-class families a break, and then to level the playing field for American businesses. With the Tax Cut & Jobs Act, the typical American family will see a $1,182 tax cut each year and nearly 1 million new, full-time jobs will be created.

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Patti Worzalla If we have a raise in MEDICAL costs and premiums and you slice that from the tax code how do I continue to justify. We pay taxes own homes and medical costs are out of control. Please reconsider the medical deductions
Keith Hansen I'll just keep my deductions. This bill stinks of corporate giveaways. Have a town hall meeting Mr speaker.you have forgotten who you work for.
Patricia Perry $1,182 oh boy that’s amazing . Seriously do you think we’re stupid or something – don’t answer that - I recommend ALL congressmen and senators all go into the individual health insurance marketplace for YOUR health care . You pay for that yourselves ...
Amy Barry You are such a liar. You have proposed to take away the only 3 pathetic deductions I can take. I no longer will be able to deduct interest on my mortgage, home equity or student loans. I live paycheck to paycheck and you lie when you say this will help ...
Joyce Harms As I understand it we get double our personal exemption, but health insurance and medical bills, interest on student loans or mortgages, and State and Federal tax are no longer exemptions. That is crap. I heard Paul Ryan say they took the exemptions ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:54 11/09/2017

In the first 10 months of Donald J. Trump's administration, we've passed almost 400 bills in the House. That's more than passed under the Clinton, Bush, or Obama administrations at this point.

776 reactions 622 comments
Jonathan Brusco Furthermore that’s 40 bills per month, each an average length of 50-100 pages? Pretty sure you’re just admitting that your congress passes a bunch of stuff they don’t read.
Eileen Ryan Moroski if you did it was to undo all the good things the others have done to protect the country and our water and air. You can be real proud of taking us back over 50 years you idiot
Valerie Anderson If Republicans are going to support cutting taxes, which would really help the middle class all over the country,vthen why are you now going to hold up signing new tax benefits for a year. What is wrong with all of you? Do you hate Americans so much ...
Karen Perry The Gubernatorial race in VA is YOUR FAULT!! “The lesson? If congressional Republicans don't deliver on their promises, Republican candidates up and down the ballot are in big trouble because only one side will be motivated when it comes time to vote, ...
Jack French We know y’all are the biggest, best politicians ever. You and Trump tell us early and often. What important/major legislation has been passed?
John McCain
17:18 11/09/2017

In recent months, United States and coalition forces have achieved major gains against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Building upon the retaking of Mosul in July, U.S. coalition partners have liberated ISIS’s former capital of Raqqa in Syria, the pocket of Hawija in northern Iraq, and, just days ago, the border town of Al-Qaim in western Iraq. The so-called caliphate that terrorists claimed would overrun the Middle East is now a shadow of its former self—a shrinking swathe on a map once defined by an open reign of terror. Unfortunately, however, our challenges in the region remain daunting despite these hard-fought tactical victories. Our relentless focus on destroying ISIS has obscured a troubling reality: the United States lacks a clear, comprehensive strategy that addresses the Middle East in all of its complexity. This is part of the unfortunate legacy that the Obama Administration left for its successor. But nearly one year into the Trump Administration, we lack clarity on essential questions about our nation’s role. Our elected leaders must articulate a comprehensive strategy that reflects these judgments with specificity and detail rather than piecemeal offerings and tactical victories. Congress, with our constitutional role as a co-equal branch of government, and more importantly, the American people deserve no less.

1.3k reactions 517 comments
Bonnie Ann Burgard Thank you McCain for all you do. You are amazing.
Richard Brown All talk, he has had nothing good to with any of it.
Marlin Martin Sir, is Raqqa the picture of victory?
Catherine Veronica thats it blame obama for everything. you guys have had control of congress for 7 years. nothing done!
Ann Moon Yes, isn't Trump doing a great job like he said he would do to erase ISIS?
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:54 11/09/2017

Vice President Mike Pence and The White House agree → It’s time to cut taxes and create jobs right here in America.

743 reactions 530 comments
Amanda Hodges Not a good tax plan. Will favor the wealthy individuals, corporations and large estates at the cost of the working and middle class and our national debt. We can see where your priorities lie. GOP is for the top percentile, and I really hope the ...
Jonathan Jacobs As I read the comments I sense that reasonable, thinking Americans have grown tired, and then disgusted with your incessant fact-free sales job, or more accurately, attempted hoodwinking of the public. It's time for you to polish up the resume and mail ...
David Ahearn Cutting taxes is a whole different thing than you are pushing! A regressive wealth grab for corporations and the 1%. America knows that trickle down ALEC written bull will not help the country! Kochtopia Kansas is proof!
Joseph Hoffman Cutting corporate and business taxes do not lead to creating jobs. Customers create jobs...Cutting corporate and business taxes increases the bonuses of the C-Suite and enhance the value to the financial stakeholders. Remember when we bailed out the ...
Myles Garcia It's the beginning of the end for you Ridiculous Repugni-Cunts! Especially, you Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell -- how dare you back that VILE serpent in the White House! Attach your names to him and you & McConnell will go down in stinging defeat next ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:06 11/07/2017

From now until sunset on November 9th, the flags at the United States Capitol will be flown at half-staff out of respect for the innocent lives lost in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

899 reactions 480 comments
Mark Schroeder There is a direct correlation, as the NY Times reported today, between the number of guns and the amount of tragic events like the one in Texas, Nevada, etc. Indeed, while Americans are only 4.4% of the world's population, we own 42% of the guns -- and ...
Henya Friedman On Feb 28, 2017, Trump quietly signed a bill into law rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun. Trump just stated that the shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas was "probably caused by a ...
Pascha Morgan Paul, the people of Sutherland Springs need your prayers...now. Earlier this year, last year or two years ago, you could have possibly avoided your "hearts and prayers" speech by putting some stricter regulations and guidelines on gun ownership. Who ...
Mark Jette God Bless those lives now who entered into the Resurrection of Christ! May their families find comfort knowing this for whatever reason it is Gods will that evil elevate these Christians to Freedoms Martyrdom!
Billy Howard Maybe out of respect you should consider gun regulations that would keep military style weapons out of the hands of civilians, instead of simply pandering every time there is another terrorist attack by some disgruntled white male American.
Speaker Paul Ryan
05:06 11/07/2017

Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now.

1.4k reactions 1143 comments
Jenny Paulsen Kozlowski Can we talk about gun control now? What will it take for you to use the brain and voice God gave you for good rather than just rhetoric?
Fred Staffeld The Speaker should join a movement to amend or repeal the second amendment. Enough is enough. This problem well not get better, and wishing it away will not solve the problem.
Robert Frank Naatz no no no ---- they need laws made by politicians to solve this
Kim Eveland-mendez Lets have common sense gun control, and stop watching as innocent children and adults are slaughtered.
Michael Sheldon I'm getting sick of this. Every day there's some mass killing be it with guns, or run over by trucks/cars. If it's guns, and they're bought legally, then FIX THE VETTING ISSUE. A deer hunter has no business using an AR15. My grandfather, and ...
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