Gavin Newsom
15:06 04/20/2017

Hey FAIR - you're better off putting that promoted tweet $$ into buying bricks, because Mexico isn't paying for it, and neither are WE.

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Hey FAIR - you're better off putting that promoted tweet $$ into buying bricks, because Mexico isn't paying for it, and neither are WE.

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Daniel Chole
Gavin- How about Westbrook's stat line last night?
Sheree DiCicco
I have a $107 million dollar idea! Ya know all the donations Trump got for the teeny tiny inauguration? HE can pay for HIS big mouth saying we need a wall. Put his money where his MOUTH has been!
Jon Michael
You are my hero Gavin!
Greg Turquand
Another pithy comment from Mr. Guilfoyle.
Bob Bobster
That wall has a slam dunk ROI
Chuck Honse
Maziar Zakikhani
Just got 10' higher...
Germaine Cook
No wall is wanted or needed.
Joe Galindo
You are such a douchebag!
Steven Cummings
We can just use the new gas tax or the bullet train money that nobody wanted to pay for.
Douglas Jaeger
Not putting money into roads, railroads, dam repairs, power plants... either
Beau Leyvand
I still have yet to figure out why the Lieutenant Governor of California is trolling Facebook all the time
Jackie McKoy
Wanna bet ?? You're just whining because all your voters are getting booted
Michael Hudkins
Of all the moronic things this president has promised, that wall tops the list.
Angie Nader
It's so pathetic that our elected LT. GOVERNOR acts like he's in a high school popularity contest.

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This is Ethan. He is recovering from his most recent open heart surgery. If Trumpcare becomes the law of the land, his family will no longer be able to afford these surgeries. We stand with you, Ethan.

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Frances Rodriguez We can't let this happen (trumpcare). My daughter is alive today because obamacare saved her life. People need to talk to the real people that it helps. Not the liars who make up stories
Carl Bud Holten How about your Hollywood 1% friends helping the family out. Eventually Obamacare would have imploded, so what would you do then Gavin? So we should keep a failing plan going to help a few till the Democrats get all the blame, I am all for that GN.
Lindsley Cross Once they are poor enough, Medicaid will kick in and pay for the surgeries. They may have to change or quit jobs in order to care for him, sell valuables, even lose their home, before they qualify. And some hospitals and doctors don't take Medicaid, ...
Dennis F Wyatt Jr Sad, but very true. Too much negative speculation about a possible new healthcare program, absolutely nothing is nearing becoming a law, just reams of loud mouth idiots hating. Don't they realize it only shows them to be stupid low life's and does not ...
Erinn Bee Mr. Newsom, you should just eliminate the comments section on your Facebook page. It's clearly been infected by trolls who delight in the reactions they get. And they'd kick their own puppy or sell their mother for likes. We are with you.

California will not stand for hatred or discrimination of any kind. Texas, Kansas, Alabama, and North Dakota's new laws are nothing more than a fearful and cowardly attempt to bring our nation backwards. Here in California, we know that our diversity is our strength. We welcome you, embrace you, and accept you, no matter your gender or orientation. We urge these other states to do the same.

California widens travel ban to include 4 more states
California widens travel ban to include 4 more states

California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people.

16.4k reactions 859 comments
Mark Farrell What if we expanded the CA travel ban that is intolerant of conservative laws in heavily Christian areas to Muslim countries that throw gay people off their roofs? That way we could show consistency, instead of exposing the CA travel ban as just ...
Marie Waldron-Booth I ❤️ everything about California! The people, the weather, the ocean, the mountains, the small towns and big cities, the politics! I like that we are a forward thinking state that offers something for everyone. I don't care what you call me, I'm proud ...
Francine Florio-bunten I have NO desire to vacation outside of California! Maybe Napa, or the Sierra, I'd travel highway 101 when fixed. Go to the beach, glad we are limiting spending money for conferences or sport events. You want to play ucla, travel to California !
David Winternheimer I find the logic behind dissenting comments here interesting. So majority Christian states are allowed to push their beliefs on everyone in their states but California's liberal majority is not allowed to do the same here? Its one or the other, not just ...
Jerry Wilks I like that statement. Here in California we will take everything that working people have and give it to someone else. Illegal immigrants, the rich, people unwilling to work. And now free drugs for those who can't afford them, not legal medicinal ...

Yesterday was a sad day for our country. Protestors were dragged from their wheelchairs as they demanded the Senate listen to their needs. Cutting Medicaid to give the wealthy a tax break is immoral and flat out wrong. America should not stand for this bill.

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Jon Peter Bumstead I'm just hoping these cops get back problems that can't be fixed by any Medicare payouts until they've filled out a few dozen forms and met with a few dozen tired bean counters.
Laura B Stephens This is just wrong on so many levels; how can they justify cutting benefits to the citizens who need it the most. I pay for my health thru my employer; but my husband receives medicaid. Without it I hate to think what would happen to both us if I had to ...
Daniel Carlos Thank you Gavin. Only fools support the trump healthcare agenda. And they'll be the first ones to complain when their healthcare suffers... willful ignorance has consequences.
Carol Miller That's because our current administration doesn't care about the average American people. They only care about themselves. I know after the end of the year, I'm on my own as covering my medical... is going to cost me in access of $1,000 a month just for ...
Nora Clark You Governments get free cars and limos and free medical and dental and probably free homes. That We the People have pay for your free stuff.

Remember this? 👇 Turns out your bill ends requirements to cover mental health & maternity care, and forces deep cuts to the Medicaid program so the wealthy can get a tax cut.

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Umpressive Files we proved he ain't about his word or tweets or speeches. all carries no weight!. or signatures or agreements or hell even actions. ride it out. his job was to get in the white house by any means.
Gina Oltman Trump lied. Big surprise. He shot off his mouth during the election and made all sorts of b.s. promises he knew he could not keep. Everyone will have fabulous healthcare, no one will pay for it, all sorts of tax cuts will happen, and we will all ride ...
Jaclyn Amber Joy So unbelievable wrong. Mental health has become a very public problem ever since Raegan had them kicked out of the hospitals because he felt it was inhumane? That's like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Some people truly need ...
Vito Randazzo Worry about your California bill SB 349 That puts AGE limits one dialysis patients, reduces amount of patients per day for treatments. Look it up and read before you believe this Newsome fool.
Frances Mistler Yeah that makes all kinds of sense. Defund planned parenthood resulting in less access to reproductive services, including education and birth control, then take away health care coverage for maternity care. Bottom line: the Rs only care about "life" ...

"I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I am a cancer survivor. I am living with HIV. I am living with PTSD. I am living with other maladies. I lose sleep nearly every day from the stress related to the Republican party’s promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Medication keeps me alive....Reducing essential health benefits, and cutting Medicaid, threatens my physical health, my future, and my long-term survival.” - Roy Steele, San Francisco, CA

Real Stories of Americans Who Will Be Affected by the Proposed Changes to the ACA — and What YOU Can Do to Fight
Real Stories of Americans Who Will Be Affected by the Proposed Changes to the ACA — and What YOU Can Do to Fight

With the proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 20 million Americans are at risk of losing their healthcare coverage. A survey, cond...

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Nancy Stewart It's all the "End Times" far right voodoo economics mumbo jumbo, self fulfilling prophecy BS. Republicans are all a bunch of brain washed sheepole idiots and they are running this country. America is dying because of their unfettered hate.
Mathew Parham And millions more who want their freedom back and who cant afford government healthcare.... say what you want ... free market has always been the best for the most
Brad Stevens The policies have already been written and the benefits defined? Before the ACT has been proposed? Stop panic selling for the DNC< and debate the true facts. Gavin, you are a fear monger.
Jeff Brunner Welcome to the group. You can let anyone or any party use you, it's your option.... we've all got 'problems', but to let any political party use you as a pawn in their game is a mistake. Like I said, we've ALL got problems. Maybe mine are worse than ...
Robin Tucker Kelly My son had congestive heart failure when one day he called me from his college campus saying he could not breath and his heart was racing. A Mothers worse nightmare. That same day he was rushed to Kaiser Sunset and we were informed he needed a heart ...

We should all be horrified by this. Guns are now the 3rd leading cause of death for children in the US.

Guns are now the third leading cause of death for U.S. children
Guns are now the third leading cause of death for U.S. children

Guns are responsible for the death or injury of over 7,000 children in America each year.

7.0k reactions 1096 comments
Danny Avila Not as scary as a California Democratic legislator with a pen.
Shane Spitzer The GOP would likely reply just give the other kids guns and then the kids won't shoot each other or themselves. Oh yea, and Benghazi and emails 🙄
Ty Hamby A child is someone under 18. 90% of these numbers are gangbangers using stolen guns to shoot other gang bangers in an effort to continue gangbanging. Do not let these clickbait headlines fool you into thinking if only we had one more law something would ...
James P Pratt On average, from 2012 to 2014, nearly 1300 children (N = 1297) died each year in the United States from a firearm-related injury, for an annual crude rate of 1.8 per 100 000 (Table 1). Fifty-three percent of these were homicides (n = 693), 38% were ...
Dan Poplin I would venture to say you are misleading in your post , or , as you just accused Trump , your lying. Truth is , when you have hundreds of kids shooting each other on the streets of our inner cities the number is high but that is a social / economic ...

Timmy is 6 years old and his life depends on the ACA. Yet, most GOP Senators couldn't find the time to meet with him, or tell him what is in the bill.

The littlest lobbyist: a 6-year-old, whose life depends on ACA, heads to Capitol Hill
The littlest lobbyist: a 6-year-old, whose life depends on ACA, heads to Capitol Hill

Can a kid criss-crossing the Senate in Velcro shoes make a difference?

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Dan Daniel hos 2M medical bills would have been covered before ACA I am also betting that 2 M was not the negotiated insurance rate which was probably closer to 200K
Mary Elizabeth Morin If only it were that simple, we wouldn't be wrangling about it. You make this way to polarizing when you know this is complex. Your divisive rhetoric and emotional appeals are incredibly irresponsible and judgmental.
Eve Leonard One in 100 babies is born with Congenital Heart Disease. Many of these babies are alive because of excellent medical intervention — at a cost. If lifetime caps are reinstated, they will either need state issued insurance, which will be grossly inferior, ...
John Schultz Remember people we are all in it together this young child is just a reminder... Because of the rest the people will be the elderly and the people that are too disabled to work ..It can happen to you at any moment.. in your life especially if you're ...
Shirley Ann Adams It's a sad state of affairs when you have o bring a child to the Hill to stop these evil legislators from cutting health care to millions of Americans!

We cannot allow the Senate GOP to continue writing their healthcare bill in secrecy and sneak by the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the crucial services they provide to millions of women and men across our country. #PinkOut

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Burkeley Cameron Population reduction.. targeting the poor and minority communities! You are evil scum and a racist and so was Margaret Sanger! If people would learn the true history of that disgusting woman they would hang you from a tree for target killing little ...
Erick Ceja I would too if they weren't targeting the minority people, selling baby parts, legal murder and would look for every other alternative to take care of the women and children but they don't the first thing they want to do is kill a human instead of ...
Lynda Sisk PP already isn't using fed. $ for legal abortions. This is the travesty of our nation: can't support birth control, won't support abortion but loves to supply viagra to men of all ages. Then, unless you are Caucasion the likihood of getting adopted and ...
Laurie Engstrom Every health plan has a yearly exam covered, Along with a mamo so crying about planned parenthood is the only way women can get this is BULLBUTTER.
Laura Jean Defunding PP is no reason to oppose the bill. They can still operate without federal funding. They should have to change their status as a non-profit. Planned parenthood aren't medical providers. They are just someone who pays for services for low ...

This is the ultimate lesson in hypocrisy. When Democrats brought up the ACA, the Senate health committee spent 60 hours - 13 days - marking up the bill. The Senate Finance Committee worked on it for eight days and considered more than 130 amendments. The full Senate debated the bill for 25 straight days before ultimately passing it. The Senate GOP have not shown their bill to the public, have held closed door meetings, and are now saying a vote could come next week.

Senate GOP leaders will present health bill this week, even as divisions flare
Senate GOP leaders will present health bill this week, even as divisions flare

Key lawmakers expressed concern about the emerging legislation, the secrecy surrounding it and the level of disagreement that remains.

2.6k reactions 338 comments
Brandon Grimes The hypocrisy of complaining about a non-transparent bill while at the same time making California a sanctuary state and passing the largest gas tax increase in history without a vote is astounding. Go back to leaching off Californian tax payers and be ...
Fran Lawler I'd like to never see the folowing people in front of the TV cameras: 1) Donald R Trump, 2) Mitch McConnel, and 3) Paul Ryan and #4) VP Pense.
Paula Legan Reynolds Look at those eyes... those are not the eyes of a well man. (McConnell) He should have to use the proposed AHCA for treatment. Although, he probably can afford to pay the doctors for services privately without hardship. But, seriously, he looks ill. He ...
Benjamin Shapes It's crucial that democrats take the high road on this type of hypocrisy. My complaint is how they only seem to talk about russia and being anti trump vs trying to persuade middle America to vote for populist economic policy like trying to reduce income ...
Robert Miller Nonsense. The ACA was passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve in the middle of the night by the Democrats when most representatives were home for the break.

The fight for equality is not over. Great to be with the amazing staff of Equality California today. Thank you for having me!

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Linda Wolfheim I'm confused, equality of what? I sure do not see much diversity in thei photo, one token black, possibly a LGBT or two?
Cheri St. Pierre All of you who are commenting please remember this IDIOT along with brown GARCETTI villaragosa and please STOP voting them in office.
Chantry Hammond The "fight" for equality will never be over, because it's got nothing to do with equality.
Craig Haggard How about some equality for us freeloading tax payers......
Nick Faragasso I hope they are working for Equality of Effort......The Constitution only provides for Equal Opportunity......

In 151 days, POTUS has made 669 false and misleading claims. That means on average, he's lying or misleading the public over 4 times a day.

365 days of Trump’s claims
365 days of Trump’s claims

The Washington Post’s ongoing database of President Trump’s false and misleading claims since January 20th

2.1k reactions 573 comments
Jeff Brunner Unfortunately, when one is looking for the truth in any allegations; those against President Trump, or those against President Obama, there is a conspicuous dearth of reliable sources. On both sides. Where, oh where is the unbiased database which ...
Jeff Brunner Grrrr! (Deep breaths.... ok, I'm alright now...). Let's be fair here. Has he made false and misleading claims? Probably. Did our former President do the same? Probably. Did our former President have the full weight and hostility of the media thrown ...
Dom Lucido Lol- people get so touchy when the candidate they voted for is the one ruining his own rep. I mean come on he lies about stats and policy and it's blatantly obvious. Don't need HuffPo to fact check either- I do my own research. Trump is a pathological ...
Kristi Cardoza Elliott I'm amazed that so many Trump fans are trolling Gavin Newsom's page. You guys must be very worried to have to chime in on every one of his posts.
Sandy Nunez Did you all know that Brown, Newsom and the legislature are getting a 3% pay raise while they vote for higher taxes and California has 1/2 trillion in unfunded liabilities? Way to go... trying to deflect all the corruption and lies that are told to ...

‪Happy birthday to my inspiration, Jennifer Siebel Newsom! Thank you for the kindness, generosity, and compassion you bring to this world. We love you!‬

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Jeff Tynan Sir, your best post to date! Have a Glorious Birthday Newsom family!
Judy Wyland Happy for you ... and I'm a big fan (and fellow dyslexic😉)
David Abeyta Ahh the perks of the job? I'm sure the poor people that you are fighting for are impressed.
Mike Parker You have a lovely family, Gavin. Ignore idiots like Craig and Stuart.
Jon Wright Asswad, keep the face plant marketing up so you'll realize nobody likes you so don't run, just leave!!!

Honored to have the legendary John Burton's support. His leadership and progressive vision have shaped our state for years to come. He opposed the Vietnam War back when that meant standing up to a Democratic President. He fought to increase the minimum wage for the working poor, to protect farm workers from abuse and to extend Social Security benefits to the elderly, blind and disabled and health care access to every Californian. For my entire career in public service, I’ve been inspired by the limitless passion, authenticity and example of John Burton.

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Mike Uline Mr. Newson just heard about another California Democrat having a meltdown! California Democrat Abuses GAY VOLUNTEERS: “Which One of You A**holes is Gay?” Local Orange County, CA Democrat, Jeff LeTourneau was caught on camera verbally abusing gay ...
Stephen Cascioppo Your hero also led a chant of "F@#% the President@" so since incivility, vulgarity and treason are what you stand for you have lost my support.
John Chier Endorsed by THE JOHN BURTON? Why am I not surprised? This is the John Burton who settled a $10 MILLION sexual harassment lawsuit... Who resigned from Congress to get treatment for drug and alcohol addiction... Who was arrested for bookmaking while an ...
Bill Wiese Betcha all had the same coke dealer! That's efficiency for you...
Sal Whalen We want you out. We want representatives in California who have a brain

So fortunate this #FathersDay to be able to spend some quality time with the ones I love. Happy Dad's day to all the Dads out there!

5.1k reactions 151 comments
Rob Clewley Happy Father's Day Gavin .. you have a beautiful family and they will be proud of you when you become president one day!
Jon Wright Stick it in your ear Gavin since you don't listen to the majority anyway
Robert Chandler Gavin I feel sorry for your Kids and them having you as a father with your hateful attitude. Really sad!
Rich des Ormeaux Thank you and Happy Father's day to you as well. Regards Richard
Laura McLean Happy Fathers Day Gavin❣️ Keep up the good fight for all our kids!

7 American Navy sailors have been determined dead, and our Commander in Chief is tweeting about....himself. Appalling.

10.5k reactions 1967 comments
Stacy Verri Sigmund Liar. How come you didn't post his tweet about the sailors from yesterday? All BS and nobody fact checks. Just believes everything that is written. Pathetic!
Orlando Fernandez Mr. Newsom... I disagree with absolutely everything that you think and stand for, but I surely as hell don't remember you being so concerned over our men lost in Benghazi...And especially since you do such a "bang-up" job protecting our (your) citizens ...
William Stacy OMG, the lies and hate is unbelievable. It is terrible all the anti Trump people are being misled, funded and lied to by a small group of New World Order billionaires bent on destroying the United States to create a one world government with them in ...
Sean Moran H Y P O C R I T E! 🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼 God, please save us from this manipulative politician. California deserves better, and so did these sailors. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. 😢
Kerin Gould Cutting regulations in a "massive" way is careless and arrogant. Somebody before you thought something was important to protect, maybe for human health/survival, maybe for a stable economy, maybe for justice...but hey, it's in the way of profiteers and ...

All you Warriors fans rest assured: If Stephen Curry leaves in free agency, I'm (STILL) just a phone call away!!

6.5k reactions 293 comments
Kathy King Rankin Oh folks, let go of the hate! It is a fun picture to share. Sit in front of the fan, open a cold one and chill!!
Tony Lucas Donald Trump's 140-character proclamations change the world every day. Donald Trump's tweets thwart and obstruct the unified effort of his enemies to destroy him. Donald Trump's tweets keep his supporters supporting him. Donald Trump's tweets are one ...
Daniel Byers Yes . Please go play basketball and leave politics forever. You already have the cheating on your wife while on the road skills down.
Brett Hobbs Yes, please go play basketball. That way we don't have to put up with you as governor.
Matty Banshy Understand Mardee for every 1 trolling remark left on Gavin's page I see...I leave 3 on Darrel Issa, Duncan Hunter, and our idiot presidents's called the law of 3s...just so you're aware...when I presently piss off at random 3 monoric ...

This massive piece of legislation that seeks to restructure one-sixth of our economy is being written behind closed doors, without input from anyone, in an effort to jam it past not only the Senate but the American people.” - Mitch McConnell, 2009

Secrecy Surrounding Senate Health Bill Raises Alarms in Both Parties
Secrecy Surrounding Senate Health Bill Raises Alarms in Both Parties

Senate leaders are writing legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act without a single hearing on the bill and without an open drafting session.

2.3k reactions 269 comments
Sharon Marks Get ready senators....working as a nurse I will bring the sick and dying to your door. Perhaps you will offer help directly when the faces come into view.
Steve Cermak I'm counting on you Gavin Newsome to rally all democrats to action and stop this crime. As the most viable person/candidate for president in 2020, you can make it happen... Thanks!
James P Pratt This could be the down fall of the Republican Party if it gets passed in its current form. Too many older people would not be able to withstand the dramatic increase in health care costs. Those costs are much too high already.
John H McNally Even as they pray that their fallen comrade survives the recent horrific shooting, they plot to remove health care from another 25,000,000 American citizens. One wonders how many of those 25,000,000 citizens will die as a result. Will they pray for ...
John H. Reynolds This does not speak well, neither for the bill nor for the GOP. This tactic will backfire big-time! The tactic will only build more resistance to it, and the members will be seen as un-American and voted out of office in a flash, and will deserve their ...

Great step forward in ensuring every qualified student has a spot at a Cal State University!

Cal State University to guarantee qualified students a spot under California budget deal
Cal State University to guarantee qualified students a spot under California budget deal

The CSU guarantee is part of the $125 billion budget agreed on by Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders Tuesday.

4.9k reactions 165 comments
Susan Klauda there have been plenty of times that I've been furiously angry at the California government. Right now, I am grateful for you guys beyond words!. You are stepping up and taking care of California Citizens. You're doing an awesome job!
David Greenhalgh This is a great step but how about increasing class sizes through more web based courses which do not require an instructor at all. Not for every class but the private sector has proven the benefit through sites such as
Terry Berg I'm a conservative republican and fine with it. I do think Legal CA citizens should have priority over non-citizens and out of state students - at minimum there should be a cap - especially for impacted programs
Andrew Jon I think it is only appropriate for you to change you caption to read "every qualified student that can afford it he a spot..." Nothing is mentioned that students will be assisted financially or in any way; only that the state will find them a less ...
Jeannine Davis D'Addario Now fix the UC system!!! California kids are not getting the opportunity to participate in UCs that out of state and international students do. Let's take a page from the Texas system and guarantee placement in UC schools for the top 2-5% of all ...

I can’t wrap my head around it. California is the tech capital of the country, but only one-quarter of our high schools offer computer science classes. On top of that, the gender and racial gap in access to and participation in computer science classes is glaring. We’re supposed to be leaders here, but states like Arkansas are way ahead of us on this. Should be a no-brainer. Computer Science For All is an economic imperative. It’s an equity imperative. And I’m pushing for it hard. I need you in on this, so share if you agree that everyone in California deserves access to computer science classes!

2.9k reactions 402 comments
Joyce Metcalf Finally you say something I can agree with. Where have all these super brainy liberals been while California was falling so far behind? We have dumped more and more money into the schools.
Shirley Carter That's just ridiculous!!! Tech has been here since the 60's, with a computer on everyone's desk possible in 1989 (intel's 386), and there is no excuse that this hasn't been offered all the way through every high school and junior high. The best results ...
Cheryle Osburn Teats We should start in the lower grades when their little minds are like sponges. I have a daughter that lives in the south and amazingly enough my grandson had computer classes in the third grade in Gadsden, Alabama. That was 8 years ago. We are just ...
Judi Moss I'm willing to bet that even fewer middle schools offer any computer science classes. Monies were pulled from schools back when St. Ronnie was governor, and have never been repaid. Then add prop. 13 cuts to that...and there's no money for anything ...
Dave Blackman The problem is finding teachers...if you know enough to teach a computer science class, you could be making 10x a teacher's typical salary easily

"In the face of endless, pointless violence, we are all cowards unless we raise our voices against violence and the root of violence: the proliferation of guns in America."

Your ‘thoughts and prayers’ are meaningless. To stop mass shootings we need to do this
Your ‘thoughts and prayers’ are meaningless. To stop mass shootings we need to do this

Mass shootings in Alexandria, Virginia and San Francisco are about our nation’s lack of meaningful gun control and not politics.

8.5k reactions 1165 comments
Dima Yar Guns have nothing to do with violence, people do. Trucks can be blamed for violence too. So are bricks and hammers. Again, demand your security give up guns. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc all wanted their citizens give up their weapons, and after that ...
David Ransom It's been quite a few years since Caroline Warren v Washington DC. If you want to disarm the people so they cannot defend themselves, why aren't you passing a law first making the government responsible for our safety. I served in the Navy with a guy ...
Joanne Taylor Busby take a look at chicago.. libs favorite gun control city.. listen to their police scanner at scarry.. u and congress want ur armed protection.. guess some people arre more equal than others
Stacey Ransom Hurtado I'd be all for banning guns if the crime rate in California wasn't skyrocketing. Thanks to AB109, Prop 47 and 57. You can't cause communities to be unsafe and then expect the people not to arm themselves.
Laurie Anthony Gavin, what a horrible article, and how sad that you agree with it. Your opinion about people's thoughts and prayers is meaningless, just so you know, because you clearly have no idea how powerful prayer is, or how meaningful people's well wishes are. ...

Kamala Harris and medical marijuana TERRIFY this man.

Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical-marijuana providers
Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical-marijuana providers

Sessions attempts to link medical marijuana protections to the opiate epidemic and violent crime.

5.0k reactions 660 comments
Harley Brundage It's probably better for the recreational smoker anyways. Regardless what he does it will always be easily accessible and even cheaper out of governments hands. 🙌🙌🙌
Patrick Hurley Can you imagine with the problems with methamphetamine, fentanyl, OxyContin he wants to spend his time chasing medical marijuana. Is he out of touch with reality?
Jennifer Miller I have Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, chronic migraines, 3 bulges in my neck, 5 surgeries on 1 foot which included bone and joint removal, neck issues, back issues and some idiot wants to prosecute marijuana users for seeking ...
Jeff Matson Like it or not 5 or 6 states have decriminalized marijuana entirely and nearly half of the states have some kind of medical use law. The Supreme Court has ruled that Congress needs to respond to the will of the public and change Federal laws. I thought ...
Joseph Stetz Harris is a total nut. He needs to back off on pot, but so does the California democrats. People need to wake up and realize .CA democrats are supporting federal marijuana prosecution for gun owners while ignoring most other federal law. Newsoms ...

An LGBT member of the Capitol Police helped save the life of an anti-marriage equality Congressman yesterday. What did you do, sir?

Fox News commentator says ‘gay people only care about pop music and the beach’
Fox News commentator says ‘gay people only care about pop music and the beach’

He claimed an Orlando vigil was hijacked by a "far-left anti-gun group".

3.9k reactions 602 comments
Chrissie N Dougie Bowman If I'm not mistaken, the LGBT community is actually the most politically active and cause-supportive group. I don't know of any studies about taste in music though. I suspect it is as varied as any other group.
Deborah Underwood Hannity yesterday was no better! Said nobody on the right was condemning the shooting when they all had. The lies are pathetic. Fix News must go! They spew nothing but hated then blame the other guy.
Shawn Michael Phipps It looks like Fox News has a new Aunt Tom on the payroll to trot out for LGBTQA stories. I hope Shep Smith reads her in the green room. P.S. Why does Tucker Carlson always look so constipated?
Ronald King Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip who was shot by a gunman who attacked a congressional baseball practice on Wednesday, has kept company with racists. He was forced to apologize for speaking at an international conference of white supremacists, and ...
Leonor Kelly I dislike 100% the people that judge without knowing how beautiful Gay people are! I know a family member that is gay, and he is the most sweetest, caring, considerate, hard working man! God made them that way and no christian church can convince me ...

Senseless, tragic, and all too frequent. Communities across our nation today were shaken by tragedy. Thinking of those affected by the San Francisco shooting and the public servants who were injured in Alexandria. Violence is never the answer. I hope we can all stand united as a city, a state, and a nation with all those affected by today's events.

2.2k reactions 219 comments
De Skyes 1 ccw permit issued in all of SF county so how exactly would more gun laws have helped? We will all stand together, we will stand together and vote people like you, who refuse to let people defend themselves, right into the unemployment line
Glenn Johnson Now THAT is how you respond to something like this. Events like this are tragedies, pure and simple. Whatever else comes from each attack, let us always remember and help the victims as best we can. Sir, we disagree on a good many things, but this ...
Devin Alexander Democrats and liberals are responsible. The blood is on their hands. It's not senseless, it's an evil anti-American anti-Trump mentality that the left and democrats embrace and call it political and participating in the democratic process.
Mary Elizabeth Morin I'm sick of the pansy sentiments and fake prayers. We are not united with the Left. All we will accept from them is deep remorse, and ownership - that they see the wickedness of their ways and are determined to change. Otherwise, we will continue to be ...
Rose Morgan Never mind thoughts and prayers! How about reasonable gun legislation! We, your constituents, are looking to you for leadership on this. Please.

Sessions has admitted that he is not answering questions based on a policy that he not seen and does not know the details of. 🤔

2.9k reactions 325 comments
Rose Morgan Not that I really expected him to actually answer a direct question but the amount of crap he spread around is astonishing.
Nancy Wilkins We hand the highest law enforcement entity of the land to a man who's memory is like Swiss cheese??? A man who hasn't had ANY briefings on the Russian escapades? Hasn't discussed Russia with the WH . . . UGH!
Christina Sands Brown He made sure he had and recited the DOJ policy he says guided his decision to recuse himself, but he doesn't have the "policy" he relies on to not answer most of the important questions. That's because it doesn't exist. #fakepolicy
Albert Ray Mrs Harris almost had him. He did say he saw it, but no follow-up because of time wasted by Sessions' purposely giving long answers.
Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward I "loved" the way he smiled as he fed the committee that b.s. That he played such Orwellian word games under oath ought to be "contempt of Congress." But Congress and whatever ethics committee exists to catch and punish such flagrant abuses like this ...

If you are not tuned in already, this hearing is beyond important for the future of our Democracy and this administration. Watch Jeff Sessions testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

1.3k reactions 358 comments
Patt Dutra Budzik Testify? Hardly. This guy is the perfect example of a "good ol' boy" who believes he is above the law. He refused to answer anything of significance and golly-gosh just couldn't remember some things either. So. Much. Corruption. I thought the old, ...
Vito Randazzo You are a liberal on a witch hunt Comey was fired because he did not prosecute Clinton not because of some made up Russian voter fraud. He was fired because he lacked the backbone and intelligence to be the head of the FBI. Get over it!!!
Mike Williams Gavin, Why don't you concern yourself with matters of the State of California, I believe that is your job, I'm sure you've forgotten.
Lidia Hidalgo Beauchamp Boy they didn't like Harris asking pointed questions. He got a bit disturbed until congress came to his rescue. Regugnants seem to ask questions to his defense or made non topic comments. Sessions seems to recall all those ...
Kathy Timmerman It was great to hear Sessions stand up for the truth. The problem is that, no matter what is said, the liberals won't believe it. They're on the "hate" road and are enjoying the high of it all. But God knows the truth, and He is the one that put Trump ...

Life can be unpredictable. You may wake up one day to find out you lost your job, or our economy took a dive, or you have a serious illness. Healthcare touches almost every part of our lives: our money, our time, our loved ones, and sometimes, even our ability to see the next day. This shouldn't be toyed with, joked about, or put on the front lines of a political fight. It brings me to tears to think about my daughter, son, wife, or sister not being able to receive the care they need because of the cost. No one should ever be put in that position. Please, call your Senators and ask them to take a step back and evaluate what they are willing to put on the line for a political score.

1.3k reactions 208 comments
Jim Gardner It's not going to be a "score" at all once Joe The Plumber realizes he screwed himself along with other people he wanted to screw. Republicanism is a social disease and the Republican Party is truly the Stupid Party (will trade policy aspirations for ...
Constance Starkey Middle class families who did everything right. Worked hard, saved money, sacrificed so their children could go to college, took too few family vacations, paid their mortgages, always paid their bills on time, didn't get into too much debt with credit ...
Scott Anstine You are right, this should not be messed with. The government should be as far away from healthcare and insurance as possible because all they touch they screw up just to try to score cheap points.
Tom Hardy As a Canadian, I simply can't understand the debate? A progressive Nation should take care of it's people no? The Father of Universal Health Care in Canada is Tommy Douglas who is Actor Keifer Sutherland's late Grandfather and he said this "I felt that ...
Sandy Graham I lost my job last October have been looking nearly every day since and nothing. Had a few interviews but didn't close the deal. Husband works full-time which only barely covers the mortgage and bills with nothing left over for food or gas. Was able to ...

Shocking political cowardice even by the standards of the Republicans in Washington. Appalling.

Reporters can’t film hallway interviews with senators without permission
Reporters can’t film hallway interviews with senators without permission

Reporters at the Capitol are being barred from filming hallway interviews with senators unless they get permission from the senator and a committee.

3.7k reactions 340 comments
Janet Marie Drew I give my permission as a citizen of the United States for journalists to interview and film the elected Senators who represent all Americans in my Capital.
Mary Elizabeth Morin Hahahahaha take that little treasonous snowflakes! I pray all your media and your leadership positions, finances and influence utterly fails, and are destroyed in every area of culture. I pray it's surprising, sudden and irreversible
John Flis-Roush The common excuse is that, "It catches us off guard." As a leader of America, shouldn't you be well versed in your plans for the country and ready to justify them?
RC Hamer What the hell does this have to do with you or California Newscum? You really should start working for your wages instead of wasting our government dollars on this petty crap. Really.
Danni Love Reporters, past FBI directors lost their privileges because of their mal intent. Recordings are chopped, pieced, even inserted with falsehoods. It is time we hold the media/ reporters, anchors, talk show hosts accountable for their influence on the ...


4.5k reactions 73 comments
Editha Simpson Congrats Warriors for NBA championship
Caty Woodstrom 💛🏀💙
Autumn Sierra Davidson Congratulations Golden State! A well deserved win!
Pat Cooley Oakland deserved this honor!Way to go Warriors way to go Oakland
Clare Smith Money what ever. Sad.

Today marks 50 years of freedom to love, despite the color of your skin. Thank you for loving so fiercely and fearlessly, for your courage and determination, and for fighting for the rights of so many. Today serves as a reminder that you don't have to be something to do something. We can all bring about positive change in this world. #LoveWins

Loving, 50 Years Later
Loving, 50 Years Later

Couples shared stories of their interracial marriage, describing the struggles and triumphs in their lives.

7.5k reactions 114 comments
Rodney Dale Feet America isn't called the melting pot for nothing. Like it as not, the races are destined to keep mixing.
Jack Abadjian I see a happy and beautiful couple getting married,you don't have to use the word interracial . 🇺🇸👍
Angela Daisy AlbusZaragoza Thank You for these stories. And Congrats to all who persevered!!
Krisi Gorbet Gavin Newsom trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with.
Christopher Childers Trolls, let's go! Can't wait for your new round of hate!

There's as much diversity on that sheet of paper as the group of Senators writing this bill.

2.7k reactions 202 comments
Danni Love You buy a new phone practically every two years because the upgrade is better. Why is it so hard for you to believe healthcare insurance couldn't be improved. Thinking Big will get you Big things. Thinking small will only bring you fear.
Jeremey Penn Thanks Gavin but that piece of paper Senator Sanders shared is blank... it shows no diversity, and as far as looking like the group of senators who wrote the bill; I don't think a white piece of paper would offer the correct contrast for a bunch of ...
Bill Parker That looks so dynamic... what a great way to keep the government working in harmony "For The People". How could you be any more Transparent?
Paul Dolan Behavior reminding of Stalin, Kim, Hitler and Sadam. A paranoid pictator, grabbing for straws in the wind. Hitler only needed 12 yrs to destroy Europe and Germany.
Melinda Nickolaisen Figures. I saw they weren't including anyone, even though democrats had asked. Republicans are playing some sneaky politics right now that will just hurt those who voted. Social security and medicare loss will be devastating to most in the Midwest.
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