George Lopez
20:54 05/18/2017

I was starting to like these two together! Answer the question to win free gear! Enter here:

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

I was starting to like these two together! Answer the question to win free gear! Enter here:

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Denise Lanzer-Lerma
I know! 😂💕
Jose Negrete
Hi bro
Ernest Rodriguez
Does not want to lose her job and have to teach kids again
Tammy Kuhne
Tammy Kuhne
I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Jason Slonaker
What Mary said don't want to teach 6th grade again
Mary Delgado Lee
doesn't want to go back to teaching 6th graders again
Richard DeMario
Here's a question. When are you leaving?
Valdemar Gallegos
She don't want to lose her job and have to go to teaching elementary kids!
Brigg Dorty
We don't need to know where, just when. Be a man of your word and your own jokes.
Jacki Tank Matherne
Mr G, I think he needs a crazy bayou girl, just💋
Jonathan Steelman
Why haven't you moved yet? Move to a country you don't hate so much.
George Gonzalez
She doesn't want to be fired from her job for fraternizing with a student. Or as we Mexicanos would think: no sexo con la professor!
Junior MCornejo
1. Fuck you you piece of shit George Lopez your scum of the earth. 2. Hopefully your chicken shit show in your recycle dad racist comedy can go fuck itself motherfucker

Other newsfeed from George Lopez

We great the mercy of mother earth , we have to support humanity with all the devastation going on all over the world , do something that helps #respect ・・・ Thoughts and prayers with friends and their families in Mexico

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Bill Groover George is helping !! He's thinking of everybody, Right George?
Isabel Gonzales Lord I know you are able to save your children I beg of you lord help them 😞 😩
Ashley Segovia Ivy Carsey I was not expecting that
Dirk De Rudder Donate via Paypal to the Topos [email protected]
Dee Bee Yes that's true end of time is near. But no one knows when only our Heavenly Father knows Amen. 🕊

🇲🇽pulling together #unidosmasquenunca #Repost @shawnemerriman ・・・ Thoughts and prayers with friends and their families in Mexico

8.2k reactions 294 comments
Jean Jacks Morris God have mercy on the people of Mexico
Yolanda Whittaker Good Heal Heart for Mexico...,..
Quetzalcoatl Ayala My thought and heart is with Mexico
Marcos Haros All lives matter even chut yall s chit!!
Lisa Lacy Stubbs Thoughts and prayers are with you

Landmark California Pet Store Ban Treats Animals As Pets, Not Products
Landmark California Pet Store Ban Treats Animals As Pets, Not Products

Pets aren’t appliances. They are living, breathing, loving animals who deserve as much loyalty and compassion as they give. This is why we fight so hard ...

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Amanda Smith Becca Farrell Fletcher
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Denise Lanzer-Lerma Bravo!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #AdoptDoNotShop !!!!!!
Manuel A Gonzalez Can we claim them dependants

Footage of the destruction of today's earthquake in #mexico , the fear in the voices and the loss of lives is heartbreaking #Repost @tacosway ・・・ México 🇲🇽 estamos con ustedes!! Viva México 🇲🇽

6.3k reactions 399 comments
Veronica Lopez Heartbreaking! ☹️Now let's see if all these celebrities (like Mr. George Lopez) living in the US that say they are proud to be of Mexican descent will do anything to raise money to help out Mexico! 🇲🇽
Bryan Rodgers Hey George actually cares about something other than Donald Trump! Good to see, didn't think he had it in him!
Alyssa Rodriguez Mannnn the USOfA better come through for my people. We have done waaaaaaaaay too much to get neglected now
John Romo Almost like a demolition team just set chargers on the building. Crazy and hope no else was in there? Prayers out to the families🙏🙏
Rita Cantu Sad of was going on and that we have the heart to help and honestly I don't trust the government they will not help those in need very sad 😭 that this is going on now

Call 9 ☝️🏿☝️🏿 #tomatuesday #Repost @madedumb ・・・ I call this trick the flaming middle finger

3.4k reactions 2376 comments
Ezequiel Hernandez lol it looked like that one episode in dragon ball z where goku powers up his finger to block future trunks sword.
Belinda Gener Never mind him George Lopez is allowing this to be put on here maybe George Lopez doesn't have anything else to do
Sandra Arevalo 😂😂😂😂😂 Did nobody teach this boy not to play with fire??? And then be like "bitch😣😣" what you think was gonna happen??? It's FIRE!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Dragon Yang Nelson Qu he so dumb it took him some time to wonder if it hurt then he tried again and after, he realized he forgot how it felt
Nick Guerrero That last part of the video as he's sitting there thinking, I bet he's thinking.... how would my life be if I had a dad 🤣😆😂

There is ZERO chance that these 3 Dogs would be alive if i hadn't rescued them , the one on the left is 15 maybe 16 , i saw a video of him alone in the shelter shaking while being videotaped , his eyes moving from side to side , his name is ( Milford / Kipling ) i didn't change his name , its taken a year for him to not recoil every time someone reached for him , i cant imaging what abuse he suffered , the white Chihuahua in the back had an exposed tumor and had not been sprayed , it appears because she was sick whoever had her just let her go , they found her in the street in traffic , she has a way of looking at you that appears like she knows how fortunate she is to have been saved , and the one on the right is playful and he loves people , he was dropped in a high killer shelter , he has a scar on his right shoulder that is just skin about 2 inches wide his fur has never grown back, I've always had pets , but i appreciate people who donate time to foster and make sure great dogs like this have a chance , too many they say 9 million dogs are put down every year , so #adoptdontshop it really makes a difference . @roadogs @apurposefulrescue @peta @officialpetalatino

3.7k reactions 179 comments
Estela Herrera My Big Boy Snoop.. What more can I say. Love him Dearly, he's my therapy Boy. Never was train. He's my hero for saving my life. I'm a Brain truma patient. And Snoop, instantly took cure me
Diane Kerr Hobo, he is one of two feral cats that adopted me after our neighborhood C5 group was able to trap, neuter\spay, nip the eartip & put them back in the neighborhood. He is the biggest lovey boy.
Raquel Lopez Jones This is Weezy F. Baby he is a rescue and also was afraid to be pet. It took him years to get used to me putting out my hand to pet him and he is still afraid of loud voices. I love him! He is the sweetest boy. He is 8 yrs old. I have had him for 7 yrs ...
Perla Coronado My dog Hercules came to us in the middle of the night he was almost killed by our guard dog but we rescued him. Since he has been with us we have found out that he has two broken back legs, he hates men, he hates being picked up really fast, he has a ...
Toni P Jackson I love these little fur babies found a wonderful home. Just wish more people had it in them to do this for humans too. Keep up the good work

My first restaurant is open in the San Manuel casino and its been a great few weeks , its chingon

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Betty Robles Pauly Segura
Vivi Fox Hmmm
Contreras Edward Should've called it George Lopez Cocina Chingon
Ramona Muñoz Gorge se me antojan esoselotesmandame uno
Jeanette Ramella Wow that NICE

Narcos Location Manager Found Shot to Death in Mexico

Narcos Location Manager Found Shot to Death in Mexico
Narcos Location Manager Found Shot to Death in Mexico

Carlos Munoz was an industry veteran.

801 reactions 173 comments
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Starr Delafuente Gacho
Frank Cantoran build that wall
Jose Felix Aguilar Jennifer Arzate te dije que pasó esto.
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Just WIN Baby @raiders and all the women of one of my dreams the @raiderettes @raidershomepage @train @beastmode #chingon ( does anyone have any dietary restrictions? 😱

580 reactions 41 comments
Larry Wayne Berrian Jr. Check out G lucky dog you nice picture hermano
Jacki Tank Matherne Awwwww 💜
Junior Lopez Loko!!!
Ramona Muñoz Gorgeel mas chingon
Emeregildo Jonas Go Raiders!!!

Yo @beastmode let me hit that @hennessyus homie , great @raiders win #Chingon / #beastmode #🇲🇽 the #raidernation loves you #chingonreconizeschingon

1.5k reactions 61 comments
Joe Gonzalez Es todo!🍻✌😎✌🍻
Dorothy Didi Daze Enjoy
Nick Tran Lopez enjoy also life.
Enrique Ramirez Chingon Lopez 😀😀
Star Becerra See you soon in Houston!

" que vivan los @raiders cabrones " snuck one in #chingon #raidernation @beastmode @train badass #theblackhole #Repost @raiders ・・・ @georgelopez has a shoutout for #RaiderNation.

2.1k reactions 222 comments
Jesse Elizondo I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you
Sonya Alvidrez Brianne Thompson there you go!~Beaches ~
Francisco Martinez You're Cool George, pero saves que? Bear Down Ese! Win or loose!
Lily Duran Alvarez Raidersssss all day long!
Maria Cuevas Where did you get your glasses george!!

When someone asks you to “pick up the essentials”….

20.4k reactions 11421 comments
Nicholas Busch Good luck with atomic flaming shits and cancer from all the chems in those chips. Cancerous flaming shits..
Zeb Matthies Brittany Voss I think I've tagged you in this before but this is how I picture you shopping when the kids aren't home 😂
Joy Anna Adriana Diaz hahaha remember when you came over for drinks by the pool and brought bags of different spicy chips hahah
Matty Diaz Ivette Diiaz if you ever move out of your moms i think this will be you, and some of that spicy Ramen too 🍜
Joslyn Fellows Jenna Stone when mom and dad were on a trip and we got the big box of corndogs and a bunch of snacks

This is the most incredible celebration ever #vivamexico Y Viva @salmahayek 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 now she set the tone now get out there and make her proud 🎉 #Repost @salmahayek ・・・ Viva México 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽#felizdiadelaindependencia #tequila

1.7k reactions 68 comments
Enrique Ramirez 😂😂chingona 😂😂
Daniel Dion Marquez Rubber neck... Nice!!!!!!!
Chapa Guadiana muy Mexicano George pues vete a la Verg a vivir aya masputoooo
Hans Palacios Goddamn she's aged like fine wine
Justin Trout hey george. check this out: 💂💂💂💂💂

Don’t be that guy…

3.0k reactions 360 comments
Tyler Jacobson Raymond Forster bro this got your name all over it😂😂😂
Christian Dawson That's for spiderman, everyone knows that.
Julian Bustamante It's so easy, it's piss easy.
Gabriel Jasso For all the crossfiters
Arnie Peredia And if you see that guy using the urinal don't use the ones next to him..

Next up: jet pack.

883 reactions 175 comments
Justin Trout hey george. neat! thanks for the post.
Vee Vanderpoel Remember ur birthday party Olivia
Raul Alexis Perez Edgar E. Gonzalez This is going to be my new ride to work now Lol
Deborah Renee Meade Trevor Cruz I bet this was you babe 😂
Ian Taylor Matthew Taylor are you thinking what I'm thinking?

For your listening pleasure this Friday ! @cypresshill #chingon

250 reactions 47 comments
Lynda Castillo Great singer!
Rudy Garcia Chingon!
Israel Echeverria There's the album
Flavio Humberto González 100% Mexican
Greg Rosales Wow! 👍🏽

This mamon gets not an ounce of respect , white supremacist loving , immigrant marrying , anchor baby having hijo De su puta madre , tax evading , draft dodging , TANG colored puto #istandwithdreamers #Repost @el_chip_douglas ・・・ Hahaha Whom ever did this is a f*cken genius and has a crap load of time on their hands.

7.3k reactions 2264 comments
Stacey Driskell Wow.... I love George Lopez and he's a hilarious man, but he's being very racist himself lately! All this hatred is just sad!
Dawn Brown Kieffer I used to have a ton of respect for you George Lopez, and watched your show religiously. As a matter of fact, we still watch re-runs. Never again. It's a shame people like you end up with so much fame and fortune, you don't deserve it. Wow.
Sara Stark I'm almost ready to kick you off my page. Trump is our president. You want to change that then vote in the next election. Trump may not be everything but the first months in office and our economy is booming and stock market is up. But nobody cares ...
Robert Morrell Lopez, you are a babbling idiot. Don't expect me to eat at your new casino restaurant or watch any of your unfunny stand ups.
Kayla Grebe I was angry when he refused to continue DACA-until I heard why. DACA was created under an executive order. At any point, any other president can recind that order. Trump is asking for an actual law to protect DACA recipients since it's going to be ...

Creating an atmosphere of hatred @realdonaldtrump zero conscious , immigrant marrying , anchor baby having hijo de la chingada from immigrant parents yourself there TANG 🍅 #45melapela #istandwithdaca #Repost @polibeats_ ・・・ #SMH 😠 "A Kentucky college student filmed an emotional plea for help after a classmate called for her to be deported." VIA @buzzfeednews #immigration #undocumented #immigrants #UndocumentedAndUnafraid #not1more #borderwall #DACA #NoBanNoWall

4.1k reactions 658 comments
Ardanna Ghaleb How does he know your not a citizen though? Im not blaming but it's hard times for undocumented immigrants right now this isn't the time to be putting all your business especially legal status out there.
Cliff Hendryx Targeting anyone is wrong the United States of America shouldn't send anyone away no matter how they get here it's our duty to help them because together we are stronger every group has skills and talents that when combined with ours makes even stronger ...
Cody LoPresti Are we supposed to feel bad because you're choosing to stay in this country illegally? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 I'm so glad ICE knows where to find you at now.
Felix Isunza she was very obviously causing attention in some manner for anyone to know those things about her life without knowing her themselves. He said she was bragging. It implies that what you are seeing is only one side of the story. There is definitely room ...
Connie Webber Why is it difficult to understand those who came here from the beginning was illegal immigrants. If it wasn't for your ancestors you would be some place else being controlled some form or the other. USA has forgotten what America stands for. Anyone who ...

White supremacist have defaced my property .

5.4k reactions 742 comments
FernandoyRosa Corona could have taken a little more time and changed the names....someone might mistake these pendejos for someone talented.
Luke Sisti George when you moving to Mexico like you said you will if President Trump got elected? Still waiting on that one but oh wait. Hollywood is a bunch of bs.
Jacob Kean He makes fun of white people and its okay but when someone makes fun of him they're a white supremacist. Geroge lopez everybody! An idiotic hypocrite who has no credibility.
Michael Robertucci It's acceptable for public figures to create videos like this but when someone of a political party they don't like it's racist and demeaning
Daniel Dboy Yanez If he was on my property and im from Texas by the way ,there is laws against intruders or " un known people ". Things would turn out different period.😎😂#45melapela

Cheers to the first of many life lessons...

4.7k reactions 135 comments
Austin Taylor I used to get autographed photos like this constantly Mail people are jerks.
Chris R Ericson Is that a high school diploma?
Roy Valadez Dang, it took you this long to get a diploma?
Molly Grant I just got a new one. Hurticane proof packaging
Michael Cheney Hey George Lopez you going to call him a racist white supremacist now

Found this in my videos #classic #Chingon

3.1k reactions 246 comments
Jonathan Gonzales Vintage video of Joshua Gonzales on the transit line lol
Transam WSsix Look like Smallie Biggs in NYC after the club lol
Alejandro Mungarro Cristal Robles when I'm in the car singing
Joshua Hayes Definitely gonna be looking to see some of this action next week 😂😂 Jonathan Black Kyler Parkison
Kevin Behe This is you if we had subways Chad Servadio

RENO!! I’ll see you vatos soon! Tix on sale now:

423 reactions 57 comments
Jose Cruz Send some tickets my way vato
Christian Escamilla George come to Hermosillo Mexico.
Linda Cantu Very handsome George
Irma Bernal Hey hey hey handsome
Jenny Bounlem 👏🏼👏🏼 got my tickets and room booked

L.A. join me & Cedric the Entertainer at the at the Paley Center this Friday to discuss The Comedy Get Down on BET. Tickets are available here: Paley.Me/BET

329 reactions 51 comments
MB Hunt Age suits you, George!!!
Steven Sanchez Waste of money!
Freddy Vega What's up Mr Lopez.
Chapa Guadiana che cacarizo de mierda
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez

94 reactions 18 comments
Gabriela Hidalgo
Richard Monreal Check this out George
Juan De La Riva A combined IQ of 2
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Sergio Prieto Nah thats boring as hell
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