Cristiano Ronaldo
08:00 01/11/2017

Dwyane Wade No. Watch. Learn, #raiseit Ronaldo style. I think I’ve got him, do you agree? 🍳

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Bessem Mhedhbi
Seif Ed Talbi madrid -5 sbe7 5arej zgat ahna lena sbe7 9bal mat9oum telbes cachecole w kabout bech temchi litoilette :/
Constantine Minas
Aaron Blake I don't know what he's saying, I don't know what he's selling but what I know is that Ashley is buying the NEW NIVEA moisturising combo cream 9000.
Andrea Vittorio Bimbi
Samuele Poli Stefano Vescovi Marco l'unica cosa con cui palleggio alla mattina alle 6:30 sono i miei maroni...scarso??
Mohammed Rawandzy
messi + inesta + xavi + neymar + suarez + ronaldinho + romario + rivaldo + pique + macherano + alba + maradona + denis suarez + rakitich + busqets + pedro + fabrigas + ronaldo brazili + pele + cruyff + totti + kaka + aguero + figo + zico + dybala + coutinho + robben + rooney + beckham + zidane = CRISTIANO RONALDO 👑
عبد القادر العزاوي
Messi and Suarez and Gareth Bale and Jerizman competed with Cristiano Ronaldo on Ballon d Or . Changed names and Cristiano Ronaldo fixed . European champion and the world Actually the king and emperor and legend . #CR7 #HalaMadrid ..
Andrea Bastianelli
Giovanni ma anche te la mattina ti svegli palleggiando??? Niccolo' pensa la scena...scende, palleggia e sullo sfondo si vede te nel divano hahahahahahhhajaj
Alejandro Silva
En diciembre les compartía la estrategia de esta campaña de PokerStars donde dos líderes de opinión se retan entre sí haciendo referencia al término de apuestas Raise It Ana Quezada Antonio Morales Delgadillo Diego Lecuna
Caroline Venancio Moreira
Deborah même avec une orange il est fort, après y'a des troue du cul qui disent que c'est pas le meilleur du monde 😐😐 Les rageus!
Monique Gehlenborg
Omg ik zie dit ik heb vannacht gedroomd over hem! Jij was er ook bij wilde ik per se foto jij weer chag en dan wastie weer nie goed want ik vtoeg jou is die goed gewordne jij gwn ja kzo nee ff kijke neeee is nie goed nog keer hahaahah wat dom
Miguel Angel Vargas Arcentales
One of the best goalscorers and repeat scorers because there are many who confuse and think that being a scorer means to be The best soccer player in the world when that is not true because The scorer alone is that a good scorer as they were Marco Van Baster, Drogba, Gabriel Batistuta O El Portugues Eusebio osea only goal scorers that finishes The plays that are elavoradas by the genius The artists The magicians The players of another planet that are able to elude to half team up to the goalkeeper and to score or to make a milemetrico pass so that the scorer of his Team notes The goal osea those magicians, geniuses, artists who are able to transform football into pure art are and have been Pele, Garrincha, Dstefano, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Now Messi those are The 6 best soccer players of all The times of football because Simply his football is pure art is like seeing a painting of Leonardo Da Vinci or a sculpture of Michel Angelo, So you already learn to differentiate between a good scorer and nothing else as Cristiano Ronaldo who bases his soccer Ala speed and power of a genius of Soccer that does things that no soccer player has done to see him play is a real show like Leo Messi. And if they do not understand and do not know how to differentiate between a good scorer of a genius like Leo Messi then better go to see another sport like Athletics or swimming, or Bodybuilding because they are sincerely watching The sport equaled and only those who know good football They know what I'm talking about and those who do not know about good football are going to think otherwise and the one who compares to a genius an artist a magician a footballer from another planet like Leo Messi with a scorer and nothing else as Christian ronaldo is because He definitely does not know about good football because Messi can only be compared to the geniuses of soccer magicians like Pele, Garrincha, Dstefano, Maradona and Ronaldinho only with those players can be compared to Messi. But Cristiano Ronaldo is compared with Scorers and nothing else like Marco Vanbaster, Drogba, Gabriel Batistuta and the Portuguese eusebio osea only scorers, so they already learn to see good football alone so they will be able to give a good comment and not give a comment Como amateur. And the last Leo Messi is the most complete footballer because he has better vision of the game can create plays can elude 5, 6 up to 7 rivals until the goalkeeper is a complete goalkeeper because without being goals scorer he won 3 gold boots as Goleador osea is a phytologist never seen and his soccer level is above all because simply his soccer level is of a soccer player of another Planet never before seen in another soccer player o never see in the history of the futbol
Geena Yip
Lately he's been doing all sorts of cringy stuff Liesl Yip Yeah we know you're good at football but you don't have to show it off in a gambling ad
JB Carlson
Great !
Elfi Amado
Ana Josefina Mender Johanna Alexandra Sanz Abril Pruneda baia baia esta vez especificare si vieron como rebotan sus ⚪️⚪️ con el movimiento I'm so sorry i had to say it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Manuel Grimaldo
Que va pasar cuando ya te retires Cristiano Ronaldo el futbol no va hacer lo mismo sin ti espero verte jugar unos 50 años mas
ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ
لي يحب الدون يضغط لايك <3

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AL-Salam Mohamad إملأوا جميع وسائل التواصل بها: "القدس عاصمة فلسطين رغم أنف الصهاينة والمتصهينين" ليعلموا خطورة ماهم مقدمون عليه Fill in all the means of communication: "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, despite the nose of the Zionists and the Almtsahinin" To know ...
Marc Bonogo CR7 for ever. We are going to beat Paris Saint Germain and you will score at least 4 goals. God bless you Cristiano Ronaldo
Tara Tallgate When the self proclaimed best player in history dives against Ur Idol team and won a penalty to equalise the Match... ##ElClassico in family
Mandaan Pockun CONGRATS LEGEND!!❤❤ We are so lucky to be living in the same era of these legends! Please don't show your stupidity by comparing Ronaldo and Messi,just sit back and admire the beautiful football they play!😉
Μαριλένα Ράμα When u r a messi fan but your dad is Ronaldo Ιωάννα Ράμα😂😂This kid always looks unhappy...proof that money can't buy happiness...


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Mau Brenes Yeeeeehhh like if you think Cr7 in the world Congratulations , 5th Ballon D'or is ready for you 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Grande un Crack Hala Madrid ❤
Abdullah Alhaffar والله يا ابو جونيور انك بيضتها المباراة الاخيرة بالفعل انك اسطورة شيلك من كأس العالم للاندية ولادنا بتجيبوا اترك المهمة ل اسينسيو و فاسكيز و مايورال و جهزلي حالك للبارسا يستر اختك اب جونيور بدنا نعيد براس السنة ونحنا مبسوطين بشرفك لا تخجلنا ياغالي
Ajmal Sahat Top 3 player in the world 1) Ronaldo 2) Neymar 3) UEFALONA referee 100) LEOGAY Frionel pessi It's not fair that the referee hasn't won a Ballon Dor after carrying UEFALONA all this seasons. He should have 5 Ballon Dor not pessi
Anang Restúana Ronaldo king of football, messi king of diving . And one again, Ronaldo is best player in the world . Cris cris cris Cristiano Ronaldo
Saboor Albalushi Dixit messi makes barca great, madrid makes ronaldo great. That's the only difference between the two players. Ronaldo is so scared of leaving madrid... Luv U Messi ❤️❤️❤️ Luv from Pak ❤️❤️❤️


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Gabadiah Wofewa Wa Jumbe to won more awards is not simple at least Madrid players had help you a lot to accessed where you are is cause of associated through coach and sponsor to o just thanks for this successful
SaMee H Rasheed The only difference between cristiano Ronaldo and Messi is that A team help Ronaldo 😏 But Messi helps a team 😍
Ibraahim Diirie Ronaldo's side is a pioneer in the side of the team and is the front man of the world's most populous five-year-old Ballon d'Or and is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. who wants to get the ball. and it is logical. From me somalia🇸🇴
Sudhirhood Rebels Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration. And the fact that he let's his son idolize his biggest rival shows how humble he is. That, my friends, is sportsmanship of the highest order.
Alejandro Jesus Velediaz Cristiano Ronaldo yo siempre he sido un fan muy grande de ti yo me llamo martin tu carrera ha sido una inspiración para el mundo desde lo que te paso con tu padre y cuando te separaron de tu familia para lograr el éxito tan grande en tu trayectoria ...


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Mahmudul Hasan nowadays Ballon D'or isn't won because of individual perfomance, it's won because of being part of the team that wins UCL😊
Prinz Eddy King and Lord 👑 👑 of football, may your days be long.... Congratulations on your recent achievement. All haters pls go to your fan page and praise your idol there, this is ours so no bad comment here pls.
Mohàméd Sébti Failing to choose and fail decided to nominate the most failed player to win all your goals of infiltration😡😡. Messi remains the master of players and the best player in the history of football💪💪🐸🐸🐸🐸
Bilyamin Abubakar Cristiano will keep on winning more Ballon D'ors. Again next year after he guide Portugal to the World Cup glory and Real Madrid winning UCL for a 3rd time in a row. No more Sepp Blatter days here. It was 4-1 now it's going to be 7-5
Jarhnine Mohamed مبروووووووك عليك اسااااطً.. 😍ومبروك على كل مدريديستا المغرب🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 .. انا مزاوك فيك على قبل الملحة والطعام والشعرية واللوبية والطاجينً لي مشاركهم معانا فمراكش احمباك دير معانا المزيان و بلا متلعب ضدنا فكأس العالم دير راسك مريض ولاشيً لعيبة راه ايلى ...

Be your own rival. 🏆 #CR7 #NikeFootball #PlayFree

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Iwomabia Omgboanga What has Ronaldo done to merit dis award...? Was it jus because of champion league trophy, or jus because of la liga. Or was jus because of FIFA club world cup or jus because of d super cups... Y Ronaldo? Jus because of back to back champions league... ...
Vergilia Augusto Cristiano Ronaldo, te admiro mto, vc é uma pessoa super legal pela boas ações q eu fico sabendo q vc faz, eu o meu neto torcemos smpr Ral Madri, e claro pra vc tmbm, eu sou corinthiana, meu neto São Paulino, ele tem 15 anos ama futebol, ele joga desde ...
Gaylor Nlanda The king The mecanic The goals machine The pichichi The Quintuple d'oro The win or the win The veritable remontada The orginal remotanda The big father of all the best of the best in the story of the football in the world. The recordman You are your ...
Amuda Isiaka Holuwatobi Cristiano Ronaldo , even though you might not read this, I just want to say that I admire you for all your hard work in and out of the field! You're an amazing guy and I dream of meeting you, it would make me happy but just knowing you exist and knowing ...
Arsyad 1st player with highest goals , 4 times in the UEFA Champions League winner Cristiano Ronaldo 2008 2014 2016 2017 Congratulations , 5 th Ballon D'or is ready for you Bravo

Another dream come true. Unbelievable feeling. Thanks to my family, friends, teammates, coaches and everyone that stood by my side throughout the years.👌🏽🔝

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Romit Ritik Narayan Congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo for winning the 5th ballon d or ....I am a Messi fan but it doesn't mean that I hate u I also enjoy watching u play same I also enjoyed when u won the ballon d or
Sorinthan Soso Haorei Congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo! With your hard work and never give up attitude you’ve inspired millions of people around the world. I hope and pray that you’d continue to do so. My best wishes for the current season!
Esmeralda Perez ¡¡¡Muchas Felicidades!!! Esto solo es una prueba de tu esfuerzo, dedicación, entrega, liderazgo, sacrificio. Aparecer en momentos importantes cuando el club y Selección te ha requerido, sudando la camiseta, peleando cada balón. Eres el mejor del mundo y ...
Ahmed Elbokhari Congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo for winning the 5th ballon d or ....I am a Messi fan but it doesn't mean that I hate u I also enjoy watching u play same I also enjoyed when u won the ballon d or
Tlale Thee Redbat Matlokotsi messi will always be my best player in the world... . but congrats bra god bless you!!! . hope this ballon'dor n FIFA awards got to realise that in the world of football there are so many players.. from low leagues to top leagues that are playing such ...

Flying in style!!👌🏽🔛

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Moy Diaz Hoy este animal, el jugador sin limites recibirá su 5to balón de oro. No hubo ningún jugador que se le acercara al nivel que ha tenido este año. Es el mejor jugador del mundo y el mejor de la historia y ojo que lo dice un seguidor del Barcelona pero hay ...
Shahnoor Elahi So when the truth ( Prophet Muhammad ) came to them from Us, they said: 'Why is he not given the like of that which was given to Moses?' But did they not also disbelieve in that which Moses was given before! They say ( about Moses and Aaron ): 'Two ...
Ale Avila Todo un groso el crack... gracias por todo CR7⚽❤ se agradece mucho lo que haces al ayudar a personas que lo necesitan, en eso realmente te valoramos además de ser un gran jugador 👏💪... Que Dios te bendiga 👌🖒
Sajjad Khan Behlül Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the greatest football player.⚽ He is one of the greatest men in our history👍. His desire to help people and fight for peace and love for everyone is amazing😍. Cristiano Ronaldo i am proud to have you as my idol and you are ...
Myo Sithu Aung Cristiano Ronaldo, even though you might not read this, I just want to say that you shouldn't get Balon D or this year. You don't deserve it. You might know yourself. Messi deserve it. Try harder.

My AF1 CR7’s launch today on the Nike SNEAKRS app! #AF1 #CR7 Go to

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Chinedum Christian Am ronaldos biggest fan.if it should ranked will take number one spot.king cr7 I love this. Can u get one pair
Romer Saldias A decir del modelo no es para nada bueno es de lo mas comun porque ese modelo asi tan anticuado si ahora la tecnologia hace que puedas jugar con el diseño y los colores para tener un modelo que destaque por encima de todos habra que buscar a un experto ...
Mohamed Abbas كيانكم اضعف من أن تكون لكم عاصمه، انتم حثالة العالم. שלך הוא חלש מדי מכדי להיות בירת אתה חלאה של העולם إنسخوا البوست-إنشروه عندكم #القدس_عاصمة ❤ #فلسطين_الأبديه
Χρήστος Κωνσταντόπουλος Εε Ροναλντο αδερφε ,επειδη δεν παιζει τιποτα απο φραγκα και γαμαει το παππουτσακι ,ψηνεσαι να μου τα στειλεις τσαμπα και θα σου στειλω και γω τα δικα μου με την υπογραφη μου πανω.Ρωτα την Nike και στειλε chat.
Fernanda Castro Obrigada Cristiano Ronaldo por tudo que tens feito por Portugal e por seres um homem tão generoso ♡Que Deus te abençoe todos os dias da tua vida ♡

Next up! My Air Force 1 CR7 launching on 7th December 🙌🏻 Download the Nike SNEAKRS App to find out more #AF1 #CR7

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Soumi Ronaldo الخامسة يادون جهز نفسك وميسي يتدرب حاليا كي يصفق 😂😂 هلا دون رونالدو صاروخ ماديرا كبير البرتغال مرعبهم معذبهم محطم الارقام مجلد الحراس صاروخ توماهوك معك الى النهاية يا رونالدو حتى وان خسرت البارحة وتخسر غدا سنظل نهتف باسمك الدون رونالدو قاهر الكتلان 😚😘😙😍
Jairo Brown Cristiano Ronaldo sou seu fã admiro muito seu trabalho dentro e fora dos campos e um grande exemplo a seguido tudo de bom pra vc que vc continue sempre buscando ser o melhor como vc já vem fazendo pra mim não haverá outro melhor que vc no futebol ...
Mazen Sliem سألوني من أين أنت ؟ فقلت : أنا" جزائري' مصري ، فلسطيني ، سوري ، تونسي ، مغربي ، ليبي ، يمني ، عراقي ، سعودي ، أردني ، ، و خليجي ....إلخ . فقالوا : عجبا !!! ألك عشرات الأوطان كغير بني الإنسان .... ؟ فضحكت و قلت : ...
Nada Emad جتك نيلة ! we want our great hero back not that model . we always support u and always will do so pls .. do something !
Obby C'kazwe Hi guys. I'm so happy and proud of myself I thought I should share this with you!!! Today I saw myself on TV,when I turned it off.

Holiday season is coming, the best time to enjoy and have much laughter and fun with family. As a thank you, I am offering my fans a flash sale on all my ROC headphones, the perfect gift :) go to Ronaldo - ROC Live Life Loud

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Rashid Barikzay The life of the world is but a sport and a pastime. And if ye believe and ward off (evil). He will give you your wages, and will not ask of you your wordly wealth. - Surah Muhammad (47:36)
Tøkã Mãdrįd those happy eyes and this smile and that sound of the laugh is anything about you is not adore able ?! i love you much hero 💪😍
Kevin Monaghan Cristiano Ronaldo I have your autograph from Kevin Monaghan I'm your my ball one fan 54 cydesdale Ave Eddlewood Hamilton Scotland One the best1 and but I can
Rustem Asanov All that was then history! 😍 On this day, exactly 9 years ago, on December 2, 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo became the owner of his first "Golden Ball"! 🔝👏
Sheppard Lesley Baardt Christiano got a business proposal for u,make your own CR7 wireless headphones,u will see the outcome,oh a little compensation will be good hey,lol

#ThrowbackThursday to my launch event in Madrid! #CR7Fragrance 🙌🏻

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Antonio Camarda Hayo Halbe kijk dan, hoe smerig kan dit zijn..... ik weet wel wat ik binnenkort aan iemand ga geven voor zijn verjaardag, en de verjaardag van zijn zoon en vriendin...
Ahmad Alrashid This must be one of your proudest accomplishments.... To watch your son grow and become the person he is meant to be. #FathersLOVE #IsTheBEST ❤️
مينا جمال سألوني من أين أنت ؟ فقلت : أنا" جزائري' مصري ، فلسطيني ، سوري ، تونسي ، مغربي ، ليبي ، يمني ، عراقي ، سعودي ، أردني ، ، و خليجي ....إلخ . فقالوا : عجبا !!! ألك عشرات الأوطان كغير بني الإنسان .... ؟ فضحكت و قلت : ...
Chunga Karim Madara Fodya Cr7 is one of the best player ever seen in the world i lyk him so much and i lyk his playng..tho* messi he is olso good one than others
Arefin Sazeed ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ˢᵒ ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇʳᵒ⋅ ᴰᵒᶰᵗ ᵗʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᶰᵗᶦᶰᵘᵉ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵗᵒ ʰᵘʳᵗ ˢᵒᵒᶰ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ⋅ ᵂʰʸ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵗᵒᵖ﹖ ⋅⋅⋅⋅ᵍᵒ ᵃʷᵃʸ ᵇʳᵒ ᵃᶰᵈ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉᶰᵗ⋅ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᶫʳᵉᵃᵈʸ﹗ ᴵ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʷᵃᶰᶰᵃ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ...

Nothing is coincidence 🙌🤗⚽️

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Natacha Lasonie I guess this specific post isn’t too bad, but still. Want to see considerably more fresh things, getting repeated. 🕶
Daniella Zapata Rivera Cr7 jr es la copia exacta del padre un grande, son cómplices y que orgullo para Cr7 que su primer hijo sea amante del fútbol. Bendiciones para ambos
Mohd Zakuwan Wan look arrogant in d field..but actually very good person...even kids also comfortable wif him...respect CR7 👍
Usman Ch 1st player with highest goals , 4 times in the UEFA Champions League winner Cristiano Ronaldo 💓💓 2008 🏆 2014 🏆 2015 🏆 2016 🏆 2017 🏆 Congratulations , 5 th Ballon D'or is ready for you 👏👏👏 Bravo 👏
محمد ربيعي ذكرى مولد #قائد الأمة الأعظم صاحب الوجه الأنور و الجبين الأزهر حبيبنا و شفيعنا سيدنا محمد " صلى الله عليه وسلّم #صلوا_على_رسول_الله💙


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Great way to end a perfect weekend 👌 Get all your favorite CR7 Denim gear with our Cyber Monday special 👉 CR7 Limitless #BFCM #CyberMonday #CR7Denim

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Sysy Martindasneves O meu filho e eu esperamos mais de uma hora a saida do Bernabeu sabado sem poder ver Cristiano. Vieimos de Paris para ver o jogo contra Malaga para os seus 10 anos Para proxima vamos tentar de o encontrar quando houver um jogo da seleccao 😀😀😀 Muitas ...
Prahlad Nrsmha Das Adhikari Dear Ronaldo, the Ancient Indian System of Astrology is very precise, according to this you are currently passing thru a Venus-Saturn transit that started in August 2017, Saturn is a very slow moving Planet and his energy is stagnant....only after the ...
Deniz Dursun Hallo Ronaldo, mein Sohn ist 9Jahre alt und ist ihr größter Fan. Sie sind sein Vorbild. Er spielt Fußball und hat Talent.Er versucht genauso wie Sie zu spielen. Er würde sich freuen wenn er irgendetwas von Ihnen bekommen kann.
Positive Life Changers Show Cristiano Ronaldo your love. He is the reigning best football player in the world in 2017. He plays for Real Madrid in Spain. You can't talk international football, without saying, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Filipe Telmo Tenho a minha filhota que é tua fã, mas quem ela gostava mesmo de falar/conhecer era o cristianinho. Acredito que um dia irá conseguir conhece-lo, e ele quando a vir irá ficar sem palavras... Um abraço Ronaldo. The best player in the world.

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Hánchòur Ghérbì Best player in thé world
Óliver Da Silva Vieiras The best player in World
محمد سامر دهامشة 💐 اللّهمّ صلّ على 🌼محمّد🌹 وآل محمّد كما صلّيت🌺 على🌺 إبراهيم وآل إبراهيم إنّك حميد 🌻مجيد ، وبارك🌹 على محمّد وعلى🌻 آل محمّد⚘ كما باركت 🌼على إبراهيم 🌹وعلى آل🌸 إبراهيم إنّك 🌼حميد🌺 مجيد »❤
Ahmed Saleh Best player in the world ♥♥♥cr7
Valerie Pereira Real nice sportsbar with fun games

The best spot in town with the best company!👌🏽😍

917.3k reactions 10954 comments
Rebeca Stefan Celebrando el partidazo de hoy? En serio cris?? Vamos de culo! No se cual es el problema que teneis, pero no mola nada! Y ganar hoy de chiripa, tampoco. Ahi te lo dejo. Con lo que cobrais, ya podríais trabajar con mas ganas. Yo gano en un mes lo que ...
Susana Simon Gonzalez No se si leerás esto. Me gustaría que me mandaste, si puede ser, una felicitación para mi.sobrino en su 18 cumpleaños y que decimos que es una copia tuya. Mil gracias. Muitu obrigada
Aziz Hadjkacem سألوني من أين أنت ؟ فقلت : أنا" جزائري' مصري ، فلسطيني ، سوري ، تونسي ، مغربي ، ليبي ، يمني ، عراقي ، سعودي ، أردني ، ، و خليجي ....إلخ . فقالوا : عجبا !!! ألك عشرات الأوطان كغير بني الإنسان .... ؟ فضحكت و قلت : ...
Imad Chioua All I see is haters. They are both very good players and different styles. They both won almost everything but the World Cup. If you want to hate CR7 or Messi why are you even following them. Get out here.
Idriss El Let's change our place 😍😍😍 , it's easy just take my place and I will take your place Oh I forget to tell you that , now I'm with my dog and he is very strong and bad is not lovely

Este Natal tudo o que quiseres… tu tens! E eu quero o melhor do mundo para todos.

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Itz Nawasty Gee Cristiano Ronaldo has now become the 1st player in all history of Champions League to score 18 goals in a single calendar year. Record.
Evelyn Imasuen Having CR7 as a Christmas gift, Wow! Nice. Would love to have one of your portrait. All the best in your game today against Malaga, remember, don't be down, don't be frustrated, just enjoy the game.
Syed Fazeel In just 2 more weeks, Cristiano will be with his 5th Ballon d’Or 😍 Best Player of this Generation 🏆💛
Adalbert Pascuti Bravo Ronaldo pour toi et ta famille on te souhaite les meilleurs veux du monde plein d'amour et de bonheur Bisous Une Joyaux Noël et une bonne Année 2018!!!!!!! Pascuti &Corion de là Belgique
Emilia Esteves Eu tamben queria muinta coisa se tivesse dinheiro nao e como tu que ompras carros O preco de 5 anos de travail ho que uma pessoa ten que fazer Boas festas de natal

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Salah Labidi Cristiano Ronaldo 9 but Barcelona 7 but in ucl
Mohammed Ibrahim شفت القميص فخم ازاى من غير زعبوط 😀 رونالدو وابنه لابسين زيه عشان تعرف ان انا زوقى فخم 😂😂😂Ahmed El-sayed
Gus Ge Pamungkas Semoga anake kang Ronaldo kaya bapane mengko ngluwihi hebattee ... semngattt kang...
Reny Yosany Best player in the world
محمد المرندي This is the worst season for you😂

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Abdalla Elsenki Sand me some to make check looks great 👍😅
Mohmmad S Al-Naimat فكنا من السماعات وزبط الامور بالدوري هههههههههه Mohammad Ahmad Alnaimat
Waliur Rahman Rawnok Bhai 10 points ta dhoira felen please.. Arsenal fan rao pochai.. ki din dekhtesi..
Fulano De Tall Ronaldo You are The best. I am Your Fan Number 1 . The Angolan people supports you!
Fahad Baloshi Best player in the world


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Phúc Xuân Mai Cristiano Ronaldo is not a genius, but he has a lot of energy and it is that energy that helps him get there today. You are the player I deserve to be idol and hope you will have good health to take care of your family❤❤
Na Z Mul Alam CR 7 and Mesut ozil, My idol Forever. Because They have The good personality... I hope, they can play together like in Madrid.
Wubalam Zerihun Cristiano Ronald o is best football players!that not limit Cristiano condition that drive from the previous one knowing of how many times write for Cristiano is's our trip like on rope when we see upside,downsides left and right side knowing ...
Bën Ädäms Diäbäté The only player who make me like football !! You are the Best 👑 It'll be very hard to find another player who can break your Records
Stephen Charles Cristiano is a Lion, a football match winner , goal poacher and that goal predator, Haters stop hating,.Cr7 is great, Current UEFA top scorer at 32 years,. Ballon d'or world's best player for the last 2 consecutive years at his age UEFA top scorer for ...

Trabalho feito 👌

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Fardous Abdi Inkara qabtiin markaa champions league 6 goal kadhalinaysaan away horyaalkii xageed ku ogadeen ceeb udhinte hhhhhh Ronaldo aan lahadlaya iyo kuwa werar kushega ah
Ashish Basdrid you you you all of you stupid .. who teach you to hurt other. you all of you cross the limit.. everything have limit if thes player kill themselves then you are responsible 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #hala_madrid
Haidar Sargate Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world,nd he'll win his 5th Ballon d'Or on the 7th of December.
Ahmed Orilonise Salami I'm tired of saying CR7 is the best cos I've always said this week in, week out. Only the blind can't see the best in you. Just keep on riding higher, we need you to win the champions league more than LA liga.
Grissell Vargas Así es que debieron jugar todo el tiempo, unidos, así debía ser también en la liga pero aún hay tiempo de levantar Esa racha, ustedes pueden chicos. Hala Madrid!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


255.8k reactions 4161 comments
Josh Noni Please cr7 start packing your luggage's because there is no time .. Chelsea football club are ready to welcome you , you know we have your kind already in the person of Eden Hazard , so you won't not have problems settling in.. We have a tactics guru, ...
Musas Jacques Messi is the legend, the wise and God of the ball⚽, he is a fire🔥, M10 is love❤ and his kind to play is the life⚽, the ball⚽ is sugar with the FCB most club in the world, club of the best players than Hala Madrid.
Yasser Sb the emoji refers to the number of goals u scored this season in 720 min in laliga or wut? man focus on the pitch we all can do a no looking pass 😉 keep it on legend ❤️✔️
Paul Don Italia Have doubted for long until this technique!!! Oh mai, u re surely the best player in the world! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohand Dawod I'm sure you'll be back in the La Liga. It's only a matter of time because you're simply the best. You do not care about the press and the critics. We love and we will continue to support you until the last minute.

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Syed Fazeel Something people aren’t talking about related to Ronaldo. #UCL 4 games 6 goals UCL Top Scorer King always does his Talking on the pitch! 💯💥
Omar Toufic Khaled I love u so much Cristiano Ronaldo 7
Etanyobere O. Adegbe Solomon -Thank you my friend, is me solomon thy great one. Thank you for your pic and your comment. See at now i live in Nigeria and i cant be able to pay for airfare to come to you, but i am hoping to meet you one day, to have and hand shake with you and to ...
Othmane El Fakir السلام عليكم، لنرى كم مسلم سيعجبه هذا الدعاء اللهم ارزقنا زيارة بيتك الحرام والسجود فيه وتوفنا وانت راض عنا وارزقنا حسن الخاتمه و أدخلنا جنة الفردوس مع الابرار واجرنا من النار ولاتحرمنا لذة النظر الى وجهك الكريم والصلاة والسلام على أشرف الأنبياء ...
Rashid Barikzay "The dearest words to Allah are four: Subhan Allah, Al-Hamdulillah, Wa la ilaha illa-Allah, Allah-o-Akbar. There is no harm for you in which order you begin (them while remembering Allah)." Book: Sahih Muslim 5329

Os 3 mosqueteiros 👌👌👌

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Abdullahi Waa Kanaa But bro i am so sorry that u scored only one goal in laliga its shame on you.and the reason is Isco isco stupid man isco
Amine Fazai Cristiano is my best player and he will be always but he get older now he is not good anymore im a big fan Cr7 but his last games are horrible sorry for that :'(
Maria Dos Santos Pereira Vamos rapazes o Madrid está muito fraquinho e vejo muito egoismo da parte dos teus companheiros todos querem rematar à baliza envés de te meterem a bola 😪 o Marcelo é um grande jogador mas ultimamente tem a mania de fazer o brinca na areia e dp perde a ...
David José Good morning, good afternoon, good night independently of the hour of the day in that the Mister he/she will be reading this message. I know that it is impossible see all the comments of the it paginates and for that rhesus that one day I can wake up ...
San Darvian I wish again and again Cristiano Ronaldo begins to play powerful then destroying all the teams . I trust Cris and Madrid are together come back stronger. (y) #King #Best #CR7 #HalaMadrid

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Solex Daves Better player than someone.... Better person than someone.... Better business man than someone Better father than someone.... Like if u agree 😁😁
Chan'dahř Jř Messi Still Better than Penaldo.
Not'z Sarawut Please make more score with this one CR7
Erik Setiawan I can't get it, because I'm from asia...! oke I will wait it in asia later.
Kevin Quispe Alvarado Ronaldo regálate un par apenas juego con zapatillas sin suela :'v alv k feo ser misio

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Goran Popic Dear Cristiano I hope that you can come back to PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Ita the only game in world wich is real football And the publisher made you the best player in game this year too especially because your great effort in the last 3 UCL Rounds You are ...
محمد العتيبي بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم نطلب ونرجوا لكل من يصله هذا الخبر والنبأ العظيم أن لا يتسرع في الحكم قبل التبيين. أحبابي في الله نبشركم جميعا ببعث خليفة الله المهدي المنتظر الحق الذي بشركم به النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام ببعثه في أمة أخر الزمان وهو حي يرزق ...
Ky Ky You will Rock everyone who doubts your skill! It’s just a matter of time when your kicks will explode the net of your opponents. Way to go CR7
BA ALy Tha father of football i whant the other year i see cristiano Ronaldo winners the best player in the world 🇦🇫🇦🇫 #FANS#RESPECT#CR7🖒🖒🇸🇴🇸🇴ME somali
عيونها شهلاويتين فد يوم واحد كاعد وره بيتهم بالظلمه يدخن وبيده الموبايل ديحچي ويه صاحبته حتى محد يشوفه 🚬 فجأه شاف جني ديباوع عليه 😳 كال : بسم الله الجني ما راح 😱 كال : بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم . هم الجني ماراح 😰 كال خلي اجود مثل عبد الباسط .. كال: بسم الللله الرحمااااان ...

Focado 👌

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Ahmed K. Mabrouk دعوة عامة يارجالة فرحة اخويا الدون هيناسب ابن بلدي احمد ابو هشيمة 20/11/2017 في قاعة السرايا بالوراق والي هيجي عشان يقعد ويبص علي حريم البرتغال ميجيش وقدرنا كتير وجية وقت التقدير ولا اية يادون Cristiano Ronaldo 😂😂👏❤
Imad Fettouh عندي صاحبي خدام فلارمي فالصحرا في يوم من الايام غدروه صحابو لي خدامين معاه اتافقو بيناتهم و داوه معاهم باش يشوف النخل و الجمال مي اغتاصبوه ردوه حالتو حالة 😢 مما سبب له أزمة و عقدة نفسية و شحال من مرة فكر ينتاحر و ولا كايجلس بوحدو ولات عندو عقدة من البشر ...
Tanmay Kumar Just wish to see you always at your best. My inspiration #CR7. All the best for the upcoming Madrid derby Cristiano. Hoping for a hattrick!😎✌⚽
عبد العزیز Respect for Cristiano Ronaldo because he is a superb man and the best player on the planet . He is the king of football. Kings of the world!❤️👍😘💪 Long Live Real Madrid😘 ❤️👍😘
Evelyn Imasuen You are always focused and never distracted. Nice to see you back in training. You don't look 32 Cristiano, you have the strength of young boy. Nice.

A Alana Martina acaba de nascer! Tanto a Geo como a Alana estão muito bem! Estamos todos muito felizes! ❤️

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Kubachana Paul Asebah I think these are some of the reasons why u can't even score league goal in months. Say goodbye to football man!
Nour Machlah Allah bless your family, happy to see you happy dear.
Anabela Castelo :D Que Porreiro! <3 Mas podem Mostrar a cara da Bébé, a vossa já tou "Farta"de Ver! :D Muitos Parabéns a Toda a Familia! :) Tou tão Feliz quanto Vocês, Miúdos! Registem a Bébé em Portugal!
Cesar Adolfo Enamorado Madrid Un abrazo mi amigo cristiano me disculpo pues no podre ir a ver a Geo un abrazo para Alana... no pude darle los cuidados al wirro pero pronto estaré allí para que vayamos por una carne asada con tortilla tostada saludos desde Honduras
أبو مريهان يتربى في عزك وسلم علي جورجينا وتقوم بالسلامه ان شاء الله نيجي نزوركم ونطمن علي الاولاد وأهم حاجه جورجينا تاكل كويس علشان ترضع ألانا كويس و أكلها كله مسلوق وأعمالها كل يوم فرخه بلدي بلدي مش بيضه وسلم علي الحاجه وقولها مبروك ما جالك 👪

Living it up in the CR7 Suite. #PestanaCR7Lisbon

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Luna Diaz Como fue tu día espero que bien y que si sacaste a pasiar a junior ya sabes esta en la edad que ne se sita munchas con pañia cuidarlo muncho y dale consejos y aló megor ya trai novia los niños de ora son muy a delatado
Høù Ssàm مبارك و مسعود خويا كريستيانو .. يكبر فعزك ان شاء الله السلام عليكم كريستيانو رونالدو ، أنا مهاجر سري بمدينة مدريد بإسبانيا بدون أوراق ، أبحث عن مسكن و أتمنى مساعدتك لي ، إضغطو لايك إخواني حتى يبقى التعليق في المركز الأول وشكرا لكم #HELP Hello ...
Ernest B. Kwadwo You are Always on top #CristianoRonaldo ,,, I wish one day I meet you and take pictures with you. I am from Ghana and one of your biggest fan. God bless you always
Elvio Ferraz Ronaldo hi from London born in Madeira ,I have a dream when I was a kid I thought was impossible ,kid from Madeira I gave up thinking no chance , first time I saw u play I knew u will be big but u are more than big u are kidding me u are what I thought ...
عيونها شهلاويتين دعاء الزلازل والهزات الأرضية : اللهم انك انت الله لا اله الا انت انت الغني ونحن الفقراء نحن عبيدك بنو عبيدك نواصينا بيدك ماض ٍ فينا حكمك, عدل فينا قضاؤك لا ملجا ولا منجا منك الا اليك, اللهم ادفع عنا وعن اهل العيص البلا والبراكين والزلازل والمحن وجميع ...

Genes 👌👌👌

911.6k reactions 8525 comments
Necati Gezer Buenas tardes Querido Ronaldo. The jeans are too big for your son to wear. Would you be kind enough to buy him a new pairs of jeans or give him your jeans as they look tighter. Saludos cordiales. Que tengas una feliz tarde.
Gunawan Dila Aveiro Cristiano is not a talent but a genius, always we will see on the stage of trophy .. King of football . #CR7
Ahmad Shahzad You are the greatest footballer ever in football ball history. .but im fun of Barcelona. Respect from #Afghanistan
Suprata Paul Choudhury Ronaldo, the beast..i think this word is enough to describe him, Don't compare him with Messi because both of them legends n u just can't deny that..may be u r a Messi fan or Ronaldo fan but it doesn't mean that u started hating ur rival.. after all we ...
Karem Abofnh Barcelona fans are here more than real madrid fans... Wtf is wrong with them? . . . . . . Ohhh i remembered that cr7 raped their team in last classico 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
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