Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 05:48

We want this to be the last tax season Americans have to put up with this broken tax code. Our tax code should be fair and simple.

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Hank Podzimek Investigate this Trump-Russia stuff first, without a thorough investigation it undermines the legitimacy of this Presidency and any laws he signs. As for Tax code, how about a tax code that if you have a government contract you pay the highest corp tax ...
Vader Morey So, word has it the big winners in your tax reform plan are the 1% most wealthy, while the rest of us get shafted again. This seems to be SOP for you. Why your district keeps reelecting you is beyond me.
Jack Gibbons Lets start with repealing the tax on Social Security!!! The democrats imposed it and YOU and your fellow RINO's have not done a thing to correct it!! One bill, Up or down vote! That simple!! Get it done!!
Sandy DiLorenzo DeLia Then let's get it done. You are in charge but it seems like the Democrats are. We voted for Donald Trump and his agenda not yours. Tax reform, repeal Obamacare and build the wall!!!! That is what the American people want. Let's get it together and stop ...
Ken Darryll Dufresne First of all businesses do not care about feelings. It is all about maximizing profits. That is a good thing. What is also a good thing is lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% and repatriate all that off shore money as 15% of 3 trillion dollars is a ...
John McCain
Yesterday 05:12

I'm hosting ANOTHER Facebook Town Hall tomorrow, March 29th at 5pm ET/2pm PT - ask me your questions in the comments below!

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Anne Hawken There are a number of persons asking about your "yes" vote on Internet privacy invasion. Please give a detailed answer. We really want to know why this could be a good idea. Identify theft is a real and present danger.
Beth Kuklinski Trump and his Republican enablers, like Devin Nunes, want to create enough confusion over who’s version is correct -- and whether Obama and the Democrats did wrong or Trump and his aides did wrong -- that the public in effect decides it's all just ...
Nina Hart There must be a bipartisan committee and a special commission appointed to investigate the issue of Russia and the Trump administration's involvement. Nunes should not be allowed to participate. John McCain, you have more integrity than so many other ...
Eric Johnson Do you feel bad about or regret being part of the 2005 Republican controlled Senate Judiciary Committee that declined to give Harriet Miers, a qualified woman, the chance at being approved as an associate Justice of the Supreme Court with an up or down ...
David Hathaway I first began to loathe Trump when he said you are "not a war hero," back in July 2015. The utter lack of civility he shows toward those Democrats and Republicans and who he considers his "enemies" is despicable, and much more than just an embarrassment ...
John McCain
Yesterday 05:12

New satellite imagery from CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies shows the completed military build out of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

China’s Big Three Near Completion in the South China Sea
China’s Big Three Near Completion in the South China Sea

Major construction of military and dual-use infrastructure on the “Big 3”—Subi, Mischief, and Fiery Cross Reefs is nearly complete.

155 reactions 69 comments
Daun Elmore Love land sat - Science needs to be fully funded under the donald years - Please save our programs that promote technology and space/land.
Mike Bielas It's a violation of international law. Hey, maybe Jared will figure out what to do.
Michael Hale Looks like our site in West Germany in the 1960s: Early warning radar, DF Equipment, possible electronic intercept.
Grant Devereaux Congress needs to pass legislation that prevents the President from pardoning any member of his staff, campaign or Transition team. And they need to do that now.
Fyodor Vasilkov Wait... it is a chinese military base on chinese territory... wtf? how many bases US has outside USA? and how many bases China has outside China?
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 05:48

We will not tolerate the anti-Israel bias of the United Nations. Ambassador Nikki Haley will make sure of it.

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Kim Bo Sure wished you cared 1/2 as much for Americans as you do Israel! You fight for them but you steam roll the people of the USA!
Ryan Leach American people will not tolerate endless wars and treasonous actions by you and establishment puppets you work with relinquishing American sovereignty to globalization by forcing U.N. Agenda 2030
Natalie Servantes Speaker Ryan - you need to replace Nunes as chairman of the House Intel Committee immediately, as he is clearly compromised. The American people (your bosses) are watching your actions closely.
Stacy Gould TIme for Nunes to go. Interesting that there isn't even an option to speak to a member of your staff. COWARD! Guess what, it's going to be the coverup and obstruction that bring down this regime. And you will be complicit
Liam Mc Namara Its difficult to believe coming from Ireland that some one with an Irish name like Paul RYan would talk this kindoff one sided speak and . Its absurd
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 05:48

Today is a good day for American jobs. Over the past two months, Congress passed a series of important bills that roll back harmful, Obama-era regulations and today, thanks to President Donald J. Trump, those bills are now law. From reforming our education system to properly managing our nation’s resources, our Congressional Review Act legislation empowers states over the federal government. This will free up innovation and create jobs in the private sector. We will continue to reverse bad regulations and stand up for the American workforce.

1.0k reactions 436 comments
William Dreke God created bears and wolves. If you think that they should be killed you are against Gods will, and you are the ones who should be eliminated from our planet. Gods creatures do what they need to do to survive. Humans are supposed to have free will to ...
Shannon McCallister America is a consumer-based nation. If those regulations you decreased and eliminated today did anything to lessen the security, confidence, and buying power of the average American consumer, especially the lower market consumers, then those at the top ...
Suzanne Porter Ryan, what a human piece of waste you are. Remove all ethics from the workplace, contaminate our country, butcher our wildlife. Now you also say Cheatin' Nunes can supervise an investigation into his puppet master and himself. It stuns me that once I ...
Vader Morey A good day for corporate profits and profit based executive compensation, you mean. This has absolutely nothing to do with providing jobs and you know it. You lying, greedy sack of crap. Your idol, Ayn Rand, died cold, penniless, and alone on the very ...
Elizabeth Day In his research from St. Petersburg, Chen discovered that Russian internet trolls - paid by the Kremlin to spread false information on the internet - have been behind a number of "highly coordinated campaigns" to deceive the American public. It's a ...
John McCain
Yesterday 05:12

Today I spoke on the Senate floor to urge my colleagues to support Montenegro’s ascension to NATO. Russia has sought to keep Montenegro from becoming a NATO member, launching an anti-NATO campaign and calling further NATO enlargement a “provocation.” Russia even plotted a coup d’etat to assassinate the Montenegrin Prime Minister and seize control of government buildings in the capital. Backing this treaty sends a clear message to Russia that it will not have veto power over NATO decisions. The United States has benefited tremendously from peace and stability in Europe, with NATO as the foundation of European security. That is why we must now stand with Montenegro or risk undermining our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace.

1.7k reactions 244 comments
Jerry Samaniego Good job,John. Actions speak louder than words, however. How about you give this same speech in Europe next month at the NATO conference while Tilly is over in Russia? Also, could you talk the rules committee into advancing the bill to create an ...
Mike Bielas Republicans evidently don't mind treason and won't investigate the Trump administration's treasonous act on our country. Say it isn't so. Time to have the independent investigation. Devin Nunes is part of the cover up and is also neck deep in the swamp.
Anne Eva Putin's Russia is corrupt-- No free speech. No free press. None of the protests & arrests are being reported in Russian newspapers. And now Jared Kushner is in charge of "privatizing"-- just like Putin did with the oligarchs! Wake up! #putinTrump ...
Lisa Yannucci Sir, this business with Russia is extremely disturbing. Your fellow Senators will go down in history as traitors to the country. I'm glad you're standing up for us.
Slava Gurdzhi Plotted a coup d'etat? Really? You mean like the one you orchestrated with your buddy Vicky Nuland in Ukraine?!? You should be tried at The Hague for your crimes.
John McCain
Yesterday 05:12

Today I was deeply grateful and honored to meet with my dear friend, Vladimir Kara-Murza, for the first time since his hospitalization last month. And despite another attempt on Vladimir’s life, it is clear to me that the revolutionary spirit of this brave Russian patriot is unbroken. Because of the determination of Vladimir Kara-Murza and the multitudes of patriotic Russians just like him, I am ever hopeful that the cause of truth and justice for the Russian people will be victorious.


­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement today on meeting with Vladimir Kara-Murza, a Russian activist who was hospitalized last month for the second time in the last two years due to suspected poisoning:

654 reactions 84 comments
John Willmot Was he instrumental in getting you to denounce your country on North Vietnamese radio?
Michael Burdeau hey songbird, you going to reveal how much Soros and Russians have and continue to pay you?
Kyle Uibel Hey John I've been noticing, why is it when I poop it comes out my butt, but (no-pun) when you poop it's out of your flappy annoying suck hole?
Jeff Hemmen Why don't you find your patriotism here in the States? You have done nothing about Trump because he has an R after his name
Vyn Polmanteer To bad you are more concerned with the welfare of the Russian people than you are with the citizens of the USA! :(
John McCain
Yesterday 05:12

Vladimir Kara-Murza is a hero, a true Russian patriot and a survivor - I was deeply honored to host him today as he continues fighting for freedom in Russia. Vladimir has been a brave, outspoken, and relentless champion for the Russian people. He has kept faith with his ideals in confrontation with a cruel and dangerous autocracy.

1.8k reactions 121 comments
Liegio Maximo mr McCain, sir! We (ukrainians) need all our generals get in the nato structure to be teached. Just give our authorities an order to get all those generals (and maybe even colonels)somewhere to NATO forces for a while (2-3 months) to let them know what ...
Rhona Beitler We have to have an independent Bi-Partisan investigation into Russian interference in our election. Nothing else is honest, nothing else will satisfy the citizens of our country.
Lauren Kenneth Lambert He will be murdered like all the other russian dissenters. If youre going to roll flynn, better get him in protective custody before they get to him too.
Vicki Lightner Take out your hearing aid, buy a rocking chair and retire your antiquated ideas. You have outlived your relevance and are a prime reason for term limits to be imposed.
Kristine Crabtree Thank you for your service to our country. Please push for either a select committee or independent commission to investigate the ties between our current leaders and Putin.
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 05:48

GOOD NEWS: Two more regulatory power grabs from the Obama Administration are getting rolled back. Next stop → The White House, where President Donald J. Trump is about to sign them into law. (H.J. Res 83 and H.J. Res 69)

1.3k reactions 489 comments
Jack Gibbons More fluff! Get some REAL Legislation up to Trump! Do away with taxing Social Security!!! We already paid taxes on that money!!! But as a RINO, you never met a tax you didn't like!
Paul Barcus You done Ryan...trying to pass a bill that was different than the one that pass 6 months ago... you all just proved how obama was right the hole time...
Patty Kohler Terribly disappointed about the healthcare outcome!! Totally. DON'T do that again - work for a resolution with your coworkers prior!! We love this President!!
Julie DonCarlos Regulations protect people and the environment. Apparently you see it as your job to make sure both have no protection. Screw you.
Mariana Agterberg De Simone You never sign anything for the welfare of the American people, or fauna or flora of this Country , in short all you sign is for bringing this country to total ruin. No one knows that you are the owner of lands where pass the conduit of the oil pipe ...
John McCain
Yesterday 05:12

Join me for my second Facebook Live Town Hall on Wednesday, March 29th. Send in your questions - I look forward to answering them live!

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Steve Brincat Just retire McCain, its way past your time...Bring in term limits now!
Angela Smith Can you please do one in the evening also? Thank you. :)
Saúl Antonio Romano Luna Saludos.Senador en nombre d millones d pobres,. Le pido , haga enfacis en una mejor administración d los fondos ,q reciben los países .dominados por guerrilleros rojos.
Sabrina Whitney Wait... am I somehow following you? Let's correct that egregious mistake now. Can't believe I ever voted for you.
Lawrence Peters Senator: Insread of you proposing the breakup of the 9th Circuit Court why don't you reach out to ALL your constituents to find out what they think about this propoasl. I, for one, vote NO on the breakup.
Speaker Paul Ryan
Yesterday 05:48

A strong relationship with Israel is vital to our national security and a cornerstone of American leadership. 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

1.1k reactions 411 comments
Tony Presta You should have gotten consensus with your buddies on a new health care plan. You are a clown and part of an illegitimate clown government.... By the people, for yourselves. You and the rest of Congress don't have much time... You have ruined this ...
Nicholas Espitia Frasser If you just knew that the Israeli government make fun of you and the American Christian way of life,they treat you like their workers like their slaves. America it's for the ones who love their country NO for the ones that had abuse of it for almost 60 ...
Joan Roberts Speaker Ryan, I do not believe you. We all know you were a driving factor in the "Never Trumpers" YOUR job is to represent the American people and you are out of touch. Tell me where does your health insurance come from what's your deductible? Oh ...
Jerry Allsman Folks, for those who don't remember how Obamacare was passed . . . Obama failed at getting his own Obamacare legislation passed for nearly a year and a half controlling not only the White House but also both halls of Congress. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and ...
Michael Glass Thank you speaker Ryan for recognizing the strategic importance of Israel to America. She is a beacon of hope in a very dark world surrounded by radical Islamists.
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:00 03/26/2017

I want to thank President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, HHS Secretary Tom Price, M.D., & House Republicans. There remains so much that we can do to help improve people’s lives. And we will.

1.8k reactions 1639 comments
Bob Allen All you had to do was pass a repeal as you did during the prior Administration... and instead you concocted a mess to try and appease people who did not vote for Republicans--and will never vote Republican--and betrayed those you finally gave you ...
Edward Wassell The house bill tried to squeeze in tax cuts so as to give more leverage for tax reform, i did not elect republicans to work on taxes but to lower healthcare premiums and get rid of the asinine regulations.
Sean Duggan Leave it to the GOP to take the ball, run it 99 yards and fumble it just before reaching the end zone. What should have been a triumphant day to replace Obamacare became a victory dance for the Dems. Way to go, idiots! 💩💨🔥😫
Monica Thompson I still am wondering who were the Republicans & state representatives that were in favor of this bill? Not all republicans were against it... 🤔 ByeByeRyancare so long and farewell!?
Eleeka Sormeh Asayesh What a disastrous failure. You must be so embarrassed. I certainly would be, if I were you. Just an epic fail. A fail that will go down in history. A historic fail, if you will.
John McCain
16:24 03/26/2017

In my latest edition of "Three Questions," I discuss Judge Neil Gorsuch, the importance of global alliances & my favorite things about social media - watch the entire video below!

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Mari Clifton gosh, I think the man is downright pretentious, gosh darn, he always sides with companies over workers, dang it all, he just avoided the tough questions, and golly gee, he just hides his bias behind a lot of golly gee's and gosh, if you fall for this, ...
Laura T Erwin Smith We the people feel voiceless---" The economy is strong now, but due to some decisions being made in DC, Russia, and the deconstruction of our government, my question is how will Mr. Trump and fellow republicans handle the bad news of rising ...
Oran J. Jones John McCain, you are a dirty rat. You voted for Hilliary Clinton for President of the United States. You are a total scum bag.
Shannon Frederick I'd love to hear why you supported DeVos when experienced educators and administrators oppose her and her plans.I do not care what you like about social media. For years policy makers with zero knowledge of education or children have pushed through ...
Kristi Wimmer Independent investigation into Trump's Russian connections. We are all pretty sure he cheated, now we just need you to prove it.?
John McCain
16:24 03/26/2017

I'm discussing the future of American power at The German Marshall Fund of the United States' #BrusselsForum. Watch live below.

242 reactions 59 comments
Donnie Conley John McCain Begging Russia For Money Arizona Senator John McCain has been extremely vocal about his dislike for President Donald Trump. Now, WikiLeaks has just revealed something that exposes McCain for the traitor he is. After Trump won the election, ...
Lisa Bergeson these facebook posts are a great way to keep informed with accurate information, would like to share.
Sean Tunctan It looks like a stockpile of new civil laws waiting to take affect at local levels.☎
Oran J. Jones John McCain, you are a dirty rat. You voted for Hilliary Clinton for President of the United States. You are a total scum bag.
Christopher LaJeone "No more War Pigs have the power,hand of God has struck the hour".
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:00 03/26/2017

GREAT NEWS → Thanks to President Donald J. Trump, the Keystone XL oil pipeline is finally approved. This pipeline will strengthen our nation’s energy supply and help keep energy costs low for American families. We remain committed to advancing safe and vital infrastructure projects that will boost our economy and create thousands of good-paying jobs in states across the country.

2.5k reactions 768 comments
Mary Kay Buttery ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..Pause .. and STOP the vote on anything put forward by the president until Russian investigations are finished and there is no more "cloud of treason" around the administration.
Daniel Erickson Hope we enjoy leveraging out environment security and safety for a whopping 35 extra jobs. now only about 2k more to go to replace those we will lose by shuttering the EPA and such. Keep patting yourself on the back you 2 faced bafoon
Christy Boatwright Capps You need to go!!! We need a strong speaker ( (your really a democrat )) at least the democrats stick together 😡 We need a strong nasty leader ( like Pelosi or we will never win 😒 you didn't support Donald J. Trump you traitor ( go work with your liberal ...
Samara Louton Donald Trump’s so-called ‘America First’ energy agenda is really about putting Big Oil first by advancing the Keystone XL pipeline project. The Keystone pipeline would be a straw running through the heart of America to transport the dirtiest oil in the ...
Justin Escher Alpert Speaker Paul Ryan, how will profits flow? Can we get an accountable look-through? What is the Value of the pipeline? If Americans wanted to purchase the pipeline with U.S. Treasury funds and make it part of an accountable national infrastructure, how ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
17:00 03/26/2017

Here's an idea → Let people buy what they want to buy, not what the government forces them to buy. That is exactly what the American Health Care Act will do.

2.0k reactions 1516 comments
Michael Bouma Another idea would be subject congress to the same healthcare that we the everyday American work really hard for. You probably could have got this through if you would have tried to take care of the older Americans a little better than this. Not only ...
Colby Chavers When you try to make everyone happy... Why not just do what you said you would do for six years and repeal it? Then cede some of that power you only hate when the Democrats are in the majority and get out of the way so the free market can do what you ...
Charles Schreiber Here's an idea. Stop lying about the failures of the ACA and how it is imploding all by itself. Stop pretending that you did anything but make sure that the ACA's challenges weren't helped along by your obstruction. Stop lying about how you care about ...
Rebecca W. Craft Please answer me one simple question, sir. I would love a real response, honestly. Why are the Republican pushing this bill so dang hard? Is it ego? Do you REALLY believe that you know better than the 60%ish of the American population who are ...
Vicki Reed Harrison heres an idea can this plan and get one voters want.This doesnt cut it.10% savings after 2 years,government control,mandates,30% fine if dont get insurance right away,no tort reform,medicaid mess no full repeal.Do you think we are stupid?Without dems ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

For seven years, we have been promising the American people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it’s collapsing, and it’s failing families. Tomorrow, we’re proceeding.

744 reactions 1093 comments
Jane Katkus Then get busy and REPEAL AND REPLACE instead of fiddle-farting around with tweaks and making it look like Obamacare Lite. Get government out of the way. Set state guidelines and help the truly needy wherever necessary - we'll gladly fund all that. ...
Syrena Rainbow Nicholson we want single payer and nothing else will do. We also want dental to be included, since the health of the mouth can affect the rest of the body and the immune system. And we want alternatives/preventive such as chiropractic, massage, and accupuncture ...
Kathy Gattis Juneau The people only ask for Repeal!!! We don't want it! We don't want to be mandated to buy insurance or penalized if people don't.
Fred Huber Repeal first. Replace it with a 3 page bill that is simple, direct and easily understood. (and doesn't have 20,00 pages of kickbacks, graft and general corruption that has become the norm of our FELONS IN OFFICE)
Matthew Cooper You are a failure as the speaker. Can't even keep your own party together, and now Obamacare looks like it is here to stay. Embarrassing really that you had years to come up with a plan, and this is the best you could find. If democrats and ...
John McCain
03:36 03/24/2017

This morning, I asked the Commander of U.S. European Command (EUCOM) General Curtis Scaparrotti about the importance of the United States ratifying Montenegro's accession to NATO. He responded: "It's absolutely critical."

488 reactions 116 comments
Malcolm Jacobs A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another’s.
Debedeb Wilson Nato is worthlesd these days. It is bought out. Pull out, stand on our own
Drilon Blakaj John McCain is doing great job in keeping Europe safe and uniting the people of Europe!
Eduardo Rivera Who's the Craziest? J.McCain, Kim Yun Un, Erdogan or Netanyahu?
Vicki Lightner You're irrelevant, arrogant and a closet Democrat. Retire. Term limits needed.
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

Our plan is not about forcing people to buy expensive, one-size-fits-all coverage. It is about giving people more choices and better access to a plan they want and can afford. When people have more choices, costs go down.

271 reactions 446 comments
Millie Zuvich Daverso Why not just scrap Obamacare and start from scratch? I don't think this bill is going to increase competition or drive down costs. Btw, at what point in this nation's laws/history did we agree to provide federal health care? The country was better off, ...
Jim Spicer It's like you haven't paid attention at all these last seven years. How could you get it so wrong? It keeps all the worst things about the aca and gets rid of the few good things it has. You need to go out and speak to actual conservatives and stop ...
Donna Mathias Pfost Dear Speaker Ryan: I know you must be a little upset that the Ryancare bill did not go up for a vote today. I, however, am glad it did not get to that point. This bill does not fix the problem.....if anything, it makes Obamacare worse. If that ...
Amanda Bristlin Republicans won The House and The Senate and even The Presidency due to one promise, that was the promise to fully repeal Obamacare. Republicans want to say they have a mandate, well this is it! Fully repeal or we the people will remember that you lied ...
Debra Carter Explaining better would roll this out right. Not many understands who actually pays for the healthcaresuch as taxpayers. What the "free" is by government - that government spends 3 times as much to give it away or subsidize it. Basic market principle. ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

We are gutting Obamacare. Here’s how:

420 reactions 530 comments
Rita Jines Morgan Why can't you work on actual healthcare and healthcare cost instead of insurance and other means of paying for healthcare? Healthcare and insurance is not the same. When I needed a second round of physical therapy after a second knee replacement, I ...
Jacqueline Conway Aetna wanted to merge with Humana and threatened to pull out of the exchanges if they couldn't. Now we have both threatening to pull out. Under your plan no one will be able to afford healthcare, insurers make out like bandits and the top 1% get huge ...
Ian O'Callaghan Your plan somehow manages to not repeal Obamacare, after years of clamor about repealing it, and also will cover fewer people than a simple repeal would. Some might call that an abject failure and broken promises; but not you. Kudos.
Kim Menghi Paul Ryan, instead of politicizing this issue, and putting something out there, just for the sake of 'keeping your campaign promises' so you can keep your seat in the mid-term elections, perhaps you should make sure this is a good piece of legislation ...
Mark Richards Don't just gut it, throw it away. How about you do what you all promised when you ran for re-election, and completely repeal ACA. You voted for a complete repeal when you knew Obama would just veto your bill. Why not now? Scrap this, sit down with ...
John McCain
03:36 03/24/2017

Today I hosted my very first Facebook Live Town Hall meeting - thanks to everyone who tuned-in and submitted questions! If you missed it, you can watch the entire video below, and keep up with me on Facebook to find out when I'll be hosting my next meeting.

2.2k reactions 2845 comments
Mir A Arghandiwal Senator! Since you are aware of everything going in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 on the ground, what you are doing to stop Pakistan 🇵🇰 from supporting Taliban and Afghan Government to end corruption?
Erich Boldt All the data needed to put together a fix should be made apparent here: http://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/issue-briefs/2015/oct/us-health-care-from-a-global-perspective
Laura Sosh-Lightsy Is Kellyanne Conway an alien? Ok, I know this one won't get asked or answered. Can we just agree that she is insanity in heels????
Alison Jones I am going to start a ladder company to make big ladders. I think they will be big sellers here in Southern Arizona. Can I get an SBA loan?
Hazem Kandil What's the reason behind skipping Nato meeting in order to visit Russia , meanwhile from your point of view concerning health care bill ..
John McCain
03:36 03/24/2017

Join me TODAY at 12pm ET/9am PT for my very first Facebook Live Town Hall - ask me your questions in the comments below!

389 reactions 278 comments
John Fezza Do you support the fact that the house Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes can NOT be trusted and that we need a bi-partisan select committee, and an independent special prosecutor, to look into the trump campaign's involvement with Russia?
Sean Trigg Honorable Mr. McCain, I look forward to the first SASC hearing with you, Honorable Mr. Mattis and General Dunford. The stars and moons that had to align for our national defense to be led by three men of high virtue, honor and patriotism is truly ...
Jesse Thompson It has been argued by many prominent labor and immigration economists that the majority of our illegal immigration problems would be solved by rationalizing (and properly staffing and equipping) our legal immigration policies and procedures. What ...
Douglas Hiserodt Denis Voronenkov, who fled Russia last October and has criticized President Vladimir Putin's government, was killed in Kiev Thursday, in an apparent assassination that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is reportedly calling "state terrorism." .... ...
Haby Ramirez What provisions are there in the constitution and law to deal with our current major issue of Trump-Russia relationship when we already know Nunes and other might be covering him. What if Russia planned this ahead of time and somehow got all major ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

We are in sync with President Donald J. Trump and the administration on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

579 reactions 437 comments
Jaynie Hoerauf The Emperor parading with no clothes. Vote to repeal the ACA dozens of times, but when pressed, has no actual replacement apart from going backward on keeping people treated and insured. Pitiful.
Fred Staffeld So, president Trump fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, then his key Russian witness in a pending case gets thrown out a 4th floor window and now, according to the Associated Press, Trump's former campaign manager received millions from the Russians. ...
Glenda Neal There seems to be some very conservative congressmen who have not been talked to about their ideas for healthcare. There are alot of people who don't believe you. You and all Republicans are going to put us in Socialism in 2020 if not before. You ...
Teresa Holman Ryan is only in sync with his big ego. What's your comment on the girl raped by an illegal at school!? You still have that wall at your home? Traitor to your nation is what you are. No, RyanCare ain't happening. Full repeal was the deal!
Scott Swannie Dear Mr. Speaker, First off, thanks for your service. You seem like an intelligent guy and someone with some common sense. I like that. Since you are the one heading up this new Healthcare bill, I wanted to make sure that some provisions have in fact ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

GOOD NEWS → We aren't wasting any time acting on conservative health care reform. With overwhelming support from both parties, the House just passed two bills that will help create more competition in the marketplace: 1 - The Small Business Health Fairness Act allows small businesses to offer health care to their employees through association plans. 2 - The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act eliminates anti-trust protections for insurance providers and restores competition in the health care industry.

815 reactions 370 comments
Scott Swannie Dear Mr. Speaker, First off, thanks for your service. You seem like an intelligent guy and someone with some common sense. I like that. Since you are the one heading up this new Healthcare bill, I wanted to make sure that some provisions have in fact ...
Angela Nuttall What does this even mean? Are you protecting Insurance Companies even more? Who even trusts you to do a good thing for the American people anymore? Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017 This bill amends the McCarran-Ferguson Act to declare ...
Elizabeth Day On Wednesday morning, the Associated Press released a bombshell report revealing that Paul Manafort, who ran Donald Trump's campaign for several months, had secretly worked for a Russian billionaire a decade ago to promote Russian leader Vladimir Putin. ...
Debbie Rensing Thomas It seems that a total and complete repeal would be more merciful than this plan. The benefits go entirely to the insurance industry. No mandate, but a threat. 30% higher premiums for a year of it's the first time buying health insurance or a 2 month ...
Chris Wilson Why worry about antitrust when you don't even allow across state lines? This is stupid...let's let the monopolies stay we see how well their coverage works at 600 a month and 10k deductibles for a single 30yr male because that's soooooo affordable
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

Terrible scene in London. Praying for the victims of this apparent act of terror. We stand with our friends in Parliament and Great Britain.

1.1k reactions 151 comments
Brenda Gayle Tucker Well I heard this morning on the news that trump want's Congress to give his family another $60 million dollars for security, well trump is already spending $3 million a weekend to go to his play boy club in Florida and we are spending millions of ...
Elizabeth Helene "apparent", your such a politically correct COWARD!!! President Trump is more manly in his pinky then you are as a whole. WIMP. RINO.
Kimberly Lindley Wow, this post is about prayers and standing behind our friends from a horrible terrorist attack, if you wanna turn it into something, what about keeping America and American people safe from terror, didn't see where insurances has anything to with ...
Beth Lenhart You guys keep saying you were elected to repeal and replace Obamacare, but that was before people really understood what Obamacare was. The people learned and have been trying to tell you that they DON'T WANT YOU TO REPEAL AND REPLACE IT. Just fix ...
Victoria K. Denham you are the terrible scene here in America and we are watching you try to harm our democracy...listen to us Paul Ryan...We don't want what you are pushing..Leave my neighbors alone, they just got health CARE..you call it what you want we want Obama Care ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

As I told Barack Obama in 2010, there is a difference between us, and it's basically this ⇒ We don't think the government should be in control of people's health care. We want PEOPLE to be in control.

2.2k reactions 884 comments
Janice Maloof Goodell the main difference is that Pres Obama sees healthcare as a right, you see it as an entitlement. He is beholden to the people ; you are beholden to the top % and driven for your hatred for the educated, eloguent, caring black man.
Judy Moore You contradict yourself every time you talk about the government having no place in individual's health care, and then spending an inordinate amount of time & energy dictating what goes on in my uterus & with my reproductive health. You cannot have it ...
Julia Greco Paul Ryan, you lack compassion and any real understanding of the lives of the average American. Your health plan would see 1 million fewer citizens insured than an ACA repeal. How is that even possible?
Kevin Richter How come so many Republican representatives including mine, Senator Cory Gardner, are aggressively avoiding Town Hall meetings now that they're proposing changes that their constituents purportedly want? If you're doing the will of the people, why the ...
Rachel Thibault When you say "PEOPLE" are in control, that's code for "CAPITALISM" and "the Free (ha) Market". Considering the vast inequality of this nation, "choices" don't mean anything if people can barely afford their rent, can't find a job, need to decide ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

President Donald J. Trump knocked it out of the park when he visited the Capitol this morning. We are all-in to repeal and replace Obamacare.

2.1k reactions 698 comments
Amy Nordstrom Cut Medicaid for elderly and kids, 24 million will lose health care? Huge tax breaks for the billionaires? ..... and then demolish the EPA so our air and water can be poisoned.. what the hell is wrong with you Republicans?!
Janice Cerin Krause Speaker Paul Ryan - please make sure there is a catastrophic insurance policy we can buy. I haven't been to the doctor in over 5 years except for my yearly checkup. But what do I get for being healthy? I get to pay big premiums month after month, year ...
Russ West I hope so!! Sad fact is that if the Republicans were really serious about repealing Obamacare they would have had it ready the day Donald Trump got sworn in!!! Our government has to really start working for us!! All government officials should be ...
Janet Roberts Grow a pair and refuse to back this. Why is your allegiance to a deeply flawed, treasonous and mentally addled president and party more important to you than your constituents? I know two of them, personally, who will be thrown out on the streets or ...
Mary Kay Buttery Congratulations to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump on a true accomplishment. They managed to come up with a replacement plan for Obamacare that is worse than no replacement at all. Under their plan, 24 million more Americans will be uninsured, compared to ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

The American Health Care Act restores pro-life principles to the health care system—a system that should inherently protect life, not seek to destroy it. This bill will redirect $422 million from Planned Parenthood to community health centers around the United States—ones that do not perform abortions and have a proven record of helping women.

Health Care Bill Restores Pro-Life Principles
Health Care Bill Restores Pro-Life Principles

Here’s one more important thing that the AHCA does: It defunds Planned Parenthood.

1.8k reactions 638 comments
Wendy Johannes in other words, TrumpCare takes away choice because you removed tax credits and deductions for anyone who either privately PAYS FOR their own insurance OR is provided one by their employer who offers abortion coverage for either specific reasons or any ...
Kari Gordon So you're going to leave Racine with no low income options. Planned Parenthood is the ONLY place to go, here. You KNOW federal funds don't pay for abortions. Stop playing this power hungry game!The women and babies that die as a result of that lost care ...
Diane Marr Excuse me, but the US health care system is private, nongovernmental. Unless you are making it a government-run system, you cannot claim that you are instilling principles in the delivery of health care. You CAN say, which would be true, that you are ...
Staci McDaniel Once again, the GOP pretends to do what their base wants them to do--tackling the abortion issue--but without actually accomplishing ANYTHING but creating a new tax break for the wealthy while further shutting down basic benefits to poor Americans. For ...
John Martinez II You are leaving out the cost of those babies once they are born. Speaker Paul Ryan you don't understand the first thing about being a conservative. Big, bigger, biggest government!!! We will ALL be supporting the hundreds of thousands of kids that could ...
Speaker Paul Ryan
04:12 03/24/2017

With Obamacare, people were promised one thing and given another. Seven years of this failed experiment is enough. This is our chance to build a better, fairer health care system for all Americans. We've made a promise and we're going to keep our word.

745 reactions 418 comments
Jeff Jobe TrumpCare is the largest assault on mental health care in recent history. Guaranteed behavioral health coverage will end for millions on Medicaid. Countless others suffering from addiction will be abandoned in the midst of an opioid epidemic. We cannot ...
Justin Escher Alpert You know, Speaker Paul Ryan, we might be able to move past the risk arbitrage health insurance business model. What if we were to systemically count for individual risk in every state and locality? Then we could turn the health insurance assets and ...
Phyllis White You threatened Republicans today by saying if they don't vote for the Trumpdontcare Bill they will not be reelected in 2018. Well I disagree with that statement. If they do vote for it they will not be reelected. I will certainly work hard to defeat my ...
Dan Spaulding All is good as long as you and the government utilize the same health care plan you pass for all of the citizens. If it's not good enough for your family don't tell us it's good enough for ours.
Sherianne Saenz GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF HEALTHCARE! We don't want ObamaCare, we don't want Trump/RyanCare either. Reform the insurance companies and hospitals so they don't fleece the consumers any longer.
John McCain
14:48 03/21/2017

I'm hosting my first Facebook Live Town Hall this Thursday, March 23rd at 12pm ET/9am PT - ask me your questions in the comments section below!

130 reactions 412 comments
Michal Anne Pepper I also have many questions. When will you lead your party out of the morass Trump and Ryan have led you into? You do realize that if you do not, this will be the end of the Republican party--particularly if you pass TrumpCare, which is an unmitigated ...
Heather Moffitt You've expressed your concerns and from my understanding, you support conducting an independent investigation into Russian interference in our election. If there's a chance that the president was illegitimately elected then why are we even considering ...
Jewel Kling Thank you for taking questions Senator McCain. As an Arizonan and physician, it is clear that Medicaid expansion has benefited many in Arizona and overall, the Affordable Care Act has expanded access to many Americans. The American Health Care Act ...
William Raver When is Congress going to stop looking the other way? The outright corruption, cronyism, self-dealing, nepotism and lack of ethics in the administration is shameful. Congress alone can stop this behavior. Why does Ivanka Trump have a security clearance? ...
Susan O'Brien How will the Republican Party deal with sky rocketing premiums for 50-64 year olds? Healthy or not voters notice money being drained from their pockets. So far the Republican drive to repeal and replace the ACA with a worse solution is scary. It may ...
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