George Lopez
20:54 05/18/2017

I was starting to like these two together! Answer the question to win free gear! Enter here:

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

I was starting to like these two together! Answer the question to win free gear! Enter here:

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Denise Lanzer-Lerma
I know! 😂💕
Jose Negrete
Hi bro
Ernest Rodriguez
Does not want to lose her job and have to teach kids again
Tammy Kuhne
Tammy Kuhne
I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Jason Slonaker
What Mary said don't want to teach 6th grade again
Mary Delgado Lee
doesn't want to go back to teaching 6th graders again
Richard DeMario
Here's a question. When are you leaving?
Valdemar Gallegos
She don't want to lose her job and have to go to teaching elementary kids!
Brigg Dorty
We don't need to know where, just when. Be a man of your word and your own jokes.
Jacki Tank Matherne
Mr G, I think he needs a crazy bayou girl, just💋
Jonathan Steelman
Why haven't you moved yet? Move to a country you don't hate so much.
George Gonzalez
She doesn't want to be fired from her job for fraternizing with a student. Or as we Mexicanos would think: no sexo con la professor!
Junior MCornejo
1. Fuck you you piece of shit George Lopez your scum of the earth. 2. Hopefully your chicken shit show in your recycle dad racist comedy can go fuck itself motherfucker

Other newsfeed from George Lopez

George Lopez to light Raiders torch vs. Pats
George Lopez to light Raiders torch vs. Pats

Actor-comedian George Lopez has been selected to light the Al Davis torch before the Raiders take on the Patriots in Mexico City. Raiders owner Mark Davis said Lopez's lifelong passion for the Raiders made him the right choice to continue the tradition.

268 reactions 72 comments
David Aguilar George is a bandwagon fan though 😂
Donald Anderson Lite yourself on fire!!!!
Terrin Conner Please don't let him,
Marc Anzaldo I know huh!!
Jose Mosqueda Jr. "Yeah, you member, member?"


442 reactions 40 comments
Selvin Mateo Beatriz Espinoza , Diana Navarrete
Laura De La Torre First of all why is there candy 🍭 on the toilet.
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Marquis C Gillespie Yes it is 🙃
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Have you ever seen anyone so uncomfortable, that they need two hands to drink a bottle of water ? #ARacoon once #tinyhandman #englishbeat @comedygetdown @comedygetdownbet @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @targetcentermn

2.8k reactions 795 comments
Chris Bryant You do know you do that to make sure the bottle doesnt vibrate or move in the slightest to prevent spilling right? Pretty sure Trump wouldnt like to get his expensive suit wet. I know i wouldnt.
Christopher Durant Hes right, touching the hands together conceals tremors. Youd have to be a production man to know that. Behavior posturing coach the secret to the presentors observed character.
Tony Anderson Have you ever seen a washed up comedian complain about how a guy drinks water. Well if you’re responding to this post you have. #GeorgeLopezisntfunny #washedup #irrelevant
Theo Shannon Smith Now look, I’m not a trump supporter by all means, but to scrutinize the way the man drinks water is too much. Let’s keep it political, and not ridiculous. ~s
German Cortes he is holding the cap....close cause he knows its quick sip..close lid and set it down...hense the hand there ready to shut and move on...the man knows. Glass of water should be there..... got to make something out of nothing. Petty News

To create a bond of trust , it’s important to be honest , and not get stuck in the past ! #youcompleteme and can you finish off my friend 👌🏽 #Repost @snoopdogg

1.9k reactions 806 comments
Melanie A. Madrid Lmao Freddie Paredes who does this remind you of?? "Ol gang bang over here, man its over" 😂😂😂
Raul Yanez 😂😂 that's too much lol!
Arekusandā Danieru Mendonca Would have just dumped her later for saying that with pride.
Ady Portilla This is so fake, but it sure made me crack!!!
Stephen Ryan Espino Isn’t that the dude from Never Back Down bahahaha Chappelle Show was lit. I miss that show.

I must of not been paying attention to who was in @elvis band 🔥 @comedygetdown @comedygetdownbet @eddiegriffin @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @shannonmccollum @yaijettpapi @bryankellen @roxarroyo58 #chingonreconizeschingon

278 reactions 21 comments
Nic Corona Sarah Corona
Larry Tafoya Mark
Benny Bones Luis Baez Ernie Genao
Jesse Rangel Jaynie Betancourt John Betancourt All-Star lineup!!!
Denise Lanzer-Lerma 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Who does this remind you of?

7.2k reactions 3011 comments
Taryn Tamez Tracy M Tamez when we would be somewhere not knowing anyone but mom and dads friends😂
Tracie Meredith Laura Henry this is me looking at you after I IM you pictures of Hispanic guys 😂
Brittany Garcia This is gonna be us from now on since we cant talk at work anymore Melissa Ann Morse😂😂😂
Sharon Hernandez Mary not the saying pero who does this remind you of?!
Andrea Vallejo Krista Marion! Boo this guy looks like that creeper from Oasis back in the day!!! LMAO 😂

60 percent of the human body is water, the other 40 percent can be fabulous 🔥 #staythirstymyfriends #Repost @hoodclips ・・・ im weak af💀#HoodClips

8.0k reactions 8797 comments
Mari Orduna Hahahahah 😂😂🤣 Santi San Edgar Orduna Vanessa Nevarez 😂😂😁 look at the lil girl behind him 😂😂
Corina Jones Micki Nicole 🤣🤣 he look like he ready slurp dick the way his mouth was wide open
Saira Barrera Yossi Diaz and then there’s yossi who eats frenchfries LMFAO
Ethan Newberry Neil Saul take notes boys this is how I got mine
Anita Torres Erika why am I laughing so hard!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

If you tune into the @comedygetdownbet tomorrow night , you'll understand why I’m dressed like Mexican candy🍭 it’s a night of too many stars @theamandasalas @bergmaster5000 @trondynewman @eddiegriffin @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer and on Friday night @comedygetdown hits #thetwincities @targetcentermn #getdownwiththegetdown

112 reactions 17 comments
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Hector Sotelo Astros won world series
Bill Burleson George saludos desde Puerto Rico
Gilberto Waisman Nice jacket bato viva 🇲🇽 🤣🤣.!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We struggled to be able to bring a dog in the house , the most exotic pet we had .. Maybe a hamster, a salamander 😝 🏠 you could hide from our parents ..until you heard " what smells" and they would pull you over " Its not you " @ Los Angeles, California

286 reactions 19 comments
Deyvi Salgado George Lopez is this you lol your wanted
Brandi Balles Melissa Stinson 😂
Leah Reppert Aw to Amanda Hirst aw
Denise Lanzer-Lerma 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Reginald Cantu Lol

December 9th!! Bring a friend! Tix on sale now:

116 reactions 13 comments
Rafael Rafa
Susan Lopez Dalila Sauceda Adrian Sauceda Ruben Lopez lets go
Rafael Rafa Dude!
Stephanie Lopez Noe 😁😁😁😁
Ramona Muñoz Me gusta López que te valla bien chinhon

Another new episode of @comedygetdownbet this Thursday night , we all appreciate the great response to every episode , and Friday night @comedygetdown hits the twin cities @targetcentermn @cedtheentertainer @eddiegriffin @realdlhughley #chingonreconizeschingon

169 reactions 20 comments
Derek Swanlund Fook George lopez
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Joey Maldonado I think they are looking for you George Lopez
Emilio Perez Chingoles, Los chingones.
Ramona Muñoz El más chingón Gorge Lopez

When you know you got family coming over for the holidays...

7.2k reactions 1505 comments
LaToya L Shields Jessica Jackson Rachel Jackson Jameka Dunn ...I always pull out the best for the family gatherings....😂
Audrey Bárcena Chelsea Ramirez when you have your own house one day
Bridget Gonzalez Joey-Ruth Becky hahahahahahahahahaha my chhildhood
Jessy Morales Francine Olivera come over and I'll treat you with royalty with my paper plates 😂🤣🤣
Adam Ayala Roberta Lee, too bad you don't have the china cabinet anymore. 😂

Tis the season , and you will eat more in the next month then you did all year 🐮 and be prepared to lie " aren't these better than your moms " 🤥🤥 @momorodriguez @roxarroyo58 @alyshadelvalle @bigboy

2.2k reactions 532 comments
Kaait Sunshine Jarid Jesih you for Randolph's salsa 😂😂😂🙈
Justin McClintock Original video doesn't have flames or that flying arm
Akash Singh You running to the bathroom after the Indian buffet Kelsey Acuña
Brittney Bennett Dude, did anyone else see what happened to that guys arm?? Took it off! Gross
Alfonso Ponchito Cervantes Cuando mi madre me decia “te me bienes a la casa rapido como rayo”

It can be around something your whole life and things may never dawn on you #Fihate #look and then #Sas like a ton of bricks 👌🏽

5.4k reactions 208 comments
Mark Seaton Aye George, Let's talk about doing a duo,,
Manda Martinez Jeremias Martinez .. George is stealing you style !!🤔💈
Byron Duran Please don’t tell us that we know your smart
Rose Degollado And then SAS! The Astros beat the Dodgers!
James Theodore Smith When are you going back to Mexico puta? Your're full of sh*t. The wall is going up. #Trump2020

This gentleman deserves all the birthday wishes and positive vibes thrown his way #happybirthday @thepandasfriend @mettaworldpeace37 and this highlight of game seven @lakers @celtics bring tears of joy overtime I watch it #iloveyou

262 reactions 18 comments
Marco Rodriguez Jr. Juan Gutierrez
Alfred Rea Jennifer Daniel. Yo boy
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ramona Muñoz El más chingón Gorge Lopez órale Lopez
Tammy Kuhne Orale!

About to host the groundbreaking ceremony for the new @raiders staduim , I said " lets keep digging " #Repost @raiders ・・・ An early look at Las Vegas’ new stadium. The groundbreaking ceremony begins at 5 p.m. PT, streamed live at

1.1k reactions 159 comments
Daniel Sanchez nah if they Cali i aint going root for them no more
Amber Morales Steve Morales don’t know if you’ve seen this🤷🏻‍♀️👍🏼
Frank Gonzalez What a great idea, build a stadium at a time when people are electing to not watch the NFL.
Montaña De Diamantes Gabriel Garcia check out the Las Vegas stadium! It looks aight😂😂😂
Suzie Vargas Michelle Meraz dam foo this stadium looks amazing lucky

Can’t wait to tear the roof off the Norfolk Scope Arena!! Catch me and the gang December 1st!

159 reactions 22 comments
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Justin Anthony Sandoval Zachary Smith
Crystal Cerda Chavez Cassidy Lynette Tapia
Eduardo Soto Neil Whiticar let’s go
Keri Star Kim!!!

Chingon performance in Las Vegas, last night of this run of shows @hoblasvegas @karlpperc @karlpwear @andyvargasmusic #carlossantana @cindyblackmansantana #vivalasvegas #vivacarlossantana

913 reactions 35 comments
Ruben Lopez Alberto Vasquez Joe Garcia Susan Lopez
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Roberto Escobosa Peace! Chingon!
Elita Hubbard ❤️
Rosa Santana Nice! Wish I could go

" You got to change your evil ways " #notecreas @hoblasvegas #gracias great night in @lasvegas #carlossantana #chingonreconizeschingon 🤜🏽 🤛🏽

5.1k reactions 115 comments
Janet Barrios Albert Hernandez LMAO omg he looks EXACTLY like my dad 😂😩
Mike Craft Way to get kicked off the KISS boat, lol
Emilio Garcia Los oldies there to bad vatos
Rita Archuleta Love both,much love from the Mile high city 😍
April Smith I still watch I shows even if they are old still funny

A nice little soulful number @kissonline @thecommodores @genesimmons @paulstanleylive ( pardon the edits @djcummerbund brilliant piece of work 👋🏽👋🏽 @ Las Vegas Strip

34 reactions 21 comments
Vilhelm Scheibenkleister George. You suck
Patricia Vander Esch Karen Marie Mills
Serg Juarez Ummm is that concert where they kick you out.... cause you were under the influence onf drugs ?
Eze Okweimat nice
Celene Lynch Jhasam Campos

Big week coming up , tonight @hoblasvegas to check in on my brother #carlossantana , tomorrow hosting the groundbreaking ceremony for the new @raiders staduim , On Thursday a new episode of @comedygetdownbet @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @cedtheentertainer and Friday we are at @targetcentermn in Minneapolis 🎯 and Sunday in #mexicocity to see #raiders play @patriots #chingon

640 reactions 233 comments
Santos Tony 👎🏼
Ramona Muñoz López el más más Chingon
Irma Fuentes Maria Lerma ain’t this your jam ma
Mike R Chico Jr. VIVA LOPEZ ✊✊✊✊FUCK DA HATERS🖕🖕🖕🖕
Jose Marcelo Valenzuela Mtz Chingon...


4.4k reactions 626 comments
Randolph Green The shadow is an improvement. Don’t quit your day job.
Terri Maida Not bad. Dracula on the left (no shadow)
Jeff Alan Midler You've made some great improvements overall.
Luisa Villegas Ferguson Lulu Lennon we will have to keep painting and compare our pictures in a few years.
Adelida Delagarza oooh a you've improved hahaha

Happy birthday bro.

11.0k reactions 1192 comments
Mayra Becerra Blanca así que Karla la tiene que pensar dos veces 🤣🤣🤣
Adolfo Diaz Escobedo Sam Whitsett this is something I'd give you cause you never want anything
Brandon Wong Nicole Castro i wish you said “whatever” when i asked what you wanted for your birthday
Lauren Staples Elizabeth Radford with will end up happening for Christmas if you don’t tell me something lol
Janice McCoy Rebecca Cyc you’re gonna get this if you don’t come up with something!

We never say congratulations! #fbf

92 reactions 19 comments
Sidney O Medina Chris Medina, Naohmi Escalante, Grace Escalante, Marissa Medina, Jackson Medina Manzano, JunJun Rodarte, JoAnn Barrios, Shanna Medina
Denise Lanzer-Lerma 😂😂😂😂😂
David Martinez Pelos getting ready for Putin. Más Puto!
Dianne Prado Lol
Mel Childs 😂

351 reactions 268 comments
Sonia Clemente Can't wait to see you next weekend in mn
Anthony Goffredo Still owe me 75 cents from that poker game!
Juan Carlos Gomez No ha de estar bien la conexión qué jalaste del vecino jajaja
Susana Garcia Geaorge i will be seeing you soon in upper darby pennsylvania... Can't await to see you.
Ivette Solano Isn't it a little late to hit the bottle? You're supposed to start before 10 am

Derek St Holmes doing stranglehold on the kiss cruise T 1pm

92 reactions 34 comments
Eric Guedea We love you George
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Martha Harris Rock on George!
Pamela Gordon Maloof Hey Buddy

Derek St Holmes on the kiss cruise 7 doing stranglehold

147 reactions 56 comments
Martin Castellano I know
Ivan Valdovinos rules!!!
Frankie Soto I don’t see geoge
Shana Nyholm U got us waiting lopez
Steve Gomez Hey George

Being out on tour is never as good as it looks, well tune in tonight and see for yourselves 👌🏽 @comedygetdownbet @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin #darkness ( and great guest stars @terrijvaughn @therealneale @carmenserano @felipeesparzacomedian @natediaz209 .. Oh yea and somebody get knock the F out and somebody get a marital aide chucked at him #ivesaidtoomuch

126 reactions 17 comments
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Dave Gallegos Sr Hispanic Brother, George Lopez
Arthur Scott Look at all those white people you tour with George. Racist much?
Mohamad Ashref Boo 2 Madea Hollowen #HOLLOWEN_BOO2_MADEA_NET💙
Ramona Muñoz Love yu Lopez

That one day you’re really feeling yourself at work.

2.1k reactions 205 comments
Hilary Hunt You with AT&T Omid Nabipour
Denise Lanzer-Lerma 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lana Spencer Coy Patricia Done Patti Becerra hahaha I dunno why this cracked me up
Jesus Chucho Angon Lozano Lol
Andria Molina 😂
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