Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017


79 reactions 14 comments
Mariela Jaquez Josefina Polanco Jose Gpe Garcia
Moni Garcia Micah Ray
Karoline Melo Delei Delei
Eric John Moore Tanya Knott
Nana Escobar Wesley Feitosa
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Mass Exoneration — All Charges Dropped Against 15 Men On Whom Cops Planted Drugs

Mass Exoneration — All Charges Dropped Against 15 Men On Whom Cops Planted Drugs
Mass Exoneration — All Charges Dropped Against 15 Men On Whom Cops Planted Drugs

This right here is a win ... a win in a battle that never should've begun. After being framed by a former officer, these 15 men are now free.

198 reactions 11 comments
Gutchie Spencer 75% of Black Men in jail should be Freed. 90% of Caucasian men in America should be in Jail....period!
German Barajas The list is long bro
Pamela Johnson They get breaks today. Back in the day you just had to roll with it
Arlette Erwin It's horrible but they have done this for years
Lillie Rivera Dispiicable they should be locked up
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

(Video) Ashanti Spazzes & Curses Out Fan At Concert For Treating Her Like A "Stripper"

(Video) Ashanti Spazzes & Curses Out Fan At Concert For Treating Her Like A "Stripper"
(Video) Ashanti Spazzes & Curses Out Fan At Concert For Treating Her Like A "Stripper"

ILOSM fam,' we all know that in the current days of twerkin' substance-less music, and lack of love songs. That, combined with the fact that when it comes to many female singers oftentimes performing in nothing more the a piece of string, with about 12 inches of fabric covering their lady parts, the

118 reactions 9 comments
Carolyn West WOW OMG
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about.
Dawanna Killer If it's dressed like a stripper, dances on a stranger like a stripper, why get mad when someone throws bills like its a stripper?
Carlos Antonio Aleman Wait wait let me get this straight a female that grinds on guys and barely wear any clothes is throwing a fit just cause someone threw some bills at her??? Oh dear
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Moments like this 😂

18 reactions 4 comments
Trine Refer heh
Jawara Williams hey She hey she what you hey when bheu
Brianna Lynn Wallace Shay McCaffrey here is your Christmas trivia 😂
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

'Hair Weave' Murderer Faints In Courtroom During Verdict Reading

'Hair Weave' Murderer Faints In Courtroom During Verdict Reading

The Black Loop previously reported on this 19-year-old who murdered three people over hair weave. Now, the verdict is here, and she can't take it.

271 reactions 22 comments
Jawara Williams hey sir rn tv show you is is sox sox soq osu
Williams Lifeline Gbenga So much bad news.....
Cathy Mason She what!
Meechie Roberts 2 chainz? hair weave killa
Portia Petersen May they rest in peace.
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Calgary December 2nd Bow Wow takes over “Music Nightclub” you dont want to miss it! #cirocboyz in the building! #canada 🇨🇦

312 reactions 27 comments
Jerrell Woods 👋
Alexis Jordan Hi
Sydney Zona Okeke sty bless :)
Imelda Gamez 😍😍😍
12:18 11/21/2017

**Half Price Beauty Kit** £20 at now!! Shop now before they go 💋💋💋

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Rebecca Vive-Voldemort
Rachel Salmon Kev Campbell
KayleighMarie Spindley Alishamarie Curley Wurley Spindley
Laura Howell Jess Howell
Carol Griffiths Kady Leigh Grice
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Everybody's about to be soooo mad.

(Video) Malia Obama Caught Boldly Kissing Mystery Guy At Harvard Game, Fans Go Wild
(Video) Malia Obama Caught Boldly Kissing Mystery Guy At Harvard Game, Fans Go Wild

Okay people…before we get started, we wanna just say we love us some Malia Obama…and of course her iconic parents as well. Why do we love her though? Because she has emerged into a young lady- whom despite the fact that she and her fam’ were the very first Black people to ever occupy the …

498 reactions 81 comments
Kimberley Yeoh Living her life. Good for her!
Valerie Wiles She's 19 and enjoying life
Gozicon Munachi He is the luckiest guy on earth
Pkislle Wess Shes young people let her live
Rochelle Quattlebaum SO WHAT LEAVE HER ALONE
Paris Hilton
18:24 11/20/2017

Hello #Brazil! 🇧🇷So excited to announce that I will be going on tour in Brazil in February! Can't wait! See you there #CarnavalMaisBonito 💋

346 reactions 101 comments
Roy Glover Glover can i go
Shaw Fateman DON'T HAVE A COW
Shaw Fateman IF I jxkdje00w11u4;
Yusuf Öztep Welcome paris
Klaus Ferreira Yessss i love you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Video: Police Need Help Finding Man That Shot A Pregnant Woman And Ended Her Baby-girl's Life

Video: Police Need Help Finding Man That Shot A Pregnant Woman And Ended Her Baby-girl
Video: Police Need Help Finding Man That Shot A Pregnant Woman And Ended Her Baby-girl's Life

Details: November 3rd will be a day the family of 27-year-old Heidy Bowen’s family will never forget. Around 5:15 a.m. on that Friday, Bowen who was pregnant, was shot outside a home in Miami, FL, according to information posted on local10. Law officials became aware of the shooting through a system...

352 reactions 2 comments
Fannie Clark Rest In Peace
Joey Lawrence
01:24 11/21/2017

MY BIRDS ARE FLYING HIGH!!!!! #eagles #superbowl 🙏🏼🙏🏼 love y’all hope y’all had a great wknd!!!

58 reactions 11 comments
Carrie Irvine-James ♡♡♡♡♡
Lisa Weiner Hi! Joey! What's up?
Jocelyn Wright Who’s that too?
Jocelyn Wright Who do you love Joey?? Just asking
Jocelyn Wright I love you very much
7 hours ago

Survivor Series Exclusive: SmackDown's Women's Survivor Series...

574 reactions 5 comments
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Mohammed Fihakhir good morning💗
Roberto la Greca Lana! you are super beautiful! super wonderful! super fantastic! you are my favorite DIVAS! I hope one day to meet you in person! 😘😍
Henry Chelune Like I said about the SDLive! Women’s Survivor Series team they don’t want no water, they don’t want no bread. They just want meat.- Booker T
Kourosh Yamin lana should have been in that math she has gotten so much better i hope wwe ends her storyline with tamina soon so that lana can get back to her dream of becoming smackdwon live womens champion, becasue the tamina thing is pointless
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Rest on King. 🙏

(Video) Cosby Show Actor, Earle Hyman Has Died
(Video) Cosby Show Actor, Earle Hyman Has Died

It breaks our heart to inform our readers that legendary actor Earle Hyman, who was known for his role as grandfather Huxtable on The Cosby Show, has passed away. Hyman was a beloved actor, with a Norwegian accent, and he was even the cousin of the late Phylis Hyman. Remembering Earle Hyman:  Vete

1.8k reactions 71 comments
Tristan Andrews Rip to Earle Hyman
Phyllis Ervin R.I.P
Takesha Lindsay Phyllis Hyman first cousin
Marcella Lemon REST IN PEACE
Yvette Salinas Oh he was good on the Cosby show
Paris Hilton
18:24 11/20/2017

11 years ago today,Britney & I invented the selfie!

57.7k reactions 2916 comments
Brandon Pressburg You do know I have my masters in drama you should come up with things that Paris actually has how things really are when she says things n you look at her whole face n eyes espically or your gonna get your ass kicked by every actor love u Paris
Johnny Chance Colbaugh And if I'm ever looking at a map Rollin thru strawn I'll just scream it to the world Paris I'm going to strawn !! Cuz IMA real dog woof no bluffing
WB Wilkins 3 days from today your legs would go numb from the waist down, the pleasure you would feel would make you tingle all over and then you could have children of your own. Many children! ;)
Monk Stumpelletti Nope. Pretty sure the selfie was invented by someone who never had anyone around to take their picture. Speaking from experience. I was on MySpace in 2004, and all of my pics were selfies for that exact reason. I worked alone and was seldom around ...
Chun Yao Peng 陳建同 Paris Hilton is the only female icon I look up to in my generation. This 'selfie' thing is the biggest invention of human history. Thomas Edison could never.
Amitabh Bachchan
06:06 11/20/2017

FB 1806 - The little 'nannhi pari' in her glowing birthday dress .. her consideration in sharing her cake with Daadi .. and the demure pride of her parents ..😃😃 .. girls are always thus .. आराध्य अपने जन्म दिन की दावत पर ।।

244.6k reactions 8649 comments
Kunal Agarwal sir ji Facebook live
Radhika Modi Happy birthday Aaradhya....God bless u
Deepak Yadav Yaduwanshi Happy birthday🎂🎂🎂🎂
Sheela Sharma H/B Aradhya
Kiran Devi Happy birthday dear
Bow Wow
06:30 11/21/2017

Tomorrow BIG announcement for Canada STAY TUNED 🇨🇦

124 reactions 10 comments
Joshua Rayn Watts When you comein to Australia bro
Ramus Mwan Fanya mambo basi
Alexis Jordan Hi wow
Phogole-Lesekane Pule Magamane Stay woke
Jawara Williams ehsg era wyet set sgsg stdh vs ret return
Paris Hilton
18:24 11/20/2017

Thank you Djanemag for your kind words & this award.🏆I love music & entertaining my fans all over the world. Honored to do what I do!🎶🎧👸🏼🏆🎶

2.0k reactions 173 comments
Michael Crackett Eleanor Tana she's so talented
Mark Comer thank you baby doll send me your phone number
Don Cohen Wow congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊 you are awesome Paris
Amjad Ali hi paris am mohammed and ithink you remember igot to you all global foot ball players in my instagram but ithink this things making afew apies dislike what am doing and closed that account to be directly from instagram or face book if iwant and here ...
Jack Smith You have zero morals. Used me all the way. Good bye
Bow Wow
17:42 11/18/2017

Congratulations! After Tumultuous Custody Battle & Meltdown, Tyrese Wins Big In Court

Congratulations! After Tumultuous Custody Battle & Meltdown, Tyrese Wins Big In Court
Congratulations! After Tumultuous Custody Battle & Meltdown, Tyrese Wins Big In Court

The past couple months haven't been easy for Tyrese but it looks like things are turning around. When reports surfaced about the child abuse allegations against Tyrese, it seemed like he was facing the possibility of never seeing his daughter again. But, today's court ruling in Tyrese's favor is def

538 reactions 141 comments
Nikisha Thomas-williams Happy for him. Enjoy your baby be blessed brother.
Chiquita White Congratulations god continue to bless u and your daughter
Rodrecus Mccall God is good all the time for those that keep there faith🙏🙏🙌💪💪💪❤
Jessica Jay Rodriguez Congratulations. If only we had the luck of having a good judge to help us.
Bibi Casey Watts up baby..congrats to you my love😚😚
Bow Wow
17:42 11/18/2017

Her father tried to warn her about her boyfriend. #ripcharity

(Video) Woman Ignored Her Father
(Video) Woman Ignored Her Father's Advice About Her Boyfriend And Now She's Dead

Fresno woman, Charity Depina had met a man, Gabriel Salinas, that she liked on online. Charity's father, Roy Depina Jr., was allegedly leery of the man she met online and he tried to discourage his daughter from dating  Salinas but she ignored his pleas. Here's What Happened: Friends and family me

310 reactions 36 comments
Carmene Mic Doneld Babydiva Angel
Candace Young Penny Butler Angie Smith Remy Rivers
Carolyn Simpson Rip
Tonya Ladmirault Sad.
Geneva Patton Rip
Bow Wow
17:42 11/18/2017

Tears of pure joy!

45 reactions 2 comments
Joshua Rayn Watts You crack me up homie
Rice Danielle Oh my Gosh it's a dachshund. They are so freaking cute. I was crying that is the breed I want too.😢
Bow Wow
17:42 11/18/2017

So emotional

249 reactions 10 comments
Kelvin Lataster Rowena Flecken
Letoya Natasha Twin Amons Shekau Undari
Ulricha M Saridin Gillglansley Kartodikromo 🙁
Katelyn Joanne Larson
Fırat Tamur mesaj at
Gabriel Iglesias
21:06 11/18/2017

2 shows tonight at The Kennedy Center with Alfred Robles 👍🏽 These r my dogs Risa & Vinnie. They have been to 19 states and now our Nations Capitol 😃 #RoadDogs #GabrielIglesias #FluffyMania

2.9k reactions 131 comments
Socorro Angelica Berkland I need to get that deadpool sweater for my chihuahua...
Lori Thompson I was at your 10 show and you were phenomenal!!! Love you!
Roxana Salguero Loved your show last night! You were hilarious!!
Drusilla Holm Fluffy u r an Ambassador of peace via your laughs. Thank u for spreading fun, laughter, and peace.
Stephen Keefe We here waiting for the show to start!! We love you fluffy!!!!
Bow Wow
17:42 11/18/2017

Come on.

Man Beats Landlord With Ax After Eviction Attempt
Man Beats Landlord With Ax After Eviction Attempt

You can't personally evict everybody. As this landlord found out, sometimes, you need to hire companies to evict for you.

277 reactions 18 comments
Scott Latressa Wow
Jawara Williams ixi sozosbo. as oz woisow sos aousowlw ozzw
Demarai Ingram He said I ain't going anywhere
Fredemko Peter He need to be kept in zoo
Cheleena M Mercado Cheese and crackers ohh my.
Jamie Foxx
05:24 11/18/2017

We are now available in Mexico check us out!

257 reactions 21 comments
Dylan Benediction Ciao😊
Eastman Vybe thats nice
Jacob Gamboa Hey love movie
Onyx Temper LOVE U JAMIE..
Alesia Hundley Hi! Jamie Fox. That's Awesome
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