Speaker Paul Ryan
19:12 07/23/2017

America has the best workers in the world. They deserve a tax code that works for them, and one that keeps job creators here in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸

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Michael McVey Then tell your colleagues to stop letting the (overwhelmingly Democrat) corporations pull their puppet strings. Six months into the Trump presidency and you guys haven't even started on a tax reform bill!
John Whipple No, not what YOU consider 'working for them'. Your clever little lies, woven without substance or fact, aren't good enough. The CBO sees what you're doing. And the parliamentarian sees how you're doing it. There is nothing honest anywhere in what you ...
Russ Kendall The poor leadership you have displayed in dishonoring the Party promise for a #FullRepeal of Obamacare is still an issue and still on full display for America to see. It is time for Wisconsin and the GOP to #ReplaceRyan and offer leadership that will ...
Peggy Haugh Vernon Rocco Ryan said before the election that they could repeal 85% of Zerocare through reconciliation. Don't tell me he was lying? ROFLOL The fact is, the Republican caucus supports Zerocare, and they will never repeal it. They will continue to use ...
Vicki Phipps GOP promised full repeal of ACA without replacement to get our votes for majorities in Congress and presidency. We did our job now uphold your vow. NO socialized healthcare! Free market. We want government out of our healthcare. Next elections ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
19:12 07/23/2017

Under this crazy tax system we have, successful small businesses pay a top marginal tax rate as high as 44.6%. They can't compete like that. We must level the playing field to create more jobs and economic growth.

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Thomas Alfred Under this crazy tax system our very God given right to exist is taxed via the bastardized interpretation of the 16th amendment. Exchanging a number of your God given finite number of hours so you can procure food, clothing and shelter which are ...
Jeff Jobe How much money have you taken from Russia?
Daniel Schrader I agree - but we need to do so without rewarding Hedge Fund Managers and Billionaires. Somehow all your tax proposals benefit the rich. It's almost like they fund your campaigns and your are in their pocket...nah, that couldn't be. Prove me wrong - ...
Bobby Marcucci Yet you do all you can to give the wealthy contributors to your campaign the biggest tax breaks in history Sadly even if it means removing food and healthcare to underprivileged children RANDY BRYCE 2018
Sharon Lauderdale Sloan Very few SMALL businesses make enough adjusted gross income to pay that rate. In fact, small business owners make out How about you concentrate on helping them out instead of the Exxons and the Waltons?
Speaker Paul Ryan
19:12 07/23/2017

We’re going to cut taxes, making it easier for you and your family to get ahead. That’s what tax reform is all about—helping you save and making your lives less stressful come tax season.

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Jodi Sherman Speaker Paul Ryan The presidency and our very democracy are going to hell in a hand basket, and you're beating the drum of tax cuts? #2018
Katherine Genung I have an idea! Why don't you wait until you have the legislation all written, and the votes behind it, before you announce that you're going to cut our taxes. Maybe, just maybe we'd end up less ticked off with you all for not doing your jobs.
Kathryn Aldrich People keep bashing the rich but seem to forget that the rich will just pass the cost on to the rest of us if they get taxed more. Look at the aca. Rich insurance companies and ceos passed the cost of insuring people with pre-existing conditions on to ...
Sandy Hood As long as we are still at WAR We Americans don't need MORE TAX CUTS !! How about paying for it like we have every other time in Our History as a Nation WHY should the 1% who are in the Military be the only one's with skin in the game!
John Martin Man, you keep making promises .... mostly the same ones...without delivering. You DO realize that you can't blame Obama anymore and you can't afford to blame Trump. Stop flapping your gums and get to work. I am still pissed that you asshats had SEVEN ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:24 07/21/2017

Great news → the House just passed bipartisan legislation that ensures the Department of Homeland Security has the resources it needs to keep terrorists, traffickers, and smugglers out of the United States.

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Denise Calderon Marberry Prayers for John! True hero through and through. He put patriotism before. party. True to his values and ethics. I guess that is what he fought for in military. It's a shame Paul you can't honor him with your patriotism instead of throwing anything ...
GK Butler You do not get it Paul Ryan. When Humphrey Trumprey falls off the wall, and he will, your political career will end. He is turning on you all, one at a time. He can not be fixed, give it up. Your only saving grace is to do right by ppl, Americans of ...
Lisa Wexler He who turns his back on the poor, on the disabled, on the mentally and physically ill and those in need will be turned away from Heaven. There will be no reward for them. Only crumbs from their greed, from their abuse of power and from their hearts ...
David Rudmin Enough DHS + NSA + BATF already. The FBI was enough. I'd rather take some terrorist casualties than live in a police-state.
Lisa D. Brown What about h2b visas you keep pushing through ,you underestimate the people of this country. We are awake and we are watching everything you try to pull. And you will be replaced for your obstruction.
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:24 07/21/2017

John McCain has always been a warrior. It’s who he is. And all of us, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans, are behind him. The prayers of the whole House are with Senator McCain and his family.

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Bobbie Jane I asked my FB friends this same question: "What if John McCain was 45-50 years old and had no health insurance?" Keep that in mind when you are trying to figure out what is BEST for America.
Mark Sinay I wish Senator McCain a speedy recovery and thank him for his service to our country. Perhaps his situation will help him empathize with the predicament many would be in with the repeal of the ACA.
Larry Umbras McCain has been a warrior for the democrats! I wish him well but Arizona should never have elected an 80 year old liberal disguised as a republican! Leave it Paul Ryan to get the two parties mixed up!
Candice Wagner John McCain is the only Republican I would vote for. Trump still owes him an apology. And none of you butt kissing house guys. Can hold a candle to McCain
Rich Strohm Cancer is awful. I lost my sister earlier this year to brain cancer. Prayers for Sen McCain and his family. Thank you Speaker Ryan.
John McCain
05:48 07/21/2017

Vladimir Putin’s ambition to restore the Russian Empire took another step forward today as Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine’s Donetsk region proclaimed an independent state and adopted the tsarist-era name of ‘Little Russia.’ The ultimate responsibility for this latest flagrant violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty lies squarely with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, upon whose leadership, financing, troops, and weapons the separatists are entirely dependent. This illegal proclamation of a Russian puppet state in eastern Ukraine also adds to Russia’s serial violations of the Minsk agreements. Through its aggressive behavior, Russia has demonstrated it does not seek the peace the Minsk agreements were designed to achieve. Instead, Vladimir Putin is calculating that the more Ukrainians his forces and his proxies kill, the more Ukrainian territory they will be able to seize. And the more Putin forces Ukraine to devote scarce resources to war rather than improving the economy, the more he can destabilize the government in Kiev and prevent Ukraine from realizing its Euro-Atlantic future. The United States and our European allies must honestly confront the reality that we have failed to fundamentally change Russia’s calculus in Ukraine over the last three years. If we are serious about ending the bloodletting in eastern Ukraine and restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, we must be willing to think and act anew to compel a change in Russian behavior. It is simply not enough, for example, to say that U.S. and European sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea will remain until Russia fulfills its obligations under the Minsk agreements. That approach has been tried, and it has failed. Acting together, the United States and our European allies need to develop a policy and strategy to escalate the diplomatic, economic, and military consequences Russia will suffer until it honors its commitments under the Minsk agreements. Here at home, we must start by sending a strong Russia sanctions bill to the president's desk and providing Ukraine the defensive lethal assistance it needs to defend itself.

3.2k reactions 1684 comments
Andy Makal Senator McCain, I have long admired your service to this great nation, and that admiration culminated in my vote for you in 2008. However, since then, you have continually let down the people of the United States, and obstensibly, the people of Arizona ...
Mary Faile old statement,you can stay home,tend to your medical problems give up your senate seat,you have done way too much.your last questioning recently of a witness made no sense at all,i thought you had had a stroke then.,try to understand,you are not fit.
Matthew Galvin Dear Senator McCain, I think you're correct here however I don't understand how you can support a president that continues to openly support a regime such as Russia and it's leader Vadimir Putin. Our president continues to downplay the role that Russia ...
Clark Van Cochran The Ukrainian population is largely Russian in ethnic and according to CBS and BBC polling massively support joining with Russia. The United States is trying to do the same thing in Syria. Why do we expect the rest of the world to just sit back and do ...
Lauren McKeen Senator McCain, if only your voting record matched your words.
Speaker Paul Ryan
06:24 07/21/2017

We're balancing the budget and tackling our debt crisis. The budget released by the House Budget Committee GOP this morning means more jobs and more growth, a stronger national defense, and real reforms to the way the federal government serves taxpayers.

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Jennifer Anne Full repeal!! NOW!!! Government has no business in commerce. Health Care is not a right. Obamacare was not healthcare it was a TAX legislated from the bench of the Supreme Court. It was redistribution using government to pick your pocket to pay for ...
Jerry Lucas I voted for republicans to do what they said they would but I voted for cowards. You have failed me again and you have not helped the president I voted for. The next election will be very bad for you want to be democrats. Shame you sold us a farm and we ...
Gloria Faley Ryan should be ashamed of himself for forcing Republicans to strip out AUMF amendment in the dead of night. What is he afraid of?
William Gerald Wickham I am one of your Wisconsin constituents and want to go on the record against sad and inhumane approach to healthcare. I once held you in some esteem as someone who might take a moderate approach and help bring our brutally divided country together. ...
Elizabeth Fisher I live in Louisiana but I will be donating to Paul Nehlen. You need to be banished back to whatever petri dish you came from. You are an absolute f**king disgrace. Trump will NOT be punished in 2018 and 2020 - it will be you spineless worthless ...
John McCain
17:00 07/18/2017

John McCain's cover photo

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Allison Frank I'm a Democrat and could never imagine voting for a Republican BUT, and I hope this is taken as a great compliment, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Senator McCain. I don't always agree with him but I trust him. Can't think of any other ...
Christie Schultz John I hope you're feeling much better. Don't be so gung ho, take it easy. Some needs to monitor this page and block the trolls. And for crying out loud, do SOMETHING with Rand Paul, he isn't getting the picture with the Health Care vote. Burn his Ayn ...
Jac E. Chace My 73 year old Vietnam veteran husband says you have two opportunities to give your life for your country. One while serving in the military, the second, when you go to the VA for medical service! Needless to say, he has Medicare plus a full health ...
Tricia Turner For once please stand up against Trump and reject his healthcare plan. Many times you have spoken up against his policies but then you ALWAYS vote for them. Prove you are for the people and not the party.
Laura Bynum First, get well, sir. Second, I'm piggybacking on a few others' statements here about insurance and want to make sure you're able to see how, having the insurance you currently enjoy has allowed you to get this probably life-saving procedure. If ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:36 07/18/2017

Because my kids don’t think of me as an emoji guy, I go crazy on emojis whenever we text. 🇺🇸👍🎉😂❤😊🔥💯☘

976 reactions 618 comments
Suzanne Porter Yeah, you're just a normal guy, a dad, etc. We're not stupid, Ryan. We know who you are and how much you despise the American people. Soon the real swamp drainage will begin...the Trump impeachment, you being voted out, etc. Down with the mean, lying, ...
Veronica Espinoza Padilla Susan rice is no longer going to testify !!! 😡😡😡👎 incompetence at all levels of gov and especially the gop establishment! !!! What the people meed to do is just show up and protest against entire gop establishment and establishment democrats and get all ...
Alva Jelinek You lost. Now get over it and fix Obamacare. You clearly can see the American People do not want to lose healthcare, yet you and Mitch continue to march down the path to your doom. You deserve what is coming to you, the destruction of your once proud ...
Christine Roney Here's the one the AMerican voters like, oh WAIT, not an emoji. #MAGA Why don't you work for US for a change, stop being all about refugees, muslims and slags.
Michelle Flynn My son says emojis are for people that don't know how to articulate their thoughts haha so I over emoji text him all the time
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:36 07/18/2017

The American idea is a beautiful thing—liberty, freedom, self-determination. We all have a responsibility for making it a reality through civil debate.

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Bobby Marcucci Civil debate is impossible when you dont attend town hall meetings, disconnect your office voice mail.take campaign donations from corporations for influence on bills Get a clue Not all americans are blind to your actions
Charlene Miedtke The Republicans also have a responsibility to fulfill their promises to repeal Obamacare ...and get the government out of healthcare. We expect our Republicans to support our President also ..think of what we could do for our country if Republicans did ...
Sue Barney There is a core group of Republicans that are walking the fence. What they don't understand is that we will not vote for mediocracy! I don't agree with the Dem's, but they fight (resist) for their side with great fervor. Republicans need to take a stand ...
Cindy McDonald Mr. Speaker the majority of Americans are very against the GOP healthcare bill. It will devastate many Americans. Every year there are 643,000 American bankruptcies due to a medical/illness crisis. There are 45,000 American deaths per year because of ...
Stacey Doak Ryan do a public debate on exploitation and how Representatives, Senators, and the President who have estates worth over $5.5 million support cutting their own estate/death tax and support the new healthcare bill that cuts Medicaid for orphans (many due ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:36 07/18/2017

Too many in the media are trying to stir up rumors and drama. But here are some facts for them to report on. Just last month: ✔ The House voted to end bailouts for Wall Street and provide relief for community banks. ✔ Congress passed significant legislation to reform the VA to better serve our veterans. ✔ The House passed common-sense measures to help Americans get education and training for high-skilled jobs.

1.6k reactions 551 comments
Kathleen Iattarelli All of those are TOTAL exaggerations of the ACTUAL measures passed. Ryan is THE most cynical manipulator in congress and that's saying something. There's a reason he hasn't held eve ONE town hall in the past two years. Dismantling Medicaid in order to ...
Sara Townsend Republicans in congress, particularly Speaker Paul Ryan have shown an egregious misconduct in refusing to write articles of impeachment. If tables were turned Paul Ryan would have written articles of impeachment up in a hot second against any democrat ...
Katie Foreman Where is our healthcare??? you all allowed Obama to screwup the healthcare system and yet 81/2 yrs later you cannot seem to agree to turn our healthcare back to us give us choice get out of the insurance business. Repubs have too many egos to get ...
John Lawerance Dwey If the VA system is to be better for veterans , then how come it is NOT better protecting disabled war veterans from very abusive states . And NOT defending veterans against abusive states who are clearly seeking to put them in a much worse situation by ...
Charles Gordon Representative— I understand as a member of the House of Representatives you have the authority to bring articles of impeachment against the president. On behalf of the millions of Americans who have watched in horror as our Nation becomes a ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:48 07/16/2017

Thankful for all of the first responders who are working round the clock to keep Wisconsinites safe from these devastating floods.

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Diana Bik Boeck Expect more of them dumbshit republican climate deniers! The worst is yet to come. Maybe y'all can seek refuge in your Noahs Ark theme park that sits empty.
Jeff Brynan To borrow from Bob Dylan's lyrics.... How much do I know To talk out of turn You might say that I'm young You might say I'm unlearned But there's one thing I know Though I'm younger than you That even Jesus would never Forgive what you do
Richard Novosak And a special thanks to all those who did not vote money for the Corp of Engineers earlier who would already be working on securing flood plains. It makes a better photo-op to see devastation then to stand by levees put in place and say "Nothing ...
Jane Gleason Yes, most Americans, especially first responders are responsible and caring people. Yet you, POTUS and McConnell don't care about there concerns. Everyday I wonder how we ended up with a government with so little regard for citizens.
Rebekah Mandina Oh Mr. Ryan please say it aint so please tell us you were not on that plane with Loretta Lynch and Billy Boy? Please tell us the proof isn't real. No wonder Hillary isn't in jail. No wonder Obama care hasn't been repealed. You are a lying filthy ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:48 07/16/2017

As we wish our friends in France a very Happy Bastille Day, we also pray for those who lost their lives a year ago today in Nice.

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Mildred M. Villafane Veronica Espinoza Padilla As far as the russian lawyer, if she was here in congress several times and approved by oama /lynch administration on her visa, she met with democrats before. Why was she in congress several times and why did she meet with wh ...
Jim Baker Is this true? The Republican-led House won't block an Obama-era practice of requiring the Pentagon to pay for gender transition surgeries and hormone therapy.
Julie DonCarlos Praying for those who will lose their lives with your tax cut for the rich that you call health care
Mahmoud Binaie Kondolojy Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, Make me feel important, Never Forget this Message when Working with People.
Frank Piñón Ryan is a Dirt bag and incompetent.....Speaker Ryan’s 200 Day Deadline Is Fast Approaching with Nothing Accomplished for Working Americans President Donald Trump won the November 8, 2016 election in an electoral landslide.. http://www.thegatewaypundit....
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:48 07/16/2017

BREAKING NEWS → The House just voted 344 to 81 to give our troops a well-deserved pay raise—their largest increase in 8 years.

Defense Bill Provides Biggest Troop Pay Raise In Eight Years
Defense Bill Provides Biggest Troop Pay Raise In Eight Years

They don’t ask for much, but this is the least we can do to say thank you.

8.1k reactions 480 comments
Dan Smith I'd like to see A LOT FEWER of our troops deployed and in harm's way around the World. Pay them even more, just a lot fewer of them--and create a lot fewer casualties messing around in other people's business chasing our faux 'strategic interests.'
Lisa M. Bertotto Schmelz Wonderful and deserved. Please also considering changing hazard pay rules to better compensate the enormous sacrifice troops are making with MULTIPLE deployments to the Middle East. Please also remember that we need to better-assist soldiers returning ...
Nancy Cartee Brown We all need to learn to live below our means then you will have more money. I made a list to help me do this..one side was titled Wants the other side Needs. I found out that a lot of my needs were really Wants.
Jimmy Phillips All this bullcrap on here about seniors not getting enough of a handout, try planning for your retirement, you've had an entire lifetime to prepare for it. Smart people never count on only social security. I retired at age 40 and I live very well.
Alan Verly Now of you can get the veterans that left after the first 8 years of Gruesome battle and decided to work Government Services a decent raise as well that would be great!! The hiring freeze and pay freeze has put veterans in struggles.
John McCain
04:12 07/16/2017

In its zeal for hard work, the Senate has completed another laborious week by passing a whopping total of three nominations. The Senate will now adjourn and senators will head home for a long weekend in our respective states, leaving Washington with no timetable for authorizing funding for our troops, no consensus on how to fund the government, no path forward on regular appropriations bills, and no plan to address the debt limit. And while we mull over another revision to the Senate health care bill, we still lack consensus on how to repeal and replace the failed policies of Obamacare, a law that is imploding in the State of Arizona as premiums skyrocket and insurers flee the marketplace. This is not what the American people expect of us, and it’s not what they deserve. The revised Senate health care bill released today does not include the measures I have been advocating for on behalf of the people of Arizona. That’s why if the Senate takes up this legislation, I intend to file amendments that would address the concerns raised by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and other leaders across our state about the bill’s impact on Arizona’s Medicaid system. Arizona has been nationally recognized for running one of the most efficient and cost-effective Medicaid programs in the country. This legislation should reward states like Arizona that are responsibly managing their health care services and controlling costs – not penalize them. Have no doubt: Congress must replace Obamacare, which has hit Arizonans with some of the highest premium increases in the nation and left 14 of Arizona’s 15 counties with only one provider option on the exchanges this year. But if we are not able to reach a consensus, the Senate should return to regular order, hold hearings and receive input from senators of both parties, and produce a bill that finally provides Americans with access to affordable and quality health care. If the Senate proceeds to the revised health care bill, Senator McCain plans to file amendments that would ensure Arizona is not penalized for voters’ decision in 2000 to expand Medicaid before the Affordable Care Act was enacted; extend the phase-out period of Medicaid expansion to provide states like Arizona the necessary time to adjust their budgets so citizens don’t have the rug pulled out from under them; and change the growth rate for Medicaid so that Arizona is not punished for operating a successful Medicaid program that cuts costs and streamlines services.

Statement By Senator John McCain On The Revised Senate Health Care Bill
Statement By Senator John McCain On The Revised Senate Health Care Bill

Jul 13 2017 STATEMENT BY SENATOR JOHN McCAIN ON REVISED SENATE HEALTH CARE BILL Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released the following statement today on the revised Senate health care bill: “In its zeal for hard work, the Senate has completed another laborious week by passing a…

553 reactions 731 comments
Nick Nomm There are hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts that would ship costs onto the state governments, it would hurt the most vulnerable citizens, it would have an adverse impact particularly on our rural health care providers, hospitals [and] nursing ...
Winnie Williams Would love to see the Senate, "return to regular order, hold hearings and receive input from senators of both parties, and produce a bill that finally provides Americans with access to affordable and quality health care." The ACA process was an open ...
Tim Nunez But POTUS says the administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. He wouldn't say something if it weren't true, would he? :O
Michael Troop A predominantly GOP led government and you are at an impasse. Our government has screwed up big time. Both democrats and republicans are a complete disaster.
Rosemarie Grantham Senator, your promise of proposed ammendments to a still terrible DeathCare bill is not enough. The GOP may cruficy you for doing the right thing, but you need to do the right thing and oppose this still-hateful leglistaion.
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:48 07/16/2017

I stand with Charlie Gard and his parents. Health care should be between patients and doctors. Government has no place in the life or death business.

3.7k reactions 731 comments
Jack-Monica Tatay That's why forcing people to buy obamacare was and is wrong. Outrageous premiums and deductibles. I had no health care-just useless insurance. M
Joyce Curtis Mulliken You are exactly right! Healthcare should always be between the medical providers and the patient or parents of the patient. The only way to get government and insurance companies out of healthcare decisions is for people to take responsibility and ...
Mary Milam Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, = Health care for all
Burke Ericson But Mr Speaker, you still don't get it. Some people don't earn enough money to seek out healthcare or life saving medication. All the words in the world won't change this current state of affairs. Right now the government is saving people by giving them ...
Mary Ann Tierno-Langelle Your constituents say you are not representing them. You are a soulless, spineless, pathological liar. Your are a tool of the plutocrats. You're day in jail for conspiracy with a foreign power to interfere in our election is coming! People know what ...
John McCain
04:12 07/16/2017

The death of Liu Xiaobo in a Chinese prison represents an egregious violation of the fundamental human rights for which Dr. Liu spent his life fighting. Unfortunately, and as Dr. Liu would have wanted everyone to remember today, this is only the latest example of Communist China’s assault on human rights, democracy, and freedom. A Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was wrongly imprisoned by the Chinese government for nearly a decade, Dr. Liu was a champion for human rights throughout his life. From protesting at Tiananmen Square to authoring a human rights manifesto for which he was unjustly jailed, Dr. Liu was relentless in his pursuit of a democratic China. As he suffered from late-term liver cancer in prison, the Chinese government’s delay in treatment was the last barbaric violation of Dr. Liu’s human rights. Even as it brutalizes its own citizens, China has continually bullied its neighbors and destabilized the Asia-Pacific region by militarizing the South China Sea and propping up the North Korean regime. China has again ignored the international community in its inhumane treatment of prisoners of conscience. The United States of America should demand the immediate release of Dr. Liu’s wife, Liu Xia, and make clear that we will not tolerate China’s pervasive violation of human rights.

Statement By Senator John McCain On The Death Of  Chinese Human Rights Advocate Liu XiaoBo In Prison
Statement By Senator John McCain On The Death Of Chinese Human Rights Advocate Liu XiaoBo In Prison

Jul 13 2017 STATEMENT BY SENATOR JOHN McCAIN ON DEATH OF LIU XIAOBO IN CHINESE PRISON Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released the following statement today on the death of Nobel Peace Prize laureate and human rights advocate Dr. Liu Xiaobo in a Chinese prison: “The death of Liu…

750 reactions 157 comments
Bev Johnson-Becerra Instead of criticizing President Trump and trying to destroy him, follow the money to Clinton. You should be happy you are not locked up for your false dossier. I expected better from you.
Reginald Solomon The Chinese devour all the property of the environment of our planet. They eat millions of sharks and billions of dogs, they eat cats, cockroaches ... They Destroy the rarest species of animals and plants to eat.
Alexander Warbrick Sometimes we talk and talk. I am a British royal airforce pilot. Don't write, make actions. I'm am 46 and live in Texas now. Married. But still fly in the royal airforce. My wife is from here. Make some aktions
Deb Schroeder What about the protesters facing jail time or the people who laughed at Jeff Sessions. They are going to be sentenced soon. And yes Guantanamo. Think Senator McCain should make things better here, then we might be taken seriously.
Leslie Daly Talk about rights, shouldn't you be working on freeing the Bundy's. They are political prisoners who stood up to the Obummer thugs who were involved in an illegal government land grab. What about their rights? Again attacking the very people who stood ...
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

Russia's attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Montenegro is a case-study in Putin's ultimate goal of undermining democracies in the West. To learn more, tune-in to my Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on this now→http://bit.ly/2uV6xAR

Armed Services Hearing On Russian Interference In Montenegro
Armed Services Hearing On Russian Interference In Montenegro's Election

The Senate Armed Services Committee meets this morning to receive testimony on the attempted coup in Montenegro and malign Russian influence in Europe.

396 reactions 432 comments
Amit Shanbhag It's all hunky dory now that the orange Buffon is in power. But tomorrow, if Russia favours an actual socialist Presidential candidate, then these same conservatives would be be calling for Putin's head.
Brendan McCarthy We are really doing hearings on this? How many governments has the US overthrown? How many elections has the US intervened in? This is hysterically hypocritical.
John Irvin Sharon Dennis, I'm sorry to say, but you must have had your head in the sand during the past eight years when Republicans were obstructionists. Do you recall how McConnell said in 2005 that the Republicans would do everything within their power to see ...
Anne Milner Rust WHAT are we going to do about it? We've been a willing puppet for Putin's destabilization efforts, and we still have our heads in the sand. Every day that we don't stand up and unite around protecting America first, party second, we lose more respect in ...
Joe Graen John, I used to look up and admire you. It's time to retire bud. All your doing is embarrassing yourself and tarnishing a pretty teriffic legacy. Or what once was. You sound like one of those pissed off old guys at the country club who gripe about ...
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

FAKE NEWS ALERT: A fake news story circulating claims Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who has apparently lobbied against the Sergei Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, posted a photo from inside my office. That story is false. The photo in question shows Mark Feygin and me, a Russian opposition lawyer working to free Nadiya Savchenko, Ukraine’s first female military pilot and Member of the Ukrainian Parliament who had been abducted by pro-Russian separatists and illegally imprisoned in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. I tweeted that photo in April 2015 following my meeting with Mark and calling for Savchenko’s release. Natalia Veselnitskaya did not attend that meeting, but apparently posted the photo of Mark and me to her Facebook page in December 2015 – months after Mark and I met. I am immensely proud to have authored and led Congress's passage of the Sergei Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act and the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which hold accountable those who engage in gross human rights violations in Russia and around the world. The Russians I've welcomed in my office are true patriots fighting for truth and liberty in Russia. Unfortunately, many have paid a steep price for their bravery -- including my friend Boris Nemtsov, the former Russian opposition leader who was killed in the shadow of the Kremlin, and Vladamir Kara-Murza, who has been the victim of more than one poisoning. I will never stop fighting to support the cause of Russians demanding an end to Putin's reign of tyranny and yearning to live in freedom.

2.2k reactions 540 comments
Danielle Elise Hello Senator McCain--I'm an Arizona voter weighing in on this post. Could you please consider refraining from the term "fake news?" I think that this term automatically brings a reactionary tone to your post that is unnecessary for someone of your ...
Claudia Leon York This is clearly the Russians attempt to discredit you, this is how these regimes operate, they plan a spy in your surroundings to mislead and misinform
Trent Steel Hmm, a lot of protesting there Songbird. I don't give a sh*t who the Russians are or how much you justify it, I just want you to worry more about AMERICA! I know it's hard for a traitor like you but hey, how about giving it a try for a change.
Ann Hall John McCain, explain how YOU ended up with the Russian dossier and how YOU know "another shoe will drop".. You are the fake and I think you are the mole behind all of this.
Bryan Loftis Senator McCain is one of the old guard senators whose politics I am glad to sometimes support and sometimes respectfully disagree with. He is an honorable man and a compelling senator. While I am not a Republican, I know that I can trust Mr. McCain to ...
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

I'll be speaking on the Senate floor shortly about gridlock gripping the Senate and the need to negotiate a bipartisan budget agreement. Tune-in now!

Sen. John McCain Speaks On The Senate Floor
Sen. John McCain Speaks On The Senate Floor

The Senate votes 100-0 to confirm David Nye to be U.S. district judge for the District of Idaho. Senators also take a cloture vote on the nomination of William Hagerty to be ambassador to Japan.

354 reactions 208 comments
Lori Meyers You are a disgrace to the Men and Women who serve and who have served and to the USA. You are not a Republican as every chance You have You stand with the Democrats and the Media. why dont You stand with Our President and start helping and stop with ...
Kathy Bielas How about working on a healthcare bill as was promised, better than the Affordable Care Act, and will cost people less? Please put that on your list as well.
Katie Smead Republicans forget how they did nothing but block everything for 8 years... now bipartisan has been destroyed by that party. Let's talk about saving our democracy by acknowledging the Trump-Russia collusion/conspiracy.
Mike Kays Like Mike Huckabee said, if you really want to solve the healthcare issue, then open the policy the House of Lord- I mean Congress enjoys to the people who elect them. Or, opt in on what you say is good for the American people, which you didn't do on ...
Ginger Whetstine Unless you're going to confess your part in selling sarin gas and missiles to Isis in Syria I'm not interested in anything you have to say. You're not a republican you're a criminal.
Speaker Paul Ryan
16:00 07/13/2017

Very good news → the House just unanimously passed 3 important bills to crack down on perpetrators of human trafficking in America. It is one of the world's fastest growing crimes, and law enforcement should have every possible tool at their disposal to prosecute traffickers and protect victims.

1.7k reactions 317 comments
Justin Bowles Paul Ryan, I am a 24 years old, law abiding and a concealed carry permit holder. The country has a lot of discrepancies in our rights to carry. My California Drivers License is valid in all 50 States and D.C., but my carry permit is only valid in about ...
Mark N Javorka Where are my Representatives in congress hiding ? Why are my Republican leaders "NOT" taking 5 minutes out of their seemingly "Do Nothing" schedules of not passing anything substantial, trying to take credit for things my POTUS penned in with executive ...
Danny Partin Where is the investigation into the Ukraine collusion with DNC? About time the GOP stood up for our President, stop sitting back, saying nothing. Do something about this Witch hunt. Mueller is stacking the deck against our President. Why wont ...
Becky Clark You and the house need to shut down , deny article of impeachment of Potus Trump for using false narratives! No facts support the claims. The dems, obama admin , DNC & Clintons are the ones that colluded, obstructed to try and control the election. ...
Rita Deaton Bridges Go back to Wisconsin and get out of politics! You are a RINO and a disgrace to America! Your wife is a DemoRAT and you are doing everything you can do to thwart President Trump's agenda to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I believe your days are number in the ...
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

Recent news reports have shone a light on the Sergei Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian attorney working on behalf of his clients nearly a decade ago when he uncovered deep-seated corruption, and as any good lawyer would do, he reported his findings to Russian authorities. For doing his job, he was summarily arrested, jailed, tortured and killed. In his name, we wrote legislation to hold accountable those Russian authorities directly and indirectly responsible for his death by freezing their assets, denying them access to American financial institutions and preventing them from traveling to the United States. The law also enables similar sanctions on those who engage in gross human rights violations in Russia, where unfortunately, the abuses and due process breaches seen in Sergei’s case are widespread. The law serves as a deterrent for would-be perpetrators of abuses in Russia, and demonstrates a meaningful step we can take as American lawmakers who believe in advancing the rule of law and core human freedoms the world over. We were thrilled when our colleagues joined us last year in advancing the same standards at the global level via the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which was included in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. These laws are an American gold standard, and other countries around the world have passed or are pursuing similar legislation. We appreciate that the Trump Administration has so far signaled it will continue to enforce both laws, and we look forward to working with them on robust implementation of this powerful foreign policy tool.

Statement By Senators John McCain & Ben Cardin On The Sergei Magnitsky Act
Statement By Senators John McCain & Ben Cardin On The Sergei Magnitsky Act

Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Ben Cardin (D-MD), authors of the Sergei Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act of 2012 and the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act of 2016, released the following statement & background info today

724 reactions 184 comments
Philip Dias I would push for more cordial, but cautious, relations with the Russian federation. Unless you want then to sell s400 missile systems to Iran, etc. You Have to a specific approach where you voice your concerns, and make them feel it, but don't push it ...
Chuck Natkie Now even though you have everything to be proud of here... Me think thou doth protest too much... I understand the rational legislator would want to distance themselves from any Russian alleged ties at the moment but don't let the hype pull you into ...
Greg Des Rosiers American gold standard?!?! That's LAUGHABLE, Senator. Given the corruption and cronyism that is rampant in DC, and in light of the manner in which you and your ilk are propping up the dictator of this banana republic by your silence, there is no more ...
Michelle Woodward Why was this Russian Attorney allowed access to our Country without a valid Visa? Why was she seated next to an Obama Administration Official in the front row at a Senate Hearing in 2016? Is she a Registered Russian Agent? Something is very ...
Nick Smith Going back to Senator McCain's article, there has been much talk recently of defending the West and western civilisation. The rule of the law is one of those pillars of our civilisation, and by upholding it we do defend our society. Those nations ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
16:00 07/13/2017

It is high time Senate Democrats stop their partisan obstruction of President Donald J. Trump's appointments.

President Trump’s Nominations Face Needless Obstruction
President Trump’s Nominations Face Needless Obstruction

In an effort to prevent the President from following through on the policies for which the American people voted, Senate Democrats are putting his nominations through time-consuming parliamentary procedures not seen by the previous Administration.

1.8k reactions 722 comments
Jim Quinn Your party has the majority in both houses. It's shameful that you won't even approve your own nominees. The GOP was put in charge of the Congress and the executive branch to get things done. Get moving!
Sherry Nicholson Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't Republicans control the House and Senate? How then, could Dems obstruct for any length of time? Point those fingers right back at yourself, Speaker Paul Ryan and at President Donald J. Trump for not even nominating ...
Thania Miranda Mr Ryan, perhaps you and the Republican leadership should look into the behavior exhibited by the Trump administration instead of who he is nominating for anything. Trump has brought nothing but scandal and debasing to the most important and sacred ...
Nancy Binder I almost choked when I read the above Ryan's quote, Democrats are obstructionist. What a disgusting hypocrite. I honestly think you have gotten so used to Trump lying that now you are doing the same. I very well remember the Senate Majority leader ...
Ana Lark I think we should stop paying Congress until they can prove why we are paying them...to do their job and pass legislation! We don't get paid if we don't do our jobs why should our tax dollars go to pay for someone not doing their job?
Speaker Paul Ryan
16:00 07/13/2017

Tax reform is coming along. Today’s meeting among House, Senate, and White House leaders was very constructive.

806 reactions 387 comments
Beverly Wurts Trump colluding with the Russians???? Well, lets see.... Who received $35 million from a Russian investment fund started by Vladimir Putin? Not Trump, but Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Who received $500,000 from a company linked to Russian ...
Jane Katkus Fine. Get busy with the POTUS agenda instead of your own, an we'll all be fine. Get busy with REPEAL and Replace........and replace with free market solutions an an option for catastrophic policies for those who may only need that. Fund Medicaid for ...
Stephanie Meyer Snow Speaker of the house, you need to pass the bill to tie Trumps hands on rolling back sanctions on Russia. His administrations and him have been drag into the mud with theirs lies. I wasn't sure of collusions with Russia, but sure am now, DO YOUR JOB, and ...
Mark Schroeder "In language so blunt and obvious it would make a Hollywood screenwriter blush, the emails confirm what the president, his son and others have denied repeatedly for more than a year: that top members of the Trump campaign met with representatives of the ...
Cathy Copeland Help hardworking Americans on capital gains. Son is selling his home he has rented out for four years just so he wouldn't lose money or have it foreclosed. Finally the market has improved and his profit will be eaten up with taxes.
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

I'm talking live now with The Heritage Foundation. Tune-in!

337 reactions 224 comments
Jodi Lynn So every time we turn around another shoe drops. Well talk is cheap mister so what the hell are you gonna do about it??? Put your money where your mouth is!
Beverly Wurts Trump colluding with the Russians???? Well, lets see.... Who received $35 million from a Russian investment fund started by Vladimir Putin? Not Trump, but Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Who received $500,000 from a company linked to Russian ...
Angela Muller Stop hiding behind ISIS and start doing something for the people of the United States, and most importantly the citizens of Arizona....remember them. The ones that have no healthcare because they can no longer pay the Obamacare premiums. I voted for you ...
Kathleen Kwiat Why would anyone support a American citizen (whether Republican or Democrat) who would openly brag and conspire with a hostile foreign country against The United States! What the hell kind of US citizen are you? Maybe you should move to Russia.
Ryan Duffie Joe Scarborough has left the Republican Party. Now, Susan Collins, Richard Burr, John McCain and many others should go as well. They are basically pre-Obama Democrats. They represent no defense of liberty. They are useless to us.
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

Tune-in now to The Heritage Foundation to hear me discuss the importance of the U.S.-Tunisian strategic partnership!

119 reactions 67 comments
Zach Upchurch Find yourselves a partner who looks at you the way John McCain looks at endless wars.
Laura Gargano Seems all the republicans are coming out with their breadcrumbs away from Juniors problems.
Henry Carmichial I appreciate your effort to highlight and strengthen America's relationship with countries like Montenegro and Tunisia Mr. Senator.
Shira L Baker Here's some facts for you: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/09/the-fall-of-the-heritage-foundation-and-the-death-of-republican-ideas/279955/
Toren Nerot BREAKING: 'Sen McCain faces questions in Trump-Russia dossier case' (McClatchyDC). Sen. McCain, YOU need to be charged with treason! Also, the media outlets named in the case "...the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, the New Yorker and ...
John McCain
15:24 07/13/2017

Summertime — filled with vacations and trips to the beach — offers an important opportunity for Americans to read. As an avid reader, I have always believed in the power of books to educate, entertain and inspire. With summer underway, I encourage all Americans to pick up a book and read this summer — from fiction to history, you can do no better for your mind than to read. If you're looking for good reads, I've put together this list of my all-time favorite books. From classic literature to military history, these are books I have read and reread over the years. I will update this list on a periodic basis, and I hope you’ll share your reviews as well as your own book recommendations by commenting below.

Senator John McCain’s Summer Reading List – John McCain – Medium
Senator John McCain’s Summer Reading List – John McCain – Medium

Summertime — filled with vacations and trips to the beach — offers an important opportunity for Americans to read. As an avid reader, I…

911 reactions 317 comments
Sheryl Givens Gantz Thank you! I am impressed that you provided this list. Opening it and finding "All Quiet on the Western Front" as the first book listed made me happy. That is one of my all time favorites about the futility of war.
Pamela Brown Great list Senator. I've read some and on your recommendation I will read Tuchman's book. I know that "All Quiet on the Western Front" is Remarque's most well known book but "Spark of Life" is, I think, is his best.
Mickie Harris Nice list, of course I'm biased given I've read most of them...what I do not understand is if you believe reading/education is a good thing, how did you vote for DeVos?
TR Peterson Thank you Senator! I am pleased to say I've read 4 of the books on your list - I love Military History. Herman Wouk's two books are brilliant. I can't believe he is still with us - he just turned 102!
Nick Smith Just getting back to the books for a bit...😀...I think this is a good list! Senator McCain, I just wondered if you've read August 1914 by Solzhenitsyn, which covers similar ground to Graves and Remarque but from a Russian point of view.
Speaker Paul Ryan
16:00 07/13/2017

Saddened to hear about the loss of 16 Marines. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends, and fellow Marines. Semper Fi.

950 reactions 142 comments
Liz Bulasko You're such a despicable dipshit. The budget your cronies and you does the exact opposite and doesn't support those in service at all. Go back to Janesville!
Randall Ferraro Have you read the other news lately Paul? The way I see it, you have about 2 more days to actually grow a pair? Think you can pull it off?
Howard Stenn Your "thoughts and prayers" always go out to victims of violence or tragedy, but your financial and legal support only goes to your wealthy supporters. You are unAmerican and unchristian
Ben Sterling On document written “the Trumps are NEW to politics" Sorry officer, I didn’t mean to get caught. I am new to robbing a bank.....hiding the evidence for months and then lying about it
Jill Leslie Young Honor these brave servicemen by denouncing the corrupt and scandalous commander-in-chief who puts the lives of every member of America's armed services in danger every day with his lack of knowledge, care, and consideration for anyone other than himself.
Speaker Paul Ryan
03:12 07/11/2017

This young man's battle against muscular dystrophy is inspiring. His story (and the millions like it) is the reason we passed the CURES Act into law, which will accelerate the development of cutting-edge cures and treatments for what today are considered incurable diseases.

1.0k reactions 307 comments
Helen Calvert Kettenring I can't believe you have the audacity to paint yourself as a saint while you strip healthcare from the most vulnerable. Many will literally DIE because of your greed. Sit down, Paul. We're not buying it.
Ramona Bruno How can you share his story when you are wanting to put him in a high risk pool, cut Medicaid expansion and services? Your motive in sharing his story was it for optics to appear like you truly care?
Melissa Rose HOW THE G.O.P. SABOTAGED OBAMACARE- ACA: By ABBE R. GLUCKMAY Obamacare is not “collapsing under its own weight,” as Republicans are so fond of saying. It was sabotaged from the day it was enacted. And now the Republican Party should be held ...
Katherine M. Sandvick-Johnson My personal agenda is healthcare for all. This young man needs a cure and he needs health insurance. Without health insurance a cure will not do him any good. He will be shackled by pre-existing and life-time limits. So Kimberly Smith Herzog you ...
Peggy Munson OMG! Your evil ways know no bounds! You use this youngster for a photo op while you continue to cheer for tearing healthcare insurance away. Unless his parents are millionaires they will not be able to afford your "high risk pools!" You have no shame.
Speaker Paul Ryan
14:24 07/08/2017

We're cutting Washington waste, one bill at a time.

1.7k reactions 564 comments
Alva Jelinek And Betsy DeVos just did something really dreadful; those awful for-profit rip off colleges that prey upon and rip off our veterans with the help of Federal Government funds, now no longer have to prove that they place people in actual jobs. Rolling ...
Greg Roberge Speaker, with all due respect, not only is this photo patronizing to your constituents, it is obnoxious and shows you use politics first before substance-exactly what the Democratic party does. You have alienated the voters who elected our President and ...
Sam Gerardi In your mind, spending money on the people and country is a waste because you don't get a direct profit. You are a pig like your president and the corrupt oligarchy dynasty that cheated the electoral process to win.
Susan York One bill at a time, you're cutting the voice of constituents, consumer protections, hope of slowing global warming, workplace safety, regulations that prevent abuses by the financial sector that caused the recession, animal welfare, preservation of our ...
Fereshteh Abbasi Yeah? Department of Homeland Security has tons of backlogged work and long wait times. And you guys proposed a 9% percent staff cut? How is that a "waste" if they do not have enough people to do their current job?
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