Cristiano Ronaldo
08:00 01/11/2017

Dwyane Wade No. Watch. Learn, #raiseit Ronaldo style. I think I’ve got him, do you agree? 🍳

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Bessem Mhedhbi
Seif Ed Talbi madrid -5 sbe7 5arej zgat ahna lena sbe7 9bal mat9oum telbes cachecole w kabout bech temchi litoilette :/
Constantine Minas
Aaron Blake I don't know what he's saying, I don't know what he's selling but what I know is that Ashley is buying the NEW NIVEA moisturising combo cream 9000.
Andrea Vittorio Bimbi
Samuele Poli Stefano Vescovi Marco l'unica cosa con cui palleggio alla mattina alle 6:30 sono i miei maroni...scarso??
Mohammed Rawandzy
messi + inesta + xavi + neymar + suarez + ronaldinho + romario + rivaldo + pique + macherano + alba + maradona + denis suarez + rakitich + busqets + pedro + fabrigas + ronaldo brazili + pele + cruyff + totti + kaka + aguero + figo + zico + dybala + coutinho + robben + rooney + beckham + zidane = CRISTIANO RONALDO 👑
عبد القادر العزاوي
Messi and Suarez and Gareth Bale and Jerizman competed with Cristiano Ronaldo on Ballon d Or . Changed names and Cristiano Ronaldo fixed . European champion and the world Actually the king and emperor and legend . #CR7 #HalaMadrid ..
Andrea Bastianelli
Giovanni ma anche te la mattina ti svegli palleggiando??? Niccolo' pensa la scena...scende, palleggia e sullo sfondo si vede te nel divano hahahahahahhhajaj
Alejandro Silva
En diciembre les compartía la estrategia de esta campaña de PokerStars donde dos líderes de opinión se retan entre sí haciendo referencia al término de apuestas Raise It Ana Quezada Antonio Morales Delgadillo Diego Lecuna
Caroline Venancio Moreira
Deborah même avec une orange il est fort, après y'a des troue du cul qui disent que c'est pas le meilleur du monde 😐😐 Les rageus!
Monique Gehlenborg
Omg ik zie dit ik heb vannacht gedroomd over hem! Jij was er ook bij wilde ik per se foto jij weer chag en dan wastie weer nie goed want ik vtoeg jou is die goed gewordne jij gwn ja kzo nee ff kijke neeee is nie goed nog keer hahaahah wat dom
Miguel Angel Vargas Arcentales
One of the best goalscorers and repeat scorers because there are many who confuse and think that being a scorer means to be The best soccer player in the world when that is not true because The scorer alone is that a good scorer as they were Marco Van Baster, Drogba, Gabriel Batistuta O El Portugues Eusebio osea only goal scorers that finishes The plays that are elavoradas by the genius The artists The magicians The players of another planet that are able to elude to half team up to the goalkeeper and to score or to make a milemetrico pass so that the scorer of his Team notes The goal osea those magicians, geniuses, artists who are able to transform football into pure art are and have been Pele, Garrincha, Dstefano, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Now Messi those are The 6 best soccer players of all The times of football because Simply his football is pure art is like seeing a painting of Leonardo Da Vinci or a sculpture of Michel Angelo, So you already learn to differentiate between a good scorer and nothing else as Cristiano Ronaldo who bases his soccer Ala speed and power of a genius of Soccer that does things that no soccer player has done to see him play is a real show like Leo Messi. And if they do not understand and do not know how to differentiate between a good scorer of a genius like Leo Messi then better go to see another sport like Athletics or swimming, or Bodybuilding because they are sincerely watching The sport equaled and only those who know good football They know what I'm talking about and those who do not know about good football are going to think otherwise and the one who compares to a genius an artist a magician a footballer from another planet like Leo Messi with a scorer and nothing else as Christian ronaldo is because He definitely does not know about good football because Messi can only be compared to the geniuses of soccer magicians like Pele, Garrincha, Dstefano, Maradona and Ronaldinho only with those players can be compared to Messi. But Cristiano Ronaldo is compared with Scorers and nothing else like Marco Vanbaster, Drogba, Gabriel Batistuta and the Portuguese eusebio osea only scorers, so they already learn to see good football alone so they will be able to give a good comment and not give a comment Como amateur. And the last Leo Messi is the most complete footballer because he has better vision of the game can create plays can elude 5, 6 up to 7 rivals until the goalkeeper is a complete goalkeeper because without being goals scorer he won 3 gold boots as Goleador osea is a phytologist never seen and his soccer level is above all because simply his soccer level is of a soccer player of another Planet never before seen in another soccer player o never see in the history of the futbol
Geena Yip
Lately he's been doing all sorts of cringy stuff Liesl Yip Yeah we know you're good at football but you don't have to show it off in a gambling ad
JB Carlson
Great !
Elfi Amado
Ana Josefina Mender Johanna Alexandra Sanz Abril Pruneda baia baia esta vez especificare si vieron como rebotan sus ⚪️⚪️ con el movimiento I'm so sorry i had to say it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Manuel Grimaldo
Que va pasar cuando ya te retires Cristiano Ronaldo el futbol no va hacer lo mismo sin ti espero verte jugar unos 50 años mas
ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ
لي يحب الدون يضغط لايك <3

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Ahmed Ateya Dear ronaldo ; there is no doubt that there is no one loved you more than me from the moment that you start playing ^_^ but where is ronaldo the best player in the world 4 times !!! i feel that you lost passion and fighting spirit in the pitch your ...
عبدالرحمن الاوجلي Christina Rincon Hey bud congrads. You deserve it. Animo in the future and P.S. You look real HOT in your picture. Lol. Thanks for everything. Besos y buen dia migo
Mohammad Ali Shhadeh بماعيتك قلو ل راموس اجيت لتكحلا عميتا قلو لا بقا يخربط يفداعردو وأحلا شلة انتي وبيل وبنزيما وراموس ومارسيلو وكمان شيخ الشباب توني كروس عراسي يا غوالي كلياتكن وأحلا فريق بعرض ستي 🐸
Juan Carlos Podadera Guerrero menos ánimos y mas correr y sacrificarte por el equipo que cada vez tienes mas cara! si fuese modric....ramos...q se parten los huevos te diria unas cuantas cosas! echale huevos que estas en el Madrid!
David Wong Keep going Christiano 💪👍👍👍 Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!! Greetings From Belgium 😊 I was in bernabeu with my friends 2 years ago but we didn't see u playing that match bc u got the red card the match b4 🙈😢

My team👌👌👌

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Kuldeep Oraon One of d best team of the world.... .. ... .. in which d every soccer player would like to play with this team ... specially with... Cr..Ronaldo 7 ... & I m also one of them .. . Dream Team.⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
Diredi Achref Can you help me I am my mother patient serious illness I beg you a loner Who Astia beg you considered your mother, please I'm so poor it die I'm from Tunisia Nabeul certified Almidh beg you I will never forget this charitable act of physical life, and I ...
Suriya Ladakhi Ronaldo is greater than messi...messi is greater than ronaldo. This has to stop ! Keep it simple, The planet will never have players like Messi and Ronaldo
Nelson Ferreira Ronaldo és o melhor da—me o teu jipe novo e podemos ser amigos campeão. Abraços mano, beijos para tua familia, sou fa da tua irma Kátia ouco todos os dias ja mereco o jipe para compensar as dores dos ouvidos e por ter aturado 2 meses tu a fazer uma ...
Abood Atoom ليس مسلم ولكنه يتصرف تصرفات الإسلام...👇 لا يشرب.. لا يضع الوشم...يتصدق من ماله للفقراء..😍💪 ويتعاطف مع سوريا.. وفلسطين 💪 اسطورة في كل شئ

The Best FIFA 2016 award is already available in my @MuseuCr7 👌🔝

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Ssonya Jaramillo Te diste cuenta que the best el logotipo tenía un 7 luego he (él en inglés) best (mejor ) es decir ya estaba destinado para ti.. el logo decía 7 él mejor... es el destino
Azman Abd Majid Please help me to get more money thru Zrii Company. Please view my URL . Product endorsed by dr Chopra. For sport man there is a product call accell which suitable for all.
Habtom Solomon incredible the same person to win all these cups that are already possesed by cr7 but they are given for the deserved person. no one argue unless one who thinks far from reality (emotionals) so he strive too he won too we happy too...
José Bule Quando poder passarei por lá para o ver. Força Cristiano Ronaldo! Enquanto jogares com essa paixão tão grande serás sempre um crónico candidato a ganhar! Força CR7!
Alek Sandr Eres el mejor del 2016, Messi es el mejor de todos los tiempos, nose xq t dieron tantos premios si ni puedes llevarte de 1, y cuando lo intentas te topan y caes. #MESS1 the best

Driving into 2017, another dream year ahead #DontCrackUnderPressure #tagheuer

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Mohammed Faisal Abdu Ellateef ﻳﺎﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻗﺴﻢ ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻧﺎ ﺩﺧﻠﺖ ﻣﻮﻗﻊ iphonco <3 ﺍﻧﺎ ﺭﺑﺤﺖ ﻫﺎﺗﻒ ﺍﻳﻔﻮﻥ 6 ﻭ 4 ﻣﻦ ﺍﺻﺪﻗﺎﺋﻲ ﺭﺑﺤﻮ ﻟﺘﺮﺑﺢ ﻫﺎﺗﻒ ﺍﻧﺖ ﺍﻳﻀﺎ ﺍﻛﺘﺐ ﻓﻲ ﺟﻮﺟﻞ iphonco ﻭﺍﺩﺧﻞ ﻟﻠﻤﻮﻗﻊ ﺍﺭﺑﺢ ﺍﻳﻔﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﻗﻊ ﻟﻪ ﻣﺼﺪﻗﻴﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺟﻮﺟﻞ ﻭﻧﺴﺒﺔ ﺍﻟﺮﺑﺢ ﻛﺒﻴﺮﺓ ﺃﺍﻧﺎ ﺣﺒﻴﺖ ﺍﻓﻴﺪﻛﻢ ﺍﻛﺘﺒﻮ ﻓﻲ ﺟﻮﺟﻞ iphonco ﻭﺍﺩﺧﻠﻮ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﻗﻊ (; ...
Luiza Croche Estou torcendo que esse ano RC7 tenha um ano ainda melhor que Deus o proteja das lesões e que no final do ano esteja comemorando todos is troféu possível
Nuno Motta Vai Ronaldo. Força e luta por ti, para dares alegrias a quem torce por ti , a quem sofre por ti e a quem vibra por ti. Que tenhas um grande ano igual ou melhor a este. :-)
Monika Monika Cristiano Ronaldo Not evaluate individual awards. You're not even a little bit like Leo Messi. He has a heart, and you're full of hatred and jealousy.
Elsa Escalante Jimenez Sabes quien en verdad eres . Dios te regalo ese Don para hacer usado en ls manera que El ys te lo hs dicho o lo gas escuchado se ejemplo para miles de jovenes a travez de tu vida . Manten tu bendicion en tu obediencia bendice a personas que sientas ...

I was looking for the fans, because you supporting me every day,since day one. The trophy it's yours too. Thank your very much❤️️❤️️❤️️

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Nadir Matter Lassakoski Parabéns Cristiano Ronaldo você merece! Sucesso em sua jornada. Que Deus abençoe sempre você e sua família. Se um dia puderes atender a um pedido para realizar o sonho de meu filho que pretende ser goleiro mas necessita de materiais para treinar que ...
علي سمير ردام ¿No eres el rey No es usted el Hijo de los Reyes No es usted de los Reyes Soy Ronald portuges Todos, Ronald Sus conocimientos, Cristiano Dígales que usted es, Ronald. Aquí, la fuerza de la gran Ticon Anton por qué está sobre el rencor y el odio ...
CaRlos JaVier Cristiano Ronaldo.. inspira qualquer um que sonha a se tornar jogador de futebol profissional. Só basta ver suas habilidades, golos e recordes para dar força e motivação. CR7 na primeira página do Guiness . Muitos recordes que ficarão para a história, ...
Jihad Rjoub أحلى أبو جونيور... you're the greatest football player in the world,but you must respect this man Antoine Greizmann
Nicola Jane Jones Me and my children are big fans. We waited to see you on 31st December outside your cr7 hotel in funchal for two hours but had to leave as we had a new years party at the forte. You arrived later, so sad we missed you 😞 x

Guess where my eyes looking??? I let you know later 👍

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Basil Alsaleh All that achievements and people still say he is bad????? what can he do to show you people that he is one of the best footballers ok messi is incredible but why u people say that ronaldo is bad ????
Mohammed Hassan u are looking those who disappeared due to their failure and they are not happy to see your victory they are Barcelona players sorry for their absence I am highly support to the legend and generous CR7 the king of Fooltabll. and again you will win the ...
Chathura Prageeth Sandharuwan Cristiano there is a little girl in my country it's Sri Lanka 🇱🇰. She got kidney problem due to kidney problem her whole body itchy all the time ..she need big money to go to hospital and in an India and do the kidney transplant... pls u can check with ...
Sirwan Mohammad Ismael you went to spain because you hate the brilliance of leo , you are a stengy grandiose human , Messi is a legend but you are a football player only , please digest it . 😀
Mohammad Asad your Eyes are on us the #Fans who supported you..But it was upon your Leagacy and hardword who make you the #BEST #PLAYER #IN #THE #WORLD.

Dwyane Wade No. Watch. Learn, #raiseit Ronaldo style. I think I’ve got him, do you agree? 🍳

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Bessem Mhedhbi Seif Ed Talbi madrid -5 sbe7 5arej zgat ahna lena sbe7 9bal mat9oum telbes cachecole w kabout bech temchi litoilette :/
Constantine Minas Aaron Blake I don't know what he's saying, I don't know what he's selling but what I know is that Ashley is buying the NEW NIVEA moisturising combo cream 9000.
Andrea Vittorio Bimbi Samuele Poli Stefano Vescovi Marco l'unica cosa con cui palleggio alla mattina alle 6:30 sono i miei maroni...scarso??
Mohammed Rawandzy messi + inesta + xavi + neymar + suarez + ronaldinho + romario + rivaldo + pique + macherano + alba + maradona + denis suarez + rakitich + busqets + pedro + fabrigas + ronaldo brazili + pele + cruyff + totti + kaka + aguero + figo + zico + dybala + ...
عبد القادر العزاوي Messi and Suarez and Gareth Bale and Jerizman competed with Cristiano Ronaldo on Ballon d Or . Changed names and Cristiano Ronaldo fixed . European champion and the world Actually the king and emperor and legend . #CR7 #HalaMadrid ..


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Edson Chagas Parabéns por você ter conseguido mais uma vitória sons lutador que Deus sempre tá na direção dele Deus nunca vai te desamparar sempre tá iluminando seu caminho seja humilde Cristiano Ronaldo que Deus te abençoe
Dinarte De Abreu Guys if you love Messi and hate Cristiano just get out of Ronaldo's facebook page! Stop talking rubish. This is a page for followers and fans of Ronaldo not to make stupid internet wars.
Bruno Wenceslau acho que o CR7 e Messi não podem mais concorrer a este premio, pois são muito superiores a todos os outros... deveriam abrir mão, já são quase dez anos que ganham tudo, quando não é um, é outro... são gênios... e não deveria valer isso....
Rajiv Das For the best, we have to make The Best. This is it on the hand of legendary CR7. Enjoy the art of The Best because nothing permanent, we lucky because we can see story, I'm sure it will be stay on History. His hard work for the game, always inspire me ...
Syakir Malik Say something about the winner of PUSKAS award,,Faiz Subri..million of hopes you can reply this chat :p #MyIdol #Muahhh #haha

You don’t lift the trophy for best player in the world without your team. #JustDoIt

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Abel Diaz Coronado Todo el mundo sabe q MESSI es el mjor del mundo en todo.....nadie regatea como el, el a nacido para ser el mjor jugador del planeta y por muxo q entrenes siempre estaras por detras de el.....el es el D10S del futbol
Nidal A Anfous Labeeb Bsharieh shof esh kateb ana m3ak bel bthke feyo eno had laqab gma3e bas hoea ela 3mel changes o lola kan ma fazo aw 7ata t2ahalo ll dawre al b3do
Rita Capuano Olá Ronaldo, estão Rita, uma mulher de 36 anos, mas que sofreu muito com a vida, mas também tinha muito mais a riqueza (meus filhos). Meu filho mais velho apenas oito anos é estimado como uma pessoa e você é seu ídolo e exemplo a ser seguido não só no ...
Paul Ayalogu Ronaldo is the real definition of greatness...... No matter what people do to stop you, they can never succed because they fail to know that RONALDO is like the shining SUN.... Whose brightness and greatness can not be compared or stoped
Usman Ch The greatest footballer and person ever! Keep being you Cristiano Ronaldo, an amazing human being! Very proud of you!😊Love and respect for Cristiano Ronaldo always! ☺ ❤ ✌ 👏 🔝

Delighted to win the first The Best FIFA award. 2016 was a dream year and it wouldn't be possible without my teammates, coaches and also you who supported me every day. Thank you so much everyone!

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Kelvin Kelly Ayomide You've work so hard for it and this was the result it makes you the best in the world,you deserved it and now you're the king of're welcome your Highness...
Urbano Ramos You deserve it Cristiano,for all the years that you have been on the top in your profession,you have lots of money,all that money can buy at your hands ,but because you are a winner you always work 💯 % to give your best,congratulations and many more to ...
Mostafa Sohrabi Congratulations big man. You are definitely the best soccer player in the history of soccer. With the hard work and kind heart that you have in every aspect, you deserve more than these trophies. You are the best player, kind and dedicated person who ...
Anouar Kamal My congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo, I'm Moroccan and I'm very much your fan for me You'll always be the best in the world Congratulations on the award


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David Mizori Ronaldo has one trait that Messi lacks in.... Giving back to communities or people in worn torn countries and those in urgent need of support!! RESPECT TO THAT❤❤ But Messi is still the best of all time 😜😜😜
Silvana Barrera Luna Hola Cristiano soy profesora de un jardin infantil en Soacha Cundinamarca Colombia... y queremos saludarte un abrazo en mi nombre y el mis chiquitines...
Juani Domínguez Perez Bonita familia Ronaldo no cambies ojalá te pudiéramos conocer algún día mi pequeño de 6 años me dice que sueña cada noche por poderte conocer ojalá su sueño se haga realidad 😉
Abdikadir Abdi Abtidoon Full respect Cristiano Ronaldo am not like only your football. I like your huminaterian and more sides you best then Léo Messi
Carolina Valladares Hoy será un gran día para la familia y fans del Mejor Jugador del Mundo. Hoy Cristiano llevara a su museo el merecido premio FIFA " THE BEST " Porque sin lugar a dudas CR 7 es simplemente "El Mejor".

Thank you all for this amazing celebration!👏👍

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Vanessa Castro Tineo Sigue así cr7 con humildad y gran esfuerzo todo se puede Dios nunca te deja siempre está allí para apoyarte sigue así gran persona un saludos de mi familia y en especial de mi niño Thiago Aitor se q algún día te conocerá muchas bendiciones 😘❤👏👏👏👏
Ricardo Marcia Teixeira Parabéns Ronaldo espero sempre que continuas assim trabalhando muito e realizando teus objetivos muita força és sem dúvida o melhor dos melhores tu mereces 👍👍👍o meu puto é da idade do teu e ele diz-me sempre que gostava de jogar a bola com vocês os dois ...
Ian Powell You just need to look at the euros to see he isn't great. Couldn't win a game with him In squad. He went off and they played better dor it... RONALDO makes madrid look great. Hahaha joke
A Marco Marco You deserve it and many other seasons. The one season that it was up in the air was, when Spain won the world Cup. Iniesta or Hernández should have taken that season, Not Messi. Messi is great but it was said and confirmed that he is fifas favorite
Hajer Ayadi Cristiano Ronaldo I really love you , my only dream is to see you and tell you how much I love you and I respect you <3 I hope one day I met you <3 you are the best at the whole universe <3

Honoured to wear my CR7 #Mercurial Vitórias boots today 🙌🏼🏆 Nike Football

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Mary Ofarrell Cristiano Ronaldo if you were still expecting your Mum to do your washing you would not be excited about white boots x x 😂😂
Miguel Magalhães Ronaldo sou um grande fã teu eu queria realizar um sonho a minha mãe das me dinheiro pra eu fazer uma casinha pra minha mãe. Não precisa de ser muito obr
Gerardo D TZ France Football 😂😂😂😂😂 wtf happened to the real Ballon'dor?? Oh I forgot this trophy was awarded by journalists only 😭😂 what a joke
Dramé Adama cristiano ronaldo is the best football player in the world! 1day I will be in the same level as him even more than ronaldo I will also win de ballando
Paula Pinto Gosto de ti,... Sem ser porque sim, existem razões: O menino se fez homem, Se alcançou o que tem, a ele o deve, e às pessoas que nele acreditaram. Apreciei cada troféu, "botas", camisolas, no teu museu. Obrigada por mostrares o teu esforço a tua ...

"Fui pobre pero mi tesoro tiene nombre y eres tú" #Acurrucate This is the new song of my sister Katia Aveiro and DKB. Learn the moves and share it!

DKB - Acurrucate ft. Katia Aveiro - YouTube
DKB - Acurrucate ft. Katia Aveiro - YouTube

DKB (Dkuba) shared a video

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Paok Handal Bella ella ..mis respeto se parece mucho a su madre guapísima..aaaaa son hermanitos son bellos cristiano y katia. Bellos eres un exelente ser humano cr7 y hermano te felicito papito bello
María Isabel Lyka Am I the only one who thinks this is going to be a golden year for Ronaldo? 😘💯 😍😍 #HalaMadrid ❤️
Samir Alkhwlani Who is Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him? من هو محمّد، صلي الله عليه وسلّم؟ He is the one who defended the rights of all humanity 1400 years ago. هو الذي دافع عن حقوق كل البشر منذ 1400 عام. He defended men's, women's and children ...
Olivia Niks Samuel We only have two football players in the whole world, And they are Cristiano Ronaldo and the others..forever my best hardworking player..! Keep it up... bliss <3
Aracelly Jara Icaza Tan bellos me encanta que gran hermano eres campeón, todo siempre se te duplicara ,para bien eres grande ,que hermoso veros ,muchos abrazos feliz 2017

Happy to be in the Team of the Year for the 11th time! Thanks to all the fans who voted! #TOTY

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Ashutosh Yadav I m fan of Messi.but your generous deeds for serian children and your social behaviour towards serial is outstanding. Huge respect to u.
Suzette Chalaça Un joueur extraordinario !!! dans la famille nous sommes tous fans... Respect ...... un grand bravo pour toute votre année
José Crispim Assim como Jesus usou a Água para fazer o Milagre do vinho, assim também ele pode usar #CristianoRonaldo para o meu Milagre. #sonhos.
Stancekox Smoker I play zatebe Fife 17 and the player's impossible dribbling and good concentration at the cristiano you were doing the best player in the world treasure it!
Mohamed Ali اللەا🌼اللهم صل على سيدنا 🌼محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 كما صليت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد مجيد وبارك على سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد 🌼كما باركت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم 🌼وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد ...


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Patrice Joseph Cr7, ur da one who makes me feel better, especially when on the game coz you can change the subject at anytime, for instance the match of As Roma Vs Real Madrid and etc
Maz Forsyth Why is my man on this so much am getting well jealous lol a wish anytime Ronaldo would love it sorry ghirls but he is mine soon lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cristoano Ronaldo to bits a will be yer princess anytime sexy no problem xxxxxx
Tamara Ariemi Horsfall Accept Jesus now if Your Not yet a Christian For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, it is written "No man comet to Jehovah except through me" not any other prophet can save you EXCEPT JESUS CHRIST so my love one Let no man deceive you. Be bless in Jesus ...
Claudio Pradela Pode ser que um dia tudo mude, tudo fique diferente! Pode até acontecer que a distância nos separe – não sabemos. Mas tenho certeza que apesar de todas as dúvidas no amanhã, vai existir sempre a certeza que a minha amizade vai sempre prevalecer. Vai ...
Mike Simoes Cristiano Ronaldo vc ,pelo o que eu já vi em outros videos... é um excelente pai! carinhoso e amigo do filho... só por isso já sabemos como é o seu coração! que Deus sempre sempre presente em tudo que vc desaejar!

Start your New Year with a new fragrance! Luxurious and sophisticated, The Private Edition is perfect addition to your grooming routine

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Bruninho PS Cristiano por favor me ajuda estou desesperada não quero esporte aqui em público mas preciso de ajuda e muito sério e grave sei que és humano pelo amor de Deus peço te ajuda pelo meu filho de 6 anos te imploro ajuda
Karan Thadhani Ronaldo you are the legendary footballer for me and you are my great idol. You are a great man on the pitch as well as off the pitch. You helped the childrens of syria. #Respect_CR7. The best man forever.😁😀
Mark AR See you soon and remember my watch, the blue band tag and if you want you can chuck in a little bottle too jijiji take care Cris and happy new year.
Usman Ch The greatest footballer and person ever! Keep being you Cristiano Ronaldo, an amazing human being! Very proud of you!😊Love and respect for Cristiano Ronaldo always! ☺ ❤ ✌ 👏 🔝
Abdo Mota ألست الملك ألست إبن الملوك ألست من الملوك أنا رونالدو البورتوغيز قل لهم يا رونالدو علمهم يا كريستيانو وقل لهم من تكون يا رونالدو هنا قوة الكبير أتشككون أتنتقدون لماذا أنتم عنه حاقدون وله كارهون يسجل بالراس يسجل باليمنى يسجل بيسراه يتفنن يستعرض ...

New year new boots 👍👍

846.6k reactions 6073 comments
Vanessa Ramirez Eres único bb te admiro mucho como un gran ser humano y un buen ejemplo sigue dándolo todo de ti cristiano que con ese gran corazón que tienes y con la ayuda de Dios todo sera un gran éxito felicidades mucha suerte y bendiciones 😊😘👌
Law Anthony My friend from Hong Kong,his name is Siu Fai . He said he could play good soccer because he shake his legs everyday for training .Do you shake your legs too? Siu Fai says he is better than anyone in the world.
Danilson Mateus O futuro depende da gente se me amar hoje, te amarei pra sempre. Quer mais frases lindas? Dá uma olhadinha na nossa página Frases de Danilson Mateus é da aquele curtida que já é muito. Desde já muito obrigado Deus abençoe!
Collins Uche Wish you and your lovely family a very happy new year. May this year brings all the desired success and happiness in your life that you can cherish always. Wish you a successful and prosperous 2017. May this year be the one in which all your wishes come ...
Lale Brilliance Cristiano Ronaldo King 👑💪❤️ Champions Real Madrid 11 barcelona 5 Ligas Real Madrid 32 barcelona 24 el Madrid Historia el barca una moda A por LaDuodecima12 ❤️👑

2016 foi um ano de sonho! Obrigado pelo vosso apoio. Feliz 2017 para todos!

505.7k reactions 8528 comments
Marcia Vera Feliz año nuevo y que el 2017 sea super espectacular y ganemos más títulos xq nosotros la afición la pasamos genial gracias a vosotros muak
Paulo Ferreira Contigo Cristiano Ronaldo o nosso 2016 foi muito melhor, teus sucessos são nossos sucessos. Que 2017 te traga já mais uma Bola de Ouro e muitos golos menos contra o meu Benfica. Abraço CR7
JB Carlson 2017 is yours!
JB Carlson Amazing!
JB Carlson We will support your even more in 2017! -JB Carlson

Desejo a todos o melhor do mundo em 2017. Bom ano! I wish you all the best in the world in 2017! Happy New Year.

551.3k reactions 19471 comments
Maria Madalena Muito obrigada, igualmente. Também lhe desejo tudo de bom. Boa sorte, tanto na vida pessoal como na profissional. Continuação de Boas Festas.
Hari Kuttan One day my comment top then I am victory The best friend in the word with #Cristiano Ronaldo
Richelle Bean Putting it in the UNIVERSE and CLAIMING it.... 2017 I WILL visit Portugal while vacationing... I WILL visit Madeira... I WILL stay at a CR7 Hotel even if it's just for one night.... I WILL meet Cristiano Ronaldo!! Yep, I just made this HAPPEN... 😉❤️🙌🏾
Batoul Fakhreldine My love ❤❤❤ I wish you all the best for you and your family ❤ you (real madrid) made my year perfect with all the troppies you won ❤ Thank you for this amazing year my all ❤ Cristiano Ronaldo
Martina Esser Hi my friend thank you so much for your wishes to me and I also wish the same for you. Health, succsess and happyness for the next 365 days. Be happy and enjoy your time I really hope and pray without injuries.

Silky smooth in time for the New Year & I’m not talking about the shave Dwyane Wade 😂 #raiseit

251.7k reactions 6862 comments
Lisbeth Christensen Hallo mister handsome who i love that video and the danger to and you just got it and thanks for share you rock Cristiano and i love it, sending all my love and a big hug to you and the great girl to, it is all about love and you got it,Love Lisbeth ...
Luis Ricardo Montiel Balcazar Undia por mi un dia por ti mi hijo es loco por ti con 3 años no sabe quien es quien solo sabe cuando sales en la tele cuando te ve salta con tu salto uhhh y ademas sabe el unico del equipo que se llama peeo le digo que hay mas compañros pero el ciego ...
Mustafa Klim Aquí vemos claramente en el video donde si la analizamos con detenimiento y a profundidad podemos observar que a partir de los distintos puntos de discrepancia y comparación se puede llegar a la idea central que se aleja del argumento principal de lo ...
Muhudin Hassan Moh'mud They will never offer something if they can't make way more money than that. It's more business and they will make way more money just in the first month .. from the Tshirt revenues and news stuffs etc .. and I think everyone can change his situation ...
John Joseph Austin we are going to raise the bar in 2017 I'm coming for "the Shah" hope you're ready Yousuf haha

The end of the year is approaching, time to celebrate its success!! Which TAG Heuer timepiece should I choose? Sporty or elegant? #DontCrackUnderPressure

389.3k reactions 3033 comments
Gleidjane Lima Com certeza você vai ficar bem com qualquer um desses relógios, mas sei também que só um deles daria para colocar a laje da minha casa. Parabéns pelo atleta que você é. Muita saúde e paz para você.
Gro Vera Christiansen I don' t crack under pressure, I got my calculater. The only thing I need is to calculater What it cost to get rid of Them.
Lib Mari Villa Un saludo para Cristiano Ronaldo: Dios te continúe bendiciendo, y ayude con tu hijo, y tu familia. Deseo muchas alegrías y coseches triunfos en tu hermosa carrera, cuidate, feliz Año Nuevo 2017💟👍😀🌼🍀👋👌⚽👏🏽🙋🌻🙏🙏🙏
Abraão Braga Boa tarde Ninguém acredita quando eu digo isso, mas é verdade mano, eu fico muito feliz quando alguém ler meu comentário que não tem nada a ver até o final obrigado mesmo, sério é de coração!!! Kkkk
Goodluck Nwankwo Ronaldo and Messi are two great players who has great respect for themselves.But something is outstanding in the both of them which is the eagerness to achieve more and also the spirit of success.But unfortunately,Ronaldo's effort is more outstanding ...

4 days ago.amazing view 👌

479.5k reactions 2061 comments
Joey Rogers That awkward moment when you're reading this comment to find an awkward moment but there isn't any, and still you're reading this comment and you're starting to realise it says nothing important and you just wasted a couple of seconds of your life but ...
Nyikos Evelin Hay una razón por qué algunas personas llaman a sí mismos los madridistas, y algunos dicen que son los fans. Debido a que los aficionados están ahí a través de los buenos tiempos, pero dejan a través de los malos tiempos. Pero los madridistas son ...
Mutaleb Pvi اللەا🌼اللهم صل على سيدنا 🌼محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 كما صليت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد مجيد وبارك على سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد 🌼كما باركت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم 🌼وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد ...
Wan Muhd Syahmi I wish Ronaldo can be the captain of Real Madrid As he leader of Portugal... Sorry my best defence ever Ramos... 😭😂😊
Jean Grey Mes parents viennent d arriver à Madeira !! Leur premier voyage de leur vie , en dehors des allers retours pour le Portugal ils n'ont jamais voyagé - ils vont assister à l'inauguration - je crois- j'espère qu'ils pourront vous voir Mon père est une ...

Hoy en la Gala Inocente Inocente podréis ver mi visita a un proyecto de esta Fundación y conocer su gran labor ayudando a los niños que más lo necesitan.

424.2k reactions 4119 comments
Michael Strchrdt Würdest du deinen Betrag so leisten wie wir alle, bräuchten wir keine Hilfsprojekte dieser Art. Dann hätte der Staat genug Geld um seinen sozialen Verpflichtungen nachzukommen und Du müsstest nicht mit so scheinheiligen Aktionen dein Gewissen beruhigen.
Cristian Santacruz Hola cristiano soy el de colombia cristiano soy fanatico deti que el ceyor teguarde ique este año que biene cea un dia felis para tunobia felisnavida y prospero año nuevo jajajajajaja porfamor dile de miparte a ajames que tanbien lomismo
Marlene Manrique Claro que te vimos en la televisora espanola desde USA. Eres un ser completo lleno de virtudes,buenos principios,buen corazon, excelente jugador y ademas Portugues💋💋
Ousmane Tall Dans le cadre de l'humanitaire, vous étés beaucoup apprécié.Les gens se rappelle de votre intervention musclé au Népal (Asie).Que le tout puissant guide vos pas.
Salle Salle Hello, CR7. Why do not you think of the African who also needs your generosity. Come to Cameroon for example, the population suffers and in some places there is not enough to eat.

New beast👍

1.9m reactions 35495 comments
Ken Christiansen Thats the difference between you and Messi ! You need the attention. You need to be seen. You need to win a ballon D'Or to believe you are great. Messi knows his good. When fans shout his name like a god and bow is enough. He knows his the best 👍 But ...
Guille Lopez Hola cristiano.....creo que te conviene pornele gas....debe gastar mucho eso....sino ponele premium de la axion donde trabaja mi amigo personal Agustin Campisi Nico Moreno
Diego Botta PIFIAS CR. Lo comprabas la semana que viene y era modelo 2018. Después cuando lo revendas te van a romper las bolas y vas a tener q aclarar q es diciembre del 2017. De ultima si te lo dejaron más barato té banco.
Danny Fordham He's a top man good to charity and kids etc and the best player in the world and man utd made him that but no need to show off with ya car m8 keep ya wealth to yourself there's a lot of poor people out there ? You are spoiling a top man who we all ...
Filip Nyström Ronaldo, you have to flip the camera in order to see the entire car. What car is is? You and Zlatan are the best. Come back to United!

To celebrate the end of 2016, TAG Heuer asked me to prove how I didn't crack under pressure. #DontCrackUnderPressure

118.1k reactions 1854 comments
Monique Sabino Você é o amor da minha vida meu principe perfeito maravilhoso talentoso brilhante joga muito se dedica vc e o cara te admiro demais quero e espero um dia te conhecer estar com vc
Fatima Ferreira Cristiano não sei se lês estas mensagens vou arriscar posso Não ganhar nada mas tb não perco preciso de ajuda e não é muito mas pra mim é só queria tratar a boca e não tenho dinheiro tu podias ajudar me tb já foste pobre sabes o que isso é sei que és ...
Jonathan Yefet This year I spent 40 hours in a 4 month span tinkering with my fantasy football lineup to get to the semis, I lost. (Joey Ian, Brandon Breslow, Sean Savett, Raphael Menko)
Moki Tengautangata Maena Christiano Ronaldo been a big fun of yours since Manchester United. I run a football club with an academy in my country & wish that you could be our partner in developing our kids to become professional footballers in the future. We have a page in ...
Phoebe Hyde Well sir you wouldn't be called a LEGEND without hard work. YOU ARE INDEED A LEGEND. A PHENOMENON 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. Thank you for all the daily pleasure I get when I watch you playing. What a great entertainment 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

The most amazing fireworks will be seen at the top of Pestana CR7 Funchal. Don’t miss it 😉

285.9k reactions 1949 comments
Zila Lemus Me parece que ya has estado ahí en ese hotel, porque sabes algo de ese hotel, bueno cada quien con su tema dice el dicho, pero una cosa te digo yo no se que hay en un hotel aunque he vivido por 20 años en ITALIA nunca entre a un hotel no te parece ...
Shaima Sayedi Cristiano Ronaldo is the forst player ever to win the champions league ,Europa Club Worms cup and Ballon dOr in the same year. Legend.
عشاق ريال مدريد العرب هل تحب #ريال_مدريد و أنت من أوفى مشجعين لنادي الملكي لدا قم بإنضمام لصفحتنا و مجموعتنا في #وات_ساب #Whatsapp ❤ لمعرفة أخبار #النادي_الملكي حصرية
Abd Alkarem Alarag Not a Muslim, but he behaves actions of Islam ... 👇la drink .. not ... put tattoo charity of his money to the poor ... and sympathize with Syria .. and Palestine 💪asitorh in everything ... 👑
Geovani Goepper Esse é o CR7 que poucos conhecem! VALE A PENA LER! História de amizade: Cristiano Ronaldo em um entrevista disse: - Eu tenho que agradecer ao meu amigo Albert Fantrau pelo meu sucesso, nós jogamos juntos pelo Youth Club. Quando o pessoal do Sporting ...

Watching tv with my friend👍👍Miau miau 😁😁

1.1m reactions 14626 comments
Ana Ferreira Vá só tens um a pedir te mimos enquanto vês tv... Eu tenho três no colo a pedir mimos e o quarto em fila de espera porque não cabe 😑😉
Sajid Ali Ronaldo is best Respect a syria children i so happy Ronaldo Loving on children i so that syria with fire attack pleace help of syria children Ameen Ronaldo best Momment syria children 😘😘😘
Milton Silva Cristiano melhor do mundo sempre. Você é o jogador mais completo que já existiu. Chuta bem com as duas pernas, cabeceia melhor que qualquer um e faz espetáculo com a bola no pé. Me mostra um gol do Messi chutando forte de longe com a perna direita ? ...
Fou Cristiano Thank you Cristiano for the video . u have a beautiful heart . You are long story , i will tell it to children of my children . "All arabic people love you"
Petriashvili Giga If you think ronaldo is the best player in the world hit like


1.6m reactions 10189 comments
Maria Esteves Congratulations Ronaldo for being such a wonderful & proud dad, a loving and quite giving son, brother, uncle and friend. Often people only see the greatest soccer player in the world and oversee the amazing human being that you are. Blessings.
Moùrad Bàhri #Ronaldo_help_me_please 😢 I am sick with diabetes since age 8 years now I have over 14 years of patient use in insulin medication dropped out of school due to illness and now in this house a lot of medicine is expensive as I can buy it before I was ...
Ekau Stephen Chritiano iam proud of you so much....When in man u. N even in Real. Happy everything. Xmas n new year dear call one of my boys there as well...To become like or near uuu
Sandra Machado Felicidades! Grande família! Um Santo Natal para vocês. Para o Sr. Portugal que o próximo ano te encha a ti e a nós portugueses de grandes vitórias e troféus, és o nosso orgulho.
Marcelo Thais Goncalves CR7 eu e meu filho samos fã desse cara não só pelo bom futebol com um grande ser humano que esse cristiano ronaldo é um coração muito grande ....parabens continua assi. Sempre humilde ....que va vai ainda mais longe ...sempre fazo oração pela sua ...

Merry Christmas world ❤️❤️❤️

1.7m reactions 22684 comments
António Lourenço Cristiano Ronaldo, desde os Descobrimentos tu ės a coisa mais importante que acontece a Portugal e aos Portugueses. Ė imensuravel o acrescimo de orgullo e auto - estima que acrescentaste no coracao dos teus conterraneos, especialmente aqueles, como ...
Aron Maxharraj I wish you Merry X-Mas, too! Got a very nice present from my Girlfriend. Tickets for the game against Sevilla in May and a really nice 3D model from the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (i can't upload). It is my first LiveGame to see Real Madrid. 😍 I'm so ...
James Cor Merry Christmas Big Guy!! All the way from Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo your Simply the Best of the Best!!
John Feather You've ruined Christmas by scarring my eyes with a picture containing two of you. I've burnt the kids presents in anger. Prick.
Kazm Mahmwd Merry Christmas to you and all Christians around the world..Hope you enjoy and have a lovely Christmas... Respect from Kurdistan to humanity..
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