Donald J. Trump
19:55 05/18/2017

Despite unprecedented media and political attacks, our movement is STRONGER than ever before! #MAGA

Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, shows Americans still stand with president.

Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, shows Americans still stand with president.

President Trump’s campaign announced Thursday a record-breaking fundraising haul this week, saying it shows the American people stand with the president despite unrelenting attacks from the news media and political foes.

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Bob Henninger
We never stopped, but the Media sure is oppressive. I wish something could be done to stop the hate and deceptions presented by them!
Ramona Wendt
President Trump, the decent people and those who love the Lord God Jesus Christ are behind you. Those who hate and are working for your downfall will not be victorious. They are on the wrong side.
Lois Bartel
Never throught so many people would continue to cut you off at the knees and stop your forward progress in draining the swamp. What gets me are the GOP members who have jumped ship -
Kymberli Williams
The Behavior of the left reminds me of History one example being the Pharisees who found a way to put to death an innocent man because he had stripped them of their power and they were Furious. the sad thing is they managed to get away with it,! You are in good company no matter what.
Michael A Hoffman
Trump you still have my support and I am behind you 100 percent it is embarrassing when the media continues to divide us as a country and continues not to stand behind you. I think your doing a great job and keep up the great work .
Allen Fennell
We are more united for our President then ever before!!!!!!!!! He has earned our respect and admiration. He will lead our country down the right path for a very very long time. God bless president Trump and God bless America.
TD Trowbridge
Yes!! We the people voted for you, President Donald Trump!! So, keep on doing what you've been doing for the American people and ignore the ignorant liberal Democrat crybabies 😊😊
Nitzy Cohen
I love my President Trump! Never was and never will be a president that owes nothing to anyone, and is only beholden to the American people.
Blanca Margarita Espinosa Oliveras
Donald Trump is the best thing that could happen to America! It's a blessing to finally have a president that looks out for the American people first!!!
Scott Peck
Would we be talking about this Russian BS story if Hillary was in the WH? Hell no! This is nothing more than a democrat wet dream to explain away why Hillary blew the election. Let's have a special prosecutor go into her and John Podesta financial ties with the Russians. Podesta was paid over $35 million from them while he was advising obama and Hillary and without a peep about it from the leftist MSM.
Jesse McMurray
So you spend all your time campaigning for an election four years away instead of focusing on your agenda or clearing your name from all of these scandals? America was great before you came along and will be great after your impeachment!
Michael French
#LittleDonnie, I think it would be best for all involved, especially you, to just resign. I would think that you would be able to cut a deal of immunity for you, your family, and your band of thieves. If we can close the book on this ugly chapter and move on, it might just be worth it to let you off scot-free, other than the shame you brought on your children.
Patricia Moroz
So very happy that an independent investigation is taking place! Will be nice to know that we will finally get to the real truth! We deserve it! Thank you Rob Rosenstein and Robert Mueller🤣
Clare M Kearney
What "movement" is this? Your Russian or Putin Movement. Or are you finally able to move those FOS bowels? How SAD that you need to BEG hard working Americans for money. WTF Russia cut off all your funds? No worries. You will be out of Office Sooner then Later and back with Your lively wife and son in NYC. Now just speed up the process and resign!!
Bob Bradburn
Every Dem has pledged to lead an investigation or complain daily about something...screw 'em...we got the military, border patrol, police, nra, supreme court. congress, senate and white house, 60 million legal "deplorables"....and the bikers...kick democrat liberals to the curb and Make America Great Again....go Trump 2020!

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ICYMI: A ship is only as good as the people who serve on it, and the American sailor is the BEST anywhere in the world. #USSGeraldRFord

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Reg Fields 6 months in and I couldn't be any happier to have Donald Trump as OUR President. The military have a great advocate in the White House and he proves it time and time again whether it's picking up a fallen hat of a marine and putting it back on his head ...
Jack Dedrick Our President Donald Trump has been the best President since Regan despite all attacks from the party of hate == Democrats and the crooked corrupt media who pushes their agenda.
Stefan Pipkin As a Sailor I completely agree with this statement. The American Sailor is the BEST anywhere in the world. Thank you President Trump for your high praise and support of all our US service members.
Kelvin Katheka Trump is one mistake Americans ought to have had avoided...
Hermie Canosa A Nation which is founded by faith and built with prayers never be shaken and stay strong for God establishes Honor and glory by His name and be worship forever. God bless America. The Lord be with you as always.

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, July 24th: Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence Greets victims of Obamacare Statement on healthcare Travels to West Virginia Remarks at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree Returns to Washington, D.C.

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Mike Reynolds Why exactly is government involved in healthcare in the first place...
Seshadri Krishnan Donald Trump Dynamic President will win next election also live to complete the term successfully.God bless this beautiful Gentleman.
Tim Lau All you butthurt libturd crybaby snowflakes... Instead of fuming, ranting, lying, slandering, tirades and meltdowns, JUST VOTE POTUS OUT! Or impeach him! Or convince his supporters to vote Democrat next time! If you can, lol!
Patrice Cappy Cavalier Victims of Obamacare? At least he worked with both sides to get something in place. Fix what's broken, do something. Our country is counting on you to be productive...
Dawn Hitsman Always victims but never someone that it works for. #impeachtrump

American steel and American hands have constructed a 100,000-ton message to the world: AMERICAN MIGHT IS SECOND TO NONE. #USSGeraldRFord

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Leslie Shannon Let's stop the threat from outside and INSIDE of our borders then work out the rest afterwards...because if we don't, there won't be an inside of our borders to worry about!!! By all means necessary!!!
Cheryl Caesar 'Now the lazy "president" is taking 3 weeks off....Trump’s frequent golf trips have become something of a national embarrassment. [tRump] is far more interested in hitting the green then buckling down in the White House to actually govern. It has one ...
Matt Wolf Just because trump was billions of dollars in debt before hooking up with Russian money launderers doesn`t mean that he feels he owes them anything.
Dhruv Sharma Support Mr Trump all the way from India! You really are a powerful leader, Sir!
Angela Crook Too bad the president is such an embarrassment. Sad. #IMPEACH #IMPRISON

To every PATRIOT who will serve on the #USSGeraldRFord: ☑️Keep the watch🇺🇸 ☑️Protect her🇺🇸 ☑️Defend her🇺🇸 ☑️LOVE HER🇺🇸 Good Luck & Godspeed!

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Philip Fair It's stupid for this orange clown to act like he cares about the military. He wants to pass a HC bill that will take coverage away from literally hundreds of thousands of veterans. After a Navy SEAL was killed in Yemen, instead of taking ...
Chris Kallaur Trump, Trump, and AWAY ! President Donald J Trump is here to Stay !
Daniel Knoll ...says the draft dodger who lied about how he chose to not serve his country when it called on him to do so....
Hector F Latorre Seda Funny that Donald J Trump is congratulating sailors for something that he himself was not willing to do and decided to be a draft Dodger. That is what we call a chicken hawk
Dean Wilson I fact America is just an aggresive and warmongering country, full stop

While all agree the U. S. President has the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crime so far is LEAKS against us. FAKE NEWS.

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Sean Michaels President Trump should pardon everyone involved in this WITCH HUNT, NOW, So this foolishness stops NOW. Democrats can't be allowed to turn America into a Banana Republic. Liberal motto is, find me the man and I will invent the crime.
Brenton Wallace I'm looking forward to you and your family spending the rest of their lives in prison. Clown.
Patti Anne What are you so afraid of? If you are innocent you would warrant a full investigation and show your financial dealings and taxes, no? You are the only president in 40 years who has not shown his taxes. Leads most of us to believe you are hiding ...
Dustin Percle You're not worried. You already have political asylum in Russia, where you can go on to be even more lucrative without facing the legal repercussions. You should already be in prison, and most of us know it. Your little crazy tirade of online idiots who ...
Barbara Blitfield Pech How unfortunate for us that we are seeing the unraveling of the highest office held by an American..and the sad remains of a man that is so mentally ill...

This morning I will be going to the Commissioning Ceremony for the largest aircraft carrier in the world, The Gerald R. Ford. Norfolk, Va.

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Randall Bartoe You guys do know it takes more than 7 months to build one, Right? Once again, taking credit for Obama's work. SAD
Eric Spillman Are you gonna have them retrofit the catapult back to steam like u said last time? What an idiot u r...
Mareaux Furchins Wow, the worst president ever commissioning a ship named after the third worst president ever. What an odor (pun intended).
Craig Glaves You need to RESIGN Donny...THEN, and ONLY then will you TRULY...."Make America Great Again"...instead of the laughing stock of the WORLD!
الرضي ودالحسين سوداني What ? Stupid

Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media - but his future is bright!

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Richie Lopez He had a bright future until he teamed up with you and your Crooked family. Now both of you should be joined by the same shiny set of handcuffs
June W. Cook I cannot imagine how President Trump has withstood the negative actions of the Liberals without speaking out even more harshly as to so much hatred and back stabbing within the entire system. My temper, as well as most of you, would have erupted, ...
Veronica Espinoza Padilla Your first mistake was keeping mueller !!! No more hiring people who have worked for obama or hillary !!! Those people hate you !!!
Charles Rowland The Liar N Chief, finally forced out Spicer, so he could put in a slimy hedge fund manager who is better at lying than Spicey. Baby, Kushner disclosed 77 sources of income yesterday that he "forgot" to put on his ethics disclosure forms; you know just ...
Karen Boudreaux-Biles He took abuse only because he was defending the likes of you! I bet he is relieved to rid of you

Today, it was my privilege to welcome survivors of the #USSArizona to The White House. #HonorThem🇺🇸 Remarks:

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Sean Wharton Did you take notes, Donnie? Those are what real men who serve their country and don't dodge a draft look like (even though they volunteered to serve, not drafted)
Laurel Mullen Hirkala I'll stay on topic. Thank you to those who served on the U.S.S. Arizona and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America. God bless all of you.
Robert Marketsson Obummer invited members of ISIS to the White House to burn American flags and wipe their butts with pages torn from the bible. #Iampoorlyeducated #IlashoutbecauseIfeelhelpless
Sharon Lee Also pray for John McCain and his battle with cancer another American War Hero. 💗💗
James D. Callicutt The greatest generation - believed that people should serve in the military in time of war. Trump dodged the draft. They believed in paying taxes. They believed in unions. They should be honored - just not by Trump!

One year ago tonight, I accepted my nomination for the presidency of the United States of America, and I promised you — “I'm WITH you, I will FIGHT for you, and I will WIN for you.” We won, and we are making America GREAT again!

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Leia David Klein This will become known as one of the greatest turning points in American history. Thank you President Donald Trump for caring about the American people and for making America great again. #MAGA
Jamie Bennett Trump lied and lied and got elected by the gullible. Good job, America.
Tom Dolan Better get that wall built. I'm losing faith in you and I am one of your biggest supporters. You campaigned on getting that wall built. That was #1. Not healthcare. Defund sanctuary cities also. Let's get moving!
Doug Blair You started the week with "Russia is fake news", and ended it with "Can I pardon myself?" MAGA, by resigning. Oh - and take Comrade Pence with you, too.
Jose Pagan President Donald J Trump is going to win the reelection in 2020 just as easy as the first one.

'Manufacturers’ record-high optimism reported in the 1st quarter has carried into the 2nd quarter of 2017' via National Association of Manufacturers.

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Alphonzo Mills Is this the same "mess" of an economy you inherited a short 6 months ago?
Kay James Zeke Miller, White House correspondent for Time, reports that Trump will be at his Bedminster, NJ golf course from August 3rd to the 20th. Trump’s frequent golf trips have become something of a national embarrassment. The American people elected a man ...
Melissa Brusacoram Optimism is great. Now show the results. Will believe it when I see it.
Sanonya Marshall You didn't do it you only been there 6 months really people are so dumb to facts but at least you see the movie about your corruption in the wall you built carry on decit
Tim Schlick Your time is over. You are nothing. Your words mean nothing. Your presidency will be remembered only as the biggest mistake in US History and you and your criminal Mafia Family will go to prison soon.

This week we hosted a #MadeInAmerica event at the White House! If it is MADE IN AMERICA, it is the BEST!

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Peter Toth This is why Donald Trump won the election. He is working hard to put the average American back to work, and the average American can appreciate and relate to that effort. No pandering to special interest groups or multi-national corporations, just plain ...
Michael Nygaard Why are your products or Ivanka's Made in USA??? Practice what you preach./
Eric Johnson Deplorable lying pig
Roi Raj I went to Macy's last night where I saw Made in China by Ivanka. Is she a different Ivanka? They say charity begins at home. Would love your words of Made in USA match with Ivanka's line of clothing. I voted for you.
Chris Nelson I love seeing the words "Made in America" on our nation's shelves. Please keep bringing back our industry. Good luck, Mr. President.

"Six months in - it is the hope of GROWTH that is making America FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS RICHER." - Varney & Co.

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Shawn Best These Obama Trolls just won't quit! Where was the success during his Administration? Oh wait, it didn't happen until he left the White House. Get off the Pharmaceuticals, and realize how stupid you sound.
Michael Doherty Today's alternative fact (to help you get through the day): Melania Trump has given up on her promised anti-bullying campaign, and instead is going to focus her energy and time on something closer to her own experience: helping prostitutes get better ...
Debbie Thibodeaux Trump will end up being the best President in modern history. He is a business man and this is a country that runs on economics and jobs. In the past we've had lawyers as presidents who focus on laws and as a result we get too many regulations and laws. ...
Ray Hilton All of this is a result of Obama's implemented plans has nothing to do with Trump things that truck does won't even affect our economy and for at least 6 months to a year
Doyle Meachum The market is up because of all the environmental changes Trump is trying to make so companies can dump raw materials into our water systems and lowering their costs. It is also up because Trump is trying to give the big boys a huge tax break. So sad..

Billions of dollars in investments & thousands of new jobs in America! An initiative via Corning, Merck & Pfizer:

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Fran Smith The American people want congress to do it's job. Protect this country from people like Putin and Trump and the true meaning of Democracy. The Republican Party has always advocated the strict adherence of the Constitution. Where are they now? ...
Joseph Ross When you gonna start negotiating prescription drug prices for medicare?
Robbie C Provance How about some real relief for the working class in the form of tax breaks? I'm sick and tired of seeing the Big Boys getting the all the breaks. Obamacare is ruining me financially and I'm being forced to buy a Government mandated product against my ...
David McRoberts ...There is nothing normal about the subserviant surrender of America to Russia by Donald is abnormal...and does not Represent America or the Average American...
Jeff Creager If you were on your own show ( The Apprentice ) you would fire yourself. I asked you if I could have a job and try to guide you in unchartered waters, where all your failed advisers can't swim. Anyway, I can't believe your strategy. Everything in the ...

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, July 21st: Daily intelligence briefing Credentials ceremony for newly appointed Ambassadors to Washington, D.C. Visits with survivors from the USS Arizona

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Dave Ullrich Another light schedule so you'll have plenty of time to have closed door meetings with your attorneys to discuss pardons (please listen to them), and plenty of time for watching tv and having online tantrums. #CrybabyTrump #Snowflake #ResignOrDoTime
Rebecca ODeaghaidh Ahh ha haaa haaaa, whatta phony, a felon, a creep, yuck. Never my President.
Manota Stone Bybee Shame on you for your comments about Jeff Sessions. He had the obligation and right to do what he did regarding hearings. And I did vote for You and would vote all over again for you.
Vern Bernard Stay safe, Mr. President. Thanks for all your hard work.
Bruce Herney Failed healthcare and now trying to fire the second Person who is investigating you, Sad.

One by one we are keeping our promises — on the border, on energy, on jobs, on regulations. Big changes are happening, and we are just getting started! #MAGA

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Alan Rogers TRUMP Now Warning Special Investigator Mueller NOT To Investigate His Personal Finances. YEA RIGHT!!! NOTHING TO SEE THERE. Why Doesn't Trump Just Point To Where The Evidence Is. Same Difference. And Trump's supporters thought he was Smart. lmao :-D
William Hencey I know Trump is telling the truth because I am a Truck Driver and we have our fingers on the pulse of our economy. With stable freight rates and bulk shipping in full force the days of scavenging for reliable shipping lanes is slowly but surely being ...
Curtis Rice Total fluff. Only promise kept is replacing a Supreme Court judge. Number of major legislation passed... ZERO. Just threw his AG under the bus. Wears many hats... Blamer-in-chief, Liar-in Chief... the government is dysfunctional, Trump is a ...
Jonathan Delafield Donny, You haven't actually done anything. No major legislation. No tax reform. You're coasting on what Obama did for eight years. This is the end of his business rally. You gonna blame him when it goes bad?

Tired of all the fake news? Make sure to ‘Like’ our page and stay up-to-date on all of the President’s work!

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Sjef Hoefs Many countries around the world are happy with president Trump. He is not a back stabber like 'political correct' politicians who keep feeding the viscious (economic) wars behind there backs. Merkel is the biggest rat of them all, Trump is the only one ...
Donna Gathright This is great. We can actually hear real news!!!! We really need to support our president and keep waking others up. We want our country to come together we want our lawmakers to work and come together for the good of the people. They must act ...
Dustin Hughes President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida has asked permission to hire 70 foreign workers this fall, attesting — in the middle of the White House's “Made in America Week” — that it cannot find qualified Americans to serve as cooks, waiters and ...
Mare Miller I'm really sick of all the fake news and fake media!! How long must this go on? I really believe this was the Democrat's and liberals plan all along. No matter what Republican won!! They are so sneaky. And such liers!!! Enough is Enough!! The people ...
Daniel Cronan Sorry, Little Donny. Fake News is NOT defined as "News which does not feed my childish, immature, infantile, narcissistic, petty, spoiled, whiny, vindictive man-baby ego or agree/align with/fit my childish, immature, infantile, narcissistic, petty, ...

Today marks 6 months of working for THE PEOPLE and putting AMERICA FIRST!

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Yendor Llubnrut don't you mean working for yourself and to get insider info for your company?
Barbara L. Nelson And for this you are being persecuted...thank you Mr. President for fighting for the American people and this great country!
Brenda Kettle Thank you Mr. President! We FINALLY have a President with a backbone... so refreshing after the last 8 years of horrible leadership!!
Kjetil Karlsen It's strange and a bit nice to see how the comments on Trumps posts have changed since he started his job. In the begining I got hate responses on my critical comments to this sorry excuse of a human being. Now the wind seem to have changed, and that ...
Robert Guzman Yup.. by trying to leave 24 million without medical insurance, by allowing the fossil fuel industry to poison our environment and by giving huge tax breaks to the super rich. Way to go Trump.

Departing The Pentagon after meetings with Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Secretary of Defense, and our great teams. #MAGA🇺🇸

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Abdullah Arif english is not the property of natives. Every variety of english should be respected.My english has new variety. sophisticated of language.Trumph need to be dump my slogan..
Michael French #OhMyGreatandGloriousDonaldTrump!🙏🏽 I believe you, I believe in you, I believe every word that passes through your lips! You, Sir, are truly Heaven-sent; our Lord giveth you to US so that we can #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, my Great Donald Trump. I don't ...
Paul Agnew The Establishment on both sides cannot stand the man we voted into office I am proud to have him as my president I am proud that I voted for him and I will stand behind him he is tried to do everything he said he would do only to be blocked by ...
Michael Terrell Mcguire Jr. Still President. Still beat Hillary Clinton. Still deporting Aliens. Still building a wall. Still a billionaire. Still has a 156 IQ. Still signing executive orders. Still the Mudda Fuggin President. In charge or you, your family and your dog. ...
Silvio Ranieri Oh quit making a fool of yourself Trump you don't know what hell you are even doing there. Trump and his troop of incompetent administrators. They look like they are totally lost.

Made in America is more than a label or a product — it’s a stamp of excellence, and we must protect it! #MadeInAmerica

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Fraydoon Frodo Hakimi sorry but i would really prefer made in Japan instead :P stamp of excellence and quality cuz before i was born my parents bought a radio made in Japan it is still working i am 35 years old now...
Billie Joe Trump Dear Donald Trump i'm writing because i need you help. A few hours ago someone facebook page "rock is the best music in thw world" has blocked me because we have different opinions. You are a symbol of democracy, freedom, could you please help me to get ...
Jonathan Caslin The trump family doesn't make anything in America. Your winery even uses immigrant labor, which is better the next your hotel in Dubai where mr trumps name is on a hotel built by slave labor. Nothing but a gilded wind bag.
Evelyn Elizabeth Ryan-Roberts That's why we voted for you! We just couldn't believe how the previous administrations tried to give America away! You are America's last chance! Remember what Daniel Webster said at Washington's eulogy! Keep it going stronger everyday!
Bob Anick Love the Pres but, to say that Made in America is a stamp of excellence isn't quite true all the time. Some products are not very good and are made better elsewhere. Anyone remember back in the 70s where you could only buy "disposable" American cars? ...

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Thursday, July 20th: Pol-Mil session at the Pentagon Announcement regarding a pharmaceutical glass packaging initiative

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Angelita Sandbothe Thank you President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and ALL involved for your efforts trying to make a difference! It is such a challenge I am sure but do not give up! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!🙏🏻🇺🇸
James Currence Mr President Donald Trump you are doing the country a good job. Thank you for Making America Great Again
Darlene Lutz President Trump, Stay strong and focused as you shift your plate around to meet top priorities today. As many of us send prayers to Senator John McCain, may I ask if there is any word on how Whip Steve Scalise is doing? He, too, needs our prayers of ...
Tammy Zaluzney Looks like you have left yourself plenty of TV watching time? Perhaps even a trip to the golf course? #laziestPresidentever
Arvind Parmar There is no doubt President Donald Trump will be in the White House for the next eight years. America is way better under his presidency, The economy is improving constantly ,illegal Crossing down 75%. Improvement on every angle

Melania and I send our thoughts and prayers to Senator McCain, Cindy, and their entire family. Get well soon.

Statement from President Donald J. Trump
Statement from President Donald J. Trump

Senator John McCain has always been a fighter. Melania and I send our thoughts and prayers to Senator McCain, Cindy, and their entire family. Get well soon.

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Michelle Mattox You people on here are a heartless bunch..there is no getting better with this. How do you live with yourselves..shame on you.
Foster G. Warren A third grader could've left a more poignant message. Trump is petty. McCain is a hero.
Bawstin Jay Thank you President Trump for everything you have done so far for our Country. I voted for you once, I will gladly do it again. Looking forward to seeing America Great Again!
Michael Huber Draft dodger Trump said this guy wasn't a war hero. SAD !!!
Kevin Freeman I thought you only liked Senators who didn't get cancer. You have zero empathy, so it is impossible to believe you wrote this. Cancer would be too good for you.

If we want to make America great again, we have to protect the integrity of the vote and our voters. Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity Meeting:

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Jeremy Hughes Play ball with us and we'll play ball with you. Release those taxes, Cheeto
Gloria Oceguera Nutcase. YOU and your cronies are in bed with Putin. You're going down and fast. Impeach!
Kyran Vaal Bierhaus Like you said, those with the loudest protesters are the ones who have something to hide. During the election, I remember seeing videos of illegal aliens in California boasting that they had voted. There are an estimated 3 million illegals in California ...
Joseph Caoile I think the real issue is the left is afraid he'd actually find out there is massive voting fraud that would force voters ID to become law.
Valerie Lynch Sham investigation. You may come up with a few instances, but not 3-5 million cases. Waste of time, and you won't get my registration info. I unregistered.

It’s time for a new policy — one defined by two simple rules: We will BUY AMERICAN and we will HIRE AMERICAN. #MadeInAmerica

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Mary Calogero What all these,people,who want to know when President Trump will bring his merchandise back to America...don't understand is the reason he is cutting regulations lowered taxes so making in America will be profitable for companies, including his! This,...
Jayson Barjarat While our economy is controlled by Zionists and our government and foreign policy is run by Israel. There is nothing American about that.
Sonia Autry Show us your taxes, Trump! Let's see how much business you do in America.
Chris Dotson Great news. Now find a way so the companies will hire Americans over the age of 45. Obama care made sure companies only hired people 40 & younger with large tax breaks for hiring people under 41. Not only hire American. Hire the older American worker ...
John Smith The left wing media and radical democrats are globalists. Conservatives are Nationalists. Globalists are violent and hate Nationalists like President Trump and his supporters who are Americans and not left wing radical morons!

The Republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is, & it will get even better at lunchtime. The Dems scream death as OCare dies!

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Mark Chiaramonte Pure Fantasy. The Republicans are useless. Fake repeal for seven years and now when they have the power nothing. I am saddened by how ineffective my party of choice has become. Next year, I may switch to independent. At least then I expect nothing to ...
Stephanie Mathis As a previous supporter you lost me and my die hard trump loving hubby with this horrible excuse of a healthcare plan.
Charlie Fomby Repeal without replace is premeditated murder, you absolute vile, greedy, incoherent excuse for a human.
James W. Moore Communication breakdown.. does anyone REALLY know the pros and cons of this bill? Talking points and sound bites haven't proven useful.
Patricia Billeadeau Dems are celebrating that Americans have literally no insurance, have to pay for insurance they can't use and the premiums continue to rise. That was a great victory the Democrats. When Americas in pain the Democrats celebrate. Well done Dems. The party ...

I will be having lunch at the White House today with Republican Senators concerning healthcare. They MUST keep their promise to America!

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Alicia Meek They need to stop this nonsense. A full repeal with a safety net for the truly disabled, elderly, children and those with preexisting conditions- you know like the safety net we already have....MEDICAID AND MEDICARE. The rest of us will figure it out ...
Denise Quinton yes they must or don't let them take a vacation at all. You all ran on the repeal Obamacare and then you let all your supporters down. I hated your tweet yesterday let Obamacare fail, that means we will pay the prices the premiums, the high co pays ...
Tabitha Connolly Please do something I can't even afford health insurance at all yes my husband job offers insurance but it doesn't offer hospital stays or anything like that... I had to go out and buy my own insurance which I pay 400 dollars a month I can't afford
Cliff Johnston It isn't up to YOU to provide health care to the people . It's up to US to work and provide our own means . Let those who won't die , most of the population is worthless , anyway ...
Bruno Russo Why not have lunch with ALL the senators? Not just the Republicans.

The Fake News is becoming more and more dishonest! Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in Germany is made to look sinister!

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Michael Wrobleski Not happy with our President ? There are many other countries you can relocate to. If you are so unhappy, you should leave. I dont think you should be so unhappy.
Steve Nash The so-called President of the United States meets with the murderous thug Putin for 1 hour without an American translator or security advisor and then fails to disclose the content of the meeting to the press. This is just so beyond the pale that I ...
Roger Garcia You are a civic leader. You are not your own boss. You need to be accountable for every action you take as POTUS. The fact that you think having a side bar meeting with an enemy of democracy is ok and doing it without a US interpreter that is reckless. ...
MaryAnn Nellen Because you separated yourself from the group and had a secret, hour long discussion with your puppeteer. Even you don't know what he said to you as the translator was in control. You are a fool who is changing our country into something we don't ...
Oscar Villanueva President Trump, I hope we are all not so quick to judge against you, I stand strong by you and I hope others do as well, my president. God speed on your meetings today :). Your team and yourself are doing a great service to America; so keep it up!

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Wednesday, July 19th: National Security Council briefing Meeting with U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China Terry Branstad Lunch with members of Congress Made in America roundtable

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Anthony Conrod President Donald Trump, or his children, will be in the White House for the next hundred years. America is way better under their rulership, the economy is improving constantly, illegal crossing down 110%. Approval rating is set to warp speed. And I ...
Susan Mead tell congress we will be voting them OUT next year if they dont keep their promise to repeal obamacare. since their main objective is to keep their jobs, thats the only way they will hear us.
Duane Stedman President Trump, Tried but The Lazy Senate and The Slimy Democrats and All the Rest of the Scum wouldn't Help him they just cut him Down so they All Get what they Deserve !!!!!! President Trump You Tried Your Best but You Are Working With A Lot of Cry ...
Wanda Lipscomb Name one accomplishment of Trump's. Not something that was started under the previous administration. ONE thing TRUMP campaigned on that he, as president, has really DONE that has been positive for this country.
Nanette Wiley The democrats will go down as the most corrupt party ever during this time in history. They will not get voted in real soon after their actions show it's better to bring down a President who cares by THEIR lying, spying, setting up fake meetings, et, ...

We will protect our workers, promote our industry, and be proud of our history because we will put AMERICA FIRST. #MadeInAmerica:

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Julie Loebbaka How about showing us your clothing line, Ivanka's clothing line, or your products used in your towers? What? None are made in the USA? You're a hypocrite.
Andrew Keith By getting all our companies' products made in China. Do as I say not as I do?
Sandy Friend What a joke....why not make your own crap here and hire American? Oh, yeah, you have to pay them more than a buck an hour.
Reg Fields Loving the America first theme coming from OUR President!! Now let's get those tax cuts through so that American corporations can compete on a level playing ground!! MAGA!!
Keith Sauvageau Making billion dollar arms deals with countries that teach their youth in schools to hate America & Americans. Isn't really putting America first, I've always given Trump the benefit over all the media hype, but come on.

We want to build, create, and grow more products in OUR country using American labor, American goods, and American grit! #MadeInAmerica

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Jay Wilder Pssst... He just snuck 15,000 additional migrant workers into the Country.
Jerald B Palmer When are you and your family going to start making your stuff here common T-45
David Owens Jeffcoat When people enter the country through an airport and they have to go through a system of walls, barriers, and customs for security reasons it's no problem, but if you want people entering the country via a land route to go through a system of walls, ...
Joseph Smith Then why is all is everything in the Trump line of clothing made in China and Mexico ?
Mike Gyver You need to stop talking about what you're going to do and start doing it. Grow our own food. Why have you not attack the regulations that hinder this practice? Certain things must be done Mr. Trump before I vote for you again. You are still on the ...

The Senate must go to a 51 vote majority instead of current 60 votes. Even parts of full Repeal need 60. 8 Dems control Senate. Crazy!

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Randy Perez LOL whenever you don't get your way, you like to change the rules! Just like you did with the election, your Supreme Court pick, and everything you did throughout your business life Donald! We're a nation of laws remember that as you said on the ...
George Nelson "Republicans, their deal with America was: If you give us the House of Representatives, we can play defense; if you give us the Senate, we can play a little bit offense; you give us the House, the Senate, and the presidency and we can actually get ...
Lori Godines Repeal....let the free market determine the cost. Make it illegal for illegals to get any government hand outs especially Medicaid.
Joseph Jeremiah Harrell I love how no democrat wants to acknowledge the FACT that Obama spent more money then all other presidents combined........ haha yeah I wouldn't want to admit that either looks bad!
Jared Friedberg You're the President of the United States, and you're attacking aspects of the Constitution. Maybe instead of trying to ram legislation through with a fractured GOP, you should work with Dems on a compromise. No one will get entirely what they want, ...
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