Dwayne The Rock Johnson
21:06 05/18/2017

"Baywatch was a risky Rated R movie to make, but producer,

Dwayne Johnson and crew have overcome the risks and delivered the most fun (and hottest) action comedy of the summer". Thank you press amigo. Team work, makes the dream work. #DysfuntionalAvengersOfTheBeach />
Baywatch Movie NEXT THURS! 🔥🔥

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

"Baywatch was a risky Rated R movie to make, but producer, Dwayne Johnson and crew have overcome the risks and delivered the most fun (and hottest) action comedy of the summer". Thank you press amigo. Team work, makes the dream work. #DysfuntionalAvengersOfTheBeach />
Baywatch Movie NEXT THURS! 🔥🔥

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Sukh Kanwar
Great job bro i like everything you do mostly want to see baywatch
Tove Næss
I think that Baywatch is going to be Awesome 😀😀😀 I can't wait to see it 😀😀😀 You Rock Dwayne 👍👍👍
Khan Kake
Baywatch was never R rated, It was a family show although some of the episodes of the TV show did feature guns.
Olga Lacy
I will definitely be watching the Rock in slo mo or any other way. Looking forward to Baywatch!!!!!
Yonath Sarshalom Hadida
Casi todos los dias veo los trylers se ve que es una pelicula super entretenida, graciosa como todas las peliculas de dwayne y zac ! Felicidades chicos!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
John Mantes
Akkkaaahhhh!!!!!! My bro Dwayne delivers only the Best in Comedy🔥🔥🔥 Gonna have to put on some of that sweet smelling Hawaiian Sun Tan Lotion before I go
Alexa BoVair
Okay, I feel stupid for not being able to figure out how to do Slow Mo... no one told me it was a button setting on my phone's camera. Duh! Okay, so I am a true blonde. But, I did make one of Honey bun and Cooper with their bow ties on... so as if they need a few cute dogs in the next movie... they can be in it too:) check it out on my page. Normally, I can't even get Cooper to stay still. But, it looks like HoneyBun is the bully or should I say, he's giving hugs... because he's too sweet to be the bully... right? It's sorta an R rating dog movie... around and around we go. Thanks for watching my slow mo dog movie. It's probably okay for kids to watch... sometimes they don't even get most of the stuff... but, sometimes they hear the "dirty words"... like shut up and stupid... those kinds...
Don Johnson
It is going to be the hottest movie of the summer but Dwayne The Rock Johnson, it would be even over the top with the help of Don Johnson Productions. Johnson and Johnson doing big things, helping each other. Just an incredible thought!
TC Ekunno
If you are interested in a work from home opportunity friend request me and send a msg to my inbox for more info. No prior experience required, degree not a necessity. All you need is internet & very basic computer skills accompanied with some drive. Get paid weekly, great way to earn an extra income. (opportunity only available in the US and Canada sorry!) Serious inquiries only!
Maxine Hamilton
Just can't wait for this movie. Looks like lots of fun and laughs. Dwayne the ROCK you've done it again. Seems like everything you touch turns to gold. Lots of luck my friend.
Debora A. Ratcliff
Love ya Rock, but the movie is banal and vapid. Just another waste of time and money for those that want more than hot bodies to look at. You're a great actor and I really wish you would do something a little more on your level. But, to those that do like this kind of movie, I'm sure they will enjoy it.
August Hunt-Wood
Did you know you make the same expression in virtually all of your dramatic shots. Much Zoolander, very ironic.
Brandon Gonzalez
I still believe that Logan Paul should be in this movie. But still it was great!! Movie Rock always killing it with you're projects. 💪💪
Yvonne Hunt
Cannot wait could do with some belly laughs, and by the look at the adverts looks like I'm going to have lots, roll on 25th 😃
Michelle Zahn-Hines
Hi Dwayne. My 7 yr old is a huge fan can he see this? He's seen all the billboards around LA and can't wait for it to open 😬

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Check out this cool, new technology that we are proud to launch with Facebook and Oculus!! JUMANJI is the first film to have it’s own interactive 360 VR experience with Facebook, and with that, we’re brining you right inside the game. All you have to do is look into your screen and you’re immediately transported into the world of Jumanji. Experience it for yourself, and see if you can find some of the hidden exclusives we placed inside. Have fun! #JUMANJI #TheGamePlaysYOU

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Andrea Anderson is this the hawaiian forrest...
Freda Zellmer My favorite movies of yours are the game plan and the tooth fairy
Freda Zellmer I saw the original movie with Robin Williams and your version looks like it might be even better
Carolina Lobato I ain't playing this! I know how this game goes!
Alex Miller I think the preview just sucked up all of my limited data for the month....

As a punk kid I️ dropped tons of quarters in this arcade game while hangin’ out in smokey pool halls, I️ had no business hangin’ out in. Today, George is my best friend & I️ proudly give you our new Rampage trailer. Enjoy.

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William Cruz Awesome, sometime fiction moves, just set you up to what is not normal. These move director showing there stronger skill and imagination is a good prospect. Lighten up people and enjoy.
Chelsee Hawley Valle Dwayne The Rock Johnson, someone should just give you an honorary helicopter pilots license. You have clearly presented you are a skilled pilot! 😏
Joshua DeMello George, Ralph and Lizzie. My first favorite co-op game. I hope there is a scene where one of them reaches in and pulls a lady out of the bathtub and eats her!
Joshua Jung I'll admin when i heard they were doing a Rampage movie i was like "how the hell...." but after seeing this i don't know why i had so much doubt, anything that Dwayne The Rock Johnson touches is pretty much gold! Trailer definately sold me lets get ...
Phillip Denning Cody Allen Colby Williams Damon Puett it took me a full minute and a half to realize this is based off of that Rampage game we use to play as kids, where you had to break buildings and kick/throw/eat humans.

This is my best friend, George. A rare gigantic albino Silverback. I love animals because they’re honest. If they like you, they lick you. If they don’t, they eat you. Our Rampage The Movie trailer drops TOMORROW at 5PM EST/2PM PST. #BigMeetsBigger #GorillaLickage #RAMPAGEMovie

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Tove Næss Awesome promotion 👍 Thank You for sharing Dwayne 😀😀😀 I love animals. Can't wait to see Rampage 😀😀😀 I am shure it will be a successful MOVIE 👍👍👍
Cory Rodriguez Finally! I was just talking about how I haven't heard anything more about this movie even though it was announced before Jumanji
Jordan Williams I saw it, it was pretty good, the rock isn't playing the rock in this, well there are some rock scenes. But it's good.
Tyler Kelbert Theresa Ann Rohan I know I said I don't keep things from you but me and the rock did a movie together... Here's me and him on the cover together. Sorry
Teacy Shelly I was licked by a Savage way back in 92'-94' Dwayne! Really 💯👍💿 He must be licking women everywhere now! The Greatest Action Pack Family Movie Hero I know of these Days! Looks like it's going to RAKE SOME IN! Haven't seen a scorpion lately at the crib ...

It’s a #BigMeetsBigger kinda week. Our new Rampage The Movie trailer drops this THURSDAY. My best friend in the movie is a BIG boy. Big as in a MASSIVE rare albino Silverback, named George. Here’s the challenge: post pics what’s BIG in your life. Could be you and a huge animal, a human pyramid with you at the top, you and 7ft Shaq etc. All you need is imagination, something big af and your phone. And a little tequila never hurts. I’ll highlight the TOP 5 this THURSDAY during my FIRST EVER INSTAGRAM LIVE before we launch our trailer. I’ll send the TOP 5 a bunch of free, new bad ass #ProjectRock gear. It’s @underarmour’s hottest selling collection of 2017 so get creative. Make sure you hashtag #BigMeetsBigger and #RampageMovie. Have fun. 🦍🥃🤙🏾

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Tom Sothcott Hmmm noticing a new t shirt I didn’t get here Amanda Sothcott 🤔 #Order3Needed
Anthony N Sarah I had to post in messenger, couldn't post in comments..
Olga Lacy OMG you are the energizer bunny cranking out one after the other. Love you!
Alvina Muniz Hello 👋 I’d like to be very smart to take your attention with one word.. Conquest your trust and friendship with two .. With three your LOVE ❤️... Hugs have a happy, beautiful and blessing DAY..
Laila Liedtke Great and respect for your work and life 👍

Dreams ain’t just for dreamers. When I was an 11yr old punk kid, once a month I’d go into NYC with my old man and we’d always walk Times Square around 1am for our “midnight snack” of burgers and fries. I’d always look up at all the bright lights and billboards and just be in a state of awe and dreaming. A friend just sent me this pic that’s in the middle of Times Square. Stuff like this will never get old and why I’m a grateful SOB. With a huge ass head. Cheers to 1am burgers, fries and dreams. #Jumanji CHRISTMAS🎄🎅🏾

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Rayane Bachouche Yes king Swat succees sublimity&submarine 😂and to jeep awake legenday innovation and nominal Dwayne the Rock Johnson legend idealisme OK myking Rok fuel for wards 😯😁😀😱👊👊 gratiful love you Amen
Karem Adel Can't wait to watch ur new movie jumanje 2 love u so much ur amazing wrestler and actor u have the best of both worlds that's why I love u so much u are a dreamer talented hope to see u face to face at least once Love Karem
James Vincent I've found that maintaining perspective and remembering where you were makes where you are and what you have like a form of instant gratification. I'm glad to know that applies even when you make it all the way to the top. Thanks for that.
James Webb I can't wait to see your Jumanji movie! Whenever someone asks about my favorite actors Dwayne Johnson is ALWAYS my top answer. I have yet to see a production starring you that I dislike. Keep up the good work, from all your followers here in Missouri.
Christine Campbell It's nice to see this. You are always working so hard. Be proud of what you have accomplished!! I can not wait to see Jumanji 😍 practically rushing the month to fly by 😄so I can watch it. Your fans will always be with you whether you stumble a little or ...

Walk of Pain. Shame. Whatevs. Huge THANK YOU for a massively successful #ProjectRock Under Armour USDNA Collection launch. Thrilled you love the gear around the world. Train hard. Stay strong #ProjectRock #RockDeltas

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Mark Thomas Each year in December the snowballexpress.org bring about 1200 GOLD Star family's to the dfw area for 4 days of fun. It would be great if you could stop by and say hi if only for 30 mins. The kids ages anywhere from about 4 to 17. Thank you and God ...
Teacy Shelly God is in the details of our lives, even the minute ones. He counts the number of hairs on our heads, knows our respective DNA as He designed each and every one, and makes us all live and breath and have our being (see Acts 17:28). He is very involved ...
Teacy Shelly History of the I. A. M. I can remember a Clover and a leaf! You are probably sleeping good! Outcasting? No "A " listers you are excited to mingle with for a chance under the mistle toe? Lol! No V.I.P / Shopping Sprees? Your gear fits you to a T. I'm ...
Jacob Morton DJ you are literally the most inspirational man that exists right now. How you do whatever it is you do I’ll never know but I spend every day trying to follow in those footsteps.
Travis Wood Love the new line! Too bad they already sold out of almost everything I wanted though. I don't think they were ready for all the love from the Rock's people!

As a man and as a father who would do anything to protect my babies and make them happy, these moments I share with other fathers are so powerful. Over the years when I meet kids who are “going thru the struggle” with battling forms of cancer or disease it often gets emotional when I meet them. But when I meet their parents, it’s a whole other level of emotion and gratitude. Every single time. This is a very strong man here who’s occupation requires a tough and steady “hold the line” demeanor (Daniel is a crisis negotiator), but brought to tears when it comes to how satisfying it is to simply make his daughter, Emily happy, who can be seen in the background breaking down when she sees her dad start to cry. Meetings like this get emotional, but man they’re beautiful. And to me, this’ll always be the best part of fame. Thank you Daniel for your kind words. We’ll keep doin’ it together. All of our babies deserve to be happy and smile. #MakeAWishDay #PapaBears

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Sharmistha Rai Don’t stop doing remarkably good job 👍🏻 otherwise even normal working people spend their money 💰 in drinking and enjoying their life. You enjoyed doing good job for others great 👍🏻
Divyarajsinh Ghelda He's right rock.. Even you don't have any idea that what have you done to our life.. When you stand in the wwe wring and a microphone in your hand.. Then your magic(ELECTRICITY) make my soul to scream.... ROCKY...ROCKY...ROCKY..ROCKY..
Alicia Johnson I can say u are u a Very careing person down through the yrs.the movies ive seen. U in you've always showed hart.thats why ill always be a fan of yours.for the kindness u show.
Irene Sorenson Great timing. Today is Fathers day in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. You do great things with important issues.( Go Canes)
Viviana Martins Fico emocionada😪 pelo carinho, dedicação e amor que você dedica as pessoas! És um homem magnífico, coração de bondade! Deus te conserve sempre assim! Te gosto muito Dwayne Johnson😘😘💖💖

In honor of Veterans Day and the military men and women that you have in your life, I encourage you to share their stories in the comments below. I’ll highlight their stories throughout the weekend on my IG page. I’ll personally sign 11 pair of our new Under Armour #RockDeltas to send to them as a very small way of showing my boundless gratitude and respect for their guts and service. #army #navy #airforce #coastguard #marines #powmia

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Samantha Maxam I proudly served in the United States Navy, 1991-1995. I spent most of my enlistment at Naval Air Station Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. I was an SK3 and worked in a warehouse driving forklift and managing aircraft parts. I volunteered for the color guard ...
Manda Thomas My husband Bret Thomas served 11 years in the Army and was deployed twice to Kuwait and Iraq. He was a sergeant, and during his second deployment was charged with managing a detainee camp where some of the most violent TacFury detainees were housed. ...
Stacy Henderson My husband Richard Henderson served 20 years as a submariner in the US Navy. I am so proud of him. Sub service is hard and the deployments are long and demanding. Even after fulfilling that commitment he still serves his country and makes sure sailors ...
Michelle Murphy Happy Veteran's Day to my Father who served in WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and to my Step-Father who served in the Vietnam War and to my Son-In-Law Theo who serves in the Army as a a Specialist in Hawaii!!!
Delaney Fuller My husband is currently in the navy. He’s been deployed twice, one of which was securing the seas near South Korea. Has served over 4 years and been gone from family the majority of it. We are very proud of what he has done and what he hopes to keep ...

It’s a Canes thing, they wouldn’t understand. #ThereInSpirit #BeatTheIrish #IfYaSmell #TheU 🙌🏾✊🏾 University of Miami Notre Dame Football

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Thomas Compton Funny. Rock and cane fans havnt been talking for years now u got a,fluke season y'all want to pump your chest that u the best lol
Mary Hyde-Stewart Nice that he’s sending a shout out to the Canes! Beautiful Canada. Chhh always said Marco looked like him and still stand by that 😊
Karla Sarria The Rock should’ve been the guest picker on GameDay instead of Nim Rod. That dingis put the Turnover Chain on backwards on live TV.
Chris Mahn Please tell me you posted a veterans day congrats. After all, you're trying to make money off of them with your clothes.
Rosi Massie Right here are they get movie star and the best wrestling I wish we had you back around something you can do around somewhere again everybody need you that come back around so when you get done making the baby come back and rest and that Joey is ...

Gear down and lace ‘em up. LINK in my bio to purchase new collection. Every piece of training gear I offer to you, I battle test everything in 90+ degree heat. Shirts, sweats, hoodies, #RockDelta shoes. Our new #ProjectRock Under Armour USDNA Collection AVAILABLE NOW. Stay strong. Train hard.

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Emma Hoggard Hey please please take a second to click this link & like the photo of my daughter. She’s up for a sponsorship with a company who design suits for freestyle. She’s the wee blonde in the ‘dancewild’ too with the big abs ❤️https://www.facebook....
Mark Duran Got a business opportunity for you let's talk will help kids out worldwide
Lucy Gracia Love it. Thank you for your service and staying so fit
Farias Igbel beautiful my love you work full weight😍😱😘💪👊🇻🇪️
Candice Feliciano Dawn Lowitzki needing everything 😍, it be awesome if he can sign a hoodie #dwantaclaus

Solid late night HRT (hostage rescue) rehearsals w/ the boys. Put your funderwear on its gonna be a long night. #SkyscraperMovie

46.5k reactions 354 comments
Cody Netherland You live an awesome life my friend!!! Love your work!
Dan Trigona The Brahma Bull lives!!
Scott Coghlan Nothing matters but the U!
Anthony Acierno Can’t wait to see it on the big screen!!
Andrea Anderson apparently..... but funderwear............hahaha....

Today you conquer. It’s finally here.. Under Armour’s most anticipated drop of 2017 is AVAILABLE NOW. Our #ProjectRock #USDNA Collection for men and women. Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy your new gear. Link to shop below.

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Donika Buffkins of course Dwayne The Rock Johnson drops another gift the day before my birthday! here’s hoping he has some plus size wear for women.
Guillaume Debacker Sooo Excited, I buyed some UA Project Rock stuff today on e commerce UA Europe. Thanks to UA and Dwayne to boost us in our sports
Rebecca Fish Wish I had the will power u do need to work out I have list nearly 40kgs and need to go to the gym but haven't got the will power to do it
Tom Sothcott Hmmm think my bank manager isn’t thinking I conquered after what I spent on this today! #KittedOutTillNextDrop
Aaron James Ilander Every time I see a photo like that of The Rock it looks like if I walked in at that precise moment, he would lay the smack down.

🦍 THIS THURSDAY #ProjectRock launches Under Armour’s most anticipated and bad ass collection of 2017. Inspired by the men and women of our US MILITARY. Shirts, hoodies, sweats, bags and shoes.. we are THE hardest workers in the room. #USDNA #2017Collection THIS THURSDAY 🔥💪🏾

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Craig Hanford Vicky Thomas hahaha looks like being buying a lot more Under Armour xxx
Marianne Broche I love ❤️ hem !!! I love ❤️ Under Armour too !!!
Mark Thomas Each year in December the snowballexpress.org bring about 1200 GOLD Star family's to the dfw area for 4 days of fun. It would be great if you could stop by and say hi if only for 30 mins. The kids ages anywhere from about 4 to 17. Thank you and God ...
Lorraine Neale My my my Dwayne,,, you do enjoy teasing the crap outta us ladies dont you,,,,,,, Hanging on that bar,,, going up,,,,,, going down,,,,,,, mmm mmmm mmmmm 😍😍😍
Leticia Mendes Oliveira I'm a Physiotherapy student. I am thinking of specializing in sports physiotherapy, every physiotherapist has someone as a reference (muscles) you are being my reference !!

Huge thank you to my buds at Microsoft and Xbox for creating these one of a kind engraved #XBox1X consoles for our Make A Wish kids from #DwantaClaus. The kids loved them - thanks for being great partners. And for the record, I’m the XBox KING, so if anyone out there wants a shot at the title, step on up and you’ll catch these hands. #Smackdown #DwantaClaus🎅🏾

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Melinda Johnson My 6 year old put an xbox one on her wish list for Santa. Too bad Santa doesn't have that kinda toy making skills.
Claudia Regina Pereira Noooooossa gigante... Isso tuuuuudo é de enlouquecer qualquer família... Inclusive Euzinha que amooooooo... Esse mundo dos jogos, esse então afffff... Lavamos nós economizar até o dinheiro do lanche da escola 😂😂😂 então Vamos que Vamos, um por todos e ...
Marilza Rodrigues My love, the night has come and I do not want to go to bed to sleep before wishing you good night! sleep well! I know that in your dreams I will not be. But with cherry you will be in my dreams! Kisses! Love you
Maria Rivera To Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock you are truly Amazing and the coolest actor ever..many blessings..on your present and future endeavors..you totally Rock...👍👍🤙🤙🤙👍👍❤😍😘😎😇😇😇
Danijel Šotanji Rock you are a great person that Xbox looks sick I wish I could have one big fan and always will be keep it up ur doing so much good ur great you ROCK !!!

Therapy is fun pain in the #IronParadise. THIS THURSDAY we drop Under Armour’s most bad ass collection of 2017. Get ready... #ProjectRock #USDNA 🔥

17.6k reactions 618 comments
LaShonda Porter I was really proud of myself. I thought my story was hilarious and supportive of all types of people with different issues so they won't feel ashamed.
Alex Doyle I wish my gym was equipped like yours lol still though, weights weigh the same no matter what your gym looks like
Rox San Jose Is this guy reall sweating in all of his trainings?? Looks like he pours water on him before the video starts recording
Angelo Ciarlillo You people's are all lame.. get a life.. the man is the man. Don't hate watching a mofo shine... You go ROCK.. love the haters.. push harder.....
Eddie Sung Errr no disrespect The Rock is my hero but is that a towel around you? Looks a bit like a nappy from that angle 😄

Living the dream. Also known as Sunday night with a big plate of huge banana chocolate chip pancakes on my lap, while channel surfing, knowing damn well I’ll have the sugar sweats all night til I wake up at 4am to go to work. And yes, that’s a bottle of decadent Canadian maple syrup. Ah the hell with it, get your ass over here gluttony and let me embrace you. #CheatMealSunday #DontCheatYourselfTreatYourself

81.7k reactions 3509 comments
Sheila Thompson You don't pop up in my newsfeed often, but so far, every time you do, you're eating pancakes lol :) I'm going to say you love them :) as a Canadian, I'm glad to see you appreciate a good syrup :)
Trish Bell Holmes The only thing better than having great pancakes with decadent maple syrup alone is sharing them with an angel. Hugginz By Angel to be exact :)
Adam Karba Picture would look alot different if it was anyone other than The Rock. Like 18 inches added to the waist line, rolls of fat and only difference in food would be the missing can of whipped cream.
Line Germain Maple Canadian syrup . The best in the world and so good on pancakes and French toasts . Yes you got it Dwayne . 💋💋💚💚👍👍
Elysia Bell Looks like the men love him as much as us ladies, lol... interesting. We love pancakes in this house. You can make them with eggs & bananas (no flour). They are yummy too.

Once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full. This THURSDAY we’re honored to drop Under Armour’s most bad ass collection of 2017. Our #ProjectRock USDNA collection. Inspired by the men and women of our US military. #GetReady #NeverFull #USDNA THIS THURSDAY 🤙🏾

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Donal Hardin What happened to the restock of the Project Rock Delta shoe last August? Wanted a pair, and UA just said keep checking back and never restocked them. Are they trying to lose money?
Leabelle Izzy Reid I always loved your gym inspirational tank! Edited: i just saw its an old picture of you with your bull tatoo
Abhishek Sharma Bulusu Dwayne The Rock Johnson dude please you haven't seen Meghana Prashanth working out! Stop showing off dude!
Jose Luis Moya Said..he was g oing to help PUERTO RICO..and he hace a tshirt..for..auction...what a PUNK...is easy..with other people money...ah...punk
Steven Grandov Hey rock huge fan here I'm from the bay myself we love to see u doing a movie with John cena as well that would be awesome

Special moment. I was sad to hear about the loss of their father. I know he’s very proud of his strong and loving family. I was happy however to share the the story of when Murat was battling cancer like a champ, the doctors wouldn’t let him eat his favorite food - salmon. The day he became cancer free, his mama was the first to give him that salmon. Mama got a little emotional when his sister translated what I said. I got a lil’ emo too.. manly tears of course. Manly tears. Wonderful Turkish family, I had the privilege of hosting. Grateful to meet them. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie #Manly

16.3k reactions 252 comments
Liz Trierweiler You are such an extraordinary man... I have the utmost respect and love for you... 😙❤😍
Susana Sauceda You are such a beautiful human being
Sharon Montebello That’s my Rock!!! Bless his heart he is a good man!
Deborah Aguilar Ramos You lift the heart n lives of many, God bless
Natasha J Swart Keep up the good work sir always I love you so much ❤ ❤

Awesome moment. Dwanta Claus🎅🏾 delivering the world’s first custom made XBOX 1X’s to my Make A Wish kids! It’s truly an honor to have a kid’s “wish” be to meet me, so I try and make it as special as I can. I have a very caring staff who reaches out to our partners and friends who all jump at the opportunity to help make these kids’ day a special one. Thank you to our good friends at Microsoft and Xbox for creating these first ever engraved Dwanta XBOX 1X consoles for the kids, before they’re available to the world. Tears of joy is the constant indicator that this will always be the best part of my job. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie #Microsoft #XBox1X #Murat #Maria #Emily

18.9k reactions 326 comments
Genny Santos NOSSA que lindo. EU quero um também, como presente de aniversário. Por favor. Você só Nós PROPORCIONA momentos lindos. Bjs...
Leigh Ebbels Mr Johnson, thankyou for being the person you are, with the heart you have, and the kindness you have for people - thankyou!
Pierre Williams Hey my name is Pierre William I want one but that's also cool that you're sharing your love bro keep it up
Cynthia Taplin So awesome Dwayne, you’re truly a special person. Much love and appreciation for everything you do.💙❤️💙❤️
Yvonne Hunt O my goodness me what a lovely gift Mr Dwanta claws, that's something they can treasure the rest of there life's 😁

Get ready on Nov 9th. We drop our biggest #ProjectRock Under Armour collection yet, including three new #RockDelta shoe color ways. I come from a proud family of US military members. I’m grateful of their commitment and service. In honor of that service, we proudly present our #USDNA collection for men and women. As always, I sweat in and destroy every piece of gear to make sure it’s perfect for you - hoodies, sweats, shoes, shirts and hats. All tried and tested by me daily. Dropping NOV 9th. #UnderArmour #ProjectRock #USDNA 💪🏾⚓️

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Patrick Beaton This Canadian appreciates our American Brothers an Sisters who serve, thank you an God Bless...🍻
Lucy Claire Melinda Greening how awesome is OUR husband lol
Brie Delapaz Alonzo Chavez...this is how u had as in class in just a warm up......we were drenched.
Marian Gagliardi I got your legends tee 😀 love it if the line is as great as the tees . Count me in 💪💪💪👊👊👊💗
Melissa Mathison Autumn Torres I would work out more if He showed up at the gym. Lol

One of the best parts of our big #MakeAWishDay was takin’ the kids for a spin inside a brand new Lamborghini. The flip side to it was me trying to pry myself out of this vehicle in sections because I’m too big while everyone just laughed. I️ need to lay off the carbs. #DaddyDontFit #Lambo #MakeAWishDay 🤙🏾

22.1k reactions 528 comments
Edna Mae Benckini I know you are crazy busy but please I just need a little help ✨ please. I need a true wish. Dream as you know. Some dreams can come true. I have a dream. I am challenging myself to 🌎❤️💯❤️🌎 💯DAY CHALLENGE AND IM SORRY BUT I HAVE TO TRY Ps. Not a joke ...
Suzanna Lucas I guess now you can have some sympathy for Jeremey Clarkson (Top Gear), and he test cars for a living!!!
Nequil Williams Lol I love that you are so positive, humble, down to earth, and do wonderful things for kids stay that way that's why I'm a big fan
Maria Rivera Cool and awesome Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, awesome kids many blessings..and Dwayne Johnson you are the coolest actor ever..#Love #Respect
Christine Kalmey Dear Sir, the reason you don’t fit is you have enough muscles that make you a mountain. Not the carbs.

Dwanta🎅🏾 vs Lamborghini. #MakeAWishDay I’m not the tallest guy (6’4), or the biggest (260+lbs), but the issue with me not fitting in these things is how I’m built. Built three dimensionally from back to front - quads, butt, back, chest etc. My Samoan/Black genetics throw the metrics all off 🤙🏾💪🏾 Plus, I have a very large head (seriously) with a big ass ridiculous fuzzy Dwanta hat on top. When my special guest, Murat wants to roll in a Lambo. We roll in a Lambo. Next time I’m bringing my pick up truck. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie #RideWithDwanta🎅🏾 Now the question becomes, how do I get out..

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Sheila Marler Lol, besides that how did it drive? 😳 it looks more like a car for a woman. 😁 My son Chance would not agree with that though. 🙋
Sharmistha Rai You are a very wonderful personality. For your fans you go out of your way to make them feel good. You are new version of Santa Claus. Very cool 😎Great going
Leola Mitchell I wish that I could just get to this guy and just give him a big HUG and then go about my business. This man is SUCH a professional. I Respect him for his temperance. He curses ALOT but he have gained not some but ALLL of my respect. Young BLACK MEN and ...
Jacqueline Goncalves 🤔🤔 Well Dwanta, now am curious too. Would love to see how you gonna get outta that one! 🤔 will they have to slice the Lambo?😅😅
Tracy August Yeah I can see how that can be a problem being 6^4 yeah that's pretty tall and your weight that's a good weight silly

#DwantaClaus🎅🏾 surprise! My Make A Wish kid’s (Murat, Maria & Emily) LOVE Lamborghinis and sports cars, so... I had one waiting for them so we can have some fun. They freaked out. Which is always the best part. I said, Get in, Dwanta’s takin’ ya for a spin. Awesome moment and I want to thank my friends over at #LamborghiniVancouver and #TKPerformance for helping us make this so cool for the kids. Now the big question on everyone’s mind... do I actually fit in the Lambo? Stay tuned my friends. #MakeAWishDay #Lamborghini #RideWithDwanta🎅🏾 #SkyscraperMovie

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Tania Sellars Be great time for them so cool 😎😎
Adam Perl # big dogs eat lil pups starve brahma.
Marian Gagliardi I agree what you are doing for these kids is an amazing. Thing. 😍😍 You are the Best. !!
Cathy Easley That's AWESOME, very COOL!😎 you are the BEST DJ! 👍😀❤️🙏🏻💐
Maria Rivera This is so cool and amazing, hope you all had lots of fun..Enjoy and many blessings

Our Make A Wish Day. Special moment here as Murat’s sister is translating for me what their mom has just said to me about how special this day is for her family and her son, Murat. I asked her to please let her mom know, that I did my research and know all about her son’s love for salmon and the cool story behind it once he was cancer free. She loved that;). Great moment. Such a lovely family who flew all the way in from the Netherlands. Happy & grateful mama. And I swear I’m not a giant, it’s just the angle I’m standing. Ok, I’m a very large man. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

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Shah Amir Dwayne i hope u will be nx president of america, to make the world peace, no war n beautiful place to stay
نور مون If you want to give me an invitation to the next year's reservation😁😁😁, I accept it 😎Haha , without a hug, I am Muslim Dwayne Johnson😊💪💪💪
MaEileen Soriano Eguia Hats off to you Dwayne! Continue your good deeds... it's touching and making an impact on humanity. May God's grace be upon you always.
Achilles Ecke Here is my wish Dwayne The Rock Johnson Go help your friend man bc he lost his daughter and is legit broke and YOUR CLOSE Friend Tyrese Gibson. He can’t get hired for work bc of his baby mamma slamming him in Hollywood and she took his daughter. ...
Brandon Sprigler I don't get how people can't see he's on set... The dirty look is probably part of the scene they were filming.

As #DwantaClaus🎅🏾 I come bearing framed gifts (and cheesy jokes) for my special MAKE A WISH kids, Murat, Emily & Maria. Presented them with a very special signed call sheet from our production. Their individual names above mine indicting they’re #1 - where they belong. What a day of surprises! Best was yet to come... #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

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Brittany Cales Why can’t more people be like that he’s so nice 😊
Shams Tabrez U r d real man! U have large body but also have a sweet heart💝💪
William Unger Great guy the Rock but lets be honest the true heroes in this are the three make a wish kids!
Andrea Anderson great....for your make -a- wish foundation
Aayush Yerne Keep calm and back to ring

I’ll take tears of joy anytime. Bring it in here for my hug, Murat, Emily and Maria. Our huge Make-A-Wish International day on set was INCREDIBLE with my guests and their lovely families. As a father and a man, hugs like this mean the world to me. This is my reminder that this will always be the best part of fame. Much more to share with you guys from out visit. Stay tuned. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

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Bill Brodie Dwayne the rock Johnson your a legend and a top man you put a lot of smiles on people faces and really make them happy that's really good to see hope I get to meet you one day keep up to good work 👍
Chantal Demers See how important you are! You seem so sincere. I truly hope you are. People like me need a good guy they can see from time to time. It helps restore my will. I shall try again to be kind to myself. You didn't just touch them but me too.
Martin Barken So lovely. We need more love empathy and compassion. Dwayne The Rock Johnson thank you so much for what you do, you are a classy humble. Man of integrity. Cheers mate
Kay Carangelo Awwww....i can't wait to get my hug and selfie picture from you,you have such a compassionate heart for your fans and everybody, you ROCK!!!! 😇💋💜💋
Michelle Paris Rock I love this about you!!!! You are a truly amazing man in every way possible!!!! Thank you for all the good you do!!!!! This is just one of the thousands of reasons I'm you're mega fan!!!!!! Thank you😘😎

Happy Rockin’ Halloween 🎃!! Remember, if no one sees you eat all the candy, then it never really happened. 😉🤙🏾👊🏾 Seven Bucks Digital Studios #ROCKYOURCOSTUME

38.4k reactions 529 comments
Eldela Plancha I was confused on the 1st picture. Didn't knew who was who?? 😝😝
Isa Vieira Bianca Valente olha isso... e se liga na última camisa...ahahaha... vc vai amar!
Laura Detourbe Unfortunately , at our home Halloween celebrates no much . 😧😟 . ''France'' .
Dre Toonz Dm me for your artworks, logo, cartoon pictures, album nd mixtape covers, flyers at affordable prices. Payments via PayPal
Gloria Celeste Vega Gutierrez Happy Halloween Dwayne Johnson i love you 😍😙💖🎉

Dwanta Claus is comiiiing to town.. on my way to #SkyscraperMovie set and can’t wait to meet my special Make-A-Wish guests... Maria, Murat and Emily! We have an awesome day planned for you and your families.. #ICouldntSleepEither #SeeYouSoon #Dwanta🎅🏾

45.4k reactions 717 comments
Cecilia Pereira Lovely to see someone like you, with your wonderfull career/s do something so sweet for sick children, good on you,!
Lee Dixon Such an amazing man! You constantly give back and set a wonderful example for others to follow. Have fun with the Make a Wish kids! You ROCK! <3
David Sizemore I thought you'd be a strong Trump supporter. I'm sure you're smarter than a 2020 run, looks clumsy and unskilled, they made you look like you don't know what you're doing.
Viviana Martins Você Dwayne se doa por completo! Tanto para seu trabalho, como para com seus fãs! Por isso que é retribuído com tanto amor e carinho! Generoso! Ser humano especial iluminado apaixonante! Amor sempre🙏💖😍😘
Jessica Stroia It is so great what you are doing I was a make a wish kid in 1991 I was diagnosed with glioblastma multiform & I have survived 26 yrs which is unheard of I wish I could tell my story Thank You

After months of planning, our big MAKE A WISH day has finally come. Tomorrow, Tues, Oct 31st, our #SkyscraperMovie set will welcome three VERY special kids and their families. As always, whenever special kids visit, I make sure my movie sets are like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. All love, all fun and all the sweets you can eat for FREE!! Well someone has to pay for it, but it ain’t gonna be us 😂. All my teams are flying in to help make this special - Seven Bucks Productions Seven Bucks Digital Studios The Garcia Companies and our awesome partners MAKE A WISH WORLDWIDE as well as, Microsoft and Xbox. And course, #DwantaClaus🎅🏾 will be waiting with open arms and a song to sing. But no tequila because everyone’s underage. 😂 So excited for tomorrow. Gonna be an amazing day that we’ve officially titled LIGHTS, CAMERA, LOVE.. IN ACTION. #MakeAWish Make-A-Wish International Make-A-Wish America #Emily #Maria #Murat #Dwanta🎅🏾

44.1k reactions 1002 comments
Monica Monicca AWWWW..... That's so sweet!!! Kids are the best. Been working with kids for 20+ years. FYI though when you have one for adults make sure I'm there!!! HAHAHA I don't need much LOL 😊 I would just enjoy watching a taping of anyone of your movies! So Dear ...
Suzanna Lucas This man has all his ducks lined up right!!! He's grateful for everything in his life and he gives back!!! What a responsible, charitable and fun luving guy!!! A few more Celebs could take a "leaf out of his book"!!! On ya DJ. x/x
Kai Frawg Thank you so much for doing what you do for Wish Kids! It really does mean soooooo much to them and their families! <3 from a CO wish family!
Jae D Elkins Rock dont think paragon can colaps high. Nesica colapse low its about that much fore 1000 dollars u be balling in a230000 coin slot box car 60 pound box i had to pay fore. Abbazabba
Smita Bhide Wow those kids are going to be so excited to see you and I am sure they are going to have unlimited fun.. to see their favorite movie star is going to be an unforgettable day for them ....Awesome !!😁

Not easy having 20,000+ rabid fans remain totally silent.. 😂 THANK YOU to this epic crowd for kickin’ back this epic luv and powerful mana (spirit). So f’n cool. #LAComicCon #Electrifying #JUMANJI

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Olga Lacy Wish I was there. I would love to see you in person Dwayne! Love you!!!!
Viviana Martins Você tem o dom da palavra Dwayne❤ eu adoraria estar ai, quietinha ouvindo você falar! Você é único! Te amo😍😍😍❤❤
Smita Bhide That's why you are a Legend !!...Amazing crowd !!
Cathy Saye Foard You are truly blessed!! Never stop believing in what you can accomplish with your talent!!
Teresa Beltran Barrientos Not easy having one that will never meet you 😩 and still will always love you lol
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