Rainn Wilson
00:12 11/21/2017

21 reactions 2 comments
Tony Coelho You're the man, Rainn Wilson! Thank you for all that you do!
Cassandra Deters Very cool video! Nice to see some of the amazing people involved! They seem like they have such sweet spirits. We sent you a bunch of vitamins off of your Amazon wishlist! I hope you got them in time! What you’re doing is important and appreciated. Have ...
Rainn Wilson
00:12 11/21/2017

Live stream starts now at LIDÈ Haiti!

8 reactions 1 comments
Gül Atakan Damn it Dwight !!! Wht did you cut the face of dummy ?
Rainn Wilson
11:24 11/18/2017

I was visited by some very nice Mormon missionary Sisters this morning.

1.9k reactions 205 comments
Tony Thornley Thanks for being nice to them!
DeeJay Andy B R is the most menacing letter in the alphabet that's why they call it murder not muckduck!!!
Steven Freebairn YAY RAINN! Even if you didn’t agree with their message, thank you for talking to them! ❤️
Mg Nelson Hard for me to carry on a coherent dialogue when all I can think of are two sets of magical underwear.
Mike Corrigan We Mormons try to be nice! Good of you to treat them kindly!
Rainn Wilson
22:36 11/15/2017

It's no Schrute Farms.

514 reactions 77 comments
Tommy Brown Michael Scott says .... beets ? Nobody eats beats Dwight nobody !
François Frigard Théo Maes buy bio, buy schrute farms
Brittany Corcoran Shea Glander! “Bears, beets, Batterstar Galactica.” 😂
Oscar D. Natividad Do they use store bought manure?
Angelo Uy Shrute farms would easily produce more than 500,000 cans
Rainn Wilson
22:36 11/15/2017

Had a spiritual blast talking with the great Tami Simon on @SoundsTrue podcast. #InsightsAtTheEdge

Weekly Wisdom
Weekly Wisdom

Sounds True offers transformational programs to help you live a more genuine, loving and meaningful life.

5 reactions 0 comments
Rainn Wilson
22:36 11/15/2017

So you’re going to want to see this. December 15th. http://www.permanentfilm.com

Permanent: Starring Patricia Arquette, Rainn Wilson and Kira McLean (Official Movie Site) - In Theaters, on Demand, on Amazon Video and on iTunes December 15
Permanent: Starring Patricia Arquette, Rainn Wilson and Kira McLean (Official Movie Site) - In Theaters, on Demand, on Amazon Video and on iTunes December 15

Set in 1983 in small town Virginia, Permanent centers around a 13 year old and her family. The story of a hairstyle gone incredibly wrong and a young girl's plight to fit in while encountering bullies at a new school.

153 reactions 9 comments
Ali Kettner Jamie Velardi
Ayesha R. Qazi Cant wait!!!
Andrew Nagy Looks good
Duncan Robert MacDougall nice tache ya screamer
Susan Brackins So much yessssss!
Rainn Wilson
09:48 11/13/2017

I will be visiting LIDÈ Haiti next week. We’ve updated our current needs list on Amazon. If you would like to make a purchase, any received items will travel with me personally into Haiti. http://a.co/1T51aVf Thank you for supporting girls education. As a 501(c)3, any purchases can be used as a donation write off at the end of the year. Mèsi anpil.

476 reactions 14 comments
Rebecca Porter Done.
Christel Cornilsen Go Rainn. Go Holiday. Go LIDE
John Lane You’re an upstanding dude.
Traci Morris Come on kids! Let’s help out! Order something! 🙂
Josie Oakley I keep pressing 'add to cart' but it's not working. Do I need to buy in some special way?
Puss In Boots
15:24 11/10/2017

That moment when your eyes are peeled, the action is packed, and the popcorn bowl is empty! Sounds like a typical night when #PussInBoots is on #Netflix!

101 reactions 2 comments
Mostafa Rashidi Sheet
Justin O'Toole When we gonna see this guy cut the crap and show everyone who/what he really is?
Rainn Wilson
08:12 11/08/2017

Had a blast on @LateLateShow with one of my all time idols @DjokerNole !!! 🎾🎾🎾

139 reactions 14 comments
Dunja Ostojić Luka Mandić
Stefani Dejanovic Sara Djukanovic ❤️
Bianca Baker Christine Yun your boys
Angelina Shulevska Nino тагни ме ако најдиш порандом средба на фб :D
Kévin Bary Lc, Double kiff mon ange <3
Rainn Wilson
08:12 11/08/2017

If you didn’t get a chance last week, I would LOVE it if you would read this article. I worked hard on it! It’s a wee bit funny and a wee bit profound.

Me and the Prophet
Me and the Prophet

As a Baha’i, I’ve been thinking a great deal about the life, teachings and legacy of Baha'y'llah. I keep coming back to the fact that I’m a mere two degrees of separation from the man himself.

871 reactions 46 comments
Carol White LOVED your story!! Thanks so much for sharing!! <3
Stephanie Lewis Thank you for sharing your story, Friend.
Ayesha R. Qazi I read it the first time you shared Rainn Wilson and it made me laugh really hard :D It was awesome :)
Sophia Wood I enjoyed - thanks for writing/sharing
Morgan Shin Absolutely loved reading this !!!
Rainn Wilson
06:36 11/03/2017

Check out the trailer for my new film #PermanentFilm. In Theaters Dec. 15th

505 reactions 107 comments
Denise Bolling This looks great!
Emily D Whitaker I love Patricia Arquette
Armand Tognan #JusticeDemocrats
Yanina Serrano I love you dwight¡
Timothy Trimble Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite a bit. I'm in!
Rainn Wilson
06:36 11/03/2017

Hey Guys - the trailer for my new movie PERMANENT has just “dropped”. Check it out on 12/15. It’s got funny and sad and HAIR! Plus @PatriciaArquette #PermanentFilm

205 reactions 22 comments
Dale Downs I lost 23 pounds and my husband lost 28 pounds. I and he did the same fast weight loss diet. The diet that we did is on this site here TOP4DIET . COM
Tristan Stengel Elizabeth Stengel
Joshua Mahmoodian John Price
Tyler J. Rocha Cool style
Zuhair Al-Bahrani He's back
Rainn Wilson
06:36 11/03/2017

Most popular trailer on APPLE trailers!

Permanent - Movie Trailers - iTunes
Permanent - Movie Trailers - iTunes

Permanent is a comedy about bad hair, adolescence, and socially awkward family members. It involves life-altering permanents and poorly-made toupees. Obstacles to daily survival ensue.

56 reactions 6 comments
Amanda Bateman Cynthia Noto
Josh Avren Looks great, Rainn!
Brad Mathison Looks good
David Gagnon looks good
Cory Lazenko What about this role caught your attention? Looks perfect for you
Puss In Boots
01:00 11/03/2017

When the author FINALLY gives you the next book in your favorite series! Time for some binge reading! Comment a 📚 if you’re joining! #NationalAuthorsDay! #PussInBoots

68 reactions 5 comments
Hiếu Lê <3 <3
Ashlynn SinClair Holmes 📚 #NationalAuthorsDay!
Helen Dunn I'm always reading on a book. :-)
Corin O'connor Jennifer R. Resetar my friend Jen is a author herself :)
Arvilla Riddick It's always good to see your handsome face.
The Stig
01:18 11/03/2017

TG's 🎃 Challenge: show us your greatest car-related pumpkins with #TGhalloween. Here's our #Stig effort.... reckon you can do better?

380 reactions 10 comments
Tim Bo Where can I find the the grand tour?
Anesto Cazoe Who is The Stig's employers who is paying his salary
Connor Eltringham Georgina Johnson
Eddy Delange Emilie Matthieu Ducellier
Tom Wilson Well no actually I don't think I could do better at all as is very good 👍
Puss In Boots
12:12 10/31/2017

Who’s excited for trick-or-treating?! #Halloween #PussInBoots

89 reactions 3 comments
Vinni Wade uh huh, not in India
Md Saon Saon Bah!
Nguyễn Thành Long <3 ahihi
Rainn Wilson
05:00 10/29/2017

I have so many questions about this poster I saw in a Starbucks. 1) how do you lose a parrot? 2) how do you find a parrot? 3) how do you know someone’s lost a parrot once you find one? 4) do people looking for lost parrots check the Starbucks bulletin board? 5) nice picture!

350 reactions 58 comments
Bumper T Eddington Rainn Wilson I live in the hills outside Melbourne Australia and in our local Facebook noticeboard we often get posts like this and I wonder the same thing. How do you know it's lost? Funny
Joshua Fenn Well in Pasadena you see peacocks roaming around so maybe it’s parrots in Beverly Hills?
Deborah EN Maybe it's pining for the fjords.
Rodney Fleming Hahaha good questions. You should call them
Doug Davenport He has the forlorn look of an abandoned parrot. Rainn Wilson, you must go deeper.
Rainn Wilson
05:00 10/29/2017

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson
Rainn Wilson

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE AN AMBASSADOR? The Special Olympics bring out the best in humanity. It’s a sure thing and year after year it’s one of the best stories. I love supporting things in Seattle. It’s my hometown and when I was told the Games would be in Seattle I wanted to be a part of it.

363 reactions 16 comments
Kallie Blakelock Kassie Jones Blakelock
Brittany Jordan Aaron Makitalo he's just the best
Holly Ringelberg Nice !
Jessica Burke I love this!
Chris Price Love Rainn! Always behind you in your endeavors!
Puss In Boots
23:24 10/28/2017

Puss In Boots's cover photo

335 reactions 3 comments
Victoria Clinton White Binged season five lat weekend.
Vinni Wade wow, i like it
Alexis Hernandez Is it with Antonio Banderas?
Puss In Boots
10:36 10/26/2017

When there’s so many Puss clones, and so little time, Puss lays back and sits purrty. #PussInBoots

147 reactions 5 comments
Md Saon Saon Nice
Melahet Kerimova ➕➕➕
Amir Oss lol
Anita Lane This is my probie
Justin O'Toole I liked the introduction of a version of Puss in Boots that has had his eyes removed.
Rainn Wilson
03:24 10/24/2017

This Sunday night on CBS All Access, Harry Mudd returns!

168 reactions 32 comments
Kyle Curtis Chris Claar 😮
Kaley Nicole Edburg Bryce Manna McDuffie
Shaun Missenden Jack Murphy
Fernando Augusto Heeren Falkiewicz Olha isso Carolina
Thomas Kyle Herring 😂
Rainn Wilson
14:30 10/21/2017

Arcade Fire. Everything Now.

264 reactions 27 comments
Stephen Emmons Jonathan Emmons
Chris Cortney Gregory Carter
Tim Hall Samantha Drew
Niels Eriksson Carl-Christian Hjorthede
Kimi Alberico Kristen Alberico
Rainn Wilson
14:30 10/21/2017

Check out the trailer for the short film “PUSH” by the great @_JustineBateman_ and @HolidayReinhorn - At Festivals soon!

23 reactions 5 comments
Joshua Mahmoodian John Price
Sheryl La Pointe-Gagnon AWESOME
Christine Prettyman I love Justine Bateman!
Wade Cobb Precious based on the movie precious. Based on the movie “PUSH” by sapphire.
Matt Morriss I'll give it a watch, love short films as a graduated film student. Bring back Backstrom I say.
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