Gavin Newsom
15:06 04/20/2017

Hey FAIR - you're better off putting that promoted tweet $$ into buying bricks, because Mexico isn't paying for it, and neither are WE.

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Timeline Photos

Hey FAIR - you're better off putting that promoted tweet $$ into buying bricks, because Mexico isn't paying for it, and neither are WE.

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Daniel Chole
Gavin- How about Westbrook's stat line last night?
Sheree DiCicco
I have a $107 million dollar idea! Ya know all the donations Trump got for the teeny tiny inauguration? HE can pay for HIS big mouth saying we need a wall. Put his money where his MOUTH has been!
Jon Michael
You are my hero Gavin!
Greg Turquand
Another pithy comment from Mr. Guilfoyle.
Bob Bobster
That wall has a slam dunk ROI
Chuck Honse
Maziar Zakikhani
Just got 10' higher...
Germaine Cook
No wall is wanted or needed.
Joe Galindo
You are such a douchebag!
Steven Cummings
We can just use the new gas tax or the bullet train money that nobody wanted to pay for.
Douglas Jaeger
Not putting money into roads, railroads, dam repairs, power plants... either
Beau Leyvand
I still have yet to figure out why the Lieutenant Governor of California is trolling Facebook all the time
Jackie McKoy
Wanna bet ?? You're just whining because all your voters are getting booted
Michael Hudkins
Of all the moronic things this president has promised, that wall tops the list.
Angie Nader
It's so pathetic that our elected LT. GOVERNOR acts like he's in a high school popularity contest.

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Community colleges are the backbone of California. Cost should never stand in the way of higher ed. Thank you Governor Brown for swinging open the doors of opportunity today!

California will provide a year of free community college for new students
California will provide a year of free community college for new students

New community college students would receive a year of free tuition if they enroll full-time under a bill signed/vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

9.2k reactions 530 comments
Gregg Aleck Money would be better spent on students that have shown the commitment to succeed, rather than another handout for less motivated students. I did 2 years at a community college 6 years ago...a LOT of the students I encountered were less than dedicated ...
Joy LeBus So happy to have a Govenor and a Lt. Govenor who are strong believers in education. We need to do all we can to encourage our young citizens to get as much education as they possibly can. This will not only improve the lives of our young people it ...
Tristan Celayeta One year? Well it is better than a poke in the eye. Dancing to the tune of the empowered elites may be Jerry's path, providing minimal progress to keep the riff-raff mollified but it isn't best for California. Free unlimited education will produce a ...
Elizabeth Wakefield-Rodriguez I think they should have to given a loan for the schooling and when the semester and has been completed then pay off the student loan. Don;t most already get student grants for jr. colleges anyways?
Ronda Katinos Paid for with taxes? Community colleges used to be very inexpensive to attend. Why do they cost so much now. I'm not against taxes paying for it but why did the tuition go up so much?

Yesterday, our President signed two Executive Orders that are nothing short of a reckless targeting of the most vulnerable Americans by gutting protections for pre-existing conditions, destabilizing the ACA marketplace, and allowing employers and health insurers to sell JUNK. This is nothing short of pure sabotage and a new low, even for this administration.

Donald Trump’s Terrible Executive Order on Health Care
Donald Trump’s Terrible Executive Order on Health Care

The President is now trying to break the health-care system all by himself.

1.2k reactions 579 comments
Steven May Pretty much sums it up “But the most Trumpian aspect of the executive order is that it makes life easier for con men. It does so by allowing the sale of insurance plans that do not meet basic standards through “associations”,.... (Such a bait and switch ...
Ohmar Sowle Congressman Joe Kennedy III: "Segregating the sick and suffering from the wealthy and healthy will not only cause physical, mental and emotional pain, it will bankrupt families facing unexpected tragedies. With his unilateral action today, President ...
Astrid K Warner When is this destruction of America going to stop? Trump must be stopped before everything good in America is Destroyed. Wonder what he would look like with a Hitler mustache!!
Jeff Phelps 12 cent gas tax without a vote , reg fee increase without a vote , felons voting without a vote but again when we get to vote props that release convicted felons early so what the hell how about free weed for all that way we can all just chill and take ...
Kathy Goulet Harland Took you overnight to find the negative side to everything Gavin. Go find places for displaced families to live in the wake of these fires. The ACA will hopefully become competitive in pricing now.

Santa Rosa, CA today. Devastated. So thankful for our heroic firefighters and first responders risking their lives to help save this community.

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Berta Roseberry I am so sorry for these people that lost their homes and everything! I can't even imagine and feel very sad that this happend. I don't even know what else to say except that they get immediate help and are not treated like the poor people of Puerto ...
Debbi Thomas "Vice President Mike Pence said in a visit to California's emergency management headquarters that President Trump has approved a "major disaster declaration" for California to assist with the response to the fires that have burned thousands of acres in ...
Will Leroy Leave it to brain-celless liberals to strike a political match in a room full of gasoline. Trump has done everything a president can do. Wild fires are not new to California. That's all the democrats can find to hide behind. But like everything it's the ...
Christi Amaral And still not a single word about this catastrophe from the idiot in chief. Not a single word. And anyone who is counting on the mango maniac to help or provide any kind of aide, don't hold your breath because he will mot help. He hates California and ...
Stephanie Lara-Jenkins So sorry the president didn't think to mention this catastrophe- but he did continue his fight with his staff, degrade NFL, dessert Puerto Rico and bash the media. #priorities

I'll never forget the day my teacher told me to stand up and read in front of my class. I was scared out of my mind, and stumbled through the reading. All the other kids laughed as I took my seat and tried to sink into the floor. Growing up with dyslexia I always thought I wasn't as smart as the other kids in my class. Now, I know that dyslexia doesn't determine someone's intelligence. It's a learning challenge, but you'll have a million challenges in life. My dyslexia has helped shape who I am today. I've learned new and different ways to learn and take in information. Ryan - thanks for talking with me, I can't wait to see what amazing things you take on! And remember, everyone deserves to #BeUnderstood!

1.4k reactions 285 comments
Susan Reimers I volunteered for Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic (now Learning Ally) for over a decade. What they accomplish with a little assistance puts the Average Joe to shame. Recorded textbooks were/are available through the Ph.D. and professional levels. ...
Guillermo Rivas I had a learning disability growing up -- i.e., speech and math. I overcame my speech problem by age 8 but still stuttered a little. I have never fully overcome my learning disability with math. Although I overcame a large portion of it at my junior ...
Irma Blanco Thank you for sharing. It gives many parents & kids hope. I have read that Richard Branson & Will I am also have ADHD too. My son has a processing learning disability. I am so proud of him because he always try’s and never gives up. We have had many ...
Kathy Walker Brassard This is such a wonderful piece. Thank you so very much. My son, who is now 35, struggled with learning disabilities most of his life. He didn't have dyslexia but struggled with comprehension and that held him up. My son graduated from high school with ...
Jennifer Lynn Granado Great human interest post. Much better than exploiting the dead of LV last week within hours of the shooting. But I still see you’re running a campaign; what are you doing as Lt. Governor of CA, especially as the NorCal fires are ravaging ...

Donations and volunteers are needed in the North Bay Area! See how you can help:

How You Can Help With North Bay Fire Relief Efforts
How You Can Help With North Bay Fire Relief Efforts

Donations and volunteers are needed in the North Bay Area as local fire crews continue to battle multiple blazes that have wiped out entire neighborhoods and left scores of people unaccounted for in wine...

2.3k reactions 124 comments
Melissa Jauregui Ramirez United way has items for people that have lost their homes. They have everything set up. Address is 975 Corporate center parkway #160 Santa Rosa, CA
Raymond L. Franklin What are you doing to help? I doubt if there are many illegals there that need your help. Probably not too many guns that need to be banned. You are a useless waste of time!
Brian Lamarr Stewart Wow,sad the California Fire Department is having some bad luck fighting all these fires in California,huh 😕
Melissa Jauregui Ramirez Anyone know locations in the Bay Area outside of Santa Rosa can drop off supplies have items to drop off but don't know where
Joan Boyen Not a time for petty arguments. We are in the midst of tragedy for all in the North Bay fire area.

BREAKING: Santa Rosa PD says fire rapidly approaching Oakmont, evacuate now.

Death toll rises to 15 in massive North Bay wildfires
Death toll rises to 15 in massive North Bay wildfires

Newly homeless residents of California wine country awoke to shattered lives a day after wildfires killed at least 15 people and destroyed more than 2,000 homes and businesses.

2.2k reactions 94 comments
Roberta Kreissl Be Safe up there! So Cal is thinking of you 🙏
Peggy Fallon Collecting up my emergency kit today - thanx.
Josh Giese Is climate change still a hoax requiring no action or policies from the government?
Nicol Stephenson Do not risk your life for stuff! Stuff is replaceable! Your life is not!
Jj Ramirez I’m surprised your not blaming this on gun owners Gav

A few ways you can help those affected by the fires. What’s needed in highest demand: Tents Air Mattresses and cots Pillows Phone Chargers Dry and Canned Pet Food (Dog, Cat, Kitten) Animal crates and carriers small and large Dog Bowls (Any bowls for food and water) Can Openers Other pet supplies (litter, bedding, leashes, collars) Diapers Baby Strollers Baby Carries Personal Protection Equipment (Masks, latex gloves, etc.) Boxes Duct Tape Other items: Non-perishable food items (that don’t need to be cooked) Can Openers Camp stoves Propane Water Personal hygiene products (toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant, baby wipes, soap, etc) Diapers in all sizes Formula Baby Food Blankets New Socks New Underwear Toilet Paper Feminine Hygiene Products Bandaids, Antibacterial Ointment, Etc. Duffle Bags Suitcases Children’s books Coloring Books Coloring supplies Help for animals and pets displaced by the fire are also needed. Petaluma Animal Shelter is in need of food, supplies, leashes, bowls for food, crates, kennels, and any other useful items for dogs and cats. Donations can be taken to Lucchesi Center or the Sonoma Marin fairgrounds.

2.1k reactions 222 comments
Amanda L. Swan I am a Santa Rosa native but am currently living elsewhere. I am told Amazon is not delivering to the area. I don’t have much, but I do have an Amazon discount and some gift cards I would love to use to help. Is there any central location that Amazon is ...
Jeane P Ryan I live in Incline Village, NV - please provide a local address that I could send cash to so some things can be bought. Oppps never mind the request - I found the links and addresses.
MB Goldstein Could you please set up am Amazon link so those of us out of the area can shop and have our donations sent to whatever central location you choose? You can set up wish lists for easy shopping, which helps you get the quantity and items you are in need ...
April McArgar Are there drop offs around the East Bay that are collecting for the fire victims? I'm unable to go to Petaluma.
Candace Honey Kennedy The Junior League of San Francisco is accepting donations for those affected by the fires in the North Bay through an Amazon Wish List. These items have been requested by relief organizations in the affected area and will be delivered by JLSF members ...

Especially thankful for our brave firefighters today. Stay safe, North Bay and listen to your local authorities’ warnings. Here is a list of evacuation centers that are open:

Evacuation Orders, Evacuation Centers in the North Bay
Evacuation Orders, Evacuation Centers in the North Bay

Multiple fires burning in the North Bay on Monday have prompted evacuation orders to be implemented and evacuation centers to open.

3.2k reactions 132 comments
Gayle Gutto Seriously your calling for the Federal Government to help ? That's like an Atheist in danger calling out to God !!! REALLY !!! JBrown spits on the Fed laws an then wants help from them when it suits. lol lol lol lol
Laurie Lonnevik Prayers. Retired from SDC. Loved jack London state park and area. Remember fire form 1990? Prayers for loss of property and life. The 90 fire recovered . Point Reyes was renewed even better.
Niki Nye Thank you, Mr Newsom. Petaluma families are taking in families from affected areas. I am proud to live in such an amazing community.... and State.
Amber W Wendy I'm down in Contra Costa county and we could smell the fires when we woke up in the middle of the night. They have got to be bad---I feel for anyone closer. Hugs, good luck
George Sweet May the almighty support and comfort those in need. Once again, disaster strikes our country and stretches our emergerncy ervices to the maximum. Houton, Florida, Puerto Rico and now Napa/Sonoma.

Another disgusting display of how the only agenda this administration has is to drag our country backwards. This archaic choice to roll back back access to birth control is a direct threat to women across the United States.

Trump Guts Requirement That Employer Health Plans Pay For Birth Control
Trump Guts Requirement That Employer Health Plans Pay For Birth Control

With a new regulation, the administration will allow any company or nonprofit group to refuse to cover contraception by claiming a religious or moral exemption to the federal health law.

3.1k reactions 590 comments
Erin Cosgrove This really isn't so much about the cost of bc but recognition that it's a real health issue for women. Viagra is covered so why not bc for women so they're not left to carry the burden of bc or unintended pregnancy , esp when men like PA Rep Murphy ...
RObert Roberson Why is it up to a company to cover the cost of contraception. Are we saying that a company should be required to support sin, to the point of going against a person's religious beliefs. What next, will we ban BIBLES because of the moral expectation to ...
David Calvert Gavin Newsom If birth control should be covered under employer health insurance, then why are condoms not also covered? Even better, why can you not convince congress members to vote on a bill to allow birth control to be available for purchase over the ...
Julie Smith Dolcemaschio All I needed to read is the first paragraph of the article. That the obama administration 'required' an employer to pay for anything is a problem of epic proportions. I wonder what employers are required to pay for at no cost to men. Fair is fair.
Peggy Wagner I truely believe that we have lost our minds!!!! Birth control is a personal decision. like smoking, drinking etc. Why would anyone expect another person to pay for that stuff with tax dollars. What you all are talking about is abortion as a birth ...

Spread the word. DACA renewals must be received by TODAY. Congress must act to protect #DREAMers.

Deadline Day for DACA Recipients to Renew Applications
Deadline Day for DACA Recipients to Renew Applications

Thursday marks the deadline for some 154,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program to renew their applications.

635 reactions 175 comments
Jeff Whistler this is just wrong, send them back let them go dream in Mexico no I am not racist help Americans born here. what about the homeless Americans what about our old ppl that need teeth fixed and eye glasses and medication. sorry but I say the hell with ...
Chuck Kenney WHY ARE THE SUPPORTERS OF DACA ''not talking'' about the chain migration effect? so for every legal citizen they can bring in FAMILY MEMBERS to be citizens also... and the numbers show that many of the DACA people will eventually bring in 6 others for ...
Dale Ann Harsh "Worth noting for future trivia contests: Comey was ostensibly fired for his handling of the investigation into the wife of the president who last fired an FBI director."....Philip Bump
Debi Velasco Deport All the Illegal aliens, then let's help and give all the money spent on helping illegals to American Dreamers, American children wanting to better themselves. Americans should Always come first Before illegal aliens. If illegal aliens want to ...
Billy Whitesides Isn't that a lil like saying here I am! Come and ruin my life and the lives of my family? Rounding up "illegals" who are legally here while the DACA deals stands isn't helping balance the budget. The welchers in DC, with the stroke of a pen are making ...

GOP leaders: "Premature to be discussing legislative solutions, if there are any." The NRA always gets what it pays for, I guess. Your spineless leadership is a national embarrassment. Demand more from your elected leaders.

GOP leaders say no action on gun legislation
GOP leaders say no action on gun legislation

A senior Democratic senator with a long history on the issue of guns is pushing for a ban on devices like the Las Vegas shooter used to effectively convert semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic weapons. Senior Republicans on Capitol Hill said they were open to considering the idea. ...

4.1k reactions 987 comments
Toma Ivanitsky Sadly, all gun control discussion is way too late for all the victims mowed down on Sunday, but Weasel Ryan and the boys won't admit to that. They must revel in these horrific, American blood baths!
Michael Morris We do and you don't listen to us gavin.... unless it fits your agenda... if you would listen to the people of California you would understand that we don't want our second amendment rights stripped away from us... but you don't listen so what else is ...
Kathy O'Geen The only guns the public citizen should be allowed to have is the type of rifle used for hunting food; maybe the type of rifle used when the constitution was written. Citizens should not ever have access to "military type" weaponry. Soldiers are trained ...
Rhys Lloyd This weeks event in Las Vegas really made me question a lot of my beliefs, This week we saw one of the most violent acts to every be carried out by one human being to others, even here in my small town a lady who was a friends aunt and mother of 3 I ...
Ray Green NRA has contributed $3M to currently sitting Congressmen/women in the last 20 years. I’d bet Gavin has contributions from single sources just since he’s been at the state level.

Reminder: The Washington GOP let a program expire that allows 9 million children to have health insurance. Stop playing with lives. Act.

CHIP covers 9 million kids. Its funding expired this weekend.
CHIP covers 9 million kids. Its funding expired this weekend.

The focus on Obamacare repeal meant that other legislative priorities got pushed aside.

2.3k reactions 245 comments
Jennifer Tepley Is this CHIP different from Medical or partnership plan? I've been military my whole life, now as a disabled Veteran (your whole family looses all their health coverage) I'm having to learn all this civilian Healthcare nonsense. My teen is on MediCal, ...
Jim Hall If Gavin was smart, he'd try to figure out ways for people to not need government help. But, he's just another dumb communist.
Roseann Post This is such an inhuman thing to do to our children’s futures. Heartless and evil actions those that are doing this shall suffer without pity!!!! You have no conscience no morals. Pray your children or grandchildren do not suffer for your selfishness ...
Eric Korbly Here's where I agree with the democrats. People need decent medical care. Time to reign in military waste & fund programs for people.
Jason Andrew Garshfield Do you ever sleep? Get out of your chair and go do something useful with your life, like help one of these suffering people you're constantly going on about.

It's time. No, it's past time. Let's have real conversations about gun violence. Talk about this horrible, sickening, heartbreaking epidemic that has taken far too many lives with everyone – including your elected officials. If you don't know where to start, here's one way: SHARE this graphic to show you're serious about ending gun violence. Tell your family and friends where you stand and why. Tag your members of Congress in the post. This ends now, with us.

4.9k reactions 879 comments
Juli Bliss Kinrich Please help us join the other nations of the world--I'm thinking Australia and the U.K., for example--that have basically eliminated assault-style weapons from being available to their citizens.
Shelley Trimm Why can we understand the need to limit the 1st amendment, e.g FIRE can not be said in a crowded theatre if there is no fire w/o prosecution. Why are limitations not put on the 2nd amendment? Because the NRA makes $$$$$
Joshua Morcilio And when the government decides to burst into your home and you cant defend your family or yourself because of extremely strict gun laws, ill say #prayers on FB. The “Automatic” weapons were already illegal, and had strict laws against it. So what ...
Joe Clarke Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44 Let's Outlaw Cars!!!
Deborah Ruth If we are going to ban anything, we should first start with banning alcohol as it kills 3x more people everyday than gun violence. The US Constitution says nothing about alcohol sales. So lets do away with that killer first.

The US rejected a UN resolution condemning executions of LGBT community simply because of who they love. BE OUTRAGED.

14.4k reactions 1399 comments
Glenn Louie Charles Radcliffe, chief of Equality and Non-Discrimination at the U.N.’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, told HuffPost via email that the U.S. “consistently votes against or abstains on all resolutions having to do with the death ...
Charles O'Hara What's the point? "The resolution notably doesn’t call for the end to the death penalty. It simply condemns its usage in a discriminatory fashion." It was just another 'feel good' resolution that meant nothing.
Cheryl Jean We have gone from being one of the most respected nations to being lumped in with only 3rd world countries. How fast we have fallen.😢
Alisa Baranyi Yates Oh no!!! A nurse mentioned this at work, and I just couldn't believe it, and I asked him his sources. This is horrible! 😞 I'm glad the greater world had a better sense of humanity and equality than the current US. 💔
Tom Vincent The propaganda left never sleeps. First of all, the measure passed. So dry your panties. We voted against the measure because we feel individual countries have the right to make their own laws and penalties. It has NOTHING to do with gays propaganda ...

Every moment Congress does not act, is another moment something like this could happen again. Let's honor these lives by committing ourselves to action and demanding commonsense gun laws be in place.

5.5k reactions 621 comments
Carol A. Stollorz Did I ever hear your voice when Obama and Holder gave (paid by U.S. taxpayer) automatic weapons to Mexico to defeat the cartels.... DOJ program, oka "Fast and Furious"? Did I hear your voice when a border guard was murdered with one of these weapons? ...
Rex Robinette The gun used is already illegal. Are you going to make it illegal again, or use the incident to further the Democrat agenda of disarming American citizens?
Laura Stollorz Schroeder A Mexican man (from another post) made a comment that Mexico has gun control and only the police/Cartel and government are allowed to have guns. He said 200,000 murders in over 10 years and Mexico is the kidnapping capital of the world. He said this ...
Joel Krause How about you stop with the politics and show some respect. You want to do something constructive then pass mental health funding. The gun is just a tool that can be used positively or negatively depending on the person. No different than a car, a ...
Nancy Keeler Yes. We should remember them and you should be haunted by them since this whole thing was orchestrated in order to get people thinking that gun control will solve gun violence.

Heartfelt, raw speech by Jimmy Kimmel that sums up what so many of us were feeling yesterday as we woke up to the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas. Something needs to be done. It's not enough to send your love and prayers. We need to demand action. Every day we wait, more lives are lost by gun violence.

7.8k reactions 781 comments
Narma Kaid Yes, the majority feel the same way but there isn't a grassroots movement big enough or loud enough to outmaneuver the NRA. When I think of the number of people who came out on the Women's March against Trump and his agenda I wonder why the outrage in ...
Debra Owens-Chapman So sick of chest pounding, my rights to own guns trumps your right to be safe from maniacs with guns in public places, so there. Washington is complacent and guilty of murder. NRA is a Terrorist organization who owns dirty politicians.
Matthew Hilliard We've allowed ourselves to get to the point where we can say, that was the deadliest in US history" twice in less than a year and a half. #2A is literally killing us.
Windy Odonnell Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian that is only bummed that he cant crack jokes during this time without looking like a racist,so he resorts to politics and gun control.Shame on him.A moment of silence and prayer is all that is needed.
Rhonda Weimer Jimmy you are a big idiot. And you need to keep your mouth shut. It not guns that kill people it's people that kill people. People who really want to kill people will find other ways. Honest law abiding people who own guns don't kill other people. ...

273: The number of mass shootings in the US in 2017. 275: The number of days passed in 2017. Ready for a change.

8.1k reactions 869 comments
Woody Morrison 75 thousand alcohol related deaths in the us this year .... compared to 9,000 murders? Why is Gavin more concerned with disarming vs. saving 8x the lives? Remember he's a millionaire off alcohol sales.
Trey Ogden Yes, we are ready for a change. You and all your cohorts need to leave. That is about the only useful change that could happen that you would be a part of.
Elizabeth Carte Yes better mental care for all Guns have no way of killing without hands. Get the connection Newsom. Get it?
Joshua Ryan Man you really try and twist facts without any context do you sir. Tell me, we’re are these 273 mass shooting occurring? Let’s first find the actual numbers, and their location.....
Keith Jacobson We certainly do need a change in California. One particular party is responsible for chasing businesses out of the state, has run up our debt and repeatedly raised our taxes.

Baffled by politicians who say we shouldn't "politicize" climate change after hurricanes, or gun violence after mass shootings. If not now, when? It's literally our job to demand action on this issue. It's time to step up, step in, and say we've had enough. Lives are on the line. America has experienced 273 mass shootings in 2017 alone. American doesn't have a gun violence problem, we have many.

10.3k reactions 1219 comments
Joshua Ryan We don’t have a gun problem you communist pos, we have a problem with people who use guns to commit acts of violence. Take away the guns and something else will take its place, such as using vehicles to commit acts of terror. Shocking how you didn’t ...
Jeff Dowd So we take away everyone's guns. Then the criminals still have access to them and many more instances like this become a reality as it will be easy pickings, just like Chicago.. Great argument for gun control. That's not the problem. Let's get real ...
Richard McLane I can see a lagitimate argument. There are hundreds of thousands of gun owners out here that have not shot anyone. Why should we be punished for the actions of a few. By your logic we should ban cars because there are more people killed by cars than ...
Jay Lines Gavin Newsome, murder was illegal when this mass murderer killed and injured so many people. It was illegal to shoot others from a building, it was illegal to possess fully automatic weapons, but those laws did not stop this killer, this ...
Kenneth Dotson Republican logic: 33,000 gun deaths each year "Don't talk about guns, you're politicizing the issue." 31 cases of in-person voter fraud in the last 17 years "Something has to be done about this - now!!"

Jennifer and I send our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured last night in in Las Vegas. This unspeakable violence reaches beyond state lines. Our thoughts are with the injured Los Angeles firefighters, the injured law enforcement officers from Kern, Los Angeles and Orange counties, and the untold numbers of other Californians impacted by this heinous and cowardly crime. We are heartbroken by the lives lost. We are heartbroken for their families and loved ones. We are heartbroken that we can’t pass commonsense gun laws in our nation. If the Republican leadership of Congress and this President continue with their moral and intellectual abandon, California has and must continue to chart the path of rationality. I urge statehouses across the nation to look closely at the work we’ve accomplished here, through the legislature and the ballot box, and act.

987 reactions 682 comments
Tom Panagos Hey Newsom, please explain how San Bernardino happen given the strict gun control in Commiefornia. It is NOT about guns it is about evil. Islamic Terrorist on 11-Sep-01 in NYC and DC killed 2996 and injured 6,000 with airplanes Timothy McVeigh on ...
Carol Woodward President Donald Trump has already clearly demonstrated that he has no moral or ethical compass. California is and must continue to chart the path of rationality. I am happy that Gavin Nelson is running for Governor of California next year.
Mike Grunt Never let a tragedy go to waste, huh, Gavin. Btw, last I heard murder is also illegal....Just saying.
Chad Costello ‪Everyone is a warrior for Gun Control behind their phone... No more time for talk, time to take to the streets. ‬We all need to put our phones down and march, power in numbers. You have the ability to reach millions of people... lead us, and we’ll ...
Mike Hutchisson I'm not thinking about the victims and families of this senseless violence. I'm thinking of the victims and families of the next major incident because we choose to do nothing after this incident, and continue to "enjoy" incredibly lax gun laws.

Heartbroken by the lives lost. Heartbroken for their families. Heartbroken that we can’t pass commonsense gun laws in our nation.

Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay Casino Kills 50
Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay Casino Kills 50

The police said the gunman was dead after firing on concertgoers outside, with more than people taken to the hospital.

4.8k reactions 905 comments
Daniel Philpott This was a terror attack, no amount of gun laws would/will prevent this type of action. Until facts are gathered, motives established, no amount of postulating will be will change the man. If you want to lead, gather data then present a logic based ...
Frank Warthemann O yes Zipper Boy, gun control, the answer to all liberal issues. FYI Europe has complete gun control and yet, terrorists still get guns. Stop the mind numbing political talking points!
Raelene Unger Fleming It's not guns, it's the person aiming it, you liberal goofball! Why aren't you asking for prayers or condolences, at least hold off with your liberal crap! Don't waste your time running for any office, we are taking our state back!
Rebecca Goddard And totally predictably #Guncontrolnow is trending on twitter. The left is rubbing their greasy hands in glee at the mass shooting in Vegas.
Maliha Hasan When I hear people talk about freedom in America and how open minded people are I get mixed thoughts on that I don’t think we are free as a nation. We carry guns and keep guns at home how can we be free? We are so insecure... guns rights were for those ...

Thank you, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for speaking up during what I'm sure is a difficult time, and standing up for the many in desperate need of affordable, quality care. Our thoughts and prayers of strength and courage are with you and your loved ones!

17.6k reactions 506 comments
Jeanne Bisbano I am 1 in 8. Fortunately, I have made it past 5 years and am now "cured". Many don't make it. One woman that I knew, had inferior insurance and so fewer choices. She died. Universal quality healthcare is necessary for fighting cancer.
Ellie Reise We do not need universal health care and we don't need the GOV, to run our lives. I have friends that had breast cancer and other type even my husband. The new plan gives coverage and the parties need to work together not against each other for the ...
Monique Rich Blessings & a speedy and full recovery for you, JLD. Thank you for sharing your personal health experience, in order to bring light to our current health issues in the US. ❤❤❤
Colleen Prestby Wadsworth Didn't single payer in CA get tangled up when trying to figure out how to PAY for it? And NOW, it looks like we are going to lose our IRS deduction for our State Income and local taxes! Last health care proposal took away healthcare subsidies from us ...
Andrew Jon Let's all eat a plant based diet and make medical cannabis legal federally. This will make far more of a difference than universal health care

Trump will mock a veteran and war hero but is against taking a knee during our anthem because he thinks it is disrespectful to our military. Totally logical.

Trump, at war with everyone, mocks McCain, McConnell
Trump, at war with everyone, mocks McCain, McConnell

In private, President Trump has taken to physically mocking them.

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Liz Vinas the trolls are especially must be striking a nerve!! Troll measuring is the new way to identify when you are pointing out a truth!! Well done! Thank you for your public service GN.
Ruben N Laura Leon Trump was wrong in what he said about McCain and calling the players SOB's. The players ONLY united when it was about them. They did not kneel when Colin kneeled, they didn't kneel when trump called neo nazi good people. They only took a knee when it ...
Meleney Humphrey Schiavone Gaven, stop lying! You desrespect me and every other hard working Californian on a daily basis with this type of rhetoric. He never mocked a veteran and war hero, you and your illogical thought process just don't like him so you say these things that ...
Adrian Rodriguez Trump is a white supremacist. He's charging puerto ricans for evacuation. Those are god damm American citizens. He condemns black people kneeling more passionately than neo-nazis at Charlottesville.
Grace Leung Draft dodger, another of his acts of respect for the nation and the military, don't forget. What were anyone thinking when they voted for him?

Education is a lifelong pursuit. California must make a promise to treat it like one. Read about my vision!

Education Is a Lifelong Pursuit. Let’s Promise to Treat It Like One.
Education Is a Lifelong Pursuit. Let’s Promise to Treat It Like One.

School did not come easy for me. I bounced between elementary schools struggling to read while my sister’s report cards went up on the…

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Shirley Fender Bring back the shops, homemaking, food, computer ed., metal and wood shop, auto. etc. This would build a skilled society. A skilled society prospers. Think about this.
Laurie Mitchell Geroux I stopped reading when you slam dunked Betsy. How will you see fit to fund this? More taxes? Bigger lottos? What a joke THAT was!
Chuck Kelly Socialist Propaganda is NOT Education, California, compared to other staes Lacks SEVERLY in the feild and percute of Education and is becoming move eveident every day!
Vi Ann La Baron Get rid of common core, no sharia crap allowed, no trying to leave little kids wanting to be another sex, & assist in home schooling financially should parents so desire!!!
Aaron Joseph But will you actually fund these promises? It's a compelling vision, but California has many of those, and is often unwilling to pay when push comes to shove. Instead of educating them, we are packing our prisons full of people.

“We knew it was coming. After Steph spoke up at media day on Friday, we figured it was just a matter of time until the president responded. Then on Saturday morning my wife, Margot, woke me up. “Here it is,” she said, and showed me Trump’s tweet. Our invitation, he wrote, “has been withdrawn” because, “going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team” and, “Stephen Curry is hesitating.” First off, I’m pretty sure Steph wasn’t “hesitating”. He made it clear he wouldn’t go. Second, as I joked to the media Saturday, it was like the president was trying to break up with us before we broke up with him. Regardless, it’s a shame. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet President Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama. I didn’t agree with all of them, but it was easy to set politics aside because each possessed an inherent respect for the office, as well as the humility that comes with being a public servant in an incredible position of power, representing 300 million people. And that’s the problem now. In his tweet to Steph, Trump talked about honoring the White House but, really, isn’t it you who must honor the White House, Mr. President? And the way to do that is through compassion and dignity and being above the fray. Not causing the fray. Would we have gone? Probably not. The truth is we all struggled with the idea of spending time with a man who has offended us with his words and actions time and again. But I can tell you one thing: it wouldn’t have been for the traditional ceremony, to shake hands and smile for cameras. Internally, we’d discussed whether it’d be possible to just go and meet as private citizens and have a serious, poignant discussion about some of the issues we’re concerned about. But he’s made it hard for any of us to actually enter the White House, because what’s going on is not normal. It’s childish stuff: belittling people and calling them names. So to expect to go in and have a civil, serious discourse? Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. Look, I’m a basketball coach and what I do obviously pales in comparison to what the president does. But our jobs are similar in at least one respect: If you want to be an NBA coach, you need to be prepared to be criticized. You kind of know that going in. If I coach poorly and we lose the game, I hear about it. That’s okay. It’s really where we coaches earn our money, accepting and dealing with criticism and keeping the ship moving forward. There has to be an inherent understanding when you enter into any public position of power that this is what happens. People are going to take shots at you and it’s incumbent upon you to absorb those shots. Maybe you respond diplomatically, but you maintain a level of respect and dignity. What you can’t do is just angrily lash out. Can you imagine if I lashed out at all my critics every day and belittled them? I’d lose my players, I’d embarrass ownership, I’d embarrass myself. Pretty soon I’d be out of a job. It’s a basic adult thing that you learn as you grow up: People aren't always going to agree with you. And that’s OK. Instead, we get Trump’s comments over the weekend about NFL players, calling them ‘sons of bitches’ for kneeling during the anthem. Those just crushed me. Crushed me. Just think about what those players are protesting. They’re protesting excessive police violence and racial inequality. Those are really good things to fight against. And they’re doing it in a nonviolent way. Which is everything that Martin Luther King preached, right? A lot of American military members will tell you that the right to free speech is exactly what they fight for. And it’s just really, really upsetting that the leader of our country is calling for these players to be ‘fired.’ The hard part is knowing what to do now. Margot and I talked for a long time Saturday morning about what to say publicly. I’ve probably been as critical of Trump as anybody but maybe it’s time to take a different course. There’s no need to get into a war of words. It’s about trying to hang on to the values that are important to us as an organization, a country, and, really, as human beings. The fact is we live in an amazing country, but it’s a flawed one. I consider myself unbelievably lucky to live here, so please spare me the ‘If you don’t like it you can get out’ argument. I love living here. I love my country. I just think it’s important to recognize that we as a nation are far from perfect, and it’s our responsibility to try to make it better. And one of the ways to do that is to promote awareness and understanding and acceptance. Not just acceptance but embracing our diversity, which when you get down to it is not only who we are but truly what makes us great. And it’s not happening. Remember, the president works for us, not vice versa. We elected him. He doesn’t just work for his constituents and his base. He works for every citizen. Once you take that office, you have to do what’s best for the entire country. Sure, you’re going to have policies that align with your party, but that’s not the point. Respectfully, Mr. Trump, the point is this: You’re the president. You represent all of us. Don’t divide us. Bring us together. Steve Kerr”

Steve Kerr to President Trump: Don’t divide us
Steve Kerr to President Trump: Don’t divide us

"Don't divide us. Bring us together." Steve Kerr explains how President Trump's divisive words led to the Warriors' decision to cancel their White Hou

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Mary Elizabeth Morin “I will be the first one to hold hands with Colin Kaepernick and do something about the way minorities are being treated in the United States, the injustice that is happening with police brutality, the justice system, inequalities in pay. You can’t do ...
Sabine Atwell No one in his entire family ever served in the military or even understand the word service of any kind. Their purpose in life was and is to make money, any way they can.!!!.
Katherine Wilson Well said and I only wonder how Coach Pop would have worded his statement. Our sports figures are proving to much much more thoughtful and respectful than the POTUS.
Milton Moore Barack divided us..when Trump no longer put you guys on a pedestal, your itty bitty feelings got hurt! I watched Curry Sr play...ashamed of Curry, Jr's disrespect!
Kathy Montoya Go ahead continue with all the bull you want protest if it truley had a meaning. These morons as well as the Steve Kerr just show You are no better than your total disrespect for our country and our nation. You , yes you stay on your knee you need to ...

The person disrespecting our flag is the one disregarding our Constitution. Which is you, President Trump.

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Norma Urias Let's see ... which do you think is less " patriotic"... getting deferred 5 times from serving your country because you are rich and have ( disappearing ) bone spurs... or exercising your constitutional right to Peacefully protest what you feel in your ...
Maureen Penrose Well, I know of one other way we can make America great again, we can vote you out of office. Better yet, impeachment would work just fine.
Judy Reed Says Trump, the 5 time draft dodger of the late 60's, finally getting out with heel spurs but continued to play college sports and tennis. No one in his family has ever served.
Mireya Mendoza This is what you use your voice to speak about? What about the millions of American citizens suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico? No power, no running water, almost no communication with the mainland US, but you decide to ...
Kimberly Marshall LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!! Law: 18 U.S. Code § 227 says that it is a federal crime for any executive branch employees (including the president) to influence or threaten to influence a private employment decision. It's punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in ...

The Golden State Warriors representing our Golden State. Thank you for speaking truth to power and standing up for our fundamental California values.

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Eric Fleetwood "We believe there is nothing more American than our citizens having the right to express themselves freely on matters important to them." Yes. There is a reason that the Founders chose to not only include that right in the Constitution, but to make it ...
David Cutler California values like the high speed rail, which has violated virtually all of the stipulations in the measure, or the gas taxes to pay for road repairs which should have been paid with PREVIOUS taxes, ignoring constitutional rights to keep and bear ...
Mike Uline Hey Gavin you talk about California values: seems you failed to mention that California Democrats allegedly are bullying contractors with what contracts Democrats will allow they to take and make a living! In California, for example, state lawmakers ...
Mirant Desai I hope this one comes specifically from the owners of the Golden State Warriors as well. Because, it seems like the President (with all due respect to his position), insinuated that the owner of the team can undermine the player power, their values, and ...
Sean Chapin Way to go Golden State Warriors. I heart you the most for the spirit behind this statement, by far. I tremendously value that you "believe there is nothing more American than our citizens having the right to express themselves freely on matters ...

RECAP: Nazis: very fine people Racist sheriff: unfairly treated Black athletes exercising First Amendment rights: sons of b****** and uninvited to WH.

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Angie Nader There's more important that this. Gavin what does this have to do with California? Curry was all over the news....I'm happy it's done with...but it's not news. You are leading Californians into high school nonsense
Richard Lueck Use to be an honor. In the past our Presidents have sent our Navy Carriers to respond to Tsunami in Asia. meanwhile Trump’s concerns are about a basketball team and a football player rather than responding to US territory’s in the Caribbean needing ...
Debbie Young Visiting the White House with any other President occupying it would have been an honor; however, with Trump there the honor has been completely destroyed. If Trump were in my backyard I wouldn't walk out of the back door to see him.
Prentice Rashad IV Trump preys on right wingers that limit themselves to only selective media sources. Thats why he created the whole fake news thing. Trump is a habitual liar, and always twist the story to fit his agenda. Stephen Curry wasn't "hesitant", he flat out ...
Bret Fisher My biggest concern (since I'm very confident Trump will be impeached) is that the American people will begin to think that a president behaving this way is in any way normal or acceptable. Because it does over time tend to desensitize people and cause ...

Ensuring high-quality health care for every person has been a defining issue for my entire public life. I'm proud of John McCain for putting country before party and declaring his opposition to Graham-Cassidy. That being said, healthcare is a national crisis we must address appropriately. I believe that universal healthcare is the fundamental metric by which a civilized society must measure itself. It’s about our economy. It’s about social equity. It’s about human justice. And frankly it’s about time. The basic goal of any health system should be to provide care to those who need it, when they need it. We can never achieve that ideal when our system’s health decisions are based not on need, but on ability to pay. No country in the world pays more per capita for healthcare and receives less than the United States. I'm proud to be the first candidate for Governor in CA to announce my strong support for Sen. Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. But here’s the thing: I’m a Californian. And I don’t like waiting. I don’t like following. I like leading – and inviting other states to follow. We’ve lead on climate change, criminal justice reform, labor standards, minimum wage & immigrant rights. We'll do it again on healthcare. When I’m Governor, I will not wait for federal action – I will lead by example. Graham-Cassidy is a white flag of surrender on a national health care solution. A smash-and-grab raid on the working poor & the end of Medicaid. It is a disaster that will create an immediate health crisis for millions – that’s not me saying that, that’s the Assoc. of Health Plans. When it comes to matters of life and death, good enough just isn’t good enough. Californians are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Patients shouldn’t have to navigate an indecipherable labyrinth of pricing structures, co-pays and deductibles every time they see a doctor. Providers shouldn’t be forced to spend more time doing paperwork and data entry than they do seeing patients. It’s time for a new approach. Single payer offers a simpler, more effective, more cost-efficient approach to healthcare delivery in CA. I’m tired of politicians saying they support single payer but that it’s too soon, too expensive or someone else’s problem. I’ve been dealing with cynics and naysayers my entire career. The only limits on what California can achieve are our will and imagination. Don’t be fooled: we can create a system that provides comprehensive health benefits: mental, dental, eye & substance treatment for everyone, and we will do it in California. We can do all of this because we are California. We do things that are hard because we do things that are great. Our fight has just begun. Proud to have joined the California Nurses Association today as we discussed the fight ahead. We will not stop until everyone has access to healthcare, no matter their ATM balance.

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Candace Marquez Mc Cain screwed his own constituents in AZ. All but one provider has pulled out in AZ leaving no choice and higher cost. In a right to work state the minimum wage is low so this will leave many without insurance.
Marcy McBride Thank you, Gavin. I can not for the life of me how people can not understand that we are a stronger nation when we are a healthier nation.
Tony Morse You can have universal health care for all, or you can have high quality health care for those who can afford it. You can't have both.
Brenda Georgini Smith Medicare for all is the way to go....take more $$$ for medicare taxes, charge for Medicare (as insurance) from payrolls, do not touch seniors' social security,(as a matter of fact add a higher cap & give seniors a real COLA increase & collect more from ...
Matt Evans This is why California needs to pass its own healthcare. We cannot let others decide our future any longer. I hope our future Govenor Gavin Newsom will help push SB 562 through so that Californians can have Affordable Healthcare for All.

Couldn't agree more. California needs to take early childhood education seriously. That begins with emphasizing prenatal care and the first 3 years of a child’s life (when nearly 85% of brain development occurs) and continues with providing universal pre-school. Affordable high quality education and childcare is not only helpful for every child’s growth, but also for our state’s economic growth.

Prioritize children, campaign insists to Newsom, others in governor’s race
Prioritize children, campaign insists to Newsom, others in governor’s race

Advocates see an opening to call for more early childhood education funding.

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Danielle Quick Henry Well, maybe if preschool didn't cost as much as a mortgage payment more people could afford it. Wait- people can't afford a mortgage either in this state being taxed to death for everything.
Jeanne Storton Just more brain washing by these brain dead politicians. Get them while they are babies. Look at what is coming out of public schools and liberal colleges now.
Chris Repcik Gavin but you okay with the gas tax? That's money people could use for better child care and early education.
Bambi Lopez If Sacramento cared about our own childens well being, they wouldn't be protecting illegal criminals! Crime is off the charts, and our law enforcement can't protect us because the Illegals have more rights than US Citizens.
Martin Monkewicz Does anyone really think it would be great if the Government took our children for 40 hours per week to teach them at an earlier age.

Sen. Cassidy said he would not support a bill that would discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. That's exactly what his bill does. Sen. Cassidy said he would not support a bill that did not guarantee coverage for all. That's exactly what his bill does not do. Sen. Cassidy said he would not support a bill that allowed for lifetime caps. That's exactly what his bill does. Call me crazy, but sounds like Sen. Cassidy has lied to us.

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Beth Rifkin What they don't seem to understand is that it's not just cancer patients who will be affected by this - though, of course, they will and that is incredibly important - but it's the type 1 diabetics, like me, who need insulin to literally stay alive-type ...
Daniel Horan It's understandable that Donald Trump is unable to distinguish between a truth and a lie. I don't think he's ever been taught.
Tony Valenti No! Reality check! The worst bill is the one YOU stuck us with! You people are really delusional! Do you even hear yourselves? You are so good at finger pointing and telling one sided truths, if not flat out lies. You've convinced yourselves how perfect ...
Frank A Bodnar What everyone is missing is the longer term effect of this Bill. It's the first step to eliminate SS and Medicare and Medicaid. It eliminates all payments in 10 years, nothing could be going in these block grants. If I was in my 50's think what it ...
Don Schiller See? Gavy mistakenly thinks that he represents us at the Federal level....instead, he should be concerned only about our State issues here in California...proof he doesnt understand the structure of the Constitution and the specific role of the Federal ...
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