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21:08 05/18/2017

Johnny Depp told me about how Captain Jack Sparrow makes appearances at children’s hospitals. #PiratesLife

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's Favorite Part of Playing Jack Sparrow

The Oscar nominee shared his thoughts on his latest film, and what warms his heart about stepping into his "Pirates of the Caribbean" character.

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Terry Giannios
Good morning Ellen! Letting you know is that I haven't forgot about you! I know You and Jimmy reached out to me last Christmas and I really appreciated that! Also if your a Friend of Jennifer's also,I appreciate you watching out for her and bring out the best in her!!! Have a wonderful day!
Emelda Gonz
I love Johnny Depp -as an Actor and thanks to you Ellen now as a person ❤ haven't seen pirates of the Caribbean but I plan too now!!!!
Pamela O'Neall
So Johnny's awkward and alittle eccentric. He's more comfortable in character than being himself and it makes him an awesome actor.
Michelle Heslop
He's not too much about himself. I think that's what make him so lovable.
Beth M. Beaton
My dream to do a movie with Johnny Depp even if it is a small part especially if he was Captain Jack Sparrow. Now that would be an actual challenge for me since I have a huge crush on him since 21 Jump Street tv show. And I am very shy so it would be a huge challenge. To see if I would freeze or could I do my part and work hard.
Jacqueline De-Chantel Levan Belcher
So he's a bit shy & is Uncomfortable at interviews! I think he's awesome outstanding actor, making time to visit those children is kind & genuine! Some others should take lessons from him & be a bit less it's all about me!
Helen Ström
Wow! What an amazing actor and person he is! Wish I could meet him as Captain Jack Sparrow when I'm walking down my street to work in Sweden.😉😍
Stephanie Spencer
He's amazing. Always catches my attention. Even his awkwardness is appealing. :) one of the best in the industry! Love him!!
Rebecca Lippert
Channel 4 in columbus ohio they cut in with president trump missed almost all the episode really. Love and cant wait for 26th. Going to see at drive-in
Michele Emond Hubbartt
I love him I love his humility and the fact that he's not comfortable talking about himself makes me love him even more. He's an actor because he likes to act. Not because he likes the publicity of it. Major crush!
Milagros Miranda Sherwin
All great artists are tortured he is awkward to promote himself, but just sit back and have fun pretend there's no audience and you'll open up more.
Sandy Reno
I'm glad to hear he does something kind for children.... but I'll never understand why everyone goes nuts over him. He's such a strange person
Shadi Eydt
is it me or did he talk kinda funny ... he was saying how Trump has hard time forming sentences yet he was having difficulties forming his own .. not sure if he's shy, or he feels not himself when out of characters or other stuff .... anyways, he's still great and unique! love ellen <3
Leanne Stothard
Johnny visited the Children's Hospital here in Brisbane, Australia when they were filming the latest Pirates film. I'm not a fan of the films, but I love him for doing that! 😊
Sarah Elizabeth Schlund
Tara Brownlee what are your thoughts on this? I'm older like him so I understand his slow responses, but can you believe he hasn't watched any Caribbean films?!

Other newsfeed from Ellen DeGeneres

Happy birthday, Noah Ritter! I’ll never forget when we first met.

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Ellen Sloan Zwirn he is adorable and is like a mini WC Fields.
Sammyann Robbins Wonder if anyone ever honestly admits they can't tolerate know it all kids. And Ellen certainly puts on a lot of them.
Reece A. Jacobsen Amy Parr Wilcox Mavis Brown Heather Wrigley Doesn't this kid remind of one of our all time favorite students?!?!
Alma Guerrero Apparently he is the cutest thing ever! 😂💛
Kristina Perkins Apparently, he is seriously one of the cutest and funniest kids ever lol

You can help elephants right now by signing this petition from the Humane Society. #BeKindToElephants

Sign the Petition: Don
Sign the Petition: Don't Let the Department of the Interior Lift The Ban On Trophy Hunting!

The U.S. government just gave trophy hunters the green light to slaughter endangered African elephants. This reckless and cruel (70304 signatures on petition)

50.4k reactions 2298 comments
Chandrey Howburg Im sorry but as a African myself-elephants are one South Africa's big five and for people to just go about killing a species that is endangered is rude. Even if is just for Zambia and Zimbabwe that is wrong. They are our neighbouring countries. Trying ...
Crystal Greene It's called culling the herd and it's vital for their survival. The money from the hunt is used to isolate herds and build their numbers back up. The meat is given to the villagers. I was outraged too until i did my own research.
Shelly Prather Taylor I've been looking for a petition on this. Thank you so much for sharing it Ellen. It breaks my heart that Humanity is lacking in just that. Big game Hunters are going to eventually make it to where children only know about these animals in books.
Cindy Youngblood Signed and shared! How any human can hurt or murder these beautiful and sweet elephants is beyond understanding. Anyone with a heart and compassion would never kill animals! Thank you Ellen for once again using your platform to save and protect the ...
Kirk Koershuis The truth is that the US Wildlife Commission recommends to every president what their studies show should be done. This was their recommendation but the President said last night that he wants more information and has not said this would be overturned. ...

How to spruce up your old furniture.

1.4k reactions 84 comments
Melanie Martell Nooooo! Don’t ruin MCM furniture!!
Bruce Victor Allali Make sure you offer security to your loved ones for xmas. Get your Firemask here www.firemask.com
Erika Pliska Ellen, I can hear you...you know.
Gráinne Whelan Michelle Whelan that dresser in the end room...
Dassie Hirschfield Andrea Goldstein just for baby hands in the beginning

Scaredy Cat. ellen.tv/2mBXd4N

12.7k reactions 513 comments
Mags Elizabeth Thankyou Finally Something to make me Smile at the end of the worst year in my life 💜
Lea Tlps Laure Debuysschère chui pas experte mais jpense pas que ca ressemble a c un squelette de souris
Ti Lay That would scare me too
Darlene Dubose Lol that cat 🐈 saying really tho eww
Tina Marie Amanda Dooley we have this mouse let's see what Parker does!

Amber Cook does so much for so many. It was time someone did something for her. #OneMillionActsofGood

34.1k reactions 671 comments
Joel Aiwerioghene Ellen DeGeneres you are such an amazing person. Amber cooks gat an amazing personality with her daughters. God bless you Ellen.
Tressea Leach I love this i have been to north Dakota 5 times not by plane its a.long long long way from home amazing how u blessed her to see her daughter. ..she and amazing game playa and her daughter got everyone right.....beautiful gift that u gave her mrs ...
Kathy Fox You are so awsome Ellen you make so many people happy and you’re always there for the kids I would love to be at one of you’re shows you’re the bomb
Tetyt Giango Hermoso Can't thank u enough for all the 👍🏼❤️😮 I am just amazed with my idol Ellen Ellen DeGeneresaving such a happy disposition and golden heart it is my wildest dream to see this kind heart in person, hoping and praying i will one day 😊
Gee Gee Those four women--the woman and her daughters-- are beautiful.....Another job well done by Ellen who is also (by the way) very beautiful..

I figured out how 4-year-old Noah got his name. He seems to Noah lot about geography. #EllenShowMeMore

2.5k reactions 59 comments
Lisa Franke Smart little guy 😀
Rara Rosimo His family is from Philippines 🇵🇭 proud Filipino
Leanne Denise Hendley I don't Noah Noah.. oh noah
Linda Patten He is so smart love Ellen
Sharon Sargent Love my Ellen 🦃🦃🦃🦃

Now in Heads Up, you can play extra long rounds, thanks to GEICO! Go check it out. ellen.tv/HeadsUp

625 reactions 36 comments
Kathie Moehlig To bad GEICO is terrible to its Trans/LGB employees.
Sam Sharp Michelle Heron
Wilber Quintero wow
Alicia Carulli por favor subtitulos
Prasanna Pk Well we don't have iphone

Ty Burrell had no idea this was coming. #EllenShowMeMore

Ty Burrell’s ‘Tongue Ty-ed’ Scare - YouTube
Ty Burrell’s ‘Tongue Ty-ed’ Scare - YouTube

The “Modern Family” actor gets the scare of a lifetime while playing “Tongue Ty-ed” with Ellen. He never saw it coming. For more Shutterfly moments, go to: h...

2.2k reactions 82 comments
Beth Rush Ball This one got me!!! 😂😂 Ellen needs a show strictly of scaring people!
Linda Wynbrandt Orzan I'm laughing so hard!!! That was great!!
Deborah Ramsaroop Arthur Never a dull moment, if you are down turn on Ellen you will surely feel happy x
Pamela Geoghagan Awesome, it was so funny!
Diana Gillioz I watched it a few times to laugh over and over 🤣

Puerto Rico is getting a front-row seat for one of the most popular shows in the history of theater. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Getting the Job Done in Puerto Rico
Lin-Manuel Miranda on Getting the Job Done in Puerto Rico

When it comes to Puerto Rico relief efforts, Lin-Manuel Miranda is going non-stop. The "Hamilton" star told Ellen about all of his efforts to help Americans in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

4.7k reactions 104 comments
Rose Denise Ellen DeGeneres you said you don't have family or friends in Puerto Rico... "You got a friend in me" 🤗
Sheila Magras No offense and I'm not taking away anything from Puerto Rico but what about the US Virgin Islands and the devastation they have endured??? They were hit with BOTH storms BEFORE Puerto Rico and I have family on island that still do not have power. Can we ...
Janet Colon de Mtz Hi from Puerto Rico. I watch your show every day and today u mentioned that u do not have friends in PR. You have one...me. I really appreciate what you r doing for us. Blessings
David Labor When you see someone use the word "liberal," it's a waste of time. They don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves. You're not going to educate these people. They don't respond to kindness or caring. They respond to anger and hatred. And ...
Lisa Virginia Glad to see they have not been forgotten after all this time!! As a side note, does Ellen seem sick or off today??

Thanks for watching, sharing, and loving my new series, Summit. Episode 2 is here! Watch on ellentube. #EllenSummitSeries ellen.tv/2jtB1si

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Lacy Childers love it!
Άντερ Νταβίν Μορένο Γκαρσία 💗
Erin Rosenberg Charlotte lets watch it
Kuenzang Choden #EllenDeGeneres.. ❤❤..
Beatriz Prestes-Gonzalez This is beautiful

Who knows more about Hamilton... Lin-Manuel Miranda or Macey Hensley?

33.5k reactions 2442 comments
Prima Suntornwipart Sarah Maren when you know washington's favorite breakfast but not Taylor swift's album
Oliwia Falowska Klaudia jak powiedziala to o bujajacym sie krzesle i miala rozkmine to zaczrlam sie zastanawiac czy to ona jest tak bardzo jak ja czy ja tak bardzo jak ona xD
Darryl Logan Hey Ellen ,I need your help getting to the twelve days of Christmas I am in desperate need of your resources please help Thank you Love You Peacefull Thoughts (804) 939 -0065. 5409 Hull Street Road and Linwood apt 203 Richmond Virginia 23224
Vicki Durocher Ellen DeGeneres <3 , your the most generous people in the world , I love you for everything you do , and are . For Christmas , all I really want is for families struggling , such as !!! No food , no clothing , no home , no one to share Christmas with , ...
Leonor J. Ghigliotty Thank you from Puerto Rico. I love your show and this one made me laugh and cry tears of joy. God bless you, you are great!!!❤️

The Sexiest Man Alive and Gwen Stefani's BF got a little bit kinky today. And a little bit drinky. Blake Shelton #EllenShowMeMore

4.8k reactions 185 comments
Amy Marlene McKnight Sarah Brown I️ feel like this game would be fun with friends and of course our hot men 😉
Carol Ann Pezzolesi To each their own I guess. Definitely not my choice .
Myra Burgess He is not the must sexist guy come on Keith urban yes not Blake get for real 😳
Nicole Cote What a hunk of a man nice dimples and bleues eyes
Clearie Lewis Ellen please post your campaign for elephants in response to the trump action to allow trophy hunting. "For everyone who reposts and retweets her #BeKindToElephants campaign photo the show will make a donation to DSWT, so please share to help spread ...

My show got interrupted today by a live car chase. Well, not exactly a car chase.

Ellen Gets Preempted by a Celebrity Speed Racer
Ellen Gets Preempted by a Celebrity Speed Racer

Ellen was interrupted in the middle of her show by a speeding golf cart driver on the Warner Brothers lot - and the man behind the wheel is no stranger to the show.

2.6k reactions 63 comments
Regina DiBlasio Let It Be Me - Hire Me Ellen DeGeneres💮🐞
Tamara Su Heath Majam Ellen 😘✨💓
Kereace Cotterell Ellen you are too funny
Joey Mena Gotta love the set
Scot Christine Cheshire I laughed the entire time lol

My #12Days of Giveaways mascot is here! Are you ready for it?

13.3k reactions 1019 comments
Hannah Lane-Biggs Ellen I am having problem with my sight. Been taking lasers and needle treatments. With losing my sight I can no longer help my daughter with taking son to school or myself. I would love to be on the show because I never know from one day or another if ...
Susie Sanchez One it will be my pleasure to attend one of your 12 days of Christmas. It would be a amazing gift after three months of living a night mare after a car accident and having to see my 79 year old mom in the hospital and yet we don't know when she will be ...
Helen Marie Pidgeon we live in the UK and my children who have special needs loves the show ...but we live to far away ...my kids have been though so much ...see my dad suddenly passed away 12 months ago in front of my children ...then 7 months ago I lost there dad my ...
Kimbo Donna I wish I didn’t live so far ... in Canada,.. I’m off work hurt my back been off since aug 27 hurt my back 2 day into my holidays! My back and pain was so bad spent two evening i the ER so I could just fly home early to get my back fixed.., it broke my ...
Marisol Prieto I will be taking care of my client we watch you everyday wish we could win from NY my wish is that she gets a great Christmas gift for her and her family they struggle to make ends meet and she is a young mother of two my heart goes out to her she had a ...

It’s not every day you get to talk to the Sexiest Man Alive about being sexy. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Is Milking His Title of Sexiest Man Alive
Blake Shelton Is Milking His Title of Sexiest Man Alive

Country superstar Blake Shelton is People's Sexiest Man Alive, and he explained to Ellen why he's milking it for all it's worth.

14.0k reactions 914 comments
Michelle Hyrtle Totally not the sexiest man alive. I can think of 2 much more attractive people. Jason momoa being the top
Nikolina Jelčić Blake is good looking... but I think Jason Momoa deserved the title this year. I would even say he is the manliest dude ever
Alicia Marie So many people saying that by thinking someone else is more attractive than Blake that we're being rude. Calling Blake names is rude. Saying someone else is more attractive isnt rude, its honest
Kimberly Meyer Boland That's some serious beer goggles someone had on to vote him sexiest man alive..... or did they forget to mention that this was the trailer park edition?
Ellie Loizou I thought my kid being bullied was bad! There are some nasty comments here! Leave the man alone!! He is sexy! Well done to him! And shame on all adults being cruel!

Steve Spangler made an explosive appearance on my show today. I learned a lot about slime, and got some great new art for my office.

8.1k reactions 308 comments
Jacob Huggins I loved watching him when I was young! I think I even bought something from him. Haha
Rebecca Peters This was awesome..........
Sarah Louise Joanne Rooker show Zahra!! Also check his website out to make slime xx
Cherie Marshall Sorry Ellen ur post says shown 58 min.ago.it has been yet.... comment day 95 season 15
Jessica Guerrero Noah Clark, how can we incorporate an experiment like this into STT?

Jacob Tremblay is about as adorable as you can get.

1.6k reactions 46 comments
Mary Scarlett Oreilly Harrison Ellen please send me tickets.
Katherine Bacs Ellen notice me😌😭❤
Lisa Wenzel !💋Hi💋! "ELLEN" LOVE YOU GIRL! 😗
Santiago Ogaitnas Oilúj Ellen you are lovely😍
Tami Prince I LOVE YOU ELLEN!💗💗💗💗

This mother’s dedication to her son will move you. And her dedication to my show should be a lesson for you.

36.5k reactions 715 comments
Marie Dyer Hi Ellen, Hi everyone! Yes, a mother’s love is so important. And I salute all the mom who gives love to their children unconditionally. And this is the reason why I am writing on this area. I know it doesn’t have to do anything with this issue, but ...
Kristi Carmichael What a awesome story!! I've been in kidney failure and on dialysis for 18 yrs I have had over 150 surgeries and have came very close to dying!!! I now live with my youngest son helping him raise his daughter he just got custody of a year and a half ...
Angie Scacutto I love this ! I've followed thias story since she was on a local radio station making a plea for donors. I tried to see if I was a match but unfortunately I wasn't. I was being thrilled when I heard he found a kidney !!
Michelle Valea Frampton I love this 😌 what a wonderful mommy. My son had a liver transplant when he was nine months old, and has had six other major surgeries related to his condition... He had ongoing issues with a blood clot in his donor liver (he's had three removed so far ...
Leah Mitchell This mother is amazing for her sacrifice for her son. Ellen is beyond generous and has done so much for so many people! Truly changing lives. One thing I notice is she tends to help people who already have nice, big homes. Someone had no furniture in ...

Kim Kardashian West did not hold back in this round of 5 Second Rule.

Kim Kardashian Plays
Kim Kardashian Plays '5 Second Rule'

Kim Kardashian tried to beat the record of her husband Kanye West in a round of "5 Second Rule" with Ellen.

5.1k reactions 245 comments
Gordon De Mouth Fast forwarded through the parts of the show she was in. I don't like anything about her or her family.
Michael N Teresa Canaday Kim should name her baby girl "Ki" Ki West. I wanted to name my daughter Ki but my husband wanted Drew. He won. :)
Molly Marie Is she pregnant or not. Today on the show, she said she wasn't and then they started talking about a new baby.. I had to rewind to see if I heard her right lol
Amy Richardson so disappointed that you keep spotlighting these empty souls. You can get the ratings on your own! ugh
Deb Helfrich Half of your show was interrupted for trump news..every week they interrupt your show for something on the east coast=annoying!

I can't bear it. ellen.tv/2zDJqjr

16.0k reactions 0 comments

Yes, Kim Kardashian West did just accidentally tell the world the gender of her baby.

9.4k reactions 692 comments
Mish Miriam Mwaura Ellen i wish one day i will meet you i don't care when but am not loosing hope you are such an inspiration to many especially me.your kindness, love and care for others teaches us a lot May God always bless you .
Tharindu Pavithra Meegoda Hi Ellen you are doing so far a great show.but don't waste ur time to just a useless lifes for people sn there rubish.specily Kadashain family.what is point of there kids gender.when the time come baby will born.even small gosip this fsmily earning ...
Pat Eney Meyers I don't understand why the Kardashians merit attention and screaming applause. I skipped today's show.
Paula Bloch McCloskey Why is Ellen continuing to support and promote her?? I adore Ellen, but I dislike her choice of guests in this broad.
Krista Marie Schwartz WHO CARES?? There's a lot more important things going on in this world. Not everyone keeps up with this useless crap.

Reuben meeting his idol, Kim Kardashian West, is the kind of thing you need to see today.

129.5k reactions 8574 comments
Casper Christensen That kid would be Beautiful without the makeup. Girl or boy, the makeup is way to much. He is all yellow. Sad to see that Americans think this is beauty. All fake looking and with newly bleached teeths. Be your self, and believe in your self. And dont ...
Tina Flores The biggest problem is that kids his age are already exposed to social media and trash tv to even know who someone like Kim is.
Laura Duncan although...I need makeup tutorials from this kid....no kid should wear this much makeup! I don't even allow my teenagers wear this much makeup
Darcie Mulholland Ellen is about making people happy, and what makes one person happy does not have to be in agreeance with what your personal opinion is. If this is what he loves then good for her for making his dreams come true. Maybe Kim isn't the best idol, but he ...
Kimberly Brown-Knuth It's really sad that people are so judgemental.. Instead of trying to break him down with negative remarks, lets build him up and let him know that he needs to keep doing what he's doing. What is wrong with society trying to be so abusive of people who ...

It’s a g’day. Way to go Australia. #MarriageEquality

28.9k reactions 623 comments
Melissa Ely Today is a great day and a positive leap for Humanity 🙌🏼💖 I will just never understand why humans have to vote for love 🤦🏻‍♀️🌈
Nicole Suzanne Brown My parents rang us from Aus at 12:30am to tell us the exciting news!! Now to wait for the last step over the line when the bill is passed hopefully before Christmas so my Wife and I can return back home in February with our own Marriage recognised! ❤️🌈❤️
Kylie Sam Parliament will pass it. This government does not want to be remembered as the government that ignored it's people. Spending all that money was embarrassing enough.
Kerri Lee I'm proud to be Australian today.. my faith in humanity has been restored. must admit have had secret chuckle about the haters who voted no. Equal rights wins
Kelly Gordon It's fantastic & I'm a proud Aussie today! But it's still embarrassing that marriage equality is even an issue! It reminds of all those years ago when women weren't allowed to vote & black people had to be segregated! Completely ridiculous & it's well ...

The contest to win a trip to my GEICO Skybox is still wide open, just make me a video of why you should be there, and make it great. ellentube.com/geico

Ellen Checks Out GEICO Skybox Challenge Contestants!
Ellen Checks Out GEICO Skybox Challenge Contestants!

Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways is right around the corner, and she's giving away seats in the GEICO Skybox! She checked out some videos from fans who aren't throwing away their shot at winning!

773 reactions 107 comments
Evelyn Konig Hehehe baie sal graag wil gaan ek ook as ek so kans kan kry Wie hou nie van n bederfie nie En nogal alles verniet .Dit gebeur nie sommer nie ""net in movies en oorsee se lande.
Linda Keane Barbara Brandt, I have an idea for a video...
Dee Rummel If it's for a Packet game, count me in. Nothing like being at Lambeau field!
Loberta Stout I love your show. I don't know what hypocrite crap she s talking about
Christal Morrison It's this open to Canada residents?

I learned a lot about Colin Farrell during a game of Burning Questions. Specifically, that he doesn’t know how to play Burning Questions. #EllenShowMeMore

1.1k reactions 40 comments
Angeline Garcia Priyanka
Danica Beattie Jessi Keet our man
Kishore K Ellen i want to meet u😢
Tiffany Brandon When you said Pubic was hilarious 😂
Lina Tshabalala Lol

I saw Esera Tuaolo on The Voice, and I was blown away. So I brought him here to blow you away.

21.6k reactions 894 comments
Betsy Randall Mary Lee - look and sound familiar? 😄 He sang Summertime at Urban Olive & Vine in Hudson where we stopped and also sang during our mother-daughter date last August. Remember?
Tina Potter Dukesherer Omg if he comes out with a CD I would so buy it! Shoot now going to have to watch dvr and see the show I taped wish I wouldn't have saw this, cause he was one of my favorites☹
MrsTricia Tokoa Morning Allen i just love your shows i watch them all the time please say hi back to me. I am wishing i was there to meet you in person. You are a maziing women. Please don't be shy say hi back to me please
Jackie Keenan I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Out & Equal Workplace Conference in 2003. He was a keynote and also sang. Amazing story & even more amazing human being!
Cori Angelique We love Esera Tuaolo!! He used to sing at our church when I was in high school, the early 90s!!! Amazing amazing amazing!!!

This year there are gonna be so many ways for you to win my #12Days of Giveaways from home. Make sure you’re ready for all of ‘em right here!

Ways to Win 12 Days
Ways to Win 12 Days

Are you ready for Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways? Ellen has so many ways for you to win this year, so read the list below and check it twice, because each way to enter is another chance to win all of Ellen’s amazing giveaways every single day!

11.2k reactions 1166 comments
Frances Fields Done! Would love to win! My dream was to meet Jamie Dornan on your show, not came true. No dream came true for a trip to The UK. Both dreams not coming true or not yet to be is fine. You do so much for others.
Joyce Koreen I just love your show! I watch it all the time! The gamers are the best! My daughter and sister would be thrilled to attend your show for the 12 days of Christmas with me. We have never attended anyone's talk show, but would truly enjoy your show! ...
Barbara Christ This would be awesome, our family has had a horrible year, we lost my grandfather, and my dad this year, my mom was in the hospital for 84 straight days and had 6 major colon surgeries My ex daughter in law and my 5 yr old Granddaughter lost their home ...
Teresa Burris Wilson I’d love to win. It would be like getting a topper on my tree icing in my cupcake a toy for my dog( her name is Tootsie cause her poop looks like Tootsie Rolls!)dreams we have,something to jump about and dance about. Oh my gosh so much to be ...
Debra N Richard Gomez Ellen I would like to nominate my best friend Cindy. We have been friends for 52 years. She has some health issues and has been going thru depression due to her health. I would love to have her meet you because you really are an inspiration and to let ...

I love this new segment "Ask Dr. Dax," with my friend Dax Shepard. It’s the only love advice you’ll need. #AskDax #EllenShowMeMore

3.3k reactions 169 comments
Victor LaDonna Kinnick I hope he comes back often.
Katherine Bacs And i know that god will help me,and listen to my wishes😌💕
Kayla Conner Benjamin Conner He is always one of my faaaavorites! 😂
Sharon Burton Nurse Great actor....so funny....i think he’s awesome.
Jacqueline Jorgenson Love this, love this, love this..... always a good laugh

Colin Farrell is sexy and talented... one of my favorite combinations.

Colin Farrell Dishes on Rendezvous with Girlfriend
Colin Farrell Dishes on Rendezvous with Girlfriend

Ellen's friend Colin Farrell explained how he and his girlfriend, despite their busy schedules, still find a "port to rendezvous."

2.3k reactions 71 comments
Amber Muhammad yeah he is looking good n sexy
Justin Holly Justin Holly Ellen show season 15 season 16
Cristina Villaca 😍😍😍
Sharon Sargent Love my Ellen 🦃🦃🦃🦃
Kathy Proft Colin, autocorrect drives me nuts

The video of the Watson Family honoring their stepdad will melt your heart.

45.0k reactions 893 comments
Cynthia Purvis When I was 15, I surprised my stepfather on his birthday by sneaking off to the courthouse with my mom and brother to have our last names legally changed to his and then coming home later to tell him over his birthday dinner. Best decision I have ever ...
Sarah Young-Zoellick Me and my dad (technically my step dad). He came into my life when I was barely 3 years old. As of this year, he has been in my life for 20 years. His favorite story to tell is when my parents first met, he was stationed in Montana and he would call ...
Kim Waits Wilson Love it. A true parent does not have to be blood. Love is a much stronger bond. My dad died when I was 5 and I got the best step-father in the world. He’s an amazing man.
Tonya Thomas Hating the fact that you make me cry at every single video. You area wonderful person. Now where is my box of tissue...I have another video to watch
Katie Bihlmeyer Purvis Ellen, you are so awesome! Thank you for always having a positive and optometrist view on everything. This world is a better place with you in it. 😊
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