Rainn Wilson
03:18 09/16/2017

Suicide is an epidemic, taking a life every 40 seconds. See what you can do to help by visiting https://www.crisistextline.org/volunteer.

84 reactions 4 comments
Jacqueline Braun Thank you for sharing.
Daniel Devine Very accurate... but its not about hurting others....
Robin Burton Its awful to get that call. Five years ago, my nephew was 18 and 3 weeks from graduating high school when he took his life. My daughter attempted suicide last year at 13. She is a lot better now, but she keeps me on my toes more. Its a subject people ...
Marcel Wormsley Beautiful and heartfelt video. I haven't shed a tear in quite some time, but this really got to me. I have decided to go public with my condition, in hopes that it might help someone else, at the very least to assure them that they are not alone and ...
Rainn Wilson
03:18 09/16/2017

Slow Motion Cash Machine

31 reactions 10 comments
Joshua Bryan Why?
Brandon Keele False pretenses: make
Chase Weiss Are we doing nicknames? Cool!
Toby Rocksson Raw Art
Tim Wornick BUT WHY
Puss In Boots
21:42 09/15/2017

Kid Pickle’s plate looks half full to us! #PositiveThinkingDay #PussInBoots

129 reactions 7 comments
Charlotte Volckaert Voor jou vandaag Ann-Sophie Decuyper 😘
Hendrik de Vught HALF full? :P
مخلص عبدالخالق جليل مشتاقين لكارتون القط ذو الحذاء مممممممم يعني من نكول روعه بشكل 😍
Theresa Chase You sure are smart mister it's like all the book in the world are inside your face! Haha love KId pickles
Rainn Wilson
14:30 09/13/2017

Attention rich people: Highest bidder comes with me 2 the STAR TREK DISCOVERY PREMIERE! https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/meet-rainn-wilson-with-2-tickets-after-party-passes-to-1365200?source=search All 2 benefit Haiti.

Charitybuzz: Meet Rainn Wilson with 2 Tickets & After-Party Passes to ... - Lot 1365200
Charitybuzz: Meet Rainn Wilson with 2 Tickets & After-Party Passes to ... - Lot 1365200

Meet Rainn Wilson with 2 tickets and after-party passes to the world premiere of Star Trek: Discovery on September 19 in Los Angeles. Joi...

56 reactions 5 comments
Dave Fitzgerald Mary C. Fitzgerald !
Marlene Fox I'm not rich but I want to meet you :/
Austin Elwonger can i bid with shrute bucks?
Stephanie Cooley Do you not have a winner for this yet?!
Rainn Wilson
01:42 09/11/2017

Last Day to enter! Prizeo.com/HarryMudd

168 reactions 33 comments
Dougie-loo Harris Your beard fell of
Redbookah Lynne I love Dwight
Briana Honack Hello
Jeff Harrison Nice Hat!! Go BBR!
JC Yogi Kluever I miss the beard 🦁
Rainn Wilson
01:42 09/11/2017


Win a Trip to the Star Trek: Discovery Premiere & After Party With Rainn Wilson
Win a Trip to the Star Trek: Discovery Premiere & After Party With Rainn Wilson

For a donation of $10, supporting LIDÈ Haiti, you could win a trip to attend the Star Trek: Discovery premiere and cast party as the guest of Rainn Wilson!

79 reactions 4 comments
Tommy Brown Hmmm where is rainn Wilson
Jack Godfrey Perfectenschlag!
Popo Mfubu Donated 👍🏾
Cameron Cole Miskelley Can't wait to see what you bring to the ST universe.... Get on the star wars train
Rainn Wilson
01:42 09/11/2017

My trip to @SoulPancake

26 reactions 4 comments
Parastou Asadian I like it
Danielle LaTouretté You're my favorite person!
Justin Knight A freshly shaved baby boi
Wendy Ann Kidd You shaved! Just watched The Boy tonight on chiller lol!
Rainn Wilson
01:42 09/11/2017


129 reactions 8 comments
Michelle Werts Spencer!!!!!!
Brian Matthew Bears beets battlestar galactica
Daniel Tarantino That photoshop is weird doesnt look like Rainn Wilson
Tommy Brown And I still have no clue what Star Trek is discovery is. Is it what Seth is doing ?
Ronnie Mac why does Rain look like the Night King?
Rainn Wilson
12:48 09/08/2017


Rainn Wilson Sings the
Rainn Wilson Sings the 'Star Trek' Theme While Touring 'Discovery' Set

Plus: How to attend the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ premiere as Wilson’s guest

203 reactions 7 comments
Sam Young Sean Bailey
Kim Vo Rosie Shirmen
John Hanrahan Look like Neagan
Phil Slayton I will only try to watch this show because you are in it.
Naomi Lambert Music to the holes on the sides of my head 🎵🎶
Puss In Boots
07:12 09/08/2017

Dulcinea is one brave cat! Tag your bravest friend!

135 reactions 1 comments
مخلص عبدالخالق جليل هههههههه روعه القط هاي صاحبته
Rainn Wilson
00:00 09/06/2017

Thank you Gabby Powell for listing your Dragonball Manga on eBay for Charity US to benefit LIDÈ Haiti! If you’re selling or plan on selling an item on eBay, an easy way to help is to contribute a percentage of your earnings to LIDÈ, and then we’ll help you promote your sale! So go bid on these Dragonball manga books! https://charity.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=177279

Support Lidè Foundation on eBay
Support Lidè Foundation on eBay

Through eBay for Charity you can support the causes that matter most - to you - by buying and selling on eBay. We help nonprofits like Lidè Foundation connect to over 145 million eBay community members to raise money.

8 reactions 6 comments
Vic Targonska Diego Ponce
Kyle Nettles Jesse James Thornton
Bridgett Nelson Sheffield Love Dragon Ball <3
Terra Silvasy I'm relisting some items now and adding your charity to them :)
Amanda Shadell The reasons to love Rainn Wilson continue to grow. I would love to know who your favorite DBZ character is.
Puss In Boots
18:24 09/05/2017

Puss In Boots's cover photo

57 reactions 4 comments
Syarwan Hamid Season 6 please 😊
مخلص عبدالخالق جليل ههههههههه روعه يعجبني
Julouis Matt Barrocan Puss team kids and name junior puss squad
Aurora Gonzales Hi puss in boot's I think you are so cool
Puss In Boots
18:24 09/05/2017

Puss is eager for the first day of school! What are you hoping to learn this year? #PussInBoots

273 reactions 14 comments
Damian Panchal Nisma Patel
Nikolas Laclos Steph Faulkner
Camille Boelt Hindsgaul Ross Patrick Byrne this
Glenn Verschoren Italian from Aurora Agnelli.
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
Rainn Wilson
00:00 09/06/2017

Sometimes my beard gets hate mail. "Dear Rain Wilson, Im Cloe & I ❤️~LOVE~❤️ The OFFICE. My Favorite episode is Women Apperitation. Im very very sorry to say this but I don’t like it when you wear a beard. I can’t belive how close we live. I live in Shoreline really close Shore Crest. With your theater. My best friend had her Annie play there. I ❤️love❤️love❤️Love The OFFICE. P.S. Im 11. -Cloe”

2.8k reactions 84 comments
Lilyanna Yume I think you should call the police 😂😂
Anna Allen Never get sick of The Office and Dwight. Always a go-to when I'm down.
Glenn Spina It's cool that you read your fan mail.
Dawn Marie I love love love it when you wear a beard.
Lynn Harrelson Palazzo I love you, but I have to say that I agree with Chloe about the beard.
Rainn Wilson
11:12 09/03/2017

All proceeds from this Star Trek fundraiser go to benefit girls education in Haiti: LIDÈ Haiti Prizeo.com/HarryMudd or CharityBuzz.com/HarryMudd

138 reactions 7 comments
Alicia Hodges Tommy Hodges
Jeremie Doiron I believe in you Rainn Wilson
Lori Johnston Nice Muddstache
Mary Ebert Love you Rainn. Man I wish it could be me going to that premiere. 🤡
Puss In Boots
16:48 08/31/2017

Think Puss just found the secret to defeat the Blind King? Think again. #PussInBoots

159 reactions 5 comments
Evelyn Gunawan Po Chen Wu
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
مخلص عبدالخالق جليل هههههههه مممم ممتع يعجبني
David Shiels Bring on season 6!
Ellis Amir Rogers Archer I hope Puss finds the secret to restoring San Lorenzo, so he can finally go to Far Far Away and meet Shrek and Donkey.
Rainn Wilson
22:24 08/31/2017

Doing a deep dive into the world of Harry Mudd...

209 reactions 23 comments
Bill W Smith Gonna get you some of that robot moontang?
Craig Wingstedt What a life u live Mr Wilson
Jonnv Hosler ,awesome
Ed Pogue Excellent beginnings
Rainn Wilson
09:36 08/29/2017

Going LIVE to promote Prizeo.com/Lide - Win a chance to be flown to Hollyweird on Sept 19 and be my guest at the Star Trek Discovery premiere and After Party! #HarryMudd

947 reactions 1984 comments
Star Snyder Atleast hes out there doing something who cares where that it is
Ty Brown How do I get people to stop looking at me weird when I wear your Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica shirt?
Ty Brown I had one of those exact pigs. His name was Kevin Bacon. He tore up my backyard, but I loves him so.
Ty Brown Can I make a, "don't throw it on the 1 yard line" joke? Go Pats! Thanks for everything you do Rainn
Lisa Campbell Love you in Australia Rainn 😉 Is the comp open to Aussies ?
Puss In Boots
04:00 08/29/2017

Behold: Tim, the terrifying ice monster from the Netherworld! He may look icy on the outside, but his heart is as warm as it gets! #PussInBoots

97 reactions 2 comments
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
مخلص عبدالخالق جليل فدوه ههههههههه كلش ارتاحله القط
Rainn Wilson
20:48 08/26/2017

Jackalope lovin'

775 reactions 49 comments
Jose KookooKachoo Rios "Jack-a-lopes, beets, Battlestar Galactica"
Brandon Keele What did Michael Scott use to grow his hair back?
Rob Denton Sexy...
Patricia PattyPat SeaGol your long lost twin? ☮️❣️
Parastou Asadian You guys have the same hair cooler
Rainn Wilson
20:48 08/26/2017

Gearing up for bicentenary of the birth of Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i Faith. Just read this beautiful message from the president of the largest democracy in the world, India.

201 reactions 7 comments
Div Edwards Saba Zare
Daniel L Derifield I have several books. Great words.
Donald Heyen Dat shit gay
Nick Borgia PS. Send bob pics. Show vagene.
Donna Marie Rainn, I have the utmost respect for you. I don't share your belief (though what little I know about your faith, I respect that, too. How can peace and unity ever be a bad thing?), but I really respect your willingness to talk about it! How many ...
Rainn Wilson
20:48 08/26/2017

ONE MONTH until Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All Access. Want to see it sooner? You can be my guest at the world premiere in Hollywood by entering my Prizeo campaign! All proceeds benefit LIDÈ Haiti. Prizeo.com/HarryMudd

99 reactions 10 comments
Karen Grant Jesse Grant
Mike Walsh Sean Michael Williams Kevin Walsh
Crystal Yanez So excited!!! Noah Elliot
Tommy Brown What to see it sooner ?? Fire stick sure
Eddie SaberTooth Mr.Schute do you have a link so I can donate.
Rainn Wilson
20:48 08/26/2017

Discovery’s Rainn Wilson holding Haiti charity contest

Discovery’s Rainn Wilson holding Haiti charity contest
Discovery’s Rainn Wilson holding Haiti charity contest

Rainn Wilson might play an irredeemable scamp on Star Trek: Discovery, but he's showing his charitable side with a contest benefiting girls in rural Haiti....

59 reactions 0 comments
Rainn Wilson
20:48 08/26/2017

Is Dwight the father?

1.6k reactions 58 comments
Santana N Mark Mauller I need this shirt in my life!
Samantha James So awesome!
Betty Freeman No it was Mose.
Daniel Miranda Someone's gotta inherit the Beet Farm
Princess Maxime Moone Omg I have this jumper at home!
Puss In Boots
02:24 08/24/2017

How many Puss clones have spewed out of the Netherworld? More importantly… why are they all so handsome?! #PussInBoots

106 reactions 9 comments
Micah Stelzner Adam D. Sherman
Jill Jong "Puss & Spewed" should Not be in the same sentence. 🤣
Kiki Amelia #ANNABELLE_CREATION_2017_012345 💗 💙
Ju Lie Love you Puss...
Shaaira Ghosh Make another one in Shrek series
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