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21:08 05/18/2017

Johnny Depp told me about how Captain Jack Sparrow makes appearances at children’s hospitals. #PiratesLife

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's Favorite Part of Playing Jack Sparrow

The Oscar nominee shared his thoughts on his latest film, and what warms his heart about stepping into his "Pirates of the Caribbean" character.

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Terry Giannios
Good morning Ellen! Letting you know is that I haven't forgot about you! I know You and Jimmy reached out to me last Christmas and I really appreciated that! Also if your a Friend of Jennifer's also,I appreciate you watching out for her and bring out the best in her!!! Have a wonderful day!
Emelda Gonz
I love Johnny Depp -as an Actor and thanks to you Ellen now as a person ❤ haven't seen pirates of the Caribbean but I plan too now!!!!
Pamela O'Neall
So Johnny's awkward and alittle eccentric. He's more comfortable in character than being himself and it makes him an awesome actor.
Michelle Heslop
He's not too much about himself. I think that's what make him so lovable.
Beth M. Beaton
My dream to do a movie with Johnny Depp even if it is a small part especially if he was Captain Jack Sparrow. Now that would be an actual challenge for me since I have a huge crush on him since 21 Jump Street tv show. And I am very shy so it would be a huge challenge. To see if I would freeze or could I do my part and work hard.
Jacqueline De-Chantel Levan Belcher
So he's a bit shy & is Uncomfortable at interviews! I think he's awesome outstanding actor, making time to visit those children is kind & genuine! Some others should take lessons from him & be a bit less it's all about me!
Helen Ström
Wow! What an amazing actor and person he is! Wish I could meet him as Captain Jack Sparrow when I'm walking down my street to work in Sweden.😉😍
Stephanie Spencer
He's amazing. Always catches my attention. Even his awkwardness is appealing. :) one of the best in the industry! Love him!!
Rebecca Lippert
Channel 4 in columbus ohio they cut in with president trump missed almost all the episode really. Love and cant wait for 26th. Going to see at drive-in
Michele Emond Hubbartt
I love him I love his humility and the fact that he's not comfortable talking about himself makes me love him even more. He's an actor because he likes to act. Not because he likes the publicity of it. Major crush!
Milagros Miranda Sherwin
All great artists are tortured he is awkward to promote himself, but just sit back and have fun pretend there's no audience and you'll open up more.
Sandy Reno
I'm glad to hear he does something kind for children.... but I'll never understand why everyone goes nuts over him. He's such a strange person
Shadi Eydt
is it me or did he talk kinda funny ... he was saying how Trump has hard time forming sentences yet he was having difficulties forming his own .. not sure if he's shy, or he feels not himself when out of characters or other stuff .... anyways, he's still great and unique! love ellen <3
Leanne Stothard
Johnny visited the Children's Hospital here in Brisbane, Australia when they were filming the latest Pirates film. I'm not a fan of the films, but I love him for doing that! 😊
Sarah Elizabeth Schlund
Tara Brownlee what are your thoughts on this? I'm older like him so I understand his slow responses, but can you believe he hasn't watched any Caribbean films?!

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Big news from Facebook. #TBT

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Trip Somkongmany She's funny smart Worddup
Manfred Alexander Buchner Helga, die Namen könnten von dir stammen 😎
Jim Shaff I have to say Ellen you are the best!!!💜💙💚❤️
Ngoc D. Nguyen Sierra Comini Kajal Morarji that reminds me of you guys :))
Imranullah Khan andy one of my favrt.....he is naturally comedian

I sent Young Dylan to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, and it was hot! Literally.

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Sharon Sargent love my Ellen.
Jackie Jones Bekka Ellen for President
Reana Visser Real famous celebrity <3
Liz Barragan Cute lil guy
AnnDon Dieu He is so cute!!!!

I’ve never seen these on Amazon. ellen.tv/2r1bDtA

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Allison Faircloth Kaycie Blackwell Young man... looks like they sent my order to the wrong house.
Kathleen Brunswick Me either,if we did you would have alot of shipping....
Rhonda J. Doyle Anything that can't be returned needs a larger amount of peanut packaging
Jo Perez Too cute! Adopt, don't shop!! #rescuedismyfavoritebreed
Megan Atkins I got my delivery 😝

It’s all fun and games until you get into a romper accident. Howie Mandel

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Tracy Somerville Lol omg funniest thing ever!! Had tears rolling down my face!! What about when he cut himself I was actually in hysterics!!!! 😂😂
Teresa Castiglione I have never laughed so hard in my life watching your show today. The blood was the funniest! Thanks for always brightening my day!
Jean Lamberty Novak He was funny at first, but went over the top. Loved the look on Twich's face when they put camera on him. He wasn't laughing, in fact looked a little like "whaaaat?".
Teresa Visciarelli I saw Howie back in the day and he gets funnier and funnier as he gets older... He looks adorable in that romper - fit him well...
Maria Bruni Robertson This was the funniest segment EVER!!!! Saw it when it originally aired during your show!!! I HAD TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY FACE! Love you and your show!!!

Las Vegas wasn’t ready for Kevin the Cashier. But I sent him there anyway.

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Judy Hetrick Johnson Hilarious😅
Kristen Ann The hidden camera pranks are the best!
Vikki Wheeler OMG! 🤣🤣🤣
Toni Pollmann Zena Crabtree YES sometimes shots happen there
Kayla Steakley Baker Whitney Wilson!! I wish we would have seen Kevin 😂

Now there’s a new way to watch some of your favorite cartoons, and my audience is gonna do it on new iPads. #LaughDancePartner

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Scotty PA Sick
Kiberu Arafah https://youtu.be/6PX8smfysgo
Fallon Kief Hi Ellen
Kisha T James Love you ellen you a kind lady
Furyiel Perch Yay cartoons!! :D <3

Happy National Wine Day!

23.1k reactions 3495 comments
Tess Hopfe Karen Lynn maybe we should just drink wine tonight instead of working out! 🙈
Justin Neduchal My wife and daughter celebrated, but my daughter misunderstood the meaning of the holiday.
Kristy Jane https://www.change.org/p/yulin-dog-meat-festival-will-happen-again-on-june-21-2017-10-000-dogs-will-be-tortured-and-then-eaten-this-cruel-festival-started-in-2010-and-it-must-be-stopped?...
Wendy Hyde Just what I needed today!! Stay at home mom is a rough job!!!
Cynthia Ramon Todd Brianna Jensen This day needs to be in my calendar from here on out 🍷❤️🙌🏽😏

It’s 12-year-olds like Alex who will change the world.

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Kristina Nairn I am blown away at his intuitiveness, thoughtfulness and ability to empathize on such an amazingly deep level! It just goes to show that age is only a number and one should never be underestimated! What an inspiration!!
Jenny Clouser Jolliff This young man has touched my heart.. Although my husband has passed he lived his last 25 years in a wheelchair..He was wounded in Vietnam and was 58 when he passed.. Oh how he would have loved this young man and must say he sure has won my heart! You ...
Misty Diaz Thank you from a woman with spina bifida who travels to run races on hot pink crutches all over the world . Meaning I need this app!!! Thank you !!!!!! Amazing
Sara Molyneaux-Kellesis Amazing! There's is such a need for it and I love that a 12 year old is developing an idea I've had in my head for years but haven't followed through on. I can't wait to see the results.
Jenna Beth Young Wow! This is so great! Thank you to this amazing kid for taking initiative to make people's lives better, and thank you to Ellen for recognizing his efforts!

This is Macey’s first Civil War reenactment.

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Arwen Aylsworth Lisa Wolff Francesca DiMaggio Shayle Knight Kenley Masterson Laura Potter I know I tag you guys in a lot of stuff, but I'm serious watch this. Hilarious
Beth Brady Was there. Thank you from Hartford City.💙love you so much Ellen!!
Jenny Schweiger Miriam Winter schau da bitte von ihr a sochn o :D sie is soooo geil o
Kelly Lange Her tip to Lincoln, priceless 😂😂
Carrie-Anne Overton Shes so cute. I hope she becomes president one day shes smarter than trump thats for sure.

This is exactly what my house is like when I'm at work. #PetDish

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Shina Louis http://TheMoneyGrill.com/?refer=11675
Cathy Treuner Boyle Fun
Marie Gervais Bilombo Love u so much Ellen ...
Tolotea Tia Petersen 😂😂
Swift Heagato Those pets voices are so soothing!

My producer Tracy may be the only person who loves "The Bachelorette" more than I do.

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Huong Pham https://youtu.be/O-LoZceYPSY
Shina Louis http://TheMoneyGrill.com/?refer=11675
Terryann McFarlane Hi 🙋 Ellen I love ❤ your show
Troy L Booker 🦋🙏🏾🦋
이준범 😛👍🐰

Batman, Beetlejuice, Birdman, Mr. Mom, they’re all here today.

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Meg Arnerich He is a great actor
Cara Mike Geneau Have you seen this Ellen?
Charlotte M Reyes I love him. Multiplicity is one of my favs..
Shannon Griffin Mmmmm best Batman ever!
Robin Buser My favorite was Jack Frost!

No sunburns today. ellen.tv/2qX847D

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Joan M. Jeans She should pretty much be protected for the entire summer....(LOL)!!!
Courtney Loughlin But there wouldn't be any sunburns with the sunscreen pill Abigail Marlene Jessica
Trey Taylor No sunburns maybe... But her behind bout' to catch all kinds of heat!
Stacy Gibbons Interested? Message me for info and prices! Lip color, highlighters and glitter eyeshadow...you pick the colors you want! Glitter Eyeshadow comes in palettes of 4 or 12. Pay pal accepted. Made by me, customized for you! Check out my page Stacy's Glam ...
Charity Robinson Oh my, this reminds me of the time my son got onto the butt cream, he had it everywhere, and to this day idk how he got it. Lol

What did Andy Cohen plead the fifth to? Find out right here.

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Berths Childrey Smart
Joan D'Aguanno Hate him
Cindy Booth I really enjoyed him!
Jackie Jones Bekka Ellen for President
Stevie Wunderlich Allie Heckman watch it til the end hahaha

This is the first gender reveal on my show. I think it went well.

240.8k reactions 7659 comments
Amber N Dean Oh man why can't anything like this happen to me!? right Amanda and Jessie??? Congrats to them though, that is sure one special blessing! Takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of you during a time that should be nothing but special but sometimes ...
Giselle Cordeiro Ellen DeGeneres may your blessings be tenfold...just watching your show and seeing your true goodness and love of humanity brings light to even the darkest of days! Its so very needed!
Florbela Silva I don't watch your show, just clips here and there but I am taking the time to thank you for your generosity. Parents who strive to do their best for their children can benefit from a little break. Amazing gesture once again, wishing you all the best!
Leah Lewis Absolutely beautiful. Ellen you are by far one of the most generous and caring people on this planet. Thank you for always sharing your joy, your heart and your passion with the rest of the world. <3 You use your platform for such good and honesty and ...
Djika Laura Watching your show is de best because u always put smile on people's​ face and I always cry while watching. Love u so much Ellen

Robin Wright is stunning, strong and talented, and an incredible role model. And now she can kick your booty.

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Katrina Reppert I think Ellen has a little crush crush :)
Su Thoe I love Robin Wright❤️
Lori Bravo I watched it!! She looks great at 51 and now she can kick booty too!! Sa' what!!
Nanette Schmader Love Robin Wright
Carla Valentine Robin Wright is sexy!

Nicki Minaj inspired me so much by giving back to her fans, so I had a special surprise for her.

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Nikolai Paulsen Oh..she should go to collage...she would be the most popular girl there 4sure
Amanda Brohman That's so awesome. Yet so sad to think that the one check shown above would maybe pay for one student to go to university. It's a racket
Dionna Mcmahan She needs to keep her clothes on and be a real role model!! #hooch
Jessica Aiken-Hall In the spirit of giving back...please check out my kickstarter campaign! http://kck.st/2rxcJjx
Ana M Abreu Really inspirational!! Hopefully more artist will follow Nicki steps. Amazed!!!

Bitches up in the crib. ellen.tv/2qha1Kt

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Alyssa Kress Alex Kress you need to get Aria and Sadie into this album.
Krystle Dragt Samantha Schmidt you should do a pic like this when she's older!!
Adrian DeSilva Ellen Lee DeGeneres, you better stop swearing on Facebook and clean that dirty mouth with Orbit. :P
Megan Hachman Abbey Thull - I hope this is Riley's hair in a few months.
Sam Euesden Sarah Euesden could you try and get this photo with Brodie, miley and Abbie lol

According to Nicki Minaj, I'm officially in a rap feud.

2.8k reactions 89 comments
Ntandoyamankomose Siphosonke Ngubane Love you Ellen, from South Africa!!!!
Kiberu Arafah Guys across the world please watch my new show
Anita Richardson What a great interview!!! I love you both ❤️❤️❤️
Kathleen Brunswick She did great on rthe billboards Awards Show,\
Mimii NM DeGeneres Queens 💛👸

I have loved working with Shutterfly for five years now. They're responsible for some of my all-time favorite moments. #LaughDancePartner

7.4k reactions 226 comments
Marlene Latourneau Say what you will about Ellen, and you know who you are, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all have her good heart!!
Jaquelina Marquez Maravilloso todo lo que hacen en tú programa Ellen, felicitaciones a tu producción t a ti, y me alegro por todos los que ya recibieron tú ayuda. Feliz me hace muy feliz ver todo esto.
Victoria Roscoe I love your show I watch every day I sent messenger messages to your inbox I have a story I'd like to tell to help a lot of people that are battling a lot of crisis in this earth right now which is drug addiction I'm writing a book and I would love it ...
Denise Elliott Love love love to see happy people, smiling faces, Ellen, and the little intelligent tyke Brielle! Congrats and thanks to everybody doing amazing things for others. Ellen, you're the best! :) <3
Tearuru Utanga Its amazing to watch Ellen on FB this is the only time I can watch it.even though its only little snippets of her show, I'm down. "KEEP ON giving" #❤ OFGOLD.

Nicki Minaj spilled the tea on her relationship with Nas.

3.5k reactions 177 comments
Sanny Catic I love this and both r sooo funny ❤️❤️🌸🌸❤️❤️❤️
Blair Jones Emily Jones Kayla Jones omg I'm obsessed with this interview. I love her.
Kris Tin Anna Chen even Ellen Degeneres is now using "spill the tea." You made it happen 😂 Christopher Atlee
Kimberly Garcia Love Ellen she's so funny ❤ I'm not a big Nicki fan but she was cute here.
Joey Djf Garcia Sure it will be great to have a Latino president that knows the street and the world .what really going on

I played a new game called "Prom Dress or Craigslist Couch?" How many of you could play this at your house right now?

6.1k reactions 253 comments
Barbara Schmieder This was a great game. Especially when your dress pop up and you didn't kn it. That was good.
Sharon Tracey Pope So devastated to hear of Trumpf and De Vos(not the band Devo) attack on the American public education system. Terrible news
Donna Louise OMG Ellen DeGeneres, i soooo knew it was your dress and i was right lmaoooooo shame on you for not knowing that!!
BebEth Kho i loved your show ellen so much bless you always ...hope i can see u in person
Heidi LeBlanc Lmao Amber Leigh Ouillette I think you'll find this video funny but I'm mainly tagging you cause of her comment at the end😂😂😂

Dating can be stressful. Thankfully, here’s some of my guests with their dating secrets.

5.0k reactions 192 comments
Helen Ross Funny.
Sam Iam 😂😂😂
Lily Stinehour Becca Hicks Amy Schumer is me 😂👌🏼
Claudia Peeters Demi Verheijden wahahaha die laatste!!! 😂
Elizabeth Tanguay-Collins Savanna 😂😂😂😂 Amy tho... 😂😂😂😂

Bianca is 8 years old, and her hip-hop skills are already off the charts.

4.4k reactions 164 comments
Dottie Dove DeMarco She is so good
Allie Wolfe Good job!
Michelle Lawrence Awesome! Should go on AGT!
Josie de Boer Jahnero Edwards check out this little girl!
Kim Reay Waldon Allison Bowes ..... stanky face on fiiirrreeee

Jessica Simpson is a performer, a designer, a mom, and owns a billion-dollar business.

7.3k reactions 1099 comments
Megan Mykichuk Omg poor Ellen I don't even know how she sat thru that interview. Was Jessica on something. She seemed drunk or high or just more stupid then before. That was hard watching the full few mins. Ellen is awesome!
Chris Hum Is Jessica Simpson honestly this stupid, or is it all an act for our entertainment? Though, she is making a lot of money, so she must be making some smart choices.
Michele Moses She was medicated or intoxicated, Ellen had me laughing 😵 Watch an older episode of Ellen and Jessica - she acts blonde but it stupid
Tanisha Orberson Jessica just seems like a good hearted dingy gal. Nothing wrong with that. She's goofy and funny. I feel like Ellen got laughs of Jessica's goofiness but Jessica is so carefree that it doesn't matter. Both are funny and too many people expecting them to ...
Sharazan Marlene She hired businessmen to handle investment. She just says yay or nay on designs. She does sound nervous or she's on something. Maybe she's tipsy

Love comes in all sizes. #EDbypetsmart ED Ellen DeGeneres ellen.tv/2ra57nh

15.7k reactions 653 comments
Sajith Malinda Whats up guys ... you can joind big buddy face book... Same guys in men in black...
Emma Jervis Brooke Chelsea i think you guys need a frenchie. It would go so well with ronnie and luna 😁
Janette Cusack I Love These Dogs, I wish I could have one...They are Soo Sweet. SMART...MY GRANDSON would be so Happy❤
Stephanie Kinnett Very true, but don't let anyone fool you, they can talk back too
Cheyenne Golden Ryan Elizabeth King omg cutest thing I've ever seen

My new friend Tamika was so special, I had two surprises for her. First was her family…

47.2k reactions 1135 comments
Kay Desmond You rock ELLEN!!!!! I pray someday I can visit your show. You are such a Beautiful human being. The world needs more people with your loving, giving, companionate soul.
Tamara Clark "Be kind to one another" Ellen you are the sweetest, most kindness, gentle, inspiration, loveable person. Your sharing of people's stories around the world is just incredible. I cry happy tears every time I watch this sort of giving back. 😍 I love you ☺
Jo Volenecz That lady was very inspiring but so are you Ellen, I love you, you are one of the most considerate, kindest woman I have had the pleasure of watching. I started watching you when you were starting out till now and your mom must be so proud. You have ...
Trisha Glover Cranor Ellen can I just tell you that you are one of our nations treasures!!! Your love and genuine kindness radiates off the screen and into our hearts. You make each of us better human beings by showering your love upon us!!! Much love to you and your staff ...
Carolina Maria Kowal What a lovely and sacrificing soul,thanks for highlighting such individuals on your show Ellen. Really puts my faith back in humanity when I see such compassion and empathy is still out there. :) <3

I challenged Jessica Simpson to a game of sumo Heads Up App. I can't tell if she won or if I lost.

6.1k reactions 209 comments
Cathy Silva So much fun and always a good laugh, thanks for the good times😍
Leah Gagliardo Teresa Johnson maybe if we had these I wouldn't have broke Brandi Talbot fan haha
Neneng Diana Yulianti Warandy Ellen I love you. Everyday I pry I hope I can see you Ellen. I love you Ellen. I'm Indonesia maid working in Singapore. I'm single mother 2 son . I hope god bless me too see you Ellen. 💖💖💖💖
Donna Schuster Funny as ever! Ellen your expression are classic! Jessica knew,she screwed up the interview, but still good comeback!
Donna McPhee This always brightens my day,, thanks for the laughter

Oh, the joys of dating. Luckily, I made it easy for you to watch right from home. #FirstDates is on in an hour!

2.7k reactions 194 comments
Eileen Campbell Terlizzi I love the show but alot of couples are mismatched. How are they put together?
Misty Navarro Sandra Sandie Oh.... all we need is Ellen . 😒 of course
Rowina Reyes Longcore How did the date go for the audience members that I just saw in this clip?
Derek Wilson I'm not sure it's Ellen's show considering it's been on it the uk for years.
LaTanya Kirkpatrick Hi Ms.its me again please help me with my mouth please i don't want people 2 see me like this i want a man in my life but i am so ugly with my mouth please help help help help help me thank you so very much

The World’s Most Beautiful (and wonderful) person is here today!

14.7k reactions 239 comments
Farimah Salami I loved her when I was a teen and keep looooooving her!! cause she is amazing!! :D
Cheryl Campbell Julia I think you are the one of the most beautiful women in the world next to my favorite person in the world Ellen love you both!
Casey Lee Rosenhan McKenzie Filimoeatu this was an awkward interview but Julia Roberts is the most beautiful human ever.
Denise Beauchamp Love you Ellen and Julia you two are just beautiful souls made my day today ..... oh and every day thank you for just being you ❤❤❤❤😍
Lacey Alton How could you not Love Julia with that laugh!!! And oh my those eyes... Have been in love since I first saw you in "Dying Young"
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