Eva Longoria Baston
00:47 03/20/2017

Watch my brother Mario Lopez and his hilarious family on their new YouTube channel! #FamiliaLopez

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Robert Garriott
No thanks not gay
Sanda BeBo
Samia Fray ton mari, tu te souviens? Lol
Anna Gia
Genet Asihun
Beautiful family
Carmen Reist
hermosa familia Mario, Dios los bendiga !!😘
Monica Coleman
What a beautiful family.
Joyce Csengeri
Beautiful family
Paloma Aguilar Galicia
Beautiful family!!
Lana Vives
You have a cute family
Gino Penge
nice family\
Bea Conde
Qu'ils sont beaux!!!!
Esmeralda Ramos
Beautiful family
Sergio Torrez
Their dogs Juanita Manuela Marquez & Julio Cesar Chavez 😂😂😂 CesCesar Leonel RamirezcRocio Hernandez
Lincoln Williams
And you guys all have a Joyful Noise
Matt Reishus
It's not your brother

Other newsfeed from Eva Longoria Baston

It's Friday y'all!!!! 🍷💋

1.9k reactions 64 comments
Michael Toovak Cheers Eva 🍷
Paolo Gattuso Previously .... Cheers
Sarish Shamprasadh Enjoy the weekend lovely
Timothy Moore TGIF 🎆
Kym Flood Have a happy friday, Namaste

Thanks to my fav juices SUJA Juice for this amazing gift! I’ve never looked better in a robe 🤣

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Andrea Autore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxdo4HeMoJw&feature=youtu.be
Galb Ozor Christopher Jacquet Stephane Neybecker n.1
Jason Williams Lol
Meiry Fuchs Cool
Robert Garriott What are tou cookink?

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll #NationalPhilanthropyDay ❤️

2.7k reactions 30 comments
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Joao Mendes 😘
George William Gockel Awesome Eva.
Robert Garriott ,your special👏👏👏💄👠💎
Danny Etheridge Beautiful

Holidays are here! Who doesn’t love a vegan leather skirt!!! Obssessed with this outfit! Check out www.evalongoria.com to shop this look! #Holiday17 #EvaLongoriaCollection 🎄📸 Photo by: Ken Paves

5.5k reactions 129 comments
Sarah Gonzalez C'est super beau . 😍
Lady Tibi Titti separate alla nascita...
Mickey Rivera Bella y Sexy!!!..
Deepak Gaur Dashing Nd Cute Nd Very Beautiful Nd Stunning Pic Yaar EVA Darling Good Eveng H R Y Dear I Love you Dear
Totte Looman crazy crazy crazy, I know Eve But how would I quit, it's as if I should die? Eve my heart beats for you and is contrary to what all logic says I know. this is how it has been since I met you for the first time November 2010 in ...

Lovely Latinas! Once again we got together in a room and my heart filled with joy. These are women I admire and I look up to and women I support. I got ya back boos! Where they go, I go! #FiercelyLatina #Latinas #LatinasWhoLunch

729 reactions 23 comments
Lauren Kate Kush Ya'll need to block that troll Rich. What an ignorant pendejo.
Deborah Corleone The latino !!!!!!!!! 👿
George William Gockel That's right.
José Esteban Pérez Marrero Hola Norma, saludos desde PR
Olivia Silva ❤😊 Beautiful!! ❤😙

🎶Easy Like A Sunday Morning 🎶

4.6k reactions 106 comments
Jackie Curtis You look sad
Daniela Moreira Bella 🌹
Johnny Roberto Llanes Eva what a Fantastic Photo!!
Daban S Abdullah زۆرجوانە هیوادارم لە خەڵاتی باشترین یاریزانی جیهان ئامادەبیت
Valentine Zamora Lovely stunningly beautiful!!!

Land of the free because of the BRAVE 🇺🇸 To all the men and women protecting our country, THANK YOU! #VeteransDay

667 reactions 11 comments
Robert Becker thank you
Greg George Sooo True, Loooove You... <3 🙏
Robert Garriott I did and done it
Irma Garcia God bless them and their families.
Paul Turse Thanks for your support of our veterans

My Holiday Collection has just made its first drop and I'm SO excited for you guys to see what's in store! There are more designs coming your way so make sure to stay tuned by following Eva Longoria Collection ✨ Check out www.evalongoria.com to shop this coat! 💋

4.1k reactions 45 comments
Antonella Cicciarella Mirella Perticone sei uguale a lei: impressionante Complimenti 💋
Nana Didle belissima
Angelique Leroux je ne.reconnais pas.son visage ....perplexe je suis ...
André Jeanfernand vous allez vers la réussite
Madeleine Lengisa La classe ♡♥♡♥

And......... action 🎬 Day 4 on set! #Directing #LAtoVegas #WorkWorkWork #BossLady

2.3k reactions 48 comments
Shirley Medaly Félix Guapa😘🤗🇵🇪
Praise Huguette Tembo Work hard my sweetie
Tom Moresi Hello Beautiful!!!!!
Robert Garriott I never saw your ear before🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣
Greg George Much <3

Such a fun night! Last Sunday I had the honor of presenting the "Best Animation Film Award" to the movie COCO 🎉 and it's director Lee Unkrich #HollywoodFilmAwards #LatePost

3.7k reactions 81 comments
Robert Garriott 👠👠👠💎💎💎👑
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Johnny Roberto Llanes Hermosa!!
Matteo Di Maio Lovely feet

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear 😁 #Mood

3.1k reactions 74 comments
Brady Morgan She has a beautiful smile.
Mario Moreno Great pic Eva, you look very happy
Greg George You are the Prettiest Thing Period. 🙏 <3 U
Freddy Perez Definitely!
John Drake especially your smile,eva!!

I'm heartbroken over the shooting in my home state of Texas. In a church? What next? Gun violence must stop NOW!!! 💔#PrayForTexas #SutherlandSprings

3.8k reactions 126 comments
Dominik Van Strobl The shooter was a member of antifa you should condemn antifa for instigating violence and advocating for it instead you are bashing guns you are just another hypocrite out of Pedoweird aka Hollyweird aka Hollywood 😡😡😡
Ruben Cruz Te acompaño en tu dolor. Creo deben controlar el uso de armas prohibir las que son letales. Saludos de alguien especial vivi en Juárez muy cerca de tu estado y conocí a alguien de tu familia. Saludos
Jenifer Natalie Sepúlveda Que lata! Que vivas eso en tu país. Estoy encontra de la violencia (humanos destruyéndose uno a otros por diferencia de ideas!!)
Shoaib Ahmed White people be like.... Condolences for the killer too.... Cuz he was in huge distress.... Pour killer #Sarcasm
Jaime Estrada Zambrano Eva, use your voice and celebrity status to vigorously address the "benefit of the doubt" afforded to white men and the cultural intolerance and biases that other ethnic groups are burdened by.

About last night ⭐️ It was such an honor to be part of the Hollywood #WalkOfFame star unveiling of #SelenaQuintanilla ❤️ #Latinas #MexicanAmerican #Tejanas

2.3k reactions 37 comments
Mary Velazquez #SiempreSelena 🌹
Praise Huguette Tembo Cool Eva
Adrián Fernando Moreno Enithin for salinas ese
Emily Rosa Carrubba Yay!!!
Jasmine Butcher Congratulations. ☺

A huge thank you to my great friend @maluma who co-chaired the Global Gift Gala Mexico with me to help raise funds for the earthquake victims of Mexico. Thank you Maluma!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 🎥 by @kenpaves

3.0k reactions 68 comments
Mary Silva Awesome
Ricardo Leonardo Longoria Nice 🙏
Belia Rock Thank you Eva!
Karinka Prasova So handsome and kind boy:*
Angel Lopez #Whoismaluma

It’s #LatinaEqualPayDay. The gender wage gap hits Latinas the hardest­­­ ­– earning only 54 cents for every dollar earned by men. Together we can change the story! Check out my piece in @Fortune Magazine http://for.tn/2lHCwUy

1.0k reactions 51 comments
Sal Valdovinos Que hermosa se ve eva eres un orgullo Hispano te amamos
Susan Singer RACIST Eva
Danny Etheridge Beautiful
George William Gockel Awesome Eva.
Freddy Perez Definitely!

Happy Halloween everyone!! 🎃 Jinxy and Popeye are ready!!

4.3k reactions 102 comments
Eva A. Miranda So cute Eva. Happy Halloween!
Célia Mangin Gal Terre Popeye va te plaire
George Logan Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 👹 💀
Tam Szal Happy Halloween from my frenchie Chasey!
Rick Abbett Eva Longoria is the founder of the Latino Victory Fund. A racist hate group. http://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/358270-it-took-a-terrorist-attack-to-pull-a-hate-ad-in-virginia-governors-race

Don't miss this event at the @CongaRoom Thursday 10/26, for #FuerzaMexico to benefit #MexicoRises Earthquake Fund. Tickets here: fuerzamexico.nightout.com

145 reactions 13 comments
Troy Takahashi praying for mexico...
Guillaume Perceval Alexia Solis jesseandjoy
Josiah Carey I wanna go
Robert Garriott Cant go in the S.F. bay area i have to work
Greg George <3

🎶Work work work work work work work! 🎶 (That's me singing Rihanna) 🎬 Here's to another wonderful day on set of The Mick!

3.2k reactions 62 comments
Peggy Depoux Fankhauser Je vous kiffe Eva <3
Danny Brown Awesome
Danny Etheridge Beautiful
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes My beautiful girl Works harder😊😊😊😊😊
Yolanda Granado Awesome... Eva

Tonight we’re celebrating the @evalongoriafoundation and our work to empower Latinas! Thanks to our incredible sponsors @target and @NationalCollegeTrack for always standing with our community and to @FourSeasonsHotelLosAngeles for the fantastic venue! #DinnerwithEva

7.2k reactions 131 comments
Ivan van Faassen Mamma Mia
Santiago Arreola Nice cleavage
Greg George One of a Kind Lady. They Don't Come Any Better. <3
Cécile Cec Gla Dys elle est sublime omg !

So excited to be directing Fox's comedy The Mick with the Uber funny and talented Kaitlin Olson! One of my favorite shows on tv! I'm in director mode this week so apologies if I don't get to post too much! 🎬🎬🎬

588 reactions 29 comments
Totte Looman Hi sweetie How're you doing?
Robert Garriott Never saw it
Briqitte Frischauf Congrats😘😘😘
Jacob Limon Good luck Eva.
Chris Barrett Congrats Miss Eva!!!

Leaning into this week! Let's go get it! (Of course with great hair! Ken Paves 😉) #HappyMonday

17.8k reactions 208 comments
Karyme Ivette Juan Antonio está hermosaaaaaaa
Nicole Doman Solène Croze ma vie cmt elle est sublime 😍😍😍
Patricia Ann Perez 👎🏻ugly hair!!
Fredypy Fredypydj very very nice. ) love )
Noémie Cnt Marion Ptn la plus belle femme du monde quand même !

Sunday Brunch #SundayFunday 💐

2.6k reactions 83 comments
Robert Domalik Awesome!
Steven Bernhard Strecker My Sunday brunch "view".
Homer Gomez My fav❤️ drink one for Me ❤️
Carlos Lara Mira la rosas Edith Mtzs 🌹🌼
Greg George That is Good Brew.. Packs a Punch Too.. <3

Waking up to a great Saturday morning! ☕

3.3k reactions 42 comments
Paul Alvarez Romo Good morning lady and amen
Danny Etheridge Beautiful
Reyes Salinas Lizbeth buenos dias Eva q tengas un bonito fin de semana
André Jeanfernand c'est vous qui avez dessiné se joli lapin dans votre café , félicitations
Élodie Leroy Bunny ! 😍🐰

It's Friday Y'all!!! 🍷. #Repost @buzzfeedtasty ・・・ IT'S FRIDAY ✨🙏🏼! Who are you celebrating with? ❤️

6.9k reactions 3390 comments
Sarah Harker Sarah they just need an bigger glass like our half bottle ones
Sarah Di Giacomo Soon we'll be type two together, Valeria!! Can't wait!
Julien Briffaut I think im like the one on the left Tara aren't I
Симона Къркеланова Нелина Бекярова хахх Монче ела да опиташ тва вино 😂да го пробваме само😂😂😂😂😂😂
Morgana Alexia Queryda Jérémy bon, je crois qu'on sait de quel type on fait parti 😂
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