Eva Longoria Baston
00:47 03/20/2017

Watch my brother Mario Lopez and his hilarious family on their new YouTube channel! #FamiliaLopez

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Robert Garriott
No thanks not gay
Sanda BeBo
Samia Fray ton mari, tu te souviens? Lol
Anna Gia
Genet Asihun
Beautiful family
Carmen Reist
hermosa familia Mario, Dios los bendiga !!😘
Monica Coleman
What a beautiful family.
Joyce Csengeri
Beautiful family
Paloma Aguilar Galicia
Beautiful family!!
Lana Vives
You have a cute family
Gino Penge
nice family\
Bea Conde
Qu'ils sont beaux!!!!
Esmeralda Ramos
Beautiful family
Sergio Torrez
Their dogs Juanita Manuela Marquez & Julio Cesar Chavez 😂😂😂 CesCesar Leonel RamirezcRocio Hernandez
Lincoln Williams
And you guys all have a Joyful Noise
Matt Reishus
It's not your brother

Other newsfeed from Eva Longoria Baston

What a dream come true to be the muse for a night of this man! Thank you Olivier for this amazing dress and for your even more amazing spirit! #Balmain #LorealCannes #Cannes2017

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Samuel LeCompte Love her dress
Shanna Ransley India Carnell both of these two are so hot 🤤
Luisa Victoria Aliaga I don't like the dress
Carmelo Alicea Hay..that's my wife
Jhasbeer Muttur Jownally Déçue par vos tenues cette année.. .. elles sont vulgaires et c'est dommage

Timeline Photos

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Kevin Murtha You are beautiful and hot sexy lady. I love it for picture. 🌸🌷🌹💚❤️💙😘😍😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Abhishek Dhyani I watched one lady wearing similar​ dress in a great video...but than she strip it....if u know what i mean 😂😂😂
Rebecca Moreno Give me one day with that dress n that body....whoo. I'd marry my rich man
Emma Noa Noavera Quand j'ai vu la photo je pensé que c kim Kardashian mais non c Eva et je trouve la robe vulgaire moche et petit taille 🌹pour toi Eva bise
Jesse Duarte ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍beautiful donde firmo. Don't worry wat haters u look beautiful always hot sexy classy mamcita. 😘😘😘😘

Fun in the sun with this beauty today! #Cannes2017 #LorealCannes

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Mike Sauers Absolutely beautiful
Juan Manuel Hernandez Beautiful picture and beautiful young ladies
James Scott Goldie Cute!
Alex Bordier Top s!Délices!Hey!Hey!Cool.Grandes.Beau Soleil.Merci.
Olivier Sanchez Un petit coucou de Valle de Bravo

Night 2! #Cannes2017 #LorealCannes

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Emily C. Hernandez Sultry!!!
David Peter You are SO beautiful!!!!!! You look the same as 2000 !!!!!!!
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Steve Sandy Dats mwah!
Ruben Perez Perfection!as beautiful was ever!

Congrats Carlos Hurtado on your nomination for “Dear Dad” at Cannes Film Festival. And thank you for your support of children with cancer and PADRES Contra El Cáncer! Best of luck to you and @iamhope.org!

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Meriem Ben' Your are THE BEST <3 Love you :*
Ernesto Cortez I love you Eva longoria
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes Enhorabuena y mucha suerte para Carlos
Kelly Lebay Nice girl
Raysha Brown Thank you for sharing I love it. Want to see this movie Dear Dad.

Cannes Red Carpet night one! ✨ #Cannes2017 #LorealCannes

17.7k reactions 221 comments
Samantha Cantu-Aleman Stunning ✨
Atefeh Garshasbi Vivienne Moncrief She looks very much like you. Reminds me of you 😘😘
Bi Bi Bilex Elle a fait de la chirurgie 🤔🤔
Anabel Garza That girl can wear anything and look gorgeous!
Saudin Crnovrshanin Yass!!! Queen of Cannes is here to retake her throne!

Join me tonight at 8:30pm! I'll be presenting my film Lowriders Movie! There's still a few tickets left at Loreal Paris Boutique across the street from the Martinez! #Cannes2017 #LorealCannes

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Jim Pharis Beautiful eva longria just beautiful jim
Akrim Gavroche Sublime Eva ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jerred Mooney Beautiful
Patricia Ann Perez 👎🏻
Robert Domalik Awesome!'❤️❤️

OOTD #Cannes2017 #LorealCannes

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Sibel Öz Perfect
Kévin Shine ma future femme
Franco Acciarri bueno. esa ropa no me gusta.
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes Como siempre estas Divina Eres Fabulosa

I loved meeting so many fans today! Thank you so much for showing all your love! It's my favorite part of Cannes! Meeting all of you! I'll be out again tomorrow! See you then! #Cannes2017 #LorealCannes

9.8k reactions 159 comments
Stee Leahy But I wanna meet you! :(
Allan Thomson Looking sexy
Juan Carrillo You keep getting hotter, and hotter!!!
Steve Sandy How's the weather there in that time of the year?
Michel Trc Bellissima 💗💗👄👄

Come & meet me today at 3pm at the L'Oréal Pop Up Boutique (73 Boulevard de la Croisette) across the Martinez hotel💋#lorealcannes #cannes2017 L'Oréal Paris I'm going to pick three winners! Comment below #CannesWithEva and follow me on all platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook) for a chance to win!

2.8k reactions 130 comments
Jacqueline Barral #canneswithEva
Ernesto Cortez I love YOU Eva
Totte Looman Hi Eve, fun that you have had a nice weekend in Cannes and that you met many of your fans. But what should a man do that started to like you more than six years ago when he met you in Madrid and after that, the feeling has been enhanced from loving you ...
Yorghos Simo Samaras No L'Oréal which out Eva
Maybelle Arevalo Salvador I would be so very happy to meet you but im in philippines

You guys, I think someone's following us... #Cannes2017 #Loreal

1.1k reactions 19 comments
Mattia Mazza Francesca dominare
Bastien Waffle On me voit derrière en blanc !!!! Mdr trop bien derrière le bodygard au moins ça pr me consoler 😂😂😍 regardez Virginie Rossetto Cortes Sylvain Pavlakis Christine Palomares Cortes Estelle Virenque Romain Marchand Charlène Barraco Sandrine Bonelli
Laura Hannuksela Nooo waaaay!
Mudin Husen eva eva i love you so much
Raysha Brown Lol,😉 long crowd... Excitement ?

You asked, we listened! Here is a list of cities and theaters that have added Lowriders to their screens!! And for those of you in Cannes, L'Oreal will be hosting an open air cinema on Monday evening where they will be screening Lowriders! Hope to see you there! #LowridersMovie

143 reactions 22 comments
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I appreciate rawness so much.
Raysha Brown Thank you🙂
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Joaquin Ramirez Benzor Add one to Greeley CO
Amparo Gonzalez Toledo ohio


11.4k reactions 192 comments
Michel Trc Bellissima 💗💗👄👄🌼🌼
Valérie Monnereau Cynthia mate cette beauté
Jason Edwards *Cans
Sauli Vihma my love

Last night! #GGGEdinburgh17

12.3k reactions 185 comments
Dave Mackay Edinburgh- I could've been your plus 1 🤔😂😂
Renatinha Lima Como é linda!!!!
Stan André Darry check ou mama out
Robert Soto Coral :v blessings to >> ▄ ▅ ▆ Eva Longoria ▆ ▅ ▄ and Eva Longoria Foundation album > https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.781702118515839.1073741847.100000281759313&type=1&l=2089db5d25 album > https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.349151141770941....
Jason Edwards Trump

Live now!

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Raysha Brown Thank you
Raysha Brown Ahh, I missed it
George William Gockel Thank you Eva.
Janet Boyd she is a beautiful lady.

So excited to share that I got to experience Tyler's gift. Don't miss me on the return of #HollywoodMedium TOMORROW on E!

1.5k reactions 35 comments
Emma Noa Noavera 💐💐💐💐
Jenni Oune Matt 😍😍😍😍😍
Raysha Brown Cool, The Medium have a tremendous morning. 🙂♊
Eva Cisse Une amitié sincère, c'est l'amour
George William Gockel I will see your new moive Eva.

Global Gift Gala Paris 2017!

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Rios Oscar !!!! DIOSAAAAAAA !!!!
Tom Moresi Very Sexy Eva!!!!
Octavio Barrera Bellisima
Frank Saldivar Looking gorgeous
Theresa Townsend Pretty 😉

Bonjour Paris!!! Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris! Getting ready for tonight’s #GlobalGiftGala!

1.6k reactions 38 comments
Ciel Couvert Il faut rester humble
Anderson Guevara Rien ne t’égale tous les autres à coté de toi sont minables.
Belisa Arellano Just Beautiful
Gvii Le Dajck Deglas Thks you evy ♥
Alexandra Meziani Beautiful ! 😍😍

Flashback to #Cannes2015!

15.6k reactions 169 comments
Daisy Guzman Chiquita pero picosa!
Agnieszka Kurzak Boska !
Jeffrey Alexander Awsum look!
Arturo Herrera My dream is just to huge you tightly
Dominique Monfrans superbe, jolie tenue (y)

Wow!! Another amazing event around the #LowridersMovie tonight! Go and check it out and watch an amazing movie along with some amazing cars! #Lowriders

385 reactions 20 comments
Eva Cisse Jeune la vie est belle, et profite de ta jeunesse
Hakima Jntr Je participe
Adam Ogaz #lowriders
Rivera-Garcia Jose Good movie👏🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Arturo Herrera Want to see the movie together

My family! Showing support for opening weekend of #LowridersMovie Thanks sister! Love you guys! ❤️🙏🏻

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Мельник Ирина Hello, dear Eva! My name is Irina Melnik, I'm the scriptwriter of the program "Everything Will Be Fine", the STB TV channel, Kiev, Ukraine. You are the most popular and discussed person in Ukraine! The whole of Ukraine talks about you and wants to know ...
Catherine Danielle Gallot 😁
Hosea Pitre Very beautiful blessed people always
George William Gockel Excellent.
Atacamaproject Ulises I wish I were there....Good luck....

Guys it's here! #LowridersMovie begins today!! Send me a pic of your ticket stub and I will pick a winner for a gift basket filled with goodies!!! #LowridersMovie #Lowriders

776 reactions 33 comments
George William Gockel I hope to see it tomorrow Eva.
Robert Garriott Goodies as in your underware
Marta Kenšová I do not want to win ... :-)
Johnny Anzaldua Llanes Ok

It's finally here!! Lowriders is in theaters TODAY! Can't wait for you all to see this amazing story! #Lowriders #May12

555 reactions 20 comments
Arnaud Vandaële Jordan Queval
Ashley Martin https://www.gofundme.com/help-with-a-deposit-on-a-home
Ruth Mquin Steph Marcella Vince Marroquin
Marcela Kelly-Hernandez Dee Barajas =D <3
Martha A. Esquivel 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Lowriders is finally out in theaters tomorrow!! #Lowriders #May12

956 reactions 44 comments
Alexis Chaidez Take ME out on a date 😃 o you are married sorry then 😐
Manuel Bocanegra Saw it erlyer good job
Ivan van Faassen Cooooooooolll poster
Roberto Atk Unless I can scare up a date I will wait for video.😰
Ismintsev Arsen All my friends.

Had so much fun playing #NuzzleWhaaa on the The Late Late Show with James Corden! Definitely was not expecting this!!! 🤔🙈😂

6.2k reactions 208 comments
Debora Debbie Fuoco Isabelle Gieser geb dir die mal kann nemmer 😂😂😂😍
Prachi Jaitly Navina she is so cute 😂
Yami Iñiguez Jajajaja es la mejor del mundo Oslyn Lynda R.
Miina Carter Queen Mddrr j'aime trop sa tête à la fin ZƋarii Mans
Isa Bel Sa Ndra oh mein gott wie krass is das😳😳

It’s 50/50 Day! Let’s create a world where we can all thrive. Check out my op-ed on Refinery29 and join me for a live Q&A at 1:45pm PT on 50-50day.org. #GettingTo5050 https://t.co/Yo0GqIVWql

Eva Longoria: This Is Why We Need More Latinas In STEM
Eva Longoria: This Is Why We Need More Latinas In STEM

Eva Longoria talks about why there need to be more Latina women in STEM and her commitment to the cause.

1.2k reactions 30 comments
Roberto Lopez Karina Karina Dominguez
Williamfernando Reyesmojica HOLA
Fracisco Fernandez Yegros Que linda nena
Ju Jsầu Jmuôn Jkiếp hello
Gerhard Goddard your nothing but a sleas

I had so much fun shooting this Health Magazine cover a couple of months ago and now it's finally here!! Thanks so much to Alison Prato for the great article! Go check it out on newsstands today!

14.3k reactions 281 comments
Cléa Agstno Rémi Noppe elle m'enerveeeee
Alexandre Rata Loïc arrête de baver
Tiffany Géronnez Mélissa la perfection cet femme 😍
Colyne Sabatier Cloé je veux son corps
Ernesto Cortez Got damn baby Te amo y tu cuerpo mi fascina.

Me and Mario Lopez in a #Lowrider! #Lowriders movie in theaters Friday!!

4.6k reactions 66 comments
Paco Longoria Saludos prima
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes No quiero perdermela Eres mi chica Ideal
Patricia Ann Perez Love love Mario but you👎🏻
Luis Pastrana Wow that's a beautiful car you are very gorgeous
Pam Longoria Hi Eva!

263 reactions 6 comments
Marine Boisard Amandine Dprt, Hélène de Taillac une nouvelle série yes yes !!!
George William Gockel Congratulations Eva.
Robert Garriott I dont have acorn -🤤
Arlene Soler 🎩👒👗👔👓 ya lo vi... hee hee hee ;)
Jon Gregory It was brilliant. Enjoyed it enormously.
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