Dwayne The Rock Johnson
21:06 05/18/2017

"Baywatch was a risky Rated R movie to make, but producer,

Dwayne Johnson and crew have overcome the risks and delivered the most fun (and hottest) action comedy of the summer". Thank you press amigo. Team work, makes the dream work. #DysfuntionalAvengersOfTheBeach />
Baywatch Movie NEXT THURS! 🔥🔥

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

"Baywatch was a risky Rated R movie to make, but producer, Dwayne Johnson and crew have overcome the risks and delivered the most fun (and hottest) action comedy of the summer". Thank you press amigo. Team work, makes the dream work. #DysfuntionalAvengersOfTheBeach />
Baywatch Movie NEXT THURS! 🔥🔥

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Sukh Kanwar
Great job bro i like everything you do mostly want to see baywatch
Tove Næss
I think that Baywatch is going to be Awesome 😀😀😀 I can't wait to see it 😀😀😀 You Rock Dwayne 👍👍👍
Khan Kake
Baywatch was never R rated, It was a family show although some of the episodes of the TV show did feature guns.
Olga Lacy
I will definitely be watching the Rock in slo mo or any other way. Looking forward to Baywatch!!!!!
Yonath Sarshalom Hadida
Casi todos los dias veo los trylers se ve que es una pelicula super entretenida, graciosa como todas las peliculas de dwayne y zac ! Felicidades chicos!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
John Mantes
Akkkaaahhhh!!!!!! My bro Dwayne delivers only the Best in Comedy🔥🔥🔥 Gonna have to put on some of that sweet smelling Hawaiian Sun Tan Lotion before I go
Alexa BoVair
Okay, I feel stupid for not being able to figure out how to do Slow Mo... no one told me it was a button setting on my phone's camera. Duh! Okay, so I am a true blonde. But, I did make one of Honey bun and Cooper with their bow ties on... so as if they need a few cute dogs in the next movie... they can be in it too:) check it out on my page. Normally, I can't even get Cooper to stay still. But, it looks like HoneyBun is the bully or should I say, he's giving hugs... because he's too sweet to be the bully... right? It's sorta an R rating dog movie... around and around we go. Thanks for watching my slow mo dog movie. It's probably okay for kids to watch... sometimes they don't even get most of the stuff... but, sometimes they hear the "dirty words"... like shut up and stupid... those kinds...
Don Johnson
It is going to be the hottest movie of the summer but Dwayne The Rock Johnson, it would be even over the top with the help of Don Johnson Productions. Johnson and Johnson doing big things, helping each other. Just an incredible thought!
TC Ekunno
If you are interested in a work from home opportunity friend request me and send a msg to my inbox for more info. No prior experience required, degree not a necessity. All you need is internet & very basic computer skills accompanied with some drive. Get paid weekly, great way to earn an extra income. (opportunity only available in the US and Canada sorry!) Serious inquiries only!
Maxine Hamilton
Just can't wait for this movie. Looks like lots of fun and laughs. Dwayne the ROCK you've done it again. Seems like everything you touch turns to gold. Lots of luck my friend.
Debora A. Ratcliff
Love ya Rock, but the movie is banal and vapid. Just another waste of time and money for those that want more than hot bodies to look at. You're a great actor and I really wish you would do something a little more on your level. But, to those that do like this kind of movie, I'm sure they will enjoy it.
August Hunt-Wood
Did you know you make the same expression in virtually all of your dramatic shots. Much Zoolander, very ironic.
Brandon Gonzalez
I still believe that Logan Paul should be in this movie. But still it was great!! Movie Rock always killing it with you're projects. 💪💪
Yvonne Hunt
Cannot wait could do with some belly laughs, and by the look at the adverts looks like I'm going to have lots, roll on 25th 😃
Michelle Zahn-Hines
Hi Dwayne. My 7 yr old is a huge fan can he see this? He's seen all the billboards around LA and can't wait for it to open 😬

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ROCK + Apple = 🌎 FUN. 🤙🏾 Our movie debuts TOMORROW: #DominateYourDay I partnered with #Apple to make the BIGGEST, COOLEST, CRAZIEST, DOPEST, MOST OVER THE TOP, FUNNEST (is that even a word?) movie ever. And I have the greatest co-star of all time - #SIRI. I make movies for the world to enjoy and we also made this one to motivate you to get out there and get the job done. I want you to watch it, have fun with it and then go LIVE IT. #DominateYourDay #ROCKxSIRI TOMORROW! 🤙🏾

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Mikkel Jørgensen Tina Lasse Laura det skal nok blive en fantastisk film 😂
Allan Suib Murray Craig Hooper Nick Brown does Bud know? ...how can he not, he's probably signed up to Apple news letters and such, Genius on speeddial, etc
Bryan Martin Woke up to your motivation and encouragement today! Thanks for that we all appreciate it! With enough of that anything is possible!
Michael Kevin Lovett put the john lennon shades on, drag bart sawyer outta the 90s, and lay the smack down. if ya smell what the flex is cookin. :P
Izumi Kimura What's siri? You don't look fun and bored Sir. Third leg crap and crappiest one never look good on you😂😂😂 I got fresh voices, movies with good Actors

Our big new season of Ballers hits your home's TOMORROW NIGHT. Before that drops, go ahead and take a few minutes and catch up on our first two seasons. For all our NEW fans tuning in tomorrow night, you'll see the sizzle and polish of fame and money, but our show's anchor is the demons and how we deal with them in our daily lives. Famous or not.. we all gotta face those demons. Happy streaming our first two seasons and I'll see you in your homes... on your couch... drink in hand...with a non creepy smile.. tomorrow night. #NewSeason #Ballers on HBO

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Katherine Pearl Roberts I can't watch tomorrow night best of luck it really is a good show. Been wearing out season 2.
Patti Mike Marceaux This will be worth checking out, if Dwayne The Rock Johnson is in it you know it's going to be good. 😉
Laura Garcia Ibañez Siempre tan liindo!😍 amo tus películas sos un genio bonito! Tu sonrisa es especial...😍 Dios te cuide a ti a los tuyos❤
Lorraine Neale hmmm now i hear the word ballers and i automatically this dirty image of the rock in my mind,,,,,, wonder why that is?? :)
Jackie Stefely It's not to late for my FREE cameo!!! Dwayne The Rock Johnson!!! Just sayin!!!

TBT. Senior year. "We are the champions, my friend.. and we'll keep on fighting 'til the end." We'll also continue the scientific research on why I'm only 17yrs old in this pic, but look 47. #KickinPubertysAss #FreedomHighPatriots #BethlehemPA #72OnTheField #1InYourHeart #WithADeadCaterpillarOnMyUpperLip 💀

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Chris Fried The construction company that I work for did some renovations and additions to your HS a few years back, that's about the time you were still wrestling!!
Geriann Headrick I never comment on celebrity posts, but after a very hard week of emotional heartache, I needed this. You always have a post that makes me laugh and smile. Thank you.
Joan M. Stangl Bethlehem, PA Proud! ❤️ My son is going to Freedom in August. 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
Maria Rivera To Dwayne Johnson aka.The Rock..awesome photo of you in your high school year..congratulations on the win...And yeah you are definitely so young in this beautiful photo..but you do look very mature for your young age..#priceless moments and beautiful ...
Amanda Kemmerer You and my dad wrestled back in the day...you were just getting to the stage of becoming something big. He attended Whitehall high school in PA. My entire family wishes you guys exchanged phone numbers years ago😝

THIS SUNDAY. You ready? 🔥 Entrepreneur global ambition. And why would we stay in our lane when the entire interstate is a helluva lot more fun. NEW SEASON Ballers SUNDAY on HBO

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Michael Syer You can't just watch one episode have to wait until The whole season has finished and watch them all in 2 days lol
Ilari Helke No! Way too drunk right now to handle the new season!! Can you postpone the release??
Tanja Arzdorf Finally Sunday makes sense again - awesome amazing great successful show - #Ballers season3. New rules, harder, more risky, more deals and dollars, all or nothing.......Strasmore is back, smarter, better, sharper than any razor blade....Let's do this - ...
Pablo Elias Pacheco Eissmann Que pucha cuando en castellano plis o audio latino la roka tiene interprete y el calvo igual
Jason Lee Double-time time to go to work Love to be a what are your shows bro had me up anytime

Congrats team! Grateful for our first EMMY nomination for Ballers​. Very proud of our hard working crew. Now, to clarify this nod is for Outstanding Cinematography. And I remember like it was yesterday when I pulled Rodney Taylor, our Director of Photography aside and said, "Rodney here's how you should set up this shot and here's the complicated yet cool lightning you should bring in". He said, "Holy shit DJ, that's a brilliant idea you sexy son of a bitch - thank you." Then I said, "You're welcome" and started singing it like I did in Moana. And here we are.. nominated for an EMMY all because of me. Of course I'm bullshitting, but seriously, congratulations to Rodney, his team and our crew. Luv you guys and couldn't be happier for your recognition. Bring home the gold! #Ballers #Emmys2017

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Dwana Cal So wonderful!😊 Cute..Then I said "You're welcome" and started singing💛💛💛
Sylvain Wayne Awesome proud of you Dwayne 🏈😊 God bless you 🙏🏻 love from France 🇫🇷😘
Benjamim Flor Henriques Demostenes Jr. grato eu por ser teu fã ok eu fico muito feliz pela nomeação que vos foi feita pela empressa #ballers brigado eu ok
Olga Lacy Dwayne you're the one who should get the Emmy for all your hard work!!!!
Chris Fortune Who else was thinking wow really at first? Taking the spot light even out of the spot light haha

My Teenage Sonata (ol' Sam Cooke song) Thank you so very much for the FOUR Teen Choice nominations. Word on the street is I had two more nominations but Kevin Hart did some shady shit with the ballots. Again. Luv y'all and thanks again. Grateful to have the greatest fans on the planet. #TeenChoiceAwards

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Norma Saefe Love you movies. Can't wait for the next one.
Natalie Holland My kids watch Moana at least twice a day for the whole summer, while I've had them for summer break 🙌🏼
Spence Mccavera lmao @ ppl calling him Mr. the Rock, maybe he likes it i dunno but i would have to call the man Mr. Johnson
Tera Nelson <3 Huge Congrats!!! you really are beloved by old, young, and in between!
Cheryl Mercado Ahhh brill my kids are mad on game plan at the moment watched it like a 1000 times! Xx

5 days away from our season premiere. Thank you for rockin' with us across the map. Work hard, play harder, ball hardest. Ballers THIS SUN 10pm on HBO 🔥✊🏾

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Jeff Persek Dwayne standing next to cars he can't fit in. But I can....happy to drive ya
Yvonne Hunt HOB looks like a man's dream and lots of fun doing it go you BIG man 🏋️‍♂️
Billy Butts I went to mcgavock the rock!!! I heard you went there I talk to a few that thought they knew you!!!
Roxane Setlik-Stewart I wouldn't expect anything less from you. You are a professional.
Rossy Ruiz Claro que esperaré ese estreno, éxito, felicidad y bendiciones

Beast training session/photoshoot in the #IronParadise for our new #ProjectRock Under Armour men and women's collection called #USDNA dropping this fall. We got after it hard core like a MF, but it was appropriate considering the collection is inspired by the warrior men and warrior women of our US MILITARY. I got after it in some key pieces that's coming your way. Desert tan #RockDeltas and camo green hoodie which I cut that shit outta of 'cause I keep it 90 degrees when I train. USNDA drops this fall in October. Til then, stay strong, cut your clothes up and have a productive week. #HornsUp 🤘🏾🇺🇸

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Yvonne Hunt Blood sweat and tears US MILITARY looking forward to seeing all the warrior collection, no cutting clothes up though give them to people in need. 🏋️‍♂️
Shad Williames You are the best! I hope you think God for them letting you make it in allowing you to have this much success it only comes from with the change of done and who you are and God loves you!
Shad Williames He's a great man I remember him from his leaner days in Oregon now he's transfer is helping everybody he can that shows you he has a heart of gold lined with silver
Kevin Thrush You know... I've been asking to do your photoshoot for like.. forever now. <-- 100% disabled vet/Wounded Warrior. I'd totally suck at it but it'd be free! :D
Tanja Arzdorf None honors, apreciates, respects and supports the military, vets and their families so passionately and in such a awesome amazing unique way as you. Gratitude, attention and respect to you DJ and the military - worldwide 💯🗺

And it begins. Day 1 of physical prep for my next role in #Skyscraper. I'll keep the flag up for motivation to dig deep. 🐍 A lil' success reminder I've learned over the years - it's easier to work hard when there's a lot of people around watching you. The X- factor that'll set you apart is the hard work you put in when no one is around and you're all alone. That's a difference maker. Just don't procrastinate on the 'gram like I am when cardio is waiting to kick your ass. Day 1 down and doing the work. #DontTread #Skyscraper

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Keylais Melissa Cross I hope you realize your fitness tips are also useful in life 😊 Thanks for the awesome advice you provide.
Prathyush AK I always wanted to be the first to comment, but there is no way. Who are these people who comment at the speed of light? What Internet do they use? What do they live for? Where they live? What do they eat?
Luis Adan Jauregui Torres Es Todo Mucho Exito Y Mucho Trabajo Bendiciones😇Siempre The Rock Un Saludote Viejon De Parte De Su Amigo Luis Adan Jauregui Torres Desde Mexicali Baja California Mexico Ánimo Exelecte🌞Dia!!! ✌😂😂😂😂
Jeffrey de Jonge Chris Reijke makkelijk sporten als je kelder een gym is
Conor Mardy Mackenzie Jack Thomas blood sweat respect... pure motivation... understand why he your hero

We've worked hard to create a show that connects with culture and a melting pot of people. A show that speaks to human ambition and getting shit done. IN ONE WEEK.. HBO's #1 HIGHEST RATED half hour series returns for its third season. So grateful for all your support and enjoy the new season. I think it's our best yet. #Ballers NEXT SUN. 10pm on HBO

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L'éclair Jaune Bilel Debabza Jƌson Sodmg chabé bien y'a curry a un moment
Adam Podger Row get on it 👌🏻👍🏻
Michele Bilbao Yes now I just need to add HBO since I don't have it.. I know there is a lot of good shows in here.. thanks for the update
Britta Seitz I really need to find a way to see it or move back to The States.
Kat Kat it should be an hour long like other series :)

We're a little crazy, but it keeps us from going insane. Great set visit on #Rampage with my on-line press buddies. Thanks for spending the day with us and thanks for being cool. Oh and if I didn't get everyone's name right, it's all my director #BradPeyton's fault. What an asshole that guy is. Thx again and see you guys down the road 🤙🏾 #KaytiBurt #EricGoldman #MatthewRooney #SydneyBucksbaum #RachelHorner #SpencerPerry #KristenYoonsooKim #GregoryWakeman #DavidCrow #BryanCairns

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Daniel Kelly The Director's gonna' think up some more hard stunts for Dwayne.
Jason Lee What up People can you smell what the rock is cooking Of your run for president In twentye twentye BRO You can-do it
Jason Lee And I Would-be the 1st one to vote for you to be the president and 2020
Niki Schultze oh .. a T-Shirt - from THE Leftovers <3 .. hihi - and my Fav: Mr Muscle :D
Glenn Nicholson Angela Vavasis me and The Rock wish Andreas a super Birthday cos he is one SUPERDUDE!

Remember just because something's never been done before, doesn't mean you can't do it. It just means, it's never been done... until you do it. If there's no blueprints for what you want to accomplish - great - even better! Blaze your own path and do what others before you have never done. Cynics and critics will always be the loudest. That's just noise.. learn to say fuck that, block it all out and go for it. Be defiant. Be real. Be you.

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Judy Hawkins I love your open and honest self....bad language is such a turn off...English is a great language millions of words to express yourself...💕
黃榮洋 眼睜睜的當放屁 :〔空天秘笈〕 普丁 絞死的人不會被淹死 糟糕 住在棺材裡的摸黑上 ... ... 龜兒子 ... 僅識彎弓射大鵰 .. 辮子扒子 .. 欲與天空試比高 ... 龜孫子 ... 原不原諒恐怖份子是“上帝的事”我們的任務是送他“去見上帝”! 孫子兵法 報效邀功 大驚小怪 緊張兮兮 確認敵意 全面備戰 ... 決戰時刻 : 法國無敵艦隊終於及時的抵達 "艦炮齊發" ... 雷恩沒辜負 睡不著覺而已 ... 大地英豪 "馬瓜" 沒有嚇不出來的 ......
Therese Böhlin I've been the one everybody laught at most of time growing up, (sometimes I helped them), but seriously...my laugh will be the last 😁
Rebecca Shirk Crowley Omg there isn't anything more handsome then Dwayne in a suit and that incredible smile and to top it off with the confidence that he has that is the whole package of a hot man!!! 😘
Yvonne Hunt It's good to have a dream, but it's better when you put it into reality just the way you have, man you look great in that waist coat your lady has the dream that has come true 😁

This one got the blood boiling. At the Civil and Human Rights Center they created an interactive experience of what it was like sitting at the "Whites only" lunch counter at Woolworth's during the famous "Greensboro sit-ins" during the Civil Rights Movement. Wearing these headphones gives you a extremely small taste of what would be said to your face, while being kicked, spit on etc had I sat at this counter in 1960. For these four brave, strong willed students to sit thru this with poise, dignity and pride.. to remain non-violent.. keeping the bigger picture in mind.. ending racial segregation..is incredible. Inspiring. Not sure if I would've had the poise and grace to sit thru this non-violently. I'd like to think I would've, had that been the collective goal, but my blood boiling and sweat starting to bead up on the back of my head said otherwise. I'm forever grateful to the heroes that did though. Grateful to learn so much more about our past and my culture. Helps us shape the future. #CivilAndHumanRightsCenter #Atlanta

90.2k reactions 1142 comments
Aixa D. Hurtado-Cortes "For these four brave, strong willed students to sit thru this with poise, dignity and pride, to remain non-violent, keeping the bigger picture in mind, ending racial segregation is incredible. Inspiring." This was my favorite part.
Dawn Fedyck disappointing. is it fake news your entering politics? stay out or yet another celebrity I will boycott but truly thought you were sincere and enjoyed a lot of your movies
Francesco LovesAlexis Maruzza If only u gave a rat about children rights.... like if u n partner separated and out of spite your ex with hold your child from you and says every second weekend is enough when you use to be equal in her life... how about it ROCK. Maybe focus on family ...
Charlene Aldridge Seriously the comments I been reading here are awful! Shame on all of those that continue to drive a deviding wedge!!! Makes me sad and ashamed of humanity!! This guy was shareing an insight of history of standing up for equal rights and what do people ...
Lee Tibble I apologies on behalf of all humans for the racism that clearly continues to exist in our world. We are all equal. We cannot change the past. But let's not pretend us 'whites' had it just as bad. We have no idea. All we can is do our best, black, white, ...

Here's a little sample of the bad assery collection that's coming this fall from #ProjectRock and Under Armour. For the record, my pre workout drink is not lion blood. I'm kidding... it's bull blood. #NewFallCollection #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #USDNA 🇺🇸💪🏾

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Jorge García Gil Rubén Ubanell mira qe bonita... habrá qe ir a USA de propio...
Marìa Antonieta Lepupe Con $100 000 m/m rehago mi vida...pago en 6 meses...sabes d alguien
Roman Kutepov Hey Dwayne Johnson, please can you be my mentor, I want to do films, I want to walk the red carpet, give me a chance please I want to see Scarlett Johansson Robert John Downey Jr., please, I'll do everything for this, I'm glad they were my friends, my ...
Henrique Machado Daniel Rogalski... se quiser me dar uma dessa tbm hahahahahah.. .#zuera... mas a mala é top demais
Tim Burkhart Mia Castellanos tell your man here I would like one. Lol

Big team strategies always get my juices going. 💥 Excellent global marketing kickoff with our Sony Pictures partners for Jumanji. Respect and luv I have for this property is boundless. The trailer is a small taste of what's to come and everyone in this room and at Sony is inspired to deliver some magic to you and your families around the world this Christmas. Teamwork = success. And as always, I'm just looking for the waffle truck. #SevenBucksProds #SevenBucksDigital #TeamSony #Jumanji CHRISTMAS 🎄🎅🏾

18.8k reactions 288 comments
Anna Marie Albright Miss robin williams
Charlotte Mitchell There's also no diversity I see at SONY either.
Eliel Souza Hi Dwayne Johnson... 😉 Surely he took upon us our infirmities and carried our sorrows upon us;And we considered him afflicted, smitten of God, and oppressed. All of us were wandering like sheep;Every one turned aside in the way, but the LORD hath laid ...
Frédéric Fouache Vous avez tous fait ce qu'il ne fallait pas faire. Toute l'équipe présente sur cette photo a complètement enlevé tout ce qui faisait Jumanji, avec Robin Williams, Jumanji. Je ne te blâme pas Dwayne, bien au contraire, tu fais le job et tu le fait ...
Habib Messaoudi Good job bro i hope to meet you hère in belguim that you help me for motivation for sport bro im proud of you bro good job havé à Nice day @dwaynetherockjohnson

Hell on wheels. Epic shot today for Jumanji. We wrapped the movie months ago, but this was one last final "pick up shot" of the two wheelin' king. I'm no longer allowed to do stunts on motorcycles for insurance purposes because I'm deemed, "too dangerous". And by too dangerous it means I seek out and run over my directors. Great day of work. Great to see our hard working crew again. Delivering #Jumanji to you this Christmas 🎅🏾🎄🤙🏾

36.4k reactions 312 comments
Jennifer Nipper It's Christmas day anytime you have a new movie coming out, #DJForPresident !!!! 😁
Deb Belote Hey Rock! Can you text this dying Vet please! Make his last wish come true! http://www.cbs46.com/story/35888905/a-dying-veterans-last-wish-text-me
Elizabeth A. Turner Edmond Lol @ seeking out and running over the directors
Pierre Simon Martin Père-Dijon le paragraphe sur les assurances et les stunt m'a mis plus bas que terre
Quiana White Be careful rock. We don't need captain of team bring it hurt

Warrior women come in all shapes, colors and backgrounds. Grateful to drop sweat next to this one. Thank you Jenna Bakken for your service. Respect. And thank you for just being a pick up truck drivin' bad ass 👊🏾 #USArmy #Bakken #PurpleHeart 🇺🇸

142.0k reactions 849 comments
Cole Wicks Jason Massey Robert Thompson this monster lol. Bit different from the wwe days
Colitas Valadez Hernandez Hola, no se si algún día leas estás líneas pero no pierdo la esperanza soy una mujer ke te admira como actor como ser humano y me encanta todo de ti espero algún día y por lo menos reciba un saludo de tu parte Dios te bendiga siempre y que sigas con el ...
Karen Bovino Dwayne...you need to come to Las Vegas and do real work with real people.....ya drop sweat with her....but others ..like myself...consider you an inspiration...i look up to you and hold my father figure to you....even after hes passed...i could really ...
Eva Mendoza I keep seeing people say "president rock" and it makes me chuckle Can you imagine how tiny all the world leaders would look near him? We'd have the most buff president ever. Let's do it
Carrie Mason He's hot, she's beautiful, and they're out there making a difference in this world. Tattoos have many secrets...sometimes they cover scars, offer small reminders of where we've been, and it's also a beautiful way to honor the fallen.

Chalk up those callouses. Time to eat. Final late training session before my big Under Armour #ProjectRock photoshoot tomorrow for my new #USDNA launch. Bad ass men and women's line inspired by the warrior men and warrior women of our US Military. Been training and dieting hard for weeks for this shoot. Tomorrow, as my boy Busta says... I FEEEEEED on these muthaf*ckas. Sorry that's the adrenaline talkin'... I'm nice and won't eat you. Yes I will. #NeverFull #ProjectRock #USDNA 🇺🇸

45.4k reactions 544 comments
Susi Victorio Hello beautifor the Rock for president. My Roquita que Dios te bendiga
Tera Nelson Awesome! Can't wait to get back into real workouts once baby is here!!
Jasmine Wilson I am so working out after watching your video! And that will start after work LOL 👍🏼👍🏼Love you & your hard working skills. Xoxox
Josh Caro Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat says to the other, 'You stay here, I'll go on a head.'.
Mohammad Ansari Yasir He is the greatest,sexist man.

Our best season yet drops JULY 23rd on HBO. This series has been a real honor for our Seven Bucks Productions to produce because this character was created from DNA. Take all the fame, glitz, yachts, jewelry etc and strip all that bullshit away. It'll always come down to putting in the consistent, daily hard work with your own two hands. Especially when someone tells you you can't. Fuck that. Yes you can. #Ballers Premieres JULY 23rd HBO 🔥👊🏾

18.1k reactions 525 comments
Michelle Alexander I am so looking forward to the third season of ballers it is such an amazing show can't wait DJ
Renae Burger Yesssss!!! Game of Thrones one weekend and then Ballers the next?!! Best summer ever :)
Ti Sinite I'm soooo proud of you Dwayne! You're the inspiration. Baller trailer - my poor eyes every time. LOL. Overall: You're the best in the package!
Kathy Quiros Dwyane I want to know of all the president who was your favorite one ?
Harry Young Harrison Baker Louis Meagher do you know why its called 7 bucks production???

Sexy teamwork. Seven Bucks Productions Seven Bucks Digital Studios & Warner Bros. Pictures. Very productive marketing meeting for Rampage The Movie with our hungry, brilliant partners. Love sinking my teeth in global strategies - always one of the most rewarding parts of my job because at the end of the day, it's all about making something cool for the world to enjoy. Another great part of my job is being able to stop the meeting to remind the room that I am, in fact the Sexiest Man Alive. True story. #GlobalStrategy #SevenBucks #WarnerBros #Rampage 4-20-2018

14.4k reactions 230 comments
Spencer James A movie about the Rock fighting giant animals, and it comes out on 420? Makes sense 👌
Lorrie Campo I'd love sinking my teeth in you with all due respect! LMAO!
Elizabeth Restrick Yea lady on left looks shocked in funny way to what was just said .u look like u have everything under controll and I love ur movies every one yea follow ur dream as I never and if could turn bk time I could be in movie with u hunny .think ur amazing ....
David Sizemore I don't think 2020 is a good idea, that's not about the right thing, That's wrong.
Bonnie Wittman I bet it is a blast working with such creative people that don't judge because you have beautiful tattoos.

Here I'm counting the reasons my partner in chaos, the Oscar nominated Naomie Harris was a dream to work with on our final day of Rampage The Movie. Her performance in our movie was fantastic and I'm a lucky man to share the screen with such a classy, high quality (and bad ass) woman. That's an official wrap on the production of #Rampage. Thank you Naomie for your commitment and trust in me and our project. Luv ya sistah and next time I'll have an explanation on why I have an Amtrak train of a vein running thru my horse neck. #OfficialWrap #Rampage #TheOneAndOnly #NaomieHarris

15.1k reactions 283 comments
Josie Navarro I guess she might be good as a star but you're the main one that makes the movie
Mahmoud Spiky I hope to meet you in front of him to see the strongest, you are the best for me
Angela Garito Stamatopoulos Looking forward to watching this movie 🎥....thanks for the behind the scenes...makes it more exciting 💞
Fabiola Rafaela Pence em um ator Que Gosto Muito de verdade mesmo. Mesmo sem conhecer pessoalmente mais o AmoOOOOO. Dwayne Johnson 😘😘😘😘😉👍👏👏👏👏👏
Pia Ai Alex Hopefully you'll post a pic with your alien Alexandra. I heard she had a cameo for Rampage.

I know saying "Fuck that" isn't the most eloquent of terms but it's the most direct way I am when it comes to being told I can't accomplish something. When I was cut from the Canadian Football League and wanted to start training to become a pro-wrestler, I was told these words (literally), "You have nothing to offer the wrestling business stick with football". Years later here I am. When my goal was to transition from wrestling to film I was told.. "You'll make two or three movies tops, then your career will fizzle out". Years later here I am. I could've listened to the cynics and doubted myself, but instead I went with what I trust most - my gut and my own two hands. If you feel something deep in your bones you need to accomplish... you gotta say fuck that and go for it. Check out one of the best docs I've seen in a long time - tonight at 9pm on HBO. #DefiantOnes

17.3k reactions 388 comments
Sharron Marie Skelton Your right, The Defiant Ones is an excellent documentary. Also, good for you for being able to push past so many obstacles in life and being able to become the star that you are today.
Christine McClellan Telling me I can't drives me more, I'm glad you didn't listen sweet chocolate so much I would have missed out on f*ck that lol xoxo let me know if you need more hugs and kisses
Mathieu Carruette Those words you use are imressive to me ... that's exactly what i can't do ... lack of confidence probably ... maybe i wasn't "pushed" enough when i was younger or maybe i don't have hose "guts" your talkin about but hey that's it ... i would't be "Dat ...
Mike Wilcox That's so true. Nothing comes for free. To earn it you have to work for it. Grab it with both hands until you can tame it and don't let go. And if anyone tells you can't do it, prove them wrong
Jamie Ryband Gulino You're truly an inspiration. We've loved following you since your early wrestling days and now into you're acting career. We have great respect for you. You're work ethic is unmatched in today's society.

I walk in to my Ballers photoshoot and own the room like a king, but in reality I'm just looking for the waffle truck. A little behind the scenes action from our key art shoot with one of my fav photographers Michael Muller. Mark You calendars for JULY 23rd. Our biggest and most ambitious season yet. #WeBringIt #Ballers on HBO.

55.1k reactions 1081 comments
Shads Lee Looking forward to this season 3 Benji Toko
Glenn Nicholson Olivia Budgen me and The Rock wish you the juiciest of Birthdays .... stay healthy dudette!
Sadie Hillier Noelle Liz I'm always looking for the waffle truck
Jan Ishkode Equay Charwood Glad I am not the only one thinking of food way too much!
Kyall Allan Samm Booth have you seen this show? It's awesome

Leave it all on the set. Back when I was a punk kid my dad would take me to the gym on weekends and kick the shit outta me in the weight room and on the wrestling mats. He'd say you didn't get up early to come here and give half ass effort. Leave it all in the gym. Years later when I played ball at The U, we applied the same principles: we left it all on the field. When I became a pro wrestler, that was part of my nightly pre match prayer. Asked for the strength to leave it all in ring - whether I was wrestling in flea markets or sold out stadiums. Leaving it all...means you give every f*cking ounce of effort you can, to give the best performance you can give. Whatever it is you do, whatever job you have.. at the end of the day, leave it all there. Rampage The Movie has been the most physically grueling role of my career. Got my ass kicked and handed back to me the whole movie. But I'm grateful to go to bed 💯 satisfied I left it all on the set. Who the fuck am I kidding, I don't sleep, but if I did, I still left it all on the set. #LeaveItAllPhilosophy #Rampage

114.3k reactions 905 comments
Sudhan Kmr Luv u bro ....u r such a inspiration person to all youngsters like me....I believe that hardworking and dedication will show the person to worldwide famous....and remember the name who we are ....these things I learned from you brother ....bcs u r the ...
Penni Smyth Umm, if you could just leave the f word out. You're the Rock and me being a woman, I don't like it!! So cool and all and so very handsome , but I hear ya! Love all your movies 🎥
Rebecca Burrell Judd I try to teach my son this every day! And on a day like today, after watching him play basketball while his dad coaches and seeing him actually leave it all out there it is an amazing feeling. Keep it up Rock!
Moseph ThankGod Well motivated words. Just what I needed to hear. May you always be blessed for all your hard work. Thanks for this and I know you'll take good care of yourself for good health. Much love. Keep rocking with your good work.
Barbara Baltzegar Give it all 2 the Lord Dwayne The Rock Johnson, because i did from when i had 2 fight n domestic violence I got beat n2 1996 from 1995 at Midnight by my husband so i fill u ! Jesus Loves u Man ! <3

Gone like the wind. Quick trip up to Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 to do some prepping for our next film, "Skyscraper". As Executive Producer I must always maintain the 50,000ft vision of the movie and pose how I normally run for hotdogs. This'll mark my third production in Vancouver. Excited to bring a movie of this massive scale to a city that's always been so great to me dating back to my wrestling days. Happy to create lots a good jobs up there for the locals 🤙🏾

118.5k reactions 1194 comments
Sol Carranza Have fun,if you any one else for the shoot, get It would be an Honor and a great,humbling thing for me to full fill in my life,to work with you,would be an awesome blessing only God could favor you for considering me...
Maria Rivera To Dwayne the rock Johnson congrats on the movie role Skyscraper..And you have an a funny sense of humor, lol..like strike a pose..Dwayne..oh and by the way awesome bad too the bone, love your Truck..And Enjoy Canada..And Dwayne Johnson aka.the rock .....
Neil Faerber Just watch out for the really bad drivers from mainland China, Dwayne The Rock Johnson! Other than that, Vancouver is a great city for film production!
Tina Rahn CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Vancouver is waiting for you! I hope I get the chance to do some day calls on that production! I love everything your about! It would be a dream come true if I got to work with someone like you, I love your ...
Sade Rivera Ur awesome!!!! God's going to keep ➡You blessed 😇all the way through ur visions😜😜😜😜. Because he will never u give nothing u can't handle an from the looks of it there nothing u can't do u run a tight ship, An u continuing to bless. ➡YOU... shall be ...

Teamwork & good eggs. Life's too short so we all gotta make it count. I try very hard to only surround myself with hungry, hard working, smart and most importantly, GOOD PEOPLE. Over and over again. The man on the right is my Rampage The Movie director Brad Peyton. This is our third film together (JOURNEY 2: MYSTERIOUS ISLAND and SAN ANDREAS). We share the same philosophy: work very hard, raise the bar, be grateful and take the world on an unforgettable and fun ride with our movies. Guy on the right is my friend and a good egg. Guy on the left...lazy asshole. #OnSet #ThreePeat #JohnsonPeyton #Rampage #GoodEggs 🍳

32.0k reactions 225 comments
Patricia Pimentel Excelente trabajo muy duro agradezco a dios y a las personas y disfrutó de la vida con tus películas hoy a las 8 am disfrute terremoto falla en san andreas y lloré una vez más
Sharon Coetzee Hi Dwayne. Also my way of thinking and trying.. not always possible. I understand and agree 100% what you saying. Enjoy it Dwayne and take care.
Lorraine Albino Congratulations enjoy yourself you deserve it and more. God bless you and your beautiful family
Tove Næss Your movies are totally Awesome Dwayne 😀 Enjoy Your self You deserve it 👍👍👍
Yvette Knox Love this!!! I think I'm going to use this quote later on in the week! I'll give you credit of course!!! 😉

I told Statham while we were shooting Fast & Furious 8, "Brother if I ever give you a toothbrush for a gift, you'll know what's coming"....We're cooking up some big/cool things for Hobbs and this franchise. I'll keep you posted and enjoy our new director's cut, available on digital now. #IcemanCometh 🤙🏾

75.7k reactions 866 comments
Aida Liz Madarnaz Muchos éxitos le deseo famoso y extraordinario actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson...le deseo éxitos...éxitos...y más éxitos...es usted uno de los actores as extraordinario del cine actual mis felicitaciones..........
Abhinav Patle I can't wait for the hobbs and Shaw movie , anyone who has watched fate of the furious 8 will completely agree that rock and Jason was the best about the movie , jail riot , baby rescue and those one liners . Can't wait for that spin of the rock and ...
Nate Kulupa Next fast furious would be good if vin diesel n the rock is not in it. Like bring back the d.k racing enough of this mission impossible stuff... something like that 🤔
Charles Collett Jason and Dwayne are the most enjoyable part of this movie. I ate every negative word I spoke about it because of them. Still mad about Dex killing Han though. Never forget.
Leabelle Izzy Reid Sorry... nope! ☺ i doesn't get the joke about what coming next after a toothbrush... the only thing that came up in my mind... you want Statham shine your bald head with it??? 😂

Devilish fun after midnight. 😈 Hey at the end of the day, I'm grateful fans will wait 10 minutes to meet me, let alone 10 hours. This kinda stuff will always the best part of fame and easiest part of my job. Now y'all get your asses home and get some sleep 💤. And thanks for being the best fans in the world. 🤙🏾

54.9k reactions 729 comments
Amanda Gathright So refreshing to see a celebrity that doesn't take his fame and fans for granted. Love it, love it, love it. Been a fan forever. Keep up the good work Dwayne.
Regina Rommell Respect yourself and love will follow i have followed you since the first year if wrestling alway knew you would be one of the greats
Amanda Lee St George I am determined to meet you some day and sing a duet with you! It's like my ultimate goal ahah! Such an awesome humility you have and humor, which life is nothing without!
Norma Bernal Always you're an amazing person. I like that you're humble and that you're really good to your fans. Please stay down to earth keep doing what you do. Mr. Johnson mad love and respect.
Celestine Galligos What a Jokster DJ 😂hopefully when u come to 604 Van city that was the news u were head n this way this summer . More peeps this way die n for photo with u Stay Cool 😎

Training in my new Under Armour Desert Sand USDNA #RockDelta prototype shoes inspired by our US Military. Been working out in these for months getting em ready. They drop this fall. 🔥 We got after early this morning with some hard and heavy slab (back) training. Chalk those hands and get your ass to work. Have a productive rest of the week...

61.9k reactions 2004 comments
Denise Kincade O'Neal My son so wants to meet you. He thinks you are sooooo nice. He tries to work out like you and gain muscle. He is only 14 but I keep telling him it's going to take time. The Rock didn't get like that over night. Some day we will meet you. Keep up the ...
Jess Alley Those shoes don't look like they are providing enough support...the sole is all flattened and almost non existent around the toes. Not sure how that's comfortable or good for your feet/back ect...
Sam Santos Never give up on life💓🌍 #FiveMinuteFitness👟⚡⏰💪 Only you know your limits⚡ Let's get with the program📄 #Pushing50👴 #UnderDogs🐶 What are you willing to do💯 #3RoundsOfPoundPerPound👊 #FamilyBondedByFateNotBlood👼
Mike Hannam It's funny to me. I am watching this video, wondering to myself how much weight is he pulling. Meanwhile everyone else is like "I don't like the color of your shoes and did you know they support killing animals?" To each their own I guess.
Daniel Thorneycroft If you're not lifting 3 vehicles at the end of that cable, I might be slightly disappointed :p Shoes look cool, but I'm hard on them. I need shoes with a boot like bottom, but it's really difficult to find in my size. :/
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