Donald J. Trump
19:55 05/18/2017

Despite unprecedented media and political attacks, our movement is STRONGER than ever before! #MAGA

Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, shows Americans still stand with president.

Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, shows Americans still stand with president.

President Trump’s campaign announced Thursday a record-breaking fundraising haul this week, saying it shows the American people stand with the president despite unrelenting attacks from the news media and political foes.

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Bob Henninger
We never stopped, but the Media sure is oppressive. I wish something could be done to stop the hate and deceptions presented by them!
Ramona Wendt
President Trump, the decent people and those who love the Lord God Jesus Christ are behind you. Those who hate and are working for your downfall will not be victorious. They are on the wrong side.
Lois Bartel
Never throught so many people would continue to cut you off at the knees and stop your forward progress in draining the swamp. What gets me are the GOP members who have jumped ship -
Kymberli Williams
The Behavior of the left reminds me of History one example being the Pharisees who found a way to put to death an innocent man because he had stripped them of their power and they were Furious. the sad thing is they managed to get away with it,! You are in good company no matter what.
Michael A Hoffman
Trump you still have my support and I am behind you 100 percent it is embarrassing when the media continues to divide us as a country and continues not to stand behind you. I think your doing a great job and keep up the great work .
Allen Fennell
We are more united for our President then ever before!!!!!!!!! He has earned our respect and admiration. He will lead our country down the right path for a very very long time. God bless president Trump and God bless America.
TD Trowbridge
Yes!! We the people voted for you, President Donald Trump!! So, keep on doing what you've been doing for the American people and ignore the ignorant liberal Democrat crybabies 😊😊
Nitzy Cohen
I love my President Trump! Never was and never will be a president that owes nothing to anyone, and is only beholden to the American people.
Blanca Margarita Espinosa Oliveras
Donald Trump is the best thing that could happen to America! It's a blessing to finally have a president that looks out for the American people first!!!
Scott Peck
Would we be talking about this Russian BS story if Hillary was in the WH? Hell no! This is nothing more than a democrat wet dream to explain away why Hillary blew the election. Let's have a special prosecutor go into her and John Podesta financial ties with the Russians. Podesta was paid over $35 million from them while he was advising obama and Hillary and without a peep about it from the leftist MSM.
Jesse McMurray
So you spend all your time campaigning for an election four years away instead of focusing on your agenda or clearing your name from all of these scandals? America was great before you came along and will be great after your impeachment!
Michael French
#LittleDonnie, I think it would be best for all involved, especially you, to just resign. I would think that you would be able to cut a deal of immunity for you, your family, and your band of thieves. If we can close the book on this ugly chapter and move on, it might just be worth it to let you off scot-free, other than the shame you brought on your children.
Patricia Moroz
So very happy that an independent investigation is taking place! Will be nice to know that we will finally get to the real truth! We deserve it! Thank you Rob Rosenstein and Robert Mueller🤣
Clare M Kearney
What "movement" is this? Your Russian or Putin Movement. Or are you finally able to move those FOS bowels? How SAD that you need to BEG hard working Americans for money. WTF Russia cut off all your funds? No worries. You will be out of Office Sooner then Later and back with Your lively wife and son in NYC. Now just speed up the process and resign!!
Bob Bradburn
Every Dem has pledged to lead an investigation or complain daily about something...screw 'em...we got the military, border patrol, police, nra, supreme court. congress, senate and white house, 60 million legal "deplorables"....and the bikers...kick democrat liberals to the curb and Make America Great Again....go Trump 2020!

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Honored to meet with President Abbas from the Palestinian Authority & his delegation, who have been working hard with everybody involved toward peace.

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Debie Grooms Pray for Wisdom Mr. President! Protect Israel! Do not give any part of Israel to Palestine! The Bible is clear on this matter. Tread lightly when dealing with this man and his country
Bob Hinton I am so happy you are sitting in office but something needs to be done about California Now! and the 9th circuit court.... California is trying to dictate what the whole country has to do...
Angelena Schaffer-Nardolillo Yah we just dont whine as much as the haters Trump is doing his job and actually working now that is a big change for the good!!! . AHH want some cheese with your wine Hillary?
Rahul Yadav Global terrorist 'Haafiz saeed' can be the next pm of pakistan. then Hafeez saeed and kim jong will blast America together.. stop helping pakistan they are not doing any action on terrorist.. help india we want to kill all terrorist.
Kelly Kevin Shamblin Wisdom says DO NOT try and divide the Land of Israel. God gave that Land to the Jewish people and He will bring wrath on anyone that tries to divide it. Bibi's a great leader and the US should protect that precious bond that we have with them.

It was a great honor to be with King Abdullah II of Jordan and his delegation this morning. We had a GREAT bilateral meeting!🇺🇸🇯🇴

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Maryanne Young Why can we go back to health insurance the way it was before Obama care!!! It was good insurance and really didn't cost that much!!!!!! Poor people had assistant to help them. Pre existing conditions just cost a little more what was the problem!!! Obama ...
Karen Eakin I'll never forget how angry King Abdullah was when ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage!
William N Bill Crossman Hey , Trolls, pray tell just one thing President Trump has done that has harmed you? Now search your souls and list all the things the Obama Regime did that not only harmed you but also the world and America. We all shall await your replies. Of ...
Kathleen O'Regan The American people greatly respect and honor the King of Jordan, a good man and friend to the US, a great humanitarian as well. God's blessings on you and your nation, King Abdullah.
Billy McNeely Lets all work together and keep one other safe. God bless president trump and the usa.

After allowing North Korea to research and build Nukes while Secretary of State (Bill C also), Crooked Hillary now criticizes.

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Charlie Adams President Trump will never sell out America. Gee, I wonder how Iran and North Korea were suddenly able to accelerate their missile and bomb development? Hmm... https://www.wsj....
Paul Feliz You are doing great for the American well being Mr President, keep cleaning house and draining the swamp. #MAGA
Jill Owen I am totally in favor of doing a deep dive into the Clinton's policies (and results) of their approach to North Korea. Not her revisionist version but the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Leeann Davidson "Crooked Hillary" and "Rocket Man"...Mr President Donald J. Trump..u Crack me up 😂..praying for God's protection over you cuz there's so many against u right now...
Traci Williams I am praying for you! She did nothing in 30 years her criticism falls by the wayside. Your performance rights & writes history! We believe in you Donald! Keep charging you're being very powerful right now and influential don't let a mouse get in the ...

Big meetings today at the United Nations. So many interesting leaders. America First will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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Rick Olson Thank you President Donald J. Trump for your outstanding leadership and straight talk at the United Nations while representing both the United States of America and the American People.
Rafael Rodriguez He spoke like an American President should speak, proud of his country with no apologies for being what we are, not bowing to anyone like the traitor we had.
Amaechi Mecheline Onuh The UN gave megaphone to genocidal Nigeria dictator Muhammadu Buhari, any arms sold to Buhari ends up in the hands of boko haram and the end result is to kill Christians (Biafra). The people of Biafra are on protest in front of UN office against the ...
Liz Lindsey Mr President, great speech yesterday! We loved it! Thanks for standing up for the USA and our allies, especially Israel. We're behind you 100%!
Darlene Akin The greatest speech for America and Americans, was handed out to the U.N. by the PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, thank you for your consistent and brilliant work. We are MAGA. help with the swamp is coming 2018.

Puerto Rico being hit hard by new monster Hurricane. Be careful, our hearts are with you - will be there to help!

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Rohn Smith Thank you from my family to yours for being a great leader that this country has so desperately needed! Loved the UN speech, we the real American people applaud you Mr. President! Pray for all those in the path of these hurricanes, be safe!
Gail Albright Prayers for Puerto Rico, and know our President is here for you, and will help just like he did for Tx. and Fla.
Jason Vandermark The Graham Cassidy bill is not repeal Mr President. You are doing a great job but keep the heat on Congress. And l love that the Liberals are passing around fake news that your going to resign and you should call them out on the fake news. We love that. ...
Lee Jeoung Su Isaiah 61장 1. The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them ...
Victoria Sayhi Wow, this storm is terrible. I pray for all the people in PuertoRico. I am so sorry. God bless you in this time of the storm Remember prayer is the first response not the last response. God can use you in this storm. Help your neighbors and the elderly. ...

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, September 20th: · Expanded meeting with King of Jordan · Expanded meeting with President of the Palestinian Authority · Working lunch with African leaders · Expanded meeting with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom · Expanded meeting with President of Egypt

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Maribel Chavis Good morning Mr.President Donald Trump Have a beautiful day. I say,when God is for you, who can be against you??
Valerie Hinton Ziegler Mr President you did such a great job yesterday, you truely do speak for me, and many others, it was the best speach ive ever seen given to the UN. We are proud of you!!!
Tiger Junior Yesterdays speech on socialism was brilliant. Socialism does not belong in America. Not now. Not ever. Thank you!
Linda Burgess This man is working hard for us, with no pay, and getting harassed daily. He deserves our thanks and our prayers. 😍
Gord Akum That is quite a schedule for a guy that is 71. Compare that to Obama who found it more important to meet with the likes of Babs Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Redford and other Hollywood type fluff.

The true question for the UN....

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Roxy Storie-Gregoire Loved the speech, powerful. Needed at this time in history. Now will the UN pull up there socks, get there act together. Time will tell.
Linda Venticinque Greatest speech yet including everything he said he would do he is doing. Very proud to be an American with Our president Donald Trump Feel safe with him! We are all thankful! Thank you!
Ruth Thomas Obviously "Rocket Man" doesn't care about his country or it's people. Thank God that we have you, Mr. President. God bless and guide you and keep you safe. <3
Jean McClure Pondrom Thank you, Mr. President, for giving me hope that America will once again be a great country for our grandchildren and their children. God Bless American and God Bless you.
Pam Hunter Thompson So glad to see there are hundred times more positive comments than EVER!!. Most of us knew it was only a matter of time before they ran out of all of the excuses and saw the man for what he really is....AN AWESOME PRESIDENT

Our success depends on a coalition of strong and independent nations that embrace their sovereignty to promote SECURITY, PROSPERITY, and PEACE for themselves and for the world.

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Adam Mason It's amazing how (outside of Canada) the rest of the world sees President Trump as a strong, dedicated, hard working leader... yet our media, our last president, and the Democrats still try to break him down and degrade him. We have so many bigger ...
Patricia Aebersold-King Finally, a leader for the United States! I am with you Mr. President 100%! Thank you for loving our country and standing up for us.
Barry Holmes The new Reagan. I love my president. Couldn't be more proud that I had the privilege to vote for him. Never felt so proud of my country. He will and is making America great again. God bless our Commander and Chief.
Mindy Penman AWESOME speech! Knocked it out of the park. Did you catch the uncomfortable and pissed off faces of nations he called out for bad behavior? Priceless!
Verna Moore May our Father in Heaven put a hedge of protection around our President Trump and all who surround him, in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We will fight TOGETHER, sacrifice TOGETHER, and stand TOGETHER for peace, for freedom, for justice, for family, for humanity, and for the almighty God who made us all.

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Virginia Hicks I freaking love our president he's a good man believes in God and wants the best for the American people the American people
Rebecca Rutherford Post Absolutely loved the speeches that both President Trump and PM Netanyahu gave! AWESOME!!! Praying for the peace of Israel, for God's favor and blessings to cover and fill Israel and all those who bless her. Peace ... 💖💖💖
Dee Hart How anyone could find fault with his speech is beyond me. You just dont love this country if you disagree with anything he said.
Carla Hernandez AMEN!!! From your mouth to God Almighty's ears, praying every day for our country to turn back to God before its too late.
Veronica Broussard Trump is taking a stand for America, not sure why people are so determine to go against anything he says. It's pretty simple. If you dont stand behind trump, you stand against America. How can you call yourself an American but hate the man in office?

God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you.

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Bobby Harp God bless the people of Mexico city , God bless our President , The man is doing things from the heart unlike our last President , No Trump is not a Politician that is why i hired him , He is a man of heart and loves our country .
Elizabeth G. Helling My prayers thoughts and love are with mexico, may God repair all damage and cover you all from any harm seen or unseen, praying for a speedy recovery for all. God bless all🙏🏻🙏🏻
Charles Klump I support Mr. Trump but he could have added to the above, as long as your people stay in Mexico City....
Jerry Bravo If you need or know people that need translation services in the next couple of days and following languages, feel free to contact me. 🇺🇸🇧🇪🇲🇽🇮🇹🇫🇷 #MexicoCity #Earthquake #share #Translation
Andres Saenz So I'm wondering what is the Mexican government doing to help their own people recover from this huge earthquake? President Trump really stepped up to help hurricane Harvey and Irma victims, is the Mexican president proactively helping earthquake ...

As President of the United States of America, I will ALWAYS put #AmericaFirst.🇺🇸

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Gabriel Hotupan It's only common sense, but that's a rare commodity these days and the liberals haven't figured out where to get it...
Linda Love After eight, long, marginalizing years, no more apologies for being American. Thank you Mr. President !
Karen Mullen Huffman How in the heck can anyone have a problem with this president.....I have never seen so many ignorant people in my life. President Trump will be the best president ever.
Bill Sharp Today is Trumps best day in office...he talked like a man and not like a politician. He spoke what we all think....He put the world on notice...About time we got someone to stand up for the USA with a pair. I watched this live, and never have been so ...
Tawni J Wolcott Put America first and get rid of the refugees and the immigrants that are here illegally keep doing that you have all my respect keep America first well then get rid of all the ones that don't belong here

President Trump Gives an Address to the 72nd Session of the Un...

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Dave Dome watching at my place of employment..even people at my job that hate trump are watching and agreeing with what he's saying
Rufus T. Firefly You can hate him all you want......but he has no problem telling it like it is. It's way past due to tell this body the truth, without being afraid to hurt people's feelings. The U.N. has been a benign money pit for decades.....
Liz Angela Go Mr. President, keep up the good work addressing the nation on the importance FOR the American people!!! WOOT WOOT!
Kim Miller-Jones Never an apologist or globalist. Fights for us the American people for our rights and safety. So refreshing, after 8 miserable years of the apologizing, globalist Obama.
Nancy Ryon Canales Anybody notice he's not reading anything. Most past presidents have paper in front of them. I love this guy. MAKE AMERICA GREAT!!!!!

Big day at the United Nations - many good things, and some tricky ones, happening. We have a great team. Big speech at 10:00 A.M.

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Penelope J Patrick Shut up Trump. It is not as if anything said will be understood by you, especially if you are saying it. You are such a dolt !
Jane Lindberg "According to Reuters news agency, when Mr Trump made his remarks about destroying North Korea, one man in the audience covered his face with his hands, while Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom crossed her arms. Loud, startled murmurs filled the ...
Delores Tuggle They must reform or kick them out of our country. They are the One World Order Police and we are not part of the One World Order. Our investigators should look at every change that has been made to the United Nation's power that affects our country ...
William N Bill Crossman I'll be watching. Give 'em hell President Trump. UN reminds me of the "Star Wars" bar scene and most there are for the free stuff, babes and booze.
Robert R Robb Sr the United Nations needs to start being united & carry it's fair share of the weight in the world instead of expecting the USA to foot the bills & send the soldiers or disban & get the f out of the US

We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela, and we want it to happen very, very soon!

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Tony Grable Get impeached or resign and take your mobster thugs with you! This will restore democracy and political freedoms here in the US. Make America Trump-free again!!
Yuri Fassio Should I remind you that the US are NOT, and have never been a democracy. They are a Republic, and NOT a Democratic republic. Popular vote is JUST consultive, the Electoral College can disregard it. You should become a democracy before trying to push it ...
Matt Konze I don't understand why we give a crap about government in Venezuela. Lets just try to get along with them, maybe even help them out a little.
David Kirby They are too close to the USA to be rogue or communist nations. All it would take is another Russian or Iranian Missile Base to be set up in Venezuela!!! JFK had to warn Kruschev to get his missiles out of Cuba or face war, it could take that in South ...
Susan Schmidt Now! Let congress investigate this!!!!!! They won't!! there's too much Evidence, Too many Facts and most likely Way too much Truth to it..... If you put all the pieces together here's what you get, the basic breakdown of brainwashing: The DNC rigs ...

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, September 19th: · Address to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly · Expanded meeting with Secretary General of the U.N. · Luncheon hosted by Secretary General of the U.N. · Expanded meeting with President of 72nd Session of the U.N. General Assembly · Expanded meeting with Amir of Qatar · Remarks at a diplomatic reception hosted by the President and First Lady

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Vickie Jones God bless and protect my president and first lady today and every day 24-7 every second of the day. i am thankful that you God are protecting him and his family. I know i can depend on You Lord i can depend on You. Be with every leader please open ...
Roger Lineberry It would appear the trolls are having a hard time keeping up with our 70 year old President Donald J. Trump while he is Making America Great Again. #MAGA
Dave Ullrich Security briefing? Stop skipping those. You clearly need to be educated and lack even basic knowledge of how the real world works.
Marshall Beckham That is our President as he is blessed with having another great and productive day in the Oval Office and at the 72nd. Session of the U.N. General Assembly!
Allison Sanders Does Jeff Sessions still work for you President Trump? It seems to me that Obama and his administration should be getting arrested for wiretapping. And these Dem mayors for illegally removing historic statues. Where is the DOJ?

It was a great honor to be with President Emmanuel Macron of France this afternoon with his delegation. Great bilateral meeting! #UNGA

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Jean Grumbles Dyer President Donald Trump I'm glad that you are my president. I'm glad that I now have a president that I can respect and look up to. I also am proud of our First Lady Melinia Trump.
Josi Renzi I'm very disappointed to know that Mr. Trump received a corrupt illegitimate president Temer from Brazil! Every Brazilian knows that he is the president after a big scandal of corruption and a "coup" against the president elected Dilma. It doesn't ...
Cathy Unsicker I love President Trump! He's a wonderful leader and I pray always for his protection and blessing. Not only for himself, but also for his family and whole administration.
Serge Bronstein France provides FREE healthcare, education, daycare, maternity leave and 4-5 weeks vacation time. USA is a pathetic rip-off banana republic compared to France!
David Pischedda This puppet is not very respected by the people of France. Not at all. I think that even you Mr. Trump would get more respect from the average Frenchmen despite the negative media attention...

Such an honor to have my good friend, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו join us with his delegation in NYC this afternoon. #UNGA

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Doug Katzmann 12,000+likes and 122 angry, wonder what is going on with the angry minority.I guess Trump being a good friend of Israel is just too much to take.
Tim Stewart Thank you President Trump for standing with Israel. Just be cautious of the snakes you are handling at home. (I don't think I need to name them, but some are in your administration.)
Charles Cross A perfect example of the proper handshake. Both lean in toward the other, a firm grip, and respectful eye contact.
Vern Berry What a couple of great guys. BUT I would say the same thing if Trump was shaking hands with Putin. Like him or hate him, Putin has done well to take care of the Russian people. Far superior to obama and the American people. Normalize relations with ...
Dee Ann Bartrug I am so happy our president and B. Netanyahu are such good friends. I have always liked him and love Israel. so good to see them together and obviously caring about one another. Obama was so ugly to both he and Israel....

Today we celebrate 70 years of HISTORY, 70 years of HEROES, and 70 years of VICTORY. Happy birthday United States Air Force!

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Ahmadullah Waziri Trump will hurt all terrorism because he knew and found the safe havens of the in Pakistan. Trump Trump is brave to smash all Pakistan if Pakistan feed terrorism for always his new policy is really best if he enforce.
Adam Gregory Happy birthday and God bless, U.S.A.F. :)! You men and women take as much care for yourselves as you do for your homeland. And thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us about today :).
Linda Vidal I am first generation Air Force Brat - my Dad was a member when the US Army Air Corps became the USAF! And our next generation followed in his footsteps - My eldest niece and nephew both enlisted! I am so proud! Happy 70th Birthday, USAF!
Bebe Villarreal Thank you. PRESIDENT Trump your outstanding leadership, and congratulations to the American Air Force of whom we are all very proud!!
Mary Cossins There are way more for you sir than against you. There are many liberals that are with you but they don't want to admit it for fear of persecution.

If we work together and champion truly bold reforms, the United Nations will emerge as a stronger, more effective, more just, & greater force for PEACE & HARMONY in the world.

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Jeriann Mikeska Thank you Mr President for a job well done. You continue to make me proud each new day with your accomplishments and all promises you continue to keep. I continue to support you and I've got the highest respect for you in all you do. Thank you sir for ...
Jeff Ely "We are not seeing the results in line with this investment." I feel the same way about your administration.
Michael Patrick David Reeves It's amazing we did not have previous leadership that could say such simple things. It's about time someone called out the UN
Dennis Cucinella He's doing what his voters expected. The left wing and the media, are trying to drive a wedge in his supporters. We won't fall for it. All in good time.
Ahmadullah Waziri Trump you are tiger because you knew the reality of Pakistan Pakistan tried to much to cheat but you knew they support terrorism and you will punish them

We commend Secretary General António Guterres & his call for the United Nations to focus more on people & less on bureaucracy. #UNGA

President Trump Participates in the 72nd United Nations General Assembly
President Trump Participates in the 72nd United Nations General Assembly

President Donald J. Trump will lead the United States’ delegation to the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York City this week, where he will participate in approximately 20 meetings with world leaders and other events. In addition to the President’s engagement, Administration staff and St...

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Jean Costas "Focus more on people and less on bureaucracy"? Yeah, you're one to talk. The only people The Orange One focuses on are the ultra-wealthy, and anything that comes out of his mouth that says otherwise is just so much BS.
Loretta Mc Intyre Toscano My Mr .President this is great head way getting ,joining force and unity as a great team power in number s. You are well loved and respected and trusted to bring country s together that want the same thing. Safety for our country and there s,peace ...
Tracy Kedovary We do not want to contribute to the UN! Please stop giving our money away! Time to give back to the pockets of the people!
John Powers What the Hell does the U.N. actually do. All I see is constant condemnations of the United States and requests for more money. I can't think of one accomplishment I have seen from the U.N. in my lifetime. It is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars.
Monique J Brunson The UN must not advocate abortion or euthanasia, or we must leave. It's already a serpent's nest. We have dire situations at home, we cannot even defund PP! And our nation's institutions are rife with communists. Better solve our own and avoid ...

Happy 70th Birthday Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)!

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Ron-Amber Smith Yes happy bday to a agency who's accomplished so much, like arming drug cartels, propping up vicious regimes with drug money, importing millions of pounds of cocaine and opium, the list of great accomplishments go on and on. 😒
Catherine Atchison Clements CUT THEIR FUNDING. Half Of their activities are criminal and undermines our democracy and certainly other countries's govt. they are a disgrace to this country
Ragav Babu Really very good happy anniversary for central intelligence agency as it's gets first intelligent president....MAGA WINNING.
Pamela Merlo Thank you for trying to clean up the mess oboma left. Please get our intelligence departments back on track, we are loosing faith. Happy birthday.
Okent Crew It's very clear now that America picked the right guy to be our president and most likely he will be in the White House for the next seven years.Terrorism,North Korea and other problems. Donald Trump Is the right man for the job I will definitely vote ...

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, September 18th: · Reforming the United Nations: Management, Security, and Development meeting · Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel · Expanded meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu · Expanded meeting with President Emmanuel Macron of France · Working dinner with Latin American leaders

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Bill McEachern Working hard to make America great again. God bless Donald J Trump. I wake up everyday and I'm grateful to God that Hillary did not win
Mary McGuire Our so-called president began his morning session in the U.N. by praising the apartment tower he built across the street. Pathetic! He's a slob, resign!
Edward Beaudreau The UN is a useless drain on resources, withdraw and expel them all from the US. It's time to bring the hammer down on crazy Kim! It's time to show the world that we won't take any more abuse, intended or incidental, from anyone, friend or ...
Judy Burd Forgot to list sell your voters more bs about a wall that means nothing. 700k Daca will bring in 6.83 each of new welfare. 800k visa overstays last year. Millions of work visa given each year. Trade deals filled with quotas. 100s of thousand of ...
Caroline Cauley Have a great day mr. President we have complete confidence in you never has in my lifetime has there been a president that has given so much information to the American people don't let those naysayers bring you down you just keep on doing what you're ...

This Constitution Day, let us recommit ourselves to our Founding Principles, and rededicate ourselves to our glorious heritage.

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Ian N Riley Thank you Mr President for working with Nancy Pelosi and other democrats to finally get something done You finally see how well President Obama did by working with the democrats because the republicans are obviously obstructing your agenda Keep on ...
Linda Proctor I understand how these Trump haters feel. I had to tolerate a president that I couldn't stand for 8 years. Thankfully I was able to keep my nasty opinions to myself and still try to respect someone I couldn't stand. Thank God for President Trump!
Karl Berntson Someone needs to have all members of Congress take a test on the Constitution. If they don't pass they must resign and if the pass and then violate their oat to defend and uphold the Constitution they shall immediately be removed.
Kenneth Sumerford Wow, this was a wonderful short speech by President Trump. The US Constitution is not perfect but it has been the bedrock of our country and society for 230 years. It protects basic rights of all citizens in the USA.
Loretta Mc Intyre Toscano My Mr.president, great speech as Alway s,america lives you ,just as much as you love America.thank you for making america great again. Don t forget today is my birthday.🇺🇸xo🦅

CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration!

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Frank Land This is a very difficult decision to make. The law is the law and it should apply to everyone. I realize they were brought here innocently by their parents. However, that is an issue they need to address to their parents. The U. S. is not in the ...
Tony Joseph Our country is under attack by Mexico, south and Central America. They come here and have triple the amount of babies in what I call taking over the United States by population. White Americans it's probably to late unless we take drastic measures.
Florence Lipchitz-Levine George Soros is paying for the hateful, divisive, race baiting posts on social media through autobot responses. When u respond to one it generates more. Ignore the negative comments eventually they will go away. Ever notice they never respond to your ...
Frank Scholer I support you 100%. The ill conceived policy of chain migration has been a disaster for the US. It must end now! I'm glad someone has finally had the courage and good sense to oppose it.
Col Fox Cant you all just support him and of he has done a crap job vote him out. Cant you see that you all are the problem at each others throats all the time because crooked clinton lost. Yes Trump opens his mouth before his brain works but frm what i see he ...

ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!

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George S Lemel They're now a PC manipulating social engineering network! All left, all the time! Don't be a Schilling, we don't like that talk so you're fired! Little Miss Muffet J can spew pure hatred to the leader of our nation and ESPN sits on their hands! ESPN ...
Jon Mattingly Jr I haven't watched ESPN for a long while now. I don't understand why companies will invest so much to try and be successful only to crap all over their brand by saying divisive things like they have. They'll suffer the same results as MTV who has been ...
Kevin Ahern Wow, you people have elected a tantrum throwing child as the President of this country! If you don't see that he is unfit to represent the greatest country on this planet, you are hopelessly brainwashed!
Gary Holschuh Don't let democrats distract you from the fact that In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, ...
Steve Campbell ESPN and CNN are both wrong....liberals are not the only people concerned about sports and politics. They both will pay a heavy price for their naivety and stupidity.

With the ridiculous Filibuster Rule in the Senate, Republicans need 60 votes to pass legislation, rather than 51. Can't get votes, END NOW!

25.0k reactions 4023 comments
Joe Bushey Listen bozo, stop trying to change the rules every time you can't get your way. Act like an adult. I know that's a big ask.
Vincent Stepchuk There's more to the problem than that. McCain had the ability to repeal Obamacare and chose not to because he is one of the many swamp dwellers dragging the Republican Party down. Too many politicians in DC for themselves and not for the good of the ...
Elena Salij Mr President, you need a 8th grade class in civics. The purpose of the filibuster rule is to compel Senators to pass legislation that is satisfying to as many people as possible. It encourages bipartisanship. If you can't pass legislation with that rule ...
Kevin Neal No to DACA. Wake up and realize Dems need DACA, so it ensures millions of new voters, along with their families. This is how Dems will win the next election. You're being setup and used.
Linda Jones END DACA. Make them prove they were brought here as small children and go through rigorous screening. All the parents should be deported for coming illegally and causing this problem. End birthright citizenship! Any child born in this country assumes ...

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY to the United States Air Force! The American people are eternally grateful. Thank you for keeping America PROUD, STRONG and FREE!

127.5k reactions 4993 comments
Jackie Capps Thank you Mr. President. I get frustrated with the massive swamp of D.C. who do not care about our people, but I am so thankful for you.
Vickie Gaspard Cloud too voting for the Donald again ...the libtards need to get use to the idea....we got use to or really we never did get use to Obama being in office and forcing his agenda down our throats with a stroke of a pen.....well, we have the ...
Nellie Gresham Thank you Happy 70th i am grateful and thankful for how you did protect and and still protect our freedom and keep us secure as possible in a dangerous world. We have the best of the best in USAF including my son and grandson still serving. Be safe ...
Thomas N Mae Waskiewicz My husband retired from the Air Force. The best 20+ years of our lives. Thanks to every branch of our military for their service. God Bless America.
Buck Cleboski Sure is different to see someone like Trump praising our military and treating them with the respect they deserve . Them for someone like Obama going around saying she hates America. What a difference . It great to have a president and First Lady that ...

We will defend our people, our nations and our civilization from all who dare to threaten our way of life. This includes the regime in North Korea, which has once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and the entire world community. After seeing your capabilities and commitment here today, I am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. President Donald J. Trump

38.6k reactions 3150 comments
Sam Shain You're a war-mongering imbecile like every other politician from Hillary Clinton to George W. Bush who doesn't understand the danger of antagonizing nuclear warfare and the "unintended consequences" of "liberating" other countries.
Veroniq Svitla Pineha Great words DJ Trump, thank you for defending your greatest nation!!! We believe in your success from the very first day!!! America is the strongest ever!! People support you 100%!! Wish you much inspiration!! God bless you!!!
Stephen Schell President Donald J. Trump I pray that God gives you the wisdom to make the best decision for a final resolution to NK. I support any action you take. Even if that means total war.
Dustin Shepherd That's right Mr TRUMP this little Roman noodle needs to be taken care of I just don't know why Japan and South Korea can take care of them Trump but hey let's do it we got to do if that's the choice which I know nobody's made a choice yet and tell bad ...
Toy N Jon Thank you Mr. President for making America great again! We so appreciate your hard work and dedication!!!! It's nice having a President not spending tax payers money galavanting around the world unnecessarily! Thank you!

Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a MUCH tougher manner. We have made more progress in the last nine months against ISIS than the Obama Administration has made in 8 years. Must be proactive & nasty!

95.4k reactions 8406 comments
David Bennett I do not understand why there are people who chose the laughing emoji. If you are not a fan of the president, then leave this page. I am sick of seeing our great leader being ridiculed for protecting and standing up for our country! His only job and ...
Tiffany Stemen Conley Loser Presidents that want to arm the entire middle east, and allowed their former NSC leader to explore giving them nuclear capabilities, need to be dealt with also!!
William Radcliffe Loser terrorists? Apparently being called a loser is the worst thing in the world to you. Do you realize how pathetic that is?
Chad Lee Croan Loser terrorists? Jesus Christ man. You're supposed to be representing the greatest country in the world. Act like it.
Justin Sanz The media is too busy trying to keep up with your stupidity and your delusional mindset, that they haven't had time to report on ISIS. Your "progress" is fake news.

Our hearts & prayers go out to the people of London, who suffered a vicious terrorist attack....

43.3k reactions 2412 comments
Eddie Hall Trump continues to be correct on why we should not let these people into our country! And it's for this reason exactly. Great Britain and Europe need to realize he is right also. TRUMP 2020!🇺🇸❤️Great Britain 🇬🇧❤️
John Busch England tried to placate radical Muslims and this is result,,same in America if Hillary Won,thank God For President Trump.
Sandy Sunshine ALL of these terrorists need to be exterminated like filthy cockroaches! ALL of them. They even teach their children to hate Americans and others that's don't conform to their religion! They all have to go or eventually people will be taking the law ...
Chibuikem Obiajurum President Trump,the indegenous people of #Biafra are witnessing terrorism& are facing extermination in the hands of nigerian government &their millitary me.come to our rescue please.
Robert Pethtel It's more important to be politically correct and never admit that you are wrong . So innocent unarmed unsuspecting people can continue to be murdered,mutilated,raped and preyed upon. How does that make sense. Time to get serious with terrorists
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