Dwayne The Rock Johnson
07:09 11/30/2017

This crowd was ROCKIN’. Such a pleasure to screen #JUMANJI for our troops and their families tonight at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam,

here in Hawaii.
Thank you for the energy and thank you for the love.
And thanks for going crazy over the movie... especially all my scenes 😉. #JointBasePearHarborHickam #MilitaryScreening #JUMANJI 🤙🏾🇺🇸

This crowd was ROCKIN’. Such a pleasure to screen #JUMANJI for our troops and their families tonight at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, here in Hawaii.
Thank you for the energy and thank you for the love.
And thanks for going crazy over the movie... especially all my scenes 😉. #JointBasePearHarborHickam #MilitaryScreening #JUMANJI 🤙🏾🇺🇸

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SA Majeed
i am waiting for this movie
Jenni Ferguson Kastelan
Chris Kastelan he might still b in Hawaii when u go!!
Iese Theresa
Manuia Faafetai Happy Holidays 😎💯🤙🏾
Nitin Tiwari
Want to meet you ROCK once in a lifetime!
Loraine Prieto
Wish i was there again love Hawaii
Anthony David
My Guy. You’ve Always Been A Solid Cat. The Couple Times I Met You, Seemed Like We Knew Each Other For Ever. Two Big Dudes Who Love Life. OHANA And Mahalo Big UCE!!! This Is Big Tony, #TEAMGOTTI 🤙
Mark Thomas
Each year in December the snowballexpress.org bring about 1200 GOLD Star family's to the dfw area for 4 days of fun. It would be great if you could stop by and say hi if only for 30 mins. The kids ages anywhere from about 4 to 17. Thank you and God Bless.
Becca Saylor
Wish I could’ve taken my dad as we flew into oahu today but the tickets were gone
Xn Richards
Thank you so much for stopping in to see us @ Hickam, you're awesome. Much ♡
Bear Tomlinson
#brewseum come visit us! Just up the street from kakaako fitness brah!
Sunisa Bunna
Yes I saw by driving pass I don't know it was him AHLAMA I miss it 😩
Daniel Brazzano
I’m excited to see this movie but unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy this screening. 😔
Kshitiz Arora
I fell down in mud , I stood up and dusted the dirt off ..... If dwayne johnson and The Rock are same .... i think you both are jerk off
Kevin Miskel
I was just thinking "Who could do a better job in a comedic role than Robin Williams?" The obvious answer is Jack Black. I mean, come on, remember Saving Silverman? GOLD!
Claire Plummer
This really is great, comedy gold possibly. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in a while. Is this critically analysed? 🐧

Other newsfeed from Dwayne The Rock Johnson

It’s all come down to this moment. Training and dieting hard for weeks for tomorrow’s (Saturday) big #ProjectRock Under Armour photo shoot for our next line called CHASING GREATNESS. I never do photo shoots where a make up artist sprays water on me and I pretend to workout while a photographer shoots it. I don’t have time for that bullshit. I have two rules when it comes to photo shoots in my gym: I’ll train hard like a MF and you’ll shoot it. And the most important rule, is stay the f*ck outta my way. Everyone wins. I’m more than happy to put in the work, as you guys are gonna dig this new line. Our chase is on. #ChasingGreatness #UnderArmour #ProjectRock 2018. (after this shoot I’m destroying PANCAKES!;)

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Heather Hadlock Wright My 9 year old son who has Aspergers which includes sensory issues and makes diet a real frustration for us, Loves you. He is significantly overweight and gets extreme bullying because of weight. Would there ever be a possibility that you would face time ...
Maria Rivera Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock...you are still the coolest actor ever keep up the great work and you are a true legend..many blessings on your present and future endeavors...#Chasing greatness..Awesome
Angelina Ttia Mia Petersen I never pretend to be somebody that I’m not. I work hard and I make sure I prove everyone wrong going all the way doing it for myself family country and the whole world 🌍 preatty much. Not going to stop I stay strong. Much love 💖🌍💪😁✌️
Joy Otoo Did someone say pancakes 🥞 😂😂So sorry I'm easily distracted by food 😊Oh yeah you said something about cameras, six weeks, dieting, training, Jumanji and Pancakes right??😂😂👍🏾Super Congratulations on all your hard work! Rock on 🚀 😊
Tammantha Shaw We love yah Rock, always working hard and giving us your all. Love all of your projects at the company.

We all feel that pressure and anxiety to perform daily. Work, relationships, school etc. I live it and I get it. Back when I was gettin’ my ass kicked from life and had $7 bucks in my pocket, I would always think, “Man if I could just make it, I wouldn’t have anymore stress and pressure”. You work your ass off to “make it” but then I realized you gotta be even more hungrier and work even harder once you get there. I understand what stress and pressure is. What it like to be pulled in 10,000 different directions in a day. When you think no one else understands the pressure you’re feeling. I get it. The key though is remembering that the noise of pressure and anxiety is always gonna be there, but you can’t let it control you. You gotta block out the stress and noise, listen to your gut and to keep moving forward. Always keep moving forward. And kindly pour me a shot of tequila...

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Danielle Peck Thank you, Dwayne. A lot of people frustrated and needing a voice of reason and encouragement out there. I imagine it’s really tough being away from home and your girls so much. Thanks for doing what you do for your fans- we appreciate you. 😘
Elsa Lopez Stress is a part of us all,we just need to have positive thoughts and not be whinning about them.Nothing is easy but it's not impossible.After a while,we would be laughing at ourselves.Thank you for your words and keep up the good work,you're great!
Lincoln Williams You're always uplifting people and leading them to the right direction and making them feel really good in the spirit and heart and that's really great Big Cousin and much love to the family
Maria Gamez Well, All I have to tell U is from past experiences, always do good, think good, n keep smiling show those beautiful . expensive teeth! Do has much as U can, while U can, because there will be the sad time when Ur own work will not call anymore! So ...
Katy Galli Dwayne The Rock Johnson PLEASE let me share your story on my Keep Moving Forward podcast. Your journey of resiliency from the time you were an athlete though now as an entrepreneur, my listeners need to hear your story from you. It would be such an ...

It’s bananas level surreal. This #JUMANJI phenomenon around the world 🌎 is beyond my wildest dreams. My goal was to make a holiday movie that three generations of your family could enjoy - together. Love that you’re having FUN. Thank you so much for making us #1 ‘round the world and L’Chaim! 🍻 #JUMANJI 🌎

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Donna Lane Loved it!!! At the end, when the stone was placed but nothing happened, most people in the audience yelled Say the Word. :)
Jamie Johnson Already saw it in the theatre twice and have it on my list to preorder when it comes out on blueray!
Rebecca Ittenbach I have to admit I had zero expectations when I went to watch it, just very much nostalgia and my friend and I joked that you would make anything worth watching, so we went to see it the day it came out and it is SO good 😳👍🏻
Marcella Chaisson-Purinton Well you definitely did just that Dwayne Johnson, I went to a special viewing with my daughter and my grandaughter and we all loved it. Great job.
Tanja Arzdorf Dreams come true. Not without reason # 1 despite many hater and negative comments. And your hard work, passion and commitment have paid off. You, Kevin and Jack, just a super ingenious and hilarious combination. Jumanji - welcome to the jungle is in no ...

The limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun is back. Great to kick off production for our new season of HBO’s BALLERS. Lots of work to put in, but we got a fun season lined up for ya, and as always, thank you so much for rockin’ with us for years and making our show, HBO’s #1 highest rated half hour on their roster. #Ballers #NewSeason #LosAngeles #Woo

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Nick Sutton Awesome. Just remember Spence, “Don't invest in depreciating assets. If it drives, flies, floats or f***s, lease it.”
Dulcinea del Toboso Toni Cento vielleicht sucht er ja noch Flugbegleiter ;-) ich würde direkt mitkommen Gerd Engert mit Sicherheit auch. Der macht dann den Tomatensaft auf ;-)
Juliana Patricio Lima you are an incredibly wonderful man; beautiful and good-hearted.I am your fan, I adore you so much, and I pray to GOD to have the opportunity to hug you personally one day, when that day comes, I will be the happiest woman in the world.I love you ...
VB Von I reckon u should cast an Australian woman (ME) in this show. ballers comes to aus to sign some sports stars... I love it.
Toni Lucero Dwayne Johnson OMG you are what makes my heart flutter. I think you are absolutely gorgeous and I bet you smell delicious!!!

Beijing 🇨🇳 Our big Jumanji CHINA premiere. It’s nice to be considered an industry leader, but if I’m going to continue to grow my business and our Seven Bucks enterprise on a global scale, then the way that works best for me is meeting face to face, shaking hands and looking people in the eyes. It’s just how I am. We live in a rapidly growing digital age where social media posts are fun and effective to a point, but the real work and success always gets done when you do it face to face. Thank you CHINA press and fans for your time. And thank you for the never ending adrenaline rush. 😉 #JUMANJI #WorldPressTour #Beijing

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Ef Castill I knew you when you was just Dwayne! Will we ever meet again! Come back home, you have your biggest fans in this entire world here!
Brian Hinkel In a lot of Asian cultures, direct eye contact is a form of disrespect... You should probably take cultural differences into consideration.
Chris Yao I like this movie so much,it’s funny and exciting 👍.Look forward to seeing you again soon in Taiwan 🇹🇼
Tezz Terri Robinson Congratulatios. Dwayne I thought you'd still get a bit nervous or get butterflies in your stomach. I 'm not in the acting industry so I can noly take a guess. I'd be nervous.
Rose Burns Can't wait to see your movie ..always a pleasure watching u and Kevin Hart on film Together..too funny

After 14hrs of flying, we landed in Beijing. Team wants to sleep, but I always have other plans. Let’s get the blood flowing. The one thing we can always control in this unpredictable life, is our effort. Effort creates action, action creates momentum, momentum creates success. And when in doubt just grab the heaviest shit possible. 😉 That’s a wrap on the am training. Now we can go to work. #BeijingBeast #BloodSweatRespect #JUMANJI #WorldTour #CHINA 🇨🇳

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Wei Cheung Rock always has good stuff to say. It’s true gym gives good endorphins . I know I could transform my 1 pack into 12 packs if I watch you nahhhh I’m still gonnna be too lazy to do it. I have my membership but I only go there for the steam room
Marquita Waters Okay, my man "The Rock!" I've got the answer for you: 1 Kilo computes to 2.20462 pounds. So, the camera panned on weights that reflected 42.5 kilos each. If you picked up two, I would guess that each one was approximately 100 lbs. U DA MAN!! By the ...
Mardöll Brísingamen YES! This! When I get stressed or know I'm getting into a situation that is going to be taxing, I relax with iron.
Trinity River I wish I felt in control of effort... the last three years I was in a job that I controlled everything and I never stopped and I put forth 300% effort and did great and unfortunately that job ended for no reason and now I'm in a job that I really think ...
Victor Garcia Nobody works harder then Dwayne, i have a saying, everytime i dont hit the snooze button im on the rock mode, i just motivated im going to lift some iron

Jan 1st. 10pm. En route to Beijing. Not every US film has the privilege of being released in China. For me, it’s always an honor. And for everyone out there who’s chasing your own form of success. I support you and got your back. And remember, the work never stops.. you always gotta keep drivin’ forward. #BeijingBound #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #JumanjiChina 🇨🇳

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Angelina Ttia Mia Petersen Same to you Safe travel Dwayne. Thank you! Jumanjj loved the movie great story all the videos you posted and yes will keep on going moving forward I never stop. Much love and respect for you too😘💪💖🌎✌️😁
Fred Monroe You work hard to get to the point where you really don't have to work hard and spend time with your kids and wife... Before you know it kids are grown and don't want to spend that time with you now cause there friends become the ones they see every day ...
Leabelle Izzy Reid This type of tip is only for those who only know how to fight. Be advice, looser won't comment on this because they are unable to fight nor willing to work constantly. They only complaining about that their life is not moving at all and they just wait ...
David Charles Constantine Congratulations on your film being released in China , unfortunately they did the same thing for 3 basketball players.
Claudia Manoela It's true. The work never stop but when we do what we like the work is gratificant. And we know than you love your job because everything you do it's perfect!!!!

New shoe alert 🚨 Puttin’ in the late night work at the lab aka West Coast Iron Paradise. Took these new #ProjectRock Under Armour ROCK 1 prototypes thru their first brutal leg workout. They did well. My goal is to make these our best training shoe yet. By the time they’re ready for you, they’ll be battle scarred properly and engineered to achieve greatness. Now I go to work and put em thru the tests. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #ROCK1s Available MEMORIAL DAY 2018

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Claire Mayo How did you cut your leg, trainers are pretty cool though xx my two teenage boys would love them xx will they be available in Scotland xx
Matthew Lloyd Get that tick with the blue background dude. It's confusing when your page is not confirmed. Keep up the awesome work and sorry if I am being pushy. Just saying. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Elaine Hill Hey Dwayne! You missed my question...what’s the best exercise for shaping quads and toning shoulders? Lookin stupendous BTW.😱💯🤦🏽‍♀️
Izumi Kimura Already too long training with old shoes. New shoe, fresh start. I knew you put em thru the tests when they haven’t found a good shoe yet, rely on somebody’s move or stuffs. 90% failed to give us an answer. They put wrong shoe then act as if they fit ...
Scott Jacques I’ve got 2 pairs of Delta and they r the best shoes I’ve ever owned in my 47 years. Appreciate the comfort and stability. And the awesome look too.

Anytime I can bring my ace OMGitsfirefoxx into my video game to hand out ass kickins and chew bubble gum, it’s a good day. Click in the comments below for a taste! #RealityQuest #JUMANJI Enjoy...

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Patrick Wilson Hi big guy I'm Patrick Wilson from south Africa Im a big fan of yours I'm a script writer I like you to help me shoot my movie is been a years I've trying this no Buddy helps me my I need your help my brother
Brian N Sela Misinale #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata #wpmoychallenge +ngata
Arnaud Grégor Hey dwayne, it's jumanji's time right now with my son's. 😎😎😎
Robert Allan Meh if i wanted to find the rock i would just play ww2k18
Barbara Jones Mr. Dwayne The Rock Johnson....Awesome!,,,,Happy New Year...#yumyumbadass

Been a very grateful and lucky guy over the years to have accomplished a few things here and there. This ceremony for my Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame was one of the greatest days of my life. I will always believe in the power of putting in the hard work with your own two hands. Everyone in my life, celebrates this Star with me. I’m here because of you - especially the fans. Watch the video below.

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Karen Blutcher He so deserves this. He is one of the few that is idolized by so many and keeps on the straight and narrow. Shows its cool to be nice-cool to be honest-cool to hard working-and shows young people that ya dream big and then ya work hard towards that ...
Amelia Serpa He is so deserving of this honor because he is a wonderful human being and has a heart of gold. He goes out there everyday and makes people’s day and dreams. I Thank You Mr. Johnson you are amazing.
Monna McMahan Aubertin Congratulations! !! U deserve it for your incredible strength, talent, attitude and being such a Role Model. And your singing is pretty good too!! Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you
Liana Schoonwinkel Dwayne you are one of the altemit greats. No one in there wildest dreams received an standing ovention like you. People really is looking up to you. You really can teach your family members how to become fan favourites, really pround of you, keep on ...
Hemara A Mala Congratulations & Malo! A well deserved recognition. God has bless us all with a beautiful man, please keep on keeping on 😘😘😘 Love your quote ‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice’

Merry Christmas from our ohana to yours! 😂🎅🏾🎶 ✋🏾

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Cree WD Virgil Wilson - You can be a multi-million dollar actor/entertainer... and still have doors closed in your face by your own flesh and blood.
Dalia Hendawi 'Affejet. Kasseret. Åbenlyst gjort til grin.' Og det stod han model til😍 men det klæder ham hahaha Nadin Hamad Hadeel Hendawi #GastonReferenceOnPoint
Danielle Anthony-Feliciano Your little "Frida" can't be bothered while she is working 😂 Just like a regular parent with kids who don't appreciate the awesomeness of our skills like dancing to Cindy Lauper or singing Elvis on the steps. Side note I would never shut the door on ...
Sonia Pemberton Ha ha ha. Aww that is just beautiful and so like children, she doesn't care that you are the Rock, a hearthrob all around the world, she just wants peace and quiet while she paints you a beautiful picture. I saw you in San Andreas last night on TV, ...
Marika Holmberg The kids are the greatest. They love you unconditionally but also have a gift of kicking you down to earth. For them the only things that's really matters is your love for them, the same what the rest of the world thinks and says❤

Huge news, Jumanji has captured the #1 spot in countries all over the world. As always, my goal is for you to have the best time and most fun at the movies so this news is a direct reflection of just that. Awesome feeling. It’s why I happily put in the work. Merry Christmas, have FUN with the movie and THANK YOU. Merry Christmas! #Jumanji #1 🌎🎅🏾

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Mike Moreno Dwayne- I will be honest I was not looking forward to this movie originally, but after reading Flixster reviews I watched it today and though it isn't any way near an oscar performance, it was enjoyable, had a good update on it without trying to remake ...
Dunamis Espada Merry Christmas and happy new years rock have a safe one god bless you yes I will see the movie I can't wait yeah baby lol lol
Sherry Fowler Congratulations, seen Jumanji on Cristmas Eve with the family, it was a great Movie!! Everyone enjoyed!! Merry Christmas!
Molly Collins Like to say thank you dwayne johnson for a movie jumanji Christopher Threlfall Anthony Leo Conyngham my great nephew mhedi and I we watch here in uk on Christmas eve laughed from start to finish need to rewatch it was sooo brilliant hope you and your ...
Taimoor S. Murtaza You Rock (pun intended). Wife and I took my kids to watch it yesterday. Great laugh, kids appropriate and yet good humor. Well done! Taimoor and Zahra from Dubai, UAE.

Best Christmas Eve ever. From talkin’ about one of our fav humans, Gal Gadot to schizophrenia.. 😂 I love my #1 with all I got. 🎅🏾❤️

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Kathy Strider Merry xmas to you and your family! Im going to see jumanji tomorrow! Thats my gift to myself! Going to work on my cow pen then eat leftovers and go watch me some rock!! And have a good laugh!
Roberto Melo Feliz Natal The Rock, seja a rocha de amor pra Você e família, amigos, e tudo vai bem!! O Amor a rocha que constroí e realiza tudo, The Rock esse é você Dwayne, até inspira minha vida. Obrigado!! Um lindo Feliz Natal!! <3
Sheila Woodward Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Wishing you many blessings in the coming year! Thank you for being a blessing to those in need, and showing what it means to be just care about others.
Tedd Vallis Dwayne ThankYou so so much for your hard work perseverance in Acting and especally in The WWE your my true Champion in my eyes always thanks Tedd Vallis LangleyB. C Canada
Luciano Goncalves I wish you a wonderful christmas to you and your family thats christmas is all about love and care good bless you all for many hears to come together..

Amazing Jumanji reports coming in ‘round the world 🌎 that you guys are having the best time watching the movie. Get out and go have FUN.. you and your families deserve it. And I deserve my “me time” in my pick up truck going to workout, so thank ya, love ya, enjoy the movie, I’m out. 🤟🏾

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Tugwell Gibson Just got back. All the family watched it together at the cinema from age 10 to 52. First time in ages as a family and never before on Xmas Eve. But I knew you wouldn't let us down. And you didn't. We are in the UK
Janet Law We love all ur movies and ur thanks n loves you show to ur fans was genuine. Love u big guy. You always be the one n only 'the rock' for me. You rock the movie industry in hollywood. Love love all ur movies. Appreciate ur fans supports and love them ...
Dezi Carroll Quintero We haven’t seen it but we plan on it my son lovessss you Dwayne The Rock Johnson he’s been going nuts when he saw videos of you getting ready for it and commercials and then when he found out it’s out he was going crazy! He said he can’t wait to get ...
Tanja Arzdorf Despite many prejudices and some negative comments, you and your great Jumanji team have conjured up a wonderfully honorable homage to a great, unique Robin Williams. Definitely. A great awesome family fun adventure worth seeing, across generations. ...
Robert Walker I hope a theater is still playing it when I get back from deployment in middle of Feb! I loved the original Jumanji and this one should be a great continuation!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages.. enjoy the ride. #JUMANJI opens TODAY.

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Lacey Warr Great great movie i just watched it. I loved it never a dull moment. Loved the Smoldering intensity!!! Lol
Slater LuciEliza When they say 3D or HD Real 3D? Is that mean only for that format? No regular or standard? Can’t watch in 3D’s
Sakuntala Layla Della Jovan Watched Jumanji today. You "smouldered" so well😁 Brilliant comedy by all the cast. The cinema was in stitches
Ruth Miazgiewicz A disappointment for me saying that I should have saved my money on ticket,and time spent seeing this one.....
Amir Rock Wwe people champion Hollywood biggest action hero Dwayne The Rock Johnson jumanji2 coming soon in cinema December 29 Telugu Hindi Tamil

Some pretty good results are in. Early #JUMANJI screenings have been outstandingly positive and successful. Thank you so much for having as much fun watching the movie as we did making it. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoy the movie. Welcome to our jungle baby.. #JUMANJI THIS WEDNESDAY!

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Daisy Cardona I will be there this week "promise"❣️🎄🌟😘😎.
Heidi Kerns Please keep in mind people this is not a kids' movie.
Franco Di Leva Feliz navidad! Dwayne Sos el mejor y una gran persona. Mis saludos y todo lo mejor desde Argentina 💪🏻👏🏻
Cindy Bachicha Remember folks this is not a remake, it's a sequel.
Amy K Phillips I will stand in line for this movie before I stand in line for another SW :)

Many call it the “the greatest Bromance of all time” which I respectfully don’t agree with because that title goes to Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder or Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. I call it “Just two dudes doing manly shit” all over the globe. But Kevin Hart calls it “Two dark cowboys on a mountain called Brokeback”.. which I’m not sure what he’s even referencing but I do know he’s an asshole. Always the best of times with my brother Kev. 🤙🏾 That’s a wrap! #GlobalPressTour #JUMANJI

25.9k reactions 511 comments
Teacy Shelly Somebody said you're Easy like Sunday Morning...but Lionel is sometimy! 💯👀👂Besides ..he has a cat name! But my Japanese Jazzy first name says that ..well..Sunshine exist! 💯
Kristina Earwood Love you guys together! Hope you do many more movies with each other! Maybe a remake of twins! Lol 😜❤️😃
Tish Noble Guys so we've not heard from the two fellas yet ...mmmmm I wounder 🤔🤔🤔🤔 lol 😅😅😉😉😘xxx Tish love yahs
Scott DonScottfather Lunsford I heard & said Kevin's joke when I was 5. And I'm 10 years older than him. And I know that joke's been around longer than me.
Howe Leofo These two are the more famous and rich version of those two weird guys on laughing Samoans Tj Ikitau Steven Tagaloa 😂😭😆

Symbolic and full circle. 18yrs ago when I first broke into Hollywood, I knew nothing about acting or the business of Hollywood. Nothing. The only thing I knew and was 100% committed to was surrounding myself with good hard working people and the hard work I was willing to put in with my own two hands. I wanted to win, but I was willing to fail, because I knew that my effort was the only thing I could always control. And if I got my ass kicked and failed but gave great effort, I’d always come out the other side a better man. Here we are today, 18yrs later... these same two hands (with more callouses) touching this symbolic cement. My heart is full of GRATITUDE for my family, loved ones and everyone on my team who touches this with me. I’m a very grateful man. And we’re just getting started... #HollywoodWalkOfFame #StarCeremony #TwoHandsPhilosophy ✋🏾🤚🏾

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Mariely Lopez Congratulations on your journey to Hollywood. Hard work always paids off. Just follow your heart and your dreams will always come true. God Bless and enjoy your moment, you deserve it. <3
Michelle Cole-Herzog Congratulations Dwayne The Rock you truly are an inspiration I love every movie you have ever played it. I truly am one of your hugest fans Good job keep it up.
Olivia Webb Congrats you deserve it. I have watched you as a wrestler and now as an actor you are awesome i love all your movies you are my idol. I love the rock.
Kehau Javier You're awesome Dwayne❤ Much aloha to you and so proud of all your hard work to get to where u are. You're admired by so many. A great example that dreams can become a reality. Your ohana is beautiful.... Keiki are omg adorbs!! Anyway, congratulations on ...
Gabriel Rose Cueva I love it... You are such a hard-working, very generous & down to earth man that always takes the time out of ur busy day for your fans... This is very well deserved... Congratulations to you...

The Producers. Very proud of my hard working and brilliant partners. Our Seven Bucks Productions Co-Founder Dany Garcia and our Seven Bucks President aka the only man in Hollywood who makes me look small Hiram Garcia. As we approach our company’s 5th year in the game, we’ve built our production, digital and advertising arms out solidly into one of the fastest growing and most sought after company’s in the business. We stay hungry, humble, learnin’, earnin’ and always being the hardest workers in the room. #GameChangers #SevenBucks #JUMANJI

37.6k reactions 428 comments
Frank Riva Es gibt noch jemanden, der breiter ist als "The Rock"?...😮
Nguyen Dat That guy is even bigger than The Rock.. Jesus
LUk Kai Siang Joe Tan the only person in hollywood make him look small
Rob Estcourt Is that bloke on the left a secret lovechild of Dwayne Johnson and Vin diesel?!? Lol
Paula Mooneyhan Who is this big boy making my man look small?

Important to keep in mind that my character is a nerdy, terrified 16yr old teenager trapped in this superhero video game adult body. That’s why I’m trying not to cry. Context is important here people 😂😭. #JUMANJI Welcome to our jungle baby... THIS WEDNESDAY

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Gray Johnny You were a wrestler. You sure you understand context?
Cassie Batson Autumn Dudley Bible this will be you trying to hold back tears of happiness when you see Jumanji
Antonin Fulbert Tlhingan Jih quelle honte. Quand je pense que des gens vont voir ca
Víctor Ramírez Men can cry too, the rock
Penny Du Gosh im dying to see it with u after the holidays when your free Jasmine Kaur :)

When Jack Black and Nick Jonas told me they wrote and shot an original song and music video for Jumanji, I thought, "this is going to be some Grammy-level shit." Turns out it's a different kind of💩 .. but I kinda liked it. 🤙🏾

50.2k reactions 2256 comments
Alejandra Rosales What do you expect from the dude that brought you “The Greatest Song in the World” it’s Tenacious D!!!!
Jannean Arkinstall 🔥Talk about jealous on the set....you'll realise in time that this is the Greatest Jumanji Jumanji theme song ever written ⚡️🔥⚡️😈
Sherry L. Rogers I thought Jack and Nick we're going to 💋 at some point. Is Nick gay. 😂 Best part was seeing DJ. 😍💪💖 Can't wait to see the movie. ✌
Vicki Rascal Jones Oh my gosh that was very creative and I did enjoy the video and laughed through it.... Jumanji; Welcome To The Jungle rules!!
Michael Kupecz Oh boy, I can never ever get that time back that I lost watching that sh**. I hope the movie is better than that. sorry Rock.

Why arrive to the most frenzied and electric Hollywood premiere of 2017 in a fancy, no fun limo when you can arrive in true style. An old beat to shit #JumanjiLandRover right down Hollywood Blvd while Guns N' Roses WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is blaring thru the speakers. Perfect. I’ll drive. #WorldPremiere #Hollywood #JUMANJI

17.9k reactions 229 comments
Laurie Tomlinson The ROCK and Kevin Hart, Hell yeah!!! You guys are Awesome
Anthony Barratt They turn jumanji, a board game, into a video game..that's insulting
Leslie Ann Now this is why I love you Dwayne. Down to earth honest , cool and fun.
Pat Brown Yes! I love it!! Teach them how it's done, Dwayne! #BestRideEver
Lani Kai Yeah baby that is the way to do it!

Our Jasmine Lia would like to make a big announcement - IT’S A GIRL! 🌺 Lauren Hashian Official and I are boundlessly grateful for this blessing as this spring we’ll welcome our second baby. Plus, Jazzy is excited to boss around and protect her lil’ sis. And once again, big daddy is completely surrounded by beautiful estrogen and loving, powerful female mana. All girls. Only dude. I wouldn’t have it any other way. #ItsAGirl #GratefulMan #TequilaTime 🌺🙏🏾🥃

166.2k reactions 7491 comments
Mary T. Kepes-Warnicki Congratulations! What a cute announcement. Your Jasmine is gorgeous and those eyes... Good thing she has such a great dad those beaus will be petrified and know to treat her right.
Kerry Piazza Congrats Dwayne! Just think of all the boys who will be scared to do anything with them when they are older!!!!!! They will be scared of you!!! Hahaha😂 And I personally think having girls is much better than having all boys. I love my step sons but they ...
Lindsay Manchester Congratulations! I’m in a house of teenaged boys and my fiancé. Oh, and an old stanky Duke dog. I’m the only girl in a houseful of lifted toilet seats and dirty everything. If you ever need some extra testosterone to even things out over there, let me ...
Deborah L Hahs That is fantastic news! Your daughter is a gorgeous little girl and I'm sure she will be a wonderful big sister. So happy for your family.
Kimberly Elliott Congrats my friend. I can't tell you how much you inspire me. I've lost 100 pounds but I have another 150 left to go. I've started a weight loss group in my area and I'm trying to get through the plateau's thinking about how hard you work out. Nothing ...

Eagle has landed. BERLIN. Thank ya Germany for the cool Presidential style cavalcade #JUMANJI welcome. Great to be back. Let’s watch the movie, turn up the dial and have some fun. #EuroPressTour #Berlin #JUMANJI

37.9k reactions 700 comments
Patricia Bolam We are definitely going to see this movie. It looks like a very, entertaining movie and we need to see happy movies during the holidays.
Peggy Noonan He is officially my movie start BAE, It is okay if he doesnt know this. #wheremybaesat #mirandasings
Marian Gagliardi What a beautiful man, so classy, I don't only mean the body. There is more to a man then his beautiful body. Love you. 😎💋💋💗💗💪💪
Marilza Rodrigues I choose this machine in the middle! Beautiful, powerful, super machine, strong and going to drive me crazy!😍😍❤️❤️
Denise Postell What's up sexy? I swear you look good dressed up. Don't get me wrong you look sexy all the time to me. But in a suit HELL YEAH!!!! No distrespect to wifey....

What. A. Night. Record breaking attendance for #JUMANJI. Thank you for the love PARIS! Au revoir...

11.1k reactions 188 comments
Mariuxi Miranda Benavides Amazing The Rock... kiss from Ecuador.. I love you..
Djt Kauhi You are such an awesome braddah!!! Mahalo nui for all you do 🤙🏽
Sims Desi U needa break from ur lil buddy Kevin. love ya big guy <3
Claudia Regina Pereira Para que estamos aqui na terra mesmo Gigante??? Pra fazer as pessoas FELIZES... Gigante, os Atores, e toda sua equipe... ESSE é o SUCESSO 👊 Simples assim❤ Que Deus ZELE por todos VCS, em uma só ENERGIA... á do BEM 👏👏👏💋💋💋
Leonor Pocasangre Can't wait to see this movie,!!😍

INSANE. Officially set a record! Over 3,000 people and the largest attendance ever in one movie theater for #JUMANJI. THANK YOU to #TheREX Theater, Team Sony and everyone who worked so hard making this night so unforgettable and most importantly, THANK YOU FANS of France for this electric love. Thank ya for loving our movie and I’ll see you down the road. And why am I laughing like an evil Bond villain at the end of this vid? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ #EuroPressTour #France #JUMANJI

19.3k reactions 412 comments
Maureen Marcheschi How do you stay focused with all that flashing? I would be blinded
Vickie Wade Going this Friday with my hubby and 4 daughters at an early screening here in Tucson AZ!
Juh Ribeiro Josi Claudia homão da [email protected]$# ia precisar de uma cadeira de rodas ! As branquelas 😂
Jules Spinolio Yer kind of being a jerk lately. Please get centered and cut that out.

Au revoir, Paris. Merci beaucoup for the love and I’ll see you down the road. #EuroPressTour #France #Jumanji

39.3k reactions 857 comments
Estela Aguilar N wearing my favorite color....sweet baby Jesus!
Rein Pace Can I have a hug? you're just excellent
Steve Tremblay Quebec est bien pour le français, you will love people here to ;)
Antoine Duprés Thanks Dwayne to come in France !!! Next time, come in TOULOUSE !!! 😉
Arunkumar Gowtham Dear Rock Sir You looking awesome.. We are waiting for Christmas, real Christmas is with JUMANJI😇😁

When I have that deep loud belly laugh, that’s when you know I’m genuinely having the BEST TIME. Kicked off the #Jumanji tour in style 🥃 with my gentlemen Kevin Hart Nick Jonas. THANK YOU PARIS for the love. #EuroPressTour #WelcomeToTheJungle #JUMANJI

7.2k reactions 131 comments
Viviana Martins Você Dwayne❤ e Kevin Hart são terríveis😂😂
Monica Monica Soooo cute!!! Come to PA and find me LMAOOOOOO Dwayne The Rock Johnson Make my Christmas hell my life lol
Sarah Smith Legge Daniel Smith if baby isn't here we going !!!
Iria Lucas Merci Mr Dwayne ❤️😘
Richard Sessions Do you know you are #14? https://mybestfriendslist.com/our-story/
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