Donald J. Trump
19:55 05/18/2017

Despite unprecedented media and political attacks, our movement is STRONGER than ever before! #MAGA

Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, shows Americans still stand with president.

Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, shows Americans still stand with president.

President Trump’s campaign announced Thursday a record-breaking fundraising haul this week, saying it shows the American people stand with the president despite unrelenting attacks from the news media and political foes.

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Bob Henninger
We never stopped, but the Media sure is oppressive. I wish something could be done to stop the hate and deceptions presented by them!
Ramona Wendt
President Trump, the decent people and those who love the Lord God Jesus Christ are behind you. Those who hate and are working for your downfall will not be victorious. They are on the wrong side.
Lois Bartel
Never throught so many people would continue to cut you off at the knees and stop your forward progress in draining the swamp. What gets me are the GOP members who have jumped ship -
Kymberli Williams
The Behavior of the left reminds me of History one example being the Pharisees who found a way to put to death an innocent man because he had stripped them of their power and they were Furious. the sad thing is they managed to get away with it,! You are in good company no matter what.
Michael A Hoffman
Trump you still have my support and I am behind you 100 percent it is embarrassing when the media continues to divide us as a country and continues not to stand behind you. I think your doing a great job and keep up the great work .
Allen Fennell
We are more united for our President then ever before!!!!!!!!! He has earned our respect and admiration. He will lead our country down the right path for a very very long time. God bless president Trump and God bless America.
TD Trowbridge
Yes!! We the people voted for you, President Donald Trump!! So, keep on doing what you've been doing for the American people and ignore the ignorant liberal Democrat crybabies 😊😊
Nitzy Cohen
I love my President Trump! Never was and never will be a president that owes nothing to anyone, and is only beholden to the American people.
Blanca Margarita Espinosa Oliveras
Donald Trump is the best thing that could happen to America! It's a blessing to finally have a president that looks out for the American people first!!!
Scott Peck
Would we be talking about this Russian BS story if Hillary was in the WH? Hell no! This is nothing more than a democrat wet dream to explain away why Hillary blew the election. Let's have a special prosecutor go into her and John Podesta financial ties with the Russians. Podesta was paid over $35 million from them while he was advising obama and Hillary and without a peep about it from the leftist MSM.
Jesse McMurray
So you spend all your time campaigning for an election four years away instead of focusing on your agenda or clearing your name from all of these scandals? America was great before you came along and will be great after your impeachment!
Michael French
#LittleDonnie, I think it would be best for all involved, especially you, to just resign. I would think that you would be able to cut a deal of immunity for you, your family, and your band of thieves. If we can close the book on this ugly chapter and move on, it might just be worth it to let you off scot-free, other than the shame you brought on your children.
Patricia Moroz
So very happy that an independent investigation is taking place! Will be nice to know that we will finally get to the real truth! We deserve it! Thank you Rob Rosenstein and Robert Mueller🤣
Clare M Kearney
What "movement" is this? Your Russian or Putin Movement. Or are you finally able to move those FOS bowels? How SAD that you need to BEG hard working Americans for money. WTF Russia cut off all your funds? No worries. You will be out of Office Sooner then Later and back with Your lively wife and son in NYC. Now just speed up the process and resign!!
Bob Bradburn
Every Dem has pledged to lead an investigation or complain daily about something...screw 'em...we got the military, border patrol, police, nra, supreme court. congress, senate and white house, 60 million legal "deplorables"....and the bikers...kick democrat liberals to the curb and Make America Great Again....go Trump 2020!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all of the NCAA Championship teams. You made your mark in the history of collegiate sports. You are CHAMPIONS for life!

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Patricia Bowles I don't like animal heads as tropies being brought here sir. elephants are social, kind, aware animals that can be trained. I don't think they should be killed and I don't think you should condone it. Are you kidding me Mr. Trump. Bad judgement on ...
Jean S. Ellis I am ashamed that UNC did not go to the White House. I am an avid fan of the Heels and Roy Williams and I think those boys needed the wonderful experience of the White House regardless of the politics.
Brenda N Scott You had me at “Lets Make America Great Again”... so I voted for you but shame on you President Trump for allowing trophy hunting on elephants and lions... very saddened by your decision/support of this.... totally heartbreaking.
Elaine Reid Those young people who had a tantrum and didn’t show up missed their time in our country’s history! They will not be in Historical photographs! That is so sad. ✝️🇺🇸❤️😩
Cindy Culler How nice to see Pres. Trump having such a good day and the people around him seemed so happy and thrilled to be there! Thank you, God, for giving him such a nice day....He needed this so much.

Watch how apprentices are helping to #MAGA! By expanding these programs, we can bring new opportunities to millions of Americans for years to come. #NationalApprenticeshipWeek

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Joe Boland Yeah, your hero just passed himself a billion dollar tax cut, and about 75 bucks for the average guy. You guys figure out you've all been lied to yet? JUST ANOTHER LYING RICH POLITICIAN SCAMMING EVERYBODY, and you couldn't see you were all being ...
Durmuş Mese #Army_lapture_expand__conference_coming #amjoy #malcolm #2017In4Words #saturdaymorning #arsenal #ncaaxc #ciys #isis O crusaders Your money and the fight of people you know in your own heart They are victorious Yes, we are victorious and we trust in ...
John Buford Page Thanks President Trump, for your determined effort to put our country first and for your resistance to the liberal media. Most people didn't believe you could achieve all these amazing accomplishments, but you continue to make progress against all odds.
Claudia Sausa President Trump. I wanted you to know that I have supported you from the very start and plan on voting for you in 2020 but, I'm heartbroken over the choice you made on our wildlife. God's Creatures don't deserve to be shoot at and brought back as ...
Sheila Hager We had those programs in the early 70s in high school and they were great open doors for those not going to college or those trying out the field they planned to go to college for. We kids made money, kept busy after school and it was a great ...

If Democrats were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes, we would be able to get many of their ideas into Bill

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Kathy Mehler Like the right didn’t obstruct Obama? It’s not nice when the shoe is on the other foot! McConnell bragged he was going to block anything he attempted to do to help middle & lower class taxpayers. Obama put safeguards in place to protect us from banks in ...
Karen Eno-Meyer The democrats and a lot of the republicans in Washington DC can't understand how this would work because they have NO understanding of how We, the people work.
Becky Genovesi Respectfully Mr. President, but the republicans are obstructionists too! They do not have the people at heart.... I am very in California it's tax on top of tax on top of tax, and I just cannot get ahead! I really need a break! And, ...
Stephen Kopolow You are doing a great job, Mr. President; I am so proud to have supported you from the moment you and Mrs. Trump descended from your escalator to announce your intentions. Thank You.
Ash Smith Trump I'm impressed with your trip, and mission, abroad, but not so sure about this tax bill, I think it will just give more unnecessary to the rich, hurt the poor and working class, and not be productive to our economy.

GREAT numbers on Stocks and the Economy. If we get Tax Cuts and Reform, we'll really see some great results!

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Dawn Barrow Big Narcissist thinks business deals make a President. The CONSTITUTION is the Founding of this Country. DJT, you are a disgrace. Please seek mental healthcare before using this position to start a war.
Vira Morin Garza Mr. President we know that you are fighting against the swamp. That includes both Republicans & Demoncrats that are protecting the lobbyists & special interests groups. America can see what's happening in The White House! Please do us a favor & explain ...
Pat Wise How could you reverse the ban on elephant trophys ? Don't you understand that this will caused the death of even more elephants and it won't be to Legal hunts I voted for you so I feel responsible for this decision, I don't understand why you would do ...
Denis Smith Let us cut the taxes for those poor struggling companies whose CEO's rake in the big bucks and maybe out of the goodness of their hearts they will raise wages and not just pocket the profits. This " tax cut" will not really help the middle class as the ...
Bob Metz I see that most people posting here don't have a clue about economics. Lowering the corporate tax rate will make our country competitive with the rest of the world. Right now we have the highest corporate taxes in the world, which makes it cheaper to ...

Together, we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities, and we're going to destroy the vile criminal cartel, #MS13, and many other gangs... 'Hundreds arrested in MS-13 crackdown' →

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Randy Hart I just cant understand how Trump haters and the media can not see the good that he has done in such a short amount of time. Just imagine what changes we will have after 8 years!! He is the best thing to happen to us in a long time!
Mike Nguyen Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. "St. Michael prays for us and defend us in battle between good and evil. Jesus I trust in you. Have mercy on us and the world. Bring justice to these criminal. Amen"
Casey Ann Champagne Mr President, Mr President: how does it feel knowing you cannot buy or sue your way out of muellers investigation which will ultimately lead to you dying in prison penyless?
Danny Edenloff We the people have spoken, he is our president! !!!! Wait till the next election, we will help our president drain the swamp!!!!! You can cry or help the solution of getting rid of the corruption in DC, say it ain't so of the corruption and your part of ...
Erik Fernandes Here in brazil we have a lot of gangs such as mst, stf,stj, pt, pmdb, psdb... But with hope in God a new name is coming to clean our nation from the corruption and communists.. Jair Messias Bolsonaro a captain from brazilian army to make brazil great ...

The days of the United States being taken advantage of are over. America is BACK. And the future has never looked BRIGHTER!

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Kathy Blomquist This is just the best!! I feel so confident with our leader, President Donald Trump. God bless him, God bless America 🙏🇺🇸
Lucia Sellek He was able to handle all this because he is a shrewd businessman, he knows what he is doing...Obama and the rest of them were not.. We are so fortunate to have him, and the world is happy we have him too as everybody is benefiting from this...
John H. Creutz President Trump, you have done more for the American people and world peace in the 300 days you have been the President of the United States than any President before you. Keep up the excellent work! #LockHerUp #FlushObama #DrainTheSwamp
Fu Yuyang Just like China,President Xi says,Chinese will make China stronger again.The president Trump will make USA greater again!So,the USA and China have a same achievement,and can cooperate in many fields.
Mark Burgess I am not a Trump supporter at all but the one hope I had for him was on the business front and thankfully at least he seems to be doing that right with regards to these foreign trade deals and cutting Corporation Tax

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, November 17th: · Hosts NCAA National Championship teams · Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence · Meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

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Philip Alan Regardless of whether or not you like what President Trump is doing, one thing is clear- he is the hardest working President in modern American history.
Janelle Renay Alvey-Hardin This is great! I wish I could meet with you about prisons overcrowding! Men & women spending their lives in prisons for drugs which they need rehabilitation not state prisons! We have a epidemic in our country if they don't die from drugs they are put ...
Madeleine Mezagopian Our prayers accompany your prayers with solid belief a president who is modest and seeks God's providence as it is the case with president Trump is under divine providence attending to the needs of all with great wisdom and justice !
Trish Smith President Trump, THANK YOU for staying in touch with us, as the lame media will never tell us the truth. We appreciate you very much.
Tammy Howell Keep up the good work! For the DEMS who are trying to impeach you? I laugh so hard because they are cry babies who can't control you! Make this country first again and drain the swamp!

I want to thank every citizen of this country for the part you have played in making this great AMERICAN COMEBACK possible.

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Berry Minott It is clear: America is moving backwards, attempting to reverse the programs put in place by FDR, Johnson, Nixon, and other presidents. The Republicans are yearning to destroy Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and all the other important ...
Casey Ann Champagne Mr president, mr president how does it feel knowing you cannot sue or buy your way out of Mueller's investigation ultimately leading to you dying penyless in prison?
Laura Harrington Do something about Sessions refusal to indict Obuma Hillary Holder Lynch Mueller and Rosenstein corruption. Trump do you know about the Hush Fund for Senators Congress persons and the House Members for payoffs by taxpayers for sexual harassment cases. ...
Paul DellaRocco as a builder, I thank you, because today my lumber had an American flag stamped on it!! American pride is back! We owe it to you Sir!
Melanie Revers Mr. Trump, I am really appalled about the possible legalization of elephant trophies.... There's no reason for it!

Congratulations to the House of Representatives for passing the #TaxCutsandJobsAct — a big step toward fulfilling our promise to deliver historic TAX CUTS for the American people by the end of the year!

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Jen Smith People made because someone else that makes more money than you might obviously get a bigger tax break. I'm worried about my paycheck why can't Democrats worry about theirs instead of someone else's earnings lol? Doesn't seem to bother them that ...
Michelle Chambliss That's great! I hope this bill goes into law. As a single mom who only makes about 27k a year, I wouldn't have to pay taxes on most of it. This means I would have a bigger return, and actually something to think about, since I have a student loan I'm ...
Tony Buccino Democrats don't like this Act. They want one that will tax working people at 50% to support their lazy voting base.
Suzanne Benson Good for House, too bad we have a RINO riddled Senate. The people of the states with the corrupt RINO's need to get busy voting them out of office, need to replace quite a few Dimms with real Republican's as well. Keep up the good work Pres Trump, ...
John Ferrante No Democrats voted for this bill, 13 Republicans broke rank and voted against it. No wonder we can't get anywhere, keep draining that swamp President Trump.

China is sending an Envoy and Delegation to North Korea - A big move, we'll see what happens!

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Karen Mcclure As a republican I have supported you but trophy hunting is where I draw the line. Under no circumstances should Trump allow trophy hunting of animals. If Trump approves this my support of him is done
Steven A. Cook Diplomacy has never worked with North Korea what makes anyone think diplomacy will suddenly work now. Instead of wasting our time negotiating we need to flex our muscle and show NK who's really in charge.
Lisa L Madsen Great and strong move for China/US relations! China can remove any problem it desies to. Please consider a White House dinner for US Senators and their spouses to discuss tax reform. Passage of lower US taxes must happen especially for the middle class ...
Berry Minott Global outcry as Trump allows big game hunters (like his sons) to bring severed African elephant heads and tusks back to the US as trophies - in huge setback for fight to ban ivory
Emanuela Prister You made it happen! I am grateful for your leadership to make peace possible. The democrats will never acknowledge it. We don’t care. We know they are responsible for this threat on all of us.

During our travels, this is exactly what the world saw: a STRONG, PROUD, and CONFIDENT America.

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Jamie Seetapun Trump, you are a greedy, selfish man. Lifting the ban on TROPHY HUNTING?!?!?!? So your stupid, selfish and greedy sons can go to Africa and kill beautiful ENDANGERED ANIMALS?!?!? You need to go now. You’re finished.
Gary Cave God put him in. He is in til God says otherwise. Millions are praying daily for his success AND for the DEFEAT of EVERYONE who opposes him. Obumer nearly destroyed the U.S. IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, MSM, congress & DC have been corrupted & infiltrated by ...
Vanessa Roberts Endangered wildlife can now legally be hunted and brought back as trophies to the United States. Efforts from Congress and Secretary Zinke (Department of the Interior) are weakening restrictions placed on the domestic ivory trade and the trafficking of ...
Don Miller Do you notice Mr. Trump speaks from the heart. Obama always had to wait and listen to what they were telling him through his ear plug. A lot like Hillary did during the campaign.
Jeff Powell Socialists want us to be a rickety herd to be subjugated. Trump wants us to be a healthy, sturdy group capable of leading the world.

Why are Democrats fighting massive tax cuts for the middle class and business (jobs)? The reason: Obstruction and Delay!

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Rob Wilhoit trying to reason with a democrat is worth than walking on hot coals. i cannot wait until HRC and her house of corruption goes down in flames and they end up in prison. it's coming democrats, can't wait to hear the crying
Glenda George it's all part of the resistance by Obama they will never vote yes on any thing the president puts out
Ronald Roberts Donald J. Trump I honestly believe even if you gave every man women and child in the US $1,000,000.00 they (Liberals, the media, and the establishment) would find something wrong with giving away the money...
Wendy McMillan The harder President Trump works, the less the Senate, Congress and House gets done. I am also disappointed in the DJO/Jeff Sessions for inactive investigating of the Clinton/Russia/Benghazi/E-mail etc. scandals.President Trump is doing an astronomical ...
Alen Har They are too used to stealing taxes for their own gain. To them it's payday, to them cutting taxes is like cutting their paychecks

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, November 16th: · Remarks to the House Republican Conference at the U.S. Capitol

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Colleen Anderson It is time for these republicans to stop this nonsense. It is OUR agenda you are trying to move forward. If they do not get on board we are determined to kick them off the train. Enough of this crap is enough.
Roger Coffman Jr Democrats schedule for Thursday, November 16th: · Do nothing all day as usual but focus on attacking Trump
Sandi Lisko Not a busy schedule today, that is good. You have been very busy meeting and talking and you need to rest. Sweet dreams! Maybe tomorrow you will have the strength to let us in on the BIG announcement? I am waiting with anticipation.
Marie Panciocco Mr President Donald J. Trump, please let them know, the American public is not amused at their willful incompetence at doing what is needed to get healthcare and tax reform accomplished...we do not hold the President responsible for congress and senate ...
Michelle Brown Korb What is going on with the DOJ? They don't seem to be working except for being tied up in stupid interviewing witch hunts. This is a huge waste of American dollars. President Donald J. Trump, I know you are working so hard, it's a shame there isn't more ...

This #NationalApprenticeshipWeek we celebrate the dignity of work and the greatness of the American worker! Show your support for the #MadeInAmerica movement:

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Dave Norman When was the last time anyone went to jail or got in trouble from the special Council these politicians are nothing but a joke that sets on the special counsel they just give lip service to show their voters look at me
Larry F. Holtzclaw My Mr. President, the more things are shaping up. The healthcare plan isn't much different from Obamacare and the tax plan they are proposing is in many cases worse than what we have. How about reducing government to reduce deficit? I hope these ...
Larry Nick Meloro After years of destroying union trades, Republicans left our country in dire need of skilled tradesmen and women. With the breakdown of OSHA, jobs are still extremely dangerous and there’s hardly any repercussions for the contractors who treat their men ...
Michael Doherty Dignity is something you know nothing about, Donald. Now shut your ugly hole and release your tax returns.
Jonathan Wilder Your family doesn't even have their products made in the USA! Also you allowed pipelines to be built with imported steel along with your buildings! Such a hypocrite!

It is actually hard to believe how naive (or dumb) the Failing New York Times is when it comes to foreign policy...weak and ineffective!

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Gail Webster Borgman Excellent~ I appreciate that Our President Trump not only communicates swiftly and to the point, he also hits the right chords! So very very thankful he is in office!!
Brian Lingam The President, who is DONALD TRUMP, is dumping on the NYT, ALL OVER social meed, with a YUGE audience, and this is HYSTERICAL!! I didn't think it was going to be this good. Who knew? #MAGA
Byron Thomason Speaking of “naive” or “dumb” substitute the word “and” for “or” and you have trump,..weak and ineffective.
Rich Ester You see Trump had those 3 basketball players released from China in a day. It took obama how long to get Otto released from NK, only to have him come home and die. Yeah, we know who the real American is.
Cindy Weidner You did a STELLAR Asia tour with accomplishments that will help this country for years ahead. I am so sorry this is not appreciated. Thank you for what you’ve done. God Bless You And Help You! Praying for you and appreciate you very much! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

While in the Philippines I was forced to watch CNN, which I have not done in months, and again realized how bad, and FAKE, it is. Loser!

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Zach Daniel Belandres Believe me, Filipino loves and respects Trump. We were looking forward and excited of Trump’s arrival here in the Philippines. But when I was watching the CNN channel, they were showing rally against Trump here in the Philippines. Can you believe it? I ...
Shirley VanWagoner CNN is fake news. Thank you President and flotus for representing our country in the manner that you did in these 12 days. You're doing a wonderful job and proud that you are the President of the USA! God bless you and your family!
Scott Patrick Reardean This President is just a real person and says what he thinks, not all his PAC's and Special Interest Groups! want him to say and do like our past Puppet. Love it = 7 more years and drive these liberals off the earth.
Joe Mckellar Maybe expand your vocabulary, widen your knowledge of current affairs, and learn how to actually conduct yourself in a professional manner before you hit out at everyone but yourself.
Stacy Burke Another mass shooting. You cut and paste your fake sympathy to the wrong victims. But you make sure to have a fresh statement to bolster your attack on free press. You are abhorrent. RESIGN.

Our country is respected again in Asia. You will see the fruits of our long but successful trip for many years to come! GREAT to be home!🇺🇸

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Cheryl Ann Walkup God Bless you President Donald J. Trump and our beautiful First Lady Melania Trump! Thank you for working hard for the American people!! <3 Praise the Lord you had a safe and successful trip!!
Lorry Weiss It was so evident that they all respected you and truly had an affection for you and the First Lady. Thank you for making us proud yet again.
Abraham Song The only people who would call Trump an embarrassment are the liberals. They thought people would believe them , if they repeat saying the same thing over and over again. But Trump is not going anywhere. He is here to stay. The liberal media is trying ...
Tiep Nguyen President Trump toured Asia with his head held high...while the Previous President had toured Asia with his Head bent down to the Knee ...That is what President Trump had made a Great Difference among Leaders in Asia where they Welcome President ...
Gloria Bastian Awesome!! He and the First Lady made America proud!! Many countries would love to have a President Trump!! He truly loves America!!

During #NationalApprenticeshipWeek, we recognize the important role apprenticeships play in unleashing our economy and upholding our commitment to BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN!

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Liz Johnson President Donald J Trump you're awesome but you will never accomplish your agenda unless you get rid of some of the people who don't want to work with you... Steve Bannon was right Mitch McConnell needs to step down.....
Patsy Houston So why can’t Trump find workers in Florida to work in his club. So he has to bring in labor that’s ok with you all?
Kim Stedman Baker But of course you aren’t talking about you or Ivanka, right? Hence the people you have hired again this year from other countries to work at your beloved Mara Largo. Oh, and those shoes and clothes that Ivanka has people make for her line in a Chinese ...
Clyde Brown How the hell would you know anything about learning. You cannot even open a college without screwing hundreds of young gullible adults into thinking you have a place of higher learning. Or is this where we would learn to be billionaire freeloaders?
Bobby Towe Sr. I've just completed the school portion of our aprentiship program here, im on track to complete the program and be a journey man in the next several months.

Economic security is not merely related to national security. Economic security IS national security!

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Penny Schneider Do you think you are going to provide economic security? And if so, how? Don’t answer in flowery language, but in a step by step explanation. I’d like to know how. Thx. Donald J. Trump
Erik Dayton Losing our status world wide as the number one economic super power is not the solution Donald! Nearly every report I have heard from economists says that you are doing just that. It helps if you work well with others which clearly Donald does not!
Steve Anderson Riiiiight . . . so therefore, let's raise taxes on the middle class but tell them it's a tax cut. And then tell them they are MORE secure, because of the fake wall plan. Oh, and take away their health insurance, and tell them it's because of, uh, -- ...
Jonathan Robbins Actually, good diplomacy with economic security beats unneeded military build-ups. But you don't really care, cause you suck up to dictators.
John Kamps Fire Jeff Sessions!. We need an AG, with a backbone!. He says we can't go after political opponents!!. BS!. They broke the laws over and over and over!!!. Can't go after political opponents????. Anyone see what they're doing to Roy Moore?.. Ever hear of ...

I will be making a major statement from The White House upon my return to D.C. Time and date to be set.

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John Doyle and you will be tweeting unintelligible nonsense at 5 a.m. We know the drill
Jake Millar I'm sure it will be the best statement. Nobody makes better statements than you. All those other people that make statements are losers. Believe me. Amazing statements.
Ron Logee Our POTUS will be announcing all the good things he accomplished on his trip on behalf of our country. This was a very successful, constructive and productive trip! ❤️🇺🇸
Alberto Lebron , don't worry we've been holding the floor while you were gone trying to keep the haters and The Cry Babies at bay,, great job in Asia don't forget let's push those GOP to get through no grace period on taxes and what's the story with the wall? And by ...
Marisha Dowdell I hope the statement finally exposes all the corruption. Free us once and for all from the nightmare of the Obama/Clinton regime. Expose all the lies and put all conspiracies to an end! #maga🇺🇸

After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed.

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Ray Wright America does not have a president... It has 3 presidents in one. President Trump just loves working and getting the job done. 🇺🇸
Leonore Bevilacqua Cummins You make us so proud. Loved how you were treated with so much respect. Maybe some of our citizens should take some lessons on how to treat a President.
Danny Mineer Great job Mr. President. Thank God we won't be the laughing stock of the world now. The good ole boy network is officially closed. But I guess it all worked out for obama anf the clintons.
Kate Gammel McCullough Glad to hear that someone is trying to look out for us. It's time for the world to stop thinking "America can afford to give us the better end of the deal" Which is exactly the words I heard repeated over and over while in Canada.
Jerry Sue Hatcher Let's see, wall street is hitting record highs, corporations are having record profits, they have tons of ready cash, interest rates are historically low, and we want to give them a tax break and add 1.7 trillion to the deficit for what reason? Just ...

Headed back to the United States after an incredible 12 day trip across Asia!

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Linda Campbell Thank you, Mr. President, for your tireless work in "MAGA." You are an answer to many prayers. Please rest now. America neefs you for a LONG TIME.🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Shawn E. Baughman MR president TRUMP you are a amazing unselfish man thank you for sacrificing your life and family for we the American people may God continue to bless you and vice president Pence and your go after obumer killery rice holder expose them ...
Robert J. Dudash Sr. President Trump you did such a wonderful job representing the United States across Asia. We are so proud of you and your family. God bless. Love, Denise & Bob Dudash
Ana Consuelo Loved your speech in South Korea and in every country. Praying for North Korean people to be free one day soon. Never ever seen China so graceful and extend such a warm welcome. It is clear there is mutual respect between 2 leaders. Thank you for ...
Diana Covey Frymyer If these trolls only knew how much they're pushing for the next election to go to President Trump, lol...keep it up & he'll be a shew-in in 3 more years, I guarantee, lol...(dumb idiots) lol

THANK YOU to the amazing staff and their families of the United States Embassy in the Philippines. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

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Adam Baker I live in England my wife is Vietnamise, she listened to your speech in Vietnam and the hosts and has total respect for you as do I your doing a great job keep up the good work.
Anthony Maccanello WELL PRESIDENT TRUMP is loved by about 7.5 billion people in the world!!! So the few million democrats that are full of hatred, CAN GO TO HELL!!!
Edward Bonomo Finally after 8 years of a fraud as our leader, Now we have a leader we all should be proud of representing our American and Christian Culture, President Donald J. Trump! AG Sessions is studying Hillary and 40 years of corruption of both her and her ...
Lori Godines We need to get rid of all foreigners working at our Embassies around the world. Absolutely all security should be Americans. It sucks being denied into an American Embassy by foreign security. Bring back Marines for security at our Embassies. When an ...
Laura Rodriguez Seems the evidence of your collusion with Russia just keeps rolling in. I think your entire family is going to be found guilty of treason.

One of the most accurate polls last time around. But #FakeNews likes to say we’re in the 30’s. They are wrong. Some people think numbers could be in the 50's. Together, WE will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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Alice Peach Rogers Conman trump is full of bull crap! trump can't handle the truth about himself, so he makes up "Fake News"! trump does not know how to be a president! trump lacks knowledge, education, and experience to be president. trump is a huge failure!
Scott Duhart You say let's make America great again. However you ignore your Americans you ignore our pleads for assistance. You rather protect and help others before you take care of us. It is sad that there is more homeless people in America then there is in any ...
Travis Nichols Republican here in California! A lot of us love what you’re doing here in the stupid liberal state! LOCK HILLARY UP. Once you do that you’ll make America great again.
Randy Austin The President has an ego. So what? He is human, his ego gets bruised. All of ours do. I will take a real human being any day over a corrupt and criminal robot any day.
Grace C. Chang Forget about the polls, they said 98% Hillary would win the election. Obviously God didn't say so! So, Keep going! We have your back.

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, November 14th (beginning 11:15pm EST): · 12th East Asia Summit Head of State and Government Luncheon · 12th East Asia Summit family photo · 12th East Asia Summit plenary session · Travel to Washington, D.C.

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Dulckiney F Victor CNN and Democrats working to kill US President Donald J. Trump, using allegations of sexual harassment from a DNC employee who worked on the campaigns of Clintons and Obama, all should be indicted for libel.
Kathy Ann Fire Jeff Sessions please. We would like the law and order that was promised. The obama criminal enterprise needs a full investigation and he is either being blackmailed, is feckless, or is corrupt. Whichever it is, he has got to go.
Brett M. Gitchel Keep up the great work. You have earned my respect and I can honestly say that in your first year of presidency you have done more for American's than the last 3 presidents combined. I stand behind you 💯%!
Vickie Jones have nice luncheon photo, summit session, can't wait till you get home. you have touched so many lives, i am so proud of you and First Lady Melania Trump, this has been a beautiful trip also, we didn't see as much as the other trip, but what we saw ...
Doreen Appugliese Piro President Trump! Thank you finally the investigation into Uranium one and the CLINTONS! Let America see the real collusion this will change history! Especially when they link it to Obama as well! God Bless that we have you as our President Thank you ...

It’s so important to listen to the American people! That’s why I’m inviting you to meet me for breakfast in New York City. Enter for your chance to win-->

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Adrine Khederlarian Thank you very much Mr president doneld j Trump my God protect you and your family and have breakfast with the president I wish
Crystal Mays Anderson Would love to have breakfast with President Trump, how honorable for him to do that. I would be honest and open and feel privilege to be able to share. Blessings!!
Sharon Mcelwee I will not give money to the current Republican Party, they r part of the swamp. But would love breakfast with Trump
Karen Harvey And this is just one of the reason's why you are president & will win again. While Hillary called million's of us deplorables & showed vitriol with anyone who didn't bow down before her, you were actually listening to our concerns & they just so happen ...
Lynne Falco I’m a avid trump supporter BUT I am disheartened for the first time. The tax plan is unfair. If homeowners aren’t able to take mortgage and/or state-local income tax deductions they were planning for, I will be severely harmed. I am not rich. I consider ...

Thank you President Tran Dai Quang for your tremendous hospitality during my first visit to Vietnam! Watch:

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Katherine Hillman Oh, and thank you to the 50,000 plus American soldiers who lost their lives fighting in Vietnam and the thousands upon thousands home in the USA to whom we owe so much. Of course I, president Trump, swear to deliver the goods to them... Their care, ...
Gretchen Anne They are all in 'awe' of you and the USA's situation-and obviously wondering what kind of country this has turned is obvious there is complete harmony and respect for leaders of these foreign countries...and someday you will tell us about that ...
Kylian Nguyen I like how Donald Trump came to my country, he didn't need any media (like CNN, NBC, BBC,...too many, i can't remember) to promote or make a support like what Obama did in Vietnam last time. Just simply a good co-operation for both countries is what im ...
Mariam Conlin President Trump is a brave American working for peace and prosperity for us and the world. God Bless our Great President and all the world leaders.
Brian Tiffany To all Liberals and conservatives, and to all Democrats and Republicans and all Americans everywhere! Take note, this is how a President leads. MAGA

We had a wonderful visit to Vietnam before heading to the #ASEANSummit 50th Anniversary Gala in the Philippines!

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Anthony August Glad you are safe overseas while the draining of the swamp takes place stateside. Something big is brewing for those with eyes to see:
Frank T.K. Hinshaw Communist Vietnam, we do business with; Communist China, we do business with; Communist Russia, we do business with. . . And for some reason our tiny island neighbor of Cuba, we totally embargo a people we should be friends and brothers with, all ...
Jose Flores The Vietnam war was not because we hated the Vietnamies people, because we didn't, but it was because of politics that the US Government was afraid of the domino affect of Communisum. We should have gotten out of Vietnam in 1964 when the President and ...
Fonville Mitchell I wonder if Pres Trump visited the war memorial to see Hanoi Jane Fonda's picture and former Sec of State John Kerry's picture. Two war heroes for the North Vietnamese ?
Ray Rasul On this 50th anniversary of Vietnam War me and two more Viet Vets and our wives on Nov 29th Head to Vietnam to bury the ghosts and move on with our lives. Peace in this area and Middle East is an effort worth pursuing!

I'm here to advance PEACE, to promote SECURITY, and to work with you to achieve a truly FREE and open Indo-Pacific.

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Aarika Ravelle Dobbins By name-calling a tyrant with nuclear weapons you are in NO WAY advocating for peace. You liar, you big ugly orange liar. There is NOTHING presidential about you and I can't wait to see you, your family, and your cronies locked away for screwing the ...
Rwamugyema Paul Yeah,that's the massage from Mr president.Always looking beyond the horizon.Keep going the world is getting better and better since you entered the white house .God bless u and God bless America
Diana W Cumbo moore needs to drop out sessions need to step down as AG and run for his old seat and Trump needs to appoint Trey Gowdy as AG and let him FRY OBAMA..HILLERY...Lynch ...Holder...Brennan...Mueller ...Comey and Rice ....OH PLEASE OH PLEASE MOORE STEP DOWN ...
Lillia Hancock These people that dont like President Trump , I feel sorry for them , and they are so wrong , because they are being brainwash and lied to by the mainstream media , that is not telling the truth , I dont believe most of the mainstream media and ...
Jt Trosper How are you moving ahead ... you haven’t passed one single legislation... you are dismantling consumer and environmental protections That is backwards you fool

Happy to announce, I am nominating Alex Azar to be the next HHS Secretary. He will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices!

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Sherry Nicholson Until last year, Azar was the president of the American division of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly where he oversaw lobbying efforts and corporate branding. When Azar joined Lilly, seven states were suing the company for allegedly pushing for off-label ...
Tony Skarzinski Will he be as qualified as the USDA's new chief scientist, Sam Clovis, who isn't a scientist, and has ZERO experience in agriculture??? Will he be as qualified as this guy, Donald J. Trump?????
Avril Manns Big Pharma exec- way to drain that swamp, Donny Boy! You couldn't find a decent PHYSICIAN? Nope, nobody decent wants to associate with you.
Tahirih Rhee How is it good to have someone who worked for BIG Pharma in such a position? There has to be a conflict of interest especially with the vaccine policies.
Shana Glasgow Not so sure I agree with you on this one, Sir. A Big Pharma (ex) boss? Really? Not that it makes a hoot...js. ~S
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