Demi Lovato
20:51 05/18/2017

Fabletics 💗 Shop my #Demi4Fabletics collection now!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Fabletics 💗 Shop my #Demi4Fabletics collection now!

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Jennifer Vasquez
Dude i want to order some lol. Brianna Carreon
Nada Abu Zant
Ingrid Mendes DA Silva
Beautiful ❤😍😍
Justin Arrieta
And everyone and the government gets me to destroy there clones but I'm taking a break to raise my kids
Sivaniolo Lesikitotoya
out of all the celebrities, you stand out the most....yeah ... thats right...
James Blonde
Is it me or is she just too pretty to fight? She needs to model.
Babie Jasmine Rose
Demiiii I love you so Much your a super star😤😤 I wish I could meet you😞😧 but i love your songs even as much as I love you demi....
Kim Robinson
I absolutely LOVE this color and it seems to support your back and chest area very well! 😍😍😍😍😍
Rohit Yadav
Love u Demi❤ looking gorgeously beautiful. U r the angel of this earth
Himanshi Oberoi
Demi is looking electrifying. those workout clothes .. But these are not available in india 😢
Clarice Medeiros
Wonderful, define me, my love ;) #LovaticWithpride #LovaticForever
James McCaffery
Demi Lovato has anyone ever told you that u are a goddess so beautiful <3
Isabel Macias
Demi you always look beautiful and perfect for everything!!! Ilysm
Fabrice Septiers
un regard de braise, un haut jaune qui te met en valeur et une superbe chanteuse que dire de + 😍
Alonso Molina
Chuyy Perez Garcia te tienes que pedir esta ropa para el gym están increíbles.!

Other newsfeed from Demi Lovato

I’m answering your questions about my limited-edition Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection now. Shop #Demi4Fabletics:

67.0k reactions 19445 comments
Christopher Terry Soles i watch you on snapchat all the time and see where you are devoted and work out and stay in shape. You look wonderfull and and have a beautiful voice to go with it. keep being you and continue smileing.
Victor Ontiveros Hi when are you going to come to San Diego how can i get in touch with you or your management the students that I work with would love to meet you thanks for everything you do hope to get in touch with you
Lucy Seitz Hey, I see you have time for this little live stream but you don't have time to update Demi Lovato Path to Fame™! This is outrageous Demi! Update now or I'm unstanning!
Ryan Au Vous êtes très belle demi!!! I hope you keep on going. Watching you do this gives inspiration to a lot of people. Je suis très content pour toi!
Karen Spb You should bring me to you to knock me into shape. Im fat and very unhappy. You are an inspiration to all young people, much love xx

Let me know your guy's favorite pieces from the #Demi4Fabletics collection in the comments too!!

12.2k reactions 299 comments
Sarah Grace Harris I love every piece, but I bought the Anabelle tank, the lisette high leggings, the unbroken t-shirt, & sports bra. My order will be here on Friday I'm SO excited! I love the message behind your brand and it was an honor to support! I love you 💗💗💗
Ryleigh McIntosh I ordered the pinky- red 'Confident Top' and the black and white pants that you wear. I'm so excited for them to come! (Also, when are you coming back to Australia ? :) ))
Ashleigh Rutherford What made you decied to create fabletics and my faves are all of them. How did you come up with the name for your brand? #Demi4fabletics
Melissa Richard Hey Demi I love the whole line but my fav is the I Don't Give A .... shirt! Question is...Will you be designing more Fabletics collections in the future? #Demi4Fabletics
Ana Beatriz Silva Hi Demi! I love you! ❤ so here is my question... how did you feel when you saw that you had the opportunity to make a new brand of gym clothes? And why did you decide to do it? XOXO from Brazil!! 🇧🇷 ❤😍😘😘

💗 my Fabletics collection!! Out now!! #Demi4Fabletics Shop the collection now!!

38.9k reactions 513 comments
Tessa Rhiannon O'Manion Demi Lucero thought this was you at first glance! Lol
Candace Olivarez Demi Lovato, you make my heart smile. Thank you so much for being who you are💕😊
Patricia Slick Mine is on it's way babe!! 👍🏼😘 Queen 👸🏻It will be here this week!
Patricia Slick Ordered 2 for $24 & I'll order more next week !! Love you SO much!! 🌺
Matt Maliszewski I'd think someone who influences millions of women and young girls would come out with a sports bra a little more tasteful

Just kicking Jason’s ass in my new Fabletics gear 😂 You can get my whole outfit here:

25.2k reactions 202 comments
Natalie Baldacci Knox Brown at boxing class
Edward Matt Will you deliver it?
Ryan Paice Demi knows how to kick assss
Dulce Jaquelin Te amo e.e
Chris Phelps And Self Defense for Women Should Indeed Be Mandatory,It Would Save There Lives.Yes Demi,I am very proud of You Sweet,Beautiful Dear.:-)

Get my collection now!! Fabletics

61.6k reactions 403 comments
Beathiyz Ramos Poderosaaaa!!! Arrasou❤❤❤
Gardenia Nunez I got this exact outfit! Can't wait for it to arrive 💜
Natalie Flores I wish I could! But I'm only 13 and don't have my own money...
İbrahim Cenk Muhammet Çetin Merhaba,selam,hello,iyi günler,evet,yes,good days thanks!
Robert West You're an amazing lady, hope life is treating you very very well.

‪Love your body, no matter what. #Demi4Fabletics‬ Fabletics

62.9k reactions 503 comments
Camille Devonne Richard Then stop advertising fit teas and cyro. Stop using photoshop.
Jacinto Paguada If it were so, you would never have it stained with ink on your skin ... just, or think about it!
Courtney Rae I love you Demi so much you are my sunshine and my inspiration I wish I could meet you just once to tell you how I feel :'( <3
Siera Hodgson Ur lucky that ur rich to be in that shape because you pay for a special trainer ,just saying 😂
Myrna Fernandez Aballi Love that outfit Demi, it looks great in you, you are very pretty and have an amazing body shape.

Had a blast shooting these videos for the #Demi4Fabletics campaign... Check out Fabletics for more from our shoot 😊 Shop the collection here:

39.6k reactions 454 comments
Tris Mdds You are so pretty Demi Lovato!!! I really hope that someday I will look like the woman that you become
Rima Khan I love your smile please you always smile♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤹‍♂️🤹‍♀️🎃
Larissa Ferreira Pelo amor de Deus, que edição bosta. Demi tá tão photoshopada que dá medo.
Ashley Fischer Still can't wait for my fabletics to come in the mail😅
Chaymae Wahab Wa tti ra kant naaayda f Morocco... it was the best concert eveeer ❤❤❤

We can match in our confident tanks if you grab one from the #Demi4Fabletics collection 😏

61.1k reactions 440 comments
Miguel Benítez Demi we hope you again in Colombia your fans will wait until eternity! Camp Rock forever 2008 .2010
Manuela Ramirez Neyra Who cares, she inspires us in so many things, Be optimistic people no only bla bla bla!
James Antiox if ur girlfriend is a fighter can u depend ur self ...from ur friend ....meowww.....watching from PH the land of love and promise...
Manúh Gomes ...que arraso❤❤❤
Serina Lloyd Megan Wall Christina Armstrong Joel Castro birthday gift for meeee 😉 small or a medium-sized lol lovee yall!

Timeline Photos

64.9k reactions 463 comments
Joe McGaugh Demi you are a huge role model for a lot people and a big fan Demi
Nicole Nic Astarita Demi you're fabulous enough as you are but I'm supporting through this
Benjamin J Moran When you're in shape you are one of the most beautiful woman in the world.. 🎶🎵💋
James McCaffery Demi Lovato has anyone ever told you that you are a goddess 😘 😍 ❤️ so beautiful ❤️ 😊
Paige Martinez Mark Wainai Castro you need those leggings 😘 to match your theme song

Fabletics 💗 Shop my #Demi4Fabletics collection now!

35.1k reactions 458 comments
Jennifer Vasquez Dude i want to order some lol. Brianna Carreon
Nada Abu Zant 😍😍😍💙😘😘
Ingrid Mendes DA Silva Beautiful ❤😍😍
Justin Arrieta And everyone and the government gets me to destroy there clones but I'm taking a break to raise my kids
Sivaniolo Lesikitotoya out of all the celebrities, you stand out the most....yeah ... thats right...

I'm so blown away by the love on the #Demi4Fabletics collection so far 💗 Fabletics Shop the new line now!

83.3k reactions 713 comments
Juanes Brunette I see you, every day, on the music channel. You make me better, thank you. Beautiful, it's just what you are.
Marisela Rodriguez Demi Lovato can I just buy your whole line without having to sign up for a VIP subscription?
Gina Annmarie Kuebler Cappelletti I am ordering the black ones with white hearts and mesh 2 pairs and another green with mesh leggings!!!
Vanja Lujic Razul Pagdilao Demi came out with her collection. So cute huh? 😍
Melanie Malette 🙌🏼 this is perfection, she is perfection. Angele Houle Caroline Richer

I am SO excited and proud to bring you all the first limited-edition collection of #Demi4Fabletics!! Become a Fabletics VIP member and get 2 styles for $24 today! 😊 Shop the collection here:

31.6k reactions 232 comments
Delphic Grey I couldn't be more proud of you, Demi. You MADE IT!!! #CONFIDENT #FIT 🔥😭👏👏
Markku Aruoja I will after u call me
Candice Roberts The pants I wanted sold out withing about 30 minutes but I was about to get 6 pieces. You should do a restock!
Mike Bishop Hey girl you better call me 4236822180 i fixin to start building our castle i dont want a hand maid i want the queen damit
Rebecca Anthony they look awsome demi u are a great workout clothes fashion girl and i like that about u ☺️🍀💚💚💖

It’s HERE!! 🤞🏻 The #NoPromisesVideo with Cheat Codes is out now

19.5k reactions 203 comments
Marcelo Nepomuceno HINOO
Jenni Barboza PISA MESMO
Bianca Galvão 🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eunice Kim I love you queen ❤️

It's HERE!! The #NoPromisesVideo with Cheat Codes is out now 🤞🏻

26.1k reactions 267 comments
Amanda Kallyne Maravilhosaaa....<3 <3 <3
Tracey Bravo Not sure if you will see this or care Demi Lovato, but I fckng love this song and video, #NOPROMISESCHEATCODESANDDEMILOVATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I think you look FCKNG amazing, hot, sexy, beautiful, toned, in great shape, and I love and miss you ...
Gary Steven Murray Danielle Clifford she knew it was my birthday this is my present from her
Iranildo Artur Demi lovato eu amei a música no promises, e fiquei aguardando o clipe ansioso, porém o clipe não foi 100%, faltou mais produção no clipe. 😎
Alex Jay A lot of y'all gonna skip past this comment but for the ones that don't I promise once you go on my page you won't waste time..Give this singer boy a chance to show y'all what I can do as an artist and hopefully I'll earn ya support. Let your ears ...

#Demi4Fabletics is only 2 days away! Be the first in line... Fabletics

48.2k reactions 435 comments
Carol Barboza Que bebê mais lindoooo Rebecca, Henry
Monica M Anderson I wish I could but I'm only 14 and I don't have any money 😥😥😔😭
Kyler Yim This would be great to run around Florida's beach or jog.
Dr Smiles Demi is such a confident, inspirational young woman! Keep up the great work and good luck with #Demi4Fabletics!
James Jenkins Jr Seems like you mad. Don't be. Remember someone really thinks your gorgeous and amazing.

I’m officially on! Tag me and Cheat Codes in your #NoPromisesFirstLook videos. Can’t wait to see them! 😊

28.1k reactions 229 comments
João de Deus Linda
Michi Rodríguez Demi i love you 😍😍😍😍💘
Abigail Tovar Alvarez Tkm
Kim Doose Dominik los gehts ✖️🎉
Burak Güvenoglu sen çok güzelsin

#NOPROMISESVIDEO with Cheat Codes drops May 16th!! 🤞🏻

37.3k reactions 811 comments
Igor Dodó Não sei se posso marcar maia isso é para você! Baleeiro..
Kris Esteves Alex Junqueira Esteves lembra deles no show da Demi?toppppp
Christina Chan Cindy Chen i guess imma be jammin' this for the next week
Sadiye Selçuk I'm so excited, this is what we have been waiting for, love so much Demii.
Andreas Müller Ordinary people reclaiming what is theirs. I love it Demi. I love it.

Are you ready? #Demi4Fabletics Fabletics

35.9k reactions 224 comments
Luca Cefalo I need it!
IamVishnu no. i am not ready. can you wait for me? lol
April Gay I love her workout clothes Beth N Josh Smith
Alanna Turry Jane Turry should we empty our bank accounts
Hamza Kahtan Sure

Getting so close to the launch!! #Demi4Fabletics Fabletics

110.7k reactions 792 comments
Kees Hoogendoorn Maar je hoeft nog niet naar de sterren , want dat bent je al.
Saulo Henrique II Eu te amo 😍Minha MÃE DEMI Happy day The monther DEMI 😏💓Manda um Oii pro meu irmão batman
Carlet Stafford Demi Lovato you're looking amazingly beautiful as always.!!
Rohit R. Raina You know what, you will always be my love Demi Lovato ❤❤❤
James Powell Adam Ray Demi lovato in sketchers you may have been on to something?!?!

Feeling confident? Submit your Best.Cover.Ever. and you could collab with me!

14.0k reactions 286 comments
Vitoria Luana So proud of you baby 💙
Vitória Nascimento I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Joana Medeiros Demiii I love you so much and Portugal too 💖
Guilherme Goulart Não entendi nada, mas arrasou viadaaaa ❤
Leila Crosby-Lovato Does anyone know how to submit it? also can it be any song of hers or just confident do we have to do it on smule,youtube,instagram,facebook ?

I don't give a.... Fabletics #Demi4Fabletics

129.6k reactions 894 comments
Kristina Jane Kraak You are so stunning 😮 I would love to be your hairstylist 😮 dreams to live.
Bea Martinez I'm so exited for your new coleccion for fabletics 👏👏👏 I WANT ALL THE CLOTHES 😍
Mohammed Jihad Bawati Finally, my comment is at the top!!! Do you want your comment to be at the top too?! Just send me a friend request, once I accept your request you will be able to post comments and they will be on top of the rest regardless of the number of likes you ...
Raushan Kumar I still remember sonny with a chance, oh ! how time passes 🙃🙂😬😀
Stephanie Aliu Lindsey Graham this is nice, doesn't even look like gym wear! Could just buy the top

I’m coming back for you Brazil 💚💛 I’m playing Saturday, July 1st at Villa Mix Festival!! See you this summer

17.5k reactions 792 comments
Raysa Santos Vou perde outro show porque sou podre e moro em outra cidade😭😭😭😭😭 Mas amei a Demi de novo no Brasil 👐👐👐❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Isa Soares Hi Demi, how can you tell my sister to take me? Thank you, I love you, here is Brazil. Janice Soares MANAAAA PLASEEEE
Isabela Moreira COME BACK TO SP bebê, i'm poor and i can't go Goiânia 😭😭😭😭😭
Saulo Henrique II EU moro em São Paulo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Demi casa comigo agora quando você vim pro BR? Já que vc está solteira 💕😏
Camila Júlia Cabo I'm so excited for this show, I love you queen♥, but in July it's winter here in Brazil. So cool for the winter.♥

Loved working with the Fabletics team on my limited-edition collection! Check out a sneak peek #Demi4Fabletics

25.2k reactions 179 comments
Ester Sales Te amooooo
Alessandra Fortes da Silva Gentee, alguém ten florzinhas?
Jéssica Roberta Malu Bocalini e eu querendo musica
Hellen Oliveira VAGABUNDA, TE AMO

#NoPromises is only $0.69 in the Apple Music store right now 😏 Get it now if you haven't already 💗💗

No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato) - Single by Cheat Codes
No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato) - Single by Cheat Codes

Preview, download, or stream "No Promises" (feat. Demi Lovato) - Single by Cheat Codes

5.8k reactions 139 comments
Tiffany Lynn And if you have an android it's free!
William Won This song is amazing xD
Ana Luiza Madureira De Souza I love you
Leonardo Pechuan Lady descuentos

Finally! So proud to share that I’ve partnered up with Fabletics, a company that has always supported inclusiveness, to design activewear that will make you feel amazing inside and out! Being active is a huge part of my life, so it was important for me to create a line that's accessible, comfortable, and fashionable while inspiring you to take care of your mind and body. 😝 My first, limited-edition capsule collection launches next week, so stay tuned! Click my link to sign up for updates! 😊 A portion of proceeds from the collection benefit an amazing organization, Girl Up. #Demi4Fabletics

15.0k reactions 381 comments
JR Parler Once upon a time, the boy was taught the facts of life as his father described them. The boy was taught the tenets of civility, the trials of manhood and the honor of chivalry. He was taught to never hit girls or call her names of derogatory. He was ...
David Tipping That is brilliant, please tell us when a new CD is coming out i love your music. Love you Demi ♡♡♡♡
Faraz Jamali And we thought its gonna be new music :(
Leandro Baruk Amiga assim não tem como te defender. Lança logo o D6,não aguento mais ouvir Confident
Gekson Willame I loved it, it was a great surprise ... the result was incredible. The photos are beautiful. #Demi4fabletics Demi Lovato ❤ Fabletics

Ready to look and feel empowered? I have an announcement coming tomorrow. Can you guess what it is?

28.8k reactions 726 comments
Markku Aruoja Yes, ur finally gonna call me :) 8 months of waiting will pay itself off....yaaaayy
Wayne Jones That you've fallen in love with me and want to tell the world perhaps?, lol! ❤
Fernando Ferreira Mariana Carvalho EU TÔ PASSANDO MAL. Se ela vier anunciando cosméticos eu vou sequestrar o Bomba e fazer chantagem! 😂
Declan Smith i would love an album. but i kinda think it's lipstick?
Alexander Ceslik I thought the announcement was going to be today?

Almost ready to announce something BIG I've been working on that I hope you'll love!💖 💖 💖 Check back tomorrow for more...

27.7k reactions 647 comments
Mariale Gomez Wey saca maquillaje baratón! Colabora con los de wet n wild o que se yo.
Stevie Wilson Martinez A recording artist announcing a huge announcement being announced on Facebook... gee I wonder what it could be...
Azra stoked, can't wait!
Lisa Brown Amber Ooit moet ze toch is terugkomen naar België eh... hopelijk een nieuw album en dan een tour ;)
Helena Roekeloos Charlotte 😱😱 (that heart reminds me of something...)

Timeline Photos

61.9k reactions 622 comments
Rich Smith So hot,too bad their not making another Addams family movie,you have the perfect dress.
Kyler Yim Black dress are always a classic. Looks lovely on you Demi!
Ivonna Freimane Beautifull p.s i love u demi your songs make me feel happy when im sad second p.s im from latvia and i can speak english very well
Chandani Singh You look like hand carved by Greek gods. Demiiii you have grace that no other singer can have. You have the best music in my opinion. I don't know about others but your my favourite and I'll always love you no matter what . And you also made an epic ...
Vitalino Canastuj Estas extremadamente bella luces fenomenal Exelente actitud y precioso vestuario

So honored to be a Time 100 honoree!!

76.4k reactions 783 comments
Carlos Mattos Hi, I want to say that I love you, I love your music. You inspire me every day. I'm from Brazil and you know that Brazilians are in love with you. We love you and we look forward to your new album and we love your song on promises with cheat codes. A ...
Nicole King Wow! You look stunning <3 the blue is beautiful on you Demi Lovato <3
Smashby congrats demi 💙
Guilherme Vieira The talented one has to be pretty! congratulations.
Eulalia Rojas Rojas Elegante...qué gran cambio. Eres una gran estrella tienes luz propia. Espero vengas a CR.

I want to hear your covers of Confident!! Submit your cover and you could get the chance to perform with me on Best.Cover.Ever, a brand-new show, coming exclusively to YouTube!


I just submitted to Best. Cover. Ever., a new series coming exclusively to YouTube! I’m ready to take the stage with my favorite artist, are you?

17.3k reactions 363 comments
Rachelle Daff I don't think I can do it I can't play an instrument but I can sing
Daphne Draaijer You should watch the video of Imani in the dutch The Voice Kids. She did warrior in a phenominal way.
Thayná Assis Puta que pariu, não sei cantar. Demi colabora com minhas limitações linda.
Mayenne Viana Thais Ribeiro, quem fizer o melhor cover vai cantar com ela....
Michelle Giesey I wish I could sing. How about we do worst cover? I could do that was. That's 1 dream that won't come true for me lol 😞
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