Cory Booker
02:02 08/12/2017

‪Having courage doesn't mean you don't know fear or stress or worry or even shame and regret. It just means, despite it all, you keep going. ‬

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Gale Roth
Agree! Exactly!
Donnay Noir
When we are truly loved by others, Love cares not for mistakes of seasons gone by... love for one another must begin new in a tender kindness and forgiveness without judgement or blame. Love is more powerful than courage and erases fear, shame and regret with a loving smile, a warm hug and a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! We must trust and believe that love will do what it is designed to do as Love is the ultimate antidote that we forgive ourselves as easily as we forgive others. We also remember to allow love to order our steps as we march forward toward our glorious goals and destinations.
Carmen Jackson
That is true Mr Booker
Kathy Sanseverino
Do you have the courage to walk away from big pharma??
Lucie Fitzgibbon
Stefano West this reminds me of you, love you
Jeffrey Kender
Let the Big Dog eat
Sharon Herbert Serano
It also means to act with conviction when you have something to lose ... and do it anyway. Bullies act out when they feel they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Phyllis Selterman
Corey 2020
Joshua Lozier
I guess that's why the overwhelming majority aren't veterans...and only ...yes ONLY John Lewis didn't serve in the military but actually risked his life for his beliefs and to help others...the rest...including you...have no idea what that even smells like... and it's funny how the folks that never served love calling out others that didn't...because they're just as much cowards as the one they're calling out... and only the cowards that never served are the ones using those that did and our families as set decoration and political pawns...
Jenn Fennell
Keep fighting Cory. We're with you. 👊🇺🇸️ ❤️
Dave Calamoneri
I'm reading Profiles in Courage right now. It's so true.
Becky Withrow
I needed to hear that, right now, thank you, must have been from the Lord!
Sheldon Orlando Barnes
Keep going!
Tina Marks
Well said Senator. ☺
Michelle Anderson
Amen to that

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Congress must do what it can to ensure that Special Counsel Robert Mueller can continue his investigation without interference from the president. I don’t believe any administration that is under investigation itself should be able to fire the special counsel conducting the investigation—and right now, that is an unfortunate reality we are potentially facing as political attacks against Mueller continue to escalate. I’ve introduced a bill that offers commonsense protections to ensure the special counsel is not terminated unjustly. This is an important bill not just for this moment in history but going forward to future administrations.

Democrats move to defend Mueller against Trump allies
Democrats move to defend Mueller against Trump allies

Democrats are making a fresh push to defend special counsel Robert Mueller as conservatives escalate their political assault on the Russia investigator.

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Michael Segreto Trump should end the investigation his branch of govt started. He cannot end investigations by Congress, which is where they should be. Who ever heard of the President authorizing his own people to investigate him? Who ever heard of a President ...
Jason Morgan Investigation or witch hunt? They have nothing. All this hack is doing is setting up the president so if the Dems take the house in 2018 it will give them a reason for bogus impeachment charges which will never stand up in a senate trial. Keep stirring ...
June Tucker Sawyer It's common sense. This should've been changed a long time ago.
James Christopher Fire this Traitor Mueller and you Booker resign
Anthony Eman Hopefully he'll do the right thing and investigate the DNC

If you need health care insurance or know someone who does, please sign up at before the December 15th deadline -- this Friday! Please continue to help spread the word.

Cory Booker: It’s Time To Get Covered — What We Have To Lose If The Trump Administration Limits Health Care
Cory Booker: It’s Time To Get Covered — What We Have To Lose If The Trump Administration Limits Health Care

In this ESSENCE op-ed, Sen. Cory Booker is urging Americans to enroll in health coverage before Dec. 15 and detailing what's at stake if the Trump administration limits health care options.

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Katie Carmany Jean Wise-McIntosh have you signed up for this?
Glenn Cippon It must be really great to have approved yourself the best healthcare system anyone could ever want, then refuse to use the same healthcare system you have forced onto the citizens who elected you. Until congress either uses the same system we do, or ...
GT Thomas You are correct-bad people get elected. Look in the mirror.
Lynne G Welter Big difference between Franken and Trump. Franken hands on groped women's buttocks and breasts. And Franken's groping photo doesn't lie. Talk is a lot different than physical assault. If you can't tell the difference, you're too incompetent to be in the ...
Doug Burch Cory Booker you ignorant POS. You're supposed to be a lawmaker. No wonder this government is in shambles. You called on President Trump to resign amid "allegations" of sexual misconduct. Might I remind you "lawmaker": In law, an allegation (also ...

May we stop the hate. May we love our neighbors (no exceptions), may we rise to the defense of anyone who is having their dignity assaulted and their humanity under attack. The opposite of justice is not injustice, it is indifference, it is inaction, it is silence. May we never allow anyone, under the guise of religion, to exercise craven attacks on others without our voices, in a chorus of unrelenting love, rising up to condemn such behavior.

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Ellyn Shatz Dvorin Go Cory!!
Terry Brasko Thank you, Senator!!
Elizabeth Burke DeBarr Thanks Cory!!
Becky Johnsen My daughter, a former marine has said that she wouldn't care who was in that foxhole because they would be watching each other's backs!! Has Roy Moore every been in a foxhole????
Juan Shaft-Patel legalize weed plaes

Excited to see Mars Wrigley take this step to open their new headquarters in Newark that will help further accelerate the continued resurgence of our great city. This decision means hundreds of local jobs returning to Newark, a boost to our regional economy and small businesses, and the opportunity to continue the biggest economic boom in Newark since the 1960s. Many people don’t know that the company (one of America’s largest privately owned companies) traces its roots and origins back to the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey. In fact, the M&M candy was invented in Newark. I am so pleased by this news and proud to have played a roll in their return along with many others. Welcome back home Mars!

Candy giant to open new HQ in Newark
Candy giant to open new HQ in Newark

Mars Wrigley announced its plan to relocate jobs to the state's largest city after N.J. approved big tax breaks last month

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Barbara Hart Newark, city of my birth. <3
Gail Lockman Hope they offer free visits to school kids. With treats.
Karen Borja-Cotterell Karina Scheren wow!
Alicia Wolf Just what we need, more diabetes nests spreading around the country. I bet they have stock in health insurance and pharma companies. This is the legacy.
Jennifer Hyland Thanks Mr. President! #MAGA

December 15th is the deadline to sign up for quality, affordable health care at Most people who enroll will receive financial assistance, making coverage even more affordable.⠀ ⠀ Only one week left to sign up so please don’t wait—get covered now, and please share this video to help spread the word!

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Frank Barbara You are clueless! Most of the people you hang with will get assistance. Most others do not!
Michael Tartaglia Sign up now Get screwed by the lying Democrats! Keep your doctor! Your premiums will go down by $2500!
Dan Opdyke Do you think this guy really reads the comments or even care what you have to say? He could care less about you.
Barry Giotta STFU booker
Charles Oberholtzer be careful-read what it will cover.

Roy Moore thinks America was greatest during slavery. He claims the time of slavery was the best because “Our families were strong and our country had a direction.” What direction is a nation headed when families are systematically separated, women are routinely raped and bodies viciously tortured and mutilated?

Roy Moore said the last time America was "great" was during "slavery"
Roy Moore said the last time America was "great" was during "slavery"

"Can't make this up," a former Obama official tweeted regarding Moore's comments.

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Briana Dearing Playing to his base
Jayne Van Kirk We will fight against hate and discrimination and predictors. I see a civil war coming.
Donna Alzona His intellect is amazingly small, just like his hands.
Kathleen Watts Psycho!
Gary Miller

The deadline for open enrollment is next Friday! Sign up for health insurance by going to Most people who enroll will receive financial assistance—so coverage can be much more affordable than people think. Please don’t wait—get covered now, and please share this video to help spread the word!

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Sharon Galitsky You too can have your insurance paid for by other working adults. Need to be ashamed to take from others’ hard work. Government doesn’t produce wealth. It steals from its working population.
Jesse Hanson If most people will get assistance who is paying for it? The entire system relies on younger healthy people, paying way more than they should, to prop it up. That’s not happening and no one wants to admit that it is a catastrophic failure. Why is it ...
Andy Avila Isn't this the guy that voted for big pharma.
Mark Tarrant I used to like booker now he is one of them.
Mark Tarrant I don’t want to spend 1000 a month at the exchange!!

CHIP is an incredible program that helps some of our most vulnerable and underserved children throughout our country, providing health care coverage for nearly 9 million American children who live in low-to-moderate income households. And the results are clear -- the uninsured rate for children has decreased from 14% to 5% since the program was created in 1997. It’s been several months since CHIP lost its funding, and now states are increasingly at risk of not being able to make payments. Please call your members of Congress and demand that CHIP funding be immediately extended: (202) 224-3121

The CHIP Program Is Beloved. Why Is Its Funding in Danger?
The CHIP Program Is Beloved. Why Is Its Funding in Danger?

A children’s health insurance program popular with both Republicans and Democrats is in limbo because of partisan rancor that has stymied legislative action in Washington.

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Michelle Mitchell Shame on you Cory Booker for asking Senator Al Franken to resign. Why not ask Trump to resign and Roy Moore to get out of the senate race. What a mistake you made.
Ashley Edwardson It's NOT free someone is paying stop having kids you can't take care of
Barry Revels Shouldn't these kids be covered under the affordable care act? And if the affordable care act is actually affordable why are there subsidies?
Steven Taylor Because after failing to repeal the ACA, they'll take it out on women and children. Fascism is just organized bullying, and bullies love easier targets
Mary Duvall Ways Consider yourself called, Senator Booker. Thanks for this post. 😊

Over the summer, as part of the standard Congressional vetting process for high-level Presidential appointments, I questioned Singapore ambassador nominee K.T. McFarland in writing about whether she had ever spoken to Michael Flynn about his contacts with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, in her capacity on the presidential transition team or as deputy national security advisor. Her response to me was, "I am not aware of any of the issues or events described above." This is deeply problematic. According to the New York Times, "An email exchange obtained by The New York Times indicates that Ms. McFarland was aware at the time of a crucial Dec. 29 phone call between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak that was intercepted by American intelligence. During that call, Mr. Flynn urged Moscow to respond cautiously to sanctions just imposed by the Obama administration for Russia’s interference in the presidential election." This suggests that Ms. McFarland gave false testimony to me and the United States Senate on a matter as significant as communications between the Russian government and the Trump transition team. This is an alarming development, and another example of a pattern of deception on the part of Trump’s closest associates regarding their connections and communications to Russian government officials.

McFarland’s Testimony About Russia Contacts Is Questioned
McFarland’s Testimony About Russia Contacts Is Questioned

K.T. McFarland, a former aide to President Trump, told a senator that she did not talk with Michael T. Flynn about his contacts with a Russian official. Emails suggest she knew of a key phone call.

484 reactions 135 comments
Theresa Daly Leitgeb If she keeps this up, she'll soon be a Democrat!! Lock Hillary "I do not recall that" Clinton up!!
Mitzi Hencley Busted
Teddy Martinez I have a question what methods were used to interfere in our election..... and at what point did Russia become Enemy Number One when Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and Obama we're open to relationships with Putin
Joe De Marzio Senator, it's not a crime for the transition team to talk to the Russians or anyone else. I do business in Russia, talk to many of them daily, are you going to bring me before the Senate? Here's a tip, stop your crying about the election and go do the ...
Nancy Markalunas Lock her up

Senator Angus King (who has an awesome Instagram account @anguskingmaine - follow him) shared this with me today. This tax bill is not targeted to the middle class or low income earners. About a trillion dollars of the 1.4 trillion dollar bill go to the wealthiest people and corporations. Republicans are pushing the myth that somehow this will raise wages and benefits to middle income workers. This is obviously a fallacy. Right now corporate profits are at an 80-year high but wages have been stagnant for over a decade. Moreover, most corporate profits - 80 to 90% - have been going to stock buy backs and dividends not worker pay. The bill is not law yet. It still must go through a conference with the House and Senate, and then back to both bodies for a final vote. Please take action to stop this bill. Call your Senator and representative and let them know how you feel. 202 224 3121.

2.0k reactions 300 comments
Robert Schaffer Cutting taxes allows people to expand the work force and it is an incentive for small business startups. I find it contradictory that you voted to stop U.S.citizens from buying cheaper medicines from Canada ? I cannot see how someone would vote to cut ...
Ryan Pavely I am in the middle class. I will be saving on taxes. Please hard tell us your definition of middle class and rich as the anecdotal use of the terms is, well, beneath your intelligence. Get on the right side or get out. You just want votes my ...
Pete Sharkey How do we cut taxes on the poor when the bottom 45% of Americans don't pay any income tax? Meanwhile, the top 25% pay 87% of the income tax bill. How much more of the bill do you want those making over $79,655 to pay? How much more of our hard-earned ...
Kathy Sanseverino Lower the state taxes.And stop being a pos
Carl Popewiny Nice post President Booker. Come on 2020.

“Resistance is the secret of joy!” ― Alice Walker “Activism is my rent for living on the planet.” ― Alice Walker “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.” ― Alice Walker “we are the ones we have been waiting for” ― Alice Walker “When life descends into the pit I must become my own candle Willingly burning my self To light up the darkness around me.” ― Alice Walker

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Stephen Manobianco "Corey is a dumb ass, lazy liar!" Voice of Reason
Geraldine Downing Please keep pushing back to get a final bill that is a bit better mmmm
Peggy Garner Mondada “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” My favorite Alice Walker quote. <3 Thanks for being vegan, dear Cory Booker!
Paul Rubin Resistance, Because if we fight, we might lose. If we don't fight, we have already lost.
Carrie Gordon I wish your politics reflected Alice Walker more! She supports Palestinian Human Rights! #FreePalestine

Next Friday, December 15th, is the deadline for open enrollment! Sign up for health insurance by going to Most people who enroll will receive financial assistance—so coverage can be much more affordable than people think. Please don’t wait—get covered now, and please share this video to help spread the word!

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George Louvis A family of 4 in NJ, earning $50,000 per year will pay around $1,300 per month plus a $13,500 deductible... for a total annual cost of $29,100 per year.. that’s more than 1/2 their annual income. Please explain how someone can afford that.
Suzette Spanhel Oh wow. Subsidies in Obamacare left stranded in Medicare w/o insurance cause no subsidies. Damn Obama Dump on SS & Medicare. Whoopie Do
Dennis O'Leary Like getting season passes for a theme-park that has burned to the ground.
David Janich Socialist corruptocrat!
Hank Golla Cory is selling tickets on the Titanic

ICE must stop arresting immigrants at courthouses in New Jersey and around our country. Rather than making us safer, these arrests following the Trump Administration's cruel crackdown on illegal immigration is not only hurting families and communities, it’s undermining our justice system.

Opinion | ICE’s Courthouse Arrests Undercut Democracy
Opinion | ICE’s Courthouse Arrests Undercut Democracy

This immigration enforcement tactic scares people away from courthouses and harms us all.

816 reactions 288 comments
John Bergstrom Obviously a lot of hatred here. Way out of proportion. The way ICE is acting isn't making us any safer, they seem to be going out of their way to undermine the system of justice. Trump is known to hate judges and courts too, he prefers his own personal ...
George Louvis They’re illegal, they have no rights. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not to protect illegals.
Joe De Marzio Holy crap are you insane? You do realize you swore to uphold the constitution didn't you? Sanctuary cities are against the law law maker get a frigging clue.
Pat Mcnamara Have all those who object to this sponsor the individual until his court date problems solved! And if that person gets to stay he can continue that sponsorship! Problem again solved!
Peggy Berry You should start focusing on Americans and how to help us because We are the ones PAYING your SALARY !!!!!! It is disgusting the way you are not working for American citizens!

Republicans continue to abuse an obscure law called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) in order to quickly rollback Obama-era protections, with little notice or public debate, using a simple majority vote. This law had previously been used only once before—back in 1996—but since President Trump took office it has targeted 31 rules in order to take away protections that benefit everyday Americans in order to reward special interests and big corporations at the expense of consumers, working families, and the environment. Earlier this year, I introduced legislation with Senator Tom Udall to end this damaging practice, but it needs your support. Please call Congress and demand the repeal of the CRA: (202) 224-3121

How Trump and congress are erasing the last 20 years
How Trump and congress are erasing the last 20 years

They’re using an obscure 1990s law to wipe out regulations protecting citizens and the environment

2.3k reactions 299 comments
Mary Lou Powner Never heard you complain when Obama used executive power to accomplish his agenda. Sucks doesn’t it?
Deborah Mandala Martin No different than how the Affordable Care Act was rushed through without being read first.
Jim Wolfe These are only to be used by democrats... How dare he! Did any democrats stand in opposition when Bill did it?
Joline Abbadessa Done. I sent a fax to McCaskill.
Lisa Frankenfield SYSTEMATICALLLY DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!! trump & this corrupt administration MUST BE STOPPED!

This decision means that those financial advisors more concerned with their bottom line than with helping customers will now have 18 more months to ignore new consumer-friendly rules that protect Americans’ retirement savings from bad investment advice and hidden fees. This new delay is on top of a six-month delay in enforcement of the conflict of interest rule announced earlier this year. Enough is enough. It’s time to finally enforce these rules and ensure that every financial advisor prioritizes their clients' interests over their own.

Trump adds new delay to Booker-backed rule designed to help retirees
Trump adds new delay to Booker-backed rule designed to help retirees

The U.S. Labor Department has given financial advisers until July 1, 2019, to comply.

719 reactions 84 comments
William GE Vreeland Too much government control in too many areas. Pa. Work on the onerous Jersey taxes Cory! Pa.
Tammy Potts Hey cory did you convince yourself your an oppressed black man yet. ..
Rodger O'Callaghan everyone can figure out what it means on their own... what it means for u- u picked the wrong team
Maria A Garcia How the hell you and your ilk help retirees in the state of NJ when you tax their pensions you tax their SS and the property taxes drive them out of their homes? Democrats are so full of cow manure that should change their name to the fertilizer party.
Adam Miky “Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes".

Civil rights must include the right to breathe your air, drink your water, and plant in your soil. For far too long, pollution has continued to disproportionately burden people of color and poor communities. I’ve introduced a bill that is an important step in fixing this unacceptable reality. Environmental justice must be at the center of our activism in our fight to make real the promise of America.

Trump's war on the environment is a civil rights emergency

Pollution places an unbearable burden on people of color and low-income communities.

930 reactions 97 comments
Tammy Potts Shut up you racial ...cut your bs ..we are all equal with equal opportunity..stop using race ..its all who are poor ..not color ... ..
Timothy Szpakiewicz It has become increasingly obvious there is a war ON ALL people who aren't wealthy.
Thomas Smith You are as un-American as they come. You stupid bastards are ruining our country! You will meet Karma soon asshole!
Stephen Manobianco As usually Corey omits facts and lies. The majority and growing percentage of global pollution is being created by people of color!
Timboli Nmumbai Cory Booker is a liar.

This bill is an outrage. The idea that slashing taxes for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations will somehow magically result in more money and increased wages for the middle class is pure folly. Instead of a thoughtfully crafted, bipartisan plan that will truly lift wages and cut taxes for all Americans, Republicans have jammed through a disastrous proposal that lavishes tax cuts on corporations and the wealthiest and raises taxes on everyday Americans. In this perverse plan, the people who need a tax cut the least end up with the most, and those who truly need a tax cut get taken for a ride. We’ve heard the tired, bogus argument that giving a trillion dollar tax cut to corporations will somehow ‘trickle down’ to workers. But that fallacy has been disproven time and again. Look no further than what major companies have said they’re going to do with their windfall: give more payouts to shareholders, not raise wages for workers. My colleagues across the aisle should take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves – honestly – who they are fighting for: their wealthy donors or working Americans? We’ve already proven that we can be a nation that creates great wealth and opportunity. Our challenge now is to be a nation that creates great wealth and opportunity for all. This bill fails that challenge miserably. In the days and weeks to come, I’ll do everything I possibly can to ensure this embarrassment of a bill never becomes law.

Senate Passes Sweeping Republican Tax Overhaul Bill
Senate Passes Sweeping Republican Tax Overhaul Bill

Senate Republicans made major changes to their bill and picked up the votes to push it through the chamber 51-49 early Saturday morning.

1.1k reactions 857 comments
Ulia Gav This feels like an alternate universe lately. I'll be voting against every republican on the ballot, there's nothing else republicans can say to convince me they represent me. Their actions spoke loud and clear.
Rocky Chicoma 🤯
Ralph Ciardella so............what are you gonna do about it then?
Robert Donna Beck I hope MM chokes on his ..... !
Brian Starkey The smug look on McConnel’s face alone should scare people.

Just got the Republicans’ tax bill and I’m going to read as much of it as possible before Senate Republican leaders start votes on it tonight. It’s 500 pages long and I don’t know if I’ll make it through before we’re forced to vote on it. This is absurd. Follow along.

39.1k reactions 29785 comments
Bill Bishop Don't forget vote Republican in all elections we need to stop the hate stop letting the Democrats put fear in you
Linda Burger Oh, by the way, the Affordable Care Act took 18 months before it went to vote...educate yourselves before speaking...
Randi Pierce Ward Now that Flynn has started singing, they'll be in an even bigger hurry to get this bill through before their patsy implodes!
Curt Suit I cannot wrap my head around the fact that this garbage bill even got out of committee. Where r the Congressional people that r working for the people?
Stephanie Zeck do your best, Cory Booker to convince your republican colleagues to vote this down - regular people cannot continue to be paying the bills of the rich.

The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation reported that the Senate Republicans' tax plan -- which we could be voting on in a matter of hours -- would add more than $1 trillion to our federal deficit over the next decade, even after economic growth is taken into account. To recap: this bill hands out trillion dollar tax cuts to the biggest corporations and wealthiest individuals while raising taxes on households making less than $75,000. And now, the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation reports that we’re going to explode the deficit to do it. The Republican tax plan is a disgrace, but it stands a real chance of passing in the Senate. Regardless of how tonight's Senate vote shakes out, this fight will not be over. We must all continue to speak out against this disastrous tax plan and prevent it from ever becoming law.

Senate tax bill would fall $1 trillion short of paying for itself, congressional analysis says
Senate tax bill would fall $1 trillion short of paying for itself, congressional analysis says

The Senate tax plan would add more than $1 trillion to federal deficits even after the effects of economic growth.

1.4k reactions 328 comments
Robert Darmody Barack Obama's mishandling and incompetence added TEN TIMES THIS MUCH to the deficit in eight years with no positive outcome. The markets and economy are already surging in anticipation of THIS IMPROVEMENT - the first of many. "Progressive" policies ...
Rosalba Santaite DePalma Counting on you to save middle class America!
Jeb Bennett Storm the barricades.
Donna Smith Gottlieb Do we even know if the proposed change to the standard deduction includes higher amounts for the elderly and the blind like the current tax code does?
Ellen Schneider Lang And a Democrat will have to get us out of another republican inflicted recession.

Grateful for the opportunity to sit down with NASTAD Board Chair Dr. Shanell McGoy to discuss the importance of #WorldAIDSDay and the ongoing work to #EndtheEpidemic.

66 reactions 6 comments
Karl Wilder Big Pharma will never allow it to end. The drugs are too profitable. Being as you are their bitch you will do what they tell you.
Elijah Sage Aids is the American equivalent to Malaria. It's worse than cancer and like most pathogenic diseases you can get it from a tick, flea or mosquito bite.
Wanda Kinzeler Then why don't you take up issue with California allowing AIDS and HIV positive people to donate blood! That will be a national travesty when that happens
James E Benning lots of talks and speeches, no accomplishments.
Donnay Noir You are championing the issues facing many Americans with concern and diligence senator. You are valued and appreciated very highly for standing with the people of the country!

The Republican tax bill is a morally bankrupt slap in the face to the middle class but Senate Republicans want to pass the bill today. 🚨 We need you in this fight.

2.6k reactions 388 comments
Mary Anne Holdsworth Russian trolls
Jeanette Cuffie Whats going to happen to the poor people?
George Sam If you voted for Phil Murphy who openly said he was going to raise taxes, then don't complain about this bill
Anthony Colandro Is it almost as bad as the deficit Obama ran up the past eight years? Asking for a friend.
Jayne Evans We have done everything we can. WE NEED OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TO STOP THIS MADNESS NOW! I am damn pissed that I have to do this watch dogging of our government like a full time JOB! THIS IS WHAT WE PAY YOU PEOPLE TO DO! It is SHAMEFUL that we ...

The Republican tax plan is an all-out assault on high-cost states like New Jersey. The plan eliminates the state and local tax deduction and other long-standing provisions offering tax relief for middle-income families. Regardless of what party you’re in, if you are a lawmaker in New Jersey, you should not vote for this dangerous tax bill that will harm hard-working American families while giving huge tax cuts to the richest Americans and corporations.

Sen. Cory Booker promises to campaign against NJ lawmakers who support tax overhaul
Sen. Cory Booker promises to campaign against NJ lawmakers who support tax overhaul

“If you’re in New Jersey and vote for this, we should hold those people account. And I will be out there on the stump holding anybody

2.0k reactions 255 comments
Anthony Ragno You are just a crook a a liar senator,you never have done anything to help us ,worried about crooks in jail who do nothing for the working people,taxes are to high , giving it to areas that have nothing to do with everyday people, tax cuts will bring ...
Kenny Lee The only solution you'd never consider is cutting spending and taxes to make NJ an affordable place to live.
Ertha Rizas Yes the major coverup with the Postal Service Sexual Harassment and Retaliation is bad too. The taxpayers foot the bill for their dirty deeds at the expense of the victims
Ken Sweeten Lower NJ taxes problem solved you idiot
Bill Brown After you legalize and tax pot drop the state incone taxes ...Douche.

We are rallying at the People’s Filibuster to speak out against the GOP's dangerous tax plan.

2.6k reactions 119 comments
Bruna Carno And shame on you John McCain for supporting this miserable piece of legislation. You fell for it hook line & sinker but won't feel the bite at tax time like the rest of us will. Awful. Just awful.
Darius Maharaj Hunter Gearing up for 2020
Brenda Kriens Thank you. My husband is a 40-year-veteran and if this asses and our taxes go up, we may have to sell our home.
Mike Moran How much money has Congress stolen from taxpayers for their Secret Slush funds to pay off their sexual harassment suits? How about giving at least that back to taxpayers? You don't want to give anything back - you just want to take more and more and ...
Angie O' Gram Wow.... thirty people. Not exactly a rally

The Republican tax plan is bad economic policy, and will harm New Jerseyans and millions of hardworking American families, while giving a huge tax cut for the wealthiest 1% of Americans. Speaking now on the Senate floor about this dangerous tax plan.

6.2k reactions 1857 comments
Aaron Kardon Booker has consistently been one of the good guys
Ginny Villafranca But why can't it be stopped???? Isn' t it illegal to pass this without input? without Committee commentary? It's not the way the government should be run... Where is our democracy???? I'm so disgusted....
Wylie Tene what can those of us in NJ do to help. I don't think Rs senators in other states care what we have to say and both you and Senator Bob Menendez will vote no. Help us, help you, help us.
Elizabeth Rowland Cory, thank you for fighting this TERRIBLE bill!!! I’m so happy you represent me in NJ
Jessa Barnes Fight Corey! This bill is awful for NJ.

The Republican tax plan is bad economic policy that will harm millions of hardworking American families.

1.8k reactions 274 comments
Thomas Weber TBONE! this is the most disingenuous bs i've ever seen!
Ann Winters Him, him him. It is all about him.
Mary Celine Lott Ambrose J Cooper III
Brie Rabouin-Strasser Trickle down economics don't work - and either does Trump! #liegolftweetrepeat
Lucy Millinder I loathe Donald J. Rump.

We must all speak out against the president's anti-Muslim rhetoric that serves to incite hate and division within our country.

Trump Shares Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Videos, and Britain’s Leader Condemns Them
Trump Shares Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Videos, and Britain’s Leader Condemns Them

President Trump shared video posts from a British ultranationalist, Jayda Fransen, including “Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!”

3.0k reactions 359 comments
Loree Zarosa Lindbloom We had a murder in Minnesota 6 months ago, a muslin policeman shot an unarmed woman, he still is free; in NJ we have islam being taught in our schools and a lawsuit pending and our senators are doing nothing to stop this and it is only the tip of the ...
Debbie Green I love you Cory! I agree 1000%. Why is he so hateful? Our country is so so divided and he is turning back time. All the good in this country is being killed off by him. He is a monster. He is not my President. Shame on him. The Narcissist that he is!
Jason Morgan It's radical Islamic terrorism he talking about. I don't see the Amish cutting people's heads off who disagree with their "theology." Keep race baiting, son.
Athena Victory DJT demonstrates every day that not only is he incompetent, he is mentally unsound. He needs to be removed from office asap. By allowing him to continue serving as POTUS, Congress is enabling him to do irreparable harm to our country.
Regina Podhorin-Zilinski When is someone in office going to actually do something about this outrageous behavior? We can't wait till 2018 and 2020. He is losing it before our very eyes.

About to go live with Senator Brown to talk about tax reform.

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Pat Singh Because it was ruled by the republicans. Their aim is always to help their rich donors like the Koch brothers, NRA etc. They do not and never have not cared for the poor or working class families. It is about time America wake up and see this. I am so ...
John Martirano How do we beat this bill? What can we do? Who are the potential swing votes? Are there any Democratic supporters? Any Republican opposition or swing votes?
Thomas Weber maybe the two of you can find TBONE!
Steve Manville Booker hero to illegals and future unborn state / Fed benefits recipients. The question man with no answers or solutions. Only TAXTAXTAXTAXTAX
Cynthia Bailey Discrimination and segregation are against the law so why then are our elected officials getting away with breaking the law that they were hired to uphold everything they are doing is Discriminating and segregating against Americana most visible , ...
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