Amitabh Bachchan
9 hours ago

FB 1637 - We share the trauma of the horrid atrocities ... Facebook

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Muzammil Attar *AMITABH Everywhere*.... "Amitabh Bachhan" is probably one who has touched every aspect of the life through his movies whether through likes n similarity or by opposites. Recently turned 74..and this one is a good attempt with his 75 movies... See ...
Minu Thapa Wow nice Amit ji
Rekha Agarwal Very nice pge sir ...nice day sir 🌹🌹
Krishan Kant Good morning sir G.
Feroz Mujawar Salam. Sir, aap se ek bar milne ki arzoo hai
Amitabh Bachchan
9 hours ago

FB 1637 - 27 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER .. and here only few million .. there could be more and less ..

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Raghuchandran Menon Congrats Sir!!!
Janvi Lokhande wow
R Madhab Dash Nice
Priyadarshi Rathore I like this effective smile.... Perfection in smile....Will try to learn....
Omario Mzeey Nice sir
03:30 05/28/2017

Great day at Thorpe Park for Harvey's birthday today ❤️

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Maddie Yarrow Donna Yarrow Oh my god thats what bill would be like if he spoke 😂😂😂 so cute
Lisa Sanchez Omg u are brave lad going on that ride harvey, I couldnt do it x
Sheree Reeves Your brave Harv hope u had a good day I'd never go in that lol x
Amy Abson Becca Hill maybe I'll treat you to a day out for your birthday too
Heidi Penelope Painter Millie Morrison Stacey Broad Lauren Keeble can't believe we didn't bump into them, happy birthday Harvey x
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

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Jan Aldinger Niklas Bevensee
Jautia Cora Letisha Jarden
Zee Matthews Wava Matthews 😂😂
Melissa Medina Chris Rosales
Sofia Winbjerg Aslan Oline Sohn Hundahl
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

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Oliver Cairns Ryan Wood that guys the spit off you hahahahaa
Kaitlin Michaud John Michaud. The real reason we can't go to the beach.
Juliana Janel Torres Mmm Noryssa Olivares take me down like this haha
Eloise Jaquillard Freak*
Josina Figuera Boekhoudt E-li Bkhdt.. min sa dikon ma pensa riba bo.. hahaha 😂😂
03:30 05/28/2017

Happy 15th birthday to my beautiful son Harvey ❤️❤️ you make me so proud Mummy loves you SOOOO much ❤️❤️❤️🐸🐸🐸

35.1k reactions 3623 comments
Nana Pat Johnson Happy birthday Harvey you are so lucky to have a mam like you have she may be a bit nuts now and then but you no she loves you and I'm sure you will tell her when she does something wrong xx
Latoya Davis A fantastic mum . Harvey is a credit to you. I have more than one special child it's not easy especially with the whole world looking on. Go Harvey ! ChrisD
Shirley Loveridge See Eileen Hall we agued about this... I said he was 14 ( me being right ) and you said he was 18!!! Xxx looser Xxx he's such a lovely lad isn't he. Xxx
Felicity Parry Happy birthday Harvey! You are an inspiration to all with special needs. Proving that just because they have needs it doesn't mean they can do any less. Well done katie for bringing up a remarkable young man.
Dawn Linsey Happy Birthday Harvey I know you'll have a great day, so proud of you absolutely loved you on 'Loose Women', keep up the good work lovely boy x x
Paris Hilton
09:36 05/27/2017

#Mood ✨👸🏼💅🏼✨

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Jordy Koevoets Dear Paris, what do you do for a living?
Amber Kiffer Beautifull, as usual
Vinicius Rosa Good @ Par🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💜💜
Rodney Keith Sturch You give me meaning x
Jorge Pauli Matos Happy weekend precious Princess!!!! Besitos.*.*
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

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To Sin Susan SaHannah Evelyn Hope ich kann nicht mehr 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Juliet Osei 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Amanda Rose Renee Kristy Tiffany sounds like Bennett 😂😂
Baam Click Click Hahahaha
Tricia Clarke Me
Gabriel Iglesias
01:06 05/28/2017

So much for trying to kick my feet up and relaxing. Risa ain't having it. #PickMeUp #NeedsAttention #WhyDoIBuyDogBeds #GabrielIglesias #Fluffy

10.9k reactions 372 comments
Eric Castillo I'm going to report this! You're showing your pikachu! Lol
Cherie Allen Because "fluffy" peeps make great pillows!!! We are just comfy!;
Victor Villa Protect the burrito my friend. Make sure puppy doesn't go south of the boarder. "Yo quero my nuts."
Kelly Snover We bought our Jack Russell terrier a bed when we rescued him 7 yrs ago. He has since upgraded to sharing a queen size bed with my mom
Vivian Barry Aww no one could resist those pretty eyes, she is a cutie.
Jamie Foxx
09:24 05/27/2017

Wow! So proud of Beat Shazam! Hard work pays off. Thanks for watching. See you guys next Thursday on Fox!

705 reactions 70 comments
Michelle Jones I enjoyed it! I would do well on that show, i knew just about every song!
Sarah Esser Please apologize for mocking the Deaf community Jamie. I know you are better than this. I've been your fan forever. Please make this right. ❤️
Angela Hampton I want to become a contestant on the show. I know music well.
Alice Susan Bullying deaf individuals?? It doesn't get much lower, you idiot!
Francesca Diane Foules Congratulations, Jamie Foxx!! The show was off the chain!
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

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Yannely Ramirez Diaz Mayra bruhhhh yeeeess😩😩😩
Trudy Gillum Dennis Smith not bae but you know ! Lol
Essence Sade Johnathan Ortez Shack lawd let me have the black one please
Rongo Faaosofia Lauese b.o for you 😂😂
Jeka Jeka Izie Tom then nysh guys wit the nice smells
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

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Ashley Voegel Jason every single time 😂😂
Ri Mac Donald Me petty at this moment Solange Charles🤣🤣🤣
Johana Aidan Salomé Journo ptdrrrr moi, maxi gobage du garcon
Taylor Oathes Me with my boyfriend when he texts me! Kim Good
Lauren Carlson Cooper diz u😂😂😂
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Yesterday 04:30

Sending big luv and gratitude back at ya. I'm a lucky SOB to have the greatest fans in the world, and putting smiles on your faces and you having a blast at the movies is the best part of my job. Thank you for Baywatch Movie luv and have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! #ChugginTequilaLikeItsWater #NowIGottaGetBackToWork #SlightBuzz 🤙🏾

54.4k reactions 978 comments
Jennifer Fenwick You put the biggest smile on my face. Thanks so much for making my day !! You defiantly ROCK!💟💙🦄🦄. You totally Own the bay
Brant Jarvis I think it should be in your contract to say "sumofabitch woman " at least three dozen times in every movie you're in...
Tammy Grady My daughter and I are having some girl time today BAYWATCHing......she is a Zac fan and of course I'm a ROCK fan. Happy memorial day weekend.
Steve Donaldson You to Mr. Johnson! Your the best! Can't wait for 2020 Mr. President! And by the the way those numbers are perfect eye site! If you smell what I'm cooking! 😜
Monica Robles Haras que mede el infarto con Tanta guapura 😚 salud🍷 Caramelo Rock o Dwayne Johnson 😊 felicidades y bendiciones x Tu trabajo😇❤💋💋💋😉
Amitabh Bachchan
21:18 05/26/2017

FB 1636 - 40 saal Amar Akbar Anthony ko .. aur jab main gaana shoot kar raha tha ..'my name is Anthony Gonsalves..', tab set pe Shwerta aur Abhishek mujhse milne aiye the ..

36.8k reactions 3434 comments
Sambhunath Patra Lovly memory
RD Pandhaniya Nice sir ji
Anil Shukla गुरु जी नमस्ते प्रणाम शुभरा़ञि।
Dadina Coelho Lovely and adorable.
Rahul Sodagar abhishek is so cute..
Amitabh Bachchan
21:18 05/26/2017

FB 1636 - 40 years ... 40 saal ho gaye 'AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY' ko .. kya film aur kya din the wo .. 25 hafte 25 theatres sirf Mumbai shahr mein chali thi .. aur aaj bhi chal rahi hai .. dilon mein TV mein ..

11.6k reactions 1009 comments
Tej Saran My first Indian film and what an introduction it was!
Manish Prakash One of my favourite movies
Prince Shaw Yes sir aj v dilon m raj krti h ye film
Prasun Goswami from bengal
Sarvesh Rastogi अनगिनत बार देखी थी
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

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571 reactions 34 comments
Arianna Venson Cameron Slaughter
Sabrina van der Ploeg Paul
Lizboa Martinez Leanna Leyva
Justin Gurski Megan
Brandon Chipp Reiann Elizabeth
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

Timeline Photos

4.8k reactions 449 comments
Darrienne Nicolaas Brandon ami aworey
Jayselle Thom Kendra 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i choked! A meal!
Aaliyah Sigabalavu Zara "Oo boi you is a snack"
Mitzy Gomez Solano Ohh Gee you always looking like a 5 course meal 👅💦
Dionna Hayes A baby tho? Why not some grown thot?
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

Timeline Photos

5.3k reactions 96 comments
Chloe Paker Lol
Garcia Luis Haha
Rockie Los Banks He got to be dumb lol
Jordan Hernandez Haha really Lmao
Charlie Leoni Haha
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

Timeline Photos

11.0k reactions 872 comments
Sharnelle Hackshaw Chanty omg this is US!!!!!! 😂
Marcus Douglas-Powell Smh......Preach.......
Rachel Robinson Lewis Guy me n u chick xx
Nyrana Verbist Lydia it's all ok!!🙌🏾🎉😆
Brooke McPherson Kelsey Gaspard this one definitely one of my favs
Dita Von Teese
03:36 05/28/2017

Greetings from #Moscow 💋(@ulyana_sergeenko_moscow @frolburimskiy)

4.1k reactions 36 comments
Sofikul Islam Motin Nice
Eunice Galeno I love your dress, enjoy
Amy Koudsi Beatiful lady!
Dali Picasso Dalibor 👋👋
Ahmet Sahin Ich finde niks guet
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

Timeline Photos

3.2k reactions 122 comments
Sabrina Ramos Michael Martinez !!!!!!!!!!
Lisa Herrmannsdörfer Ece Cebeci Jasmin Fiedler ciao abi
Briana Arenas Lmao me at los tres Esbeydy Villegas Selena Huapilla-Perez
Kirah Cornett Dimplesz Halley me everyday😭😭😭
Raffi Ounjian Tenzin Dolma Procrastinate.
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

Timeline Photos

2.1k reactions 52 comments
Elise Goklish Jayda Hinton
Paityn Townsend Deannastasia Deannadaqueen Horsley 😭
Nicky Carrillo Rae Tweakz Dye Joey Carrillo😂
Zeiz Barata Bow Wow when are you coming to Angola?
Autumn Hardy Antonio Garcia, Tori Todd
03:30 05/28/2017

Cute ❤️ #his&hers

290 reactions 9 comments
Joey Birdd get nude darling
Rahul Kandera Nice
Scott Wright U r sexe u ok Scott
Sonia Ellis Lovely
Annettiea Johnstone Where did you get the flowers ❤️
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
15:42 05/26/2017

Fan reactions tonight from theaters across the country after seeing Baywatch Movie🔥 How bout the lady at the end kissing my cash and prizes area. 📣😂🔥

27.4k reactions 409 comments
Ruth Harden I can't wait to see this movie. Baywatch was my favorite tv show back in the day and I Johnson will do it justice.
Angela Bratz Nice I love the movie👍🏻 It's my dream to meet you in person one day 😊👍🏻😇
Crystal Ryan Dwayne The Rock Johnson your My Hero and your the most Sexiest Hottest Actor ever and you can rescue me anytime you want and you can give me mouth to mouth anytime you want and I can't wait to go see your hot and sexy movie of Baywatch Movie
Andy Hill Please dont be like Central Intelligence. Loads of hype then utter tripe!
Leornado Flores Hola amigazo que alegria verte que disfrute este maravilloso éxito de una tanta pelicula que heciste siempre van ser éxito. Porque eres una gran persona siempre te dije con un corazón. De oro con una gran humildad amigo te mereces el éxito gracias por ...
Paris Hilton
09:36 05/27/2017

Feeling like a sparking diamond in my @Yousef_Aljasmi gown for @amfAR. ✨✨💎👸🏼💎✨✨ #Cannes

6.4k reactions 178 comments
Bharat Doriya Nice 👗 look like
Armando Javier Labbe Blanc Rica.
David Hanovic Stunning and beautiful sweetie!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
Valeria Chairez 💜
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

Timeline Photos

2.5k reactions 542 comments
Max van der Linden Jaimy Vos ik kan ook dit kopen 🤔
Ignacio Larios Jose Mendoza pick up some arms on your way
Robin Scheyltjens Elias ideaal voor summer sjoe
Cynthia Aïdam Yacine Maiga, plaquette de chocolat à vendre
Nardeesha Rafaela Junior Margaretha bai kumpra seka Juan😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bow Wow
21:42 05/27/2017

4.0k reactions 3889 comments
Elizabeth Garcia Good luck! Keep up the great work in the entertainment business 😎💯🙌🏼
Razulu Chambers Lol they don't know what money is bro don't even waste ya breath
K-weezy Jones I made a trbuite track out of respect 4 you how can i send it too you yo g mail
Quannie Brown I saw him today....I had to keep looking cause I knew it was him I just didn't gaf
Ameerah Muhammad On a mission wishin a upon a star young bow weezy wit the caviar
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