Ellen DeGeneres
20:06 05/18/2017

When there's a vacation at stake, my audience will stop at nothing. You can enter to win here: ellen.tv/2pY34yh


There's No Time to Lose, You Can Win a Carnival Cruise!

Two of Ellen's audience members took on a challenge for the chance to go on an unforgettable cruise.

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Hollyann Morris
😍😍 Ellen you're amazing!
Christine Phelan
Loved watching this game I can do this one lol
Norma Gonzalez
Nice retire trip
Karolina Carol Ferreira
I live in Oslo Norway 🇳🇴. Can I enter?😂😂🙏🏽🎈🎷
Sharon Sargent
Love my Ellen!
Brenda Murphy
Fingers crossed. I've never been on a cruise before.
Rita Wood
Sneha Pragji
Love Ellen thanks for making us laugh so much !!
Beth Burton
Good luck and thank you, Ellen, for the chance to win this much needed vacation
Eileen Hammersmith
I need to add something to my comments under Niall Horan. With all the Rose signs coming up, I was thinking of the song Everything's Coming up Roses. That mentions Curtains Up. My daughter belongs to a theater group called Curtains Up Studio. The director is named Maria (Hail Holy Queen enthroned above, Oh Maria). Maria lives in the Maryknoll subdivision, which is on the property that was formerly a Maryknoll seminary. There is a mini-golf course there called Holes and Knolls. I read a book a few months ago that I told you about. It was called Radical Faith, and it was about a Maryknoll Sister, Maura Clarke. It was written by Eileen Markey. Father Martin recently spoke at the Maryknoll headquarters in New York. My name is Eileen, and I have Radical Faith that the Blessed Mother will send a one way bridge for LGBTQ people. You have mini golf in the above video, and also coconuts. The Miraculous Medal that I carry on my Ring of Keys unexpectedly showed up in my mail last summer. It came from Food for the Poor in Coconut Creek, FL.
Eileen Hammersmith
I need to add something to my comments below. You had a question about ponies in this video. And, you had Johnny Depp on today. He was in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie, which I loved. Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll. I love this tune called Spinning our of the Turn by Liz Carroll. I think Our Lady of Lourdes might be going to the races this Preakness weekend to hit the double and send Pence from Heaven for LGBTQ people. I told you that I have been keeping the tickets in a Bridge Over Troubled Water music box. It was a First Communion gift 42 years ago. A few years after I got it, I stuck a prayer card from the Pope's visit to Chicago in the picture slot. It was still there when I dug the music box out a few years ago. It was printed by the Barton-Cotton Company in Baltimore. I have been writing my signs for years to my friend, Julie Barton. And, a few months ago, I was surprised to find the name, John Barton-Cotton on a bench at the Lourdes Grotto at Sisters of Providence at St. Mary of the Woods, IN. And, the Preakness is in Baltimore this weekend. And, I think the Blessed Mother may be sending in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to deliver the Pence from Heaven. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1_nSJpMqPw
Kathleen Brunswick
Entered this on line just now.Hoping to win so I can get away.
Heather Spruill
Can I not win a vacation and just request help for my son??? His link is below! gf.me/u/fjt36
Melissa Jones Taillon
Liked and shared Sarah Nichole Tanner this would be a great graduation gift for you I'm so proud of you
Linda Lucey
After losing my husband of 28 years, I could use this. :(

Other newsfeed from Ellen DeGeneres

#GameofGames is coming back for a SEASON TWO, and I want you to be part of it! Enter to be a contestant, here. ellen.tv/2r22dBQ

2.2k reactions 234 comments
Sondra Heiskell I would love to be on your game show!! Pick me!!😎
Jenn Wade Can I enter? Im from Dublin, Ireland 😂😂😂😂 J/K #BucketList
Chanel Renee YAY!! The show is hilarious. Blindfold Musical chairs is the absolute best.
JaNeal Stone Rodriguez Just watched this for the first time today, could not stop laughing!
Traci Gutierrez O'Hearn I would lose. I would get severely hurt and lose.

Margot Robbie's husband is gonna look fit for a President in this underwear. Get your Ellen underwear here! ellenshop.com

2.5k reactions 80 comments
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka 😜😜love #margot
Charity Okeke Would have love to get them Ellen but no boyfriend,No fiance,No spouse......#Crying
Daphne Lee Margot Robbie is so cool! 😎
Jordan Tyler Neutz So jealous. I would of fainted seeing both Ellen & Obama.
Christina Stinson It is great, funny stuff gold actually. Haven’t jeered this hard for decade at least. 😛🐧

Someone just won $100K playing Make It Rain on my show.

4.0k reactions 132 comments
Scott Bobowski I would love the chance to play!
Melissa Cerda Hernandez Isaac Hernandez I need to get on this game show
Giu Lia Thaynná Gross ich han zgfühl dene fraue hends vorher droge ge, dass die alli so druf sind nöd? 😮
Aurielle Goodchild-Brown Ollie Jenkins if only it was this easy to make it rain. All that water just coming down
Francis Perez Too bad you wont shout out Givling, the app that pays student loans

Sonequa Martin-Green was here for the first time, and told me about all the firsts in this new version of Star Trek.

2.4k reactions 151 comments
Alex Þórđarson What about Uhura? Or maybe it's Urahara? But she was a main cast of the original Star Trek
Hans CalAdit Kukulase Hey DeGeneres! am here in Africa Ghana to be precise.
Ana Medina Keep it up and you may possibly get me shelling out attention in the near future as well. 😍
Mary Anne Bonafair I love her authenticity.
Cathy Silva The world is starting to change 😍

When Ted Danson is cranky, he doesn’t recognize his wife, Mary Steenburgen.

Ted Danson Talks Grandkids and His Good Place
Ted Danson Talks Grandkids and His Good Place

The TV icon and star of “The Good Place” caught up with Ellen about the delights of life as a grandparent and revealed the details of what his personal Good and Bad Places would be.

2.9k reactions 60 comments
Mary Jo A. Jirik-Wong I love that show!
Rose Murray Funny
Robyn Cobb that was funny
Cheryl Davis Nordahl Gratitude for life. Love it

This magician is out of this world. I can’t even get a new Rubik’s Cube out of the packaging. Paul Vu

99.8k reactions 7028 comments
Sevan Hanimyan Very talented & good act, & such an honour to be on Ellen’s show as well. But it’s just a shame it wasn’t an original act, Steven Brundage first introduced Rubix Cube magic on AGT last year, and did the same act, except for the drawing.
Ricky Rivera He is a master with the rubix cube but coming from another magician he needs to work on his slight of hand a lot of things are to obvious maybe he is nervous that he is on national t.v
Theresa Seiler Omg. Had to share this with you Golios and especially you Danny! Can totally see you doing something this awesome! Love you guys! Daniel Golio & Anastasia GolioGolio Dante Golio Wishing you a wonderful new year! Xoxo.
Edie Galindo Heck, I couldn't solve a Rubick's Cube if my life depended on it, so any trick with them is cool on my book!
Aimee Stutz Dan Culberson each cube has 6 colors of each ... watch the end with the picture ... it’s impossible with a standard cube because there is blue on the side he’s showing us at the second cube on the bottom going from the left ... and then when he turns ...

I could not believe this kid’s voice. And he’s gonna be young Simba.

138.6k reactions 4620 comments
Kevin Wachtel I bet you $1345632567 dollars you didn't read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn't even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn't but you went back and looked. I want my like😂😂
Andy Nani Rax This young man was raised by awesome parents he is well spoken and so humble with excellent manners Amen ❤️💯
Godson Kenny Kenny Nice one the most important thing i want to apreciate here is madam ellen is so wonderfull amazing kind good giving back to the society is what i love most i love this so much i feel it withing i hope the world should all give back even if its little ...
Michelle Yang He’s good but prob didn’t have to do that extra move.. kind of threw it off with that and then a slow song. But his voice is amazing. Gotta make sure he isn’t too cocky with All the praise he goes crazy like Most celebrities who start young.
Roisin Egan Sorohan Hafsa Hussein this little boy reminds me of you for some reason. I think it’s the gentle charisma, he’s so soft spoken but clearly confident. 😊

This was the beach at Montecito... 5’ thick, 20’ wide. Two football fields long. It’s now all in the ocean.

28.8k reactions 1358 comments
Lisa Ashley Prayers for them.. But when you get greed involved lives of others are merely a statistic..Building on sides of mountains knowing a chance of mudslides will happen. Just like knowing living in a flood plan may eventually flood... Common sense has left ...
Greta Flynn It’s very obvious by the replies that many of these people have not lived through a natural disaster. You can’t immediately clean up. The focus is on saving lives and finding missing people. There also is a mandatory evacuation for the area so how can ...
Cathy Weller Debris from Irma has washed ashore here in Cocoa Beach four months after the fact - carried from the islands. Now tiny bits of plastics and other debris that hasn't broken down and is polluting our worldwide waters, wrecking havoc with fish and ...
Sally M. Rankin It doesn't matter if they are rich or poor, this is devasting to them all. It would of taken weeks to clean up this mess before washing into the ocean..Tides come in and tides come out...I can't believe people and how they see things. I pray that none ...
Charlotte Moore Reading some of the comments on here is sad. So what if this was a wealthy area. People lost their homes and loved ones..their memories and mementos...my husband is there with his rescue team right now and the pictures and descriptions he is giving me ...

My dad and me. ❤️

108.6k reactions 5136 comments
Dana Camp-Farber You look so much like him. I am so sorry for your loss. Truly a profound loss and deep sense of grief when a parent passes away. We all hold you close and help you in your grief. Though my dad and step dad died many years ago, my mom died in November ...
Teri Nalvanko Arbogast-Realtor no, this one was different. sorry to hear about Ellen's dad. I didn't realize she had lost her dad when I posted about the doll. It was weird to see a doll that I used to have and have not thought about in almost 50 years.
Cindy Peake My father passed away 2 1/2 years ago. I miss him every day. He taught me so many things that have helped me through the years. He was an excellent male role model for my boys when their father walked out. I love my Dad!
Diane Behnen My sincere condolences for the loss of your father. I too lost my dad a year ago and he also lived a good, long life. It's never easy to lose someone that you adore. I miss mine terribly, but am so grateful for the privilege to have had him in my life! ...
Lone Wulf I think dad's are the most important man in a little girls's life. Love my dad with all my heart. I'm sorry you lost yours Ellen. My condolences to you and your family.

This week, at the age of 92, my father Elliott DeGeneres passed away. He lived a good long life. It wasn’t unexpected. I was able to say goodbye.

233.6k reactions 31223 comments
Donna Comeau-guillaume I'm so sorry Ellen I know he lived a long life it's still sad to say goodbye my father passed away 4 months before I got married and my mother passed away 9 years after I got married you kind of feel alone even though you have a wife or a husband it's ...
Jeri Keith Imagine that a 92-year-old and Ellen, I think in her 60s and no vaccines.....hmmm maybe us anti-VAXXERS have it right!
Kathy Gendason So very sorry for your loss. The rainbow was definitely your Father. We laid my Father to rest 2 years ago. As we stood at his graveside under a very cloudy sky..we joined together in The Lord’s Prayer and just as we finished..a glorious ray of sun ...
Sherry O'Malley Gallatin Isn't it amazing Ellen DeGeneres what our parents give us? My mom passed just this past Christmas Eve and I kept looking for a sign or something from her. Her birthday was January 8th and she would have been 71. I went snowshoeing that morning to ...
Di Ánna My condolences to you and the ones who loved your father. My family also had seen rainbows when my father passed away. To us it was like he was saying to us that he wanted to know that he was alright and loved us. ( he also really loved the wizard of ...

I’m so grateful to all the people helping animals in Montecito. You can support them here.

Help The Animals Affected by the Mudslides in Montecito
Help The Animals Affected by the Mudslides in Montecito

Heavy rains caused massive mudslides in Ellen’s tight-knit neighborhood of Montecito this week. Homes are destroyed, people lost their lives and there are still some missing. Many animals also need our help, and if you want to donate food or supplies to these creatures, here’s how you can do you...

2.0k reactions 56 comments
Debra Mesch I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my dad 2 yrs.ago Jan 8th. Hugs to you. 🌍Peace!!
Toni Zimmer Stay strong and safe... help each other and know others are thinking of your community!
Lynnette Ellington So, so sorry for your loss, Ellen. My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.
Ana Medina I guess these kinds of posts isn’t bad I wish to see considerably more fresh things ✨

Luke Evans is one very good-looking gentleman with some very famous friends.

Luke Evans Reveals Mick Jagger
Luke Evans Reveals Mick Jagger's Texting Style

Actor Luke Evans revealed the interesting way rock icon Mick Jagger texts. Plus, he talked about losing money on Ellen's slot machines, and being shirtless in Mexico.

1.8k reactions 45 comments
Kelly Soong Someone is excited to watch that
Teddi Schuetz Harrell Hot!♨️
Beatriz Salamanca Grrrrr! Hotness 😘 lol
Pamela Campbell Caught your show today
Sharon Sargent Happy birthday to you 🎂🎂🎂❤️Love my Ellen

Today I told Helen Mirren how old she is.

2.5k reactions 109 comments
Judy Dyer Harris I did that last year with my bd!
Donald Bensinger Jr. I love her she is so awesome
Geraldine Waldron Actually Heinz baked beans on toast with a layer of marmite! Yum!
Clara Bustamante Sa I absolutely love her! First time I watched her in an interview. What a great actress. And... so classy!
Michael Goldberg Heyder Magalhães go to 6:15 in the interview.

My new best friend Lauren went viral for how excited she was to win $11.30 on HQ. If you thought she was excited then....

46.5k reactions 5158 comments
Chely Bennett When my daughter was little, I had to take her to the doctor and her vaccination was expensive and I had promised I was taking her to the movie that day. She saw me crying after the doctor cause I had no more money with me and she just looked into her ...
Kelly Besmil *(This video is blurry. )But Lauren is so funny and cracked me up! She was so excited to win $11.30 that i was afraid she would have heart attack if won the $5k. Gud for her. Well deserved. Congrats Lauren! 🤣😍💖💖🎉🎉🎉*(Sending love from Concord Ca/East Bay ...
Amy Isinghood Oooh Justina I laughed so hard. This would legitimately be me too because I don't even have $0.30 😂 she was just freakin funny too.
Jade Allum Jonathan Perera Kerry walked past my room as this woman screamed and rushed in thinking I was being murdered, and now she has to lie down because her hearts beating too fast hahahahaha
Danijela Čengić Girl, you are so funny, I just loove positive and energetic people, thanks Ellen for such a hilarious guest :-D

My friend Oprah Winfrey FaceTimed with us from Montecito.

28.5k reactions 902 comments
Delkener Kari Susan Twining—-Your son is awesome !! I’m from Santa Barbara and I saw the post about his equipment being available. So sad to see our little town so devastated. Prayers for all our neighbors and fur babies who lost their lives, their families and those ...
Courtney Campbell My heart goes out to everyone in that community and to all the fire & rescue personnel. Devastating for SO many. Thank you, Oprah and Ellen, for sharing with those of us who don't live near by. We can pray with you for your community and that doesn't ...
Jessica Jyotika The Entire Heart of Ojai is wrapped around you. We are all in this together. "humans are members of the same body all created from the same essence if one limb is in pain others cannot be at ease if you are ...
Angie Torres Thank you for sharing much love coming from a Santa Barbara local praying for all who were effected! Santa Barbara Strong!
Lillian Walker Small Ellen you are always giving and showing your love. I've been praying for you, Oprah and all the people affected by the fires and now mud slides. Good bless you all!!!

Our community of Montecito has been through a lot.

11.1k reactions 804 comments
Dee Sheppard Oh, my word! I am so sorry to hear this news. This is absolutely devastating. Whispering prayers for the people and fur babies of Montecito.
Sharon Johnston I'm so sad to hear about this .if I could reach you I would give you a big momma bear hug.but Ill have to send you and Portia a great big momma bear hug.all my love and prayers to all the people and their families of Montecito and the surrounding ...
Joan Blaser Ellen, my heart goes out to you and your community. I hope the rescuers find all the people still alive as fast as possible. Their hard work and devotion to others is awe inspiring to me. Please do something special for them further down the road at a ...
Delkener Kari Thank you Ellen I’m a Santa Barbara Native and it just devastating to see Montecito like this .. The houses just slid right off their foundation and the devastation from the mud and water is incredible our freeway looks like a lake!! Praying for those ...
Donna Reina I love Montecito and go there at least once a month to hike and have a meal. I even got to meet you once, it’s a special place. After the fires my favorite trail burned and it was devastating to see all the damage. After this, my heart is broken for you ...

It’s the second week of Janu-Arie! The Ellen Show producers break it all down in the cubicle.

499 reactions 37 comments
David Taylor You need to see thishttps://m.facebook.com/groups/755864461131188?view=permalink&id=1755550467829244
David Taylor You need to see this... hilarious https://m.facebook.com/groups/755864461131188?view=permalink&id=1755550467829244
Morgan Hall Smith Lauren Hall Rodriguez
Jenna Roman Ellen DeGeneres ellentube you NEED to check this guy out he needs to be on your show ASAP https://www.facebook.com/danieldmusic/videos/10156047527810365/
Cheezly Bergen Genevieve Elise ✨

Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth went head to head to see who knows more about down under. That didn’t sound right. You know what I mean.

26.9k reactions 983 comments
Tracy Kalinowski Haha!!!!!! That was my son’s Halloween costume this past year😝 We love Ellen!!!!!
Jennifer Mcfarlane Hahaha I love Margo but Chris Hemsworth is always the winner in my eyes. Definitely no 1.... 😊💜
Joylakshmi Saini Vegemite with butter on toasted bread...yummm
Kristen Chapman Ellen needs to come do a tour here in Australia 👌🏼
Katie Montgomery Meadhbh Sheehy you coulda won on figure out what time it is in Australia

I want to fill my audience for my birthday show with people who have done good things. If you know someone who should be there, tell me about it here. #OneMillionActsofGood ellen.tv/2mk7Y8y

8.2k reactions 1426 comments
Ciera Elledge Jessica Davenport!!!!! she raises $30,000 a month on a mission to save her children from a rare and fatal disease and help others with the same condition on top of weekly doctors appointments, nightly dialysis, infusions, surgeries, hospital stays, and ...
Yvonne Doiron Chevarie ELLEN If you REALLY want to meet a person who did good things you have to meet Becca Schofield 'becca told me to' from Riverview New Brunswick Canada.
Danika Higdon Worden David Morse and his wife Priscilla need to be picked. They have 2 wonderful biological sons, and have adopted 3 beautiful special needs children and they recently found out they have one on the way! Their story has been shared a few times on this ...
Mary Lynne Wilson ELLEN......this is what YOU HAVE been waiting TO SEE to brighten this world. It has been brightened 150,000+ times. www.keirastrongforever.org! 150,000+ RAK (random acts of kindness) performed in memory of an amazing 10 year old fun filled, kind, ...
Kelly Carmichael Huffman Maddie White, a 17 year old teen from Swansea, IL, started a campaign called "Pray for Peace." She designed sweatshirts and sold them with all proceeds going to the National Compassion Fund to help the victims/families of victims of the Las Vegas ...

Did you see this last night?!?! #GameOfGames #MakeItRain

6.3k reactions 273 comments
Rose Hamed It's not only about money it's about how she made people feel happy
Jen Loebrick Mr. President, I'm asking you to help me change how, everybody should support each other. I know I could change the world. Everybody wants to loved. Why doesn't everybody try to live their life. When God had designed you. Mr. President, thank you ...
Jasmine Navarro Dear ellen can you please bring me in your show i.want to play and win for my daugther tuition fee .thank you
Nancy Weber Yes I can't believe she won our dog watches your show Ellen thanks for putting laughter back on t.v.
Gual Tsinbela Shewatie How lucky is she? Wow! Never win anything in my life😔 I love to see ur player when the pull out the water getting wet⛈⛈🌧

Bomb cyclone got me like… ellen.tv/2D0leu0

2.7k reactions 64 comments
Cathy Silva So cute 😍
Alberta Bleggi Sweeties
Eloisa Arriola Adorable
Fitahiana Sabrina Caroll So cute😍
Sandra Page Is this a hint😲? Are you adopting ?

Margot Robbie just told one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard. It’s about her honeymoon, Barack Obama, her husband’s... dignity, and me.

203.5k reactions 14922 comments
Jai LeAnn Kristine Noer Possibly the funniest story I’ve ever heard 😂 Omg I would be modified... and I could totally see Tyler putting me in a similarly awkward situation 😂😂😂
Dottie Bagley-D'Alessandro Why does this idiot interrupt your show with press conferences so often. Not fair. Wait all day for your show. Really mad.
Edith Selymesi That's hilarious. I think we've all had one of those days where you are in a rush and have to drop into a shop and don't want to change your clothes or fix your hair or make up and hope you don't run into someone you know and Murphys law is that you ...
Julie Watson Austin Thanks Ellen for sharing. The show was interrupted today for a special report from NBC, I was forced to look at Donald Trump, no other station interrupted their programs. What's up NBC?
Janette Rasmussen Braun as much as i love Ellen DeGeneres and all the amazing wonderful things she does, I just wish this would have been one show that would have showed tolerance on all levels. I get she doesn't like our current President, i do i get it, everyone has their ...

#InYourFaceHoney is a great way to start a marriage. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper than couples therapy.

20.5k reactions 812 comments
Amanda Crank Lisa Ellen's so extra 🤣🤣
Christopher Scott Englehart This reminds me of the pie coaster on double dare
Janet Rivera Negron Blindfolded musical chairs is my favorite...😆😂
Diane Ortiz I wanna play this game online anybody know if there is one?
Christina Montezuma Best game show hands down. My family loves it.

I spun the wheel of Chrises and I won the jackpot. Chris Hemsworth

Ellen Spins the
Ellen Spins the 'Wheel of Chrises'

Ellen spun the "Wheel of Chrises" to decide once and for all which Hollywood Chris is the best, but it turns out one of them had the super strength to control the wheel!

2.2k reactions 55 comments
David Ruiz Hello
India Taylor Pratt 😍
Cathy Silva Him too😍
Trey Lucas Hello from East Orange NJ !!! I need to spin 👍🏾
Diane Ortiz I wanna play this game online

I was so inspired by Joyce’s story, I gave her a big check. And then I doubled it with my own money.

69.5k reactions 1986 comments
Tina Metoyer Ellen DeGeneres you couldn't be a better human being if you tried. You're the kindest, most loving, generous, compassionate human being I know and never had the pleasure of meeting. Continued blessings & success.
Amy Seals Just love this and love Ellen! As someone who lost a parent to Alzheimer's it is so hard to watch that person loose a part of themselves each day, and also to ensure they have the best care.
Kamei Athanna Ellen you are an inspiration to all..you earn and give away to all the deserving people.Its wonderful and awesome to see you and your show and bring smile and happiness to all the people who is in need..May our good Lord continue to bless you and grant ...
Safeera Razak Ellen you are such an amazing person with lots of positive attitude... Happy birthday to you in advance. My daughter’s and my brother in laws birthday falls on the same day as yours 😊
Marlena Price What a beautiful person... Joyce is spot on Ellen DeGeneres... you inspire me all the time to get off my butt and help someone. Through the small charities i join,or volunteering in my lifetime can help, inspire, or encourage or make a difference for ...

I snuck down the hallway to see what my guests were doing before the show.

9.9k reactions 439 comments
Shanna Mattingly Weaver Hey Ellen. My husband and I just watched the show for the first time tonight. So funny. He said it was the best game show he has watched in a long time. I agree. Can't wait for next week.
Maribel Castillo Connolly Ellen, we love your show. Thank you for helping people, like teacher. You are so funny and wonderful person. Que dios te bendiga con mucha salud and felicidad y amor. Gad bless you with a lot of health happiness and love.
Keith Richards great boots that you had on with this outfit today, also..............they available in the 'ed' collection? Also, you were pre empted again by the OFW............it's always during the three o'clock hour on the East Coast................can't you get ...
Ellen Ellie Dixon Hi Ellen, my name is Ellen to...I love your new game show it is friggin awesome. I wanna play☺☺ You are very much loved by all. Thank you for having a heart .
Christie Williamson Thank you for doing another show that is just great entertainment and fun. So needed in this time. 🙋🏻💖🐾

That awkward moment when you think Reese Witherspoon is talking about you, but she actually means Oprah Winfrey.

The Awkward Moment at the Golden Globes No One is Talking About... Except Ellen!
The Awkward Moment at the Golden Globes No One is Talking About... Except Ellen!

Ellen had an awkward moment in the front row of the Golden Globes. Watch to find out what happened when she found out it was Oprah who received the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award.

3.9k reactions 0 comments

You’ve never played musical chairs like this before. Don’t miss #GameofGames tonight at 8/7c on NBC! #BlindfoldedMusicalChairs

1.2k reactions 180 comments
Alisa Barnes-Volz Thank goodness! My 4 year old has made us watch reruns all week.
Patricia Jones Love this show and Ellen
Patti McGuire-Huggins I love your game show it is so hilarious
Lisa Lende this is going to be great
Pamela Stewart Mendenhall I love that game. You just never know what will happen.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep haven’t worked together before, but clearly they’ve been watching each other’s work.

2.6k reactions 168 comments
Dawn Michele Loya Oh my gosh the two most amazing people!! 😍😍😍😍 and Ellen too lol ❤️❤️
Lowell Donna MacLean They are absolutely brilliant!!
Kelsey Anne Hylland Ellen could you ask Meryl where she horny her sweater?!
Aaren Elizabeth Marchi You missed the pun, ellen!!! Meryl Seat
Maria Menendez Awesome love your show. Sorry I have to go to bed or else I would type you a whole letter.

Make sure you’re watching #GameofGames tonight, or you’ll miss this. #DontLeaveMeHanging

15.2k reactions 2843 comments
Claudia Ramirez When the internet can’t take a lighthearted game for what it is... The point it they had fun. And it looks to me like they did. I was laughing the entire time.
Marcia N Ronnie Sandlin I like the question that you asked about who has the famous Twitter account.. I would have said someone like you or Donald Trump but instead he says Facebook....lol
Jennie Hope Homberg Jesika Larson: you need to be on that show! You have watched every single of her episode and must know every single answers about Ellen! Lol.
Holly Greer Too many over thinkers. Its a fun show, no harm no foul, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all just should be kind!
Diana Godoy Omg i want to be in her game show so bad! Not really thinking about the money although it would be awesome to win but thinking more on how fun it would be to be on there! Looks like fun! Lol. Joel Fonseca
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