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21:08 05/18/2017

Johnny Depp told me about how Captain Jack Sparrow makes appearances at children’s hospitals. #PiratesLife

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's Favorite Part of Playing Jack Sparrow

The Oscar nominee shared his thoughts on his latest film, and what warms his heart about stepping into his "Pirates of the Caribbean" character.

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Terry Giannios
Good morning Ellen! Letting you know is that I haven't forgot about you! I know You and Jimmy reached out to me last Christmas and I really appreciated that! Also if your a Friend of Jennifer's also,I appreciate you watching out for her and bring out the best in her!!! Have a wonderful day!
Emelda Gonz
I love Johnny Depp -as an Actor and thanks to you Ellen now as a person ❤ haven't seen pirates of the Caribbean but I plan too now!!!!
Pamela O'Neall
So Johnny's awkward and alittle eccentric. He's more comfortable in character than being himself and it makes him an awesome actor.
Michelle Heslop
He's not too much about himself. I think that's what make him so lovable.
Beth M. Beaton
My dream to do a movie with Johnny Depp even if it is a small part especially if he was Captain Jack Sparrow. Now that would be an actual challenge for me since I have a huge crush on him since 21 Jump Street tv show. And I am very shy so it would be a huge challenge. To see if I would freeze or could I do my part and work hard.
Jacqueline De-Chantel Levan Belcher
So he's a bit shy & is Uncomfortable at interviews! I think he's awesome outstanding actor, making time to visit those children is kind & genuine! Some others should take lessons from him & be a bit less it's all about me!
Helen Ström
Wow! What an amazing actor and person he is! Wish I could meet him as Captain Jack Sparrow when I'm walking down my street to work in Sweden.😉😍
Stephanie Spencer
He's amazing. Always catches my attention. Even his awkwardness is appealing. :) one of the best in the industry! Love him!!
Rebecca Lippert
Channel 4 in columbus ohio they cut in with president trump missed almost all the episode really. Love and cant wait for 26th. Going to see at drive-in
Michele Emond Hubbartt
I love him I love his humility and the fact that he's not comfortable talking about himself makes me love him even more. He's an actor because he likes to act. Not because he likes the publicity of it. Major crush!
Milagros Miranda Sherwin
All great artists are tortured he is awkward to promote himself, but just sit back and have fun pretend there's no audience and you'll open up more.
Sandy Reno
I'm glad to hear he does something kind for children.... but I'll never understand why everyone goes nuts over him. He's such a strange person
Shadi Eydt
is it me or did he talk kinda funny ... he was saying how Trump has hard time forming sentences yet he was having difficulties forming his own .. not sure if he's shy, or he feels not himself when out of characters or other stuff .... anyways, he's still great and unique! love ellen <3
Leanne Stothard
Johnny visited the Children's Hospital here in Brisbane, Australia when they were filming the latest Pirates film. I'm not a fan of the films, but I love him for doing that! 😊
Sarah Elizabeth Schlund
Tara Brownlee what are your thoughts on this? I'm older like him so I understand his slow responses, but can you believe he hasn't watched any Caribbean films?!

Other newsfeed from Ellen DeGeneres

I took some people to see Magic Mike Live with Channing Tatum. Everyone is now pregnant.


Ellen visited Channing Tatum and the cast of "Magic Mike Live" in Las Vegas, and you're just gonna need to see what went down in order to believe it! Also, check out Channing's Born & Bred Vodka: bornandbred.com.

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Valerie Benner Monahan I love Ellen and all the wonderful things she does. It makes me sad, though, when the drinking alcohol and male dancers are a 'thing' on the show. I like to watch with my soon to be 13yr old granddaughter. Watching Hale Berry chug a water glass full of ...
Clair Edores Jennifer Marcelo ... My birthday is in 2 weeks ... when are are going?! I know which dancers Ganga would like! 😂
Brenda Pollock Will So jealous...lol Imagine meeting Channing Tatum..imagine...gulp.. **wiping sweat from face just thinking about it**
Kirsten Sarah Jenna Rushton lil somethin somethin for the big day today. Unfortunately Channing and the boys were busy tonight so they are unable to make it, but this will do. 😉😏
Debbie Stadig Ellen goes way out to assist her guests! You go girl! Thank you Twitch and Channing for giving us more than just eye candy...giving us your SENSE OF HUMOR...which lasts a lifetime!

Celine Tam 譚芷昀 is about to knock your socks off.

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Naomi Elijah Mel B ...even though Celine never make it to final...i believe this little girl very talented...God will bless her to be the "BEST"all over the world...keep it up Celine: -)I believe you can do it! Mel B...you should be out !!
Quynh Nhu Shame on you, how old are you to go and say this about a 9 year old. You have a lot of growing up to do, I'm sure you can't do half of what she does. You don't know her to call her spoiled, and there's nothing wrong with confidence when your 9. Sad ...
Sumod Sunny What a superb amazing talent...if she can sing so magically at this age image what she will be later in future...just amazing...wishing her all the best and fcos thanks to Ellen DeGeneres too for giving her this sweet opportunity...hats off 😊🖒
Janette Chen Thank you, Ellen, for inviting Celine to your show. Yesterday, I learned that Celine took the initiative to hold Christian’s hand to walk to the front of the stage during the announcement of the finals. She told her mum that she helped Christian ...
Sue Granoff A very confident talented little girl. I also hope she gets to meet Celine Dion. I hope she gets to achieve all her dreams.

Oh! Deer! ellen.tv/2wv5kzR

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Kathy Fox Hammett Every day, at our home. Dog lets us know whenever they are close to the house.
Leanne Phillips Just one of the kids :)
Sallie Griner I just saw one in Geneva, on a nice quiet street, to funny.
Paula Guzman My Charlie too like looking out the window
Lisa Green So cute ...doggie loves watching

Halle Berry got her revenge on Channing Tatum. Princess gown and all.

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Jennifer Holder Frye Oh How I wish I was in that audience to receive tickets to the Magic Mike Show! On my bucket list!!!!!!
Trisha Rose Robinett Manna Braasch Massa here's something you and Mya can enjoy watching together. A little Channing Tatum for you and a little Frozen for her! 👌👌😂😂
David Francisco Ellen, how about a Movie with You and Channing? Would love to see a great Comedy or Drama with You for a change. 😘 (The Adventures of a Brother and Sister perhaps)
Karen Cheney It's really not fare for you American lovers of Magic Mike to be eligible to see the show in Las Vegas through Ellen DeGeneres. Living in the UK we don't get to see shows like this or cannot afford to go. Please can we have an uncensored show as soon ...
Elizabeth Sachs Liebowitz Not the first time he's channeled Elsa. He did it on Lip Sync Battle

Channing Tatum is here today, and he brought me a special gift — a brand new sneak peek at #Kingsman The Golden Circle, in theaters 9/22!

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Sarah Pollock Kenny Sanders no release date thoughhhh
Ajay Ajay You also want to select it's OK just clear this I am on
El Jibarito DePuerto Rico I love ❤️ you The best host in the world
Leanne Marie Rama Alexandra Noyman we have to watch it together!! xx
Cassandra Collins I will looking forward to it.

I have the best beauty & lifestyle expert in the world. I love Kym Douglas: Hollywood Beauty Expert.

2.3k reactions 173 comments
Brian R Coutu Closing time, time for you to go back to where it is that you came from..... Lol
Dariella Esquivel Laura. We must get the braclet.
Jose Luis Moya Ramirez Bracelets is the best idea I've seen ever, great. Lol
Holly Plaisted I would love to find the sweater Ellen is wearing on the Sept. 14 show, is it available anywhere?
Kerri Linley Where can I buy that sweater Ellen has on ????

This was fun. Thanks, Luis Fonsi, for performing Despacito!

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Gulalay Yousufzai Ellen have 15th season and here I am eating my nails that when am gonna meet her. (I thought this year but than Donald trump happened so I guess I have to wait 7 more years)
Melissa Otero Ellen, it makes me so happy to see you embracing our culture and bringing Luis Fonsi onto your show. Thank you! I love your show so much and Luis as well. Love and light! xo 🙏🏼💟
Sandra-Patricia Stover This is my 4 year old. Passed out and this is how we get him to wake up. He's obsessed with Luis Fonsi!!
Aliz Piña Latinos 🤚🤚 we make everything dancing lol... and happy Despasito...
Pedro Perea First time I ever saw Luis Fonsi sing was almost 20 years ago at a small private event in my hometown of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico when he opened for singer Olga Tañón. Back then, nobody had a clue who he was but I do remember Olga introducing him and ...

This selfie is worth 10 lbs. of produce. Let’s see yours. #DrinkGoodDoGood Naked Juice #ThanksSponsor

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Jerri J Tipton Yum!!! BLT for lunch with fresh from the garden tomatoes! 😃😃❤
Beth Mitchell My granddaughter and I. Love your show. Thank you for all you do!
Chrystal Dawson My daughter did this Tuesday. Always a great smile.
Carrie Maly Not a selfie, but our little guy loves produce too! From the summer:
Amadeus Soszka I wish you a nice evening, dear Ellen.😘🌺 Today is the third anniversary of the death of my dog, who unfortunately died, when he was eleven years old.😔At least he doesn't have to suffer anymore.😊

My skybox has a hunky new sponsor. ellen.tv/2wsriDk

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Marianne Peterson 😂HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE I Calls It Like I Sees It
Zoe Medvid Bea Langer I want her sweater and the socks and the Ellen undies omg
Sam Sutton Brandon Hargadon Evans think we need to visit the skybox haha
Cindy Ainger The mostly naked male dancer segments make me very uncomfortable. Please stop.
Billie Jean How did we miss tickets for this episode! Kristen

Jessica Biel did some dirty dancing on my show today.

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel's Amazing 'Dirty Dancing' Entrance Is Ellen's Best One Yet

Jessica Biel channels her inner Baby as tWitch takes her to new heights... and makes the best Ellen Show entrance ever.

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Dee Vitug Jessica Biel is amazing but credit goes to Twitch for that grand entrance ! 🙂
Kate Callan Righteo well practice this before our game tomorrow!? 🤣
Casey Christenson Favorite movie of all time!!! Way to rock it Jessica Biel!
Cindy Fees-Hornback No one will EVER match up to Patrick Swaze and Jennifer Grey!! Truly the best!
Summer Silvery Made this for you Ellen DeGeneres ellentube ❤️ thank you for all you do!

I can't believe all of these noises are coming out of this one person.

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Lupe Matthews Ben Matthews remember I tagged Ellen DeGeneres on this guy's page a few days ago? Well looks like she was on top of it already! He was on her show!
Carol Lynn Mireles Talented. Someday I would love to take my daughter and go to one of Ellen's show. Definitely on my bucket list. Faithful watcher and fan. ♥️
Gabby Lassahn Laura Bales Eggy Gorman tonight I will be performing this. 630 pm in the living room of Chatham ridge. Tickets $5 at the door.
Rachel Guerin Rebecca Kent & Dustin Kent show this to Eli and tell him that's exactly what we sounded like the other night when we were beat boxing. 😂😂😂
Jennifer Thomas Rebecca when Chris and Brandon TRY to do their "bass/beat boxing"(if that's what you call it), they wish they could sound like this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😏😏😏😏😏

I love this woman. I love this story. I love these goats. Help them here.

204.9k reactions 29584 comments
Michel Cochran This is wonderful. All living creatures need someone who cares. These are innocent creatures. The people who complain that they should do this for people need to step up themselves rather than criticize
Lesa Hunter Burkavage I do not do things for humans or animals for "thanks"I do things because I love all living beings and I do my best to be a good person. Whether a persons passion is for birds, dogs or goats it is irrelevant being a good human is what counts., how ...
Crystal Doepke Omgoodness! I love her mission! I bet she lives a long happy life because of love she gives and receives from those sweet babies!!! I'm a goat lover and I'm happy to see someone doing good in the world!
Judy Green Chrest Omg! Of course they are worth it!! This just melted my heart and you have a very special gift of love! Thank you for taking care of these adorable babies! The Pediatrician Heart Specialist really got to me!😊💕
Peggy DeRoche Good My question Quinn, is what exactly makes you know or think she doesn't also help people? Who are you to be so condemning of her love for God's sweet animals, and His least of these, her favorite pets, baby goats? Get over your self and stop trying to ...

Who couldn't use a puppy and a bottle? ellen.tv/2h2zeFV

53.4k reactions 1077 comments
Tasha Anderson Kevin Anderson I found the perfect gift you can get me when baby gets here 😍
Alexa Magnuson Carly I can't handle this 😍
Robyn Faintich I'm all about the purple elephant!
Beth Ferguson And a purple ephalent to rest on...the hat trick of comfort right there!!!
Sheridy Schroyer I bottle and a pup, what about that elephant i could use? Are they all 3 stuffed?

Happy birthday, Niall Horan! I can't wait to unlock your iPhone X with my face.

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Maddie Steuerwald Megan Schmeltz i just laughed out loud at this caption
Amanda Shiells Kirsty Cole his stalking me now. Keeps popping up in my newsfeed. #notcomplaining #callmemrshoran
Lisaura Juliette Paskel Happy birthday from your number one fan my big girl Lyneth
Piravena Selvakumar Sreya Ghosh lmao the caption
Melanie Wheeler Hurricane! Ppl are devastated who cares about a pop star wanna be ! If he wants to then make it worthwhile!

Kids make terrible chef’s assistants.

831 reactions 29 comments
Gwen Marshall Maisie Ryan. Ellie Marshall. Melissa Marshall. Too cute x
Ly Bt Fiona Bench Avigael Zibi fou rire le dernier
Ralph Ayinla Babatunde #😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍...
Cathy Treuner Boyle Fun
Mickey Render Love ❤️Love Mickey

Apple had a big announcement, and so do I.

255.9k reactions 26706 comments
Mileah Orr Lyon Not thrilled with this....my first thought "great! now I can shatter both sides" I like the finger print reader...as DO all of my apps.... how long before they all catch up? Who remembers ALL those passwords we replaced with a thumb print?
Ryan Almeida "Androids have all these features" Don't forget lag, restarting the phone weekly, and cost the same amount LOL
Sim Kaur Puneet Bhachu when Ellen says its 5.8" ..4.8" when it's cold looooool 😂😂 it's glass on both sides for those of us who thought we can do better than just wreck the front!!! Hahahahahaaa!!!
Chris Kolar So the iPhone call this "innovative".. they are taking away the home button, adding face recognition, adding wireless charging, making the screen go to the edge, and adding animated emojis.... seeing that the vast majority of these technologies have ...
Carla de Souza If u think a thousand is expensive, them you have nooooo idea how.much it will cost here in Brazil. Not even if I sell my kidney I could buy it.

This is some impressive freestyling. Harry Mack

9.8k reactions 638 comments
Mary Villagomez Ashley Davis did you see this guy yet?? He's crazy!
Sari Elhajnasr Did they count how many times he said Harry Mack 😂😂this dude amazing tho
Jackie Beairsto Love to see the things your show and sponsors do for people. Uplifiting.
Tonica Hoenig Scott, made me think of you when you used to freestyle at lunch at TCHS!!! :)
Jenn Dastrup Kody Bennett Chase Elliott check this out. New idea for the next rap battle!

My brand new show premieres September 19th on YouTube! I love my YouTube audience, and it was time to show you more! #EllenShowMeMore

4.7k reactions 123 comments
Colleen Chambers Hannah Katharine I like money and cheerios
Debbie Jones Oh Heck to YES!! Never Can I EVER get enough of my Power Hour of Happy and SO Much more - Ellen DeGeneres ❤️😂
Dinah B. YangPh Hi Ellen, My Baby Zi love to see you...
Emily Alexander Im so excited about this😀
Diana Bolda Ellen... What about your show First Dates??? Will that be back on the air?

This is kindness. Watch it here. Text “GIVE” to 80077 to donate $25. #HandinHand

10.9k reactions 202 comments
Lisa Romain-Ozbat I'm watching, donated and my husband is in Florida restoring power !! From michigan
Beatriz Palerm I truly hope that some of this $$ money goes to help the Islands of Barbuda, St. Johns, St. Marteen as they are fighting to stay alive after the passing of Irma.
Nilsa Gonzalez Thank you all for donating your time & cash. Was scary going through the hurricane. Thankfully me and family are fine. Call, text or go online to donate.
Ralph Loya Other than Hand in Hand A Benefit For Hurricane Relief helping with monetary contributions I hope we as a country realize how much we are all brothers and sisters...and need each forever.
Adam Hale Let us hope that this finally wakes up the worlds governments to ALL collectively DO SOMETHING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING!!! Well done to all those involved in helping and raising money to help those affected!!

I've got a brand new dance challenge just for you and your gnome. #GnomePhoneChallenge ellen.tv/2wYVWHT

Andy Zenor Kicks Off the Gnome Phone Challenge
Andy Zenor Kicks Off the Gnome Phone Challenge

Ellen noticed a lot of people are always glued to their phones, so she recruited Andy Zenor to bring back the hilarious dance dare challenge this time with a twist.

2.5k reactions 120 comments
Emily Koller Emma Gislason technically we did this first
Kathy Johnson See check all my posts which one you think wrong just call say my dad...please.....bcoz I an American patriot with rest all americans before getting out of India will make Everything tip top so that DJ SIR AND MOSTLY THE ASSOCIATION SEND ME w.h.o...c.r....
Cain Wilkinson Does this count? I dont have a cell phone to post it through the proper chains, but ill give it a shot, LOL #GnomePhoneChallenge
Linda Reda What has Donald Trump done for his people? Shouldn't he donate the most?
Dana Troncoso Im going to get right on this Ellen. #GnomePhoneChallenge

I know we’re late to the game, but my brother and I are trying this next weekend.

2.0k reactions 96 comments
Danielle Fitton Katrine Woodrow maybe you could try this! Lol
Andrew Monte I wonder if they watch game of thrones... 😂 Jon and Daenerys?
Rachel Kemp Bridget Kemp you and Hayden better get practising
James Axel Wiley Hallo James Axel Wiley here love your show I watch it to fay
Cassandra Collins Are you serious to pay to see you attempt one thing Ellen DeGeneres

We can all make a difference. Tonight. #HandinHand HandInHand2017.com

4.4k reactions 120 comments
Diana Thompson Ellen, you should feature the residents of Suncoast estates, such a tragedy. Hard working good people!
Susan Maas I misread. It WILL be televised in Chicago and looking forward to it. Everybody do your best to help in even a small way.
Carina Filbert We can all be someone's hero, a smile, a helping hand , a hug,a role model standing up for what is right , make a stand and raise your voice against injustice. We can all do our part to make this world a better place. Be someone's hero.... Make the days ...
Francine Szulczewski-Haezebrouck As I made my contribution tonight I should have known you where involved. You are my inspiration for giving and loving. No one can match how you feel with your heart. Please know even though I am older, I so admire your kindness towards others. You ...
Gulzaman Nazim So sorry for the hurricane victims but can someone explain why no one is saying anything for the innocent Burma Muslims? Please do not separate the Muslims from other victims.

Their sister was sick, so this doctor cheered them up with a dance. I love this.

6.4k reactions 1678 comments
Sharon Lais We need more compassionate and fun doctors like him. I am so blessed with my family doctor and also my neurologist, two great men!
Stacie Cifranick Natalie Bikulege adding happiness to something that is hard but is the best medicine. Seeing everyone in the room and reacting accordingly - the best doctor!!! You are not only testing the patient but the family!!!!
Kendra-Michael Hatfield Wolfson's children's hospital is amazing!! I love all their doctors and they love all the children!! Our last trip to Wolfson's my daughter got injured at school and she needed stitches. They came out with bags of stuffed animals and gave them out to ...
Katie O'Neil Ellen, I have commented on one of posts saying we have depression and very high anxiety disorder. I apologise for constantly commenting you as it is part of my disability. I have been known to be persistent. I really don't think you or your producers ...
Katie Johnson Maybe he needed the dance party as much as the kids. I can't imagine the stress ER docs go through, especially when it involves kids

TunDe met Chris on the side of the road. Three years later they met again, and you won’t believe what happened.

8.2k reactions 1325 comments
Ljiljana Strika Karma and gotta ❤️ when beautiful people give, expect nothing in return and receive it anyway ! Congrats to you all for being such amazing human beings 💕
Carrie Mulholland Frawley I have read this article and seen the video when they gave her the money. Things work in the most mysterious ways! Bless them both and his Momma. I hope they are able to stay in each others lives forever.
Melinda Benner AWESOME !!!! I love watching your show Ellen !! The humility kindness and compassion your guests have that you bring on gives me even more faith and more hope that the world is filled with more good than bad !!
Leslie Nunez Ingram Praise God with the Lords help WE(all people) could use more love and kindness toward each other. I pray that with all the devastation,we will all start loving each other more.
Melody Harbour Love this story!! God works in mysterious ways and brings people together for good...Bless this family and my deepest sympathy for the loss of their wife and Mother and God Bless TunDe, she's going to be one heck of a Nurse!!

What is Heidi Klum trying to say with this thing in her mouth? You tell me.

Heidi Klum Plays
Heidi Klum Plays 'Speak Out'

Find out if supermodel Heidi Klum had the skills to "Speak Out" during one of Ellen's favorite games.

1.0k reactions 154 comments
Amy Muller Katrina Bower this game for hens weekend
Alli Mitchell DeVries Stephanie DeVries this is the game I was telling you about!
Kelli Nicole 😂😂😂 Lisa Adams Tara Martus look it's us from Saturday
Michael Schueller Lauren Cerecedes Thunder Thighs is good at this game!
Hend Amgad Gamal Eldin Hahaha Naglaa Sarhan Who plays it better? 😂😂😂😂

I loved her mother Carrie Fisher so much. I was so happy to finally have Billie Lourd on the show.

10.5k reactions 404 comments
Darsha Dawn Fountain She really looks like her mom!!! God bless Carrie fisher's soul
Anthony Holmes Never on the show until her mom died.
Michelle Smith I know we are only one episode in but i really liked her on AHS
Curtis Lee Why would JJ Abrams invite Carrie Fishers daughter to audition for the lead?? Mark Slavin Hint to Rey's family ties?
Stacee Beaulieu Kristina Kulp omg ! I didn't know her mom was Carrie Fisher and her gma Debbie Reynolds! Love her!

If you want to see fascinating body language… the love triangle from Bachelor in Paradise is on my show today!

1.9k reactions 460 comments
Janelle Rowe Robert Rowe we need to watch this AFTER the show ends
Linda S. Lawson Dean was a creep! I would not trust him as far as I could throw him!
Say Eaha Lynda Yang, did you see this interview? How uncomfortable. Lol
Linda Badali Alicia González the whole thing is uncomfortable but the end made me cringe so hard I had to cover my eyes
Mollie Danielle Weinman Krystal King 🙄 Kristina is still holding on... Jesus

I'm giving away FIFTEEN brand new TCL Roku TVs! ellen.tv/2xrGdml

2.0k reactions 196 comments
Cheech Boss Hi Ellen I've known my partner over 22 years but have never been able to afford to marry her so I was thinking if I won one of these TVs she would be able to watch the wedding on it that you help me pay for lol thanks Ellen waiting to here from you
Sallie Griner That was to funny a bit, I loved that someone gave CVS mint. I'd say that was the bargain of the day! Love it.
Gene Stoker I can not enter correct year of birth. Why are Ellen's Giveaways so hard and confusing? I vow to try to ever enter another one. Wasting my time.
Leah Mitchell It gives you a current calendar to select your birth date! I'm not scrolling back 33 years to select my date of birth! That's not a very good system.
Dottie J. Gers I don't need a TV i need a car so bad only time i get out of d house is when Tenn care. Bus come get me to take me to doctor once a. Month

Queen Latifah doesn't play. Unless you're talking about this game from my show.

Queen Latifah Delivers Spot-On Impressions of Pop Icons
Queen Latifah Delivers Spot-On Impressions of Pop Icons

Watch Queen Latifah wow Ellen with her impressive impressions of the biggest music stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and even Frank Sinatra!

10.5k reactions 159 comments
Sallie Griner Show is on n get to watch two together, lov ya.
Sallie Griner Don't u just love her energy!
Virginia Brown Love her to very pretty and talented
Becca Knox I could watch you two do this all day long.
Mandy Khamoo Was a great show she knows all the actions 😍

I sent Andy Zenor to CatCon. Nobody told him to wear that outfit.

4.7k reactions 397 comments
Marilyn Rector Pearce Ellen--I know you secretly prayed for Florida and it worked. See...God knows good.
Jamie Patrice Here's our sweet tabby Marco. He's brought so much joy to my daughters life too.
Heather Klomhaus OMG!!!! He met Julie Newmar!!! I love her! I may have to go to Catcon next time to meet her!
Brandy Lynn You have to send Andy on every outside assignment! And PLEASE PLEASE send him back to a haunted house this year?!!
Jen Lippiello Where is Catcon and can anyone go to it?
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